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  • Author Neal Stephenson becomes Chief Futurist at AR company Magic Leap

  • frunk 18/12/2014

    Folks not knowing what this is, can likely Inform themselves with some reading you know... Don't just announce your ignorance on a comment thread. Kinda defines the word "dumb"

    First wiki "light field" and maybe take a look at what light field cameras can do...they are remarkable... We are doing stuff nature does not manage with eyes. And you can buy them in shops for almost reasonable prices.

    Then once you put 2+2 together you can start working out why Magic Leap may be quite a big thing. I can see it manifesting in 2 ways... One table based... One AR based coming later.

    The table one is the table based hologram.. You know, like what Star Wars showed us in '77. Or on a larger scale... a holo-deck. Then if they can miniaturise suitably the tech could be put on glasses to offer AR and put convincing fake objects in your field of view.

    It's not rocket science... Hell rocket science is not rocket science any more.
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  • Windows 10 leak reveals new Xbox app for PC

  • frunk 15/12/2014

    Hmmm... has MS got a bunch of MS astro-turfers working this board?

    I rarely get negs, yet I seem to have a LOAD only for suggesting that Windows updates are expensive for what they offer. Most people would not care enough to upvote or downvote a comment like that - yet I seem to have garnered more negs than any (more inflammatory) previous posts.

    Suspicious or what!?

    Just sayin'...
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  • frunk 15/12/2014


    True, but the £100 upgrades are offset by the fact that the rig you install them on doesn't have to cost £1,500.
    True... it costs a lot more than that :) I just got a lovely little gaming laptop a few months ago which is built like a MacBook Pro and it cost a chunk more than £1500 (Razer Blade). Hardware-wise you get what you pay for. Yet next year MS are going to ask me to cough up £100 to keep it gaming relevant.

    So yeah - the OS licence is tied to hardware but the hardware is not an unreasonable price for what you get.

    Especially since the MS updates these days are becoming increasingly incremental. They offer no particular features needed by most users/gamers and we only upgrade because we get a new machine or because MS forces you to by tying DX to Windows versions, entirely falsely.

    MS in money grubbing shits shocker!
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  • frunk 15/12/2014

    Apple switched to "free" for their OSX upgrades ages ago.
    Ahhh - I did wonder. I thought that was just minor upgrades with significant ones costing some. It does make sense when they have hardware tied to their OS.
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  • frunk 15/12/2014

    Perhaps they will deliberately block easily ported features to force gamers to upgrade like last time... or the time before...

    It does get tiresome. Upgrading Windows is far too expensive... £100 for every machine, every couple of years if bollox. I don't like Apple, but their £40 for up to 5 machines in the house seems more realistic.
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  • First Street Fighter 5 match reveals new mechanics

  • frunk 15/12/2014


    Lol... you one of a kind comedy genius ;)
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2014 voting

  • frunk 12/12/2014

    C'mon folks we need to have a run on Drive Club... not for #1 or anything but just so Eurogamer have to say... "it was not as shit as we thought"... pretty much like the recent DF article :) Reply +7
  • New Just Cause 3 screenshots show parachute, grapple, explosions

  • frunk 12/12/2014

    Those are some very nice explosions! Reply 0
  • Tripwire defends Killing Floor 2 PS4 port

  • frunk 11/12/2014


    Not really :) But I was just having a laugh.

    But generally most of the debates you listed are not really acceptable. They are all quite tedious after a while. Embattled fanboys thinking they have a point. There are some basic facts and genuine insight out there, but those tend to get buried under a ton of shit on message forums. Shrug.

    I am surprised at the venom of the feeling on this one... I actually thought the PC crew was a bit more mature, but evidently I was mistaken.

    The plain boring fact is that PC gaming needs console gaming as much as console gaming needs Games on PCs. It is a symbiotic relationship that usually (but not always) works for the better of us all.

