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  • Face-Off: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • frunk 23/05/2015

    3 out of 3 Witcher articles today EG... Grats ;) Reply -34
  • Layoffs hit NaturalMotion's Oxford-based QA department

  • frunk 14/05/2015

    outsourced zero-hour contracts
    Ahh... Stay classy. No-one can complain. With the recent election result we can only presume more people want this type of business behaviour. Go, go, green and pleasant land to a golden future for those chosen few.
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  • Nintendo dates E3 Digital Event

  • frunk 14/05/2015

    Nothing Reggie does is funny... Er... Well except that. Well played Ninty. Reply 0
  • Lego Dimensions' Portal 2 and Doctor Who expansions confirmed

  • frunk 11/05/2015

    hope my 7 year old doesn't get wind of this
    YOU LIAR!!! Your 7 year old is a perfect excuse... "I am sorry dear but little (INSERT NAME HERE) forced me to buy them for me.. er... I mean him!"

    The perfect cover!

    Don't kid yourself it is a bad thing!
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  • Looks like there will be a Portal level pack for Lego Dimensions

  • frunk 05/05/2015

    I want to hate this money grabbing scam based on stupid toys... But I just can't quite bring myself to do it. So instead I will just hate myself for falling for this. Reply +6
  • Cloud gaming company OnLive shuts down this month

  • frunk 03/04/2015


    Except that any genuine solution in the future will have a highly distributed server network. Perhaps even down to some hardware at the end of the street. Difficult to predict at this stage.

    And then there is "spooky" quantum communication which would make cloud gaming work on the other side of the universe instantly.

    I think this is a canny move by Sony. There is an inevitability that cloud gaming is very relevant in the future.

    OnLive are classic startup hubris, where they introduce a good idea WAY to early... like 90's VR.

    Those patents however will be relevant for decades to Sony... they will be used to protect themselves in this space. And make a good wodge in licencing fees from the other players... Sony are more geared to that type of operation than the patent troll route. It is what they do with Blu-Ray, etc.

    [No physics was hurt in the making of this post.]
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  • The best and worst of April Fools' Day 2015 in gaming

  • frunk 01/04/2015

    But... but... what about Think Geek's new Steam Machine!

    And the other half dozen on their site...
    - "Bullet Time" Selfie Rig
    - EnCounter - Wearable Interactive Quest
    - Game of Thrones Clue
    - Power Wheels Desert Drifter
    - Hodor GPS

    Always worth a look... most are sheer genius.
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  • Sony hires unknown British writer for Metal Gear Solid movie

  • frunk 31/03/2015

    This is the movie industry... no doubt 15 writers and 6 directors are still to be involved before it is eventually canned. So don't lose hope! Reply +2
  • Halo 5 set for October 2015

  • frunk 30/03/2015

    I never realised Master Chief was so... er... "talky"

    Sigh... I dunno about these types of "who is the bad guy" type trailers... seriously... it does not take a PhD to work out who will be "in the right" at the end; the established character who you have played for 4 games or the... er... new one?!

    But on the up side... at least someone is staying on schedule... so far, at least! Just hope this means they deliver something solid and not a hurried bag of bolts.
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  • Headteachers threaten to report parents who let their children play 18-rated games

  • frunk 30/03/2015

    It is up to the parents...

    BUT parents need to be educated and responsible.

    So first port of call... shops enforce ratings. Use them to educate parents - including online retailers. Also make them aware of the content control on the f'ing console. Let's be honest - none of this is rocket science.

    And yeah... in extreme circumstances where sub-teens are playing 18 rated games, someone does need to be aware as the parents are probably being pretty irresponsible and will no doubt say - "we weren't aware" than take any responsibility. Yeah... those parents need a gentle kicking, followed by a savage one.
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  • Bloodborne review

  • frunk 27/03/2015

    Sounds like a fantastic game... which I will never play... coz I am pretty shit at games and I imagine this will just frustrate me. Shame - the whole aesthetic is something I would live to experience. Reply 0
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon World to upgrade game engine following negative reaction to trailer

  • frunk 23/03/2015

    Atari... Fuck em! They blew any remaining remaining credibility with Minter. Frankly they could send me a pound of gold and I would bin it assuming it is garbage. This game will end up the same way. Problem is Atari is not Atari and these days would not know a good game if it gave them a blow job.

