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  • Apple: Palestinian game highlighting Gaza child welfare is not a game

  • frazzl 23/05/2016

    This was not a productive talk.
    That's the first sensible thing you've said.

    I said stabbing and killing is wrong, yet you can't seem to explain why Israeli government sanctioned settlements (to mostly ultra religious Jewish communities) isn't.
    No you clearly implied that the stabbing and killing were justified. As for the settlements, well I have addressed that with a question of my own. You still haven't replied to that.

    You seem too emotional and the constant haughtiness discussing with people with different views, makes you rather unpleasant, I now clearly state.
    Ah yes, the old "too emotional" chestnut. As opposed to the "let's make shit up" that you are guilty of. And I can "clearly state" that you are not particularly pleasant yourself :lol:

    We better leave it. Have a nice day.
    You initiated the conversation not me. I am more than happy to leave it. Are you?
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  • frazzl 23/05/2016

    I can't say I learnt much with our little conversation either, you just keep on saying I know nothing about what I'm talking about, and that lacks substance.
    It's not my duty to educate you. Educate yourself instead of making shit up or using straw men.

    Again, forgive my lack of knowledge, but if land occupation is not the "only (or major)" issue, why do it then ?
    You might as well ask "if war is not simply about shooting people, why do it then?" An idiotic and worthless question, much like your own. Ask yourself this instead: why were the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank not launching missiles and stabbing civilians when they were controlled by their previous overlords - Egypt and Jordan respectively?
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  • frazzl 23/05/2016

    You started with the gay bashing and women treating thing as a reason to support land occupation, something I could get along with.
    You talked about losing land as being humiliating and justification enough to go stabbing. I simply pointed out that there are things just as bad if not worse. Being robbed of your basic human rights being one of them.

    Edit: This goes hand in hand with the fact that land occupation is not the only (or major) issue at play here.

    You don't seem amused, and I'm not sure disdain is a nice feeling, and I never said you were angry, I meant overly excited.
    Not overly excited either. Why would I be? It's not as if you know what you're talking about :lol:

    We're just talking.
    That we are. So what's your problem? What need is there to "keep it cool"?
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  • frazzl 23/05/2016

    I'm interested in learning. Is Israel goal is to educate the Arabs, and protect its women and LGBT community ?
    What does this have to do with Israel educating Arabs? That is your bullshit assertion. It is about how Israel treats its citizens versus how Hamas and PA treat theirs. If your comprehension is not up to snuff, there's always Google Translate.

    I'm not embarrassed by my naivette, I'm here to learn. You seem to on to something to solve the conflict. I didn't know it was about exporting "western way of life" to the uneducated. Maybe they'll take Saudi Arabia next, then. Hurrah ?
    There is no solution to the conflict. As long as organized religion exists there never will. And I never advocated "exporting western way of life" either (whatever the hell that may be - last I check there does not exist a uniform "western way of life"). Two strawmen in a rather short post, ziggy you are outdoing yourself today!

    And I'm not "trying" anything. Just keep it cool, mate.
    Don't confuse amusement and disdain with anger buddy. Again Google Translate can help.
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  • frazzl 23/05/2016

    You seem to have a binary idea that the Israeli extremists are better than Palestinian radicals. I can't follow the on the bombing and land occupation (something you seem to care little, just because).
    And you "seem to have a binary idea that" the "Palestinian radicals" (i.e. political parties elected by the people) are better than the "Israeli extremists". "You seem to care little" about the acts of terrorism that lead to "the bombing" "just because".

    Reagarding your last paragraph, it seems like a diversion. What's the relation ? Are you suggesting bombing Saudi Arabia because they cut the heads of gays ? Israel and USA might disagree, as the "Kingdom" is their most cherished ally. Something about being na´ve...
    Diversion?:lol: No buddy that's what life is like there. Something you obviously know very little about. Your naivete is embarrassing. Oh and by the way Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have any diplomatic relationship. Nice try though.

    Maybe Likud is trying to save Palestine women, and promote LGBT rights.
    Israeli Palestinians have more rights than those living under Hamas and the PA. Says it all really.
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  • frazzl 23/05/2016

    I don't think they have the ability to do so, their overlords USA won't allow, well, with this administration at least.
    They have had decades to do so if that was their aim. They haven't.

    And, tbh, I can't follow you on trying to side with Likud, their sense of proportion is scary, I mean, kids with knifes and stones against tanks; missiles; basically a franchise of the most advanced army in the world.
    Likud versus Hamas and PA. The former are the lesser of two evils. And if it was only knives and stones we were talking about as opposed to thousands of launched missiles, suicide bombers, plane hijackings etc. we'd be having a different conversation right now.

