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  • 50 Elite: Dangerous Beta 1 goes live

  • frunk 31/07/2014


    In my experience it does live up to the old BBC version... and docking is still arse-clenchingly fraught.
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  • frunk 31/07/2014


    if there is good pad support.
    Just 2 button remaps and I played the whole thing fine on a control pad. One to drop out of FTL travel and something else I can't recall :)
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  • frunk 31/07/2014


    OR DK1 was unusable - resolution issues, with the fonts they chose you were buying slaves instead of fish, but as soon as you got out the star-port... woah you can see the potential.

    DK2 turned up a few days ago and I have not got it working, yet... no native support but people are trying to hack it in now with various weird options. The reduced FoV in DK2 is annoying but if I can see the text all is forgiven. Plays fine with headset and XBox controller.
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  • Destiny's six-player raids can only be played with friends

  • frunk 31/07/2014

    Add Squ1dgyw1dgyw00 (PSN) for some raid shenanigans
    Was "Squidgywidgywoo" really already taken on PSN?
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  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • frunk 30/07/2014

    But in this case, Sony are 100% correct.
    I agree with you. It is a nasty precedent.

    If EA do this, then Activision will want to do it, then Ubisoft and so on. And the games from these publishers will not appear on PSN+ - which will be limited ot Sony published games and indy titles.

    So suddenly we find ourselves in a situation where we are paying 4 or more "subscriptions", and our "value for money" has vaporized.

    It all smacks a little of publishers trying to stay relevant when we don't need them so much these days. It's like the beginnings of MP3's where every music publisher struggled to stay in control as the world changed around them.

    MS has been forced into taking this poison chalice to bolster goodwill... as it seems great on the surface, but they are pandering to as lost cause and setting a dangerous precedent for customer gouging on their platform. Poor choice.
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  • Now TV has arrived on PS4

  • frunk 23/07/2014

    But by buying into this, you're agreeing that 9.99 for one day of viewing is acceptable.
    To be honest it is a lot, Sky is an odious creature and every race should be live on the BBC. But at least this way it is a lot cheaper for me and Sky get less cash. And this year I have had no reason to spend. Will just watch the BBC highlights later one. Maybe get a race or two near the end of season.

    But live sports events are about the only excuse and a rich history with pay-per-view boxing, etc.

    It's shit, but it's the modern world. I am just glad I can rely on the BBC for 90% of my viewing.

    As for Game of Thrones... I am prepared to pick up the BluRay so I can binge... uncompromising quality with most of the money going to the creators and not some middle man.

    We do have a choice and multiple ways of consumption. Better than having only one way to watch something. I am remarkably careful with my media spending :)
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  • frunk 23/07/2014

    Baaaahahahaha! What kind of idiot pays for this stuff? Really??
    Actually I do occasionally... about 3-4 times a year to get an F1 live race, not every one, but a few a year.

    It beats paying 40-60 a month for Sky which I turfed out 2 years ago.

    So it does have its place.. I am not handing Murdoch 600 a year to watch his shit... but 30-40 a year I don't mind so much. There is only so much damage he can make to democracy with that amount.
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  • The Last of Us: Remastered's photo mode coming in day one patch

  • frunk 21/07/2014

    Jings! Well that Day 1 - 1TB drive upgrade I gave my PS4 was a necessity then :) Reply +14
  • A few extraordinary pledges secure Areal Kickstarter success

  • frunk 21/07/2014

    Cough... nothing suspicious here... move along... move along... Reply +58
  • The Last of Us getting more DLC, but none of it single-player

  • frunk 21/07/2014


    Simple economics - especially for a game like LTOU... single player content is incredibly expensive

    Multiplayer content can be satisfied with maps and skins. Single player... actors, scripts, motion capture, new models and new ideas.

    New ideas are probably destined for the inevitable sequel, where they will have more impact within the context of the larger story.

