Hey my names Gary but i prefer Gazz.

Own a Xbox one, 360, PS4, PSVita and a Wii U

Live : gazzgetgnarley

Psn : gazzgetgnarley

Nintendo ID : gazzgetgnarley

Love playing all sorts of games so im very open minded!

Sonic The Hedgehog is my hero!

Oh i have a an obsession with collecting limited edition and collectors edition of games!

I support Liverpool F.C

Come and say Hello and lets get gaming :)
  • Name Gary Decalmer
  • Email address
  • Location Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Registered 2 years ago
  • Last seen 1 week ago
  • Gamertag gazzgetgnarley
  • Psn gazzgetgnarley
  • Twitter @garydecalmer

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garydecalmer (aka gazzprevails) has most recently played FIFA 13, Forza Horizon, MoH Warfighter, and The Walking Dead on Xbox Live.

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