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  • Rock Band 4's getting a big update in December

  • frunk 19/11/2015

    Or people just shit with drums... LIKE ME!!!
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles X's English version ditches breast slider

  • frunk 17/11/2015


    I was suggesting there was a bias in a self-identifying sub-culture... I think you need to readjust your definition of "racism".

    Race should never be attacked as it is "what you are"... and alongside that I would put gender, sexuality, etc.

    What CAN be attacked is opinion and belief. As those can change and evolve.

    Sexualisation of pre-pubescent children is pretty well up there in "able to challenge". I agree - teen porn trends and child beauty pageants in the US are truly horrendous. Just because I called out a bias in Otaku culture does not mean I don't tar other people with the same brush. They are all shit! But they were not in the discussion.

    That is where I draw the line on "-isms". Other's may draw it elsewhere but I like to keep it simple.

    And that does mean I don't think religion and other flexible aspects of cultural upbringing should be protected in the same way as race, etc.
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  • frunk 16/11/2015


    particular seedy underbelly of Otaku culture for what it is; a very unpleasant fascination for sexualising pre-pubescent women.
    Sorry to quote myself. BUT if any of you are in any doubt about this unpleasant bias in Japanese gaming culture just look at the votes for which characters appear in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. They had polls in Japan, Europe & US. And the results are quite revealing about what shape of women these people want to see in their games.

    For a game that focuses on a lot of jiggle, the #1 choice from Japan did not require that type of physics.
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  • frunk 16/11/2015

    Why do they remove this option. Who in their right mind is offended by breats.
    I don't think the issue is being offended by breasts but by being offended by "no breasts".

    i.e. making the young looking models look even younger by pulling the slider all the way back. *That* is what they are trying to avoid. That loli look seems to be embraced in Japanese Otaku culture, but in the west that is not just not acceptable. In fact it is in the law as "not acceptable".

    So to get around that they would have had a slider to go from just "medium to large boobs" and that would have perhaps exposed that particular seedy underbelly of Otaku culture for what it is; a very unpleasant fascination for sexualising pre-pubescent women. So easiest way to get around it is to just drop it and give everyone medium sized boobage.
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  • Sony responds to claim PS4 used for terrorist communications

  • frunk 16/11/2015

    I am almost tempted to become a terrorist just so I can communicate my plans in coded messages via the For Sale, Lost and Lonely Hearts columns in newspapers... you know, how spies USED to do things before secure e-mail.

    Or we could step it up a gear in technology terms and code our messages in eBay listings, PetFinder or Tinder profiles.

    Or how about comments sections on EuroGamer... OMG this might be a coded message... aghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In fact the only way to fix all of this is to just stop communicati
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  • Xbox One's new dashboard rolling out now

  • frunk 12/11/2015


    Hey I am having a BAD few weeks and your shenanigans hit a nerve. I snapped. Sorry it was at you.

    If the note hit hard then great... hopefully you won't try and create a fake war and then complain about people who take up arms against you.

    You are probably a reasonable and pleasant person in real life... take that to the forums.

    But to take things back to the subject at hand...

    I find the PS4 UI perfectly functional and in little need of repair beyond folders and favourites. I am not a massive consumer of "social shite" so a lot of the UI remains unused. The current XB1 one is a confusing and inconsistent dogs dinner which I don't really engage with and a refresh is needed. So hopefully this will help. But old or new won't stop me playing Tomb Raider this weekend.

    In the end the UI is largely irrelevant. If the console helps me find the game I want to play and makes it easy to start and stop then "job done". Keep the swish UI & social features stuff to the inevitable 2nd screen we all carry with us in tablet or phone form. Anything that takes up screen real estate from the game is a pointless waste of space.

    In that regard the PS4 is better for me with it's trivial learning curve. But I do use the XB1 for TV so I can see the purpose of some of that extra complexity BUT the inconsistencies in execution are just plain annoying, It is a UI you actually "have to learn"... which kinda undermines the definition of a "good UI". Although I loathe many aspects of Apple, you can't help but admire their mastery at creating frictionless UI's. Apple's IOS UI can pass the "toddler test". Something console manufacturers should maybe try.
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  • frunk 12/11/2015


    You really are an odious, argumentative, unpleasant troll trying to get a rise out of people... your posts prove it...

    You chew someone out for mentioning Sony:
    This is a positive XB1 thread, Sony have no place here.
    Yet YOU were the first to mention Sony and bring them into the thread 6 posts previously:

    This is one thing the Sony fanboys can't touch, the UI and stellar updates every month,
    Go and crawl back under your rock and come out when you can behave in public.
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  • Crytek's upcoming VR adventure Robinson: The Journey confirmed for PS4

  • frunk 28/10/2015


    Until Dawn! Duh... a great game for everyone to watch and to pass the controller around a but so everyone gets their slice of fun :)
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  • Uncharted 4's multiplayer will be 60fps

  • frunk 28/10/2015

    I still want to know what is wrong with 1080p50... since it is a supported standard on the damn system???

