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  • Why Dwarf Fortress started killing cats

  • frightlever 13/04/2017

    @Bratterz Johnny's cooking videos are about the only ones with any traction on your Youtube channel.

    Maybe cook a cat.
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  • Watch: Johnny cooks monster lasagna from Don't Starve

  • frightlever 12/04/2017

    If you're going to go rogue with the layering order why not just cook the pasta sheets in a pot and serve it, the sauces and some Parmesan in separate bowls and let people assemble it themselves willy-nilly?

    Ragu then pasta sheet then white sauce, repeat a couple of times then pile cheese on and top with sliced tomatoes and a little flag.

    EDIT: I've just Googled to make sure I'm not wrong and my order is the traditional order but thinking about it, Johnny's order does get around the problem of layering the ragu on top of white sauce on hard pasta sheets, which inevitably just smears the white sauce about. I may have to adjust my worldview. I see no one else doing it this way, and yet... it kind of makes sense.
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  • Thimbleweed Park review

  • frightlever 31/03/2017

    Yeah... I remember those games from yore and that interface is going to give me nightmares. You couldn't pay me to play one of those old school PnC games now.

    I don't even get why you'd have options for open/close/pick-up etc. when "use" seems to cover all that in context. I'm looking at him play the game and literally select "Look at" to look at things instead of just hovering the mouse over them. I am perplexed why people want to do this. It's not like there's a shortage of PnC games these days.

    At some point is there going to be a resurgence of FPS games without Mouselook?

    Also, the Leseter Dent "Master Plot": - very similar to the movie blockbuster template used these days.

    No idea why anyone is complaining about how the review was written. Compared to Ellie it's Tolstoy.
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  • Jelly Deals: Digital PC games discounted all over the place today

  • frightlever 28/03/2017

    Steam had a Metro Redux bundle with the two games at the weekend for a fiver, which isn't a great deal of help to anyone unless you've a time machine. But then you'd have time machine money and- wait, I feel like I've been here before... Reply +8
  • Just Cause dev's theHunter coming to consoles this year

  • frightlever 28/03/2017

    I really want a good game like this but put off by the Steam forum - yeah, I should know better.

    These days I mainly play Skyrim as a hunting game. I tried one of those Cabela Safari game demos and it was a bit much. I think I got eaten by an elephant or something. Not really the experience I was going for.
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  • Comic Relief's doing a 12-hour gaming marathon

  • frightlever 17/03/2017

    9am to 9pm on a Friday? Maybe they should have run noon to midnight. Reply +4
  • Costume Quest TV series to launch on Amazon in 2018

  • frightlever 13/02/2017

    Adventure Time has had an incredible run, so high hopes for this. Also, Bravest Warriors was great. Reply 0
  • Valve is making three "full" VR games

  • frightlever 10/02/2017

    There's still not an incredibly compelling reason for people to spend 20 hours a day in VR
    I don't think I've spent 20 hours total using my Vive since I got it last November. And I love VR, but we really need better, wireless hardware.
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  • Conan Exiles recoups development costs in a week on Steam Early Access

  • frightlever 10/02/2017

    Guess they didn't cock this one up.

    Does this use that weird directional combat thing that the Conan MMORPG had?
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  • Fighting game community in a flap over Killer Instinct teabagging ban

  • frightlever 24/01/2017

    You can gain a cunning psychological advantage by stabbing your opponent in the face. They'll ban that next. Reply -1
  • Game based on Warhammer 40,000's Necromunda announced

  • frightlever 18/01/2017

    @djarcas "No reports on the Dark Future game that came out in December?"

    I did a Google, and it looks like nothing much is happening. Definitely wasn't released, well not that I can see.

    Necromunda is basically the SF version of Mordheim, right? I assume they'll more or less just re-skin the existing game. Still, could be interesting.
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  • Alien: Covenant is getting its own VR game

  • frightlever 04/01/2017

    @ocelotr "I personally will never play such game on VR because i don't want to die bz heartattack, but it can be the "DEFINITIVE" Alien game."

    Having used my Vive for a while now, I've pretty much done every stupid thing you see on Youtube, including trying to lean on things that aren't actually there.

