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  • Here's how Sonic's Green Hill Zone looks in Lego Dimensions

  • frazzl 26/07/2016

    I have to admit this looks pretty cool :) Reply 0
  • The opening logo movie for Kojima's new studio is typically overblown

  • frazzl 25/07/2016

    He comes across as a massive narcissist. Reply +1
  • Tech Interview: Doom

  • frazzl 25/07/2016

    Which is largely derived from all those individual factors, genius. :rolleyes: For the umpteenth time, his statement and the premise were of technical accomplishment not artistic vision, something which you have repeatedly ignored because it doesn’t suit your narrative. Your comments to me and others repeatedly try to reduce it to the nebulous aesthetic "art" while ignoring all the majority technical considerations of the composite whole.
    How about you learn to read buddy? This is Cloudskippa's original comment:

    A bold claim. Doom is a great looking title no question, a genuine technical showcase but I can't agree with that personally. Both Halo 5: Guardians and Forza Motorsport 6 are more visually impressive titles to my eyes with a tighter lock on performance too.
    Oh and if you can't remember the claim in question, despite it being at the top of the page here it is:

    How id software created the best-looking 60fps game of the generation so far.
    Notice here Cloudskipa, in his original post did not state H5 or FM6 were more technically advanced. He said they were more visually impressive. Also notice that DF did not claim that Doom was the most technically advanced 60FPS title. DF claimed it was the best-looking. So who is changing the fucking narrative here? Not me my little ignorant buddy :lol:

    Also note that when Cloudskipa eventually does bring up technical specifications, he is not simply talking about graphics alone:

    Yeah, It's a great looking game, both are of course but Halo 5 Guardians is just a more impressive technical feat in my opinion (enemy AI, sandbox/variety of environments, seemless vehicular combat, 4-player co-op etc)
    Doh, of course it would and rightly so. . . So? This technical comparison was never between a 2d and a 3d game nor on a technical level should a 2d vs 3d comparison generally be made as the points of reference would mostly not be analogous.
    We are talking about Game A being better looking than Game B. This is the DF tagline. This is what Cloudskipa talked about in his original post. It's you who is trying to make this a purely technical discussion. Ironic really given your complete lack of knowledge on the topic.

    It was heavily implicit in your pathetic moralising and the unequivocal tone and choice of words:
    It's not my problem how you choose to interpret my statements. People interpret shit incorrectly all the time, just as you have done here. The issue lies with you, surprise, surprise.

    Yes, I'm an amateur as are you and why play dumb again? On the one hand this amateur contends that DF's opinion as impartial pros is better qualified, more informed /authoritative / objective, than that of the Skipa the amateur. On the other hand we have Frazzl the amateur claiming that Skipa's amateur technical opinion is just as good as that of the pros. . . I don't for a moment believe you are so dense as to not be able to tell the difference.
    We are talking opinion here. We are not comparing technical specifications. So yes, in terms of the former, in terms of which title LOOKS BETTER, my opinion, your opinion, Cloudskipa's opinion and DF's opinion are all equally valid. If we were actually arguing about technical specifics, then DF will obviously have more authority. But we are not doing that.

    Lol, pot, kettle? Did I posit a PS4 exclusive as the most technically accomplished 60fps game of the gnereation? Nope. I simply ridiculed the notion that Halo was more technically accomplished than a multiplat available on X1 too.
    Actually you abused him for finding H5 more visually impressive. We have seen his original post. Here's yours:

    Bacon would be airborne before you'd let such 'trifling' little inconveniences like resolution droppping as low as 1152x810, half-rate animations, jarring close up LOD transitions, disappearing dynamic shadows and alpha effects, low res textures, alpha and normal maps get in the way of your hailing an Xbox exclusive as "the best looking 60fps game of the generation." :lol:
    Given the hundreds, if not thousands of red marks each of your and Skipa's profiles have amassed (page after page after page of Red Dead Rejection) in comparison to mine, not to mention the number of other users who have already chimed in here to similar effect re the credibility of Skipa's comment(s), - being taken seriously is more your problem
    I think you will find a number of people agreeing with me here. You really should learn to read. And last I checked "winning" an online popularity contest is not an indication of credibility :lol:

    Who said anything about SJWs? Not me. Nice (read: embarassingly lame) try. You know you really shouldn’t resort to red herrings like that, makes you look (even) weak(-er)
    Given your obviously limited vocabulary, I reasonably figured the use of the term "white knight" would eventually lead to you using the term "SJW". It's exactly the kind of thing a mouth-breather like you would do :lol:

    Cute but if you’re that desperate for a doggy biscuit to go with your rich tea, next time ask “How high?”.
    Tea and biscuits, that's a UK thing right? Good thing I am not from there then. You can keep your biscuits and tea thank you very much :lol:
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  • frazzl 19/07/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- Tell me about it. I haven't played Halo 5 yet and I've had it since last year....XD Reply 0
  • frazzl 18/07/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- Nice! And the new 3DS is nice. You should get one too and join your boys in some Monster Hunting :).

    As for me I am trying to clear my back catalogue. So I am alternating between Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, Far Cry Primal and The Division. Also Inside is brilliant. Well worth checking out if you like puzzle platformers.
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  • frazzl 18/07/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- How is it going with the gaming? What are you playing currently? Reply -1
  • frazzl 18/07/2016

    @Gemini73 Witcher 3 looks amazing too. As for the trolling, it is a Eurogamer comments thread - it's what we know and love as Darkside has observed. :D Reply -2
  • frazzl 18/07/2016

    @Gemini73 I don't dispute any of that. My original post to timeless, which was quite innocuous, simply pointed out that how good a game's graphics are, is subjective. Wasn't implying you need to take his opinions seriously. Different strokes for different folks after all.

    And for the record I think Doom looks better than Halo 5 - in fact I think Doom is one of the best looking console titles available.
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  • frazzl 18/07/2016

    No single metric, no, but you well know there are a variety of contributing factors that are widely accepted considerations that can be objectively measured/analysed including texture resolution/quality, general resolution, quality of AA, shadows, shaders, postprocessing fx, ambient occlusion, animation quality, lighting etc. I repeat - if he had limited his comparison to a more subjective factor such as art design then fine, but he didn't.
    His statement was not about any of these individual factors though, just overall graphical quality which is clearly subjective. If your "contributing factors" could be used to objectively measure graphical quality, than you would automatically exclude many 2D titles that don't, for example, use lighting effects like ambient occlusion.

    Digital Foundry are pros with technical expertise. Skipa is an amateur. But more to the point, DF are impartial while Skipa is notoriously biased.
    You are an amateur and are notoriously biased. So why should anyone here take you seriously?

    This article along with previous articles about both this game and Halo 5 have laid out what DF sees as each game's respective technical strengths. Skipa has basically just said "Halo smokes Doom" without any supporting arguments. (He's not necessarily obliged to give any and does of course have a right to an opinion and to express it but that opinion is open to criticism if he expresses on a public forum.)
    I never said you were not entitled to criticize said opinion. I am simply expressing my entitlement to criticize yours :lol:

    Does that make DF automatically right? Not necessarily (note I am not claiming Doom is the best looking 60fps game of the generation, haven't seen enough of it to decide either way), but it does give their position far more weight than his.
    In your opinion sure. That assessment much like everything else you have been using to criticize Cloudskipa with is subjective.

    Besides, your decree is simply, *wait for it*, your own opinion and no matter how you much you try and dress it up as objective, it's at least as subjective as anything I've said, if not more so.
    Yes it is my opinion. Where have I claimed otherwise? Also a big LOL to your opinion being "more" objective :lol:

    Strange, because that's exactly what my OP did. In mocking terms? Sure, but you well know why (already explained above and you can just read some of Gemini73 and Kirankara's posts below if you for some reason need a refresher) and again, you're hardly averse to using mockery in criticising other people's opinions yourself, nor for that matter is Skipa (although to be fair he does it considerably less than you), so what's the problem?
    Perhaps if your reading comprehension was slightly better you would see that in my original post I was questioning your ability to differentiate between fact and opinion. Clearly a valid solution since you think your opinion is more objective than someone else's. :lol:

    That made me smile. I had forgotten that pointing out the frequent discrepancies between what you practice and what you preach = "playing victim". And it's not the first time you've been compelled to white knight fanboyism. . . as long as it's the right shade - green. Oh, that's right, I forgot! You're "just restoring the balance". 'Course you are. ;-)
    Ooh I am a white knight now! What next? A dreaded SJW too? :lol:

    In any case, I expect you'll wish to escalate to the next stage of your usual M.O., the customary facetious references to "needing a dictionary", cracks about irony not being "an element on the periodic table", copious 'deal with it' sunglass emoticons, "little buddy" references and possibly personal slurs. . . Or perhaps alternatively you'll resort to your favoured southpaw-switch - just posting lol emoticons and nothing else repeatedly. Whatevs, have at it if you are so compelled (which you almost certainly will be ;-)).
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  • frazzl 17/07/2016

    @darkmoles I don't disagree with that as I have said to Gemini73 in my reply.

    Like you some of my favourite looking games are not current - Limbo, Real Bout 2, and Vampire Saviour for example.
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  • frazzl 17/07/2016

    @Gemini73 Sure, I am not going to deny that that may be the reason for his opinion. All I am saying is regardless of whether the reason behind the opinion is good or bad (also subjective), people should be allowed to state their opinion. Reply -6
  • frazzl 17/07/2016

    @cloudskipa No worries. People need to understand that when it comes to subjects that are subjective - the quality of art for example - there is no right and wrong. Reply -6
  • frazzl 17/07/2016

    @Gemini73 That's not really a fair comparison though. Objectively speaking the moon is not made of cheese. However you cannot objectively claim Game X looks better than Game Y. Why? Because the subject at hand, unlike the composition of the moon, is subjective. There is no universal metric for game graphics, just like there is no universal metric for what makes a good book/music/painting etc. When it comes to art people like what they like. Reply -4
  • frazzl 17/07/2016

    If it was about artwork/style then sure but the article established the premise as a technical one and it's obvious that Cloudskipa wasn't referring to the artwork alone. He gave his opinion, I and several others gave our reasons for why we thought that opinion was absurd and at the same time entirely to be expected.
    Cloudskipa thinks Halo 5 is the best looking 60fps title this generation. DF think Doom is. These are both opinions. There is no universally accepted metric for graphics. So neither opinion is more valid than the other.

    Followed through, your logic would put (ridiculous) opinions such as Godzilla PS4 being the best looking game of the generation beyond reproach.
    Yes it would be. If someone thought that Godzilla was the best looking game this generation, who are you to tell him he's wrong. At best you can say you disagree with him. That you think his opinion is ridiculous. Neither of these points invalidate the opinion.

    In any case, your reasoning is not one you extended to my own opinion. Not for the first time either.
    And where exactly in my previous post to you have I done so? It's not the first time you've played victim though ;)
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  • frazzl 17/07/2016

    @timeless001 You do understand what an opinion is? You don't have to agree with it. You don't have to like it. But you can't disprove something that's purely subjective. I deplore "bands" like One Direction and Cold Play, but millions of people around the world love them. That's the way opinion goes. Reply -5
  • frazzl 17/07/2016

    Doom is easily my GOTY thus far. Nothing released yet has come close! Reply -2
  • Square Enix is making the world's first Apple Watch-exclusive RPG

  • frazzl 22/07/2016

    I'll stick to my mechanical watches for telling time and my Vita for mobile gaming. As for this Apple garbage.... :lol:

    Edit: want to game on a watch? This would still be the better option. Had one as a kid and it was great!

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  • NES mini won't connect online, won't get more games

  • frazzl 16/07/2016

    @Krychek I would love an official Sega retro machine. That would be a day one purchase for me. Reply +1
  • frazzl 16/07/2016

    Could they maintain the price point and desired simplicity if it had networking hardware and a suitably complex OS to handle network management and file system?
    You mean something as complex as a USB connection to a networked PC? You can get USB drive styled MP3 players that have a "suitably complex OS" to handle a file system allowing for users to drag/drop content, at a fraction of the price of this shit.

    Could they maintain the price point with larger internal memory for additional downloads?
    Again you can get GIGS of storage space for the cost of only several dollars. How many MEGS do you think these 30 games need?

    As an officially-sanctioned and produced Nintendo product, do you really think they would allow external memory and letting people plug in unlimited NES ROMs of any origin?