    Course and inflammatory language?.. Yeah... But really fuck 'em. The modern "Atari" really only deserves contempt and this new game is hardly changing perceptions :)
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  • With the announcement of the NX, Nintendo admits defeat with the Wii U

  • frunk 18/03/2015

    I am doing my best for Nintendo... I have more physical discs for my Wii U than for my PS4 & XB1 combined... Smaller games & PS+ kinda ruins the "more games" angle :)

    There are more, better games on it than the other combined...

    But even I think they should kill it and move on. It has not captured the imagination of the wider crowd and a fresh start may help. Being a split console/mobile solution and probably being the most powerful console around for the next 3-4 years should give Nintendo mind share again.

    Bringing the power and chipset roughly in line with the "other pair" and making it easier to program will bring back the 3rd parties as they see it as an "easy port".
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  • Jeff Minter "beyond disgusted" with Atari over TxK block

  • frunk 18/03/2015

    Oh Atari... how far you have fallen!

    You seem to be trying to destroy the last thing that has any residual value... YOUR NAME!

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  • Here's a trailer for Adam Sandler's arcade game comedy Pixels

  • frunk 18/03/2015

    I am just doing to watch it for Peter Dinklage's mullet! Woah! EPIC! Reply +2
  • Social matchmaking service Overdog launches for Xbox One

  • frunk 17/03/2015

    Knowing your interests and friends means we will absolutely never sell your data to marketing companies or use it to target you with tailored advertising... no sireee!

    Now - tell me about yourself...
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  • Ori and the Blind Forest review

  • frunk 12/03/2015

    Sweet looking game.. a definite pick up Reply +3
  • Japanese beat 'em up Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson heads west

  • frunk 10/03/2015

    Is the male obsession with boobs the simple objectification of women to a single physical trait or the simple fact men are deeply flawed by being fixated by something that on every rational level is just a bit dumb.

    Who cares... I love bewbs! I kinda wish I wasn't quite so keen on them... but at the same time I kind of like it!

    EDIT: Hehe - I just looked at the video... even the Dragon has huge pendulous boobs. At this stage I think we are beyond any serious objectification of women and firmly in the objectification of breasts for their own sake. Milk lizards! Wow! I want one!
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  • Video: Keep the faith in Kickstarter

  • frunk 09/03/2015

    Ahhh... just as long as folks remember that you are not pre-ordering and there are risks.

    I have been burned about 3-4 times now depending how you look at it. After backing 80 projects that is not too bad I guess.

    Only back what you can afford to loose!
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with SteamVR and HTC Vive

  • frunk 05/03/2015

    Now PLEASE play nice folks.

    The last thing we need in PC space is a 3 or 4 way battle to VR supremacy. The market is small and fragile just now. Help developers keep everything compatible with all headsets and the variety of input hardware.

    Morpheus will probably be #1 just because of simplicity and lack of market fragmentation. BUT I want VR on my PC too... as that is the space of wonderful experimentation and higher end VR. Don't create turkeys and don't be dicks to one another!
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  • Rock Band 4 announced for PS4 and Xbox One

  • frunk 05/03/2015

    Old instruments... old music...

    DAY 1!
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  • Nvidia Shield: micro-console, set-top box or something more?

  • frunk 05/03/2015

    Interesting proposition.

    The Android TV & multiple gaming angles is a serious contender for the current crop of consoles and beats them fair and square on the media side. Sony need to get their finger out their ass and do something there.

