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  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance delayed until next year

  • frunk 23/05/2016

    Out of interest the negging in this comments section seems crazy high for anyone who is being remotely positive. We are used to these delay announcements and generally it is usually grudgingly accepted with comments like - "I can wait if it is going to make a better game".. but not here.

    Can some of those who have negged explain their thinking rather than hide behind a -/+ sign? Have some people been burned? Do you know something we don't?

    My feeling... kinda expected - big ambition from a new team. It was going to happen. And yes I am a backer... this seems to be taking a fairly standard Kickstarter trajectory for this type of project. No biggie, no worries. Just try to deliver on your ambition.
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  • Watch Sega's 1996 training video for game testers

  • frunk 20/05/2016

    Terminator music - check
    Dire Straits - check

    Wow - this film was out of date when it came out :)

    Ahhh - corporate training, always a decade behind the times. But an amusing watch.
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  • Dishonored 2 gets a 2016 release date

  • frunk 03/05/2016

    Sweet! Reply +6
  • DayZ creator launches Vive-exclusive strategy shooter on Early Access

  • frunk 15/04/2016

    Well that trailer fails to tell me much about the game... or want it. What I saw and the description above seem at odds?!? Is it just me? Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift customers face shipping delays, HTC Vive makes optimistic promises

  • frunk 12/04/2016

    Rift: "Early April" pre-order is now 5/30/2016 - 6/9/2016 (so around a 2 month slip) Reply 0
  • Rust and Garry's Mod studio releases Vive game Chunks

  • frunk 12/04/2016

    Yeah calling it Vivecraft would have made it difficult to release on other VR headsets later. Looks like OR will have to miss out until Touch arrives.

    But yup... that looks EXACTLY like Minecraft with rollercoasters put together with the Vive controllers.

    i.e. Fun
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  • No Man's Sky's cool soundtrack comes out alongside the game

  • frunk 08/04/2016

    That is amazing track even by 65DoS standards, Can't wait to hear the rest of the album and the musical wizardry in the game. Reply +2
  • You can play PS4 games on your PC or Mac from tomorrow

  • frunk 06/04/2016

    That streaming does open up some interesting possibilities... one of those 60 Windows 10 PC sticks that goes into your HDMI port means you can have a proper media player (Kodi) and PS4 extender for about the same price as the defunct Playstation TV.

    Then you can have real fun for around 100 with something like this. A mobile, portable PS4 :)

    Endless possibilities when hardware starts behaving nicely together.
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  • Legal troubles brewing around Ark: Survival Evolved

  • frunk 24/03/2016

    Ahhh the crappy non-compete clauses that every contract has, are virtually impossible to enforce and are usually ignored... unless that is you are a crappy company who is envious of the success of one of your ex-staff and want to try and cash in on it.

    Classic corporate tactic.

    On the note of enforceability: generally it is illegal for a company to deny you the right to earn a living elsewhere. And to some extant ANY new job using the skills you have learned in previous work could be regarded as "working for a competitor". So you end up in a tricky grey legal area which is generally ignored unless you are some high faluting executive or your old employer gets greedy (like here).

    Of course this is 'Merica - so the legal rights of employees are pretty much non-existent as the entire system is biased towards business... so you probably have more reason to be fearful of non-compete bollox.

    That is why I like the contract I have with a Norwegian company where they are far clearer about this stuff and their legal system seems just "sensible". I have a similar clause in my contract - that I can't work for a competitor for 1 year. But IF my current company chooses to enforce that clause they must pay me for that year. As the Norwegian legal system sees it as vaguely ridiculous and so not fair to an employee to deny them the right to work where their skills can be used.
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  • Firewatch has sold half a million copies

  • frunk 21/03/2016

    As an aside, I'm surprised that there's been nothing yet from EG regarding the PS4K rumours:
    Because Eurogamer like to try and report news not rumours which are patently absurd. I imagine they are trying to find out a little more info before they say anything. Or DF will do a piece on why it is not true.

    Any new PS4 with 4K is going to be a straight SKU replacement focussed on 4K media and NOT 4K games, which requires 2-3 generations of GFX hardware beyond the PS4. If they somehow managed to do it they would destroy all goodwill towards Sony and fragment their market just before it hits the "printing money stage". Business lunacy & technical lunacy.

    Way to go to derail a comments thread!
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  • frunk 21/03/2016

    Deserved. In the "5 or so hours of arty discovery" PS4 games front I much preferred this to Rapture - this was definitely more of a a "game" and told a more personal story that was far easier to relate to... also helped by a good bucketload of humour.

