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  • Guitar Hero Live developer explains its track DLC model yet again

  • frunk 06/10/2015

    Whether this is good or not just comes down to... how much are the tokens?

    Renting content is a perfectly acceptable option to owning AS LONG AS the pricing is fair. PS Now has not found the right balance, yet. Netflix has.
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  • Gang Beasts to receive Oculus Rift support

  • frunk 25/09/2015

    And I guess that means Morpheus, sorry PlayStation VR support too???

    Still no online multiplayer?
    Phht.. who wants that... I want to be able to reach over and punch the person in real life when they screw me over once too many!

    But that said, you do wonder how VR support will work with multi-player?!?? If it does, it may suggest online multiplayer or at least that weird VR/normal TV support you see on some of the the Morhp... PlayStation VR games. Not seen a similar set-up on Oculus so far although I guess it should be possible.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • frunk 24/09/2015

    Still very concerned this is a 360 release too. Of course the XB1 will be prettier (more bling, higher framerate & more rezzes) but the gameplay will have to be capable of running reasonably well on the 360.

    So anything that could take advantage of the XB1's extra oomph in a material gameplay manner will not be possible. Stuff like better AI, more physics, larger environments, more interactive objects, etc.

    Like that whole bum rash of Vita/PS3/PS4 games shown at the Sony presser in Tokyo... you know at the back of your mind they could have made a more ambitious game if they had jettisoned the legacy support.

    Like folks who SLI Titan's - yeah you get a buttery smooth 4K image... but the f'ing game itself is the same as the noob on his mum's laptop.

    Have they announced the 360 game will be materially different from the XB1 one?

    If not we have 2 scenarios... both of which are not good:
    Option 1 - The 360 version is unplayably awful
    Option 2 - The XB1 has been compromised to a certain extent to be achievable on 10 year old hardware.
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  • Wireless VR system uses a cage suspended in mid-air

  • frunk 22/09/2015

    That warehouse will be knee deep in vomit in no time!

    A price worth paying!
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  • SOMA review

  • frunk 21/09/2015

    SOMA looks like it's worth a go, but I'll hold off until I've got through MGSV and some of my Steam backlog
    Never gonna happen...

    Frunk looks worriedly at his own 200 games backlog... sigh
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  • frunk 21/09/2015

    This is not a game anyone needs to concern themselves with because...

    It's "Indie"
    Being 2015 any drop from 60fps means it's not a game
    Sony obviously money-hatted it
    It's A or AA... not AAA
    It's just a walking simulator
    Just a download title
    Does not support my narrative - lalalalala

    Now we have got all those tossers out of the way with... this looks right up my street. I will be purchasing once I have finished Rapture. With all these big open world games I like shorter palate cleansers every now and again to keep up the interest.
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  • Nintendo patents controller with shoulder scroll wheels

  • frunk 18/09/2015

    Actually a rather neat idea. As a mouse wheel user this makes a LOT of sense.

    Although when I read the headline I was thinking it would involve some rather nifty 80's power fashion shoulder pads.
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  • Amazon reveals spruced up Fire TV model

  • frunk 18/09/2015


    I have an older FireTV running Kodi... it is great. Sideloaded and then using Llama to start it... but why should we?

    It *was* on the Amazon store and then they just yanked it. Quite possibly the most useful app on their store, they ditched on a flimsy whim.

    So no I will not support Amazon by buying their new kit. It is freely available on the Google Store so there are many simpler (less hacky) alternatives out there. I am an ideal upgrade candidate to the new FireTV as the older one has memory issues when Kodi/Netflix/Amazon/iPlayer are used a lot.
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  • frunk 18/09/2015

    Sigh... would be an instant buy if you could install Kodi so I can get live TV and media streamed from the NAS. But Amazon (unlike Google) dropped it from their store because it is used for "piracy". Er... it is a media player. By that logic VLC & Windows Media Player must also be piracy tools.

    Sort that out Amazon and I will get one as it looks like a nice bit of kit for the price. If I am buying a media/games box for my TV I want it work with... you know... media!