    The trouble with some of the spooky games is that when you're shocked or surprised you're more likely to lose your grasp on your real location, and where the cables are. Simply falling over is a big issue.
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  • Steam's Winter Sale is now live

  • frightlever 23/12/2016

    @Brainflowers Still worth it. Literally choked down a tear at one point. To be clear, not MY tear. It's also just a really beautifully put together game. If you get it, play with a controller. You can play with keyboard but it's not worth the hassle.

    @CaptainKid the Social Club version is regularly about 18 on Amazon for a download code. I'm not sure why anyone would want the Steam version (Workshop?) as you still need to register a Social Club account to play.
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  • frightlever 22/12/2016

    Life is Strange, complete for 3.99

    Steamworld Heist for 7.49 with discounted hats to boot.

    Aarklash Legacy is 1.49 - this is a Fantasy Mercenary Squad tactical game from a few years ago that was on the fence at the time, but for that price I jumped at it.

    Elegy for a Dead World is 2.49 - this is an arty writing prompt game... thing. I dunno, search for it on Steam and see what you think. Definitely different.
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  • The Eurogamer Podcast #24 - Time Commanders and the joy of Christmas

  • frightlever 20/12/2016

    @challenge_hanukkah "Are we going to get to see you in an episode?"

    He applied but played up the video game journalist aspect, which is clearly not what they want for the show. He'd have been better off claiming to have a team of dental hygienists who want to... get their teeth into it.
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  • frightlever 20/12/2016

    Which is also the problem with trying to go mainstream with a general gaming podcast. I listened to the stuff about Time Commanders, listened for a bit about Steep, then started skipping forward in the recording because it wasn't personally interesting to me.

    I would suggest that the number of people prepared to spend an hour listening to content about games for systems they don't own and genres they don't play, is going to be fairly small. Giant Bomb seems to have the most popular video game podcast on iTunes, but how many listeners is that really?

    The only video game "podcast" (they're a radio show!) I listen to regularly is One Life Left and that barely qualifies, as while the hosts are pretty funny they don't actually seem to be all that clued-in about current games, apart from Pokemon Go.
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  • frightlever 20/12/2016

    I'm pro-Wallace now after the second episode of Time Commanders. He's genuinely enthusiastic. To be honest I was only hesitant because I have a daytime BBC on in the background most days and he seems to be all over it.

    Re: Video games as a niche.

    (a) I don't think Time Commanders is a video game show to most people. There's no reference to the game or Creative Assembly or Sega, even in the credits - or not obvious enough for me to spot them. It's just a show using computer animation to portray the battles. They seem to go out of their way to NOT focus on the game-y aspects of it.

    (b) Half of the population regularly plays video games, but they're all playing DIFFERENT video games, so even though video gaming, as a hobby, is super mainstream, the individual games are going to appear niche to the players who aren't playing them. I've been saying for ages that lumping all video games and video game experiences together under one umbrella, and expecting everyone to get along is nuts. It's like assuming that someone will be interested in lawnmowers or mopeds just because they're into cars and they all have engines.
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  • Time Commanders is back on the telly, tonight at 9pm

  • frightlever 13/12/2016

    @HENGTEK-gaming "It's a person who's done a gender change. She used to be a talking head on the series 'Battleplan' and worked as a military advisor at Sandhurst. IIRC, her original first name was Aaron, or something, before the change."

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  • Ubisoft executives fined €1.2m for alleged insider trading

  • frightlever 11/12/2016

    Also, Billions is a really good show if this sort of thing interests you. Reply +1
  • frightlever 11/12/2016

    @adornedatom "Surely it would be better just to ban people from owning shares in companies that they are directly affiliated, because if you own something that you know is going to lose its value then the only logical response is to it out while you can."

    You're touching on some very important subjects and ones which have led to the catastrophic multiplication of management remuneration in large corporations, but it's also something relevant to tech start-ups. Corps pay senior management with stock options (ie the ability to buy shares at a discounted price), and many tech start-ups attract staff with shareholder incentives and stock options. It's part and parcel of the modern corporate world because there are enormous tax advantages.

    So, given that management and staff with shares in their own company are heavily incentivised to make it a success, you're unlikely to ever see that situation being banned.

    The problem with insider trading is that if you no in advance a share is going to go up or down, before it's common knowledge, or have privileged information which is not common knowledge and which is likely to affect a share's price, then you can't act on it.

