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  • Here's how much Overwatch's microtransactions cost in the UK

  • frightlever 24/05/2016

    @Blastiel "Some games simply do not need them and in turn suffer for it when they do. Best example is Star Wars Battlefront, an unfinished content bare 55 title that wanted 40 for a Season Pass. This game sold 14 million copies, it didn't need an additional revenue so all it has done by imposing a season pass is split the user-base and make matchmaking difficult."

    If you sell 14 million copies of a game and can persuade 5% of owners to pay an extra fifty or sixty quid a year in microtransactions, you're going to be doing better than many AAA games from that alone.

    Look at GTA online. People are paying for this stuff, and even though it's a small percentage of overall players, it's significant enough that it's going to impact AAA development for the foreseeable future.

    Honestly, you may as well get used to it.
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  • The Doom movie missed the point - but so did most rival games

  • frightlever 20/05/2016

    It was a decent flick, and I liked some of the nods to the game.

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  • How Thimbleweed Park recreates the glory days of graphic adventure games

  • frightlever 16/05/2016

    I tried to play the re-mastered Grim Fandango and gave up on it, as I just wasn't enjoying it.

    I played those games at the time because they were all there was. Things have moved on. If there's some massive underswell of nostalgia, fair enough, but I just don't get being retro for the sake of it.
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  • Watch: The first hour of Homefront: The Revolution

  • frightlever 10/05/2016

    Jesus, that's making me feel seasick. Reply +5
  • Stellaris Review

  • frightlever 10/05/2016

    @Skirlasvoud Gal Civ 2 was from Stardock, and arguably the last good game they made. Reply 0
  • Offworld Trading Company review

  • frightlever 06/05/2016

    I come from a background in which there is an inherent guilt associated with wealth. Not one of radical communism or fierce anarchy, but that quietly parochial English shame which afflicts all matters pecuniary.
    Coming, as you do, from a nation of shop-keepers, what the fuck are you talking about?

    The only people who should feel guilty about money, are the ones who have too much of it because of their nefarious tax avoidance schemes. Not managing money well is not something that typically afflicts the poor - they manage it like bosses.
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  • Windows 10 will cost $119 after July

  • frightlever 05/05/2016

    @Binba442 "Someone convince me to go from 8 to 10?"

    10 is more like 7 than 8. No reason to stay on 8. Upgrading from 7 is a much more difficult call.
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  • Total War: Warhammer will have official mod support

  • frightlever 05/05/2016

    Every Total War since MTW has had "official" mod support. It's just gotten increasingly complicated to do it, and what you can actually mod has become more and more restrictive with each game. Reply +2
  • The Star Wars Day game sales and promotions

  • frightlever 04/05/2016

    Not to mention the Princess Leia cosplay on MFC. Reply +1
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 announced

  • frightlever 03/05/2016

    @ihnm_aims Oh! Thanks for the clarification. Reply +1
  • frightlever 03/05/2016

    Relic's DoW CGI trailers have always been great.

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  • frightlever 03/05/2016

    @Bludsh0t "I would really like a turn based 40k game"

    Probably not what you had in mind though...
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  • NX won't be sold at a loss

  • frightlever 02/05/2016

    Has Nintendo ever consciously sold hardware at a loss? Exchange rate fluctuations aside. Reply +23
  • Space Hulk: Deathwing actually looks really good

  • frightlever 29/04/2016

    You play as a Librarian alongside either AI squadmates or fellow players.
    But then you take off your glasses and let down your hair, and by God you're BEAUTIFUL...
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  • YouTubers will soon receive money raised during Content ID disputes

  • frightlever 29/04/2016

    Jim Sterling's videos don't HAVE ads. That's his thing. His trick is to make it so NO-ONE can monetise them. It's not relevant to this, separate, issue. Still clever. Reply +1
  • Smite streamer leaves Hi-Rez after controversial comments about suicide

  • frightlever 20/04/2016

    Sounds like he has his own issues regarding suicide, otherwise why react so strongly, and yet the majority of comments here constitute a remorseless, judgemental scrum. Reply +1
  • DayZ creator launches Vive-exclusive strategy shooter on Early Access

  • frightlever 16/04/2016

    @melonfarmer "Shouldn't he finish dayz first?"

    Dean Hall left Bohemia, who owns the property, ages ago.

    I don't really understand the anger towards him. Nobody ever changed jobs before a project was finished before? He was supposed to hang around in a work environment he didn't want to be in, for several years?
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  • Humble Telltale Bundle offers 12 games for $12

  • frightlever 13/04/2016

    @MenuSourceAuto "I've never played any of the Telltale stuff, are they good? I have literally no idea what they are about."