    I realise it is probably "hackable" so you can get the version off the Google store... but... but... what a pain. May as well buy a vanilla Android box from China (probably cheaper) and then not have the opportunity to put money in Amazon's pocket by buying their games and content. Seems a little short sighted.
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  • Naughty Dog accidentally lets The Last of Us sequel slip

  • frunk 17/09/2015

    A no-brainer of course but not much of a spoiler. In Uncharted 4 they are throwing the PS4 horsepower at massive set pieces with extra dynamic elements like the multi-route car chase and the cover in fire-fights.

    But what interests me more if how ND will utilise that extra power in this quieter, slower paced game. TLOU had some interesting AI and the ability to use the environment more in combat. In TLOU2... surely they will ramp that up more and add some other interesting things...

    So nothing spilt for me.
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  • Manifold Garden is one stylish Escher-inspired puzzler

  • frunk 17/09/2015

    "Being trapped in a nightmare"... a console exclusive for the PS4!

    I think I will have to see the reviews of this before I take the plunge... as it could be magical or horrible... or both!
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  • Going face to face with The Last Guardian

  • frunk 17/09/2015

    The game may be a no-show but that interactive thing is charming. I hope they ship that on the disc as a hidden extra or as a downloadable preview that works with the PS Camera. I play on a projector, so would get much of the effect there. My grand-daughter would love it! Who am I kidding... I would love it! I may be a granddad, but still 8 years old inside. Reply +3
  • Digital Foundry vs Forza Motorsport 6

  • frunk 17/09/2015

    In the console space it looks like we are going to be stuck with either:
    - all the bells and whistles and dynamic elements at 1080/30
    - less dynamic but good enough at 1080/60

    Most arcady racing games are fine at 30fps, but those with a more "sim" bent need that 60fps shine.

    And then we add VR to the mix... which is highly relevant to sim racing requiring frame rates even higher.

    PC's can of course have their cake and eat it and they have a fine community.

    I just wonder why 720/60 is not a "thing" on current consoles... decent AA on a 60fps image may well work well in racing games and allow DriveClub like dynamics with a proper sim frame rate.

    It is going to be interesting to see what Yamauchi brings to the game in GT7... he is a kind of no compromise guy and may actually utilise the GPGPU on the PS4 to push for 1080/60 with the dynamic world (and probably deliver a game very late as a result).

    Good to see Forza 6 making up for all the sins of the last one... a step in the right direction, but you do wonder where they will go next. You are right. More content does not really cut it. But with their 2 year cycle it is maybe all we can expect.
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  • PlayStation 4 CUH-1200 'C-Chassis' review

  • frunk 14/09/2015

    So if they are "the same dimensions" could you swap the glossy bit to the newer model, are the underlying clips the same? It may be a dust/scratch/fingerprint magnet, but I prefer the textural contrast :) Reply +22
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime review

  • frunk 09/09/2015

    Wow... considering this was a new release and well reviewed it took some finding to buy on the XB1.

    Have it now... time for some couch co-op goodness.

    Now Microsoft... more of this type of thing... and make it easier to buy!
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  • Pikmin 4 in development and "very close to completion"

  • frunk 07/09/2015


    "breed them" is fine... just make sure it stops there as "breed with them" is a different ball game.

    Either way am sure there is a dojinshin able to cater to your needs.
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  • Halo composer Marty O'Donnell wins Bungie legal battle

  • frunk 07/09/2015

    At this stage they may as well just hire him back... since they are paying him.

    But then if I was him I would probably go "sucks, eh!" - take the cash and write my symphony :)
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  • Tearaway Unfolded review

  • frunk 07/09/2015

    Ahhh... "Sony": making great games that no-one will buy and play. Shame. We all ask for something different and when it comes along we ignore it.

    Like Nintendo a few months ago, Sony now has a recent rich run of console exclusive "recommended" games (this, Until Dawn, Volume, Armello, Rapture, etc.) but the same folks will keep saying these are "not big releases", "not AAA games", "just remasters", "not proper games", "just download titles", and so on.

    When in fact they mean... "this game is too different for me to consider", therefore I will disregard it.

    And then that weird hardcore will state that the XB1 or whatever has a "much better exclusive line up this year"... somehow totally overlooking these little gems as it does not support their own narrative.

    Thank feck Sony and Nintendo are making interesting games, not the homogenised claptrap some regard as "all that matters".

    For myself the joy in games, like people, comes from their diversity and interesting quirks of character. I would gladly pass over another "megabucks shooter" from a long running franchise for these moments of fun.

