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  • Does resolution really matter?

  • frazzl 28/02/2015

    I am going to be negged for saying this but I think the difference between 60 fps and 30 fps is far more noticeable than the difference between 720p and 1080p when it comes to gameplay. Reply +4
  • Leonard Nimoy passes away at 83

  • frazzl 28/02/2015

    RIP Nimoy :( Reply +1
  • Future Assassin's Creed games will have "more robust modern day" than Unity

  • frazzl 28/02/2015

    @kongzi Dying Light is a lot of fun :) Reply +1
  • frazzl 27/02/2015

    @kongzi Well....if they implemented parkour into WD perhaps... Reply -1
  • frazzl 27/02/2015

    I personally would love to see an entirely modern day Assassin's Creed. Reply +3
  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2 might yet be great, but the episodic structure does it no favours

  • frazzl 27/02/2015

    @FELIXjk007 Square Enix? Really? WTF mate?! Reply 0
  • frazzl 27/02/2015

    I got the Season Pass for the digital version for NZD 35. It came with the 2 bonus episodes and the ability to use Hunk in Raid mode. According to NZ game retailers the disc version will retail at around NZD99 (WTF!) and the only extras it comes with is a "Raid Mode Throwback Map Pack" and Wesker in Raid mode. For nearly triple the price!! Fuck that. I am glad I went digital. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 2 trailer points to future horrors

  • frazzl 27/02/2015

    Finished Barry's and Natalia's mission tonight and enjoyed it even more than I did Claire's and Moira's. A perfect couple of nights of gaming. Looking forward to Episode 2. Reply +1
  • Fable Legends is free-to-play

  • frazzl 26/02/2015

    I wasn't going to get the game in the first place so now that it is F2P, I'll give it a go. Reply +30
  • Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is a standalone expansion

  • frazzl 26/02/2015

    Awesome :D Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Resident Evil Revelations 2

  • frazzl 26/02/2015

    I really enjoyed Claire's/Moira's mission in Episode 1. That coupled with a few rounds of Raid mode made a perfect evening's gaming session. I reckon this episodic thing was a good idea. Reply +1
  • Top-down shooter LA Cops booked for Xbox One in March

  • frazzl 26/02/2015

    Looks like a blast (pardon the terrible pun) :) Reply 0
  • Battlefield Hardline's EA Access trial detailed

  • frazzl 26/02/2015

    10 hours should be enough to complete the single player campaign :D Reply +1
  • See an hour of Yakuza Zero PS4 gameplay in 1080p/60fps

  • frazzl 24/02/2015

    @cowell I agree with you. It's a sad state of affairs when a game as average as The Order 1886 can sell so much more than a game as good as any in the Yakuza series. Reply +2
  • frazzl 23/02/2015

    Sony need to invest in this franchise and fund a translation of this game. This is the exclusive the PS4 needs, not The Order 1886. Reply +24
  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • frazzl 23/02/2015

    I don't have an issue with an 11 year old child playing an M-rated game (my parents didn't have issues with me playing violent videogames as a kid) but I don't understand what all this drama is about. He lost a couple of Destiny characters; what 30-40 hours of play time each? Time that could most probably have been spent more productively (it's easier to build a good academic foundation as a kid rather than play catch up late in your adolescence).

    He and his parents learned an important lesson about the dangers of the Internet with the smallest of heartaches. No vicious cyberbullying/stalking, no grooming by some sexual predator etc. They should count themselves fortunate.
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  • PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 number one in UK chart

  • frazzl 23/02/2015

    @bosseye I don't mind the fact you have a different opinion. Different strokes for different folks. I just (mistakenly) took your earlier statement as implying people with a negative opinion of the game hadn't played it. As this is not the case I have no issue with anything you have said. Enjoy the gaming dude. Reply 0
  • frazzl 23/02/2015

    @bosseye I am glad you like the game but you are being disingenuous when you say "that the cutscenes genuinely aren't any longer than other games". I own the game. I have finished it (on hard). It's an alright title (6/10). But it has major problems; one of them being the amount of filler be it unskippable cutscenes (some levels are entirely cutscenes) or boring walk and talk sections. Just because you like the game doesn't mean that people who bring up valid criticism only do so because they haven't played it. Reply +2
  • The Order: 1886 review

  • frazzl 22/02/2015

    @kevboard It is not crap. Sure it has some glaring issues but that's not the same as saying the game is rubbish. If you don't like it, that's fine. Don't buy it. You should however not try and generalize your antipathy to everyone else or suggest that people enjoying something you don't is a negative. Different strokes for different folks. Reply +1
  • frazzl 21/02/2015

    Well I have just finished the game (the credits are currently running) and I stand by my initial summary of my experience with the game made when I was only half way through. It's a beautiful looking but deeply flawed experience. A game to get as a rental or when it is cheaper.

