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  • Ouya isn't honouring its funding commitments following Razer's acquisition - report

  • frunk 29/07/2015

    Good on Razer.. for not being dicks about this.

    Good on them for supporting these types of android consoles in general and just biasing peeps in favour of their own with free games.

    As a bit of a Razer fan (Keyboards, mice & my "pride and joy" Blade) this is a nice vindication of my spending. Ahhh... th4r Razer Blade... the only laptop that actually gets my Apple-fanboy friends a bit envious :)
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  • Razer acquires Ouya's software assets

  • frunk 28/07/2015

    My Ouya is still pulling sterling duty as an excellent Kodi media box! Reply +1
  • Bethesda literally cannot produce any more Pip-Boys

  • frunk 28/07/2015


    I am with you on the practicality angle - that is a big bulky thing. I however think it is an excellent idea, having that second screen experience on your wrist.

    I will be taking the 3.99 (including postage) more comfortable alternative...

    Yeah I know it does not have the "retro-charm"... but I am old enough and wise enough to take the cheaper more comfy alternative :)
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  • The Swindle review

  • frunk 27/07/2015

    - The Swindle, PS4, PS3, PS Vita Digital (Three Way Cross Buy)
    3 way cross buy, that is the way to make me buy it on the Sony platform. No silly exclusive content shenanigans... just an easy way to play a game like this anywhere.
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  • The strange joy of failure in Pandemic

  • frunk 27/07/2015

    Pandemic is a bastard hard game which is great to play but can feel a little sterile (he-he) and repetitive - even with the expansions. However you can't get away from the sheer genius of it's core design. So clever, so elegant... a master-class is how seemingly simple systems can combine in glorious complexity.

    If you folks like this type of co-op game I have to say that Dead of Winter is our favourite just now. A similar game in many ways, a little more complex but with a lot more character and variation. Instead of keeping viruses you keep zombies under control. I would say it is a near perfect mashup between City of Horrors and Pandemic. In City of Horrors you have multiple characters with "special abilities" are more about saving your skin, in Dead of Winter they are more like Pandemic's single character model of using them to help the group cause. It is also equally brutal, but the variance makes it more fun to replay. Pricey though!
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  • The secret lives of games

  • frunk 25/07/2015

    I know :)

    On the Amiga, just like now, you have comments all over the code, which are stripped by the compiler as they are irrelevant in the binary code.

    I deliberately put a load of ASCII data in the code so the comments survived the compilation.

    Don't worry - computers back then work the same as they do now... just a bit slower... okay a LOT slower :)
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  • frunk 25/07/2015

    Unless you deliberately put comments as straight data in the code to be discovered...

    Back in my Amiga coding days I used to leave stuff there for crackers to find... some to help, some to mislead... just a bit of fun.
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  • Open-ended puzzler Infinifactory is coming to PS4

  • frunk 25/07/2015

    Love the look of this game... looks like it does not force you to a single solution. I find games which only allow you to find the designers solution somewhat frustrating, even if you think you have a good logical solution which "should" work.

    I actually prefer my consoles over my PC for indie gaming as you know controls are well integrated to the controller. Also as the living room PC is VR friendly it is just plain noisy, despite water cooling and all efforts to slow fans. Also, on the big screen jumping between GOG Galaxy, Steam, Desura and standalones without having a mouse and keyboard handy is impossible, so you are scrambling for them in the dark. MS really missed a trick by not supporting their own controller on the Metro interface... that damn interface is perfectly designed for a controller! A dumb oversight!

    Just a shame that the XB1 seems to be suffering a bit in the indie stakes... probably due to that awful arrogant parity clause. Sony just seems to have greased the wheels and have a steady flow of excellent indies rolling in regularly. Granted they currently have less big 1st party games, but less huge games suit my situation just fine... I find it difficult to put the hours in. So while I spend 2-3 moths putting 100 hours into Witcher 3 - these are lovely palate cleansers.

    Lets hope old, dumb Microsoft is dead... Windows 10, Azure, killing mobiles, the brilliant Surface 3 and their efforts to fix the XB1 tends to suggest things are changing, all good signs! Now ditch messing with indies, so you can bring the single -console households (and dumbass Xbox fanboys) these treats!
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  • Puma is making official Metal Gear Solid 5 sneaking boots

  • frunk 23/07/2015

    How the feck do you get that much blood all over your boobs??