    Don't get me wrong, stabbing civilians is primitive and terrible, but humiliation leads to despair. I can't imagine being thrown out of my house by anyone, let alone a foreign community. It must be terribly humiliating, and that's a powerful, horrible feeling.
    If you think the conflict between Israel and Palestine is simply about land you'd be pretty naive. And I for one would be terribly humiliated if my own people, my own government, treated women like shit, punished religious freedom with death, and allowed only one sort of sexuality. That's the reality living under Hamas or the PA.
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  • frazzl 21/05/2016

    The Palestinian Authority on the other hand, do not seek all of Palestine to be restored, nor do they seek to do so through violence.
    Which is why Abbas has been praising Palestinian martyrs who go on stabbing sprees.

    alestinians who were ethically cleansed in the 1948 Arab Israeli war when Israel confiscated their homes and lands and gave them to Eastern European Holocaust survivors.
    Over 60% of Israel's populace are Misrahi Jews. You can keep lying to yourself that they're Eastern European interlopers. Hardly surprising really.

    Not to mention the fact that the ultra right wing, ultra nationalist Likud government would absolutely like to commit genocide against the Palestinians, their minister for justice had actually called for it on several occasions. Only thing holding Israel back even slightly is the repercussions in the international community (minus the US of course).
    The fact is they haven't despite having the ability to do so. So you are lying, per usual, but people like you do that as a matter of habit.
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  • frazzl 20/05/2016

    @FenderMaster If Hamas or PA had their way there would be genocide, not just ethnic cleansing. I wonder if you would be as outraged then... Reply -6
  • frazzl 19/05/2016

    @phantasystar77 Again, you need to check the meaning of the word genocide. Reply -10
  • frazzl 19/05/2016

    @phantasystar77 Genocide? You do realize the Palestinian population is growing. Perhaps you should look up the definition of the word before you use it. Reply -9
  • frazzl 19/05/2016

    Face your fate in an unjust war to survive with your family from the shadows of war.
    And I guess by that they mean Hamas building military infrastructure on schools and hospitals, preventing people from evacuating when warned of incoming missile strikes, encouraging suicide attacks, and general religious fanaticism which includes female genital mutilation, and death penalties for being gay or apostasy.

    How dare Apple censor a game that covers these issues!
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  • King of Fighters 14 launches in Europe in August

  • frazzl 21/05/2016

    Now this is how a fighting game is done! Capcom take note: this is why I am getting KOF14 day one and I still haven't bought SF5. Reply +2
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End review

  • frazzl 20/05/2016

    I see you are in the GT Sport thread now baiting PS players again with your silly talk of "damage control" (whilst, of course, not mentioning the usual Xbox suspects trying there ineffectual insults).
    Aw, poor baby. Did I hurt your feelings when I implicitly referenced you and Grassy? :lol:

    To think you put so much effort into something as stupid as your console wars lol.
    Says the fanboy. I would love to say this is ironic, but sadly it's not. Typical fanboy behaviour from people of your ilk.

    Oh, I forgot, you are just putting "fanboys" in their place and you actually own all the consoles and so honestly can't be a fanboy in any shape or form!
    OMG! You finally got something right :lol:

    Jesus, goldenfrog is less transparent that you. Funnier too. I'm now joining the long list of people who have not even enough respect for you to engage in conversation. Clearly your opinion won't be changed through anything as mundane as facts or logic. Have fun arguing with simpletons and, deep down, knowing that yours is a waste of a life.
    :lol: I would care if I ever had any respect for your or your transparent brand fanaticism. And I am not surprised that you find facts or logic mundane as you wouldn't know either if your life depended on it :cool:
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  • frazzl 19/05/2016

    Again. It's a streaming service of older games. How you can claim that is the same as a BC service I don't know
    It is a streaming service that provides backwards compatibility. That's a fact.