    The good news is that there is a foundation on which to improve. The premise is interesting and the ending screams sequel. If we do get one I hope Ready At Dawn implement the following changes:

    1) Get rid of the unnecessary walk and talk sections. They're just padding; inexcusable in a game as short as The Order 1886 is.

    2) Improve the enemy AI. It's absolutely dreadful. It's not an exaggeration to say that the enemy AI here would not be out of place in a PS2 title. In fact the AI in games like Halo 1 and 2 and Half Life (the original!!) put the AI in this game to shame.

    3) More enemy variety. There are currently only a few basic types: regular, shotgun, grenadier, sniper and lycan. Oh and 2 QTE bosses. That's simply not enough especially given their rudimentary AI.

    4) Improve the combat set pieces. The gunplay in the game is decent. The level design, especially when it comes to the shooting galleries, is mediocre. Games like Gears of War and Uncharted spice things up with some spectacular shoot outs. You just don't see that here.

    5) Modernize the cover mechanics. The whole Gears of War circa 2006 is way out of date.

    I reckon the game with these changes could be a hit :).
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  • frazzl 21/02/2015

    @jonsaan Yes the aspect ratio is fixed throughout. Reply -1
  • frazzl 21/02/2015

    @Mr-V Thanks dude and I agree. Like you I think Infamous 3 and Wolfenstein The New Order are great single player experiences :). Reply 0
  • frazzl 21/02/2015

    @Dizz Like you I am predominantly a single player gamer. I haven't bought Evolved and don't intend to simply because there is no single player mode.

    Sadly The Order 1886 is not a very good single player game. Definitely not for one released in 2015! The gameplay is rudimentary to the extent that its 7-10 hour gameplay is packed with padding (lengthy cutscenes and walk-and-talk sections). If you're looking for a quality single player only experience give the recently released Wolfenstein a go. It's excellent.
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  • frazzl 21/02/2015

    @michaelostler I am not sprinting through anything. In fact you can't sprint during the walk and talk parts of the level. Sprinting is very annoyingly disabled.

    And I am not being a hater. I am just not being a fanboy :)
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  • frazzl 20/02/2015

    @IronSoldier Thanks. Some people expect an exclusive to garner only praise. It's ridiculous! Reply -1
  • frazzl 20/02/2015

    @man.the.king Sure. Stuff like this is subjective. I guess we can both agree that the Infamous series is a lot of fun :) Reply -1
  • frazzl 20/02/2015

    @Mr-Writer Agreed. The premise is interesting enough to support another title. If they made it more about playing than watching it'll be a massive step in the right direction. Reply -1
  • frazzl 20/02/2015

    Well I have played through half the game in a few hours and I think the review here is spot on. There are some issues not related to game length that are quite significant:

    1) The pacing is terrible. Not only do you watch a lot of cutscenes (some levels are entirely non-interactive), you also spend a lot of time walking down corridors. Nearly half of the second mission (the Whitechapel one) is spent traversing the level. In other words simply holding up on the left stick.

    2) The cover-based combat is clunky. You tend to stick to surfaces when you don't want to, particularly when you're meant to be stealthy, and transitions from cover to cover are quite limited (lateral transitions only). It's not 2006 anymore!

    3) Enemy AI is poor. They have only 2 rudimentary behaviours. Hide behind cover popping up at regular intervals (most enemies), or blindly charging you (lycans and shotgunners). Which leads me to

    4) The game is very easy. Playing it on hard and I doubt I have died more than 10 times in total thus far having played through half the game. Way too easy.

    Sure the game looks absolutely fantastic, the setting is interesting and the voice acting solid, but the game itself is so unambitious it makes Ryse seem like pushing the envelope. It's not a terrible game, no, but it's a decidedly average one (6/10 in my book). Don't get it at full price. Either split it with a friend/sibling (as I did) or wait till it hits the bargain bin.
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  • frazzl 19/02/2015

    @Mr-Writer I agree. The first 2 or 3 levels were great. It was all downhill after that sadly. Not much of a multi-player gamer so I did not even have that as a fall back. Reply 0
  • frazzl 19/02/2015

    @huyster Yeah their review was really harsh. I mean the first two paragraphs state:

    Do you like movies? Do you like video games? If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, you should probably skip The Order: 1886.1

    The PlayStation 4's newest action game is a dull and lumbering thing. It's a brief, drab adventure starring a group of characters who all seem to dislike their lives and one another, and if it managed a single new gameplay idea over the course of its runtime, I didn't catch it. The Order: 1886 is one of the most depressing games I've played in a while
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  • frazzl 19/02/2015

    @GamesVsTheMedia I reckon Second Son told a better story than the previous 2. The only thing it lacked was content (it's a much smaller game than its predecessor for example).