    If you sell a share knowing full well that the next day the value will drop because of a game release delay or poor sales figures, then you've effectively cheated whoever bought your shares.

    The reality is you're more likely to predict bad news by looking at a share price, because the information leaks like a sieve HOWEVER it's next to impossible to prove that some fund manager was tipped off, whereas it's pretty easy to monitor directors' share dealing as they explicitly have to be made public by the company.
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  • frightlever 11/12/2016

    You don't get fined for allegedly doing something. You get fined when it's determined you did do something wrong. Now, there's the possibility that those findings will be over-turned on appeal (they probably won't) and if that happens then they're vindicated, but right now they've been fined for insider trading, not for alleged insider trading. Jesus. Do you not learn this sort of thing at journalism school? Reply +3
  • Dean Hall reveals "hard truth of VR development", announces new VR game

  • frightlever 08/12/2016

    @MilkYMoO "VR for the masses arrives next year and best of all you don't need an expensive or powerful pc to use it. I won't need to upgrade my pc, Woohoo!."

    Conspicuously absent from that article is any mention of games or gaming. I'm all for cheaper headsets, but by next year the next iteration of the Rift and Vive (and others probably) will be cheaper, but the PC required to actually power a game is going to be exactly the same as it is now, if not higher, because that's how gaming tends to work.

    To the PC the headsets just appear as a really, really big screen with lots of pixels at a very high refresh rate. There's no magic that's going to make a high fidelity VR game run on low power hardware no matter ho clever the headset is.

    I imagine Microsoft have their own idea what these headsets will be for, and are pitching the spec based on that, eg VR/3D movie viewers and similar, according to the article - so at best a cheap VR porn viewer. Really it's just a spoiling exercise, like announcing Scorpio a year and a half early to try and kill PS4 Pro sales.
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  • One Night Stand is suitably awkward

  • frightlever 08/12/2016

    @_TheDarkSide_ "My last one night stand was 15 years ago.
    .. She's still in my house."

    You have a basement?
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  • The bizarre drink driving Dead Rising 4 tweet

  • frightlever 05/12/2016

    Surely there'll be Dead Rising 4 in heaven. Reply 0
  • Now it's backwards compatible, here are Oblivion's best moments

  • frightlever 02/12/2016

    Oblivion had most of my favourite, and most memorable, Elder Scrolls quests, but it's not a game I have any interest in going back to. You'd lost levitate, which made exploring so interesting in Morrowind, the combat was as bad or worse than Morrowind and the portals, dear god the portals... what a grind. Reply +7
  • The man who dared call educational Minecraft a "gimmick"

  • frightlever 01/12/2016

    I guess Minecraft would be fine once the basics are covered. Sure, maths, English, bit of history, bit of geography, a language (preferably Chinese so kids can talk to their bosses in the future), but I'd rather see practical lessons on money management (even for Primary age kids), Internet security and running a house right the way through from about 10 to 18, to really drum it home. Using Minecraft to teach history seems like a stretch when you could be using an insurance agreement to teach Maths. Oh, and get the kids to perform janitorial duties, the way they do in Japan. Reply -3
  • Ubisoft's VR line-up will support cross-platform play

  • frightlever 30/11/2016

    This'll work until Microsoft release a VR accessory for the Scorpion, because you know they won't open up the Xbox network to outsiders - and it's players who'll suffer, left with a smaller pool to play in. Reply -2
  • No Man's Sky's long-awaited update brings its galaxy back to life

  • frightlever 29/11/2016

    Can you individually invert mouse and gamepad controls yet? Reply +2
  • Islands: Non-Places review

  • frightlever 28/11/2016

    Right, read the article now. I think describing an interactive picture book (akin to a modern pop-up book) as transgressive, rather misuses the term. It's only a transgressive game, in the sense that it isn't a game, and I don't understand why folk have to keep shoehorning this sort of experience into that label. It's as if you can't just like something for what it is, but you feel the need to JUSTIFY it to a wider audience.

    If I watch a movie on my computer, it isn't a game, just because I have the choice of pausing it. If I choose to play a drinking game while watching a movie, does that make the movie a game? The game can't exist without the movie, but the movie is a movie, it isn't a game. (This isn't relevant to the discussion, it's just a notion that occurred to me.)

