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  • Fox snaps back at Electronic Arts

  • geepersd 25/01/2008

    All Fox wants is to have someone discuss it live so they can say they heard the other guy out whilst cutting them off, ignoring them and then switching to someone else to have the last word with a Star Wars meets Debbie does Dallas comment. Which is exactly what happened when that Greg (or whatever his name was) tried to speak sense in the original pesky report. Reply 0
  • America's Army gamer a "true hero"

  • geepersd 18/01/2008

    but I thought only scientologists had the werewithall to help people involved in car crashes!? Reply 0
  • Hayter voicing Snake in Smash Bros.

  • geepersd 01/10/2007

    my God!, that man's official site is a work of genius Reply 0
  • Ninty won't meet Xmas demand

  • geepersd 01/10/2007

    Featuring Troy McClure, reprising his famous blockbuster queue around the block inducing performance as Northern Rock panic inducer "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" Reply 0
  • Gay slur in Scrabble DS

  • geepersd 28/09/2007


    ""Lesbo" ; singular. Island off the coast of Greece." - in that context it's not a valid word as place names etc don't count in scrabble
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  • geepersd 28/09/2007

    well if it's a valid word it's a valid word, but I imagine there's a difference in that it's in an electronic anagram creator or whatever it is.

    I mean, just 'cos you can type fuck (or not) and get a valid word doesn't mean it's a good idea for it to come up as a possible anagram solution when a kid types in an innocuous phrase into their scrabble junior.
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  • Space Giraffe

  • geepersd 17/09/2007

    @Veldaban +1 Reply 0
  • New colours for 360 pad

  • geepersd 13/09/2007

    dammit - those colours just look really dirty in those pics, but if they release a decent pink for boys to complement the current fasionista black and white then I might get one. Reply 0
  • BBC shows on Xbox Live?

  • geepersd 10/09/2007

    well I know the servers are MS (ish), but free BBC content would seem a winner for both parties. MS would still have their current system for paid stuff for BBC archive shows like Blue Planet etc. And if it's possible to get an iplayer style system for 7 day old content with either bbc hosting or the iplayer's torrent system then I imagine it's being vwery seriously considered. Reply 0
  • geepersd 10/09/2007

    @woodnotes - if it uses the same terms as the iplayer then it could well happen - with content over 7 days old being microsofts standard video pricing.

    the beebs looking to make the iplayer available on more formats and xbox 360 seems and easier build then a mac at this point (at a guess of the top o' me head like)
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  • Valve explains PS3 Orange Box delay

  • geepersd 07/09/2007

    there was a Black Box version as far as I rmember, but it was scrapped a while back Reply 0
  • LocoRoco PS3 not a game

  • geepersd 31/08/2007

    it does sound like you need to lose a game to switch off a screensaver... which is obviously not the case - shame it's not going to free though as that'd be nice, or a vib ribbon screensaver maybe Reply 0
  • Turok - Stealth Kills

  • geepersd 30/08/2007

    precisely Reply 0
  • geepersd 29/08/2007

    quite Escape From Butcher Bay by the look of things Reply 0
  • BioShock tops UK Chart

  • geepersd 29/08/2007

    don't good games normally top the chart in the launch week though due to pre-orders and the like and then slink depressingly down the charts as robots in disguise sit around for an age? Reply 0
  • GC: PlayTV unveiled for PS3

  • geepersd 22/08/2007

    @deepmenace - I thought it was a single tuner. mentions recording while watching something recorded, but I've missed anything saying record one channel, while watching another or record two at once.

    still If I love my PVR and I reckon this is a pretty decent addition
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  • Hexic 2

  • geepersd 21/08/2007

    sounds like I want the original Hexic then - curse my second hand 360 having an empty hard drive. Reply 0
  • No Army of Two demo pre-release

  • geepersd 02/08/2007

    if the appeal isn't instant or the control / feel alien then a demo can make a good game seem bad. Took me a while to truly click with the handling on Gears of War and The Darkness and if there had been pre-release demos I think it'd've put me off them both, despite them both being games I've greatly enjoyed.