    Really didn't like KZ Shadowfall. I disliked it almost as much as I did KZ2. KZ3 was pretty good though.
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  • Towerfall is adding an Anita Sarkeesian skin

  • frazzl 22/02/2015

    You said that the list was meaningless. I addressed that.
    It is meaningless. What does it prove? That game journalists know each other? That they discuss the games they play? That they are worried when members of their community are harassed and threatened with violence? Are you that fucking stupid?

    Again, do I have to spell this out for you? Nathan Grayson is a journalist. He is recommending games to consumers while also acquiring ad revenue for the site. If he makes a recommendation for a game that was developed by someone he has a relationship with, in order to maintain trust with consumers, he should disclose any such relationship as it is a conflict of interest. Regardless of your subjective view of the amount of coverage she received, it is still considered a conflict of interest.

    I posted a screencap earlier of Zoey Quinn herself saying that they were close before the time of the article. Even if they were just close friends at the time, that relationship must be disclosed for the sake of transparency and consumer trust if you give positive coverage of that person.
    He was not recommending the game. Your interpretation of the phrase he used is way off base. No surprise there given that you are a misogynist asshole who has spent so much time trying to justify acts of harassment.

    What the hell are you on about? Of course it's covered by journalistic ethics as you are still reporting on a subject that you have a conflict of interest with. You can't subjectively say that just because it's an image and a positive fragment of a sentence that it's not covered by ethics. He is still giving the game positive coverage whilst being in a relationship with the developer. That is by definition, a conflict of interest. He is professionally giving his recommendation for the 3 games featured out of 50. He has a personal relationship with one of the developers of those three games. That is a conflict you interest, you dimwitted joke.

    Your analogy is bad and you should feel bad. Authors are not recommending products to the consumers, they are creating products for the consumers. I have been providing source after source for my arguments whilst only failing to post the e-mails due to my own forgetfulness. You have yet to provide any proof that GamerGate was born out of harassment or the majority of GamerGaters believe that Nathan Grayson wrote a review for Depression Quest.
    See the above paragraph dumb arse ;).

    Also speaking of journalistic ethics, how about directing some of that outrage against confirmed bigot Milo. So it's okay for him to not pay staff (in his previous media venture) but it's fucking terrible for Grayson to possibly be in a relationship with Quinn and mentioning (not giving positive coverage) her game in an article?

    Also it's very convenient that you completely ignore the massive conflict of interest with The Escapist's involvement in the whole GG saga. You do know that the co-founder of the media company that owns The Escapist, your beloved GG member Archon, only set up that heavily slanted "male devs speak about GG" article after listening to requests from GG clowns on 4chan? That he has sponsored one of those interviewed in a crowd funding campaign (who was later shown to be a harasser and rape apologist whose interview was later taken down)? The same cunt who then forced The Escapist editors to avoid making any further GG comments when his connection to the article was outed?

    It's absolutely not surprising that a misogynist asshole like yourself only cares about journalistic ethics when you can spin it as anti-GG? GTFO you muppet.

    Again, are you really this dense? Doctors operate under completely different ethical standards from journalists. There is literally no comparison to be made other than the fact that they both have mailing lists. Again, one is collaboration and one is collusion.

    You are completely right as I forgot to post the e-mails. However, your analogy is still bad and you should feel bad.
    You have provided no evidence of collusion. So you are the one who should feel bad about being an idiot, a misogynist, and a GG apologist.

    Man, you just shamelessly flaunt your bigotry around don't you? Everything you've given is subjective. Your opinion of me, GamerGate, and the evidence I've provided. These are the only links that you've provided throughout your posts, and their point is to what? GamerGate has extremists, yes, that is a fact. The Escapist featured a prominent extremist in an article that already had a lot of problems, yes. In order to cover their asses, they edited the article several times over, issuing apology after apology. It was pathetic.

    The only thing relevant about The Escapist now is that they reformed their ethics policy in response to GamerGate.

