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  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner available today in the UK

  • frunk 21/10/2014

    Why can't you record? Adding PVR is not difficult - hell the PS3 did it?!? Reply +11
  • Ubisoft hits back at Assassin's Creed: Unity downgrade claims

  • frunk 10/10/2014

    "Let's be clear up front: Ubisoft does not constrain its games."

    And it does not optomise them fully, either... clearly!

    Do they think we don't know how games are made? Final frame-rates and resolutions are hammered out in the final months/weeks of development as part of a platform optimisation effort. The stupid "gaming public" Ubisoft are addressing with their comments are obviously too dumb to realise that the co-marketing deal for this game with MS may mean they stop the optimisation process a bit earlier on the PS4... just at the point it reaches parity with XB1 AND NO MORE! At that point they keep all us dumb schmucks happy... right Ubisoft?
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  • Microsoft's indie parity clause exists so Xbox One owners feel "first class"

  • frunk 10/10/2014

    That is the reality of indie games, it just is. You only got one shot, and if you just can be smart and release it on as many platforms as you can.
    You are right... see how Minecraft crashed on anything but PC. Why Fez only sold on 360. Why Towerfall never made it off Ouya. FTL did not sell on iPad.

    Don't speak shit.

    Reality of the business means small teams have limited capability and develop on what they can to raise cash for the SDK and port effort to other platforms.

    If the policy is so flexible, warm, cuddly and so easily waved... why have the thing in the first place?

    Also Sony, etc DON'T have this policy speaks volumes. So false equivalency by some posters here is fairly poor argument by desperate fanboys of their silicon of choice.

    Carrot NOT stick works best for people scraping a living. Make it easy and they will come. Be a cock and your platform will be left in the cold like it deserves.

    It is not about making your owners feeling "first class", it is all about bullying companies weaker than you into submission using archaic policies in a horrible "big business" manner.
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  • frunk 10/10/2014

    Cock policy Reply +5
  • Hugh Laurie, Peter Serafinowicz join Stephen Fry for LittleBigPlanet 3

  • frunk 07/10/2014

    Ahhh Sony... the twists and turns of disappointment and delight... they have kept things interesting today! Reply +3
  • Fable developer Lionhead reveals cancelled game InkQuest

  • frunk 24/09/2014

    Not Fable... not allowed! So sayeth Microsoft! Reply +2
  • Wasteland 2 breaks $1.5m revenue in four days

  • frunk 24/09/2014

    This is great for so many reasons - traditional publishers have a reason to exist, but this is proof positive that there are other ways to market for the right sort of game and right sort of team. Reply +3
  • Sony quadruples forecast loss for financial year

  • frunk 17/09/2014


    who is saying MS is making no profit on X1,
    I did not say MS were loosing money on the XB1. Just providing an investors view.

    Hell they will both be making a "loss" just now at this point in a new console lifecycle... it is precisely why they bundle the gens together, to mask the fact and make the last gen cover the losses for the current gen.

    The PS4 and XB1 will be "in the red" as they are covering 4-5 years of R&D, marketing and getting production lines up to speed - it all comes down to how fast they can come out of the red and print money.

    Currently Sony are better placed to turn that corner faster purely down to selling more. Whereas MS has jettisoned part of it's profits by ditching Kinect, the NFL thing and probably a higher marketing budget to win over it's new doubters.

    But then MS has the success of the 360 giving the XBox division breathing space from console sales and platform licencing fees.

    Sony as a multi-product company is in doubt. But Playstation is relatively safe as a brand and concept going forward for the shiort/medium term. KLong term is always in doubt as it will hinge on the success of PS5 & VR.

    MS is kind of the opposite, where the company is just fine. But unless XBox can make some good money the market forces will push it away as an irrelevance as it detracts MS from its core profit areas.

    I am not saying this is right... but investors are driven by greed and short term profits... not long term "maybes"

    The Surface is an example of how MS can keep plugging away at something as long as it is seen as "brand relevant". And it has now evolved into something distinct from the iPad. Perhaps into something worthwhile. But at what cost? Iterating and developing the the Surface concept every year has allowed it to become something that investors may think it worthwhile.