    I would bite if... $200 included the controller and translated into something reasonable in 's. i.e. 150-170.
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  • Cross-buy and wireless Xbox One controller play coming to PC

  • frunk 05/03/2015

    So let me guess, you thank Sony still for all of the above? :\ Seems to be a common praise around these parts (EG), just sayin'.
    Nah I was just being facetious :)

    What I really believe:
    I do believe if MS had had some of the success they believed they would get for the XB1 they would have stayed the course. It is only because it went so erroneously wrong did they had to take a good long look at themselves.

    With the old guard out of the way Satya seemed to empower Phil into actually making substantial changes to correct course. For a company the size of MS to make these types of changes so fast... it really is hats off.

    I have worked in some large companies and the inertia on those places is stifling. So Satya Nadella deserves a lot of kudos for what he has achieved.

    But would they have changed so hard and so fast if Sony had not been there to kick them while they were down? I think not!

    Do you honestly think this newly humble Sony would be there if MS had not kicked them for their PS3 mis-steps.

    So long live competition for keeping all these companies on their toes.

    So in a way we have to thank Sony for these types of PC initiatives in the same way we have to thank MS for the PS4 (e.g.: laser focus on gaming, easy to develop for, open to more developers, integrated network features, etc... all owe a debt to Cerney and the 360).
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  • frunk 04/03/2015

    And this is why competition is good. If the XB1 had been a roaring success compared to the PS4, MS would have continued to piss all over the gaming credentials of the humble PC.

    All it took was Sony firing on all cylinders and a few colossal f'ups in the XBox Division to ensure the PC gets the support if finally deserves from MS!

    Thanks Sony, Thanks Don.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Sony's near-final Project Morpheus

  • frunk 04/03/2015


    So what kind of image quality is possible on a ps4 at 1080p and 120fps?
    Well designed ones aware of the hardware they are targeting.

    I think we have a good idea of the PS4's capabilities just now:

    Photorealism @ 1080p = 30Hz
    PS3/360 level graphics @ 1080p = 60Hz

    So 120Hz games are going to have to take art design into account and probably come up with some more abstract visuals rather than trying to chase "reality" - that will be the realm of the PS5.

    Indie games now are giving a good idea of exactly how you do this.

    That does not mean they cannot look gorgeous, just not realistic. Some examples: flat shaded cartoon worlds you can fully inhabit, horror games limited by darkness and fog, cool Indie design aesthetics like Volume, ever Alone and Journey.

    Also unlike most 30fps and many 60fps games, many of the underlying systems don't need to operate at 120fps. Decoupling some of the physics and AI processing from being tied to the frame rate will relieve a lot of stress.

    Sometimes the Advanced AI that operates in my head barely operates at higher than 2 fps :)
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  • frunk 04/03/2015


    You are absolutely right to point out the Move Nav controller for a joystick...

    And you are absolutely right for pointing out that this is "old school thinking". Recent First Person VR games have dropped the stick for moving in favour of a single button to move forward in the direction you are looking. It has been found to be a great way to stop you feeling ill. And it is quite obvious why...

    In real life it is very difficult to run one direction whist focussing all your attention in another. As humans we tend to be limited to a dive for cover, but even then we tend to be looking where we are diving, despite what the action films say.

    As VR is such an immersive environment designed to fool your brain into thinking it is reality, ANYTHING which is un-natural tends to be met with violent vomiting.

    So the natural interface may well be two Move controllers rather than a Move/Nav combo.

    Yeah it gets rid of key FPS gameplay elements that have existed from Quake days - circle strafe firing, etc... but that is the point. These are false "gamey" constructs brought about by the technology in your hand... two joysticks.

    But that is the point of VR - to bring about new types of gameplay experiences, not to replicate something else that works fine. VR will not kill FPS games, just as FPS games did not kill 2D sh'mups. Same idea, new medium, new gameplay opportunities.

