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  • Night Trap is getting a 25th anniversary re-release for PS4 and Xbox One

  • frazzl 26/04/2017

    @Mar27w I loved Road Avenger as well :D Reply +2
  • frazzl 26/04/2017

    Jeffrey, I am sure I will enjoy Night Trap a lot more than I have enjoyed any of the Souls games :D Reply +2
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 review

  • frazzl 26/04/2017

    @dsmx Strange thing is I have finished SGW 1 and 2 but have only been bothered to finish SE2, despite agreeing with you that the SE games are better. XD Reply 0
  • frazzl 25/04/2017

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a great sniping game let down by a mediocre open world, poor voice acting, technical hitches and terrible writing.
    In other words exactly like its two prequels. Will get it when it hits the bargain bin.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 2 was the game that changed everything for PS2

  • frazzl 26/04/2017

    I loved MGS2 when it came out. Finished it multiple times too on the PS2. I was a lot younger then and Kojima's shortcomings were less obvious than they are now. He is absolutely dreadful as a screen writer - plot and dialogue are laughably juvenile. The series reached its nadir with MGS4 which I abandoned half way through. The cutscenes which dominated the experience were wretched. Absolutely fucking piss poor.

    Kojima should stick to what he's good at. Pushing the envelope with regards to stealth gameplay, much like he did with MGS5. He really, and I mean really, needs to let more competent professionals deal with the narrative aspects of his games. Sadly given his ginormous ego, I doubt that will ever happen.
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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe review

  • frazzl 24/04/2017

    @man.the.king Yup :D Reply +1
  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    @OnlyJoeKing It's your cash dude. Get what makes you happy. Was just puzzled as I view remasters differently. Horses for courses. Reply +3
  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    @OnlyJoeKing Why would you want to pay all over again for content you have already gone through extensively, that you can still go through without paying a cent? It's ridiculous.

    Edit: And yes that applies to all remasters (and you can barely call this a remaster)!
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  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    @MccyMcFlinn Iron Maiden > Nintendo :) Reply +5
  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    This is why people complain. There is this strange sheild that some Nintendo franchises get from critisism, and it's quite natural (And rightful) for people to call it out when they see it.
    I agree with you. It's not just Nintendo franchises though - there are other non-Nintendo franchises to which this also applies to - Souls, Uncharted and Halo franchises for example.
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  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    @spamdangled Playing BoW on the small screen would rob the game of its splendor. Those massive and beautiful vistas deserve a large screen in my opinion. Reply +1
  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    @spamdangled To be fair that list gets pretty small if you already have a Wii U. Smaller still if you have an X1 and/or a PS4. Reply +1
  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    @monsieur-Yor That's why I have my Martin Robinson law :D Reply +2
  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    Have MK8 on the Wii U and got bored of it really quick. Will definitely not be getting this. Looks like my "if Martin likes it avoid it, and if Martin doesn't like it check it out" law has held strong yet again :lol: Reply +4
  • FIFA 17 is coming to EA and Origin Access this month

  • frazzl 22/04/2017

    @jabberwocky I haven't got the kit files yet. Haven't had the opportunity to play PES that much. Zelda has been monopolizing my game-playing life :) Reply 0
  • frazzl 06/04/2017

    Last year was the first year I didn't buy either (or both) FIFA or PES. Has worked out great. Got PES 2017 for NZD15 on a PSN sale and will be getting FIFA 17 soon as part of EA Access! Sweet :D Reply +6
  • Elite Dangerous patch notes accidentally references horrific United Airlines incident

  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    No, I've pointed out that passengers regularly get "bumped" off flights they've paid to be on and it doesn't always end particularly well for any of the parties involved.
    And there is only one incident where the passenger is assaulted. Despite all your claims about it being an "expected result" you fail to provide any other examples of this occurring. Truly moronic.

    I've time and time said that the passenger could have avoided the beating he received, but I've never said that he should have been expected to do so because that would not have been completely reasonable. The fact that you keep trying to call me explaining the root causes, which do not involve any wrongdoing by the passenger, and the events that lead to the beating the passenger received "victim blaming" really goes to show how simple minded you are. It's like saying that someone talking about how distracted driving leads to people running over pedestrians is blaming pedestrians for being run over.
    Actually that is not an accurate analogy. Using your scenario an accurate analogy of what you're saying would be "pedestrian can avoid getting run over if they don't cross the road as distracted drivers exist". That too would be victim blaming.

    Right... Godown's law doesn't apply to someone insisting that you read a white supremacist news site run by actual neo nazis?
    You said GGers read Breibart to get all sides of the political story. Breibart have openly supported white nationalism. So lumping Breibart with the Daily Stormer is not an example of Godwin's law. Perhaps you should read that Wikipedia article on Godwin's Law before you linked it for me:

    Godwin's law (or Godwin's rule of Hitler analogies) is an Internet adage which asserts that "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1"‌that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler.
    Fuck mate, you truly are thick.