    Monday morning rant over.

    Quick Addendum: Reading over the above it may come across as a bit anti-XB1... not really the intention. Some of the titles I listed are Indie, and MS has been pushing to get them on-board recently. The fruits of these labours are still some time away with the odd classic coming out now (Ori, etc). Although they have some diversity in their line-up from these indies I think they are still far too focussed on the same old stuff: "GearOrzaLo x+1". Hopefully when Remedy & Rare's genuinely new games finally hit market we will have some greater diversification. That said I am never shy to pick up a "new" Naughty Dog game as they tend to be pretty f'ing spectacular, so I guess I can see the appeal of ongoing franchises to a point, but one game every 3-4 years is the way to keep franchises fresh and interesting. Ubisoft... take note!
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  • Here's the debut trailer for the BBC's Grand Theft Auto film

  • frunk 04/09/2015

    I really do find it incredible that so many people can come to such a firm conclusion as to the quality and content of this drama over that 20 second trailer. It is as it they have a preconceived opinion that can be reinforced by anything! Gamers with quantitative insight with virtually no data, FANCY THAT! Reply 0
  • New Xbox One bundle includes 1TB solid state hybrid drive

  • frunk 01/09/2015

    You are just not "gansta enuff" to appreciate the true artistry of that controller.

    Definitely appealing to the PhunkeeDuck with under lighting crowd.

    Stay classy!
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  • Uncharted 4 release date announced

  • frunk 01/09/2015

    At least none of the tat is important and I will be happy with the standard edition... if that exists :)

    Will be taking the 18th off methinks, to let it roll into a cool weekend with my old mate Nath. One of the few times I will actually bother with a pre-order.

    Ahh good times ahead.
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  • Until Dawn review

  • frunk 27/08/2015

    Well that recommendation was unexpected. Reply +13
  • All the instruments compatible with Rock Band 4

  • frunk 24/08/2015

    You have to applaud them for trying really hard to keep the cost of entry down. When have you ever seen a peripheral bought for a PS2 work for 3 generations :) Reply +11
  • Into the wild: inside The Witcher 3 launch

  • frunk 20/08/2015

    Fantastic article. I love EG for the long-form articles that go well beyond regurgitating PR notices that passes for content on other sites. A lot of humanity & honesty, you feel for those guys and WANT them to succeed... and that photo... fricking brilliant, a bunny in the headlights moment. Reply +10
  • Video: Ian plays the Black Ops 3 beta, is rusty

  • frunk 19/08/2015

    Hmmm... so 10/10 is recommended... and not essential... ;)

    At least you have a good reason - bog rolls, not birds!
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  • The insanely popular free-to-play Frozen mobile game is coming to Xbox One

  • frunk 19/08/2015

    Sigh... I guess the "anyone can develop for Xbox One" can be used for evil as well as good. Reply +17
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime sets a release date night

  • frunk 19/08/2015

    Okay that looks great. Looks like I will be able to finally dust off that second/third XB1 controller I have! :)

    I LOVE couch multiplayer games. Last gen they were almost forgotten about. But nothing beats a few beers with yer mates and fun looking games like this!
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  • Xbox August update adds 1080p60 Windows 10 streaming

  • frunk 19/08/2015

    From the DF article it honestly looks like unlocking 1080/60 option is kind of a moot point if it does not actually manage 60fps consistently. Reply -3
  • Sony dates Paris Games Week PlayStation conference

  • frunk 18/08/2015


    Since he was fiddling with VR - maybe he will release it with Morpheus version... so maybe delayed till March-ish?
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  • Digital Foundry vs Xbox One streaming on Windows 10

  • frunk 17/08/2015

    Microsoft seems to be knocking half-cooked features out of their house as fast as possible. It is laudable that they are trying to regain more relevance after past cock-ups by adding loads more features than the competition. But the way to do it is to add features that work. This and backward compatibility seem to both suffer "real life issues" which some users will overlook in their exuberance to tick off the feature.

    Now we can all say "this is all just Beta" - which is a fair excuse... but are they? This is the "preview programme"... I imagine their aim is to do bug fixes and test scalability rather than a lot of performance work. Both this and the backwards compatibility seem a little half-baked just now. I hope DF retests once they are properly out.