    The console life-cycle is much longer and so has fewer chances of "getting it right" so may draw the attention of "serious" investors (cough!) that feel games are a "silly sideline". MS always sold the XBox to these folks as a "foothold in the living room", and the XB1 was designed around this concept (TV apps store for unified "RT type" OS, serving Ads, quality marketing data, TV integration, TV content, One button, etc). That, for various reasons, has fallen flat on it's ass and it is now "just another console". So MS's master plan for the living room is not all it was cranked up to be. So does leave one of their big plans in tatters. Market analysts see this and have to advise investors whether the just the "games business" is relevant to MS's future and purchases like Mojang are certainly raising both the profile and the stakes. This could go either way.

    Sony have no choice but to cross their fingers and plough on. Anything else would sink them.

    So all I am saying is that is is not just company profits that determine the future of your entertainment. There are a lot of factors.

    Even of the worst happened to either player - things would continue. The brands would be bought by someone and probably be carelessly driven into the ground.

    The video-game business is a fascinating and intense microcosm of business clearly focussed on a few players. It is just plain interesting to watch and attempt be a crappy armchair analyst :)
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  • frunk 17/09/2014


    Maybe Sony values its PS4 business above all else so will throw anything at it. Or maybe it's simply a matter of time until Sony cannot afford to keep up?
    In returning a business to profit you need to jettison the bad bits and keep the good.

    So if I was an investor and saw Sony making money on PS4 and MS loosing money on XB1, then the market pressures are going to "push away the bad" which puts XBox, not MS, on a stickier wicket.

    At this rate Sony will only be a Playstation company. They can afford to keep that bit up. And like Nintendo become focussed on just consoles and games... the market is certainly big enough and still growing.

    But yeah - hard nasty times for them. MS can afford to do anything, Sony can't. But you don't need to "buy the world" to keep consumers (your bottom line) happy. You just need to give them what they want. Something Sony has re-learned this gen.

    MS could destroy Sony if they wanted by opening war-chests and buying all 3rd party support, but I doubt their management or shareholders would let them.

    If Sony's back is against the wall - you are right... they will throw everything at the PS4 to keep it relevant. So it will not disappear fast - Playstation is here to stay as long as Sony don't make a mess of it. They may have a safe future with PS4, but a single mis-step with PS5 or VR could sink 'em as their finance and property arms will only be able to prop up "so much".
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  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • frunk 15/09/2014

    MS acquired games studios:

    FASA - folded
    Bungie - left
    Lionhead - fabletastic
    Rare - cough
    Ensemble - folded
    Twisted Pixel - only game produced while owned by MS is "Lococycle"
    Press Play - doing okay


    If I was a games studio acquired by Microsoft I could look at the above list and sigh a breath of relief that nothing bad will happen. Their future looks bright!
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  • DriveClub details its DLC plans

  • frunk 10/09/2014

    Free tracks... good plan. As social is their byline then this is the way to keep the community together. Reply +13
  • Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion - report

  • frunk 10/09/2014


    What do i mean by...
    "buying themselves into insignificance"

    Well Minecraft is a great game - no doubt. More a cultural phenomenon. Would have been a great deal before it came out on every platform, before it's mainstream success.

    But what are MS getting for their cash... will they drop support for all but MS platforms? Will they bring out Minecraft 2? Will they use it to market junk to kids?

    None of these particularly entice me and make me think that that 2 billion could be spent on new IP, new ideas and new games.

    The "next Minecraft" is probably not going to come from Mojang - but another innovative little start-up.

    Just seems a bit dumb if it goes ahead I cannot see how MS benfits to that amount.

    It stinks like a rich kid coming into the neighbourhood and trying to buy popularity.
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  • frunk 10/09/2014

    What a waste of fucking money!

    How many studios could MS form with 2 billion? How many new games could it fund? How many new ideas could it bring to market?

    If this turns out to be true then my already low opinion for MS has dropped further. They are managing to buy themselves into insignificance. And here we thought MS was gonna give Sony competition!

    Thumbs up to Notch... he can take 2 billion and er... start new studios, fund new games and bring new ideas to the market for ALL the consoles.