    The fact we had one, good, single player expansion is a blessing rarely provided in most games of this type.
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  • Xbox One's August update adds automatic download for digital purchases

  • frunk 18/07/2014

    True ... Most of this is already on PS4

    True... We have not had a good functional update on PS4 for fecking months...

    Get your finger out Sony, otherwise the XB1 might start looking palatable.
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  • Microsoft is shuttering Xbox Entertainment Studios, original programming

  • frunk 18/07/2014

    Seriously, anyone who thinks that cable is going away doesn't know the industry.
    Well we don't have a cable industry in the UK... It is a peculiarly American phenomenon. So yeah, I don't claim to understand it. We have satellite and terrestrial. We have things like the BBC which really are weird outliers to cable-centric thinking. That HDMI port really is aimed at the US market - another big MS messaging issue. It barely has a purpose in most of Europe.

    I know I am not alone, I had Sky for decades
    I am not some 20 something hipster. I am in my 40's and love the BBC but I am happy with iPlayer and see no point in the rest of broadcast TV. Our household never "just watches" TV. None of my friends do. They record and watch later, or consume iPlayer, 4OD and buy the odd day of Sky Sports streaming for sports events. Add in some DVDs, some downloaded media, a cinema pass and the need for broadcast TV is redundant.

    No doubt cable companies will continue to exist but merely as content aggregators. The need to put cables in the ground and boxes on TVs replaced by apps on Smart TVs, media steamers and consoles. All the UK broadcasts have a "live stream" for those wanting "surf factor"... A good term which I can understand. But time is precious these days and "turning on the box to see what is on" is becoming increasingly irrelevant. If I have "free time" I would rather fire up a game than chance channel surfing. I will use catch up services to watch stuff that others have highlighted as relevant. I would rather gorge on a full season on Blu-Ray than wait till next week.

    I know some people who are different and are more traditional... My parents in their 70s for one... my perpetually unemployed sister in law as another. But this behaviour is becoming rarer in the UK and Sky is changing its business model to accommodate the new status quo. I think US cable operators are in for a rude awakening one day.
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  • frunk 18/07/2014

    an, the people in the suits are paid a LOT of money to take decisions, so they have to decide to do new stuff, then some other suits get paid even more to undo what other suits did! this is like magic!

    Yup.. Unjustly. A bunch of self aggrandising dicks with ego issues operating within a dysfunctional corporate structure that rewards them for their idiocy. MS is broken internally and they know it. They do have good people in there... crushed under crazy management and Machiavellian reward structures... poor buggers.

    Those 18,000 loosing their jobs will probably feel more liberated than lost.

    Anyone with half an iota of technical nouce and an understanding of video games could have predicated their entire XB1 meltdown. Hell, in February last year I slapped a mega-post in the forums here which kinda spotted all the flaws in their plans... And that was based on leaked information months before the reveal. If I can do that with a tiny fraction of information from the outside there must have been 1000 people inside MS saying the same thing... I am hardly some sort of genius. But the management at the time ignored them all and continued to stroke their giant imaginary media stiffie thinking they are some Hollywood moguls.

    Dumb fucks!
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  • frunk 18/07/2014

    considering people are watching more video on their Xboxes than playing games......
    Yeah but you don't buy a console for that... It is a nice "add on" but buying a console as purely a media player is idiotic. If I want a media player I can get a Chromecast for 30, a Sky branded Roku box for even less.

    I am prepared to shell out 400+ for a high end games machine. If that can do the same stuff as a 30 box then great. But as a platform holder and manufacturer of these devices I would put games first.. You know.. The justification for the extra cash.

    Using a console "mainly for other purposes" is a late life cycle thing once the OS and services have developed over time, they are not the reason early adopters splash the cash.

    The only time this vaguely made sense was when the PS3 was a relatively cheap Blu-Ray player... Those days are long gone! Physical media and broadcast TV are on their way out. Weird that the XBox places so much stock on these nearly redundant services with the HDMI input.
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  • frunk 17/07/2014

    TV.. TV... T...Oh...

    ...perhaps people buy a games console for games... Who woulda thunk!
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  • How about Elite: Dangerous on PS4 and Xbox One?