    All this "dumbing down" shit is little to do with the platform and all about publishers trying to create games that appeal to a perceived wider audience... Yeah there are sometimes limitations with controls, but that cuts both ways, depending on the type of game. It only becomes a problem when you have "cross control type" competitive gaming. So have the PS4 use KbM but pair them with PC KbM folks. And match-up gamepad players regradless of what they are playing on. It's a developer/publisher choice and sweet FA to do with the platform it is running on.
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  • frunk 11/12/2014


    You got it wrong... the reality is:

    - 360 gamer mocks PS3 for having inferior multiplats = fanboy dick
    - 360/PS3 gamer mocks 'underpowered' Wii = fanboy cock
    - PS4 gamer mocks inferior Xbone multiplats = fanboy idiot
    - PS4/Xbone gamer mocks 'underpowered' Wii U = fanboy wanker
    - PC gamer mocks inferior multiplats on console = Fanboy ELITIST!!!!!
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  • DriveClub revisited: is dynamic weather a game-changer?

  • frunk 11/12/2014

    Post-ordered! Reply +4
  • Today, Sony is selling PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just £19.94 each

  • frunk 10/12/2014

    Those pics are amazing. Just getting such nostalgia kicks. They have SOOOO accurately replicated a local computer shop of the 90's. All those shonky shelves, mismatched décor, untidy stacks of games CRT TV's and handwritten signs.


    I would have taken my NeGcon with me as my memorabilia for an anniversary console - the Ridge Racer controller of choice... if you wanted to bury yourself into every wall on the course. Being stuck in Kazakhstan with work means I did not have a chance to attend... but it does mean I am up VERY early for when they go on sale on the web in the UK. Bwahahaha...
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  • frunk 10/12/2014

    Today, Sony is selling PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just £19.94 each

    ... you can pick them up for a "little more" on eBay later
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  • Witcher 3 dev: "Market is afraid of badly polished games on next-gen"

  • frunk 10/12/2014

    Treating your customers with honesty & integrity and not "endless cash-bags" to be milked engenders this type of reaction.

    CD Projekt will catch a break because they earned it. Simple.
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  • Here's over four minutes of No Man's Sky gameplay

  • frunk 06/12/2014

    65daysofstatic have done all the trailer music... and now they are doing the party tonight.

    Just looked at their site... THEY ARE DOING THE SOUNDTRACK to the game! The thing I am desperately not trying to hype in my own mind just got better!

    And they are doing some procedural generated music to go with it... schweet! They seem kinda happily freaked out about it:
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  • Why are Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands more expensive on PS4 than on Xbox One?

  • frunk 06/12/2014


    Really - is that Euros? I just bought it for 15.99 of the UK sterling on PS4... which includes Episode 1... so is this cheaper on the PS4 now???? By a penny :)

    Price must be jumping round like a crazy one.
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  • Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PC and PS4

  • frunk 06/12/2014

    Sigh... The XBox finally has a worthy D-pad and gets denied this. Undoubtedly the Ultra and so on editions will be out for the Xb1 but this is a slap in the face to them. Shrewd move to tie up the PS4 as the fighter championship console of choice, but not a real benefit to gamers overall going single console platform for this. Reply -2
  • Heat Signature gets spiffy new graphics and a dev walkthrough

  • frunk 19/11/2014

    Heh... forgot about this game... what a jolly man and a jolly reminder why I liked the look of it last time. Reply +2
  • David Braben responds to outcry over Elite: Dangerous' ditched offline mode

  • frunk 18/11/2014

    If it works of a crappy mobile signal it will pretty well work most places as a single player experience - even those shitty hotel connections I have to deal with. As long as it is not a data-hog and gracefully retries and asks you to reconnect without bouncing you out of the game it will be a liveable experience on the road.

    All those people who can't deal with it... how do you plan on downloading it and keeping the client up to date?

    Their messaging was poor. It went against their stated aim and came late and open to misinterpretation by the "world is ending" crowd. But it is nowhere near as bad a situation as people are making out.