    Also nice to see that you can admit to the fact that you base your information purely on third hand sources rather than anything actually accurate. Because child pornography and other material illegal under U.S law is strictly banned on 8chan and has always been so.
    A hardcore GGer defending content shown on 8chan. :lol: Despite all evidence to the contrary. :lol:

    Your attempt at trying to ensnare us with Breitbart is getting old. I've already pointed out that we're not fans of the site and provided you with proof of it.
    Sadly you don't understand what "proving" something entails. Sucks to be you.

    Again with this attempt to handwave this survey because the person who did it isn't anti-GG and because it doesn't follow an arbitrary list of requirements you made up on the spot? How many times do I have to remind you that the same self selection bias problem affects the kind of survey you're demanding.

    If you're going to try to set a strict set of demands on someone else, then don't be hypocrite and apply them on yourself first...
    Applying statistical principals to a survey's methodology is not attempting to "handwave" it. It's called science buddy. Selection bias, non-response bias, researcher bias, these are all very real and invalidate a survey's results. Just because you're stupid enough to take it as gospel doesn't mean anyone else will.

    So by that "If you do something bad once, you should forever be treated as thinking it's ok even thou you've long since stopped doing that" we should throw people in jail forever whenever we throw them in jail?
    If the KKK suddenly declared itself to be an altruistic society, and its members declared that any KKK member with racist views is not a true KKK member would you take them seriously? Well that's the situation here with GamerGate. The basis for your movement is one of bigotry. That's a fact. It's been documented right down to Eron's pathetic wailing.

    Also, The Escapist never actually condoned or allowed actual harassment on their forums. Not that it didn't occur, but it was dealt with using bans pretty much immediately. Or are we using the "Talking about people I like in a negative light is harassment" style of logic people like you employ whenever actual there isn't any actual harassment to scream about?
    Macris was financially supporting a GG clown who was openly harassing people over Twitter without disclosing this, while publishing an interview supposedly about how devs view GG by only interviewing GG clowns, and this is all ethical? Yeah, totally about journalistic integrity :lol:

    Really? Because you still keep insisting that we think Breitbart is a reliable source of information on the whole despite I've time and time explained that this isn't true and I've even provided evidence to back that up.
    Let's just look at you. You visit 8chan and KIA for fucks sake. You are victim blaming Dr Dao. And you are representative of the GG movement. That's more than enough first hand information for me.

    Right... Something even basic journalistic standards consider relevant enough that it needs to be disclosed is totally just irrelevant fluff. Are you now going to say that journalistic standards in general are crap? Because I've seen that from anti-GG activists like yourself and games media itself.
    No. I am saying that these disclaimers you so proudly say your movement is responsible for, are meaningless in terms of journalistic integrity. Can you prove, in any way, that having these disclaimers actually makes any difference to journalistic integrity? Or does it only make you feel better because you are an ignorant smug git?

    So all you can respond to me pointing out that we're actually pressuring news organisations to solve a problem you brought up is emojis?

    Then again, how do you respond to an own goal like that?
    My emojis are a valid response to your hilariously delusional claim, that a bunch of Internet bigots have played any role in improving gaming journalism. That is truly the only response a sane person would deem suitable to a claim as lurid as yours.
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  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    I've shown the exact same conditions happening tens of thousands of times a year and you still keep insisting that this has to be a one-off and that there's no way an airline could pay for the passenger's silence.

    I've pretty conclusively proven that this was the result of an industry standard practice that is acted upon tens of thousands of times a year. You can keep being naive and insisting that this has only once lead to this end result, but I'm not that naive and can see the situation for what it is.

    Ever heard of the saying "No smoke without fire"?
    The only thing you have proven is that bumping passengers when overbooking occurs is standard airline practice. You have not proven assault is an expected outcome. You can twist things any way you like but your inability to prove your claim, and the lame excuses you keep throwing, just so that you can blame the victim, says a lot about you.

    Oh so you're now trying to tell me what I should think? Because I remember pretty distinctly how GG got started and it was when the Quinn incident got people talking about past incidents like Gerstmann's again. The discussion was actually moving on from Quinn when the media then poured gasoline on the fire and tried to shut it down by not only calling anyone taking part in that discussion, but also gamers in general, misogynist harassers based on a few bad apples everyone, those having the discussion and those already attacking the people having that discussion, strongly condemned.
    You can't change the fact that your beloved movement was simply started to slut-shame a female dev. You can insist all you like that bigoted trogs (like you) are not true GG members but everyone knows you are. It's fucking hilarious :lol:

    Godwin's law eh? I know you like to pretend that it's a distinction without a difference, but there's definitely a difference between being a white supremacist and being right wing. I've spent a lot of time on KotakuInAction and 8chan, but I've never seen anyone post a link to the Daily Stormer other than when mocking them.

    Then again maybe I'm probably asking too much thinking that you might be able to understand the difference between mockery and agreement...
    Breibart have openly supported white supremacy so my comparison is pretty apt. And I have in no way compared anything to Hitler or his actions during WWII so Godwin's Law doesn't apply. As for's good to know that you frequent a site known for sharing paedophilic pornography. You are such a stellar human being! :lol:

    If their relationship was truly irrelevant, then why was disclosure of it added to the articles after GG pointed it out? Surely if there was no merit to GG's claims there would be no need to act on them? Right?
    The same reason we get phrases like "trigger warning" added to articles. To appease a vocal demented fraction of the audience. It proves absolutely nothing about the relevance of their relationship.