    I am finding that as time passes my initial love of Rapture seems a bit misplaced... I liked the whole Archers/Quatermass mashup vibe and the "feel of the world" but it outlived its welcome quite quickly and I was glad when it was over. Firewatch however... I almost wished it was bigger... it was a great place to spend some time. I guess we all have a little Henry in us all.

    But more than enough room for all of them as they don't squander your valuable time.
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  • Velazquez and the strange potential of VR

  • frunk 19/03/2016

    VR will deliver whatever we let artists create for it. It is a new medium and the tools are still crude. But give it time and continued patronage and they will hopefully open your eyes to; the new, the novel and the challenging. Reply +1
  • Shuhei Yoshida talks PlayStation VR

  • frunk 17/03/2016


    Yeah - I think good days are ahead for VR. Sony IS 2nd rate/class... the class most of us travel in :)

    i.e. it gets you there without the hassle or breaking the bank. It is what "most people want".

    By all indications it delivers. And THAT is the best hope for VR. Not guarding it behind enthusiast level hardware and prices.

    Vive = Rift = 1st class airfare = Rolls Royce = Michelin Stars = gold plated

    We all want this - but most of us are generally happy with:

    PSVR = extra legroom on a proper airline = New Nissan = good local restaurant = silver plated

    And a long way from:
    Cardboard/Rift DK1 = Ryanair = 2nd Hand Nissan = McDonalds = bronze plated

    Virtual Boy = walking = 20 year old Honda Cub = burger van bin = bare metal
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  • frunk 17/03/2016


    I think you are being rather negative in your assessment and fear of PSVR not being "good enough" and blemishing the chances of VR.

    You make your assumptions and assertion based on a lot of heresay and not a lot of evidence.

    So lets look at them one at a time:

    This is basically a DK2 in all but name and look (and manufacturer of course!). The screen door effect will be incredibly jarring.
    You are wrong :) Yes, screen-door is horrible. But no-one who has experienced the production PSVR has really noticed it or commented on it being a problem... a little blurry, yes.. screendoor.. no. And they generally say it is "good enough" and not noticeable once in motion. The screendoor effect is a panel manufacturing artefact which can be engineered out if you need to. The DK2, etc. used off the shelf phone panels. The consumer version does not... and Rift Crystal Cove prototype running at the same resolution more or less eliminated screen door by using specially manufactured panels from Samsung.

    The PSVR by all accounts uses a CUSTOM Sony OLED display running at 120Hz with engineering trying to manufature out the screendoor effect. There are also reports that they have a non-linear display with higher pixel density in the centre where the lenses magnify display deficiencies. So it is a LONG way from the DK2.


    but I do have concerns about whether the experiences Sony plan to deliver will be comparable to those from Valve and Oculus

    Sony have more movie studios, TV stations, music studios (including crazy 3D stuff), media delivery platforms, games studios than their competitors combined. And every indie will create a PSVR version to get to that market. So content is NOT an issue.

    So the graphics will be tweaked down a bit on PS4... they will have less particle effects, they will have less convincing shadows, they will use slightly lower rez textures... all the stuff "non-high-end" PC gamers have to switch off anyway.

    None of that REALLY matters when you enjoy a game unless you are a total enthusiast.

    Mass market can tolerate a 2nd rate experience if it is good enough. Your post tends to suggest Sony is delivering a 3rd rate solution. They are not. EVERY review has said "it is fine".... perhaps not as good as the 500 headset connected to a 1000 rig (OR & Vive won't be using "minimum specs" in their production hardware demos! Sony is!).

    But by all accounts, what Sony is delivering is good enough for most of us and more importantly the mass consumer... and the 2 biggest selling points Sony has over the others being:

    1. It will just work when plugged in
    2. They are not abandoning the rest of the folk on your sofa
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  • PlayStation VR will cost 349, out in October

  • frunk 17/03/2016


    I personally recommend the Vive. Oculus it's just way behind, doesn't have native motion control support and still hasn't stopped the nausea issue.
    Hmmm... I have hummed and haaaaad about which to get. But fell onto the Oculus side because I thought this gen they seem to have a better handle on the software side.

    I don't particular agree with your assumptions. Native control support on Vive is great and levels the playing field for software but Oculus know that too and their Touch system does seem to be better than the Vive one, when it comes out. The finger tracking is very cool. As this is the PC world all the Vive stuff will port over fine and then Oculus have the advantage.