    The early games up until The Walking Dead are for adventure game purists. I'm pretty sure if you haven't played them yet, you aren't going to like them.

    The Walking Dead is great, the 400 Days expansion even better IMO, the sequel kinda crap. Wolf is good, Borderland is good, apparently - not played it. GoT has had middling reviews and Minecraft Story Mode, which isn't in the bundle, has been slated so far.

    I'd go in at the $1 level, try the Walking Dead - if you like it you'll probably be good to go for the $8, $12 if you're a big GoT fan.

    You'll never play Puzzle Agent, Sam N Max or the Poker Night games, or if you do it won't be for long. The Back to the Future game is an April Fool's and never actually existed.

    The Walking Dead and subsequent games, are basically pick your adventure games with decisions to make and very simple puzzles. The interface is pretty janky and the series relies on a bunch of irritating QTE, which can be mitigated if you can program a key to do it for you. TWD and the sequel involves a bunch of scenes with a little girl, so if you're a parent consider that a trigger warning - people will scoff at this but I think it's warranted.
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  • The end of Nintendo's weird GamePad era

  • frightlever 13/04/2016

    A happy footnote, however, is that Sony has recently realised the asymmetry put forward by the likes of Nintendo Land is the perfect fit for the second, social screen in its PlayStation VR set-up - the Wii U's legacy endures, if not in the most obvious of places.
    Asymmetrical viewpoints in games? Thank God for Nintendo. Also, what's the time Mr Wolf? I've scheduled a game of Blind Man's Buff for later but, as the kid's say, I better pin the tail to my donkey if I'm... sigh.

    @Yogafire I find the Wii U controller unusable for any length of time. It's an abomination. Pro Controller is fine, but that big lump of original controller is the least ergonomic controller since the pack-in with the original Atari VCS.
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  • Total War: Warhammer future DLC plans include free new race

  • frightlever 12/04/2016

    @GamesConnoisseur Total War games were always 24.99 back then. I checked my pre-orders on Amazon and that's what I paid for Rome and Medieval 2.

    Each game would have a single expansion pack with an all new campaign map and gameplay mechanic for 15.00.

    Typical cost of buying a TW game, and every DLC on day one is a couple hundred quid now.
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  • frightlever 12/04/2016

    I'm still waiting on the GOTY for Attila - not that they do GOTY any more, but they'll do a bundle on Steam sometime with all the content but it'll still be about twenty quid.

    For that matter I never picked up Fall of the Samurai either and I used to buy TW games day one.

    But, I can see them milking this for years. I mean this is the first of a projected trilogy of standalone titles, IIRC, plus all the DLC for each of them, and I wouldn't be surprised if you were expected to buy the same race several times to use in each game.
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  • Rust and Garry's Mod studio releases Vive game Chunks

  • frightlever 12/04/2016

    @ChromeMud "Screamride does this so much better..."

    Which headset is Screamride on? I only see an Xbox version. Is it on PS4 as well? So maybe PSVR support.
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  • frightlever 12/04/2016

    "and there's a bizarre emphasis on building and riding rollercoasters - why not?"

    I spend most of my time in Google Cardboard trying out different rollercoaster apps. If this leads to a constant stream of VR rollercoasters then I'm all for it.
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  • Automata Empires: An RTS based on Conway's Game of Life

  • frightlever 12/04/2016

    @StooMonster "Loved Conway's Game of Life when I first saw it in the 70s; was my first intro into the world of complexity theory, and eventual reading of works from Santa Fe Institute."

    And yet here you are wasting your time on a video game site with the rest of us dumb cunts.
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  • Telltale to publish open-world survival game 7 Days to Die on consoles

  • frightlever 08/04/2016

    @George-Roper "It's the best mp/coop horror survival game on the market, hands down. No other games exists that's offers the same fundamental gameplay features that this does."

    I've been playing since early alpha, on and very much off. It's Minecraft meets Dayz, basically. Except Arma 2 and 3 mods are basically doing this already, leaving 7DtD and Dayz in their dust, and with far more realism. I think 7DtD has 8 players max per server, whereas something like Exile on Arma 3 (which I don't think has zombies) has max 60 players per server.

    7 Days was fun near the start but releases have been up and down like a tart's knickers. The current release is one of the better ones, but the game is NOWHERE near ready for primetime, just because they've added a starting tutorial questline.

    I've had hours of fun out of it already, from the early days, so for me it's just a bonus if it ever gets polished. but I wouldn't recommend it to a new buyer in its current state.

    Their biggest problem is that they're so tied to the name of the game. ie every 7 days a zombie hoard appears and attacks your base, or wherever you happen to be. That's kinda immersion breaking, but it's the core gameplay mechanic.