    Calm down... get a cup of tea. Be a bit *British* about this :)
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  • Half-Life 2 remembered

  • frunk 18/11/2014

    The playground - very early on then you realise the see-saw actually worked... I think people forget that physics had not really been in games before. Reply +5
  • Goat Simulator free MMO expansion riffs off World of Warcraft

  • frunk 17/11/2014

    Looking at the bugs in AC: Unity... I think they used the code base from Goat Simulator. Reply +6
  • Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode

  • frunk 17/11/2014


    I have no interest in playing Elite Dangerous online as the last thing I want is to be attacked by human players when I least expect it. I really hope there is an option to disable human interactions...
    Here I think there is a BIG misunderstanding.

    There is still a "solo mode" where you can't be attacked by other players. Always has been. Always will.

    In the last news update it said it does not need to be online all the time, but it does need to check in - which means...

    It just has to log into the Elite servers to give you the "living universe". i.e. the impacts players have to the economy, the naming and claiming of planets, the spread of human space.

    Which I think is fair enough. If you want to explore new worlds - you do have to "get out there". You are in a race with others. But since there are 400 billion stars it will be easy enough to find some unexplored space. And getting to that unexplored space will be easier as you will be able to use other player's infrastructure they have left behind.

    You don't need to actually interact with other players - but you will see their impact on the wider universe however.

    To me this kinda seems a reasonable (and realistic) compromise. What I don't understand is what level of connection is needed. We need it at login. But how well does it work with a crappy connection? How much "check in" does it need? It may well work fine on a crap Internet connection if it only requires a few K of data on each system jump... just a stutter as you arrive.

    I can see why some folks are upset, but I can also see why it would be difficult to make a totally off-line mode as everything the server's do would have to be done on your own PC. But they should have been a bit more up front about this - and delivered the message sooner.
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  • PlanetSide 2 PS4 beta planned for 2014

  • frunk 14/11/2014


    100Hz/120Hz/240Hz are not real frequencies. They are internally generated inside the TV and are not supported by the cable running from PS4 to TV. HDMI 2.0 may be able to hack it... and maybe HDMI 1.4... BUT these high refresh rates have ever really been standardised by manufacturers.

    However I do believe 50Hz is an option for everyone.

    EDIT: Actually I may be wrong. Apparently is is possible to "overclock" some makes and models of TV... Good luck and good luck with your warranty... :)

    I demand a Digital Foundry article on this please!!
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  • frunk 14/11/2014

    Surely all HD TV's using HDMI have 25/30/50/60 Hz options (24Hz too for some). But I do believe the HDMI standard says to support these main 4.

    So why not... SHOCK... if they can't hit 60Hz... aim for a locked 50Hz? It seems a small step down that could fill a middle ground that keeps everyone happy?!
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  • The games that have defined PS4 and Xbox One

  • frunk 13/11/2014


    So I don't think you've quite properly thought out your argument.
    For one of my arguments it is pretty poorly thought out. Granted. :)

    Yes I agree supporting your console for 10 years plus is great... after the original XBox this is a very positive behaviour from MS.

    But I will still hold to the fact that writing a game for current hardware and last gen hardware limits the scope of what you can do in the game. It is the same as PC's. All those extra horsepower under the hood make the game prettier, but not necessarily any better as the core game-play systems have to be able to run on the majority of machines and not limit your potential audience, to get the numbers up.

    You can use all that extra physics power to make cloth fall better, but not to change the behaviour of anything in the game that could directly affect the player. Otherwise it is a different game.

    I did not realise FH2 were totally different games as far as features are concerned. So yes, there is perhaps a middle ground where the 360 won't gimp the scope of XB1 games.

    Your list of games that did not receive 360 ports is irrelevant to the discussion. They may or may not be good games, but they have apparently not "Defined the XBox One".