    As far as room scale VR is concerned I think it is a bit of a gimmick. It is great for demos and the like but MOST VR experiences will be seated. And the Oculus solution is good enough for a metre or so of movement in most directions. i.e. I can stand up in Elite dangerous and have a good look around.

    Also I don't really have the space - a metre or two is fine but clearing a 5m+ space in the house is NEVER going to happen. So this limits their key USP to most people.

    Also the 5m square is not really enough to PROPERLY experience VR movement to get a full "holodeck experience". Since I have a Virtuix Omnidirectional treadmill Kickstarted - the movement side is solved for me... and I won't have to manage the nightmare of foot tracking fighting against the lighthouse tracking to content with.

    Also your assertion about the "Nausea Issue" is surely flawed? Where is your evidence? They have effectively the same displays, running the same resolution at the same refresh rate.
    Latency can creep in from the PC, but they are using the same VR optimised GFX drivers on the same recommended hardware. So I cannot see how see how one is worse than the other. I am susceptible to motion sickness and have been operating with the DK2 fine. The CV1 is a step beyond that.

    Let me point this out boldly. I think Vive is the best just now. I think there is nothing wrong with Vive. But I don't think your assumptions are correct AND when I consider the setup I am going for the Rift makes more sense.
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  • frunk 16/03/2016

    Pre-order up on ShopTo just now:

    Camera bundle too.
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  • frunk 15/03/2016


    From GAF
    The speed... the genius... the LOLs.

    GAF impresses again!
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  • frunk 15/03/2016


    u rich bro?
    Do you have to be rich to buy a Sky subscription, have an SmartPhone, an iPad, a second flatscreen TV, a laptop or a second console?

    Most people have several of those technologies... all of those are more expensive or on par with this.

    So if having a couple of those is your definition of rich, then yeah. I am rich. But then so are most people.

    It comes down to how you chose to spend your money... a month of rounds at the pub with your mates... a set of middle of the range designer clothes... some "nice" shoes... a weekend break away... a "nice" car rather than an A-B car... a VR headset. All are a "waste of cash" in real terms... but that is why we work.
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  • frunk 15/03/2016


    It feels like it will be too expensive for the mainstream public
    Meh... not really. It is an achievable price if you want it. If you play it at someone's house it will be on Xmas lists... it is in *that* critical price range... half the price of a new smartphone and less than a tablet; other "expensive" gear which are very mass market. It is all about creating an "object of desire" and making it *just* affordable but not cheap. I think Sony may nail it with this price (299 would be better - but next year).

    It won't be with every PS4 in year 1... but in 2-3 years you will see genuine mass market adoption, which the other players will not manage to do as they are tied to PC's.

    And the phone based ones have a good chance, a year or 2 behind in "experience" but able to iterate and evolve faster than console based stuff. So again... Sony has hit a sweet spot here.. far enough ahead of PhoneVR to get a good lead before they catch up.

    And by then the PS5 - 4K & Proper VR capable. Which hardware-wise is the next obvious iteration as the CPU/GPU requirements are virtually identical.
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  • frunk 15/03/2016

    Yup - will double dip VR with that price (This and OR). Was hoping for 299, but this is reasonable, all things considered. I have a feeling it will just be "less hassle" than the PC based stuff. Having used the DV1/DV2 for the last year or so, the PC has a long way to go to make the user experience seemless. Still going to be dicking around with graphics settings to find the "sweet spot" whereas the fixed PS4 hardware will "just work"... not as well as the big boys, but good enough.

    And THAT is what is important if you want people to adopt it.

    First serious mass market attempt at VR. Hats off Sony!
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  • What does PlayStation VR's external processor unit actually do?

  • frunk 16/03/2016

    That is a remarkably clever bit of kit. It takes a lot of the burden out of VR by reprojection. But more importantly it addresses the biggest issue with PC VR - the social aspect. Joining the inside and outside world on the sofa. That will drive a lot of consumers to a technically inferior but affordable VR setup for their own home. That is the difference between enthusiast VR and mainstream VR. Mainstream likes their sofas! Reply +16
  • Five Sony-made games for PlayStation VR

  • frunk 16/03/2016

    These are not the most interesting looking titles TBH. But that said RIGS looks like it could be a lot of fun. The London Studios minigame collection was inevitable and probably a great way of introducing people to VR, so will be picked up. EVERY new tech has a mini-game collection :)

    There are a lot of developers on board - so hopefully something more meaty on the way. From this list it is easy to be a doomsayer, but this list is probably just the tip of a larger iceberg we will be introduced to between now and E3.
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  • frunk 16/03/2016

    Amazon pre-order starts at 11am for PSVR

    Pre-order up on ShopTo went up just now:

    Camera bundle too.