    And it's very obvious why my criticism of Sony has the small proviso of acknowledging that it's still unconfirmed, whilst my long past criticism of MS has no such clarification: it's because the MS related upgradeability news came straight from the horses mouth, on the Sony side it didn't.
    Spencer spoke about looking to have mid-generation upgrades. Sony actually have a mid-generation upgrade. Yet it's Sony that deserve the proviso and MS that don't. :lol:

    As for who is seen more as a fanboy, I'm sure you don't want to get into a tit for tat lol. Everyone can see that your posts in this regard are usually negged by loads of people who can see your bias. In fact you're constantly in flame wars with numerous PlayStation players (and only PlayStation players). The only person I ever disagree with in such a fashion is you.
    By PS players you mean PS fanboys like yourself. I don't have issues with PS players like dogmanstaruk, thedarkside, gemini42, or man.the.king. Some of them are on my PS friends list. As for people having a problem with you, I suggest you revisit the Quantum Break PC announcement article or the Quantum Break forum to see just how laughable your claim is :lol:
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  • frazzl 18/05/2016

    @Fourfoldroot It is a streaming service used to add backwards compatibility to the PS4. It does this by letting you stream PS3, PS2 and PS1 titles on your PS4. Spin it all you like but that is very clearly backwards compatibility.

    Hell, you can even download it on PS3 if you want, does that mean PS3 is backwards compatible with itself? LMAO.
    Which might explain why PS2 and PS1 titles are coming. If it really is just a streaming service are we to expect PS4 games to be streamed to PS3 owners?

    And I really don't get your claim that I'm not as critical with Sony as I am MS. Even in this thread, and again now, I say that if the Neo is as rumoured I'm far MORE critical of them. I've said numerous times why I'm more critical of Sony. You seem determined not to read that part though. You really are a bit of a numpty aren't you lol.
    You yourself said your criticism of Sony needs to be done with a proviso, while your criticism of MS does not need such a proviso. You are determined to ignore that part. Strange that.

    Now this thread died long ago so if you have a problem with me just PM me, it'll be a nice change from other people PMing me with the advice not to bother engagring with you due to your rampant MS bias.
    You do realize that I have received PMs about your Sony fanboyism too! :lol:
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  • frazzl 18/05/2016

    Glad you finally admitted I have a point.
    Learn to read buddy. Only if you go and edit all your comments flaming Phil with the same proviso you afford Sony. I don't see you doing that.

    A backward compatibility service is a service where you can play games you already own or later purchase. It is s service where the new system is compatible with old games. This is not. This is a streaming service. it would be like saying a PC is backwards compatible with Xbone or PS4 just because you can play games through it. That is clearly ridiculous. Streaming - not BC.
    Yes it is a streaming service - one that is designed to let you play games from previous systems on your current one. This is, by definition, backwards compatibility. If it was a service designed to let you stream PS4 games on non-PS4 devices like your Bravia TV then you would have a point. The service as it currently stands is a ridiculously overpriced backwards compatibility streaming service that does not bother to take into account titles Sony subscribers already own!
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  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    If you don't see me whinging and criticising Sony on the assumption that the Neo exists then you haven't been paying attention lmao.

    So, although that's not a popular opinion, at least you can't claim, either through ignorance or deceit, that I'm not criticising Sony just as harshly
    Add that proviso to all your criticisms aimed at MS. Then you'd have a point.

    And why do I need to prove PS Now is not a backward compatibility service? It has never been advertised as such, doesn't require previous game purchase, or indeed any hardware other than a TV. How can you even think it is? It's clearly a game streaming service such as those we've seen in the past. Obviously nobody will stream a game they can play natively due to already owning it, that would be foolish. So, do you believe offering a game streaming service is bad? Do you also think it bad for TV and movie streaming services to sell an equivalent service because you might have seen some of those shows or movies before?
    It is a service to provide access to games released on past Sony consoles on the PS4. How is that not a backward compatibility service? Can you play PS3 and PS2 titles on the PS4 natively? Last I checked you can't. Do you have to pay to play PS3 and PS2 games you already own on your PS4 using PS Now? Yes you do.

    Your movie stream service example is a shit one. A common logical fallacy known as a false equivalence. You can play your DVD films on a Blu-Ray player. You do not need a streaming service to be able to play these movies on your newer hardware as is clearly the case with the PS4. Yes it would be pretty fucking bad if you could not play DVDs on a Blu-Ray player and have to pay to stream said movies you already own on it.

    And finally, no. Criticising something (although, again, show me where I have criticised Xbox or it's games!) but, in general, criticising something does not automatically make you a fanboy of a competing product. That example of "them and us, with us or against us" mentality is what is truly indicative of fanboyism.
    Only criticizing one brand while letting your brand of choice skate because it's your brand of choice is "truly indicative of fanboyism". This is what you are guilty of. Clearly. :lol:
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  • frazzl 12/05/2016

    So I haven't insulted Xbox or its games but you feel that I shouldn't criticise. Or is it just an"it's not what you said it's how you said it" situation. Here's a hint, it might cut down on those massively long multiple thread arguments you have with people: people liking something more than you do does not make them a fanboy; insulting other products, and the owners of those products purely due to brand association, does.
    Here's a hint - an almost unilateral criticism of one console manufacturer is indicative of fanboyism. Especially so when you have no interest in the games or platforms. You don't see me criticizing every PC only title released, or the PC platform do you?