    Roll on VR... and it looks like Sony have some killer kit here, near the top end of the specs being bandied about by all VR manufacturers - but also towing the line in what is possible in visuals with current gen hardware. Peeps can harp on about 4K per eye @ 150Hz, but we are 5 years from that tech.

    This is likely to be the most affordable VR kit available; for all those peeps complaining at the cost of a camera and 2 Move controllers in addition to Morpheus... you have to consider the alternatives on the PC... STEM, Omni, etc. Cough!

    It certainly looks like Sony is not throwing out something quick to win market share and ultimately disappoint.
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  • Valve's virtual reality headset is called Vive, made by HTC

  • frunk 02/03/2015


    Oi Frunk - you are an idiot,speaking bollox!

    The Resolution is 1080x1200 per eye, not 1920x1080 per eye. Can't you read you???!?!?!?!

    My 970 should be able to have that many pixels!


    Ahh sorry - you are right! I am an idiot. I misread it.

    Okay this Valve headset is probably pitched at the right level to be supported by current hardware for the next couple of years. Ignore all my posts above.

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  • frunk 02/03/2015

    hardly any high end PCs will have the specs to run vr but then follow up with how Morpheus
    4.6 Million pixels @ 90fps = ~415B px/sec


    2 Million pixels @ 60? fps = ~125B px/sec

    This headset requires more than 3 times the graphics grunt of the PS4 BEFORE you consider the losses through abstraction from he underlying hardware. So I would estimate you are looking at around 5 times the power... THAT is significant. That is expensive. That is "enthusiast" level hardware and not your average games machine.

    It is widely seen that you need 90hz
    90Hz is "good"... I hear 120Hz is ideal. But 75Hz is acceptable (as it all we have been exposed to so far) and I have certainly had no ill effects form it. In using the DK2 for hours I would actually be happier with more resolution in centre field than higher FPS. But other's may feel differently once they have been playing a few hours.

    I can only base my sentiment from prolonged personal experience using 3 headsets. Which is probably more than most peeps who have an opinion on VR.

    Personally I think 4K @ 120Hz would be close to perfection but cost effective hardware for that is about 5 years away. i.e. requires 8 times the grunt 1080p60 = 4.5 years according to Moore's Law :)

    And hardware to push 1080p60 in PC space is available for a reasonable cost now without hitting the high end gear.

    You also seem to assume every vr game would have to use the latest graphical techniques,
    I did not - in fact I went out of my way to suggest the best VR games will be built from the ground up to the medium and utilise an art style that does not need to use photorealistic GPU hungry techniques.

    Then I suggested that indies and console first party studios are the only ones likely to do this.

    Why - because no big 3rd party publisher is going to put serious money behind a VR exclusive until the market is there.

    1st party studios may do so in order to shift VR hardware and build a market share.

    On PC we will probably have to make do with AAA games being "retrofitted" for VR and therefore require these silly hardware requirements unless all the sliders are dropped heavily

    Which took me full circle to Morpheus probably being the best chance for MASS MARKET VR. Sony has the appetite to make this successful. They wish to carve out a new market for themselves away from MS & Nintendo. And more importantly they are the only company with a rich stable of games development studios that are currently working on VR titles.

    I am not some Sony fanboy, I am just trying to work out how the next 3-4 years will pan out.

    I will do what I always done and have a foot in every camp as I do have the luxury of being able to run some high end PC hardware and want to see where Sony and co are going to go next. And I actually believe in VR as it is so much fun to play with. But I am not mass market... I am enthusiast market... and we are small.
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  • frunk 02/03/2015

    Ohhhh... 90Hz and 1920x1200 PER eye - now that is a treat for the senses.

    Unfortunately with the sliders turned up a bit, it is beyond the reach of most gaming PC's (*)... sigh. Hopefully they can get some very efficient rendering code in there to support that second eye without a major hit on resources.

