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  • Recommended strategy game Kingdom coming soon to iOS/Android

  • gordonvandyke 22/01/2017

    @xRiska Nope, this was something we were adamant about. And I tested it by playing it most of my 11 hour flight. :) Reply +2
  • War of the Roses review

  • gordonvandyke 05/10/2012

    @Doomspoon We have one right now, and are looking at adding the smaller ones that you're referring too. They were more common it seems when looking at art from that time period.

    P.S. I really enjoyed this discussion with you and have the upmost respect for your knowledge of the time period. :-)
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  • gordonvandyke 01/10/2012

    @Arsecake_Baker That's me. :-) Reply +2
  • gordonvandyke 01/10/2012

    @Doomspoon Those are very good and valid points. We did take some liberties, especially on the shield. But gameplay and game experience always won if there was a debate.

    We have some nice Bills, and plan to add even more to the game, and not via DLC, but for everyone.
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  • gordonvandyke 01/10/2012

    @JDFreeman Great questions! :-)
    Yes, you play as either York or Lancaster.
    Yes, we're focused on the first war and all our maps are based on real battles i.e. St Albans, Edgcote, Bamburgh Castle, etc... Only one map isn't though, it's based on the London Tournament of 1467.
    Funny you should ask, we made a series of videos where we visited England doing research. Search Paradoxplaza on Youtube to find them.
    The Terrain we did take some liberties with for gameplay reason, but we did reference historical and current maps. For the weather, we have different states for each map. And England's weather isn't that bad. ;-)

    Hope that answers everything, if not I'm happy to discuss more.
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  • gordonvandyke 01/10/2012

    I agree with the reviews critiques, and we will be addressing those. We are ramped up to support the game with new content always added for everyone, never paid DLC packs. We'll also always give new maps and game-modes to everyone to never split our community.

    Thanks for the fair and honest review Paul, we'll keep working very hard on this game!
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  • gordonvandyke 01/10/2012

    @Doomspoon There were simple black powder handgonnes during this time, we'll be adding those. :-D Reply +4
  • gordonvandyke 01/10/2012

    @Doomspoon Please enlighten me? We worked with historian's, and if they were wrong I'd like to know. Reply +5