    As for PS Now, of course it isn't designed to let people play PS3 (and 1 & 2) games on PS4. Or PS3 for that matter. It made sense to offer the app there, but it's clearly designed to spread ps gaming beyond consoles and hit the market who may want to play games they've never tried on their smart TV, or soon their PC, mobile etc. I.e. Non console owners. It isn't a BC service and anybody who tries to imply it is is being deliberately disingenuous.
    Citation please. You love to construe your opinion as fact but sadly that isn't the case. And if you look at the comments articles on the service elicit, you will see that there are more Sony gamers that disagree with you than those that agree with you. Strange that ;)

    And yes, Phil Spencer says he wants mid gen upgradeability
    He did not say when this would be implemented yet you did not hesitate to criticize a currently hypothetical scenario with no proviso whatsoever. On the other hand the PS Neo exists. So Sony not only wants mid-generation upgradeability, it has also acted out on its desire. This however is deserving of a proviso and less criticism? :lol:

    I'm not liking the idea, but I'm more understanding of MS in this respect than I am Sony even. So I don't know where your accusation of bias comes from. I even suggested they do something similar before the announcement, but in a slightly different way I'd be more happy with from a console market perspective:
    You actually edited your post with this:

    Edit: well looks like MS are kind of doing this. Unfortunately they are talking about upgradeability in such a way that will fragment the user base rather than just releasing a new machine and subsidising existing owners...
    Isn't Sony doing exactly this with the PS Neo? Again I don't see you whinging about a fragmented user base or not subsidizing existing owners with regards to the PS Neo. In fact the loudest noise you have made about the Neo is that it doesn't officially exist. That about says it all really!
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  • frazzl 11/05/2016

    If you are accusing me of being a troll at least have the curtesy to quote some comment I made. Simply saying all the time "everyone can see it" is not fooling anyone.
    People can go and read the shit you have said for themselves. In fact they can read the shit you have said in this very comments thread. Like fhe following:

    I say I don't see the point in BC which doesn't improve anything and often makes games you already own and can play natively worse, I say the same about PS Now - but then PS Now isn't for people who already own the games they are going to stream, so that's not a useful comparison. As for price - $99 for a year of over 300 games is great value.
    So you have made several posts playing down backwards compatibility on the X1 while at the same time claiming PS Now is of great value? You're fucking kidding right? Oh and I would like evidence that PS Now is not for people who already have a collection of PS3 titles they want to play on their PS4. Reading the comments section on any PS Now article makes it quite clear that you're full of shit about this.

    finally, I criticise both MS and Sony for wanting to move to mid gen upgrades (with the proviso that in Sony's case we only have third hand information, with MS we have it from the horses mouth) and yet you call me biased even though I've said exactly the same for both (and, look, I'm saying it here again!)
    Did Phil Spencer say there will be an Xbox 1.5? No he did not. In fact he has gone on record saying he doesn't like that idea. Yet you didn't have an issue criticizing him. Internal documentation about the PS4 has been leaked - Eurogamer have seen it. Devs have confirmed it. Yet you qualify all your criticism of Sony with the proviso about the PS Neo existing. Something you have done your very reply to me (see the quote :lol:). Yup, totally non-biased :lol:

    Your examples are terrible. And not a quote in sight. No surprise there, I've been asking you every time you insult me to provide an example of me posting any insult to Xbox or an Xbox game and you can't.
    You can continually criticize something without explicit insults. If you think criticism only revolves around insults you are an idiot. Then are :cool:

    You really are becoming tiresome. You clearly have vendettas against certain people here, which is a little sad. Thing is, I agree with you about some of them, but then you go overboard and become nasty and all agreement goes out the window.
    Vendetta? LOL! Pointing out your hypocrisy and fanboyism...totally!
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  • frazzl 11/05/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- I agree about Paladinrja. And yeah I am sure that this whole death threat business is nonsense - a simple off-colour joke nothing more. Reply -3
  • frazzl 10/05/2016

    @grassyknoll Neither of those quotes is remotely like what you said to IronSoldier in the The Order 1886 thread; particularly with regards to tone. So the only slimy one here is you :cool: Reply -11
  • frazzl 10/05/2016



    Making stuff up won't get him far either frazz. It's the most generic of generic comments
    Took me a while to find out what this was in reference to XD.