    I know that anything even slightly outside of your black-and-white thought spectrum may cause you a headache, but you don't have to dislike everyone in a bigger group if you dislike the group the same way you don't have to like everyone in a bigger group of you like the group. I've rather conclusively proven that GG on the whole doesn't think Breitbart is a reliable source of information.

    You may have had a point with the claims of No True Scotsman fallacy if I had claimed that nobody in GG thinks that Breitbart is a good outlet in general. What I instead did was counter your claim with evidence that these people make up a pretty small part of the movement.

    If you had a look at the UK voting figures I posted you'll see that while leaning left, GG as a whole is all over the place in terms of political leanings. When you have a movement that is politically inclusive like this, there's naturally going to be a few right wing nuts here and there.
    You have proven nothing. You have given a survey, loaded with sampling bias, taken by a GGer no less and even that shows that the majority of your group visit Breibart. You truly don't understand the meaning of 1) conclusive or 2) proof.

    Strange how I'm pretty sure The Escapist strictly moderated their forums and removed anything encouraging or condoning harassment. Then again I have a feeling you're using the "Criticism and disagreeing with people I agree with is a form of harassment" standard people like you always use when you don't have any real harassment to latch onto.
    That's not what happened initially. Only when their hypocrisy was pointed out for all to share did Macris do a 180. Too little too late little buddy.

    Also, if that was one sided, then what do you call the media's depiction of GG? They've come out and made it clear they're not going to give us an opportunity to defend ourselves or give our take on things. Surely if that piece was one sided, then so has all of the media's coverage of GG? Or are we using double standards here?
    I don't base my views of GG on what the media says. I base my views on the interaction I have with GGers like you. Can't get more accurate than that.

    Additionally, I remember pretty distinctly how we've been pushing the media to disclose whenever they're supporting the people they write about trough services like Pateon. Unlike you, we're actually working to solve that problem.
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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  • frazzl 21/04/2017

    Tell me again how you believe this is just a one-off occurrence that has never happened before and will never happen again...
    Prove to me it has happened before. The fact that you can't and you still keep insisting you are right says a lot about you. :lol:

    Tell me again how there's never previously been any controversies relating to a lack of journalistic standard in regards to press writing about games. I mean there's no way these accusations could have re-ignited discussion on the subject of games media and journalistic ethics. Events like the Jeff Gerstmann firing as totally just crazy conspiracy theories. The Society of Professional Journalists were definitely smoking something when they concluded that GG has legitimacy.
    If Jeff Gerstmann's firing had led to GG being started you would have a point. You know that this is not the case. It took a slut shaming ex-boyfriend to start a movement about "journalistic integrity"?! Get the fuck out of here you muppet :lol:

    Maybe if you like to pretend as if there have never been any incidents where the ethics of games writing and that those didn't get brought back to the surface by this.
    See the above.

    Fact 2- Grayson did not write a puff-piece on Quinn because she was fucking him
    Maybe, maybe not. Basic journalistic ethics still state that he should have abstained from writing about her at all or at the very least disclosed this in the articles in question. Disclosure of this was however not added until after GG brought attention to this failure of basic journalistic ethics.
    There is no maybe or maybe not. No such puff-piece exists. The whole claim that she provided sexual favours for positive coverage is factually bogus. Keep clinging to this lie though you sexist clown.

    This would be true had Grayson followed basic journalistic standards and abstained from writing about or at the very least disclosed their relationship in these articles before GG had to point this out.
    Strange how you don't have a problem with The Escapist and their role in harassing people in the name of GG. Or how the founder of The Escapist, Alexander Macris insisted the site publish the ridiculously one-sided "What Game Developers Think of #GamerGate" article or how he didn't disclose the fact he was helping to fund known GG member and Twitter harasser Desborough's table-top game. You GG guys are totally about journalistic ethics :lol:

    Well what does your logic say when I tell you that Huffington Post articles are also posted regularly on KotakuInAction?

    Is the idea that people want to see what all ends of the political spectrum are saying really that foreign to you? Is the idea that the truth may actually lie in the middle that unfathomable for you?
    So are you telling me I should read stuff from the Daily Stormer to "see what all ends of the political spectrum are saying"? That there is any merit in the garbage sites like Breibart and the Daily Stormer spew?

    Or are you just going to keep insisting that were somehow huge fans of a site we consider so unreliable we're going out of our way to avoid giving them clicks and ad revenue?

    Then again this talk about us supposedly being fans of Breitbart was your way of sidestepping the idea that the actions of a few bad apples aren't representative of a larger group.
    Milo was your star. You guys loved him - openly so. Pretending that he and his site are rubbish now doesn't change the fact you embraced him and his ideology so strongly :lol:. I also love your repeated use of the no true Scotsman fallacy again :lol: Are you representative of the GG movement. If so that's proof of everything I have been saying. Well your post history here definitely is!
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  • frazzl 20/04/2017

    @NullDev 5 paragraphs with not a single ounce of evidence to prove that assault is an expected end results. Just baseless excuses. Gotcha :lol:

    Right... Yet you still tar the whole of the movement based on a few bad apples whose behavior you now admit may not be accepted by the movement at large.
    I have not admitted anything. You really like making shit up.