  • frunk 14/07/2014

    So clear signal for dumbing down as they have one eye on consoles. Oh iam sure that's going to go down a storm them.
    Why dumb down?

    Power - see my post above PS4/XB1 will be able to manage it fine... even VR. This is not a bloated bit of software for PC elitists like Star Citizen (of which I also play). It is the usual carefully honed, efficient use of power we expect from Braben and co.

    Controls - to be honest for couch play the 360 controller works fine. Remember this is being built with VR in mind, so relying on complex keyboard controls is useless once you have a techno-hat hiding it from you. You have to be able to abstract down to something that can be held in your hand... like a controller. I can see how a PS4 controller would work just fine - the gyro to look around when your view is unlocked would be great - like VR look. The trackpad could also see a lot of use. And you have a D-pad and 2 joysticks. In some ways a Dualshock4 is more intuitive and feature rich than keyboard and mouse for this type of game.

    Online play - well network infrastructure for consoles is the same as PC these days.

    So how exactly does it need to be dumbed down?
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  • frunk 14/07/2014


    It'd be good to see, but I don't reckon the consoles will look quite as nice as the high end PC trailers :-/
    Aye it will - for precisely the reasons he stated! Building to fixed hardware is a gift to get most power out of hardware.

    PC's are stymied by layers of abstraction.

    Also it is not that tough on hardware - I pull in 1080p60 with ALL settings at MAX on a PC that was built 7 years ago (GFX card upgraded 2 years ago). also runs fine on the Rift DK1, but the resolution is too low to work out any text so I regularly mix up slaves and fish. But bejeesus, once you un-dock... holy heck!

    So fixed hardware at PS4 levels is probably more than needed to pull off those current screen-shots, so don't panic. Also Morpheus will be an easy add.

    Just awaiting the Rift DK2 to play properly at higher resolution & frame-rates. So have upgraded the PC last week and installed an unlocked water-cooled i7, just in case it needs it... it probably won't.

    Don't believe the PC Master-race bullshit. The consoles will eat this up!
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  • Xbox One now supports trial and unlock game demos

  • frunk 11/07/2014


    Now there is a definitive sounding statement full of action and positivity. If I were an Indy I would feel buoyed that my financial future is safe in their hands!
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  • Microsoft's PR blunders caused Sony to re-write E3 PlayStation 4 script

  • frunk 11/07/2014

    I don't see it as a betrayal because that would imply that there was something personal in their decision. MS are a business. Like Sony and Nintendo. Nothing personal there in my opinion.
    Hehe I really wish I could agree. But if this were really the case then there would be no such thing as brands... And brand power... And brand loyalty... And brand value.

    But these things do exist to consumers, and definitely exist in console space. And why you get fan boys.

    I am sure you have car forums and clothes forums with people making fatuous comments based on their misguided interpretation of company fed factoids.

    Gaming is just a little more polarised I think as there are so few companies and so many people.
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  • frunk 10/07/2014

    The people with the biggest thing to gain with the whole digital only no second-hand resale are the publishers. More so than either MS or Sony.
    I agree, publishers and platform holders both "make out" big time. Publishers from lack of re-sales, but Sony/MS from "digital distribution fees" and lack of re-selling. Every copy sold pops money onto the publisher and platform holders pockets. If publisher pressure was put on the platform holders, they are hardly against the idea.

    The platform holder's dream is to have an iTunes like store where all software must be published. You see that with PC's and Mac's now. It is "easy money" to them and the source of Apple's massive money coffers.

    Remember in my previous post I said that this kind of arrogance driven mistake making has happened before and will happen again. Sony, Nintendo, MS, Sega, Atari have all fallen victim.
    I agree - everyone has stumbled. Sony were pricks with the PS3 launch. But I do think there is a difference. All these platform holders got arrogant and thought hey could take their audience for a ride with promises and overblown pricing. But I don't think any of your examples tried to "betray" their core customers.

