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  • Dark Souls 2 director aims to make sequel more "straightforward" and "understandable"

  • gelf 11/12/2012

    Hopefully it just means he's taking it in a slightly different direction and doesn't mean "lets appeal to those brainless monkeys in the west". As soon as Japanese devs start trying too hard to do that its always the end and we're left with Resident Evil 5/6 and Ninja Gaiden 3. Reply +5
  • Newell: living room-friendly PC Steam packages to compete with next-gen consoles

  • gelf 10/12/2012

    The android comparison is a good one. Valve probably wont care too much if this thing fails to outsell Sony and Microsoft as long as it and possibly other similar machines are able to increase the userbase of Steam by a decent amount. Reply 0
  • gelf 10/12/2012

    I'm not sure how this will work given most of the games on steam are Directx but I hope it does. If successful it may even encourage more PC versions of games that are traditionlly left on consoles, like fighters for example.Also steam sales in the console space may force the competitors hands on pricing (at sale time at least). Reply 0
  • Tomb Raider: the model of a modern megagame

  • gelf 05/12/2012

    Totally agree Stoteboy. It irritates me how RPG elements have slowly found their way into every bloody adventure game this gen. What happened to finely balanced games where if you fail you know you just didn't use the right strategy rather then now where you feel its because you didn't grind enough XP or didn't craft the right weapon. Reply 0
  • Syberia 3 officially announced

  • gelf 27/11/2012

    @Krusty its a bit of a faff but I use DxWnd to run it in a window as at least that way the assets are being displayed as intended and not stretched to buggary. Reply 0
  • Defending the Wii U specs, Reggie's stark message to Sony and Microsoft

  • gelf 27/11/2012

    He has a point in there somewhere. Prettier graphics really wont be enough to motivate some. I can't see myself early adopting next gen if thats all that been offered. Dont see myself getting a WiiU anytime soon either mind you.I hope to see new experiences next gen but sadly I suspect it'll be mostly shiner muscles behind chest high walls, at least initially. Reply +1
  • A postcard from Yokosuka: Retracing the steps of the original Shenmue

  • gelf 25/11/2012

    Its a terrible shame Yu Suzuki has been lost from mainstream gaming. He was a true visionary and I would love to see what he'd come up with on modern hardware. Reply +13
  • Back on track: the UK racing scene revival

  • gelf 21/11/2012

    @zipzapTotally agree. I'm not really a driving game fan bar some arcady efforts but I found that line depressing. Much prefer games that specialise in doing one thing well rather being filled with a mess of different gameplay sections.It's like how Crazy Taxi is a lot more fun then the GTA taxi missions and similarly for other segments of that game when compared to one that focuses on that style of gameplay. Reply +1
  • SEGA confirms AM2 fighting games for PSN and XBLA

  • gelf 21/11/2012

    Megamix is more of unbalanced mess around then the games that spawned it. Not that its a bad thing, its just different. All 3 have their merits.Shame there's no sign of Last Bronx to complete the set. Reply -1
  • gelf 21/11/2012

    @SegaThere was a proper none mega drive conversion PC version and much later then that a PS2 port. Reply +1
  • Portal 2 PC finally gets split-screen co-op

  • gelf 21/11/2012

    I approve of this, its annoying that a feature in a console version is left out of a PC version with the only reason being "PC gamers don't do that", probably the same logic that some developers use to exclude pad support in some ports. Some of us play PC games the same as if it were a console. Reply +12
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale review

  • gelf 20/11/2012

    Then again, what game-maker has enough big-ticket mascots in the vaults to flesh out a full roster of combatants?
    Definitely Sega, probably Konami, possibly Namco and obviously Capcom since they already have many times.