    Given the severe server limitations they should have made it more single player focussed and given it an over-arching questline. The game is just too identikit to appeal to MP much. ie there's one of each type of gun, very little variety in biomes and construction assets - which is where it looks most like Minecraft. One town looks exactly like another. Give it a twenty hour campaign and people would be pretty happy with it, I think, but not many people are going to want to spend hundreds of hours "surviving" with a few other people in an environment that stretches to infinity, all the same after you've experienced each biome once.
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  • Hardcore Henry review

  • frightlever 07/04/2016

    So, one to watch in a VR headset then. Reply +39
  • Introducing procedurally-generated co-op survival sim The Wild Eight

  • frightlever 06/04/2016

    @Bilstar From the KS blurb:

    "Survive and explore the forest side by side with other players or go solo. Cooperation is the right way to face this harsh world that is, until a psycho is revealed to be part of the group! Will he or she go for the prize... or taste human flesh?"

    You really need to dig to find it. Most games that rely upon having a traitor in your midst (as opposed to MP games where every other player is suspect) usually only last about twenty minutes, eg The Ship. Having 8 particular players, one of whom is a traitor, commit to playing a longterm survival game seems like a stretch. But who knows.
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  • HTC Vive's European launch is a mess

  • frightlever 06/04/2016

    @peterfll "One consolation is that you are very well protected (in the UK at least) when you pay for any goods using a credit card."

    That would apply, except the problem seems to be getting them to successfully charge your card in the first place.
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  • Quantum Break makes pirates wear an eye-patch

  • frightlever 06/04/2016

    I checked Steam and as far as I can see this game does not even exist. Reply +2
  • Overwatch's Tracer has a new pose

  • frightlever 06/04/2016


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  • Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop DLC out next week

  • frightlever 05/04/2016

    Virtual dog-fights. Oh, joy. Reply -3
  • Uncharted 4 makes a move for the open, but at what cost?

  • frightlever 04/04/2016

    Have I, up until now, completely misunderstood the term "drifting"? Reply +4
  • Someone's trying to fund Life is Strange 2 via Kickstarter

  • frightlever 04/04/2016

    I hate musical mini-games - I'm completely tone deaf. Guess I won't be backing this. Reply +1
  • Modder fixes Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • frightlever 04/04/2016

    @connerbeckingsale "All that work and he won't get a penny yet most developers have the balls to ask for microtransactions in full priced games."

    People will actually consider buying it now. He's probably sold tens of thousands of extra copies for them, particularly next time there's a sale.
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  • Griefers or saviours? The Elite Dangerous players causing a rift in space

  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    @Gammerz Yeah, I would agree with that. you should have one identity per account that group officers can see and ban if necessary. Reply +1
  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    @NefariousBIG Would you say that a PvE group should be allowed to have a tick box option during group creation forbidding PvP damage? Reply +1
  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    @NefariousBIG "The purpose of the group was for people who didn't want to PvP to have a place where they could do that freely, SDC lied about their intentions specifically so they could sabotage that environment, for no good reason."

    Look, try to remember we're merely disagreeing about something. It's not personal. You seem to be acting quite agressively towards me, when I'm doing no more than offer an informed opinion. That's not very civil, is it? And yet, I'm not crying for your head.

    SDC may have lied, they may have laid in wait, like snakes in the grass, but it wasn't dishonest in a legal sense, and it wasn't against the EULA, because, as I keep trying to make clear, the EULA allows it. If the EULA allows it the complaint should be with Frontier's EULA not with the players complying with it.
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  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    @NefariousBIG Finally. Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

    EDIT: Let's make an example to clarify my point, since it seems to be a case of shoot the messenger. If you play a MMORPG and opt yo play on a PvE server, generally you aren't obliged to sign a declaration in blood that you won't attack other players, while still being able to in game. They just stop you attacking other players. It can't be done. If Frontier wants to potentially cripple their game, they could bake that into the code. Join a PvE group and neither your ship or your armaments can hurt other players... but I don't think they want to do that.
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  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    @mattshark There are no private servers in Elite Dangerous, only private groups. Everyone plays on the same server, and in the same galaxy. Reply +1
  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    @mattshark I think you're seeing an interpretation of what Frontier have said, which, again, I do not agree with.

    It would be very easy for them to explicitly add to an updated EULA that contravening group bylaws would earn a ban - but Frontier haven't done that.

    Look, there's no point you and I arguing about this. You should take the matter up with Frontier because, as I explained, they currently don't recognise the bylaws of any private groups, and never have. They've made a game, and let the players play it. If they want to affect player behaviour they need to make it very clear, and ideally build mechanisms into the game itself to enforce this behaviour.