    I was just commenting that only one of those games on that list actually required you to have an XBox One. Maybe the list if broken.
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  • frunk 10/11/2014

    So am I right in thinking that APART from Sunset Overdrive you can play all those on a PS4 & 360 combo?

    MS seems to be scared from jettisoning the previous generation. One of the reasons I am not particularly worried of the exclusivity of the Tomb Raider game as it can't re-write the rulebook as it still has to run on 10 year old hardware.

    I guess MS are caught between a rock and a hard place where they can't really afford to ditch the 360 until they have got a similar level of success with the XB1. But if they don't, then the 360 will remain as an anchor to the true capability of the XB1.

    Whereas Sony can afford to throw everything into the PS4 as it has more potential for them.

    Gonna be an interesting generation... they all are, TBH!
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  • Xbox One has sold in almost 10m units to retailers

  • frunk 13/11/2014


    To be fair retailers aren't stupid; it must be selling well. It's not like they're forced to buy stock by MS. Good news for everyone.
    True... retailers aren't stupid; so when they get offered a "temporary discount" of $50 per unit - wouldn't you stock up NOW to take advantage of this and warehouse them?

    So is this stock being sold now or being stockpiled for Xmas? That is the question they have not answered with this type "announcement".

    Smoke and mirrors as usual.

    Real sold through figures are the only measure that counts and give us an indication whether they have turned a corner. MS have had some cracking games come out over the last few weeks, so this is their big chance to change perception. If the PS4 still outsells the XB1 this month then the system is in genuine trouble.

    I don't think this will be the case. MS should be able to beat PS4 this month... perhaps next. Then in the new year the PS4 will edge into the lead again, but the margin will be diminished as hopefully the "friends effect" kicks in for MS.
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  • SingStar Ultimate Party review

  • frunk 13/11/2014

    Great Review.

    I do think 2 is a little harsh - my experience was a little better - I managed to get over 100 tracks from my PS3 version over to the PS4... but it was painful. At least they made the effort to get content on the previous gen over to the new one. I seem to have managed to get 60% or so shifted over... a sad confirmation of too much late-night drunken purchasing.

    So I reckon Ellie was just a bit unlucky with the store having issues. But the store should not be experiencing issues.

    I still would not score it above a 5 however as the "game" element is disappearing to just be a boring karaoke jukebox. No party mode, nothing to encourage you to sing a song you would rather not sing, no names... nothin' Just videos and words chosen off a list.

    New versions are meant to add features, not remove them.
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  • Get Witcher 2 free in the GOG autumn sale

  • frunk 12/11/2014

    Since having Witcher 2 means you get Witcher 3 cheaper, they really are being too generous!

    As usual!
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection suffers launch day matchmaking issues

  • frunk 11/11/2014

    I think Microsoft need to re-evaluate their "Infinite Power of the Cloud"... you know... by looking up the word "Infinite" :)

    I jest! Good to see the "pro's" can f'up too... not just Sony :)
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection review

  • frunk 10/11/2014

    Reasons to finally buy an XBox One now stacking up!

    Keep up this momentum, MS. Good games and OS updates are turning the tide.

    Not much more needed to tip the balance... perhaps a second genuine price drop rather than a faked one by taking out Kinect. An extension cable for Kinect so it can be used in my set-up. And a glimmer of some new and interesting IP on the horizon. These retreads are fine, but new is better! :)
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  • Elite: Dangerous release date announced

  • frunk 08/11/2014


    You are right to keep expectations in check... as it won't be everything you want it to be.

    The thing is, enough of "what it could be" is in the current incarnations to make you re-evaluate gaming to some degree. It is a taster... but Oh Boy! once you try it, you want it so bad for games like Elite.

    Other experiences need to stay on the normal screen too... just as some amazing games can only exist using 2D-sprites.

    VR is not like the jump to Stereo 3D. It is like the jump from 2D games to 3D games and the amazing range of new types of game and richness of experience that provided us.