    On second thoughts... this is a brilliant deal Microsoft... buy them, then we will probably get more games on more consoles!
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  • iPhone 6 and Apple Watch revealed

  • frunk 09/09/2014

    Last week moved from iPhone 5 to Xperia Z2... can't say the iPhone 6 is offering anything more to me. I wanted a better camera, better battery life and something waterproof. S5 felt a bit "cheap" and LG was not waterproof, so Sony got ma cash. All 3 of those phones are beautiful with their own strengths. And the iPhone 6 looks just like one of them. I can't say I am blown away by anything EXCEPT the cost! Z2.. 400 (Amazon) vs 619 (Apple store). That is a staggering difference!

    The fact it is larger is great after the initial shock... I had planned on staying smaller, but they had nothing I fancied. A 5.5" phone actually pretty sweet after a while. So the larger handset is fine... moving with the times.

    Now the watch... I have a Pebble. I think for watches - "less is more". It does all the immediate useful stuff like show time, who is calling, texts, important mails, count steps, etc. If I need to see what is on at the cinema, send a mail/text or get a map... well I have a phone in my pocket for that.

    All these other "features" all the other smart watches have are great for showing off to your friends but you find you never ever use them. Couple that with the fact it runs for a week on a single charge, is genuinely waterproof and can take a hammering... it is you know - actually useful!

    The Pebble is a little ugly... but then so is that Apple watch. No doubt investors will go mad for Apple again, but I think they are not innovating as much as Wall Street thinks they are. They are getting suckered in along with a swathe of the general public. But that delay till 2015 for the watch will allow people's enthusiasm to cool down and see it for what it is... over-featured, over-priced and a bit impractical.

    I think Apple needs to do more genuine innovation to turn the fortunes back their way - like back in the day.

    I am an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and MacBook Pro user. So you can't say I am anti-Apple. Although this is changing now as I see better products elsewhere. I still have those devices but have recently moved to; Xperia, iPad, Chromecast and Razer Blade (because... games!). I was fine in the Apple eco-system, now I feel I only have to keep a toe in there (the iPad) and move on elsewhere. Apple is loosing me as a customer precisely because I am not excited by their hardware any more. I am probably not the only one. And that is probably a problem for Apple.
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  • Forza 5 unlocked via Xbox Live Gold this weekend

  • frunk 04/09/2014


    hehe - was just pointing out the language issues... as everyone here has referred to it as a "Trail" version. You, Malek, Skippy and Ryan.

    Yet the article says "not a trail" version.

    It is just vaguely ridiculous and stinks of doublespeak. Something all platform holders are increasingly shitting us around with. "Exclusive" being the favourite just now.

    However in this case it appears it is EuroGamer which is introducing the ambiguity as the linked MS article makes no mention of the word "Trial".

    Tut-tut, EG!
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  • frunk 04/09/2014

    Help me with etymology....

    A trial of a game is generally the opportunity to play a game for a limited time... a trial period.

    And MS by way of EG say...

    Microsoft has said that it is the full version of Forza 5 on offer, not a trial, and that Achievements unlocked will remain after the game's free availability period has ended.
    So that suggests that you can't use it after the weekend... which is a definition of a trial period. But MS say it is not a trial... help me my brain has melted.

    Do they mean it is not a "demo version" which tend to be cut down versions... rather that trial. i.e. scope is limited, but play time is not.

    I thought these were well understood and accepted terms these days.

    This all looks great but can MS say anything these days that is not confusing? Or has EG introduced the mix-up in terminology?
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  • Video: Ellie's Gibson's best bits

  • frunk 29/08/2014

    Eurogamer will be a less colourful place without her presence. As indeed would Sony's games catalogue. I think Tokyo Jungle owes most of it's success in the West to Ellie.

    You will be missed. Thanks for all the LOLs.

    Best of luck and happiness on your future endeavours!
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  • US Republican party creates its own video game

  • frunk 27/08/2014

    Snigger. Reply +4
  • Metro Redux: what it's really like to develop for PS4 and Xbox One

  • frunk 27/08/2014

    Yeah.. I can't work out the down vote either.

    Is it Sony fans who disagree with the fact I think that after a few years the power difference wont compromise developers ability to make good games on the XB1?

    Is it MS fans who disagree with me stating the PS4 is a more powerful and easy to code for console?