    I've said before I would like a Sega game like this, though I'd prefer gameplay to be like a more forgiving Virtua Fighter like how Fighters Megamix was then the Smash brothers style.
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  • ZombiU review

  • gelf 18/11/2012

    I would say a large proportion of my fave games ever got mixed reviews. It used to frustrate me until i grew up and stopped worrying about scores. Anything with a whiff of originality will get stampted down by some. Reply +6
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed review

  • gelf 16/11/2012

    Wow this wasn't on my radar at all but I will probably get this now. I'm a Sega fanboy at heart but its never been enough to get fan service filled games like this purely based on that alone. Its the mention of drifting a la Outrun 2 that has pushed me into wanting this game.Now pretty please Sega how about an all stars fighting game/Fighters Megamix 2. Reply +3
  • Loads of Grand Theft Auto 5 details emerge

  • gelf 09/11/2012

    No weight gain mechanic or romance stuff are huge positives for me. That sort of crap detracted from the games for me. Also I do hope they aren't tempted to add any wrpg style leveling up elements like everyone does these days. Reply 0
  • Was Gabe Newell right to declare Windows 8 a catastrophe?

  • gelf 08/11/2012

    Way too much hate is being poured on Win 8 based on misinformation and speculation. IF MS do close off the desktop in a future OS then I certainly won't be buying it, but they haven't with 8 so I'll have no qualms using it.

    That said I've never bought an OS without a new PC coming with it so I'll be gaming on 7 for a good while yet. I may invest in a laptop running 8 in the future though.
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  • Why Football Manager 2013 won't ruin your life

  • gelf 15/10/2012

    Not a football manager fan but if PES or FIFA had a simplified "Sensible Soccer" mode, I'd probably play that more. Its a great idea for people who can't/wont' invest the time in the full game. I mentioned this classic mode to my brother who is a lapsed gamer and he can't wait for it now. Reply +2
  • Sonic the Fighters, Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter 2 rated for XBLA

  • gelf 09/10/2012

    Thank goodness they are finally releasing the proper Virtua fighter 2 rather then letting that damn Mega drive version sully its memory. Reply +3
  • Would you like any side quests with that?

  • gelf 08/10/2012

    I actually hate sidequests 90% of the time, I tend to find them an annoying distraction and they rarely feel as polished as a main story quest. Rarely  feel much reward for doing them either. Reply +1
  • NiGHTS Into Dreams HD review

  • gelf 05/10/2012

    I loved Exhumed, it was Metriod Prime in Egypt essentially. Its probably dated a lot more then Nights has though. I wouldn't have the pacience for all those jumping sections with instadeath lava traps sending you back to the start of the level. Reply +6
  • gelf 05/10/2012

    Sega are really rekindling my old fanboy heart lately. I never got to play the full version, I just had Christmas Nights so I'll certainly be getting this now.Please make more Saturn remakes Sega. Those games need the update far more then the Dreamcast ones do. Reply +13
  • Resident Evil 2 retrospective

  • gelf 01/10/2012

    Nice to see others defending the tank controls. If the camera isn't behind your character at all times then I can't think of a better way of doing it and I love the weird camera angles.If I was making a classic style Resi now I'd possibley go for a Code Veronica and 4 hybrid. Code Veronica didn't have a fixed camera, it could pan around but they still kept those great views of the environment and didn't just stick it behind the player at all time. However that system could also be modified to shift to a more RE4 view in sections where intense combat is required. Reply +1
  • gelf 30/09/2012

    Kostas wrote:While i loved RE2 it was no match for RE1 (especially so the remake on GC) and there was always something that bothered me. Who in the world would make all this set up with traps and ridles and everything within a POLICE station of all places.That was sorta explained in the journals in the game as they mention the police chief in cahoots with Umbrella and him being touchy about people touching certain things. Its still a bit silly but they try to explain it. Reply +7
  • gelf 30/09/2012

    I actually do miss the old crazy fixed camera angles. They add to the atmosphere for me its nice not to be spending a whole game staring at someones backside. I'm happy putting up with tank controls for that. I never found the games overwhelmed me so much that it was a big problem.I probably prefer the original though the zapping system in 2 was great. I like how the game managed to surprise me in what I thought was the ending too in the B stories. Reply +6
  • NiGHTS, Sonic Adventure 2 dated for October, DLC available