    Perhaps it is no surprise then, when we see Elite leading this vanguard into new gaming tech like it did in the past on the BBC B.
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  • frunk 08/11/2014


    John Carmack wants perfection... we all do. He is right... those high frame rates and resolutions are what are needed for true immersion. But his desires will NOT manifest in the first version of Oculus Rift. We live in a world of compromises.

    Morpheus and OR are "good enough" I think to draw people in and demonstrate to them what the fuss is all about. It is incredible. Flawed too... you desperately want it to be better. But it is not "broken" like so many previous attempts.

    i.e. this won't damage people's perception of VR but whet their appetite for what is to come. I cannot imagine playing Elite without it to be honest!

    Oculus Rift V2 and Morpheus 2 are gonna be where we want to be be... baby steps :)

    2x1080p 60fps. Most ambitious games right now struggle for 1080p 30fps on PS4
    Rift is 1x1080p at 60/72 or 75fps for both eyes. The 1080p panel is split between the eyes - it is why it is cheap to make and seems a bit crappy on resolution. And 30fps on PS4 is a often design choice coupled with the 1st generation of games. 1080p60 will be easier in the future as SDKs and experience improve- and the lopsided power of the PS4 in it's GPU should handle the 3D thing without too many issues.

    Visual fidelity and Image Quality demands on normal games is very different to the needs of games built with VR in mind. Remember most "PC games experience" with the Rift are hacked onto code never designed for the purpose, so are full of inefficiencies.

    Don't get me wrong. Morpheus will have some nasty limits. I think it will be held back by a 60Hz update which will make many games unplayable for a large proportion of the audience. I just feel Elite (if it releases on Morpheus) will not suffer as a result of these limits. This is a killer app for Sony if they play their cards right. Then there is "No Mans Sky" to consider too.
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  • frunk 08/11/2014


    As someone who HAS had a lot of VR gear since the 90's... 3 headsets of various vintages in this house, I think I can talk from a position of some experience.

    Morpheus will be fine for Elite. It is not a demanding VR experience from a user or hardware perspective. See the post above for a more detailed rundown of why this is the case.

    It is foolish to write off Morpheus. The PS4 is a very capable and specialized bit of hardware. A PC is a set of abstracted layers each of which introduces losses. With VR you don't need all the eye candy like you do in 2D, it gets lost in the experience. You are too busy going "Woah!" at the sense of scale and immersion to worry too much about particle effects.

    Play Uncharted 3 in stereo 3D to see this effect. Yes, things have been pared back from the normal build, but the overall visual quality is still outstanding and you don't notice what is missing. And that is on crappy old hardware - the "hit" to create a stereo image was not that high. That is one of the biggest "hits" in VR too.
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  • frunk 08/11/2014


    We have all heard the reports that 1080p resolution is far too low for VR as the screens are right in front of the players eyes
    Yes it would be better higher rez without a doubt but 1080p is manageable. You lean forward to read the displays - it's fine. Not ideal, but good enough.

    I doubt Oculus Rift will get a big resolution bump for release as they will kill off their possible user base, leaving it to the few that have high end gaming rigs.

    We have also been well warned that latency causes motion sickness so 90fps is minimum frame rate
    Nonsense. Certainly not for Elite. You are sedentary in the game and feel "in control" so it never creeps in. 60fps works. I run at 75Hz and never felt a problem.

    I suffer some fairly extreme real-life motion sickness, but have experienced none with a game like Elite.

    I think FPS and it's faster moving motion matching may look to these higher refresh rates.

    There are no "blanket rules" it varies from person to person and game to game.

    1080p75... 1080p60 is probably good enough for Elite.

    The game is also not that demanding on hardware. It seems very efficient and works fine even on moderate setups.

    So the PS4 & Morpheus should be okay - in there before the PC master-race claim it would never work. THIS game would be fine - able to give us what the DK2 does now.

