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  • Activision indefinitely postpones Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • frunk 17/04/2014

    I am sure it will be no great loss, but and interesting story nevertheless.

    Was it the big Sony logo at the beginning?

    This was how the Wii U's road to trouble started wasn't it? Drawing comparisons like this is cruel I know... but it was wasn't it?
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  • Sony wanted Titanfall developer Respawn to work on Vita

  • frunk 17/04/2014

    I love these stories of untroubled, smooth development processes!

    Suddenly your job of "not making cool video games", does not seem to bad!
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  • Surreal open-world horror game Grave is coming to Xbox One

  • frunk 17/04/2014

    These locations are like ripples in time, defying logic and placement."
    AKA - we have loads of cool art developed that seem to defy logic, but if we do "surreal" and place them all in a big desert it all kinda makes sense :)

    Nice case of theme retrofitted to developer capability... clever use of resources and allows them to be very playful.

    Looks interesting and a sure fire pick up for Rift. Does make you wonder why they don't target PS4/Morpheus too?
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  • PlayStation 4 update 1.70 detailed, will let you pre-load games

  • frunk 17/04/2014

    Right... now you just need to resume from standby and 3D Blurays and we are almost feature complete according to your unveil last February!

    Then I guess we can hanker for some multimedia goodness... MP3 support and DNLA before I would say it has "finished baking".

    As Sony unveiled first and caught MS with their pants down there is no real excuse to not have the features that were initially promised. MS was certainly more "broken" but they seem to be shoring it up faster.

    Well we kinda knew the strengths of each company coming into this: Sony: Hardware, Microsoft: Software.

    And let's face it MS are being "gently encouraged" to get their features working faster due to it's initial tough reception. But Sony should not think it can wrest on it's laurels just coz it's sold 7 million and they are still finding it difficult to meet demand.

    Both consoles are still Beta.
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  • Sony mulls The Last of Us PS4 discount for PS3 owners

  • frunk 17/04/2014

    If they did - I would bite!

    I have not got the DLC and those initial load times on PS3 actually almost put me off firing it up again...

    So call it a £20 digital download with the PS3 disc in the drive and we will call it a deal, Sony!
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  • Xbox One system update rolling out now

  • frunk 16/04/2014

    well everything you just said about xbox one is in this update. Oneguide 50hz support etc....
    The 50Hz TV "fix" -cough- I realise was in the March update. So apologies there - genuine mix up.

    Oneguide is not in this update or it would have been listed. AFAIK it is being "tested" by a few users and will be rolled out later this year... so the big key feature they trumpeted at it's reveal is still not here.

    And resume from standby on the PS4 is in that category too. Promised at reveal and still not here.
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  • frunk 15/04/2014


    My original post was actually a light-hearted swipe at the fact that these consoles came half baked and half featured and we have all been effectively acting as Beta Testers.

    I critisised the PS4 and XB1 in the same post... it was "fun banter" not a serious comment.

    I guess it has just got lost on folks. Shrug! I guess the smiley did not put that point across sufficiently!

    They are both rubbish, they both don't have features we were promised and they are both way behind expectations.

    We product is not even complete according to original specifications, so therefore we are still effectiveness in Beta.

    When the consoles do what they said they would do at their launch events then I think we have a "final product". Anything after that are enhancements - to use IT terminology.

    PS4 - "Resume game from standby" - promised & not implemented. Multimedia features (3D-BD, MP3 & DNLA) - expected but not available.

    XB1 - "TV stuff working" - promised & not implemented in EU. Some features kind of working but need a lot more work (50/60Hz, social features) - expected but not available.

    and so on...

    And by expanding upon my offhandish first comment I have turned this into a serious comment... eejit!
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  • frunk 15/04/2014


    Agreed, but the only feature I am missing is the resume. The rest does not feel broken.

    Sony have under-delivered but what the have delivered "works okay"... I don't feel there is a big need for updates to get the basic functions working.

    We could do with 3D Blu-ray support and some more media focused app, mind. The PS3 is still the best of the bunch :)
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  • frunk 15/04/2014


    i'm in the beta programme
    Everyone who has bought an XBox One so far is effectively in the Beta programme. :)

    The XB1 was not fully baked when it arrived, Sony really caught them with their pants down.