    Was she swimming in gore?!

    Stay classy...
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  • The Amiga 500 in pictures and videos

  • frunk 23/07/2015

    Copper message scroller eh? I hope you had that on a sine-wave!
    But of course! Both horizontally and vertically! Scientific calculator in hand to create a simple 8 bit sine lookup table!

    It did make it helluva difficult to read however!

    Sigh... nostalgia!
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  • frunk 23/07/2015


    That bouncing ball demo was such a CHEAT! Colour cycle to make the ball spin. Use the copper to change the screen offset to give the bounce illusion. Phht!

    Frunk: ex-Amiga games and demo coder and inventor of the first copper message scroller.
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  • It sounds like Xbox One will get mouse support

  • frunk 23/07/2015

    Hopefully this just means for the UI elements and for PC streaming. If it is "open season in all games" well you can kiss goodbye to competitive multi-player unless you keep the worlds separated. I doubt they MS want to do that, just when they have got the world to unify on a controller standard on PC too.

    Good to have a choice in supporting the underlying UI... but not so good elsewhere as it splits your gaming community.
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  • The re-engineering of Ethan Carter

  • frunk 23/07/2015




    Love you folks! I come on Eurogamer and "got me some of that edumacation!"

    Thanks for that! I have not coded games since the old 2D days (ahhh... 30th birthday of the Amiga!). So it is purely casual interest that keeps me up to date on the techniques used in 3D.

    As far as I see 3D programming has just been a never-ending series of tricks and hacks to give the illusion of reality when constrained by the power of the hardware.

    I bet a lot of coders look forward to the day when you just throw your lights, materials and geometry into hardware and out comes physics accurate, ray-traced realism. A couple of console generations I imagine...


    Then we enter a world of realism which is not always what we want. I like the fact that the limits imposed by hardware in any generation fuels artistic thinking and workarounds.

    Like here - we see the artists pushing coders into feeling "super filthy" to give the "look" they want.

    I love games and always will. They are a unique fusion of everything modern computing technology can muster when violently smooshed together with art.
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  • frunk 22/07/2015

    Sob... so I thought I was a pretty good techie with a handle of most of what DF talks about, but stuff like this...
    adding a forward, fake Phong specular highlight to emissive lighting
    left me realising I am no-where as clever as I want to be.

    Ego knocked into touch... thanks DF!
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  • The Town of Light is a first-person asylum game without jump scares

  • frunk 22/07/2015

    with Oculus Rift support
    Without jump scares this game may actually be playable on the device. Outright horror with all it's tropes is often too much for VR. *This* on the other hand seems a more palatable fit.
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  • Shenmue fan recreates the Hazuki Residence in Unreal Engine 4

  • frunk 22/07/2015

    Great CV... give him a job :) Reply 0
  • Star Citizen, feature creep and money

  • frunk 22/07/2015

    So investors are consumers?
    Ok. Explain this to me. Imagine you want to open a company and you seek investors since you alone can't get enough money to raise it. You pitch your idea and get the required funds to raise the company.
    Woah... steady there with your financial knowledge!!! I don't think you know what you are talking about. Here is a simple definition:

    Investor: hands money over to a company for a STAKE in the company. If the company profits, so do they. If it fails, so do they.

    Customer: hands over money to a company for goods and services

    Indeed crowd funding is banned from calling itself investment to avoid many of the legislation that exists to protect investors.

    On that we can probably add:

    Crowdfunding: hands over money to a company for potential goods and services. If the company is successful they get their good and services. If it fails, so do they.

    BIG difference! Careful with your advice... to quote:
    No wonder people make so many financial mistakes.

    And I am a believer in Crowdfunding... over 100 projects backed.... including this one. I know what I can afford to lose. I am a realist. I am a crowdfunding gambler. I am getting around a 90-95% return on my funding, so I don't begrudge the stuff I do lose out on as I never bet more than I can afford to lose.

