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  • Riot permanently bans League of Legends pro for "persistent toxic behaviour"

  • ghostwhistler 05/12/2012

    My fucking heart bleeds.

    These scum are the epitome of everything wrong with online gaming. He should be banned for life. Fuck his career. Fuck his job. Fuck him. I have zero sympathy.
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  • The final hours of City of Heroes

  • ghostwhistler 04/12/2012

    Very sad. A popular enjoyable game fucked over by wankers.

    That is the epitaph of gaming right now. It has died the death of a thousand corporate cuts.
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  • Face-Off: Far Cry 3

  • ghostwhistler 01/12/2012

    the game looks awful on the xbox. The character models are hideous (and all the pirates are the same, and are the only enemies). The story must be a joke becasue no one would really expect this crap to be taken seriously. The path of the warrior! Suddenly you pick up an ak47 and you're the jungle hero!

    The online is a disaster. Hit detection is terrible, recoil is absurd. The weapons sway even when you are ADS normally. Spawns are dire; if you die you end up miles from anywhere alone. The character models are far too small on screen. The default maps are too big and look crap. The matchmaking is broken, and probably explains why noone is playing it.

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 title update fixes escort drone and Dragonfire glitches

  • ghostwhistler 22/11/2012

    @PedalBiscuit it's good to know that treyarch can be bothered and that they have their priorities sorted. Reply 0
  • ghostwhistler 22/11/2012

    @homerramone yep. every game is filled with these idiots, even on nuketown. the game is ruined as a result because these clowns are rewarded by the broken point system Reply 0
  • ghostwhistler 22/11/2012

    @CaptainQuint badly...very badly. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 review

  • ghostwhistler 18/11/2012

    Oh, and the Strike Force missions are a joke. I have yet to see one person think they are balanced. They are totally overpowered and the AI for your teammates under your control is fucking non existent. Reply 0
  • ghostwhistler 18/11/2012

    The story is entertaining? At every point where something interesting (if badly explained - ie not explained: eg how does Mason come to be captured by Menendez so that Woods ends up shooting him instead?) it takes control out of your hand or at best forces you to do one thing only in a linear sequence. It revels in its own unpleasantness (witness the scene where chloe, a character introduced for no reason or purpose to the plot, has her throat slit). To say the story is nonsense is an understatement; it's a confused mess overseen by a villain so implausible so immune to everything thanks to writer fiat, it becomes tedious. Take the shot...oh no, the ground explodes, a plane crashes, something else happens to divert you. This is by far the least developed campaign mode yet. It's topped off by an AI that frankly should never have been allowed to be in the game. The AI will stand there and fire at you to no effect and make no effort to react. The only threat will come from some tiny ass guy on the top of one of the many buildings of pieces of scenery, completely out of sight, firing rockets at you. It's a mess.
    That might be fine if the online portion actually worked.
    Sadly the gaming media and the useless cunts they call journalists refuse to actually playtest this portion under proper conditions as part of their 'review'. Why bother guys? Just doin' it for the money huh! Not fucking good enough. This game suffers from abusive levels of aggressive lag compensation that render it unplayable. Don't know what I mean? look it up. It's the same problem MW3 had. There are also the usual exploitative playstyles that don't get addressed, such as being able to jump 20 feet in the air to dodge bullets and the use of sniper rifles in a ridiculous 'quicksctoping' fashion.
    If CoD addressed these issues instead of pandering to the tedious masses it would be qutie enjoyable. As it is BO2 is functionally unplyable online.
    Treyarch, who are utterly incompetent and pig ignorant (this isn't their first game), make no effort to listen or engage with the people paying their wages and that alone is the most frustrating part. All we can hope for is that lazy cunts like the twat who 'wrote' this absurd review might grow a pair and do his job.
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  • Guild Wars 2: bans for first "widespread exploit", game sales suspended, status update

  • ghostwhistler 31/08/2012

    The players you banned will be back in the game within 24 hours.

    It is heavy handed.