    I can see how the co-op stuff and the team moves could take too long to appreciate for something as throwaway as a demo for this - that said I still want to play a demo and am slightly suspicious... ah well
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  • Singstar '90s

  • geepersd 02/08/2007

    "I've certainly never been to a party where the mindless plastic pop of Barbie Girl segues into the buzz-killing melancholy of Everybody Hurts."

    hmmm... that's pretty much the party at was at the other week.

    anyway, never really got the singstar thing due to sheer paranoia of public singing, but I'm digging on quite a few of these tunes (wet wet wet aside) - guess it helps that the tracks are soundtracks to school through to Uni I suppose
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  • More Test Drive 360 content

  • geepersd 27/07/2007

    the second demo had a motorbike - was quite balanced with the cars and fun Reply 0
  • Inafune denies Dead Rising 2

  • geepersd 27/07/2007

    it wasn't a real grind though - you just played, had fun, explored levelled up, tackled objectives and then took on the story as an weh you wanted - I played through without too much levelling and had a nice challenge then played again really enjoying my new power.

    I do wish you could save in the differant modes though. Being part way through trying to complete the ture ending without being knocked down was frustrating and I had a huge pause in playing which I wouldn't have had if I could've messed about in the main game in the mall. hmm.., but then that'd throw the levelling out a bit - grrr

    not a perfect save system, but probably about right - if only the human AI and pathfinding was improved

    edited to say +1 on the - sequal yes please now please - front with side order of online co-op request
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  • Ubisoft making Heroes?

  • geepersd 26/07/2007

    I don't see how it'd make a natural fit for a game, but if it takes inspiration from all the tie-in comic stuff with their offshoot stories / art style then it could work - maybe have a sub character or one only from the comic slowly gaining abilities Darkness style - though obviously not the same as The Darkness. Reply 0
  • Driver Parallel Lines

  • geepersd 25/07/2007

    for my sins this really clicked with me on the xbox - though not enough to buy again for the new controls Reply 0
  • EA boss slates yearly updates

  • geepersd 09/07/2007

    I think by difficult he means control schemes, number of buttons required, and move complexity - ie everything the wii's supposed to be the opposite of.

    and as for sequals... that's either a bit rich, comedy gold or a hopeful sign (obviously it won't be the latter)
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  • Project Sylpheed demo on Live

  • geepersd 15/06/2007

    @menage - I may be guilty of viewing Silpheed with some rose tinting as it made a change from sprite scaling, FMV and Laserdisc games that were the Mega CD's stock in trade.

    and I might give this demo another try as I want to like it
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  • geepersd 15/06/2007

    considering how much I really really want a good update / remake of old Atari game Star Raiders and Battle Engine Aquila and that Silpheed is a damn fine Mega CD game I was surprisingly underwhelmed by this. I deleted it to make room for DiRT in the end.

    Anyone else played the Zegapain demo from the jp marketplace? - kinda similar I thought... anyway
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  • New content for Small Arms

  • geepersd 06/06/2007

    any word on if the new characters bring new weapons to the game? Reply 0
  • Gates talks up new control idea

  • geepersd 05/06/2007

    I see lots of broken TVs when people try a bowling game or the like - very few items have wii style wrist straps built in.

    also it's a very far far away concept to boot
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  • Four player co-op for Halo 3?

  • geepersd 21/05/2007

    @robg - I'd guess it'd be similar to how it is now - you respawn with your team if they're not in danger so if you go down in a firefight you have to wait until it's over or one of the team is well away from danger to respawn Reply 0
  • Riddick remake for PS3, 360

  • geepersd 18/05/2007

    I don't know what to make of this - I loved the game, but I'd prefer it to be added to the back compatible list than be remade - that said I'll probably buy it anyway... Reply 0
  • Halo 3 - Gameplay footage

  • geepersd 15/05/2007

    I think it looks pretty decent, but after Gears of War the jumping bobbins looks even more stupid - oh well

    and as an aside you could play Halo 1 online - just not over live, as all system link games could hook up to a PC to play sytem link over the good ol' interweb
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  • Xbox Live different league to PSN

  • geepersd 15/05/2007

    fair points except that some people'd really dig a well implemented home / second life vibe as part of xbox live / sony psn and others can choose not to use it if they don't want.