    Not that the PS4 OS is much better... but it is at least good at what it's more basic features are supposed to provide. i.e. it is not "Broken"... just not fully featured, yet :)
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  • Terraria's massive console update coming Thursday

  • frunk 15/04/2014

    "Chest sizes have been doubled"

    Dirty bastards...
    This is obviously the reason...

    "The starting female clothes have been modified"

    They still need to fit!
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  • Trials Fusion has day one patch to boost Xbox One resolution

  • frunk 15/04/2014


    TRUE!! .... Microsoft has obviously built this console knowing DX12 will be available for it. i mean microsoft arent dumb people they have built the system with its features and they know something we dont cause they wouldnt just randomly put 32mb esram in it without knowing what can be achieved with it.
    That is not what I said. Microsoft have made some dumb choices in retrospect - see essay of mine above.

    The 32MB ESRAM is just not big enough to make much of a dent against the PS4's capability.

    DX12 will help a bit... but no where near as much as you are anticipating.

    Hugely?!!!? 50%?!!?!?

    Nope... better management of the ESRAM will help, if only to allow the developers to focus their optimisation efforts elsewhere.

    Better toolchain, distribution of effort across the silicon & DX12 will allow the XB1 to do a few things very well (maybe better than the PS4), but most things will fall short.

    We are talking a 5-10% improvement max. To maintain framerate parity across this gen for cross-platform, games I would not get your hopes up. Expect slightly poorer IQ and 900p being the norm for games on the PS4 running at 1080p.
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  • frunk 15/04/2014



    You are more or less right on the way Sony went one direction and Microsoft went the other on the RAM choice based on developer feedback, but there are other parts of your answer that are a little confusing.

    Sony went the unified RAM after developer feedback and decided the only way to keep the speed up was to utilise GDDR5 if a fast cache (like ESRAM/EDRAM) was now out of the equation. Problem is that GDDR is expensive. I believe they targeted 2GB of RAM hoping that GDDR density would increase by the time they launched and they would be able to double this to 4GB. Remember Sony's mantra was "simplicity and speed" to create an fast gaming machine that was easy to develop for. So a lot of RAM is a definite bonus, but fast RAM was the priority.

    Remember RAM price is down to density, not size. i.e. a 1MBit chip is pretty much the same price as a 2MBit chip is the same as a 4MBit chip to manufacture. It is just down to what foundry process can you use to make the silicon and the density on chip.

    A couple of years ago NVidia/ATI were beginning to really throw a LOT of GDDR5 at their graphics cards, so this forced some rapid development in GDDR5 manufacturing.

    So just before they launched the PS4 last February the GDDR5 RAM density had increased very rapidly as the foundry processes ramped up faster than expected to service the graphics card manufacturers demand - probably brought about by Bitcoin mining! :)

    So suddenly Sony had the opportunity of not just going to 4GB but just doing a simple chip swap to double density RAM and popping in 8GB. Which is why everyone - even their own developers was surprised! Remember no-one leaked this... it was always 4GB until weeks before the launch.

    Sony got lucky... very very lucky! And they were smart enough to take advantage of the situation. They went with a speed over size strategy and took the opportunity to take size too when it was presented to them.

    Meanwhile, Microsoft had a very different strategy. They wanted to create a games machine that was also a multimedia, Kinect and Apps machine. So they needed memory. They knew early on they needed 8GB to satisfy these ambitions. So that was an early business driven design decision... unfortunately one that came to bite them in the ass.

    This decision was made before GDDR4/5 was widely available and therefore expensive. So they took the DDR3 route and realised this was not really fast enough to "do games" properly. So they needed to speed it up my adding some very fast scratch memory and means of getting data in and out of this quickly. This was how the 32MB ESRAM & Move engines were conceived. A good technical solution to the business challenge set to the engineers.

    ESRAM is not expensive in the cash sense. You can't really "buy" ESRAM. ESRAM is on the CPU die which is why it is so f'ing fast. What is does cost is surface area on the chip... it costs transistors. Transistors that could be doing something else.

    One quarter of the transistors on the CPU/GPU on the XB1 have been put over to ESRAM. MS made the decision to sacrifice GPU cores to make space for the ESRAM and the Move engines. The CPU is largely untouched, but it's GPU power is well below the PS4. That is why it is limited to 32MB. Any more ESRAM would have totally crippled the main chip.