    Talk in gambling terms not business terms. Otherwise you are kidding yourself as to what it really is.
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  • frunk 21/07/2015


    To be fair, you automatically get a level 90 character with the new expansion in WoW.
    You kinda missed my point... I said "at the beginning". Having a high level character with an expansion makes sense to you can play the content in the expansion... but this is like handing over some "end game" stuff as the game first starts.

    I hope what the rest of say is true. In which case I concede all my points and I may well involve myself in some of the wider universe shenanigans.

    So are you are seriously saying the content people are paying $1000's for is "not that special" and "not that high end"?

    In which case the funding model may not be broken but some of the people must be! Hell, I had more money than sense when I had a paper-round... these guys must be nuts!
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  • frunk 21/07/2015

    Hmmm.. well I backed this at the lowest amount. I have seen my shitty little ship... it looks fine. But probably pointless in the "Shared Universe". As a result I will probably play Squadron 42, then just ignore the rest of the game.

    I don't fault the man's ambition but I do feel the continual selling of bigger and bigger ships for silly money just undermines everyone else playing the MMO part of the game.

    i.e. Would you get the same engaged community with WoW if you could just buy 50th level characters at the beginning?

    Surely the point of a good MMO is the progression from nothing to something with the help of your friends. Which makes you think... if they are selling "end game" content to big investors... is there going to be any relevant content to everyone else? Is the grind going to be at all fun? How do you keep everyone happy.

    I don't feel a fool for my meagre investment... I will hopefully get a decent single player game out of it. But can't help feel that a lot of people are being taken for fools.

    Game of this size and scope is fine... but something about the funding just does not add up. There is no baseline. I predict a lot of people getting more pissed off as this farce continues.
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  • How's Xbox doing?

  • frunk 22/07/2015

    Good on 'em. Xbox has taken a hammerin' but still in rude health. It is what we want. The big 3 console players don't generally need "market parity" and it is not necessarily best for consumers either. Having a dominant force with some having less success is fine. However we need a healthy sense of "free market competition"... that we *do* benefit from. When companies learn and provide what the market wants they earn more success. When companies screw up - we can play favourites and change the leader. Keeps everyone on their toes!

    One thing that bothers me is language like this:
    stream all of their Xbox One games to Windows 10, and experience the best virtual reality platform given our partnership with Oculus Rift and Valve."
    Putting these things in such close context is almost misleading the VR capability of the XB1... which is for all intents and purposes is "zero". I have seen more than one news report in less specialist sites intimating that the Rift will work with the XB1.

    The whole mad playing a game on XB1 and streaming to a headset on a PC is not VR gaming... it's laggy, virtual big TV, headset gaming.

    It obfuscates the truth... MS is not playing the VR game just now. They are innovating in a different and equally interesting AR direction. Less useful for gaming but more useful for other stuff & probably more relevant to the future of MS and it's OS.

    I think we should demand simple transparency of language and intent... keep the bullshit and corporate doublespeak away. MS has been very guilty of this since the launch of the XB1... under Spencer they are improving fast but the deliberate occlusion still exists around things like "the parity clause" and XB1 VR.
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  • 15 games later, Rovio announces Angry Birds 2

  • frunk 16/07/2015

    It's more of the fault of the dreadful writing on Destiny, than Mr Dinklage's.
    I agree - he is a great actor... his was a dull performance caused by a totally crappy script & poor "character".

    Hmmm... however - lets not be too negative... lets give the Angry Bird movie a chance. Some convincing will need to take place. A LOT! :)
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  • frunk 16/07/2015

    voice talents of Peter Dinklage
    Ohhh - hopefully he will reprise his Destiny voice-over work... Angry Birds sure deserves that sort of quality!
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  • Godzilla review

  • frunk 16/07/2015

    Awwwwww... such a shame!! There is such a wonderful cheesiness to Godzilla, with a sprinkling of seriousness here and there to deserve serious attention. I so wanted this game to be good... "boring and repetitive" are the hallmarks of a stinker.

    It is all the worse for knowing that there *could* be a really good game if only they would spend a little money on it. The whole genre is ripe for video-game potential, yet all we see are cheap half attempts.
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  • Uncharted 4 pushes PS4 tech to the next level

  • frunk 16/07/2015

    Amazing to see her evolve through 4 games.
    Yeah, she has aged and yet still maintains exactly the same haircut. I feel there are some underlying self-image issues going on. She is trying to hold on to the youth of her past, when she should be confident enough to re-invent herself over time.