    "Toy" would be a better description, but I suppose even that carries its own connotations.
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  • frightlever 28/11/2016

    @el_pollo_diablo I looked up Nicolas Winding Refn and discovered that in his latest project, Les Italians, "Taking place during World War II, an Italian salesman is forced to choose between fighting for his country or fighting for Harambe."

    IMDB is user-edited, right? Right?
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  • Fallout 4 one year on

  • frightlever 24/11/2016

    New Vegas outsold FO3 (which is no real surprise), but FO4 is on track to outsell New Vegas, so no matter how much some people will complain, there's no incentive for Bethesda to listen to the people complaining about changes, and how FO4 is RPG-lite, when it's sold so well.

    Personally, I haven't really liked any of the modern Fallouts all that much, but I played FO4 for a LOT longer than FO3 or NV before getting sick of it, so I guess the changes have worked for me. Meanwhile, I've probably played more hours of Morrowind than all the Fallouts put together.
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  • Steam users have already declared the winner in the great coaster sim war

  • frightlever 18/11/2016

    Hopefully Planet Coast will get a VR mode sometime in the future.

    RCTW does seem to have out-sold it so far, and both are only around the 100k mark on Steam, which I find quite surprising.
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  • Epic Games founder protects 7000 acres of US wilderness via $15m donation

  • frightlever 09/11/2016

    To be fair, that leggy snake thing needs to die. Reply -5
  • A new Metro game has been teased for next year

  • frightlever 09/11/2016

    Preferred the books cos they were a lot less scary than the games. Reply +2
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon free on PC for a month

  • frightlever 03/11/2016

    @Eregian "Games in this promotion will be free for all eternity once you sign up during the periode mentioned above."

    Or until Ubisoft shutters uPlay, or an OS upgrade renders it unplayable. But yeah, virtually eternity.

    @wyp1000 AVAILABLE for free until Dec 6th. So long as you grab it before then it stays in your library. For almost eternity.
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  • Swery65 retires from Access Games, the studio he co-founded

  • frightlever 02/11/2016

    Not a tattoo.

    Also, FWIW, reactive hypoglycemia is often code for pancreatic cancer so he may be getting surgery. If that was the case full recovery would be likely. Hypoglycemia isn't an illness, per se, it's a symptom. Usually the cause would be diabetes, but reactive hypoglycemia specifically refers to low blood sugar that ISN'T caused by diabetes.

    Whatever it is I hope he gets well soon.

    Still, not a tattoo.
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  • Deadly Premonition director Swery65 has the most amazing tattoo

  • frightlever 28/10/2016

    That's not actually a tattoo is it? When it says it was painted on, that's literally true, right? I mean, it LOOKS painted on but everyone is talking like it was an actual tattoo (which would take years to get done - well... many sessions over many months at best). Reply +7
  • What Skyrim had that Fallout 4 lost

  • frightlever 27/10/2016

    @dflynnigan "The point is, in each of those previous fallout games you could also play a miscellaneous criminal - if you wanted. You still got to choose who you were before the game started."

    Only through your Perk selection - which I will concede, though it was essentially fluff, but FO4 gives you a blank slate. Ex-military and a dad describes everyone from MacArthur to Noriega. It's such a bland backstory (akin to "tribesperson", "vault dweller" or "courier") it's virtually invisible. It's not at odds with the games that preceded it.

    And in FO4 you can play however you want for the most part. There's no good or bad way to play. It just seems most people didn't dig very far.

    My gripe is that Fallout and the Elder Scrolls games have ALWAYS been different. In one you have a backstory right from the off and THAT backstory (tribesman, vault dweller) is woven into the main story, whereas in the ES games you are a blank slate wandering into a story that doesn't reference your personal backstory (which only exists in the player's head).

    The article is basically saying why wasn't FO4 more like an Elder Scrolls game. Some people are like, yeah, why not? Other people are, yeah, FO4 is nothing like the original FO. They're agreeing with something which is incorrect, and they don't see it.

    They're reading the words and making up a backstory for the article in their heads.

    I dunno. I just find it interesting.