    They have Konami products on this. They have Capcom products on this. Even years later, these are licensed games on an official Nintendo device. You can't allow unlimited, zero-ownership, technically illegal games to be loaded onto an official item like this.
    Hasn't stopped gamers playing pirated games on consoles like the Wii, 360 and PS3 for years now. It's not going to stop that happening on the Wii U, PS4 and X1. So shall we just have a completely walled off system with a tiny library just to hamper possible piracy?

    It's a simple, fully-closed, self-contained solid state miniature NES replica with 30 officially sanctioned games built-in. Not designed for expansion, or hosting other forms of media, or designed with a hard drive to be filled, or media capabilities, or browsing online stores, or hacking.
    I never claimed it was anything other than this. I see this as a missed opportunity. A cynical money grab banking on nostalgia that gamers are better off ignoring. Want to play NES titles? Emulate them instead of giving Nintendo money for this over-priced shit.

    60 bucks gets you that. My god people, it's a novelty device with an extremely finite feature set, by design.
    So what if it is a novelty device? It doesn't excuse it from being a shitty deal for gamers.
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  • frazzl 16/07/2016

    Goes to show that Nintendo does not know gaming as well as some people would like to think they do! No NES cartridge support. No support for more games via either download or purchase on a physical medium...WTF! Keep it Nintendo. I hope Pokemon Go will provide enough revenue for you as nothing you seem to be doing in the console space will. Reply -9
  • VR is a revolution in control more than immersion

  • frazzl 15/07/2016

    Precisely. Albeit a NES pad with a battery-killing shiny light on the front!
    Snap! :lol:
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  • frazzl 15/07/2016

    @IronSoldier There's as much point discussing things with fourfoldroot as there is with a four year old in a middle of a tantrum. When it comes to Sony he's basically Vizzini 2.0 - just not as amusing.

    And I agree with you that the statement:

    VR is a revolution in control
    is key. Just look at the VR dream sold to us in the 80's and 90's. Imagine Tron or The Lawnmower Man, where the person engaging in VR is sitting on a chair with an NES pad ;)
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  • Warner Bros. "misled" with paid-for positive Shadow of Mordor videos

  • frazzl 14/07/2016

    Ah gators and their no true Scotsman fallacy. Total Biscuit blew the whistle on this fiasco and is pro GG - totally a gator.

    People harassing women, making death threats, using made up excuses to justify said actions (this imaginary review is proof of collusion!!), all done under the banner of GG and - WELL HELLO THERE, NO TRUE GATOR WOULD EVER DO THAT!! :lol:
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  • The brilliant Kerbal Space Program console release date

  • frazzl 12/07/2016

    Looks like it might hit GWG sooner rather than later :). Neg away :lol: Reply -1
  • frazzl 11/07/2016

    Watched the trailer and thought it looked tedious. Not a game I'll pay for on the PS4/X1/Wii U. I guess it might be a GWG title eventually. Reply -24
  • Splash Damage bought by Chinese chicken meat company Leyou

  • frazzl 12/07/2016

    I am not surprised Brink failed to catch on. It's fucking dreadful. Reply +1
  • Song of the Deep review

  • frazzl 12/07/2016

    There are plenty of good games that play it safe and are not creative. Case in point Insomniac's recently released Ratchet and Clank reboot. So I am still getting this. Reply +3
  • Epic boss is thrilled at the prospect of PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio

  • frazzl 09/07/2016

    @HokutoNoKen No surprise that one of the biggest Sony ponies here rates the Neo over the Scorpio. How about these scenarios my brand blinkered buddy:

    ALT 3:
    Neo: 1920X1080p@60fps
    Scorpio: 1920X1080p@60fps

    ALT 4:
    Neo: 3840X2160@60fps
    Scorpio: 3840X2160@60fps

    I wonder which version will people prefer then huh?
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  • frazzl 08/07/2016

    @Krychek Excellently put. +1 to you. Comparing your post to those from our resident Luddites really is a stark contrast! Reply +3
  • Need for Speed and Unravel are coming to EA Access next week