  • gelf 17/09/2012

    I really hope the Nights port has been done well and we get more Saturn games in the future. It was an underrated console with some great games, albeit games that hurt my eyes to look at now(2D games excepted). Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Jet Set Radio Future

  • gelf 16/09/2012

    Always prefered the first game even though I actually played Future first. Lack of time limits etc made it feel a bit aimless, I needed a race against the clock to force me to learn to play the game properly. I've rarely enjoined exploration either so a free roam is wasted on me. Having said all that I still had a great time playing it, enough to pick up the original which then blew me away. Reply +3
  • Black Mesa release date: The Half-Life remake is finished, sort of

  • gelf 03/09/2012

    On the linearity thing, if anything its a positive for me. There's many a game this gen with a supposedly open structure that when I've played them I cant help thinking it would have been better if they just stuck the best bits into a linear campaign and skipped all the tedious wandering back and forth over a soulless empty map to get to these bits. Reply +3
  • EA reselling 17 Command & Conquer games in one box for some reason

  • gelf 31/08/2012

    Aren't most of the early games avaliable for free anyway these days or did they withdraw that? Reply +2
  • Open world Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes revealed

  • gelf 30/08/2012

    Really unsure on the move to open world. In most cases I feel it dilutes the formula rather then adds to it. For example I found Arkham Ayslum a far better game then the more open world sequel. Reply +1
  • Konami to consider PC version of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance after launch of console version

  • gelf 20/08/2012

    Most of my PC gaming is done with an Xbox pad these days, from my perspective there is no major difference between console and PC. The more games avaliable on both the better. Reply +1
  • Warren Spector: Hey Carmack, Sweeney, stop rendering and start making believable AI

  • gelf 15/08/2012

    HotCoffee wrote:Wow, I've been saying this for years. My AI programming never got past state machines and A* pathfinding but I love the concept of realistic AI.And that's why I hate it when I complain about the power of modern consoles lagging behind and people say 'graphics doesn't matter!' It's about far more than graphics, doofus!But given that for multiple generations AI hasn't really moved on much the "graphics don't matter" point still stands as no ones really made AI that looks like a generational leap for a long time. I'm willing to bet not much will change next gen either. Extra resources will be used mostly for bigger and shinier graphics as usual. Reply +1
  • Sports Interactive boss denies Sega Europe closure rumour

  • gelf 03/06/2012

    I love how so many peoples solution for sega's proplems is to dump sonic. Those games are obviously one of the few series that actually sell. Its most of thier good games that nobody buys. Reply +5
  • Sonic Team gives 2D platformer Hell Yeah! its blessing

  • gelf 28/05/2012

    To be fair to Sonic Team, recently Generations and Colours where good and I'm not sure how big of a role they've had in the Sonic 4 episodes(which I agree aren't great) as I think they are mostly the work of Dimps. Reply +6
  • Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown release date, price announced

  • gelf 15/05/2012

    Some of the costumes on DLC probably will be from vanilla 5 but I know for a fact they introduced many many more in all the arcade revisions leading up this. If you look at the sheer volume of items too its ridiculously better value then any of capcoms costume packs. Reply 0
  • gelf 14/05/2012

    I see this as Ł30 for the whole game, which I'd have happily paid anyway. The Dlc is more expensive then I expected, but the game is cheaper so it works out pretty well. Not a fan of DLC but the way they've done it is pretty good. Ł10 is a steal for the main game. Reply +1
  • Microsoft won't ditch Games for Windows - Live for PC Xbox Live

  • gelf 18/04/2012

    Its the save issue that puts me off, all other issue I can live with. You do the smallest thing to you account and you risk losing your saves. Until MS fix that I will avoid GFWL. Reply +1
  • Thousands sign anti-GFWL Dark Souls PC petition