    EDIT: I will say this, I do wish you could eradicate the Minutemen as an option in FO4. Previous Bethesda games allowed you to kill NPCs, on the understanding that having done so you'd never finish the main quest. I would have loved that as an option (maybe after deciding on a different faction) just so I could crucify Preston.
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  • frightlever 27/10/2016

    See, this is why people scare me. They read something they agree with so they approve of it, despite it being incorrect.

    In Fallout you were the vault dweller sent out to recover a water chip - a mission which you could fail.

    In Fallout 2 you were the Chosen One, sent out by your tribe to save the village.

    In Fallout 3 you were the Lone Wanderer searching for his father.

    In New Vegas you were a courier (called The Courier... I dunno...) who was trying to track down the people that tried to murder them.

    In Fallout 4 you were also looking for a family member, but spoilers, so mumble, mumble, as it's still relatively new.

    The Elder Scrolls games? You're a miscellaneous criminal, go nuts. Every one of them.
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  • frightlever 27/10/2016


    Skywind (the Morrowind remake) in the Skyrim SPecial Edition:
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  • frightlever 27/10/2016

    Elder Scrolls games always let you play a mysterious man with no name and no past, while the Fallout games always gave your character a backstory, so huh?

    Combat in FO4 was better than in FO3 or NV. But I got bored of it after about a hundred hours. 330 hours in Skyrim and I will probably be playing the Remastered version tonight. To be fair, I never was a HUGE fan of any of the earlier Fallout Games, apart from Fallout Tactics which I know isn't canon but I loved it.
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  • GAME charges people to try PlayStation VR in its shops

  • frightlever 24/10/2016

    @JesseDeya All those stipulations are probably to make it easier for Game staff to swipe your wallet. Reply +2
  • Inside PlayStation 4 Pro: How Sony made the first 4K games console

  • frightlever 21/10/2016

    BTW, Sony have a patent on their checkerboard rendering technique, in case anyone is wondering why other companies aren't doing this. I anticipate more Lawyers rolling around in swimming pools full of money as other companies develop their own techniques. Reply +1
  • NX is now Nintendo Switch, a portable console with detachable controllers

  • frightlever 20/10/2016

    Is that Skyrim running natively or does this thing act like a Steam Link? There's no technical reason it couldn't as it's basically an Android tablet, right? Reply 0
  • Lethal VR is the next game from the creators of Burnout

  • frightlever 20/10/2016

    @sizu_sizu PSVR is estimated to sell about 2.5 million units by Xmas. They've already sold "many hundreds of thousands" according to Sony - which has to be at least half a million. Reply +8
  • frightlever 20/10/2016

    Looks like it'd be fun for an afternoon.

    But, that's how it is.

    When CD-ROM first became popular on PC, everyone thought that interactive movies would be the future of gaming. It took a while for that to settle down and use all that storage for something apart from FMV.

    You've got to wade through a lot of 7th Guests to get to a Witness, or something. VR will be the same.
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  • Rick and Morty co-creator's first VR game is out now, for free

  • frightlever 19/10/2016

    @Jyden "The Body VR is an educational virtual reality experience that takes the user inside the human body."

    If they tacked "for the first time" on to that description, that'd be a pretty sweet virginity slam.
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  • Candy Crush live-action game show coming to the US

  • frightlever 19/10/2016

    I like how physical game shows have come back into fashion. It's nice that people who would normally be laying on a sofa, balancing a curry on their belly while watching Eastenders, are now getting the opportunity to do something which'll raise their pulse.

    The international version of It's a Knockout is probably due a reboot, now that the idea of European harmony is on the way out. We can get back to laughing at foreigners in giant costumes being knocked over by high pressure water hoses.
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  • Valve refutes gambling commission's accusations of illegal activity

  • frightlever 19/10/2016

    @I_Am_CatButler "the value of Sterling isn't tied to anything"

    Tied to an anvil right now, amirite?

    Too soon?
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  • frightlever 19/10/2016

    Someone got an intern to find out why new, young gamblers weren't lining up to play the slots at the reservation Casinos and discovered CS:GO gambling sites. This got escalated to a sit-down with a local political representative at a titty bar, leading to some behind doors head-scratching about what was to be done to keep the lobbyist money flowing. The result being some meaningless press release to show that "something" was being done, when really, nothing was being done. Reply 0