    * Before all the PC master-race people get all "nose out of joint" at my statement, take a deep breath. The NVidia 980 is about the only card that could consider 4K rendering at a frame-rate around HALF the target 90Hz. But then you yell... but 4K is a lot more pixels that this... and you would be right...almost double. But you are not just pushing extra pixels, you are having to run all the complex geometry twice too. So I imagine a 980 may be able to manage 60-70fps with the sliders turned up and 90fps with the quality options tweaked down a bit.

    Then with VR you have to wrestle with the fact that frame rate really needs to stay rock solid as screen tearing, or judder really is a vomit inducing experience. So tweak those sliders down a little more. A key advantage for console VR as this variable is a little more controllable as you can tweak the game to the known capabilities of the hardware.

    So when the 980 and supporting high-end hardware is a "maybe" candidate for this spec of VR I feel this supports my "beyond the reach of most gaming PC's" statement. VR headsets of this spec in consumer space are "enthusiast" only for the next year or two... it will be another 2-3 years before the spec to run them effectively on is widespread.

    Of course this is the current world where beautiful PC games are co-opted for VR use (Elite, etc). Where you get "current gen" games rendered as VR worlds. When specific VR games are created they can be a little more abstract and clever in their use of resources, eschewing photo-realism for a different (easier to render) artistic aesthetic. But then we are in the world of VR indies and console first party studios.

    As someone who owns several pretty high end gaming PC's (and VR headsets), I honestly think VR's best opportunity to be mass market is through consoles. Morpheus will be a good taster, but PS5 will be where is becomes truly mass market. Fixed hardware and first party studios to do the big "VR experiences" as needed. The PC market is, and always will be too fragmented for VR over he next 5 years... especially now we have 3 target platforms from Valve, Razer & Oculus giving more variability on top of already sandy foundations.
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  • Google-developed AI teaches itself to play retro games

  • frunk 26/02/2015


    It doesn't understand that it is doing anything. It is just maths.
    But when you get down to it are YOU really understanding what you are doing or convincing yourself of the fact through lots of complex maths?

    And how did it know this was a thing worth doing unless it had weighted values for certain goals?
    Just suppose it didn't. But it's whole world was the game - so it played... worked out cause and effect and tried to bring about that effect more efficiently as it "seemed" to be progressing something.

    Again - kinda what we do in any game... retro arcade games don't have "goals", just progression... did that stop you playing them, just to see if you could get further.

    How is it's "motivation" then any different from yours?

    A score is just a number... do you want to get a high score because you have a "weighted values for certain goals" by an external challenge from a friend. Or do you just play to play?

    I sometimes think humans assume we are more complex than we really are because we want to believe it. It may not be true... :)
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  • Fable Legends is free-to-play

  • frunk 26/02/2015

    Great news!!!!!

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  • Top factor driving PS4 purchases is "better resolution" - survey

  • frunk 26/02/2015


    Exactly who are the drones... the people buying the PS4 for a rather spurious "technical reason"... or those buying an XB1 out of Brand loyalty.

    You see... when you say "Drones" I think Brand is the blind choice made by people who have no other concept of games/value/fun/technology... i.e. fanboys.

    But I get the impression you think different.
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  • Video: The Best Sex I've Ever Had (In Games)

  • frunk 23/02/2015

    Yeah... I agree. Us humans are just very good at making simple things complicated and complicated things simple.

    The curse of the large brain.
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  • Guilty Gear Xrd review

  • frunk 20/02/2015


    You and I are probably at Divekick level... not the fancy Divekick on the consoles with characters and stuff, but the basic old one.

    I think it is great this genre has this complexity for these folks... it is what they enjoy. Untangling the complex interplay of attack and counter attack across a vast roster of characters.

    It is not as if us "idiot players" are not being catered for very well elsewhere. You just need to cast your definition of a fighting game a little wider. The purity & simplicity of one-on-one combat in SF2, MK1 I think lives on in games like Nidhog, #DARB, Towerfall and the Sportsfriends collection.