    This is where you pretty much just get it wrong. Unlike what the media has said all along, the revulsion towards threats, doxxing and other forms of harassment has been a bipartisan stance since the beginning of the movement. A few bad apples took things well past the point of what's acceptable and everyone in the movement and outside of it, regardless of their stance on the harassment, got tarred with the same brush. This is after all what has kept the movement going for this long and was the thing that caused the movement to get so large in the first place.

    Had the narrative been specific to those doing harassment and not the guilt by association crap the movement would have fizzled out by end of 2014. However here we are in 2017 with the movement as strong as it's ever been.

    There was a lot of talk early on about starting a new movement under a new name that would take distance from the harassers from the get-go. However after it became clear (this was done on public facing forums after all) that the media was planning on attacking this new movement as being the same old movement with a new name this idea was dropped.
    The movement started when Eron Gidjoni decided to publicly slut shamed his girlfriend and got an army of Internet trogs, flying the GamerGate banner to harass her. You can't change history buddy no matter how much you try and retcon it.

    Yes, a survey of confirmed GG actives where the raw data is available for public scrutiny. If you want to question his methods, then you can go look at the data and prove your point using it.

    The reason why people use random selections is to diminish any impact caused by outside parties coming in and messing with the results by adding false testimony to the data. In this case it's not necessary when all the participants are confirmed actives in the movement. Your quip about me not understanding statistics is pretty much completely unfounded.
    You have just proved you don't know any statistics. A random sample is taken to obtain a non-biased sample - one representative of the population as a whole. What you have with this survey is self-selection bias. This is not something you can dismiss out of hand as you have. Idiot. And then you have the non-response rate which for all the questions is pretty high. I am guessing you also haven't heard of non-response bias either :lol:

    Seriously, if you're going to apply this logic of "Any GG supporter cannot be trusted on the subject of GG" then it also makes the media, who is the other party here and has taken a very anti-GG stance, equally unreliable on the subject.
    I am relying on facts. Fact 1 - the GamerGate movement was started in an attempt to harass Zoe Quinn. It was instigated by her jilted boyfriend. Fact 2- Grayson did not write a puff-piece on Quinn because she was fucking him.There is no puff-piece, no biased review. It simply doesn't exist. Fact 3- who Zoe Quinn fucks is none of our business. Simple stuff really, but I am guessing with your 2 digit IQ, this might be a tad tricky to grasp :lol:

    Also, try to remember that reading something does not mean that you actually agree with it. I'm not going to say that because you're reading what I'm saying means that you agree with me because that would be completely stupid.

    Archived links to Breitbart articles on subjects like campus riots are posted regularly on KotakuInAction so the figures are naturally going to be high. However by popular vote Breitbart has been considered so unreliable that it's on the list of sites where any links to it have to be run trough an archiving service so that any links to them don't cause them to get clicks and ad revenue.
    Why post Breibart articles when such events are covered by media that doesn't have such an openly bigoted agenda? Don't answer that. It's a rhetorical question :lol:
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  • frazzl 19/04/2017

    How do you think this would have ended had the couple decided to do the same thing as the guy who got beaten up by airport security? Do you really think that EasyJet wouldn't have had the couple dragged out kicking and screaming had they decided this was the only way they were going to be removed from the flight?

    Are you really this naive?
    You don't know what Easy Jet would have done. There have been many documented cases of non-voluntary bumpings. No other documented cases of assault. Why is that?

    Missing the point again are we? Let me rephrase that as a series of events so you might finally understand what's going on:

    1: Carrier overbooks a flight
    2: Carrier offers passengers compensation and being moved to another flight before they try to board the plane - Happens to over 500.000 passengers a year in the U.S alone
    3: Passenger refuses this and is either removed from the flight or denied boarding at the last minute - Happens to about 50.000 passengers every year in the U.S alone
    4: Passenger refuses to get out of their seat voluntarily and has to physically be removed from their seat

    Do you really think Step 4 is a one-off? Do you really think this 4 step chain of events has never previously had a similar outcome when it gets to the second to last step about 50.000 times a year?
    1) Camera phones have been available for more than several years.
    2) Social media has been around for just as long.
    3) America is a highly litigious society.

    Are you truly suggesting that if an airlines had someone assaulted in the past, a paying customer no less, in front of a whole plane-load of passengers, no one would have posted a video? No one would have sued? Are you truly that fucking dumb?

    Ever heard of something called a PR department? Because hiding bad press like this is pretty much why companies have them and a big company like United Airlines definitely has one.
    1) Camera phones.
    2) Social media

    "Hiding" bad press like this....:lol:

    I'm pretty sure you're the one with the No True Scotsman fallacy here...

    You refuse to even entertain the idea that GG in general doesn't support doxxing and threats, insisting that we support this abhorrent behavior. I never said that these people don't exist in our ranks because they unfortunately do. There's unfortunately not much we can do about them except denounce this kind of behavior not allow it on our forums. Their actions however as I mentioned are not supported by the movement at large or allowed on the forums we control.