    VR I think, will bumble along on this level for the next couple of years and is enough to hook people in.

    I believe there will be a second generation of VR in 3 years time when 4K is manageable by mobile chipsets and therefore down at "mass market" prices. At the same time 4K displays become widespread.

    4K (between 2 eyes) at 120Hz is probably the sweet spot for full immersion.

    At that point Sony will probably build the PS5 around the concept of VR and be able to ship it to the masses at reasonable cost to fulfill that spec. At the same time a good chunk of PC's will cope with these demands and Oculus Rift V2 will be ready.

    500 quid is a price most people would jump, once they experience it. i.e. high end of console prices.

    Us VR nuts will be able to try this in a 1-2 year timeframe at a cost on PC's (1000-1500 quid). Sharp has mobile 4K displays hitting market now and a pair of 980's may get the graphics grunt behind it. But getting frame rate up on display technology and graphics horsepower is still tricky.
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  • frunk 07/11/2014


    Elite had "Trumbles" in the past, which filled your cargo hold. So yeah... good chance
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  • frunk 07/11/2014

    Have been there since the Alpha... with a HOTAS setup and Oculus Rift.

    The experience is a transcending, watershed moment in gaming history. Really, no hyperbole.

    When you plug in you are not longer playing a game, you are actually piloting your own spaceship with the galaxy to explore. You are living the stuff of your childhood dreams in your own lifetime.

    Killer app for VR.
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  • Alleged Just Cause 3 screenshots hint at F2P and micro-transactions

  • frunk 05/11/2014


    Kinda hope it's true.

    Kinda also hope that NOBODY buys into them.
    No! NO! NOOO!!!

    Because despite our best intentions to avoid using them SOME people will. We are moderately well informed people who read sites like EG... the rest of the world "just buys games". Enough of those buyers will make it to be worthwhile to them.

    So we have to be the vocal minority making sure it does not happen in the first place.
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  • Performance Analysis: Multiplayer on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • frunk 04/11/2014

    These comments threads are becoming tedious. Dicks on both sides with drive by postings just designed to wind up dicks on the other side. I am all for some rational platform debates but the quality of posts here is getting disappointing.

    Show some double digit ages and triple digit IQs folks. You are impressing no-one.
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  • Star Citizen first-person shooter gameplay unveiled

  • frunk 03/11/2014

    Staggering ambition... just hope they are not reaching too far!

    Until 2016/17 and this game comes together I will cosy up with Elite.

    I have room for both in my life... partly because this is gonna take so f'ing long to turn into a game complete enough for me to want to play.
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  • Iwata: Nintendo "must consider" ending region locking

  • frunk 03/11/2014

    About F'ing time... there is no room for it on hand-held devices at all.

    Home consoles may have reasons but Sony has shown these are not actually very valid. Before you release your region locking can you also ask Microsoft to stop trying to sneak in this archaic practice.
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  • Elite Dangerous Beta 3 goes live

  • frunk 30/10/2014

    I'm not sure how morpheus could do better,
    I am not :)

    Morpheus and the initial Oculus Rift will be pretty close spec-wise. The only trick Sony may miss will be a target frame rate above 60FPS due to interface (rather than hardware) limitations.

    The fixed hardware is a big advantage as it gives you a single target to optomise to. And as we have discussed Elite is not a big resource hog.

    1440p/120Hz is a "dream" for Oculus Rift and not possible on a "modest gaming rig" i.e. what you can buy for not much more than a console. This will be the watershed moment for VR in 4-5 years time. Up until then we are all early adopters and pioneers.

    With OR actual "graphical fidelity" is largely irrelevant as VR has it's own set of problems - those massive central pixels being the main one. But I see ways of fixing that without increasing resolution and putting more demands on the PC...