    Nothing to stop a fleet af Thargoids appearing and blasting "wrong-doers". Yes, that would be immersion-breaking, but not more immersion-breaking than imposing arbitrary rules on to a player that aren't implicitly recognised by the game.

    TLDR Frontier are the bad guys here, from your point of view.

    Also, they did join the group honestly, insofar as there is no rule stopping them joining the group with the intention of playing however they please. Again, that needs to be in the EULA and enforceable.
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  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    @mattshark "So we should just ignore people trying to ruin a game for others? Just let them get on with it?"

    No point trying to change people who have no vested interest in helping you. Only way to change things is if Frontier changes how they run the game. These guys are literally doing nothing wrong according to the EULA. Change the EULA or make the "harassment" clearer. I don't think what they're doing is harassment. You do. Only way to resolve that is to clarify the EULA.

    Understand, I'm not encouraging this behaviour. I don't play multiplayer games, in general, because people are hell. But a lot of people like to play with other people, so this happens.
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  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    @The_KFD_Case "Litmus test for (often bored/insecure/mentally-unstabl-individuals-in-their-regular-lives) internet trolls, "tough guys", various assortment of sociopathic-behaviour embracing chumps: Would you do the same thing/something similar in real life where you face real consequences? If the answer is "No" or "Probably not", then there you go: don't do it."

    If they're sociopaths then the answer will always be yes. In general trolls are not sociopaths, they're usually narcissists.

    Not to say some aren't sociopaths, but then they'd push you into traffic if you were doing a fun run for charity as well.
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  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    "Why is there a solo?" Alberts asks. "Why are there private groups? Why can Mobius pull 20,000 people out of open play and into this private group and actually affect the game we're still playing all in open, where we're not scared of being blown up?"

    As I understand it, MOST players either play solo or in private groups/only with friends, so he has a point. It's like they should have had an offline only solo mode, or something.

    I don't see much point complaining about harassment or whatever, when it's baked into the game. You can have a private group, with group rules, administered by group officers, but it's not sanctioned by Frontier.
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  • Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear is out now

  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    It's DLC to the EE edition which is obviously required to play (only a few quid on Steam right now) and which is only a couple of years old. In case anyone was excitedly dusting off their six CD edition. Reply +7
  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture confirmed for PC

  • frightlever 01/04/2016

    @Rogueywon I think it was this:
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  • Adr1ft review

  • frightlever 31/03/2016

    @Eaton_Corvinus "Is there any meaning to the number 1 in the title that I'm not getting or is it just there to "look cooler"?"

    I think the number 1 is because you'd piss yourself if you got stranded in space.
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  • frightlever 31/03/2016

    Sidebar maybe needs rolled into the body text or high-lighted better. I kinda tune out the sidebar but it's quite important here. Reply +18
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda marketing survey leaks

  • frightlever 30/03/2016

    previous leaks have suggested humans are going to be joined in Andromeda by many of the other Milky Way races - krogan, salarian, turian, asari
    Well that's good, it wouldn't feel realistic otherwise.
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  • Two Worlds 3 officially announced for 2019

  • frightlever 29/03/2016

    I actually played Two Worlds 2 and Divinity 2 virtually back to back, and have a hard time remembering which bits were in which. Pretty sure the bits where I was a dragon were in Divinity 2.

    While the Gothic games are great, they were technically flawed on release. The original Gothic needs an HD remake with a sane control scheme. That game had atmosphere in spades.

    Anyway, I re-installed TW2 last night, to have a look at the DLC, and was reminded of the retarded DRM scheme, where you have to input codes and wait for activation etc. Apparently when they remaster the game they're going to be removing the cumbersome activation requirement.

    So, if you do bite on the cheap bundle and activate the game and DLC on Steam, you still have to activate them with, I think, Topware. First time you run the game you'll be asked to enter the main game code (right click the game in Steam to reveal the codes and copy to clipboard, main game first and you can ctrl-V it). Select Internet activation - you have to enter name and email address, but to be honest I think I messed up my email address but it made no difference. Your mileage may vary. Then exit and re-start the game and it'll ask you for the DLC code. It's a pain but then you have 60 or 70 hours of RPG to tool around with, with one of the better spell-crafting and weapon-crafting systems.

    Go here for bonuscodes you can enter on the ESCAPE screen during gameplay. The PS3/360 codes seem to work on the PC version as well. They're mostly mid-level items and not remotely essential.

    Ignore the stuff about using console commands, just hit escape, in game, and there's an option right there to "Enter Bonuscode".
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  • frightlever 28/03/2016

    Two Worlds II is currently 1.50 on Bundlestars, in a bundle with the original, the second game's DLC, Gorky Park, Enclave and Septera Core.
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