    This is exactly why I brought up the comparison to people who judge all Muslims based on the actions of extremists and terrorists. Muslims at large can't do much about these bad apples either except denounce their actions and not allow this kind of behavior on their forums.

    If there's one thing that I've learned over the years of trying to discuss things with people, it's that people with vast differences of opinion can in exactly the same way.
    1) I have never said who is and isn't a "true" anti-GG. Only you have engaged in a no true Scotsman fallacy buddy.

    2) GG started this whole doxxing phenomenon when it comes to the GG saga. Regardless of what its members may think now, it doesn't change this fact. If your founders are "extremists", then what does that say of the followers?

    So you're telling me that you don't see any problem in a journalist writing a puff piece on somebody they're personally involved with? Because not writing about people you're personally involved with, specially when you do it without disclosing this, is considered one of the biggest faux pas:es a journalist can do.
    There is no puff piece. That's the whole issue. Show me this mythical puff piece. :lol:

    If you're going to apply that logic to us, how about you first apply it to yourself?

    Seriously thou, that survey was only available to people who had been active on KotakuInAction for about a year (IIRC).

    If a survey of confirmed GG supporters isn't enough and you won't actually look at the way GG behaves on the inside, how am I supposed to show what GG is actually like? Or have you just convinced yourself that you simply can't be wrong on this subject?
    Now let me get this straight... You want to me to take a survey where participants were not selected at random by an experimenter who is himself a well known supporter of said participant group. I am guessing you know as much about statistics as you do about airlines. BTW based even on your laughable survey, the majority of gamergaters - confirmed no less according to you - read Breibart. Only 30 odd % have never read it. :lol:
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  • frazzl 19/04/2017

    I've repeatedly pointed out that the conditions that lead to this man being beaten up by airport security happen tens of thousands of times every year. Are you really so naive that you believe this has never happened before because it's never before made it into the headlines?

    Here's pretty much the same thing, minus the kicking and screaming, happening in the U.K the day after the United Airlines debacle:
    1) You still can't show a single instance of assault outside of the United case. Easy Jet did not assault the couple.

    2) No one is arguing about overbookings not happening. We all know they do. You keep re-iterating this fact and saying that assault is an expected end result? You truly are fucking stupid.

    Are you really so naive that you believe that this actually is a one-off when the same setup happens tens of thousands of times a year?
    Then why has it not been documented? Why are people who have been assaulted in the past not clamouring for press now? Especially given how litigious the USA is? Again, you are truly fucking stupid.

    I don't need to pretend because I was there in the beginning and have continued to be so since then. Outside of anti-GG I've never seen anyone condone doxxing, threats and other forms harassment on a pro-GG forum without getting shouted down and told to leave. The screenshot I posted is pretty much how doxxing on pro-GG forums always looks like.

    Then again with your "out of sight -out of mind" mentality your statements it's to be expected for you to ignore bad behavior on your side of the fence and act like the bad behavior on this side of the fence is sanctioned.
    Ah yes, the no true Scotsman fallacy. The people who are bigoted, doxxing fucks are obviously not true gaters :lol:. Keep telling yourself that lie. Sadly it won't make it a fact.

    That's what the media, i.e the accused in this controversy, would have you believe. What really got people interested was that Quinn had slept with a journalist who had given her some very positive coverage and the evidence for this was easily found on their social media. It obviously didn't help things that Kotaku dismissed this out of hand by stating that because the journalist hadn't reviewed her game, thou he had written an extensive puff piece on her and the game, this was all fine.
    I have seen the coverage in question. An extensive puff piece it is not. So I know this standard GG claim is a lie. Do try a wee bit harder little buddy.

    It's not like the feeling isn't mutual you know...
    Thank fuck for that.

    I guess that's what it looks like when you live in an echo chamber. However in the real world there's a difference between people with certain view points being tolerated and actually being supported. On KotakuInAction, the main GG subreddit, Breitbart is on the list of sites where links to it have to be run trough an archiving site so that they don't get any clicks from links posted there.

    Seriously, last year Brad Glasgow surveyed GG and found that:

    This is how the movement voted in the 2012 American presidential election (the 2016 election was still something like 6 months away at that point)

    This is how the movement voted in the last U.K parliamentary election

    This is how often the movement reads Breitbart and mind you, this includes reading it trough links posted on other sites
    Brad Glasgow?! :lol: :lol: It's like Trump claiming his inauguration was the biggest ever. You really expect me to take a survey done by a GG mouthpiece on GG seriously? Get the fuck out of here you muppet.
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  • frazzl 19/04/2017

    @NullDev Actually you did say it:

    Here's the point simplified even further:

    - Shitty company does shitty things to operate as cheaply as possible
    - Customer thinking he can still get his way refuses to let company operate the way they usually do and makes it clear that the company needs to use violence to get him out of the way
    - Shitty company obliges and gets airport security to remove him, who ends up beating him up in the process of removing him from the flight

    If there's one thing you're doing well, it's showing people that're incapable of seeing the world in anything except black and white.