    Anyway there are 47 mentions of Metacritic in the comments here and over 25 of them in the comments thread for The Order 1886. When Ironsoldier mentioned Metacritic with regards to The Order 1886, you should see the comments he received from the likes of grassy (OMG I named dropped him!).

    @IronSoldier No one should give a flying fuck about what Metacritic thinks, especially people who actually enjoy games. You're depressing & are actively trying to drain enjoyment out with a game. I would have missed on Wolfenstein, Neir, Zombiu (my favourite WiiU game), Freedom Wars etc. Games are art & the experience of them is subjective.
    The thing is I agree with him. Metacritic is irrelevant. However some people, himself included, will only say this in certain reviews. That's the issue AndrewLB was addressing IMHO.
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  • frazzl 10/05/2016

    It's recommended. ROTTR wasn't. That is the opinion of EG, no debate.
    Technically that's in Oli's opinion as he reviewed both titles.

    I definitely agree with game quality being entirely subjective. I really don't understand why people are getting so worked up about this review. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the review, your opinion of the game is all that should count.
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  • frazzl 10/05/2016

    @Fourfoldroot Evidence of fanboyism:

    You troll the thread about QB being released on the PC despite the fact you have no interest in either the game or the platforms it is being released on. You do the same on the QB forum thread. You are called out for being a Sony fanboy in both places.

    You continually scoff at X1 backwards compatibility or whenever MS release a 360 title along with the X1 version as a bonus. Never seen you take a stand against Sony's ridiculous policy of charging gamers extravagant prices to STREAM PS3 games, even those they own.

    You criticize Phil Spencer for simply talking about the possibility of mid-generation hardware upgrades. You accuse posters, myself included, of making silly assumptions. FYI, what I proposed as a sensible maneuver for MS to make would they release a mid-gen upgrade is EXACTLY what Sony are doing with the PS Neo. The same console you have still refused to acknowledge.

    So yes pretty unambiguous. But you are good at denial, everyone here can see that :lol:
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  • frazzl 10/05/2016

    One of the posters you said you come to this site for said it about me a few days ago.
    Really? Who was that?
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  • frazzl 10/05/2016

    Anyway, after some "Avoid" tags to great games (only because the reviewer is a feminist girl) I'm not really surprised. Eurogamer is not the best place for reviews anyway.
    Really? FFS!

    If a game like this is not essential for Eurogamer, I don't know what games are. One of the best games of the generation is not essential for a gaming website.
    Do you know what an opinion is? You're as stupid as the muppet who called the Eurogamer offices complaining about the ROTR review. You idiots really need a new hobby as gaming is most definitely not for you.
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  • frazzl 10/05/2016

    The game was released today in NZ and I picked up my copy. Just finished playing the first 3 chapters. 2 prologue chapters followed by 1 post opening credits chapter (with next-gen fish no less!).

    What I really like:
    - The graphics are great.
    - The voice acting is great.
    - The animation is great.
    - I have enjoyed the story/banter seen in the previous 4 Uncharted titles and this looks to be just as good. Looking forward to finding out more :).

    What I found a bit disappointing:
    - The platforming is still overly simplistic. There is so much hand-holding that it is difficult to die unless you either a) deliberately miss-time a jump or b) jump where you are not supposed to. Haven't had a platform related death yet.
    - The second chapter has a lot of fisticuffs. Hand to hand combat is not one of Uncharted's strong points and this is still the case. Mash square to punch, triangle to escape grapple with the occasional press of the circle button to roll and avoid attacks. Hopefully there won't be much more unarmed combat in the rest of the game.
    - Speaking of the triangle button, you'll be hitting it a lot, and on the hard difficulty, quite vigorously during combat. I wish they cut down on that.
    - While the animation is great, movement still is a bit clunky. I think it is down to the fact Drake needs to complete his particular piece of motion-captured animation before transitioning to another action. Quantum Break suffers from this problem as well. A minor issue but noticeable.