    The sad reality of both sides is that they both have extremists.
    And they do it to feel good about themselves.
    The question is, are you an extremist?

    Well, to be fair, big layoffs are occurring around the games journalism industry due to the alternative sources of information now-a-days.
    Everything you have given is subjective. You have provided no proof of collusion. You have spun a simple summary into positive coverage. You are using posts made by a corrupt bigoted fascist as proof. Yeah, totally objective stuff....NOT!

    As for being an extremist, well lets see:
    1) Do I support a movement formed to harass female members of the games industry? NO

    2) Do I support a movement whose members threaten members of the game industry with violence and death? No

    3) Do I support a movement whose members send heavily armed police into their homes on false pretenses to endanger their lives? No.

    Sadly your answer is a clear "Yes" for all three. So the only extremist moron here is you.
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  • frazzl 17/02/2015

    Take your damn blinders off, man! How can you possibly believe that a secret mailing list between journalists, developers, and editors alike that was never disclosed to the public until one of its members leaked it is not ethically bankrupt? E-mails between journalists discouraging each other from writing pieces so as not to displease big name developers and that isn't corrupt? They are blatantly colluding with one another under one voice and you are going to sit here and tell me that isn't absolutely amoral?

    It's bloody impossible to make headway with you at all due to your absolute lack of respect. Honestly, you're just fooling yourself at this point for the sake of being stubborn.
    Where is the proof? Where are all these emails? You gave me a link to an article with the list and nothing more. And what the fuck does any of this have to do with Zoe Quinn?

    Your gauge of the importance that is Nathan Grayson's coverage is completely irrelevant. And yes, Nathan did try to hide his relationship with Zoey in order to cover his ass as seen in numerous tweets of his saying that he was not in a relationship with Zoey at the time of the article. However, as seen in the image I gave, they had an intimate relationship long before the article.
    Why should he have to discuss his private life? He did not review her title! Where's the conflict of interest? And how exactly do those Youtube video stills show that Zoe and Nathan were in an intimate relationship?

    Authors serve an entirely different purpose compared to journalists. Do I really have to spell out why? I mean this analogy is already awful, but you should know that authors do not operate under an ethical code that is remotely similar to that of journalists. Yes, journalists are bound to know one another. No, they should not be colluding under a secret e-mail list. No, they should not give positive coverage of people they have a relationship with without disclosing such things.
    Actually the analogy is spot on since in both situations no actual journalism was taking place. Mentioning something like "powerful twine darling Depression Quest" is not something that would be covered by the code of journalistic ethics. The fact that you harp on about this illustrates the complete absence of any actual proof of corruption your so called "pro-ethics" suffers from.

    Are you seriously this dense? Your rebuttal to the GPL is that academics and doctors have mailing lists too? Again, you make this shitty analogy that leaves you exposing your ignorance. Doctors, academics, and authors do not operate under the same ethical standards that journalists do. There is a huge difference between collaboration and collusion, you vapid pillock.

    I disagree with Milo on an enormous amount of things as I do believe he is a radical conservative. However, the reason he is irrelevant here is due to the fact that he is merely presenting leaked information that I can judge for myself without Milo's input.
    I would say that doctors operate under far more stringent ethical standards than journalists do. I think you'll also find that the tenents of journalistic and medical ethics share some fundamental components like impartiality (known as justice in the field of medical ethics) and limitation of harm (non-malificence). So if anyone is showing their ignorance it is you.

    In addition to being a dumb cunt you have completely missed the whole point of my analogy. A mailing list (which is all you've given me) is not proof of collusion. It is not proof of a conflict of interest. It's simply proof of communication between members of a particular field. Now do you see the how apt my analogy is? Dumbarse!

    The lack of disclosure by both Kotaku and RPS was exactly what sparked GamerGate, whether you would like to believe so or not. Adam Baldwin may have been the first to coin GamerGate, but he certainly has played an incredibly small part in the history. No one gives a shit about Adam Baldwin considering the only thing he contributed to GamerGate was the hashtag. Your personal bias towards anyone is irrelevant.
    Lack of disclosure? That RPS know Zoe Quinn? Yeah they sure were trying really hard to hide that in that Youtube video :rolleyes: Or that a Kotaku journalist was possibly having a relationship with Zoe? Again not relevant as there was no conflict of interest. Not to any sensible person. To a hateful misogynist like you though, well that's a different story.

    The loadingreadyrun folks are still around, and they have a healthy growth rate. I'm sure losing Yahtzee would be tragic, but I doubt it would be the end.