    This is not how airlines work
    No my naive little friend, this is EXACTLY how budget airlines like United work. You get cheaper airfares, but it comes with CAVEATS.

    As I mentioned, getting bumped off flights is very common these days. A quick Google search finds that last year United Airlines alone removed or denied boarding to 3765 passengers and the figure for the whole airline industry in the U.S was about 40.000.

    When you "bump" 40.000 people off their every year, do you really think this is an isolated incident? Because you have to be very naive to do so.
    You have repeatedly implied that being assaulted is not a one-off. Despite zero evidence to back it up. Nice try though.

    When I brought up those figures I intended to demonstrate that the conditions and policy behind them that caused this is very common. Do you really think something like this has never happened before or won't happen again when the same series of events (minus the passenger being removed by force rather than voluntarily) happens this often? I hope you're familiar with the expression "Where there's smoke there's fire"?
    Making the same claim with zero evidence does not make it true. It makes you look like an idiot. Where are the other cases of assault?

    All you could come up to respond to me pointing out that, unlike with anti-GG, doxxing is not supported by GG was to essentially go "Well what comes around goes around" and claiming that you don't go to Reddit.
    That's the way the world works. And yes I don't visit Reddit. Don't have an account there.

    And GG pioneered the whole doxxing thing. I love how you now want to pretend that they don't support it. :lol:

    Try to remember that the "Gamers are dead" article series that really got GG started slandered gamers in general based on a few individuals whose actions were wholly condemned by gamers in general.
    GG started when a jilted boyfriend wanted to slut-shame his ex. And yes, people like you give credence to the article "Gamers are dead". I for one want nothing in common with a piece of shit like you.

    Then again am I expecting too much of you? It's not like you've so far been able to understand the idea of a few bad apples not being representative of a much larger group. You probably believe Muslim extremists and terrorists are representative of Muslims in general.
    That's what GGers tend to believe given that they are part of the Breibart fanbase :lol:
    Reply 0
  • frazzl 18/04/2017

    So your logic here is that if something doesn't get huge media attention, it never happened?
    Strawman number 1. I never said it never happens. I am asking you to prove that assaulting a customer is standard operating procedure for an airline like United in an overbooking situation. That's your claim. The onus is on you to prove it with evidence. Here's what I said to refresh your memory:

    If you have evidence to prove your bogus claim let's see it. Which other airline has had a passenger assaulted, broken his nose, knocked out his front teeth and given him a concussion, because of overbooking. Good luck with that trog :lol:
    Thus far you have provided none. I wonder why.

    I proved that removing passengers from flights like this is by no means unique to United Airlines. Instead it's an industry standard practice for low cost airlines and that it happens tens of thousands of times a year. Are you really so naive that you think this has never happened elsewhere with this many cases of people being "bumped" off flights?
    I have never claimed that bumping passengers is unique to United. Never. I am disputing your claim that assault is an expected part of this procedure. Again where the fuck is your evidence?

    Mind you, about 40.000 the number of people "bumped" off flights involuntarily. The figure for people voluntarily being "bumped" off flights is about 10 times that. In 2015 that figure stood at about 500.000! Here's a link if you don't believe me:
    Again, no one here is disputing the fact that overbooking passengers is something that happens. No one would be outraged if this was the only thing that had happened to Dr. Dao. The fuss, my trog friend, is the fact that he got assaulted in the process. Surely this is not too hard for even a gater like you to understand.

    As I said, when your rationale is "It's OK when we do it" then you lose any kind of moral high ground. Also to repeat a point I made, when that happens to our targets we disown the person who did it and take distance from that kind of behavior. You people usually cheer for the person who did it and defend them using rationale like the one you've presented.
    Strawman number 2. You're on fire today my wee buddy. I never said it was okay to doxx anyone. All I said was that it is unsurprising that a movement that pioneered doxxing its opponents, eventually gets doxxed back.

    What's really pertinent is that having some idiots doxx you gaters in an act of reprisal does not negate the fact that Gamergate is a bigoted movement that has done nothing for gamers but bring them into disrepute. I can't wait to hear what delusional piece of fiction you're going to spin about how great the GG movement has been for gamers...:lol:
    Reply 0
  • frazzl 18/04/2017

    @NullDev Again, what other airline has assaulted a passenger due to an overbooking? None of those links demonstrate this. So out of those 40,000 incidences of overbooking, only United got an elderly doctor beaten. Yeah, totally standard operating procedure.

    Oh yes, here comes the usual "But it's OK if we do it" attitude from you lot...
    Gamergate started with the doxxing. Now you act surprised when you get doxxed in return? Quid pro quo buddy.

    Edit: Let's add some relevant facts here. Look at the figures when it comes to involuntary bumping of passengers due to overbooking. Despite all these numerous involuntary bumpings, no one was assaulted. Why? Especially if, as you claim, this is "exactly" how an airline like United works. I'll give you a hint: You're fucking wrong, as usual :lol:
    Reply 0
  • frazzl 17/04/2017

    @NullDev GamerGate according to NullDev:

    Yes, I support a movement that criticizes racism, sexism and all round bigotry by people claiming to be against these things and openly denounces any actual harassment (threats, doxxing, etc.) against these targets. This is what it looked like when we supposedly doxxed Brianna Wu.
    :lol: :lol:

    Your own subreddit, GamerGhazi (of which MrTomFTW is a mod of BTW) forced the Reddit admins to come in when not only were your mods allowing doxxing to take part on your subreddit, you had a mod actively take part in it. The mod in question resigned not long after, but has since then returned to being a mod over there.
    I don't visit the cesspool that is Reddit, thank you very much.