    MS tried to do this with the XB1 - not only did they try and palm you off with an overpriced monster and pushing their media capability (like PS3!) - they went a step further and tried to force their corporate agenda at the expense of customer rights. And

    And let's face it their "media dream" was outdated before it even began... paywalled media apps, broadcast TV. Phht!

    They are doing a lot to rectify the situation BUT it was not just arrogance, it came across more like betrayal. The world moves fast, everyone will forget about it in a year or two if they keep the games focus. But is was more than just arrogance this time.
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  • frunk 09/07/2014

    I don't really believe House's statement.
    I do.. and it is not because of any blind brand loyalty.

    Everyone knows we are heading to a digital-only future and downloads will eventually replace brick and mortar shops... probably during THIS generation.

    Once that happens the whole DRM thing is "kinda there" and Sony and MS have what they want. Sony seem happy to allow this transition to happen at the rate customers are willing to accept it. MS wanted to force the issue. Fires erupted - MS got burnt.

    PC's are there now because there is competition in the market place and no-one is afraid of it. Sony need to convince us the digital (aka DRM) future is palatable and they are doing a fairly good job so far:
    - Sales
    - PSN+
    - Allowing Amazon, etc to sell digital goods on PSN at their own prices.

    The last one is critical - it begins to "break the monopoly" - the only reason why PC's have gone digital with no fuss.

    But these are all good signs. All building trust. all pushing us to a digital future faster.

    MS's recent summer Sale and Games with Gold are now treading the same path, trust will eventually follow. But none of these really existed to the degree they do now before the XB1 policies.

    BUT most of all MS have to start opening up their store to 3rd parties and allow a measure of competition.

    MS misjudged the market again, but they have done that at least 4 times in the XB1 launch; DRM, Kinect, TV, targeting non-core gamers, price, etc.
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  • Train Simulator dev signs Flight Simulator deal

  • frunk 10/07/2014

    That picture - it's priceless...

    Seriously who needs a train delivered so fast it needs to be taken air freight?

    Hmmm... thinking further, how do you deliver a train? Assuming you can't just shove it on a track to it's destination. Okay... that is today's Google Challenge to myself.
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  • Microsoft boss Satya Nadella commits to Xbox

  • frunk 10/07/2014

    raving fan base

    Hmmm - there are couple of them on here!
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  • Mario in the museum

  • frunk 10/07/2014

    Now that is a good use for Kinect!

    A beautifully written article that wants me to and visit. Many thanks Eurogamer for these longer articles that overlap our gaming life. In London soon - so may try and hit this up.
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  • Divinity: Original Sin review

  • frunk 09/07/2014

    Can you do couch co-op, or on-line only?

    I know these things are ultimately hackable on PC, but what is the "base functionality" here?

    Fondly remembering those Secret of Mana days
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  • Samsung's Gear VR headset revealed in leaked image

  • frunk 09/07/2014


    Don't forget Sony, at least facebook can afford losing money on this but the others can't.
    Dizzy was making a comment about the fact this is a low end device and could maybe damage the potential of VR... and you manage to somehow turn this into a comment to bad mouth Sony.

    Wow... just wow... you really have NO shame!

    If you think the Rift will be successful then I think Morpheus will be successful too... they are pretty much the same hardware-wise. Rift has a 75-90Hz refresh target compared to 60Hz on Morpheus, but Morpheus already has proper 3D controllers to support their platform. So I guess you think the Rift is also in that "race to the bottom".

    Shite... I just engaged the "Neg" in a thread... when will I learn!
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  • Cliff Bleszinski announces F2P PC arena shooter published by Nexon

  • frunk 09/07/2014

    This announcement does not need a countdown timer...
    Call it a "cooldown timer" instead. They are getting in practice for their free-to-play model.
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  • Microsoft offers select Xbox 360 users $75 rebates for buying Xbox Ones

  • frunk 09/07/2014

    It deserves to sell better than it is.