    It is semiconductor engineers disagreeing with assessment of transistor density?

    With no feedback it is difficult to tell!

    Guess people don't like rational debate and factual comment. They prefer fanboy ranting.

    For the record I definitely prefer Playstation as a platform, but it prefer good games more which is why I have a PC & every current console but an XB1. I will get an XB1 one day as there will be games I want to play. To me being a fanboy is someone who enjoys cutting off their nose to spite their face :)
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  • frunk 27/08/2014

    ESRAM size came down to money unfortunately, double the amount would have made the console much more expensive.
    Not really money. More "die space". Therefore physics. Silicon processes and maximum die size dictate the number of transistors available.

    ESRAM really has to be on the same die to work unless you are venturing into the world of expensive silicon exotica (like stacked dies).

    Effectively the PS4 and XB1 have the same silicon manufactured, to the same size by the same foundry using the same process. Therefore the transistor count is pretty much the same.

    That ESRAM used between a quarter and a third of those transistors. So something had to give. In the XB1 case it was some GPU cores and a lot of ROPS. Leaving the XB1 with a less capable GPU.

    Probably the rather "overdone" box design on the XB1 allowed an uptweak in clock speed which helps a little.

    All of this was pretty well known. What is interesting in this article is the "dire state" of the XB1 development tools. Something MS should have nailed properly on day one as it is what they are masters of. I did not realise DX11 was so rubbish and how much the XB1 needs DX12 to actually start functioning properly for cutting edge games.

    So we are left what we thought - the PS4 is easier to code for and more powerful than the XB1.

    However the XB1 is getting better fast. But the PS4 will also improve in time... perhaps less drastically as there seems to be less ground to make up.

    Although the XB1 will never get to parity with the PS4, we should be looking at a future where the differences don't matter so much. They will both be more than capable, the differences not gimping game-play potential, just a little shine off the graphics.

    To make a decision between these two contenders don't worry too much about power/pixels - look to where your friends play, exclusive games/developers that appeal to you and the company whose business practices don't repel you.

    For me, for now, that was a easy landslide decision.
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  • The Half-Life 2 VR mod makes even reloading seem cool

  • frunk 26/08/2014


    Eventually we'll have a controller solution that makes VR FPS (well, on-foot motion and interaction with a game world)
    But it all exists:
    - 3d positioning: STEM - same a Hydra (same people) but more points (up to 5 rather than 2) and wireless.
    - Gun: Well Delta 6 has you covered there. Haptic feedback, reload, aim down barrel to get close up on headset, etc
    - On foot motion: Well Virtuix Omni sorts that out.

    And for all the above there are alternatives. I know these ones as I backed them all on Kickstarter and my holodeck should be complete for Xmas :)

    Goodbye dull world!
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  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer makes case for Tomb Raider exclusivity deal

  • frunk 19/08/2014

    What really bothers me is that this whole process may end up holding back the game. If this TR was multiplatform up front it would probably be targeting XB1/PC/PS4. Instead (probably to make the numbers balance) it is targeting XB360/XB1.

    So at the end of 2015 we are getting an "amazing new game" running on an platform OVER 10 years old by then. How is this going to help?

    How do you create new dynamic systems and interesting emergent gameplay when your horsepower is effectively hobbled.

    It is the old, pointless "PC elitist" argument. As most PC games are written to work on "most PC's" and not your amazing gaming rig - all you are going to get on a more powerful PC are graphics upgrades like higher res, higher framerate and more cosmetic bling as they cannot put any critical games systems in place that can use the extra horsepower that is maybe not available. Some of these can improve the playability of a game, but they don't make a great deal of difference to it.

    In this case the XB1 version with no doubt be 1080p and have more particle effects, but the underlying gameplay elements must run on a 360.

    So no new physics, AI or other clever stuff unless they can be done in the "mysterious cloud"; thereby limiting your audience even further.

    My money is with Uncharted 4 as it just appearing on PS4 and the baseline to work from is so much higher.

    The other big compromise is that the multiplayer element will probably be a major focus now as MS want their Gold-dues. So a lot of that "extra support" from MS will no doubt be focussed on the online side.

