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  • Blinkbox now available on Xbox 360 dash

  • gashead 13/12/2011

    The BBC iPlayer will be added to the Xbox in 2012 as Microsoft tries to centre its console on entertainment rather than just games
    From BBC News
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  • Perfect Dark Zero

  • gashead 21/12/2005

    OK, After playing a bit more into the game, I've realised that the AI is pretty bad.I got found in a deep forestry area despite not even making a noise. It's only happened twice so its not a massive deal, but still, Rare really shouldn't of allowed it to happen at all! Reply 0
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5

  • gashead 24/11/2005

    I think the "not all its cracked up to be" claim is more to do with how my mates make the game out to be. With them you'd think it was completely perfect. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 4

  • gashead 24/11/2005

    The reason why I've "pasted" the review is because it is my review! At the moment, the reviews I've posted here are reviews that I have written in the past. It seems as though my reviews are getting a resonably good reception so I'll be more than happy to write some more in the future. Reply 0