    This solution was then coupled up to the desired DDR3 (in this case 8GB) and they hoped it would be enough. They at least thought they could say they had "double the RAM" of the PS4 which could go some way to alleviate the power deficit in the main silicon.

    But forecasts turned into history and things did not go quite according to MS's designs. A little bit of them must have died when Sony revealed the 8GB of GDDR5. It would have been hard days at Redmond.

    Transistor budgets kinda screwed MS. They have a weaker GPU and a limited amount of ESRAM. But they got their Apps, Kinect and multimedia machine. Their engineers did well, they fulfilled their objectives. Were the business objectives flawed? The rapid departure of Don Mattrick certainly suggests so.

    And here we are now - with MS desperately playing to their strengths in software, to try and patch up some of the ESRAM problems with DX12 to utilise it better. However it is a fruitless battle as they can never close the hardware gap. Fortunately for Sony, hardware is their specialty and they did well this time round with Krazy Ken out the picture :)
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  • frunk 14/04/2014

    Why is this such a big deal now? I remember that first Bioshock ran on 360 in 1280x720 while on PS3 it was almost 640x480, NOT A SINGLE GAMING NEWS SITE ever talked about this.
    Yeah - NOT A SINGLE GAMING NEWS SITE ever talked about it...

    Oh and it was 680p BTW - not 420p according to this non-existent article on a web site you won't have heard of.

    Learn how to use the search box, buddy! Or you may look like an idiot!
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  • frunk 14/04/2014


    Hehe - I kidn of agree with you

    But DX for MS consoles has a chunk of that abraction layer extracted anyway - you can get fairly close to the metal :)

    I am not saying DX12 will have a massive positive effect to performance but it will have some.

    MS will have spend a lot of effort of fine tuning the use and management of that ESRAM and take that problem out of the hands of many developers allowing them to focus on other performance improvements.

    Not massive by any means but we saw how the PS3 was engineered around it's design shortcomings over it's lifespan. DX12 will offer a few steps in that type of direction.
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  • frunk 14/04/2014


    but why should Sony lower the price?
    They don't need to of course - they will keep on trucking, but it takes very little for consumers to switch allegiances if the other side is perceived as "better value".

    If Sony keeps the price high - on parity with XB! or higher... it won't take long before people start decrying the "arrogance of Sony" taking us all for a ride for our money.

    If they have any sense they will try to avoid engendering that feeling by playing clever. The first 2-3 years of a console are critical for determining it's long term success and after year 3 it is all "gravy train" for the leading contender as they hit critical mass. 3rd parties do half the work for them (with games, licence fees & online store margins) and the manufacturing costs are moving into consistent profit.

    So loosing a few pence up front will will provide pounds latter on.

    We consumers are a complex and willful creature that is difficult to control and tame. Right now Sony have us happy... it does not take much to change that.
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  • frunk 14/04/2014


    Welp you can't have a fancy camera AND be equally speced with your competitor AND be equally priced with your competitor.
    You can if you are prepared to take the financial hit... think "Surface" :)

    Well they can never be equally speced as that boat has long sailed, but they can close the perceived gap a little through clever code. But that really only matters in multiplatform titles.

    MS can't afford to lose this battle, but they can afford to throw some cash at the problem.

    And we are the winners!

    By Xmas 2015 it will be £299 with a game bundle & a few months Gold. By that point that MS will have sorted most of the problems, improved their toolchain a chunk and perhaps made Gold value for money. They will also have a pile of good exclusives worth picking up.

    That would be a good time to buy an XB1.

    Gotta hand it to Sony... they are keeping MS honest this gen! What a change round! Last gen Sony would have not come up with PSN+ without being hammered by MS. They would not have invested so heavily in WWS without being hammered by MS.

    Hey - I may not be the biggest XBox fanboy - but healthy competition is necessary to give us what we want.
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  • frunk 14/04/2014


    To be honest - it is only £349 these days with Titanfall from Asda and now Amazon.

    That fact is not at all worrying! MS are not quietly dropping the price in the UK to stimulate demand. No siree! Not a chance! It is selling "just fine"! No problemo!

    I am still not gonna bite, yet. Needs some more games to make it worthwhile... and maybe see if those TV features work when they move out of beta.