    When I play a 3rd person action adventure I am really there for the story and the single player content. I would rather they focus efforts there!

    By the end of 2015 I want my new AAA-games to only be playable on the new hardware to justify my investment. Having my "amazing gaming rig" play up-rezzed 360 is a huge disappointment.
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  • Tomb Raider, Vita's no-show and the mystery of 10m PS4 sales

  • frunk 19/08/2014

    22 minutes ago
    Skim read it for now, but he comes across as a little off the pace. I'm in the ps camp atm but I'm sure the xbox guys might be a little more clued up about the little things at a show like these.
    I think you are right about MS - but I think it is also a reason why they have problems.

    Shu has his job - "1st party" and he has his plate full. His honesty is refreshing and his open emotional response is not very Japanese. I also like the fact they are not taking their success for granted and hopefully not about to repeat the "3rd Console Curse" by staying thankful and humble at success.

    In MS I think everybody makes a point to know what everyone else is doing in order to get their input and to protect themselves. The XB1 is a product of too many cooks and no clear vision. Advertising, marketing, and other non-Xbox MS divisions were far too involved in the design of the box.

    It is as if US execs are told to that "Not knowing is a weakness" and "NEVER LOOK WEAK". So if they don't know the answer or don't want to answer the question they just divert the question and answer a different one they have the PR notes for.

    So we end up with a shitty non-interviews answering nothing and just recycling the same info... that Spencer interview yesterday was like this... as are most words from the mouths of politicians.
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  • Major Nelson cosplays as internet memes for new Xbox One Reddit app

  • frunk 19/08/2014

    If Reggie or Shuhei did this, you'd all love it
    No... if "the Internet" does it to Reggie or Shuhei we'd all love it. When you roll yourself into a meme it is all a bit pompous and self-aggrandising.

    The whole concept of a meme is that is it almost unintentional byproduct of stuff happening on the Net.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • frunk 12/08/2014

    That "explanation" comes across like a grovelling apology... we ALL know the real reason, we ain't stupid.

    But why Tomb Raider? Yeah, it is associated with Sony. But this is not 1996. Things have moved on... it is really not a "system seller" any more.

    Dumb, expensive move by MS. Are they trying to screw themselves? With moves like this Sqeenix continues it's slow walk to irrelevance. Sigh.

    This shit is insidious and wrong... pay for new talent to create new IP's. Don't spend millions on re-inventing the wheel... we know how that works now!

    For fucks sake, Microsoft have you just totally given up the race with a lack of any good ideas? Shit like this pushes people away!
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  • frunk 12/08/2014

    I thought Squenix wanted sales... oh well! Reply +46
  • PlayStation 4 hits 10m sales mark

  • frunk 12/08/2014

    Sony simply deserve it. Reply +16
  • Rayman creator Michel Ancel reveals new IP Wild

  • frunk 12/08/2014

    Looks very interesting and quite amazing. I am intrigued.

    Dunno about the rest of you, but I feel validated in my decision to get a PS4 first to sit by the PC & Wii-U. Sony seem to constantly invest in new IP and push new developers into creating interesting games. Nintendo look internally and usually come up trumps eventually. When I look at Sony's main competitor I see a more cynical strategy of trying to buy popularity. American corporate culture writ large. The world can do with less of that!

    Well perhaps I am not alone in my choices as it seems 10 million people have made a similar decision. Perhaps... just perhaps the customer is not as stupid as business would like to think.

    Thumbs up to games like this. Thumbs up to consumers like us.
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  • Microsoft's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • frunk 12/08/2014

    Some good lookin' stuff in there. But I imagine most will be on PC & PS4 too. Cuphead does look cool as always. Reply 0
  • frunk 12/08/2014

    C'mon - something cool... not some rehashes and things we have already seen. Gimme a reason to get an XB1 Reply 0
  • Remember Me dev announces new game Life is Strange

  • frunk 11/08/2014

    Female protagonist with ability to rewind time... episodic structure. The art style in the images.

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks and sounds a lot like Quantum Break?

    Will be an interesting face-off I think.
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  • Five talking points from the Elite: Dangerous beta

  • frunk 05/08/2014


    DK2 is still early days.. Too early. Most things out there have been created from a week old SDK without the hardware to test it on. So very patchy just now. But things will move fast.