  • frazzl 07/07/2016

    @lucillerhodes I want a Lambo buddy! Reply -1
  • frazzl 07/07/2016

    Excellent! EA have really delivered the good with EA Access. Reply +1
  • Persona 5 coming to Europe - courtesy of Deep Silver

  • frazzl 06/07/2016

    Can't wait for Persona 5 :D Reply +7
  • Furi review

  • frazzl 06/07/2016

    @RawShark No harm done. Enjoy the game. I personally am really looking forward to ZTD on the Vita. Reply -2
  • frazzl 06/07/2016

    @moosecake Thanks. I am a PS4 owner myself. I just think this game is too expensive. Never tried to generalize my viewpoint to anyone else here. The fact that you can't express anything negative in comments threads without idiots like RawShark attacking you is a testament to ridiculous most of EG's readership are. I have plus 1'd your comments as well. Reply -4
  • frazzl 06/07/2016

    @RawShark 1) I never said Matulef did not take value for money into consideration with his review. That's a straw man. No surprise coming from a muppet like yourself.

    2) Reviews are opinion. Matulef is entitled to his. You are to yours. I am to mine.

    3) Comments sections are not restricted to positive comments.

    TL;DR the only tit/boob etc. here is the person intolerant of differing opinions. I.e. YOU :lol:
    Reply -4
  • frazzl 05/07/2016

    @RawShark The comments section is not reserved for positive comments only. My first post was on topic. It was not rude. You proceeded to bash me simply for not liking the price of the game. So who's the fucking idiot here? Reply -6
  • frazzl 05/07/2016

    @RawShark Well you took the time to read and reply to my posts. And I don't need to play a game to know that it is a) not for me and b) not worth the asking price. I am not generalizing this to anyone else mind you, but you would know that if you weren't such a imbecilic muppet :lol: Reply -8
  • frazzl 04/07/2016

    @rep- I love how he thinks it's a competition between XBL and PSN. What a moron :D Reply -15
  • frazzl 04/07/2016

    @RawShark Not a fan of Shadow of the Colossus either. And so what if Matulef gave this a badge. It's his opinion - why should I care what an Internet random thinks?

    As for being a boob, I'd rather be one than the muppet you obviously are :lol:
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  • frazzl 04/07/2016

    @McGooch :lol: Reply -13
  • frazzl 04/07/2016

    @acey I am not a PSN+ subscriber so it is not "free" for me. It's not free for the subscribers either mind you. Reply -14
  • frazzl 04/07/2016

    25 Euro for 9 boss battles?! No thanks Sony. Reply -26
  • Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness review

  • frazzl 05/07/2016

    @frazzl And I disagree vehemently with that point.
    What point? My opinion? That's okay. You are entitled to yours. I am entitled to mine.

    The fact that currently WRPGs enjoy more critical acclaim than their JRPG counterparts? Sorry dude that's a fact. You can disagree with a fact as much as you like but it is still true.

    What's more, the majority of those WRPGs are inherently broken shoddy messes that the developer (Bethesda) never bothers to fix.
    So the majority of WRPGs are developed by Bethesda? Really?

    I would also like to point out that there are RPGs that you would class as WRPGs developed by Japanese developers that are buggy messes that have yet to be fixed. Case in point the Souls titles and Bloodborne by FROM.

    Game reviewers simply all parrot each other and pat each other on the back for sharing each other's opinions. They also seem to have rather weird rose-tinted conceptions of the past that fail to really mesh with reality and they seem to relish at just taking pot shots at certain genres just because it's fashionable to do so.
    That's your opinion. Not a fact.

    I know about all the old WRPGs like Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate, I think I bought them but I never really bothered to finish them. The whole generic Tolkien-esque fantasy tropes of Baldur's Gate doesn't really capture my interest, Planescape Torment might be solidly written but it's not for me either. I simply always preferred the JRPG take on things. I think a lot of game reviewers nowadays simply bring preconceived biases with them and it's simply the fashionable and 'in' thing to say that everything from the west is oh so much superior.
    Again you are talking about opinion - your preconceived bias. How is your opinion anymore relevant than that of a reviewer? Or mine?