    Just in case you are looking for it day 1
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  • PlayStation VR GDC live report

  • frunk 15/03/2016

    Star Wars Battlefront VR... well they just mopped up a LOT of users with that! Reply +3
  • frunk 15/03/2016

    That is a pretty good price. Low enough to bite into mass market... but high enough to actually work as well as we want it to. Reply +1
  • frunk 15/03/2016

    Phhht... Amazon has not got it for pre-order, yet! How SLOW are they!?!?!? Reply 0
  • frunk 15/03/2016

    399 Euro/399USD Reply +1
  • frunk 15/03/2016

    October £349 Reply +1
  • frunk 15/03/2016

    18ms latency - pretty impressive considering what we kinda got used to Reply 0
  • frunk 15/03/2016

    Yay for Periscope!
    Nice one Geoff!
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  • frunk 15/03/2016

    "Many of those demos will be among PSVR's launch titles. Some were just designed to show the potential of VR"
    "For PSVR games specifically, the dev community has benefited by getting feedback directly from gamers. Today we have more than 230 developers building content for PSVR."
    "Regardless of the dev size, there's a common thread. A wide-eyed enthusaism for a new medium that requires new thinking and new ideas."
    ... etc
    - Road to VR has someone who is VERY fast at typing :)
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  • frunk 15/03/2016

    "Hopeful" prices! Reply 0
  • frunk 15/03/2016

    Release July Reply 0
  • frunk 15/03/2016

    I am betting in the UK:
    Just PlaystationVR Headset 299
    Bundle: Camera & 2 Moves 399
    Bundle: with PS4 included 649
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  • It's been a great year for Witcher 3 dev CD Projekt. Now what?

  • frunk 11/03/2016

    Bethesda Game Studios, Blizzard, Riot and Valve.
    If Valve is a measure of developers, I think they are already ahead, since their last new game (a sequel) was released in 2013!

    Lets face it Valve are more publishers these days unless you count the tiny incremental updates to existing games.

    And on that note, do you count Riot? They may be huge, have a lot of money, but are pretty much a 1 trick pony.

    So in the money stakes CD Projekt Red as in a lower league than peeps like Riot/Blizzard. In the developer stakes, they are certainly up there with the Naughty Dog's and Bungie's of this world. i.e. Developers who get money for units sold rather than publishing or subscriptions.

    I just thought it was a weird bunch of developers you selected as being the top "video game developers". :)

    But sign me up for Cyberpunk 2077... oh yes!
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  • Kinect, an alleged heist and the original bust of Queen Nefertiti

  • frunk 11/03/2016


    At least the British Museum is a lot less arsey about photos and scanning of their objects, Indeed they even organised a scan-a-thon to allow anyone to 3D scan their objects and place them on the Internet.

    Whether they should have the Elgin Marbles or not is a debate that will rage. But at least they are a museum that believes that as many people as possible should experience their cultural significance. Indeed one of the reasons was to allow people to "handle" copies rather than just look at them in a glass case.

    I think the problem here is that the WAY the German museum exhibits it... as some sort of colonial prize that no-one can share.
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  • Elite Dangerous official support for Oculus Rift launch confirmed

  • frunk 11/03/2016


    Probably not until it is released. I am in the same boat. The new API will presumably bring some optimisations and those are "up in the air" just now. Hopefully there well be a recommended setting for your hardware as it KNOWS it has to maintain consistent frame rate on a fixed resolution, it should be fairly easy to self test. And there will be a lot of us in the same boat!
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  • The Division is scrappy, but utterly engrossing

  • frunk 09/03/2016

    Hmmm - so like every other Ubisoft game... "solid & flawed but wait until the sequel where they really get their shit together" Reply +43
  • Finally, a computer has beaten the world champion of Go

  • frunk 09/03/2016

    Sigh... I bet he spends hours wrangling the moves before finally making them, then 2 seconds later the computer goes "ping" like a bloody microwave and gives it's next move.

    You can deal with that if the machine is loosing but it is *so* undermining if it wins!
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  • The Sinking City is a promising-looking open-world investigation Lovecraftian game

  • frunk 09/03/2016

    If concept art made a game this would be an inst-a-buy.