    1080p50 = 900p60 in pixels per second

    And I *do* challenge people to spot the difference between a solid 50fps and a solid 60fps.
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  • PlayStation Paris Games Week 2015 conference live report

  • frunk 27/10/2015

    Ohhh - I need a coach!

    And some bikes! Off to PSN...
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  • frunk 27/10/2015

    Well have to say the French games were definitely the best in show... grats to Sony for running this event in Paris, they deserve the recognition. Reply +1
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    Well this looks more interesting than the last 2 Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    That said - sexy snake ladies definitely mean that has the edge over Far Cry Primal Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    That shaman has not let the poor snake carrying eagle go!!! And I imagine that woman back at camp is probably dead by now! Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    Some Wild action at last... I thought it was close to DOA! Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    GT6 is pretty much a "platform" these days - is this them finally acknowledging it on the PS4? Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    GT7 Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    Hmmm... that looks... ermmm... okay I guess Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    @Humfredo Starebreeze I think... not Crytek Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    Woot Ryse 2 in VR! Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    Horror in VR... NO! Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015


    From the last montage it is obvious you can create games in it...
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  • frunk 27/10/2015

    My cat is totally intrigued by Dreams... not the target demographic... she is an Nintendo girl. Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    I am glad Media Molecule exists... something genuinely innovative. You know you may not be a creator, but it will be great visit others. And pop this in VR and it will be amazing! Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    Did Elana just set herself on fire? Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    Any game you can play as Sully is an instabuy! Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    This does look pretty special though! Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    I cannot believe Japanese... guy chats away for 30 seconds - summarised in 5. Reply +1
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    Nice the way it is the same mission as last time but done totally differently. Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    The more you see Horizon... the more impressed you get. Reply 0
  • frunk 27/10/2015

    June! Sob! Reply 0
  • Ninja Theory revisits Hellblade heroine Senua's face

  • frunk 27/10/2015

    You can't fault Ninja Theory for ambition. They seem a hard working bunch that push the envelope and then never quite break out into the big time. They always seem a fault or two away from being a "Naughty Dog"... and one day you really hope they manage to properly deliver on their ambition. Reply +15
  • What you need to know about importing Rock Band 3 songs to RB4

  • frunk 23/10/2015

    Kinda underwhelmed by the RB4 songs... and the "preorder DLC tracks" were just well... meh!

    Things improved when I migrated 124 old DLC songs but knowing I can get my exports of RB, RB2, RB3, Lego & AC/DC means I will actually get the RB4 game I hoped I was getting.

    Crappy track selection on launch... but I forgive them when the imports hit.
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  • Volume: Coda expansion headed first to PlayStation VR

  • frunk 23/10/2015


    Am i right in thinking that because i wear glasses, VR would be a massive ball ache for me?
    As an owner of 4 VR headsets and a glasses wearer... nope. The old DK1 was problematic but I keep them on with the DK2. Sony VR is meant to be very comfortable *with glasses*.

    Glasses themselves are not an issue on most consumer VR setups. But weird eye conditions may well be. If you are just short/long sighted... no issues. If you actually have stuff which interferes with binocular vision then yeah... VR is a ballache.
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  • Korean StarCraft rocked by another match-fixing scandal

  • frunk 19/10/2015

    Money seems to turn any simple activity into a scandal. It really is the root of much evil. Reply +4
  • Watch the Ratchet & Clank movie's first full length trailer

  • frunk 16/10/2015

    Hehe... my expectations were low, but I have to say that trailer exceeded them. Not high praise, bit a good start. I have always had a soft spot for R&C and the world could do with more of them. Reply 0
  • Street Fighter 5's Laura announced - officially, this time

  • frunk 15/10/2015

    Heh,e I love the bits where you see the two cans...-cough- I mean toucans flying around ;) Reply 0
  • Allison Road picked up by Team 17, Kickstarter cancelled

  • frunk 14/10/2015

    Horror games on VR don't work.

    Let me rephrase that - they do work... too well.

    Please stop it... I like my horror at a distance as viewed through a screen. I really think VR focus on horror is a big mistake.

    Horror, when you feel it is actually "happening to you" and not someone else is actually not very nice. You need the distance otherwise the stress gets too much and headsets get ripped off in terror or you are actually paralysed with fear... the realer the experience the WORSE it is.

    Like hazardous to your health worse. It is a fad that continues to persist because it works well... too well. Short 5 minute experiences are fine but full blown games will never get played. And this is what people play at shows and get from "in Dev" games.

    For comparison... I think we all appreciate the abject terror of a particularly good 90 second roller coaster ride... translate that to 2 hours driving the wrong way down a motorway at 90 mph and you will soon find yourself screaming to get out.

    VR offers SOOO much to new types of game with subtle touches of real emotions felt pretty much directly. You can't get enough of wonder, scale, exploration and world immersion. But fear is up there with vertigo tricks & the nausea inducing end of VR. Keep it short and sweet otherwise people will reject it!
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  • Kick Off reboot shoots for PS4 and Vita

  • frunk 14/10/2015

    PES vs FIFA... pah! Finally a proper football game :) Reply +6
  • Guitar Hero Live developer explains its track DLC model yet again

  • frunk 06/10/2015

    Whether this is good or not just comes down to... how much are the tokens?