    I really do wonder why we still use linear displays - next gen VR systems should be able to create displays with higher pixel density in the centre where it is needed. i.e. Use the new Sharp 4K mobile displays with some dedicated hardware to turn this into a 2K non-liner display - the PC/console has to push out a 2K image which is warped by display hardware onto the 4K panel bypassing the need for high end hardware. This will allow VR to become mass market as driving hardware can be a "modest gaming rig" or even mobile tech.

    Morpheus will probably be a little lower spec than OR, but it will have more mass market appeal:
    - more consistent VR experience for everyone as you remove the PC variables
    - easier to get running
    - Sony can put their own big studios on the VR case (this thing lives and dies on software and so far Rift efforts have focussed on hacks and dedicated games by indies). Who is going to make dedicated Rift VR experiences before they have become established? No BIG studios. FaceBook can fix this issue but it is difficult to create AAA games studios overnight. So they are still years away from any consistent big game releases.
    - Sony has PS Move. This is one HUGE advantage over OR... as it is a cheap, proven, simple way to interact with VR environments. The ownership cost of VR must include inputs - and in the PC world this is a mess of half supported and expensive platforms.

    I don't say this as a Sony fanboy but as someone who has invested heavily in all types of VR since the 90's - I still own a set of Virtual IO I-Glasses on which I played Descent :) These days I have the Razer Hydra, I have STEM, Delta 6 and Virtuix Omni all incoming.

    This shit is expensive. It is still in the world of early adopters and geeks like me. Sony has a far better chance of cracking the VR market with a "non-perfect" solution. But it will be "good enough" for things like Elite.

    I really can't see how a console can hope to offer the optimum vr experience
    It can't - and neither can a PC for most punters for the reasons above. These days an "optimum vr experience" will cost about £1200-1500 (necessary PC, Headset, input methods). Sony will give "good enough" for £500-600.
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  • frunk 29/10/2014

    if you get a oculus non retail version, do you have to buy the next version?
    Nope - upgrades are optional - you have to join the queue to pre-order the next version and slap down $100 or whatever.

    I got a DK1... used it a little and played around with a few things at work. Like used it for it's intended "Dev" purpose. SHOCK!

    Managed to get the DK2 preorder in within a couple of hours of announcement and got the first batch. It has largely only been used for Elite - he said sheepishly!

    After it arrived I flogged the DK1 for the same price (maybe a little more) than I paid for it on eBay.

    So the upgrade thing is largely irrelevant. Just get in the queue early and the old one is still worth something.

    DK3 *should not* exist... we are in "launch territory" then. I hope they boost resolution a little more for that but it is unlikely... hitting 1920x1080 at 90fps is quite a challenge for most PC hardware... hitting up 2560x1440 at 120Hz is probably ideal, but would severely limit their market.

    In this respect I think Morpheus has a better chance of mass market adoption as all the optimisation to hit the optimal frame-rate can be done in the fixed hardware. With PC's, unless you have a kick-ass gaming rig, there are a lot of random factors which can ruin the optimum VR experience.

    And I imagine Elite will have console release sometime next year... if Sony are clever they will have it stitched up (along with No Man's Sky) as a Morpheus launch game. It is the killer app!
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  • frunk 29/10/2014

    FA off really doesn't make that much of a difference now
    I am kinda glad - coz I know I was never going to master it :)
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  • frunk 29/10/2014

    as players of it - do you think it'll have a full release by Xmas? is there a lot to do in it now?
    Short answer... yes.

    Long answer...

    I have not got particularly deep into the combat. I wanted to save up for a Cobra MK 3 before I started that shenanigans... got it... and then Beta 2 arrived and wiped it a day later :)

    Thing is I don't mind - Getting this game early is really just prepping you for the actual release.

    Just running through the tutorials is an eye-opener which can take months to master. When you realise the subtle layering of the combat you begin to realise what you have let yourself in for.

    It goes like this:
    1. Ohh... it's like old Elite I can fly round and shoot things
    2. Ohhhhh... I can creep up on things and hide from their scanners by managing my heat profile. It is possible to open fire on someone without them being aware of where you are if you have the right weapons.
    3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh... you can turn off "flight assist".