    The fact is it will move formally to price parity with PS4 at E3 to a missive fanfare. In reality the price drop has already happened and MS just can't bring themselves to say it as it looks a little "desperate".

    Like last year - Sony will watch and then slip their own smaller price drop in too, just afterwards in their presser to just keep the "edge". The production cost of PS4 is far lower than the X1, so it would hurt them less. They only need to stay £30 or $50 cheaper to maintain the "better value" mindshare and with current volumes they could probably afford it.
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  • frunk 14/04/2014


    Just comes down to the 32MB of ESRAM. It's just a bottleneck that will favour resolutions just below 1080p.

    I am sure DX12 will provide some clever code to maximise it's usage and improve things a bit.

    But it really comes down to a poor design decision early on in the XB1 product development and the PS4 catching a lucky break on GDDR5 prices falling just in time for launch.
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  • "We have the ambition to build the best gaming console for fans"

  • frunk 10/04/2014

    In my younger years I had the ambition to be a Spaceman... then one day I realised I was a bit fat, not fast enough and had skills in all the wrong areas. I found I wasn't *best* at anything :(

    Killed those dreams... so I changed my ambition to do a reasonable job of things in life and watch TV. I realised I don't need to be best at anything to enjoy my life. :)

    My life bears no resemblance to any type of console! Nosireee!
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  • SOE's zombie apocalypse MMO H1Z1 has been detailed

  • frunk 10/04/2014

    Although I think the "H1Z1" name is reasonably witty, it's much easier to say "SonZ"
    Really? Like every effing Zombie game out there it will be the eternal argument of "you are saying it wrong"!

    F'ing ZEDs and ZEEs!

    "England and America are two countries separated by the same language" - George Bernard Shaw - 1942
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  • Forza 5 update adds Long Beach circuit for free

  • frunk 09/04/2014

    Free is a good price for tracks if you want a community to stay engaged. Nothing more annoying than a missing a track or "map pack" to spoil fun with your friends. Buying new cars is fair enough as long as they don't: unbalance the game by just being better, can actually be used without splashing more cash and are reasonable priced.

    I like this type of behaviour - it is the smarter end of DLC where you keep people coming back to the game and keep communities together. KZ: Shadowfall seems to have taken the same approach. Carry on...
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  • AMD Radeon R9 295X2 review

  • frunk 08/04/2014


    Ah-ha. No need for any AA! First good reason I have heard to justify 4K on a smaller screen. Still think the iPad/Phone is a bit different as you hold those things so close. I did get a white paper published on pixel densities. I still think 4K is overkill as I think 1080p and 2.5K may be "good enough", for anything less than 40" - will have to do the maths! Well simple arithmetic to be honest :)
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  • frunk 08/04/2014

    F'ing bargain compared to the price of a decent sized 4K screen to use it on... really - are those little 30" 4K screens worthwhile?

    4K deserves 80" plus... preferably far bigger! Considering this is close to 4 times the resolution of your local digital cinema I really can't get my head around those little screens :)
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  • Performance analysis: Titanfall on Xbox 360

  • frunk 08/04/2014

    But but this is an XB1 exclusive isn't it? Have some hackers ported it to the 360 via PC? Reply +5
  • $499 Virtuix Omni VR treadmill shipping September

  • frunk 08/04/2014


    Both pretty similar I imagine. But I have an understanding and supportive wife that says such lovely things as "I want to watch Masterchef, so fuck off and play games in the other room... just let me know if you want to play Zelda together"
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  • frunk 08/04/2014


    Probably a prototype Delta 6 or something. Also shipping soon after a successful Kickstarter campaign. And then you can always attach STEM sensors to a gun. Another successful Kickstarter by the folks behind the Razer Hydra but will be a while before it ships.

    Yup - I realise I spend too much time on Kickstarter and have inadvertently built myself a holodeck... but then again I think there are worse ways to waste money :)

    Around £1000 can get you all of this (Rift/Delta6/Omni/STEM). Alternatively around £1000 will get you an extra letter on the badge of your next car. Alternatively around £1000 will get you a 1/2 week holiday depending on your destination.

    I reality it is all pissing money away on something that will be worth a lot less in a year or two - It's just preference on how you spend your disposable income.
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  • What's next for Eve Valkyrie?