    I love gaming.
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  • frunk 20/02/2015


    THANKS! See comment above...
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  • frunk 20/02/2015



    Well - although I will probably never apply myself to the deeper intricacies of the fighting genre I appreciate your comments.

    Are all "fighting game" fans as pleasant and helpful as you two? If they are I may have stumbled across the most pleasant and helpful video game fans anywhere.

    Not a single negative vote on my slightly lighthearted comment. Instead I get a rush of people offering to open my eyes and help me understand the game properly!

    Have I hit a weird alternate dimension where fanboyism and dickishness have fizzled away?

    Do you guys have fan boy wars on Guilty Gears vs Street Fighter instead... so you nice to us outsiders and save your rage for "inside the clique" :)

    Even if the games seem unfathomable the fans certainly aren't. Thanks for a peek behind the curtain.
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  • frunk 19/02/2015

    Roman Cancels can now be triggered during any action...
    ...slows a foe down for a few frames too
    ...frame-perfect demands of False Roman Cancels...
    ...makes it possible to rebut projectile attacks...
    ...another leech on the tension meter.
    With a Danger Time state added as well, to resolve clashing hitboxes...
    And as you average dumb button masher this sounds all very impressive.... like reading a theory on quantum gravity or the "science" on a new shampoo bottle.

    Wow... just wow... kinda glad there are people in the world that understand this, but it kind of illustrates why I probably will never get this game! This is niche territory for genuinely skilled gamers and I am glad EG can cater to these folks. Me... not so much, but it does look pretty!
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  • Xbox One March system update adds screenshots, suggested friends

  • frunk 19/02/2015

    With those headline features they may as well have called this the "PS4 catchup update"...

    Now Sony... can we have the "XB1 catchup update" soon... you know the one with the promised pause/resume feature and some better media functionality.
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  • Torment: Tides of Numenera is still worth getting excited for

  • frunk 18/02/2015

    Great read. I love the variety of games these days. and this really looks like a seriously interesting game involving serious decisions and consequence across a grand scale. Reply +2
  • Housemarque testing Super Stardust Ultra for Morpheus VR

  • frunk 16/02/2015

    Oh man... in 3D Stardust takes on an amazing edge as you gaze over the world. In Morpheus this is going to be magnified as you gaze around the crazy overloaded 3D vista. Bring it on! Reply +11
  • Ready at Dawn responds to concern over The Order: 1886 campaign length

  • frunk 16/02/2015

    I would rather have 5-6 hours of diverse and fun gameplay than a longer game which has been drawn out just to tick boxes and fill hours. Obviously both is better but if forced into a choice I would take the former as time is more valuable for me.

    Does The Order game offer "diverse and fun gameplay" - I don't know and it is difficult to pre-judge so I will wait for the reviews.

    Have to say - I love short compact experiences and sprawling open-worlders in equal measure. Each is a palette cleanser for the other. I deliberately mix up my gameplay so I don't get bored.
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  • Rich Stanton on: Requiem for a dreamer

  • frunk 14/02/2015

    Brilliant article. Well balanced and accurately reflects my feelings.

    He is a difficult man to "hate" as few think he behaves maliciously.

    Your assertion that a 50 year old veteran of the industry can't feel bullied I think is wrong. I actually think he does feel it... but then again I think someone who is 50 and still making so many mistakes has perhaps not grown up as a person and in many respects is still a bit of a man-child who has difficulty maintaining the difference between possible and impossible.

    Overall the industry is better with than without him. His wild-eyed enthusiasm and naive view of what is possible is infectious. But hopefully these events will lead to a period of introspection where he comes out a better person and actually delivers on some of his glorious ambition. Or better still can pass his enthusiasm along to another generation who have the skills and wisdom to deliver them properly.