    Seriously, how many times do I have to explain to you that this was the unfortunate end result of a passenger deciding that they were not going to be removed except by force and the airline and airport security obliging?
    Ah, victim blaming. Totally nuanced there! Which makes the following doubly ironic:

    You really are making a very good case for your lack of understanding of nuance when you claim that I'm defending a shitty company when all I'm doing is explaining how they operate and why they do shitty things like this.

    :lol: Seriously mate, you do love shooting yourself in the foot!

    What you're doing is like saying that explaining how a gun works means you're condoning murder.
    This is not how airlines work, whether they are budget ones, or premium carriers. So you are lying. Plain and simple. If you have evidence to prove your bogus claim let's see it. Which other airline has had a passenger assaulted, broken his nose, knocked out his front teeth and given him a concussion, because of overbooking. Good luck with that trog :lol:
    Reply -1
  • frazzl 16/04/2017

    @NullDev Supporting a movement started to harass female devs, is totally not bigoted :lol:

    Secondly you are not displaying any nuance here with your "arguments". I am starting to think you truly don't understand what the word means.

    United Airlines is a shitty company for people who want to pinch pennies on airfare.

    When you use them to pinch pennies on airfare, it can come back to bite you in the backside when stuff like this happens.
    So what other budget airlines has resorted to beating its customers up after overbooking? What has being a budget airlines have to do with assaulting customers? You truly are one hell of a muppet!


    This is usually resolved by offering to transfer volunteers to the next flight with a few hundred dollars in compensation and free hotel night if necessary. What happened on this flight was just that, except with a twist.
    United travel vouchers with strict associated terms != money

    They got 3 out of the 4 necessary passengers to take the next flight voluntarily, but nobody else would volunteer. So they selected a 4th person at random and the person they chose still refused to get off the plane voluntarily
    The process is not random. You can try and spin it as pure "random" bad luck but you know it's not the case. There is a procedure in place for how airlines like United pick passengers to "re-accommodate". Random it is not.

    So I guess this is your example of nuanced...ignoring or twisting facts to fit your warped world view. The same reasoning you use to support your GG brethren. As I said in my first post to you, totally unsurprising. :lol:
    Reply -2
  • frazzl 15/04/2017

    God one... The pretty clear evidence you've unwittingly presented with your "If he disagrees with me on this completely unrelated topic, he's a fuckwit!"-attitude is probably lost on someone as simple minded as you.
    It's more like if person X has a history of bigoted behaviour they doesn't deserve anything more than scorn. As I said before it is totally unsurprising that you are incapable of understanding that. :lol:

    Ever heard of the expression "You get what you pay for"?
    So is this an example of your "nuanced" thinking? :lol: Please don't procreate buddy, we don't want your contribution to the gene pool!
    Reply -2
  • frazzl 13/04/2017

    When you fly what I like to call "cattle class" you service is obviously going to be on par with the prices. Expecting good customer service when you're flying coach or "tourist class" is like going to poundland and expecting service to be on par with selfridges.
    You heard it folks! If you aren't in business class getting assaulted and booted off the plane is par for the course. You'd be stupid to expect otherwise...:lol:

    Edit: Assaulted to such a degree that he suffered a broken nose and a significant concussion.

    Fortunately for the doctor he's going to sue the fucking shit out of United and they're likely to settle. It goes to show that GG clowns have very little touch with reality.
    Reply 0
  • frazzl 13/04/2017

    @NullDev Given your post history, particularly your support of GG, it is clear that any nuance would be lost on a trog like you. So why bother? Hint: that's a rhetorical question :lol: Reply -2
  • frazzl 13/04/2017

    @NullDev I am very familiar with how you think. Which is why I haven't bothered with a nuanced post. You only deserve to be called out for being a fuckwit. Nothing more. Reply -3
  • frazzl 13/04/2017

    They offered $400 and a hotel night, then $800 and a hotel night to anyone who would be willing to take the next flight and 3 out of the needed 4 people took them up on this.
    It's not $800 cash but $800 worth of United vouchers, most probably with rather stringent conditions attached to them.

    When nobody else wanted to pick up on this offer they had to chose someone at random and the person who had the misfortune of being selected decided that he wouldn't get off the plane no matter what.
    It is a well known fact that selection is not "random". Airlines pick people with the lowest fares, who are infrequent fliers with the airline etc.