    I'm not trying to garner traction here. You are merely a display of the bitter, hateful, and stubborn opposition. And what a beautiful display you are.
    I don't hate you. You're a non-entity. Treating you with disdain is all you deserve. As for being stubborn, well no surprise there given the complete lack of evidence you've provided. Your fucked up interpretation of events is subjective. Your worthless opinion is not evidence.

    Edit: Speaking of The Escapist and GGers purportedly being invested in journalistic ethics (LOL!!): Take a gander at these write-ups here.

    You should also read this. Given that The Escapist and its sister sites including GameTrailers have recently experienced rather big layoffs it seems their end is nigh. Good riddance.
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  • frazzl 17/02/2015

    No you did not. Even here you fail to address the GJP list. You also have yet to address media transparency which is the main point surrounding the Zoey Quinn - Nathan Grayson.
    I didn't address the list because it is meaningless. What evidence do you have of any one on that list breaking journalistic ethics? Here's a hint; you have none.

    As for media transparency...LOL! Did RPS try and hide the fact that Zoe was in their video? Did Zoe try and hide the fact she knew Grayson (FFS his name is on the credits list)? So what exactly is the issue here? A third of a sentence praising a game made by a friend is now an example of media corruption? Really? Take your small head out of your arse buddy and get a good hard dose of reality.

    The lack of transparency when giving positive coverage of someone you have a close relationship with is definitely an journalistic ethical violation. Especially so when that coverage is in front of 47 other GreenLight games listed in the article, and the writer of the article is given credit for taking part in the work being covered.

    Even so, the Zoey Quinn scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. It was a gateway into the corrupt world of game journalism.
    You really are a muppet. Have you ever read a book? Well I am going to assume you haven't given your vast ignorance and point you to the fact that a lot of books, particularly popular ones, have positive blurbs on their covers from other authors. Do you think these authors don't know each other? Is there some massive conspiracy going on to dupe consumers with these blurbs? Is it an excuse to launch a harassment campaign specifically targeting female authors about this? Seriously dude how stupid are you?

    Uh, Milo is irrelevant here. Whether or not you like him, the mailing list here is very real. It's not as if we are taking his word for it as the list is presented there in clear daylight. Other members of the list have confirmed its existence as well. For example, it was mentioned in the recent Pinsof interview.
    He is relevant because his agenda manipulating simpering idiots like yourself is transparent as can be yet he gets a complete pass from clowns like you. I suggest you go and read about his views on gamers prior to this whole "gg" nonsense. If anyone's journalistic ethics should be examined it's his. The fact that you can't see his actions as simply designed click bait to boost his shitty website says a lot about you. Oh and that list, again, it's meaningless. Academics in the same field have mailing lists. Doctors in the same field have mailing lists. Big. Fucking. Deal.

    How am I resorting to that fallacy? I never suggested they weren't "true" GGers, but rather the fact that they are just misinformed, which they are. What else am I supposed to say on the matter? There is no review of the game, and if they believe there is, they are misinformed. Now, I don't know if "a lot of GGers" hold that misinformation, but if you have evidence of such, please present it.
    The GG movement was born out of harassment of a female developer. It was not born out of a desire for journalistic ethics. Adam Baldwin is a racist and misogynist cunt; just like the people who've latched on to his hashtag. So these GGers, including yourself are entirely representative of your cause. You only differ in how honestly you present your arguments. At least be honest little buddy ;).

    Oh those are nothing but my assumptions as I should have stated. Nothing concrete has been disclosed about the reason why Bob is leaving, but that's the only way I can justify the Escapist kicking one of their more popular writers in the context of the past few months.

    The Escapist has been on a steady incline in terms of traffic since December, but I suppose we'll see.
    According to that very site "zero punctuation" is the search term most frequently used to get to the site. As I said before, when they lose Yahtzee, and they will, it'll be the end. Or perhaps you GG clowns could sustain it single-handedly. After all you're gaining no traction here :cool:
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  • PS4 20th Anniversary Edition unit No. 00001 sold for 85K

  • frazzl 21/02/2015

    What is my opinion? That FH2 doesn't look as real as DRIVECLUB? That's the majorities "opinion"!
    Firstly what proof do you have of that? Secondly several opinions are still opinions. There is no numerical threshold where opinion becomes fact.