    Let's bake features in the oven a bit longer before releasing them in any capacity Microsoft! Unless you are secretly hoping no-one will notice and wished things like DF did not exist :)

    Which brings me to another concerning thing I have noticed in these articles; the way negs work on these Xbox comments sections. There does seem to be HUGE amount of negging for any comment that is critical of the Xbox in ANY way. On Sony articles (arguably the more popular console) you don't get such comments being negged so heavily although you would expect it to take place as the SDF aligns against them... but it does not happen.

    2 possible reasons:
    1. Xbox fanboys have a HUGE chip on their shoulder and feel they have to neg everything that could be seen a slightly contentious - I honestly don't think this is the case. There is a small vocal bunch of XB1 idiots of course, but most XBox fans are just fine, and are not small minded enough to consistently neg!
    2. The more likely reason... Astroturfing... we know MS practices this or at least pays for "it's not us, honest! Just an out of control marketing support company working to their own rules" which they can distance themselves from later! It would be interesting to see if EG can look at their logs and see if the source of these negs is always a silent set of block vote users. Now *That* would make a juicy story ;)
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  • Beyond Eyes review

  • frunk 17/08/2015

    Missed opportunity. Shame... the concept was intriguing, the art delightful.

    Indies are a breath of fresh air and I guess there is a temptation to make arty games for arty sake. But unfortunately that does not fly most of the time. For that to work you REALLY need to have a very strong vision that can resonate with a wide audience that does not tend to have a depth of artistic understanding that the creators may have. A few of the earlier games could get away with it for novelty's sake but I guess we are becoming more demanding.

    Many of the great arty indie titles have been aware they are both games and art in equal measure. From the review it looks like they came out of the gate strong but relegated the "game" part to tortuous routes and back-tracking fetch quests. i.e. all the artistic thought went into the look and concept and not the underlying game mechanics... both can benefit from good free thinking artistic talent, but the latter one is more tricky.
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  • Video: Why Cities: Skylines won't sell you DLC in bits and pieces

  • frunk 11/08/2015

    I think all Lead Designers should have hair like that! Really easy to spot around the office! Loving it!

    And yeah... they deserve more of my cash for treating consumers with respect, supporting a rich modding community and being everything SimCity is not!
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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture review

  • frunk 11/08/2015


    I see them as real games,
    Good - we agree! :)

    I just don't think they justify spending 300+ on a console, not on their own anyway.
    I can see that perspective. To drop 300+ you need variety, quality & quantity of games. No *one* game is going to justify it, not this one nor any other.

    But I would say all 3 consoles (XB1, PS4 & WiiU) now have the goods on the table to justify a purchase. Just comes down to the persons "disposable income" and personal preference as to what to purchase, in what order. Arguably - if you have a PC you can hold off a bit longer.
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  • frunk 11/08/2015


    Exactly who is claiming that there are "no games on PS4", and that games like this aren't "real games"?
    There is a general narrative being put around by people who have an agenda that the "PS4 lineup" for 2015 is looking weak. This is pretty widely "stated".

    In one way; "AAA games" I guess there is some basis to that, MS has a good crop of big names lined up for Xmas. However in terms which I feel matter, that is: "Quality games I would like to play", I am not seeing a problem.

    This review, on top of the Galax-Z review earlier in the week is just a lovely confirmation of my perspective. Good games, drip fed out the whole year is fine by me!Much like the rich seam of quality Nintendo releases a couple of months ago showed that a platform many have "written off" was consistently knocking out the hits!

    I am loving the line up just now - I am like a pig in shit.. too much to play, not enough time.
    A spot of Rare Replay & MCC on the XB1, Co-op Borderlands, Rapture & The Swindle on PS4/PSV, Witcher 3 on the PC & a welcome chunk of MK8 on the WiiU.

    I was not aiming to be defensive... I can see the opening paragraph could come across like that. It was more a celebration of what being a gamer is these days. How much you can get from the medium if you approach it with an open mind.
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  • frunk 11/08/2015

    Are these people really getting to you? Just ignore them works wonders :)
    Nah - they are not "getting to me". But you can't help but feel a little disappointment. Like when you have a favourite film which you know touched you or got you thinking. You try and introduce it to a friend and they dismiss it without ever seeing it.