    To give glowing accolades to stuff like Fallout 4, Skyrim, Oblivion and for the game product to be so inherently unacceptably broken and yet people just shrug it off indicates to me there is some systemic corruption going on in the games industry and its PR subdepartment (videogame magazines) where they fail to call this shit out and they just roll with the punches in order to keep retaining their press access to Bethesda. This is corporate America and how it rolls after all.
    You think FO4 is unacceptably broken. I disagree. I have put in 100 hours into the game with no game breaking issue - that's a fact not an opinion btw. What your rant indicates to me is that you are quick to label people who don't agree with you as corrupt or blinded by nostalgia.
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  • frazzl 04/07/2016

    So what about the quality of Grandia, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Lunar, Xenogears et al is oh so highbrow that something like Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE, Persona 4/5, Xenoblade Chronicles X cannot possibly compete with it on quality?
    I think the former are better than the latter. Definitely. And I would not include Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE in my list of top RPGs now either. Sure that's opinion, I never claimed it wasn't.

    The major issue though is this: In the late 90's, early 00's, JRPGs represented the best RPGs you could get on a console. There was no comparison. Today this is not true. Not by a long shot. The best RPGs on consoles, the ones with the most critical (not commercial) acclaim are WRPGs. That's the point Simon is making here.
    Reply -3
  • frazzl 04/07/2016

    @libretroretroarch1 You don't know what a straw man is:

    A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent.
    I have not misconstrued anything you have said. You on the other hand have. Even in the most recent post:

    If you think Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE, Fire Embles Fates, Bravely Default Second, Persona 5 or Xenoblade Chronicles X is any more niche or insignificant than things like Grandia, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Xenogears or Lunar, you are seriously kidding yourself.
    Where have I said anything about Persona 5 or Xenoblade Chronicles X being more niche than Grandia, Xenogears or Panzer Dragoon Saga? In fact I have clearly stated that sales are not important. Popularity is irrelevant. We're talking about QUALITY here. That's an example of a straw man number 2 from you!

    yet there is an equal amount of quality ones vs. the past
    Simon is clearly pointing out the opposite. And I agree with him. In terms of QUALITY, not sales or popularity, JRPGs are not where they were two decades ago.

    on't sell commensurate to a couple of 'triple A games' from the west, same as in the '90s.
    The only muppet looking at sales is you. Not me.
    Reply -4
  • frazzl 03/07/2016

    @libretroretroarch1 We are talking about quality not sales here. It is irrelevant how many copies Panzer Dragoon Saga may have sold (in fact it was released in limited numbers which is why it is so damn expensive to get a copy now). The fact is that it is a great RPG released to near universal critical praise. Ditto for the remaining RPGs I listed.

    You can't say the same about a lot of the JRPGs released recently. Very few truly great JRPGs have been released in the last 10 years - Xenoblade Chronicles and X, Persona 4, Lost Odyssey, ... and I am already struggling to name anymore.

    Edit: I have also never claimed that any of the JRPGs I listed in my previous post were "perfectly executed". Using straw men does your argument no good!
    Reply -4
  • frazzl 03/07/2016

    It's great to see the usual dynamic pony duo doing their best at damage control! Such devoted brand loyalty...:lol:

    I am a fan of the JRPG genre but there is no denying that it's suffered greatly over the last few years. Sure we still get great titles - the Xenoblade titles, the Persona titles but these are few and far between. The golden age of JRPGs (i.e. the mid to late 90's) is long gone :(. Games like Landstalker, Xenogears, Lunar 1 and 2, Shining Force 3, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Grandia etc. are but a distant memory.
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  • Things fall apart: Looking back at Resident Evil 5

  • frazzl 04/07/2016

    Dick Stanton talking about Resident Evil.... :lol:

    Edit: Having played through RE5 in coop with a friend, we both thought the game was rancid garbage. Easily the worst entry in the series.
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  • Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is out now on PC

  • frazzl 04/07/2016

    Can't wait for my copy of ZTD to arrive so that I can play it on my Vita. Reply -1
  • Today's big Street Fighter 5 update is actually two separate massive downloads

  • frazzl 04/07/2016

    Outside of the idiot gators arguing about "censorship", does the game now have an arcade mode? If it does I'll finally get the game.

    Read TekMerc's post. No arcade mode yet. Seriously Capcom what the flying fuck is wrong with you?!
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