    The amount of investment to provide such choice versus take up and return is obviously a business and accounting decision, but despite not wanting it myself choice is normally good for the end user.
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  • Crackdown DLC problems

  • geepersd 14/05/2007

    the DLC wasn't the problem - it was the title update, and as far as I can see if you've saved in single player once after downloading it and the DLC then any co-op after should be fine to not wipe saves. Reply 0
  • Crackdown DLC live

  • geepersd 11/05/2007

    @Fyzzu - I thought the rest of the achievments were doable with the free download and the paid for gives access to extra achievments above and beyond the stock 1000 Reply 0
  • Microsoft dates trio

  • geepersd 10/05/2007

    any relation to Silpheed? - was a fine game on the Mega CD Reply 0
  • Six on Live Arcade horizon

  • geepersd 09/05/2007

    space giraffe - sensi - chess - undertow, and er... the new characters and maps for small arms (randomly saw they're apparantly done and awaiting certification etc) Reply 0
  • Catan

  • geepersd 04/05/2007

    @kazuya69 - you can move and zoom the map, so parts being obscured by cards isn't a problem Reply 0
  • geepersd 04/05/2007

    the demo's up now - there was a bug initially according to Major Nelson (and a forum here the other day that mentioned it)

    the text on SD is painful though
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  • Eets: Chowdown

  • geepersd 02/05/2007

    Ah - The Incredible Machine... never clicked with me back it the day, and while Eets owes a debt to many games it's definately one of my preferred placement puzzle type games Reply 0
  • geepersd 01/05/2007

    absolutely loving this - and multiplayer marsho madness is a great seizure inducing bit of fun. Reply 0
  • XBL: Catan, Centipede, Millipede

  • geepersd 01/05/2007

    damnit - they better not start constantly releasing games I have to buy every week. I know it's only 800 points, but I've already got Boom-Boom-Rocket and Eeets and now Catan looks like it might be essential too Reply 0
  • Crackdown DLC screenshot

  • geepersd 26/04/2007

    I just want the fully upgraded SUV to be able to drive out out of / on water with it's huge balloon tires - well that and lots and lots of other stuff, but that's the only thing that bugs me as opposed to being additional new stuff Reply 0
  • Second Take

  • geepersd 13/04/2007

    @skillian - GTA did invite controversey from the initial top-down days, it was to my knowledge deliberately hyped via Max Clifford to the papers as a shock and the new evil / video nasty style, and that did help with early brand recognition and interest which upon seeing it was a good game in turn boosted sales Reply 0
  • New NiGHTS details

  • geepersd 04/04/2007

    sound a tad Kid Chamelion / one of the WonderBoy games

    no bad thing - though not having played the apparantly excellent NiGHTS I've no idea if it scans with the game
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  • Space Giraffe in alpha

  • geepersd 08/02/2007

    most wanted XBLA game for me Reply 0
  • PS3 price points for UK and Ireland revealed

  • geepersd 17/01/2007

    that's almost as expensive as my mega drive / mega cd combo damn it! Reply 0
  • Go heading to Live Arcade?

  • geepersd 12/01/2007

    I can't remember were I read it, but an interview with one of the xbox live folk stated that they would have a chess game coming Reply 0
  • SEGA doing Alien games

  • geepersd 11/12/2006

    something akin to Condemned but with Aliens could well be the best thing since sliced bread - well... AvP 1 Reply 0
  • Small Arms

  • geepersd 04/12/2006


    the bumpers are already set to be jump I think - I found it a bit better, but then went back to using A, but changing my play style
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  • geepersd 04/12/2006

    the controls did bug me, but once I stopped treating it as a platform version of robotron and more as an old school platorm shooter like Fatal Rewind with dual stick control only used when not jumping to give it a Gunstar Heroes feel I found it great.

    Especially as I like to keep the same weapon and so need those ammo drops, jumping becomes all about dodging, using the air dodge drift move thing and kicking peeps off ledges becore reaching a nice plateaux and sniping accros the screen.
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