    I jest of course... in videogames everyone keeps the same haircut from game to game as it is the easiest way to recognise a character. But I think we are entering an age of graphic fidelity where people can look the same whilst evolving their own style as they pass through life. Hopefully Naughty Dog will be the sort of developer to catch on to this.

    I particularly like my mutton-chopped Geralt. He is still Geralt... but way more... er... Lemmy!
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  • Surprise! Prototype game bundle released for Xbox One today

  • frunk 14/07/2015


    Nicely defused! You just back from Iran?
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  • Galak-Z is heading to PS4 in August, Vita version canned

  • frunk 14/07/2015


    Stick by your guns... Galaxzed sounds fine!
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  • Konami scrubs Kojima's name from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain cover

  • frunk 14/07/2015


    Come on Sony give Hideo Kojima his own studio. That way,he can restart Silent Hills and release it on prodject Morpheus .
    Once no...
    Twice No...
    and Thrice NO!

    Who pays for all the washing for the soiled underwear? Who pays for the stress induces heart attack treatment and funerals?

    A proper horror game on VR... honestly that would be too much. Seriously! No!
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  • Tributes pour in for Nintendo's Satoru Iwata

  • frunk 13/07/2015


    Obviously, hearts go out to everyone who knew and loved him.
    And that is the sad thing... most of felt we "knew and loved him". Nintendo's games get under your skin in a way very few do.

    I spent most of my gamer life ignoring Nintendo until my wife sat me down and forced me to play the classics (Mario, Zelda, Pikmen and many more). That is when I understood what Nintendo was all about. That is when a "big faceless company run by corporate wage slaves" touched your heart and you realised that its gaming DNA runs deep.

    So yeah... once you actually play Nintendo games you feel you "know and love" the company and it's staff and you feel it kinda loves you back because it cared so deeply about its games and it valued your time as a customer.
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  • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passes away at 55

  • frunk 13/07/2015

    It is just very sad when someone who has brought so much happiness into your life passes away.

    If a measure of a person's life is the difference they have left on the world, few will have departed with such a positive balance.

    So long and thanks for everything.
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  • Microsoft to cut 7800 jobs as it restructures phone business

  • frunk 08/07/2015


    I understood the "business doublespeak" bit just fine...


    I have spent too long working in big companies. I need my brain resetting... To the alcohol cabinet!
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  • 18 minutes of No Man's Sky footage shows off what you actually do

  • frunk 08/07/2015


    Well we know everyone "shares" the same universe - finds the same thing in the same place... so they can name creatures for others players to see, etc. That certainly suggests they have not thrown in a random element.
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  • frunk 07/07/2015

    Nggggggggg! Don't want to read... but must read. Stop... no don't read

    Sounds like you may kinda "know" from other posts ere.

    My guess was purely a guess. Kinda cool it may be close... but... ngggggg!
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  • frunk 07/07/2015

    What is at the centre of the galaxy in NMS?

    Easy to work out!

    The entire game is generated from a single seed.. yes? All gamers have the same seed so their galaxy is identical... yes?

    So at the centre is a piece of technology that allows you to travel between galaxies. That is when the scale of the game really hits as you zoom out of the galactic map and into the "universal map" which shows the galaxy you have been playing in all the time is in fact just one galaxy in a universe which is on the same scale as a star in the galaxy you have just been playing for the last 6 months.

    i.e. exactly like our actual universe! i.e. current reasonable estimates show that there are around 300 billion stars in our galaxy... and probably 300 billion galaxies in the universe. Well that is convenient!

    Simple to do... you just apply the same procedural generation a single step in the opposite direction. A whole new galaxy only needs a single seed number, which can be generated from another seed which distributes galaxies in the universe rather than stars in the galaxy.

    Now THAT is a big game!

    Sorry if I have ruined the secret in the game... total guesswork on what could be cool. But you see Sean's desire to show people a sense of scale and base it in reality which suggests this is a way it will go. In a procedural game it is almost a trivial task, yet awe inspiring, a good surprise and talking point. :)
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  • Peter Moore recounts $1.15bn Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death saga

  • frunk 02/07/2015

    360 RROD cost $1.15bn to save the Xbox brand...
    Wonder how much was spent on the XB1 announcement conference to wreck the Xbox brand? Bet it was cheaper!