    This last point is the crazy big one. The flight model changes from "Star Warsy" Elite tradition were spaceships fly like planes and switches to a full, accurate Newtonian flight model. Spiralling out of control is small nudge away, but the speed and manoeuvrability you can get is astonishing. Flying at full speed and flipping your ship round on it's axis to open fire with everything at the pilot on your tail without changing direction is a very useful skill to master.

    The secret of a good dogfight is switching between these modes of manual control to pull off the crazy moves and then kicking the flight assist computer back in to bring your unwieldy ship back under some semblance of control. You need to flip that flight assist mode off if you hope to run away from a battle... so you can't ignore it.

    I would hate to face off anyone who can fly all the time without flight assist... they would be able to rip apart ships 5 times their size with ease. This is a skill based game of the highest order.

    Then docking, planning trade routes, buying and selling, navigating and mastering the transitions between the 3 different types of drive (Jump, FTL & normal space) are necessary.

    So yeah there are things to do... but more importantly there are skills to master.
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  • frunk 29/10/2014


    I found it perfectly playable on an XBox controller after a little fiddling. You can get from A to B just fine but you may find yourself just plain outmanoeuvred in any dogfight - or you want to start being stealthy.

    But you are right... a full HOTAS setup is the only way to truly experience the game. And then if you head into Oculus Rift territory you realise the x55 Pro is the only way to go... why... because you have exactly the same control layout as the person in the game... you look down at you virtual hands and they are on the same controls doing the same thing.

    It is surprising how many of those buttons, hats and joysticks end up being used... and it only takes an hour or two for them to become second nature.
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  • frunk 29/10/2014


    Elite really isn't that demanding though
    You are right... it seems the only reason they really added SLI was to support 4K.

    It really is impressive how good it looks without pushing your graphics hardware. I am guessing Frontier are masters of efficiency and optimisation as they come from the 8-bit days and have their own engine.
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  • frunk 29/10/2014

    Elite versus Star Citizen. Everything you need to know about the British versus the Americans.
    Except they are both lead by Brits :) But I do agree with your interpretation.

    Star Citizen (of which I am a backer) does seem to be a bit overblown. I am refusing to invest further in it precisely because they keep on trying to sell me "bigger" and "more" the whole time.

    Elite on the other hands appears bare-bones but it has enough clever systems in play now to evolve some fun emergent gameplay. It is sufficiently "good looking" to pass muster. I can't see any "problems" with it. It is in perfect shape to layer on functionality. I just hope Frontier keep investing and building upon this and adding the depth.
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  • Microsoft Band is a health-focused smart device for your wrist

  • frunk 30/10/2014

    So is Sony announcing a playstation sleep tracking system later today then?
    No they announced them a year ago...

    The SWR30 looks pretty close to this. Okay it is not "Playstation"... but this is not "XBox"...

    Quite why it is on Eurogamer is beyond me... guess it was a slow news morning.

    Every hardware manufacturer is on the stupid Health Band kick... MS is VERY late to the game.
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  • Facebook eyes 100m Oculus Rift sales

  • frunk 29/10/2014

    Reasonable... after a few hardware cycles...

    At the moment the market if probably a few hundred K as the gaming rig needed to power high rez displays at up to 120Hz is just out of reach of most punters.

    I guess this is the reason the GFX cards market will continue to evolve fast...

    Give it 10 years - he will be right, except Sony will be gobbling up a chunk of the market too. They will have the experience, development capability and dedicated hardware to hit the frame-rate with a PS5.

    And by then I am sure other manufacturers will be there to divide that 100 million between many vendors... so the numbers are reasonable - his market share not :)

    Lets face it - if you buy a dedicated games console now - you will buy a dedicated VR console in 10 years. Everyone else can game on their phones, etc
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