    As for all the tech stuff it still doesn't change the fact that DC in my opinion doesn't look more realistic than FH2. Only a fanboy idiot like yourself will try and argue that your opinion is somehow a fact. Keep it up little buddy, you're making yourself look like a rabid fanboy with every reply you make :cool:
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  • frazzl 20/02/2015

    Fantastic visuals are not solely linked to photorealism, but the question here is what game looks closer to real life! Many fanboys including yourself have a hard time admitting that DRIVECLUB looks more realistic than Forza Horizon 2. More computational power alows for better resolution shadows, AO, reflections and geometry which arguably add more to visuals than output resolution or FPS.

    Still FH2 is a nice looking game it just doesn't look anywhere near as real as DRIVECLUB.
    That's your opinion. Not a fact. A concept a fanboy like yourself obviously has issues dealing with. But hey keep on spouting nonsense; you're only proving my point :).
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  • frazzl 20/02/2015

    @VariantAEC Actually you are wrong.
    1) Since when is graphical fidelity solely linked to photorealism? With your criteria any game with stylized graphics has lacking visuals.
    2) Even with your ridiculous criteria in place you are still dealing with opinion. You do understand what subjectivity is right?

    TL;DR Stop being a fanboy buddy.
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  • frazzl 18/02/2015

    @VariantAEC I would rate them equally in terms of looks. I think in terms of car models the two games are the same. In terms of the racing environment I think FH2 looks better. In terms of weather effects DC looks better. Reply -3
  • Star Ocean developer tri-Ace acquired by Japanese mobile company

  • frazzl 20/02/2015

    That's terrible news :( Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: The Order: 1886

  • frazzl 20/02/2015

    @Darren Yes it is 1080p but the game is rendering 30% less pixels due to the "cinematic" aspect ratio. Reply -2
  • frazzl 20/02/2015

    @riseer Then you haven't played The Order 1886. It's nothing like Uncharted. Here are some of the differences:

    1) You spend too much of your time in The Order 1886 either watching cutscenes or walking down narrow corridors.
    2) The cover system is clunky.
    3) The enemy AI is terrible.
    4) The game, even on hard, is an absolute cakewalk.

    And yes I own the game and am currently on chapter 8 out of 16.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider puzzles "will take you longer to solve", Crystal Dynamics promises

  • frazzl 18/02/2015

    @dogmanstaruk XD Reply +2
  • frazzl 17/02/2015

    @dogmanstaruk Do you have a Lara poster above your bed? ;) Reply +1
  • Limo-spinning Roundabout turns to Xbox One this Friday

  • frazzl 17/02/2015

    Sweet! Reply +2
  • DriveClub free update adds Japan track

  • frazzl 17/02/2015

    @Mr-V There were rumours MS were looking to revive the brand. I hope they eventually pan out... Reply +2
  • frazzl 17/02/2015

    @Mr-V I agree with everything you have just said. DC is good, definitely, and Evolution have really worked hard to rectify their disastrous launch, but PGR is a cut above. I too would love to see a proper sequel. Sadly it doesn't seem likely :( Reply +2
  • frazzl 17/02/2015

    @ForeverBaloney I have to disagree. I have played all the PGR titles and MSR on the DC and don't see Drive Club (which I also own) as their spiritual successor. Its handling model is more similar to the NFS titles than it's to the PGR titles. It's a decent racer sure, but I personally consider Bizarre's racers as stellar. Reply +4
  • Dying Light tops US retail sales for January

  • frazzl 17/02/2015

    @daniloazhar1 Reading 50 Shades of Poo might explain why Richie is having so much trouble making coherent posts. Reply 0
  • frazzl 17/02/2015

    @Richie777 Obviously better than your family cope with you. After all how does your poor mom get any email and FB time with you stealing her lappie so that you post semi-literate nonsense here? ;) Reply 0
  • Ready at Dawn responds to concern over The Order: 1886 campaign length

  • frazzl 17/02/2015

    @Red-Wolf-Six I loved Binary Domain so I hope you enjoy it too.

    Like you I have experienced some great titles that have a short run time. Max Payne, as you have mentioned, is a great example. I really like Ninja Theory and their console titles, Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and DMC could all be finished under 10 hours easily.

    So if The Order 1886 is an 8 hour game I'll be okay. I have no issue with that. Even if it's closer to 7 hours, that wouldn't worry me.

    I would be concerned if it was 5 hours or under though. I reckon with that you're approaching PSN or XBL titles that retail far cheaper.

    I know some gamers (not you) have mentioned Vanquish as an example of a brilliant game that can be finished under 5 hours, and both of these points are true. However Vanquish had replay value; improving one's score. It honestly doesn't sound as if The Order 1886 has any such mechanic. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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