    Marketing 101: "First impressions last"

    First impressions of the XB1 were that they stabbed and twisted the knife of their core audience... Kinect & TV are exactly what every 360 owner want...

    So fall back to Marketing 102: "Pile it high, sell it cheap"

    Quality product vendors take the first approach, cheap Chinese knock off's take the second.

    A reversal is possible... and they are going the right way about it, but it takes years to undo the damage done in those first few months.

    Ask Sony, they have experience of this :)
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  • Barely interactive "mountain simulator" nearly tops the iOS charts

  • frunk 08/07/2014


    You forgot Candy Mountain Sag...

    - ding-dong -

    Hold on...

    Ahhh! I have just been informed it is now called:

    "Sweet Mountain Story"
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  • Ori and the Blind Forest looks great, but plays even better

  • frunk 07/07/2014

    Great looking game... a sure buy when/if I get an XB1.

    Even better seeing the fruits of MS's indie labours beginning to bear fruit again. Things went fallow for a while, but this is a step in the right direction. Still a world behind the PC world and Sony just now, but every step is a good 'un.
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  • Fallout 3 speedrun sets new world record in under 24 minutes

  • frunk 01/07/2014


    Every time I read an article on Fallout I get a desperate need to install it again.


    Yes you do! It takes less than half an hour! It will take longer to install, granted.
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  • Chopping down trees and crafting bows in H1Z1

  • frunk 01/07/2014

    Hmmm... colour me interested, this may tickle the itch for an accessible openworld zombie survival. Having ARMA under the hood on DayZ does make it a bit hardcore :)

    Having SOE behind it means they have server infrastructure to host stuff on MMO scale, most of what is out there may be quite small scale; Rust, The Forest, Dead Linger & State of Decay.

    So although this looks a bit "copycat" it could find itself a niche as long as the F2P model won't break it.
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  • Devil's Canyon: Core i5 4690K and Core i7 4790K review

  • frunk 30/06/2014


    The more i read the more i am flummoxed by the decision of 1.6/1.75GHz tablet CPUs in the PS4/Xbone.

    There must be a good reason why both companies went with the exact same CPU other than just price but i'm struggling to find it.
    Well for a start there are 8 CPU's, not 4 like above. And as the article says a 2 generations old CPU still outperforms these for well written code as it had 6 CPU's.

    So speed is one factor - when code can be written to fixed hardware (like in a console) quantity also has a BIG factor.

    And GPGPU and the GPU itself.

    And it fits within a low thermal envelope.

    So plenty of reasons.

    PC achieve console (and better) capability through brute force and a lot of heat. Consoles take the "cleverer" approach.

    And it does mean we can expect more frequent console cycles now as backward compatibility will be easier to maintain - as they have jettisoned a lot of the exotica and can turn a profit faster.

    I believe there will be many more console generations... make them backward compatible and about the same price as a high end GFX card and
    a 4 year cycle would make an efficient business model. The previous gen stays around too, giving it 8 years.

    3rd party studios would shift mid gen (2 years in) leaving 1st party studios and indies to fill in the first 2 year gap.

    i.e. you build the "early adopter"/"late adopter" thinking into the product.
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  • Face-Off: Outlast

  • frunk 28/06/2014


    As much as I love high quality eye candy I also enjoy those unusual indie games like Kerbal Space Program and believe them to be a big part of PC gaming that lots of gamers over look which is a shame.
    I would say indie and VR are the only 2 good reasons for maintaining my PC in game playing state just now. Big multiplatform games I actually prefer on the PS4... just less hassle and they look fine. I have no need to run over 1080p/60 anyway as that is all my projector can cope with, and I like playing on the big screen with big sound and the "just works" nature of consoles means I can get to playing a game in a few minutes.

    Since Sony seems to be enjoying the resurgence of Indie and VR just now I may end up using the PC less and less.

    I have lots of friends round too. The WiiU and the PS4 get a good workout with couch co-op (Sportsfriends, Towerfall, MarioKart, etc) and games like Singstar & Rockband are always fun. Things the PC does not do well.