  • gelf 12/04/2012

    GFWL deserves the hate. Its handling of save games is awful, going out of its way to make backing up and restoring them a pain in the arse. I can deal with the rest of its problems but its hard to forgive a loss of hours of progress. Reply +21
  • Sega cancelling titles, "streamlining" video game business

  • gelf 30/03/2012

    Usual issue Sega have had for a long time, precious few people actually buy their best games sadly. Including many of the franchises that people in this thread are claiming they should revive. Sonic still sells no matter how bad it is... Reply +2
  • Shenmue 1, 2 HD to launch on PSN, XBLA - report

  • gelf 16/03/2012

    The main thing I want for the port, having tried going back to it fairly recently is remaped and smoothed out controls. Using the dpad to move tank Ryo was painful now being used to duel analog. Reply +2
  • The Rise and Fall of Sega Enterprises

  • gelf 22/02/2012

    Sega consisted of game developers first, businessmen second. And it showed.

    Fantastic games, terrible business strategies.
    Yeah that's what I always felt about them but At least I got to play some fantastic games that few people bought. They may never have been made if they were run by better businessmen.

    Even when they moved to software only they made an error, rather then either supporting one system or being completely multi format they had their games strewn around various systems with seemingly no rhyme or reason to which was chosen forcing what was left of their fan base to either own all consoles or split.
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  • Games of 2011: Portal 2

  • gelf 27/12/2011

    Easily my GOTY, nothing else comes close. Reply +5
  • Sonic CD Review

  • gelf 22/12/2011

    I feel it has the opposite problem of most modern sonics. These days they've tended to give sonic too much speed and and on the rails feeling. Sonic CD has the problem of feeling too slow and plodding in parts.Few of the games outside the original MD versions get anywhere close to right balance. Reply +2
  • Bowling for Liberty

  • gelf 05/11/2011

    Personally I hated anyone in the game ringing me not just Roman. As a character I liked him but the whole badgering by every character of Niko to have a social life was annoying.

    GTA4 was ok but just didnt feel as fun as the old games. Though TBOGT did bring some of the fun back.
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  • Konami to fix PES 2012 stutter run bug

  • gelf 19/10/2011

    Also haven't spotted this in the PC version, first pro I've played since 6 and thoroughly enjoying it so far. Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: Horrible Bosses

  • gelf 08/10/2011

    I love a good boss fight, its one of my fave things in gaming but it is rare these days for any of them to be good, including genres where there's really no excuse of it not fitting the game design like fighting games. Compare the tough but fair M Bison(mostly) in Street Fighter 2 to the utterly cheap bastard that is Seth in SF4.

    A really good boss battle can make a game for me, the Metal Gear Solid series would be less without them for example. MGS1 and 3 in particular had very good bosses in the main.
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  • Beginner's Guide: Fighting Games

  • gelf 03/08/2011

    I love fighting games, I don't understand at least half the jargon that goes with them and often cant perform a lot of what I do understand either but I can ignore all that and have a good time anyway.

    I can still compete enough online to have a moderate win/loss record which is more then can be said for other genres that apparently the average person finds easier like FPS's where I just die over and over and over.
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  • Team Fortress 2

  • gelf 15/07/2011

    I'm shit at multiplayer FPSs and yes I'm shit at this too, but it stands out like a beacon amongst a sludge of dull grey shooters. I want more games with expressive cartoony characters and bright colours like this. Reply +1
  • Microsoft to merge GFW and

  • gelf 02/07/2011

    Have they fixed the awful system for storing save games yet, I'm reluctant to buy any game that uses that service until I can actually backup saves properly without going through hoops to restore them. Reply +7
  • Dixons selling downloadable PC games

  • gelf 21/05/2011

    I'm finding the download painfully slow for Medieval 2, doesn't encourage me to want to use this site in the future. Reply +1
  • gelf 20/05/2011

    Doubt I'll ever use the service again but free Medieval 2 is very nice. Reply +1