    I *got* the experience... I am happy. They are the ones that lose out by not straying from their comfortable rut, not me.
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  • frunk 11/08/2015

    So much for the "no games on PS4" talk... with this and Galak-Z we have a rich abundance of interesting and playful games.

    Just a shame a large portion of people who identify themselves as "gamers" don't see these as "real games". F'ing idiots!

    Following this mentality into the film world would see the only "real films" being the over-marketed summer blockbusters. Many are indeed pretty good; but many are hollow, bombastic explosion-fests which are instantly forgettable once you leave the cinema. Those films that "stay with you" and become your all-time favourites tend not to be those same summer blockbusters.

    It is quite amazing that we are hitting an age of videogames where we are already getting the diversity and scope that cinema offers. For such a young and technically complex medium this is truly refreshing. We live in a golden age of games, and anyone who is blind to that is just denying themselves some wonderful life experiences for the sake of their own petty ego.

    Off to the PS Store now...
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  • One and three month PlayStation Plus subscriptions set for price hike

  • frunk 11/08/2015

    I pay for it annually anyway - so no biggie. And their PayPal deal where you get 50 of credit for 40 means it is down to 30 in my head. Can't really complain at that price... still a bargain as I have the PS4/PS3/PSV combo. Reply +2
  • Sony's Uncharted movie now set for summer 2017

  • frunk 06/08/2015

    Well given hat is was going to become as "family story of an antique collector" GOOD! Hold it back as long as possible to line up a director who may suit the material!

    We want a proper modern Indiana Jones tale... not some arty wank or Crystal Skull bullshit.

    This has legit blockbuster written all over it if they just take a leaf out of the "comedy adventure" handbook, we don't need or want dark & brooding... not here. Think something light and playful like we got from Guardians of the Galaxy or Big Trouble in Little China.

    A little bit silly, lots of adventure, smart one-liners and a whole bucket of "summer fun!". It can't be that difficult! They can start by taking lines and situations from the game!
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  • Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain shows Snake turning into a devil

  • frunk 06/08/2015


    Hehe - no problem. I checked wiki's and stuff to see if it was old news... and nothing said that Quiet had chameleon skin.

    Yeah MGS has had active camo suits for a while... but this was the first time I saw it operating on just skin like I saw on Quiet in the trailer. I had not realised the "mostly naked Quiet" reason had already been solved.

    But proper MGS fans are far more on the ball than me :) Just surprised I found no references to it when I Googled BEFORE posting ;)
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  • frunk 05/08/2015


    Sigh - late to the game again...
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  • frunk 05/08/2015


    Okay - now we know why Quiet is mostly naked in the game...

    And sure enough it does actually look like a valid reason (as well as fan service, obviously!).

    Look at the video at 1:52

    Looks like Quiet has some sort of chameleon properties in her skin. As a sniper that *would* be useful but you would need to expose most of your skin to use it.
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  • Gamescom Bulletin: Day 1

  • frunk 05/08/2015

    For the first time in my life I find myself agreeing with cloudskipa ;)

    Sharpest of the bunch was Quantum Break... the whole time mechanic looks the biz! As long as the live action bits are not too cheezy and you can just "buy and play" the game (i.e. no episodic/DLC shenanigans to play the game as intended) it looks like a "essential" from the trailers.

    Scalebound was a disappointment to me. All a bit too JRPG with no charm. Yeah it is epic to have a dragon mate, but that made it look a bit flat. For taking down big creatures in an RPG format, Horizon still has all my hopes. The more you find out about that game the more awesome it sounds.

    Crackdown looked like big dumb fun! Can't help but feel in a fully destructible city all you will be staring at after 20 hours play is 100 square miles of rubble. Admirable concept... but will it actually be fun and hold out for a full game? Certainly the "filter of real-life" makes it sound nonsense... but this is a video-game so fair enough... you are allowed to destroy a city to save it in a game :) Hopefully in this "city lost to crime" they keep rebuilding it at the tax payers expense.

    Looks like my XB1 will get some playtime soon as I just got the Rare collection and missed Nuts & Bolts last time... well after I finish Witcher 3... current progress = months away! :)

    Well done MS on making progress and rescuing your "wounded at launch" platform. I don't feel such an idiot for owning one now :)
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  • Ouya isn't honouring its funding commitments following Razer's acquisition - report

  • frunk 29/07/2015

    Good on Razer.. for not being dicks about this.