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  • Gothic/Risen dev reveals "edgy" new post-apoc open-world RPG ELEX

  • frunk 02/07/2015

    Ohh... it's learn a new word day!

    xenial (comparative more xenial, superlative most xenial)
    1.Hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreigners.
    2.Of the relation between a host and guest; friendly.

    Dunno about you but I don't think many post apocalyptic worlds are "Hospitable to Strangers"... shrug!
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  • Minecraft console version update adds stained glass, trapdoors

  • frunk 02/07/2015


    Agreed - Microsoft & Nintendo are almost becoming positively enlightened these days.

    You do get the impression that success breeds hubris and that arrogance leads to customer hostile policies.

    Its almost as if these companies have been "shown a lesson" in the free market.

    Nice to see every player taking a knock back to earth every now and again. Long may we switch sides to support those deserving than slavishly following a brand... eh, fanboys!
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  • frunk 30/06/2015

    Good to see MS not being cocks about Minecraft content after their buyout. Hopefully the industry will mature enough that everyone behaves like this at all times. Next up exclusive DLC please... Platform, retailer... Who cares... Kill it! Reply +8
  • These are the sorts of questions Nintendo gets asked by shareholders

  • frunk 02/07/2015

    Aren't you glad your financial future is largely managed by these switched on and intelligent investors? Reply +16
  • AMD Radeon R9 Fury X review

  • frunk 25/06/2015

    Need a row in that 4K test for Batman: Arkham Knight

    Just for comedy value!
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  • Video: ABZ is a Journey under the sea

  • frunk 25/06/2015

    Cough... VR... Cough...

    Does seem made for it! Slow moving with an emphasis on SCALE.

    It would be a different game... not a straight port... but I would love to immerse myself in that world for a bit!
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  • Oculus Touch is the gold standard in VR control

  • frunk 24/06/2015

    Those are the controllers we are needing for VR.

    But I think for most people's baby steps into VR those cheapo Move wands will do the trick. I hope Sony realise their whole solution is not gold standard and price it low enough to give peeps their first taste of proper VR.

    I think by the time we hit 2nd gen VR, Touch will be ubiquitous and the developers will have got to grips with it.

    But I just hope and pray that in PC space we don't get too fragmented in their quest for a VR input. Unfortunately it looks like each player is trying to differentiate their VR setup with input methods...

    In a fledgling VR space, with no PC product properly launched yet, we already have:
    - 360 controller
    - XB1 controller
    - Flight sticks
    - Razer Hydra
    - the HTC Vive stuff
    - Oculus Touch
    - STEM
    - Kinect 1 & 2
    - StarVR's crazy guns
    and more, all being actively used now!

    Ultimately this is "not a good thing" as how do developers create a solid game experience that can cope with a variety of control methods.. it's KB, KB+Mouse, Joystick, Joypad all over again... this mess only "worked" when MS rolled up with the 360 controller at a reasonable price and allowed peeps to standardise in PC space.

    A game can't be written that works well with all of them. You have to take different UI approach for each input mechanism - even more so in VR than in the old days.

    Again this is where Sony may gain an advantage as they can force standards on a closed platform... we can hope Move2 on the PS5 learns from these advancements over their own old tech.
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  • PlayStation "new home of Call of Duty", Black Ops 3 DLC headed to PS4 first

  • frunk 22/06/2015

    I think even the majority of the mainstream are thinking it's time for something different to take it's place this gen.
    Like Gears or Halo... also both looking a bit stale and yawn inducing in the MS conference. Can't see anything that would appeal to the shooter crowd incoming from anyone. Maybe SW:BF will interest them, but maybe regarded as a bit "for kids" by the pretend adults that populate CoD servers.

    Unfortunately CoD is still relevant to a lot of gamers... not me... but there are are millions of pure CoD/FIFA machines out there who are looking to buy a new gen console in the next year or so... so it WILL make a difference. Dull fuckers!