    We need people to reach for the stars, we also need people to get there ocassionally so as to not be dismissed as a fantasist.
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  • The Escapists review

  • frunk 12/02/2015


    I really believe we are! I think my original message undermined my real feelings on the issue in an attempt to have a "bit of a joke". I explained more later on in many replies! Oh well... It's still "just " positive :)
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  • frunk 12/02/2015

    you know the worst and most broken games are not even worth to review
    Aye you are right - porkface confirmed as much.
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  • frunk 12/02/2015

    Two tiers (Essential and Recommended) are probably not enough
    Yeah I see your point but then all you are doing is replacing a 1-10 scale with an occluded 1-5 scale and that is not what they are shooting for in the new system.

    The one liner at the top is better than any seal and would confirm the "Play this game if you like the genre" is a sentence.

    So happy enough for now... lets see how things resolve in the long term.

    With a curation approach in the lean months I hope around 50-60% of the reviews are recommended in some way. I think when it gets to blockbuster season where there are more "forced reviews" we will see a lot of blanks and the occasional "AVOID!"
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  • frunk 12/02/2015

    Keep track and report back in 12 months - this is definitely a small sample size and the recommended streak won't last!
    Phht - fine for folks that have the time. It was easy coz it was on 1 page :)

    I just hope games do keep skewing high... by EG curating their review targets AND by games actually being good! Win-win!
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  • frunk 12/02/2015


    Aye makes sense. You are not deliberately trying to review crap (why would you!) and this time of year is a good time to draw our attention to stuff that has been overlooked in the "bag game" rusk. Also not helped by the fact that Nintendo is on a roll!

    I was pulling yer leg a little with my comment.

    I think every game you have reviewed as "recommended" is actually worth playing. Just with this level of quality I will have to re-adjust my sights to only aim to play the "essential" as I don't have time in life for all the good stuff! Maybe come back later to play some of the others when they hit PSN+ or a Steam sale.

    So carry on as you are... curate away. With limited capability you need to pick the games you think are probably worthwhile and skew your scores upwards.

    Perhaps this could should have been mentioned in "we are dropping scores" or "lots of 8/10 is great for you!" articles.

    There was a day when sites tried to review everything, but with so many methods to market these days that is nigh on impossible unless you pay pennies/review. That in turn would diminish the overall writing quality on the site.

    So quality over quantity works for me in writing quality and reviews.

    Keep on trucking EG... you are a rare breed and I like having you about!
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  • frunk 12/02/2015

    Er... are we genuinely in a rich seam of amazing games this February or is the new rating system by EG broken?

    We now stand at:
    Essential: 1
    Recommended: 3
    Nothing: 0
    Avoid: 0

    I was under the impression the majority of games would have no seal of (dis)approval... yet we have had none since the new system started. Indeed you have to go back over a week to find something NOT recommended! :)

    I am a supporter of the new ratings... but...

    But then again February/March tend to be months the "interesting" games come out as opposed the usual pre-festive season "big names".

    So YAY for quality gaming, I guess! :)
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  • Daybreak Game Company, formerly SOE, lays off several staffers

  • frunk 12/02/2015

    Finance company takes over an artistic company... that ALWAYS works!

    Long term in "finance language" is really f-all for these types of games. You gotta feel sorry for them, but that's business. Well the horrible short-termism, narrow-minded, "shareholders are king" business practices we accept today as normal.

    Yeah businesses need to make money to stay in business, but this seems to be the only measure of a business when banks and the finance industry are running things. It used to be "make enough to get by" and:
    - support your local community with jobs and initiatives
    - contribute to a better world through fair taxes
    - provide an inspiration to employees & community
    - do cool stuff in a hope that it pays off in the end
    - sustainable and organic growth
    - fair terms & contracts for suppliers and customers
    - you know... basic business ethics where you see your place in a bigger picture

    But all of that is irrelevant these days - all ditched for the bottom line. FUCK 'EM!

    "Modern World" rant over!!
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • frunk 10/02/2015

    Two thumbs up from me!

    I bet EG were shitting themselves writing this article, not knowing what their readers would think; but hoping it would be positive.

    Vindicated in your decision!
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