    Unfortunately it doesn't and I will wait for the review...

    I like what I see, but delivery is another matter!
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  • Far Cry Primal review

  • frunk 22/02/2016

    Well my interest just faded. If they had succeeded in doing "serious" cave men, then it may have had something going for it. But that whole animal taming thing just makes the game silly.

    And I LOVE silly... lets face it WILD looks like it takes this idea and makes it the "point of the game" and well Horizon: Zero Dawn just takes the silly and turns it up to 11... to make it the "point of the game".

    Ubisoft should have just embraced dinosaurs and this game may have worked better. But they decided to do the "serious" route and avoid that type of anachronism instead to leverage in a load other ones. If you go that route you need to go ALL IN... and add a T Rex otherwise people may feel there is no "point to the game".
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  • Sony Computer Entertainment is no more. Meet, Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • frunk 26/01/2016

    Well you can't say it does not make a lot of sense sense... the boundary between network and game & the boundary between passive experiences a(TV, movies) and active experiences (Games, VR) is going to become increasingly blurred.

    But the article is right, the hope that this helps some sort of unified global processes to make multi-region releases for all types of developer easier would be useful. That said... the diversified management of each region has meant that the PlayStation brand is truly blobal, whilst MS finds it increasingly difficult to punch out of the UK/US "safe zone" it's more monolithic structure seems to have created.
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  • Minecraft Boris Johnson announces 1.2m fund to promote games in London

  • frunk 19/01/2016

    Hmmm - I am thinking games companies are better setting up in the Northern Midlands, North England, South Coast, Dundee & near Edinburgh. You know - places where there is a lot of established talent already and the cost of living/premises for start-ups are vaguely affordable. London... FFS! Reply +14
  • Rockstar North boss leaves Grand Theft Auto developer

  • frunk 13/01/2016

    I suspect the vast majority of GTA fans don't know the games are made in Scotland
    ...and as a result those same people will never understand why the "BAWSAQ Stock Exchange" is so funny.
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  • Ellie Gibson on: Manual Stimulation

  • frunk 09/01/2016

    How can I unsee that last picture... it is all types of wrong! Does bleach in the ear work? Reply +35
  • Only in Dreams: Addressing the tricky question of what Media Molecule's latest is about

  • frunk 18/12/2015

    This is the ultimate VR modelling tool. With it's basis on the Move controller it is a no brainer. I find it hard to believe it has not been mentioned yet, but I guess this is the last surprise and Sony's BIG release next to the platform.

    If this has social elements it is the basis of the matrix, which can be built brick by brick. Picking up from where Linden Labs left off.

    All in all a fascinating tool/game which I want to see more of. It IS a game changer... but whether anyone wants their "game changed" is another matter :)

    But I bet someone builds FF7 in this faster than Square :)
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  • Rez Infinite is PlayStation VR's best game yet

  • frunk 07/12/2015

    Rez and VR... market for LSD is going to tank! Reply +4
  • Rock Band 4's getting a big update in December

  • frunk 19/11/2015

    Or people just shit with drums... LIKE ME!!!
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles X's English version ditches breast slider

  • frunk 17/11/2015


    I was suggesting there was a bias in a self-identifying sub-culture... I think you need to readjust your definition of "racism".

    Race should never be attacked as it is "what you are"... and alongside that I would put gender, sexuality, etc.

    What CAN be attacked is opinion and belief. As those can change and evolve.

    Sexualisation of pre-pubescent children is pretty well up there in "able to challenge". I agree - teen porn trends and child beauty pageants in the US are truly horrendous. Just because I called out a bias in Otaku culture does not mean I don't tar other people with the same brush. They are all shit! But they were not in the discussion.

    That is where I draw the line on "-isms". Other's may draw it elsewhere but I like to keep it simple.

    And that does mean I don't think religion and other flexible aspects of cultural upbringing should be protected in the same way as race, etc.
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  • Sony responds to claim PS4 used for terrorist communications

  • frunk 16/11/2015

    I am almost tempted to become a terrorist just so I can communicate my plans in coded messages via the For Sale, Lost and Lonely Hearts columns in newspapers... you know, how spies USED to do things before secure e-mail.

    Or we could step it up a gear in technology terms and code our messages in eBay listings, PetFinder or Tinder profiles.

    Or how about comments sections on EuroGamer... OMG this might be a coded message... aghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In fact the only way to fix all of this is to just stop communicati
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