    Elite will probably be tweaked to work better and make the font more readable. But DK2 is a world different from DK1 for Elite. I would say it is playable now, but a long way from ideal. DK1 is just unusable in Elite purely because you can't read anything. DK2 is the "minimum" but could still do with some work. I think it is the AA they employ by default, I think I need to fiddle with some options to improve IQ for readability.
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  • frunk 04/08/2014


    Got it work great with the instructions... Update firmware on the DK2... Set up as second screen (not direct)... Kill the Occulus service... There is a program on Redit than manages this service for you. The fire up and it worked fine.

    Still to actually play as although I could look around the cockpit it did not work with the XB1 controller :).
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  • frunk 04/08/2014


    Oculus Rift is still only available to developers or those willing to put up with "beta" hardware and software. They are trying to build up an applications & games community before the hardware finalises.

    The consumer version will probably be out next year... probably the same time as Morpheus a to be honest.

    Current incarnations are a whole lot of hassle. If you are the type of person that likes playing around with drivers, watching things fail and reading forums to make stuff work then a Rift is an okay purchase.

    If not wait until next year when the rough edges have been knocked off it. Or grab a PS4 Morpheus... Elite will be ported to it in time and will be less hassle again.
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  • frunk 04/08/2014


    Yeah I was talking Oculus.
    I can see TrackIR being useful if you don't have a rift.

    The UI is designed to work well with some sort of headtracking to support VR. Effectively you have 3 sets of screens to look at - straight ahead most of the time and to the left (navigation) and right (ships systems) - they work well enough with a joypad, but come into their own with a headset.

    I think TrackIR would work very well on a non-VR rig.
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  • frunk 04/08/2014


    If you have a DK1 - avoid it... unusable, as you can't read any text.

    DK2 is "just good enough" to cope.
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  • frunk 04/08/2014

    You know they nailed Elite Dangerous on that first docking maneuver. Your arse cheeks twitching as you nervously try and line up the spinning port and post yourself... and when it goes wrong, it goes gloriously wrong; jammed sideways in the docking port and kindly freed by the police atomising your ship. Gee, thanks! Reply +10
  • Thailand military junta bans Tropico 5

  • frunk 04/08/2014

    You could not write this in fiction without people thinking you were paranoid and delusional... the world is f'd up!

    ...and they can't do the 3 fingered salute from Hunger Games
    ...and someone was arrested for reading 1984 in public

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  • Dead or Alive 5's Bath and Bedtime DLC could be its creepiest yet

  • frunk 04/08/2014

    Their physics engine needs tweaking... whenever I wear a towel and just walk into the bedroom it falls off... so gawd knows how they are staying up! Reply +64
  • Video Games: The Movie review

  • frunk 04/08/2014


    I am going to suggest that the USA, Canada, Australasia, Japan, Korea, France, Germany and East European audiences and studios are going to say "The Brits? Hahaha!!!!"
    No-one in gaming is going to argue that Japan, US, Germany and UK have all been rather important to their contributions to pushing forward the medium. Canada, France, Spain, Northern and Eastern Europe have all been important more recently (last 20 years).

    But underplaying the UK's role is just naive - in so doing you are underplaying the role of Europe. You ignore the explosion that happened in Europe in the 80's - while the US was wallowing in gaming self pity - we had a home-brew and hacking scene that directly created Rare (Ultimate), LionHead (Bullfrog) Frontier, RockStar North (DMA Design) , SCEE (Psygnosis), Evolution (DiD)- and that is just in the UK. Do you think Ubisoft came from nothing? Amiga demo-scene coders proliferated into real game programmers in the Scandinavian countries (Dice, Housemarque), Germany (Many, many), Poland (CD Project) and so on.

    So if anyone wants to write off the UK in particular - they are writing off several of Sony & Microsoft's major studios and the maker of the world's most successful game.
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  • frunk 04/08/2014

    Just from the trailer - anyone could have predicted this review...

    From the comments of the Trailer Thread

    Gamers will watch this film and get some pangs of validation of their hobby, but probably argue "how it is shit" on forum posts.