    Renting content is a perfectly acceptable option to owning AS LONG AS the pricing is fair. PS Now has not found the right balance, yet. Netflix has.
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  • Gang Beasts to receive Oculus Rift support

  • frunk 25/09/2015

    And I guess that means Morpheus, sorry PlayStation VR support too???

    Still no online multiplayer?
    Phht.. who wants that... I want to be able to reach over and punch the person in real life when they screw me over once too many!

    But that said, you do wonder how VR support will work with multi-player?!?? If it does, it may suggest online multiplayer or at least that weird VR/normal TV support you see on some of the the Morhp... PlayStation VR games. Not seen a similar set-up on Oculus so far although I guess it should be possible.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • frunk 24/09/2015

    Still very concerned this is a 360 release too. Of course the XB1 will be prettier (more bling, higher framerate & more rezzes) but the gameplay will have to be capable of running reasonably well on the 360.

    So anything that could take advantage of the XB1's extra oomph in a material gameplay manner will not be possible. Stuff like better AI, more physics, larger environments, more interactive objects, etc.

    Like that whole bum rash of Vita/PS3/PS4 games shown at the Sony presser in Tokyo... you know at the back of your mind they could have made a more ambitious game if they had jettisoned the legacy support.

    Like folks who SLI Titan's - yeah you get a buttery smooth 4K image... but the f'ing game itself is the same as the noob on his mum's laptop.

    Have they announced the 360 game will be materially different from the XB1 one?

    If not we have 2 scenarios... both of which are not good:
    Option 1 - The 360 version is unplayably awful
    Option 2 - The XB1 has been compromised to a certain extent to be achievable on 10 year old hardware.
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  • Wireless VR system uses a cage suspended in mid-air

  • frunk 22/09/2015

    That warehouse will be knee deep in vomit in no time!

    A price worth paying!
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  • SOMA review

  • frunk 21/09/2015

    SOMA looks like it's worth a go, but I'll hold off until I've got through MGSV and some of my Steam backlog
    Never gonna happen...

    Frunk looks worriedly at his own 200 games backlog... sigh
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  • frunk 21/09/2015

    This is not a game anyone needs to concern themselves with because...

    It's "Indie"
    Being 2015 any drop from 60fps means it's not a game
    Sony obviously money-hatted it
    It's A or AA... not AAA
    It's just a walking simulator
    Just a download title
    Does not support my narrative - lalalalala

    Now we have got all those tossers out of the way with... this looks right up my street. I will be purchasing once I have finished Rapture. With all these big open world games I like shorter palate cleansers every now and again to keep up the interest.
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  • Nintendo patents controller with shoulder scroll wheels

  • frunk 18/09/2015

    Actually a rather neat idea. As a mouse wheel user this makes a LOT of sense.

    Although when I read the headline I was thinking it would involve some rather nifty 80's power fashion shoulder pads.
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  • Amazon reveals spruced up Fire TV model

  • frunk 18/09/2015


    I have an older FireTV running Kodi... it is great. Sideloaded and then using Llama to start it... but why should we?

    It *was* on the Amazon store and then they just yanked it. Quite possibly the most useful app on their store, they ditched on a flimsy whim.

    So no I will not support Amazon by buying their new kit. It is freely available on the Google Store so there are many simpler (less hacky) alternatives out there. I am an ideal upgrade candidate to the new FireTV as the older one has memory issues when Kodi/Netflix/Amazon/iPlayer are used a lot.
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  • frunk 18/09/2015

    Sigh... would be an instant buy if you could install Kodi so I can get live TV and media streamed from the NAS. But Amazon (unlike Google) dropped it from their store because it is used for "piracy". Er... it is a media player. By that logic VLC & Windows Media Player must also be piracy tools.

    Sort that out Amazon and I will get one as it looks like a nice bit of kit for the price. If I am buying a media/games box for my TV I want it work with... you know... media!

    I realise it is probably "hackable" so you can get the version off the Google store... but... but... what a pain. May as well buy a vanilla Android box from China (probably cheaper) and then not have the opportunity to put money in Amazon's pocket by buying their games and content. Seems a little short sighted.
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  • Naughty Dog accidentally lets The Last of Us sequel slip

  • frunk 17/09/2015

    A no-brainer of course but not much of a spoiler. In Uncharted 4 they are throwing the PS4 horsepower at massive set pieces with extra dynamic elements like the multi-route car chase and the cover in fire-fights.

    But what interests me more if how ND will utilise that extra power in this quieter, slower paced game. TLOU had some interesting AI and the ability to use the environment more in combat. In TLOU2... surely they will ramp that up more and add some other interesting things...

    So nothing spilt for me.
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  • Manifold Garden is one stylish Escher-inspired puzzler

  • frunk 17/09/2015

    "Being trapped in a nightmare"... a console exclusive for the PS4!

    I think I will have to see the reviews of this before I take the plunge... as it could be magical or horrible... or both!
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