    But why am I bothering...We all know you are a GG fuckwit, so it's no surprise you'll be supporting United here.
    Reply -3
  • Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch costs 35

  • frazzl 20/04/2017

    Another fucking rip-off on the Switch. Then again, looking at how Capcom ripped off customers with SFV, I am totally not surprised. Not buying your games Capcom, as long as you keep trying to shaft us you can fuck right off! Reply +2
  • Scorpio is console hardware pushed to a new level

  • frazzl 09/04/2017

    @Les I was using the whole set/subset argument you brought up. As you correctly stated exclusives are a subset of a games library. As such all exclusives are part of a games library. However not all games in a games library are exclusive. So using the whole set/subset thing, listing exclusives should count as listing the games library more so than listing the games library should also count as listing exclusives using the set/subset argument. I do however know what you mean :).

    I also wasn't trying to invalidate the importance of a games library in a gamer making a console purchase. It does seem however that the some of the people here, of a certain console persuasion, are increasing its importance now that their previous usp is no longer true.

    As for not getting excited about new hardware - fair enough. I just love hardware announcements. Brings out the kid in me. Then again I probably spend way more than I should on gaming.

    Have a nice weekend too.
    Reply +1
  • frazzl 08/04/2017

    @Les Exclusives are part of a games library. People both the Wii U and X1 for their exclusive games. Ergo they bought the Wii U and X1 for their game library. Nice try at suggesting buying a console for exclusive games does not count as buying it for its games library :lol:

    Just have a look at your post history. You have been very active on multiple Scorpio articles. Most of your posts have been negative. What does your law school training say about that ;)

    Edit: Let me simplify this for the lawyer in you - 3 consoles. None of them have games - exclusives or third party - listed as the number one reason for purchase. Which is "strange" given what a current segment of the Eurogamer readership are spewing now ;).
    Reply -1
  • frazzl 08/04/2017

    @Les In which case the game library was also included for both the X1 and Wii U too. I love the damage control you've been doing in all the Scorpio articles buddy. Keep it up :lol: Reply +1
  • frazzl 07/04/2017

    @Les My point is that games library is not the number one factor desired by PS4 owners. A more powerful machine is. I also like the fact that you failed to notice that "exclusive games/content" was only mentioned for the X1 and Wii U. So much for the PS4 exclusives, huh. :lol: Reply 0
  • frazzl 07/04/2017

    @_LarZen_ Erek is Eurogamer's biggest Nintendo fanboy. Not a Sony one. Reply 0
  • frazzl 07/04/2017

    I love it how a certain segment here are now talking up how important games are. I guess they've completely forgotten about this:

    For the PS4 look at points 1, 2 and 4 (out of 5!!).
    Reply -3
  • Persona 5 ships over 1.5m copies worldwide

  • frazzl 08/04/2017

    Excellent news. Hopefully we don't have to wait as long for Persona 6 :) Reply +4
  • BioWare apologises for Mass Effect: Andromeda's poor transgender representation

  • frazzl 07/04/2017

    I think they are simply desperately doing crisis management, as one of their cynical and seemingly surefire follies spectacularly backfired:
    To cover the issues of the development, they wanted to sell the game with sex (an age old trick).
    I don't think the conversation with the NPC has much to do with sex. Not based on the videos I have seen showing the convo.

    In terms of the romance options, sure, that is exactly why Bioware has included them. Sex sells.

    I would like to think developers take constructive criticism on board. It benefits them and us when they do so.
    Reply -2
  • frazzl 07/04/2017

    @Fourfoldroot It's not just technical issues that should be addressed. Missteps in dialogue, like the one here involving the NPC, should be changed too.

    In terms of making a mountain out of a molehill, well that's the Internet for you. Whatever gets the clicks goes sadly.

    I think games publishers need to understand that if this continues people will catch on that waiting is better than buying an unfinished product at release, and due to this they'll potentially lose a lot of money to second hand sales.
    I agree with you a 100% on this.
    Reply 0
  • frazzl 06/04/2017

    @duerer Why focus on people taking offense? Focus on the fact that constructive criticism was leveled at Bioware. They took it on and are attempting to address it. Isn't that a positive? Reply -2
  • frazzl 06/04/2017

    @thegreatcornholio Because sitting on 71 to 76 on Metacritic indicates that the game is "a dumpster fire all around". :lol: Reply +3
  • frazzl 06/04/2017

    @ptb4life I remember Colin from his IGN days. He is a Sony fanboy idiot. Reply -3
  • frazzl 06/04/2017

    Bioware have been busy taking on feedback and making improvements and they still get slagged on. Aren't us gamers such a nice demographic...:lol: Reply -7
  • Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition review

  • frazzl 07/04/2017

    Been there done that. If you haven't played the original, it was a blast, so this re-release may be worth it. Reply +18
  • Microsoft on why Xbox One doesn't need a No Man's Sky equivalent

  • frazzl 06/04/2017

    @man.the.king Hahaha :D. I am going to use the excuse that I am not married to explain away my lack of fiscal responsibility :) Reply 0
  • frazzl 05/04/2017

    @man.the.king You have more will power than me. That was my plan initially too. Took me a day to cave and get the Wii U version XD. No regrets though. Reply +1
  • Yooka-Laylee review

  • frazzl 04/04/2017

    @FlyingFoxy I agree with you and argued the same point a few weeks back. Sadly you'll find our opinion to be in the minority. For most people 7 is average at best... Reply +1