  • frunk 07/04/2014

    Hmmmm.. I was all for Eve Valkyrie when I thought it was a stand-alone game, but as soon as they mention it being part of the wider Eve universe and it may be a F2P model and similar to Dust then I begin to get a little anxious.

    In my eyes, Elite may be my VR space game of choice now. And once that settles on PC it will be a shoe in for PS4 and Morpheus.

    Peeps were worried that as soon as you put something like Elite on a console it has to be "dumbed down" to a joypad rather than a keyboard... but I hate to say it... as soon as you put on a VR headset - EVERYTHING needs to be dumbed down to a joypad/stick unless you want to get whacky with some 3D controls like Move or Hydra. Keyboards are just out the window.
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  • Looks like Google is planning an Android TV

  • frunk 07/04/2014

    Wow a small Android gamestick/microconsole with controller that plugs into the back of your telly! Cool! The market is desperate for something like this!

    BTW - Chromecast is a better direction Google... just keep evolving that - it is wonderfully cheap and does a bang up job!
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  • MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro with GTX 880M review

  • frunk 07/04/2014

    So quick query here.. in a whoorin' expensive laptop with dedicated display based on NVidia technology... where is G-sync?

    I see no mention of it. It was touted by Nvidia as the end of tearing... this seems the ideal environment for it. If I was paying £1799 for this I would expect it to be included.

    I guess you should wait for the next version of this laptop if you are serious about yer gaming.
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  • Titanfall on Xbox 360 will run at over 30fps

  • frunk 04/04/2014

    Stealth info... Wow - fancy MS not promoting their biggest game of their year on their biggest games platform with only 4 days to go. Microsoft is usually so "in your face" with marketing all the time...

    How on earth could that of happened!?
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  • Microsoft's Siri rival really is based on Cortana

  • frunk 03/04/2014

    looks out for you throughout the day, and helps filter out the noise so you can focus on what matters to you.
    Ahhh - commonly known as "user agents" - they were the next big thing on the web in about the year 2000... and since then....


    Thing is they didn't catch on - we all just got better at using search engines and made them all redundant :)
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  • Amazon reveals Fire TV set-top box and controller

  • frunk 02/04/2014

    New "console" launched... After 3 hours there are 61 comments... And 2 of those are spam!

    Kinda says it all really :)
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  • Microsoft: Twitch app boosted Xbox One usage

  • frunk 01/04/2014

    most ever for a Twitch console app in its first day.

    "it took another console a month to achieve what the Twitch app on Xbox One did within its first week"

    Gotta grab those amazing victory headlines wherever you can!

    PR bollox is PR bollox!
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  • Sackboy and Tearaway characters in Joe Danger 2 on Vita

  • frunk 01/04/2014

    Unnecessary - but not without a certain "buy me" charm. Reply -4
  • Oculus recruits Valve's Michael Abrash as chief scientist

  • frunk 28/03/2014


    With all this money, all these scientists, all these perfectionists a thousand new doors of opportunity have opened... how many will they look into? How long will this delay a product hitting the shelves?

    As an Oculus owner I personally preferred the plucky little start-up with a can-do attitude, repurposing existing technology to quite staggering results.

    I predict they will lose their way looking for the best experience and forget that the appetite is now and "good enough" is just fine. New technology is time consuming to develop and expensive.

    Oculus already have a track record for not delivering a consumer product as they chase a better experience... the extra money will just make this situation worse, not better!

    They have probably just gifted this race to Sony. By all accounts they are up to the challenge! Indeed they are ahead. Their headset is up to parity with Oculus with a quick swap of display and they have had the control aspect nailed for years. They also have the advantage of having the biggest line up of quality & creative 1st party developers going around just now.

    Oculus have one part of this puzzle nailed for now, they will have to burn through that 2 billion pretty damn fast to bring in the other aspects quickly. But they probably feel they need to improve the one bit they have working... more time & money down the pan!

    To answer my first query... When? Too late!
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  • Uncharted 4 director Justin Richmond leaves Naughty Dog for Riot Games

  • frunk 28/03/2014

    Hmmm... always a shame when high-end talent leave a studio.

    When more than one leave you start to get suspicious that things are not entirely right in the environment. Sure, it may be coincidence, but there is rarely smoke without fire.

    On the upside... a studio of that size can stand to loose some people. They have gained some real talent with folks like Corrinne Yu.