    But gamers are wankers.
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  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Review

  • ghostwhistler 31/08/2012

    Don't buy this game for the online, it's as bland as it gets. Half the content has been removed entirely and the game modes are extremely boring. Reply -1
  • Dragon's Dogma Review

  • ghostwhistler 30/05/2012

    @Toasty That doesn't excuse such a dumbass idea. There is nothing gained by letting the player kill an npc. There's no reason why he should nor why he should be so penalised for failing to escort. There's no defence for poor game design like this. It's not a case of hand holding, but common sense. Reply -10
  • ghostwhistler 29/05/2012

    @darkmorgado in what way am I comparing it to skyrim? Because I mentioned fast travel? That's pathetic.
    I dont want control over day/night, i want the game mechanics to mean something. All it means is that you will enter night when you travel. Big whoop.
    The game is broken. I can now no longer play it because the escort quest with the inkeeper failed. Capcom didn't see fit to ensure there was a replacement. That's dreadful game design.
    Why don't you tell me what the point of this game is? There's no story, it looks awful and plays extremely repetitively.
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  • ghostwhistler 29/05/2012

    I'm gobsmacked that people are happy with the design of this game. This is one of the most tedious games I have ever seen, and it's not even offset with decent looking visuals. The darkness at night looks like sun reflecting of an oil slick. RDR which is 2 years old still puts this to shame. It's obvious the graphics were poorly programmed. the whole thing looks like it's running on the wrong kind of gracphics card.
    I don't want to spoil people's enjoyment but this is a game that's optimised for repetition to the point of blunt boredom. Not only that but there are some outright stupid design decisions: for example, you can take a quest to escort the gran soren inkeeper. But if he dies (as happened with me) he's gone! That means you cannot rest, level up, access or store items, change vocation! So tell me capcom, how do you justify such a ridiculous oversight - as if the guy would leave his bar unattended! Did they think people wouldn't fail the quest? If they assume everyont playing video games never makes mistakes or fucks up, then what's the point of ever playing a game? How boring would that be?
    But the worst part, beyond the cardboard cutout city hub, the bland countryside, the nonexistent characterisation, the awful cut scenes, the dreadful npc textures, the awful save system, the ear bleeding incessant pawn chatter, the horrible horrible interface, is the lack of any sensible working fast travel. Ferrystones are not the solution: I still have to shlep across country from a to b. The environments are not varied and the setting isn't that big (big enough to be tedious for travelling). So each journey is a painful exercise in utter boredom. This is punctuated by the repetitious 'advice' of your pawns who will say the same things at the same points along the same routes that you will take over and over again. The mobs spawn in the same place, what few there are that aren't off road (and there aren't that many big monsters either).
    The only variation to this is at night. Certainly it's more exciting because more monsters spawn, usually undead. The darkness though becomes more annoying than atmospheric because of course (and even with the limited visibility of a lantern) you can't see much. It's a nice idea, the day night cycle, but you have no control over it nor can you interact with it meaningfully (you don't even know what time of day it is). While it's more dangerous it just makes the game more interesting travelling at night, but that's only because everything else stinks in comparison.
    It's clear this game was not ready to be released. It's not properly optimised visually and could have been so much better had the developers made some effort to understand what comprises good game design. Japanese develoeprs have coasted for too long and it's time they accepted there are better options than almost every convention they've gotten away with using for years.
    I cannot recommend this game at all; for every good idea it has (and there are a few) there's so much blandness and tedium involved that it's a poor proposition at best. The joystiq review imo is the only review that's got it spot on.
    And no, I'm not interested in Skyrim comparisons. Sorry if this upsets anyone.
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  • GAME Ireland staff launch sit-in protest over redundancies

  • ghostwhistler 27/03/2012

    @ZizouFC You were happy to pay them when they were in business. Were they not jobs then? Reply -1
  • ghostwhistler 27/03/2012

    @coolbritannia Much as i'd like to argue against it, and probably should publicly, I can't.
    Once the administrators are in, that's it. Creditors will be prioritised. Staff won't be. Bosses will walk away with no liability and their higher wage gives them more to fall back on than 6 hour.
    This is why capitalism is a joke, and this is why you never ever vote Tory.
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