    As we move forward I am starting to err towards consoles more and more. I am not convinced about PC gaming going forward unless you are seriously into sims, traditional MMOPRGs, MOBAs or RTSs.

    Increasingly my PC is only being used for the really experimental, early access stuff. Like Kerbal, Maia and the various zombie-fests.

    But then again all the good ones end up in their more finished state on the consoles anyway.

    I am starting to think that many of these early access games are being played by podcast/forum powered, time-rich hipsters who like to be first with the new thing... something I would love to do. But as I move forward I would rather play finished games in my more restricted and limited gaming time.

    So do you enjoy Oculus?. I am looking forward to getting mine. I am also looking forward to playing Routine , The Forest , Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous , No Man's Sky , Lichdom Battlemage and Assetto Corsa with Oculus.
    Yes - I do love it but the resolution is the killer. Looking forward to the DK2 arriving BUT I fear I may have to upgrade the PC to run the games up in the high Hz... I seem to be CPU bound currently. But with the DK1 running such pissy-rez my machine can cope fine.

    I find myself this afternoon battling internally whether to go for the Elite Premium Beta... just so I can fly to some stars in VR.

    So again I look at Morpheus being a better bet than Oculus as I know the game has been made to hit a consistent frame rate without me having to piss around with yet another graphics menu, hoping I don't get a dip in performance which will make me feel sick. Morpheus may not hit the high's of Oculus Rift in capability and refinement, but "working consistently well" may well be better for me... more gaming... less doubts.
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  • frunk 28/06/2014

    Yeah because that the only thing PC gamers do right?.
    You are correct... console gamers do the same... probably worse. but for THIS article it was all parity.

    That was kind of my point. Here is an article saying everyone has the same experience, but I am expecting some dickhead to still try and make a superiority statement.

    Apart from the Wii U and PS4, most of my gaming is done on a huge gaming PC... which I both love and hate with equal measure... I can fire up my Rift and experience amazing new worlds IF I can be candy arsed getting it all working right, sometimes I just like to throw a game in a console to enjoy.

    I just loathe elitists - be they console-tards or PC graphics whores.

    Every platform has it's pros and cons... every one! I can see a good reason to own every platform if you can afford it... and I can see reasons why they are all a bit shit too.

    All I was doing was trying to make a point that people like to stir up fake wars... and they are not clever for doing it.

    And it appears I kicked on off :)
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  • frunk 28/06/2014

    Am waiting to perform the slow hand clap to the first PC gamer to say "But I haz it in 4 Ks you console scum"... Jolly good for you... Jolly good! Don't let me down, lads! Reply -7
  • What is No Man's Sky? This is No Man's Sky

  • frunk 28/06/2014

    Will it be on xbox one also?
    Yeah... Inevitably. But brand association and getting it first are powerful tools. Never mind how much it makes no sense or just pisses most sensible folks off.

    Makes sense for a small studio to focus on a single platform... Getting this working on PS4 is a fixed target and they can focus on the game itself instead of comparability issues. Flexibility of PC tools and underlying grunt will mean they can get something out there for PC too... No need for optimisation from base PS4 code. XB1... Well a few months later as it will probably be a bit of an optimisation exercise.
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  • frunk 27/06/2014

    Letting Insomniac go to MS - worst thing modern Sony has done
    Getting this on PS4 first - best thing modern Sony has done
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  • Out of nowhere, on-rails shooter Blue Estate launches on PS4

  • frunk 25/06/2014

    Gyroscopic controls in lightgun-ish games aren't actually that good.
    I dunno, with Move it worked very well in House of the Dead. And the Gyro controls in the DS4 seems damn sharp. Try pressing R3 to do the text entry by them... works a treat - very fast and precise.
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  • The world's largest video game collection sold for $750k

  • frunk 18/06/2014

    Dunno about you, but I find it rather satisfying there are a number of die hard gamers out there who can splash nearly a million dollars on their hobby.