    People at the top leaving really is a double-edged sword. If the company and environment are fine and it is natural attrition then it is good as it gives a chance for internal talent to get promoted and a new generation feel empowered. A dead-mans shoes environment is not nice to work in as you feel limited by structure. However if the company is a negative place to work, then it can be the trickle before the flood.

    I guess we will find out over time. ND are at the top of their game, so the former is hopefully the likely reason... crosses fingers.
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  • FTL due next week on iPad for $10

  • frunk 28/03/2014

    Sweet... will buy again. Always thought a tablet was the natural home for this game. Reply +1
  • PS4 and Xbox One version of Strike Suit Zero out next month

  • frunk 27/03/2014

    Well as this has Rift support - it makes sense they will sign right up for the Project Morpheus dev kit. Space shooters liek this are designed for VR! Or vice-versa... can't work it out really.

    So that may be a decider in some people's decision making process.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. inFamous: Second Son

  • frunk 27/03/2014


    Yup - 3 paragraphs are set aside to attack the game - seemingly to balance the positivity of the technical accomplishment. In a technical article. I noticed that too but thought i was being paranoid :)

    Shrug... does seem weird.
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  • frunk 27/03/2014

    That's one detailed beanie.
    And at that point I squirted coffee down my nose. Not pleasant.

    That is one goddam detailed beanie! But do I have a crush on it as I did for Alyx Vance all those years ago?

    Hear that Valve ALL THOSE YEARS AGO!
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  • Cut the Rope dev hopes to cancel King's "candy" trademark

  • frunk 27/03/2014

    Yep, it's without doubt fictional money
    I like to think of myself as a fictional trillionaire. It helps pass the time.
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  • frunk 27/03/2014


    15% of £4 billion is a lot of money to lose in a day.
    Aye but was any of it REAL money in the first place - or the fever dream of the IPO firm launching them?

    It is all gambling on overblown paper fortunes, masquerading as legitimate business.
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  • CCP to stick with Oculus Rift for Eve: Valkyrie

  • frunk 26/03/2014

    And most importantly, why shouldn't medical science reap the benefits of what this tech offers? Eventually a NASA rover of some kind will map the Moon, or Mars, and we'll be able to explore them and maybe, just maybe, we could learn something from it.
    I believe this was indeed one of Sony's demos at GDC. They are working with NASA to allow walkalongs on Mars.
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  • frunk 26/03/2014

    Hmmm.. well they had no choice did they - they have a contract signed with Oculus. They gotta sound positive don't they.

    But it does look like the PS4 version of Minecraft will be the place to be if you like your world officially supported in VR.

    I already play Minecraft on the Rift - a "pretty well supported" mod does this already - although the Hydra controls do my head in!
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  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • frunk 26/03/2014

    Wow – this has been a major backlash. I can see why Oculus did it and I can see the thought behind Palmer’s responses. Yes, it is nice to have over a billion in the bank. That kind of cash does open a lot of doors. Yes it is must seem good for Oculus Rift. But once the hullaballoo has died down I think there are some rather harsh realities which will come to bite them.

    Backer Perception – Like it or not, this has gone from putting money behind a shared hope for the future to helping some people become billionaires. These original Dev Kit and Kickstarter backers are not just sources of seed money, but your most vocal and enthusiastic supporters willing to evangelise your product, ideas and hopes. In one fell swoop that has been killed. It is now Facebook’s problem to create this groundswell of enthusiasm. That is not easy. Notch’s backlash sums up a lot of other people’s feeling in this area. Some may say "small beans" and that it does not matter what a bunch of enthusiasts say... but these guys are all your early adopters and their word is quite powerful in any new technology endeavour. Apple is always glad it had their diehard fans on board to promote the early iPhone’s.

    Indie Perception
    – Two key things here. Indies will be the source of the majority of the innovation, new ideas and interesting game concepts to hit VR. Most successful modern indies come from a big developers – either forced by redundancy or wanting to get out of the express their own creativity. Indies are true underdogs and the culture of the underdog is to see other underdogs be successful. It is a natural and fantastic human trait; people are willing to go out of their way to help and support their peers. Valve was an underdog once, they are perceived as peer and there is still the firm connection to the indie community as they came from the same game development roots and got lucky in digital publishing. Ultimately most indies see Valve as “one of them” with a genuine, burning enthusiasm for games and not a faceless corporate identity. Your success as an indie contributes to their success as a distributor and vice-versa. Now compare that attitude to Facebook. If I was an indie do you really want to contribute to the success of Facebook? Facebook is a company that has had a passing, sometimes derisive view of games and gamers often viewing them as revenue streams and not a creative endeavour? If I was an indie I would certainly now be thinking about publishing my VR ideas firstly in Sony’s Project Morpheus. They may be a faceless corporation but they have been through some rough times and the perception is that they understand the value of games and gamers. And perception, right or wrong, is everything in this world.