    Good on them for supporting these types of android consoles in general and just biasing peeps in favour of their own with free games.

    As a bit of a Razer fan (Keyboards, mice & my "pride and joy" Blade) this is a nice vindication of my spending. Ahhh... th4r Razer Blade... the only laptop that actually gets my Apple-fanboy friends a bit envious :)
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  • Razer acquires Ouya's software assets

  • frunk 28/07/2015

    My Ouya is still pulling sterling duty as an excellent Kodi media box! Reply +2
  • Bethesda literally cannot produce any more Pip-Boys

  • frunk 28/07/2015


    I am with you on the practicality angle - that is a big bulky thing. I however think it is an excellent idea, having that second screen experience on your wrist.

    I will be taking the 3.99 (including postage) more comfortable alternative...

    Yeah I know it does not have the "retro-charm"... but I am old enough and wise enough to take the cheaper more comfy alternative :)
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  • The Swindle review

  • frunk 27/07/2015

    - The Swindle, PS4, PS3, PS Vita Digital (Three Way Cross Buy)
    3 way cross buy, that is the way to make me buy it on the Sony platform. No silly exclusive content shenanigans... just an easy way to play a game like this anywhere.
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  • The strange joy of failure in Pandemic

  • frunk 27/07/2015

    Pandemic is a bastard hard game which is great to play but can feel a little sterile (he-he) and repetitive - even with the expansions. However you can't get away from the sheer genius of it's core design. So clever, so elegant... a master-class is how seemingly simple systems can combine in glorious complexity.

    If you folks like this type of co-op game I have to say that Dead of Winter is our favourite just now. A similar game in many ways, a little more complex but with a lot more character and variation. Instead of keeping viruses you keep zombies under control. I would say it is a near perfect mashup between City of Horrors and Pandemic. In City of Horrors you have multiple characters with "special abilities" are more about saving your skin, in Dead of Winter they are more like Pandemic's single character model of using them to help the group cause. It is also equally brutal, but the variance makes it more fun to replay. Pricey though!
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  • The secret lives of games

  • frunk 25/07/2015

    I know :)

    On the Amiga, just like now, you have comments all over the code, which are stripped by the compiler as they are irrelevant in the binary code.

    I deliberately put a load of ASCII data in the code so the comments survived the compilation.

    Don't worry - computers back then work the same as they do now... just a bit slower... okay a LOT slower :)
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  • frunk 25/07/2015

    Unless you deliberately put comments as straight data in the code to be discovered...

    Back in my Amiga coding days I used to leave stuff there for crackers to find... some to help, some to mislead... just a bit of fun.
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  • Open-ended puzzler Infinifactory is coming to PS4

  • frunk 25/07/2015

    Love the look of this game... looks like it does not force you to a single solution. I find games which only allow you to find the designers solution somewhat frustrating, even if you think you have a good logical solution which "should" work.

    I actually prefer my consoles over my PC for indie gaming as you know controls are well integrated to the controller. Also as the living room PC is VR friendly it is just plain noisy, despite water cooling and all efforts to slow fans. Also, on the big screen jumping between GOG Galaxy, Steam, Desura and standalones without having a mouse and keyboard handy is impossible, so you are scrambling for them in the dark. MS really missed a trick by not supporting their own controller on the Metro interface... that damn interface is perfectly designed for a controller! A dumb oversight!

    Just a shame that the XB1 seems to be suffering a bit in the indie stakes... probably due to that awful arrogant parity clause. Sony just seems to have greased the wheels and have a steady flow of excellent indies rolling in regularly. Granted they currently have less big 1st party games, but less huge games suit my situation just fine... I find it difficult to put the hours in. So while I spend 2-3 moths putting 100 hours into Witcher 3 - these are lovely palate cleansers.

    Lets hope old, dumb Microsoft is dead... Windows 10, Azure, killing mobiles, the brilliant Surface 3 and their efforts to fix the XB1 tends to suggest things are changing, all good signs! Now ditch messing with indies, so you can bring the single -console households (and dumbass Xbox fanboys) these treats!
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