    But this tired old timed exclusive shit has to stop... Sony has unfortunately picked up that sad, sorry mantle from MS and is running with it. Just stop!
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  • This week's free Witcher 3 DLC is...

  • frunk 22/06/2015

    I refuse to play a game that does not charge me stupid money for Horse Armour! Reply +2
  • The E3 Bulletin: Thursday

  • frunk 18/06/2015

    able to play Super Meat Boy on Oculus Rift via Microsoft's odd Oculus partnership.
    The whole concept was covered by the "VR is relevant to the XB1, honest" thing Kudo said in the MS conference. It is a surprisingly deep array of smoke and mirrors that is totally pointless. So pointless and so stupid... why did they even mention it?!

    So in the example above - you can play an emulated game with added input lag in 2D on a VR/PC combo that costs well in excess of 1000.

    Why? Just what is the point? It seems you loose lots (resolution, accuracy, cash) and gain nothing except a really dumb justification for a purchase.

    If I am going to spend that cash on a VR setup (which I have and will continue to do) - I will want it to play VR games... not as an alternative laggy 2D TV screen!
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  • Harmonix Music VR coming to Project Morpheus

  • frunk 18/06/2015


    Hey Jeff tried to invent this genre 30 years ago. I coded a "sound to light" program on my CPC464 after being inspired by Jeff... it was easier in those days when most PC's had a "Tape input" socket :)

    But the Yak is the godfather of the light synthesiser.
    Psychedelia, Colourspace, Trip-a-tron, VLM & Neon.

    A VR version is the natural evolution of this drug enhancement experience.
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  • frunk 18/06/2015

    They need to get Jeff Minter in as a "creative consultant" on this... Reply +6
  • Kickstarter campaign launches for Shenmue 3

  • frunk 17/06/2015

    And there goes $3,000,000

    Only 30 days to go! I reckon they will bag between 15 & 20 million... once Sony matches it I think that is enough to get a good start.
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  • Nintendo's painful metamorphosis leaves fans reeling

  • frunk 17/06/2015

    Nintendo were slammed against the wall and raped. It is not their fault. I think the problem came from fan expectations being massively out of line with what they can deliver at this time.

    People were coming off the back of the "Sony fan service event" where they seemingly made every dream come true short of HL3 appearing.

    How can you follow that?

    When Nintendo are busy in Kyoto trying to transition between their own generations and asking people to dance to their own timeline of smaller, more intimate events... coming after the TLG, Shenmue 3 & FF7 "holy triumvirate" is an IMPOSSIBLE call.

    The problem is Nintendo make amazing games which are steeped in history and nostalgia. On this one occasion Sony ate their lunch.

    Nintendo fans (like me!) need to get a grip and chill!
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  • Video: Xbox One Backward Compatibility - How does it work?

  • frunk 17/06/2015


    The Cell is a bigger issue but that is not Sony's strategy. They are backing PS Now for backward compatibility... any efforts to engineer another solution is robbing themselves. All Sony really need to sort out is a reasonable pricing structure... perhaps eventually allowing you to free stream any PS3 disc you have in the drive.

    But the CPU in the 360 is quote tricky too... 3 cores running very different microcode, faster that any single core in the XB1. This is a difficult technical challenge for MS... but looks like they did it.

    Rather than the chips I think the ease for MS has been their API layers. Sony tend to allow "coding to the metal". This type of emulation is very hard... the XB1 would probably NOT be capable of emulating the 360 via hardware emulation. Instead I imagine they are recompiling native x86 code to a fresh set of 360 API & libraries and coded for the XB1. This is simpler... not a simple wrapper... but a wrapper & recompile.

    However having ALL 360 games emulated is till a fantasy for several reasons.
    - some of the later 360 games may have done some low level stuff that will not emulate well
    - many publishers may not want their games in the library either because they plan a remaster later on or feel their IP has a value they wish to protect.

    All those 360 owners looking for a reason to get an XB1 upgrade may get the push they need from this announcement. But the value of this feature is severely diminished this long into the life-cycle. Having this as a launch feature is a clincher. Just a bit late!
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  • Microsoft E3 2015 conference live report

  • frunk 15/06/2015

    Rare was the disappointment... but we could say that was expcted too... Reply +1