    Overall I am very happy with my purchase, as expected, and am looking forward to completing the game. I've been pretty good, completion-wise having finished both Quantum Break and Ratchet and Clank prior to this. With Doom being released this week as well it's going to be gaming heaven.
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  • frazzl 10/05/2016

    @man.the.king Will do. Reply -4
  • Don't expect to be blown away by the new Gran Turismo on PS4

  • frazzl 19/05/2016

    It's good the see the dynamic duo are in full force damage control here :lol: Reply -7
  • Doom review

  • frazzl 18/05/2016

    @riceNpea Agreed. And preference for one great game over another is not criticism of either as you have rightly pointed out. I wish more people understood that. Reply 0
  • frazzl 18/05/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- I have been good in terms of game completion. Finished Quantum Break and R&C on hard. Will definitely be finishing Doom and UC4. I am interested in Homefront as well despite the middling reviews (I don't really pay much attention to them). A bit concerned about the technical issues... Reply 0
  • frazzl 18/05/2016

    How on earth did Doom and Uncharted 4 get the same seal of recommendation??
    I actually think Doom may be better. Opinions and all that!
    Reply +1
  • frazzl 18/05/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- I can imagine! BTW how are you juggling this with UC4. At the moment I am on Chapter 8 in UC4 and on the third level of Doom :). Reply 0
  • frazzl 18/05/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- Haven't reached that stage yet. Swamped with work at the moment. Perhaps this weekend. :) Reply -2
  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    Indeed. I'm not in any way whatsoever seeking to downplay Kojima's achievements but which ever way one cuts it he's not even remotely in the same league as the likes of Carmack, Suzuki and Miyamoto are.
    I couldn't agree with you more!
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  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    I have loved the short time I played the game. It really is brilliant. An early contender for GOTY in my opinion. Reply 0
  • Uncharted 4 UK sales up 66% on Uncharted 3

  • frazzl 18/05/2016

    So that translates to you talking out of your ass making up fanboy drivel as usual :D. Good to know. :lol:
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  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    @grassyknoll I was referring to your Quantum Break figures buddy. First in series and MS don't release sales figures. Reply -2
  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    @grassyknoll LOL grassy. Where are you getting your numbers from? Neogaf? :lol: Reply -7
  • Homefront: The Revolution review

  • frazzl 18/05/2016

    @timeless001 We don't often agree but you're on point here. Some of the issues Chiodini brings up in his review are ridiculous. Reply 0
  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    @dogmanstaruk Imagine the meltdown when Sony officially announce the PS Neo! :lol: Reply 0
  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    @IronSoldier I think it's his predictability that makes it so much fun ;) Reply 0
  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    @grassyknoll Reach? I have quoted two contradictory posts from you. Being a deluded liar must be a lot of fun huh ;) Reply +1
  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    @Abdu@EG The Polygon review does not bring up the issue of racism. Nice try though ;) Reply +2
  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    @grassyknoll Better than being a liar and a fanboy like you ;) Reply 0
  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    These moments, effectively, incentivise the murder of civilians over a matter of ideological difference; i.e. these people haven't joined the ranks of the resistance, thus deserve to die. The resistance, as a result, comes across as mean spirited - these people aren't fighting with a pure (or even passing) love of freedom in their hearts, they're just spiteful. Even with Burnett shouting ineffectively about the human cost of insurrection, Homefront: The Revolution is one long, chest-thumping revenge fantasy. Its ugliness is frequently pushed too far.
    Whatever you're smoking, I'll have some!

    Your North Korean adversaries in Homefront: The Revolution are referred to as Norks. Given the more common colloquial use of that particular term, it'd be funny if it weren't so unpleasant: in Homefront: The Revolution the word Norks is used solely to refer to people from North Korea in a pejorative fashion, which is the very definition of a racial slur. I must have heard the word Norks hundreds of times during my playthrough and every instance was more painful than the last.
    Because different sides of an armed conflict refer to each other in civilized non-confrontational terms?

    If you don't like the game, that's fine. That's your opinion and you are entitled to it. That does not mean you'll not get called out for some blatant stupidity!
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  • frazzl 17/05/2016


    @Gemini42_ It's not for me. Just don't really like the genre, only exceptions are Dragon's Dogma or Yakuza. I personally just appreciate Japanese design & influences.
    Or a Sony exclusive like Infamous.

    1 year ago
    @foolsgold6970 Infamous, LBP 3 & Drive Club are really great games...
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  • Sony E3 2016 press conference time, date detailed

  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    @IronSoldier That's right! And people on forums are TOXIC!! Reply -4
  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    PS4 Neo...pfft. We all know that's forum fiction. It doesn't exist. It doesn't make sense. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Reply 0
  • Shadow of the Beast review

  • frazzl 17/05/2016

    With the number of games being released now I will pass on this for the time being. It'll be on sale soon enough. Reply 0