    Change of Focus – With a billion in the bank surely Oculus’s motivations will change? Before there was huge pressure to get a consumer version out the door as they needed to get a product out there. Even then things have been late, very late. Delay after delay as they try and perfect their vision. With all the money behind them these “perfectionist habits” will not disappear, the opposite will happen; the financial pressure is off and the temptation will be to prefect it further. Is the influx of cash going to speed things up or in reality slow things down as they realise they can make a better product. It is big and complex problem; yes they can throw money at things now to get a solution, but that all takes time to organise and evolve. Now they have the luxury to look in 10 directions instead of being forced down one by necessity. Let’s face it Palmer and Carmack are not really known for accepting compromises or second best… or indeed delivering anything on time or budget.

    Patent Trolling – Suddenly your plucky little upstart with a load of ideas and a few patents to their name has a free massive legal department. Before the idea was to be “first to market” to win, now the doors open up to spoil other people’s chances to be successful. Now you can play the lawyer game and use this to stifle other people’s ideas, innovations and so on because most other people in the VR/AR space are plucky little underdogs too and a legal letter is enough to crush companies. They can’t even begin to think about a legal battle with a massive corporation, even if they are “in the right”. Certainly Oculus won’t want this to happen, but can they stop Facebook from doing it in order to protect their investment? Their shareholders will surely demand it!

    Then there are a variety of other more intangible issues that crop up. Sony’s stated desire to work with Oculus for a common good is probably interrupted. How will Valve react? Surely at the very least Facebook will look to start their own VR marketplace to monetise some of the software from Oculus. Then there is the general distrust for everything Facebook does which has caused the knee-jerk reactions from everyone in the first place.

    The problem is money and power does corrupt most people. They say it won’t change them, but it will in some way.
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  • Evolution founder forms new studio

  • frunk 26/03/2014

    Yeah - I hate to read redundancy news from the big studios & publishers. It sucks for most involved. But each one spurs on a new generation of indies, who are the ones that will come up with the new ideas and bring creativity back to the industry. So this churn is probably a better thing for us, and gives guys like this the opportunity to start and hire some solid talent.

    Good luck guys!
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  • Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

  • frunk 26/03/2014

    Morpheus it is, then!

    Anyone any idea how I can un-order my DK2? Anyone want a cheap DK1?
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  • The Forest priced and dated for Early Access

  • frunk 25/03/2014


    Yeah well - with it's Oculus focus it is a natural fit. It also looks like it is written in Unity... so another point in the "likely to be ported to PS4" camp for Morpheus. I imagine they signed up at GDC for a dev kit!
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  • frunk 25/03/2014

    Well they have my tenner after that trailer! Sweet!

    Now - why are people being a dick about our new member "boeso"... he added nothing to the discussion maybe but that is no reason to neg. Welcome aboard!
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  • UK chart: inFamous: Second Son dethrones Titanfall

  • frunk 24/03/2014


    People know that parity sits on the PS4 side of the fence. i.e. - the pattern of multiplat purchasing in the last generation.
    Now it's PS4 -> XB1 but equally well it should be 360 -> PS3... but previous gen did not figure in those MGS figures much.

    I still think it is more that MGS is regarded as a "Sony thing" and it tends to be Playstation peeps that buy into it, despite Konami making recent stuff multiplatfomr.

    I am hoping this is a "blip" rather than a trend for future games sales... what are all those 360 owners buying? Have all the prolific gamer buyers moved onto PS4/XB1, leaving the COD/FIFA community on 360?

    I am not trying to create a platform war here, just genuinely interested in the trends and types of gaming community that follow each console.

    I hope that the 360 folks are lapping up Dark Souls 2... but I think that is still too much of a niche game. Shrug - or perhaps they are awaiting Titanfall. Shrug.
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