    So much for all our parents telling us that "playing video-games" will ruin our life :)
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  • Zach Braff's Video Games: The Movie release date announced

  • frunk 18/06/2014

    Not sure who this is going to appeal to...from the trailer it seems to start at the beginning and then elude to the cultural phenomenon they will eventually become. I think all us "gamers" realise we are on a long road here. In movie terms we are out of silent films and into the "early colour era"... i.e. there is still a long way to go. And there will be a day where games are more culturally relevant that all of the music, tv and film industries combined - actually it may replace them all.

    Gamers will watch this film and get some pangs of validation of their hobby, but probably argue "how it is shit" on forum posts.

    People who need to watch a film like this and begin to understand the scope of games and their potential impact going forward are people like my dad, the Daily Mail reading set and politicians... but they won't.

    But that is just the way of things... whether it's the evils of the music hall, recorded music, movies and video nasties - people age, people die and the world moves forward despite their efforts to maintain the status quo.

    So again I ask... who is this movie meant to appeal to?
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  • Don't call Crackdown on Xbox One Crackdown 3

  • frunk 17/06/2014

    Where is Half Life 3?
    You mean Half Life?
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  • PlayStation 4 is top-selling console for five months straight in the US

  • frunk 17/06/2014

    I imagine quite a few people wanted to play Watchdogs at launch & went with PS4 because the X1 was gonna be cheaper a few weeks later. Why they didn't do it at E3 is beyond me.
    Because dropping Kinect to make it cheaper would have totally overshadowed the conference. Every man and his dog would be talking about the fact MS has no faith in their product rather than talking up their games line-up.

    MS had no choice and indeed the conversation was about MS's focus on games and the fact they were making up for last year. Although in reality they showed nothing that was not expected or known about.

    MS has bigger problems now... that is some way of keeping interest in their console when all their information is out. Apart from a few indie partnerships we probably know everything MS will release in 2014 and 2015 and some of 2016. Crackdown was shown WAAAYYYY too early - summer '16 I reckon with Gears in the holiday season.

    Sony on the other hand has a lot of dry powder with most of their 1st party studios still to show their goods and Project Morpheus being the experimental indie platform of choice for the masses.

    It is still anyone's game, but Sony is still cruising it.
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  • frunk 17/06/2014


    Ta for the info... all kind of expected. XB1 was gonna take a nose dive after announcing a cheaper SKU.

    What I find more interesting is the split between software sales on PS4/XB1...

    Watch Dogs sold ~60% more on PS4
    Wolfenstein sold ~8% more on PS4

    You can pretty well put some of that down to Sony cozying up to Ubisoft and heavily cross-promoting the game. Whereas Wolfenstein was just released with no "platform preference". It seems to make more of a difference that anyone could realise.

    So next time we start bellyaching about the Bungie & Sony love-in or the EA & MS love-in... you begin to realise it is worthwhile for them. Brand association seems to be working VERY well.

    Great for them... not so great for us. This does mean that annoying trend of timed exclusive nonsense will likely continue.
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  • Nintendo's E3 digital event

  • frunk 10/06/2014

    Honestly who's favourite character is EVER going to be the Wii Fit Trainer?? If I was the target demographic for this tat I would be really pissed if I got that figure. Reply 0
  • frunk 10/06/2014

    She does seem a little overpowered... are they all like that in Smash Bros? Reply 0
  • frunk 10/06/2014

    A very interesting and very Nintendo take on third person shooters. Reply 0
  • frunk 10/06/2014

    I know... It's Platinum, It's Bayonetta.. but I am really not "feeling it"... no tingle anywhere. Nice to see B1 in there though Reply 0
  • frunk 10/06/2014

    Sweet, sweet Zelda game... don't ever leave us Nintendo... not even in the bad times! Reply 0
  • Watch Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us at 60fps

  • frunk 10/06/2014

    Astonishing. With the best will in the world I think few of us thought the PS4 was capable of those UC4 graphics at 60fps. As usual ND put other developers in the shade when it goes to fidelity... hopefully they match their best storytelling too. Reply +3