    People who need to watch a film like this and begin to understand the scope of games and their potential impact going forward are people like my dad, the Daily Mail reading set and politicians... but they won't.


    So again I ask... who is this movie meant to appeal to?
    Seems the trailer gave an accurate view of this film... a mess targeting no-one in particular.

    Kinda bothered by the US-centric tone. Not acknowledging the rest of the world in the development of this medium is not just a miss but makes the film increasingly pointless.

    The parallel path we led in Europe with home computers in the 80's is far more interesting that the US-led obsession with Nintendo. It allowed Europe to spawn a rich generation of coders whose influence is heavily felt today.

    Charlie Brooker, Indie Game the Movie, King of Kong... now they are much better explorations of the medium than this "Hollywood" style shite.
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  • 50 Elite: Dangerous Beta 1 goes live

  • frunk 31/07/2014


    In my experience it does live up to the old BBC version... and docking is still arse-clenchingly fraught.
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  • frunk 31/07/2014


    if there is good pad support.
    Just 2 button remaps and I played the whole thing fine on a control pad. One to drop out of FTL travel and something else I can't recall :)
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  • frunk 31/07/2014


    OR DK1 was unusable - resolution issues, with the fonts they chose you were buying slaves instead of fish, but as soon as you got out the star-port... woah you can see the potential.

    DK2 turned up a few days ago and I have not got it working, yet... no native support but people are trying to hack it in now with various weird options. The reduced FoV in DK2 is annoying but if I can see the text all is forgiven. Plays fine with headset and XBox controller.
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  • Destiny's six-player raids can only be played with friends

  • frunk 31/07/2014

    Add Squ1dgyw1dgyw00 (PSN) for some raid shenanigans
    Was "Squidgywidgywoo" really already taken on PSN?
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  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • frunk 30/07/2014

    But in this case, Sony are 100% correct.
    I agree with you. It is a nasty precedent.

    If EA do this, then Activision will want to do it, then Ubisoft and so on. And the games from these publishers will not appear on PSN+ - which will be limited ot Sony published games and indy titles.

    So suddenly we find ourselves in a situation where we are paying 4 or more "subscriptions", and our "value for money" has vaporized.

    It all smacks a little of publishers trying to stay relevant when we don't need them so much these days. It's like the beginnings of MP3's where every music publisher struggled to stay in control as the world changed around them.

    MS has been forced into taking this poison chalice to bolster goodwill... as it seems great on the surface, but they are pandering to as lost cause and setting a dangerous precedent for customer gouging on their platform. Poor choice.
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  • Now TV has arrived on PS4

  • frunk 23/07/2014

    But by buying into this, you're agreeing that 9.99 for one day of viewing is acceptable.
    To be honest it is a lot, Sky is an odious creature and every race should be live on the BBC. But at least this way it is a lot cheaper for me and Sky get less cash. And this year I have had no reason to spend. Will just watch the BBC highlights later one. Maybe get a race or two near the end of season.

    But live sports events are about the only excuse and a rich history with pay-per-view boxing, etc.

    It's shit, but it's the modern world. I am just glad I can rely on the BBC for 90% of my viewing.

    As for Game of Thrones... I am prepared to pick up the BluRay so I can binge... uncompromising quality with most of the money going to the creators and not some middle man.

    We do have a choice and multiple ways of consumption. Better than having only one way to watch something. I am remarkably careful with my media spending :)
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  • frunk 23/07/2014

    Baaaahahahaha! What kind of idiot pays for this stuff? Really??
    Actually I do occasionally... about 3-4 times a year to get an F1 live race, not every one, but a few a year.

    It beats paying 40-60 a month for Sky which I turfed out 2 years ago.

    So it does have its place.. I am not handing Murdoch 600 a year to watch his shit... but 30-40 a year I don't mind so much. There is only so much damage he can make to democracy with that amount.
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  • The Last of Us: Remastered's photo mode coming in day one patch

  • frunk 21/07/2014

    Jings! Well that Day 1 - 1TB drive upgrade I gave my PS4 was a necessity then :) Reply +14
  • A few extraordinary pledges secure Areal Kickstarter success

  • frunk 21/07/2014

    Cough... nothing suspicious here... move along... move along... Reply +58