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  • These new The Last of Us Remastered screens sure are purdy

  • frazzl 24/07/2014

    The "remaster" looks very similar to the PS3 original. And given that the game is all about stealth, I honestly don't think the jump from 30fps to 60fps will make a huge difference gameplay-wise. The game though is excellent. A 9/10 in my book. If you haven't played it on the PS3, definitely get the PS4 version. Reply +15
  • Destiny beta now available to download on Xbox One

  • frazzl 23/07/2014

    Spent 2 hours playing the prologue, a couple of story missions and exploring the Russian stage on my XO. It's better than expected. Not earth shattering but a fair bit of fun. It's nice to see other players playing at the same time you are; my brother and I wondered into a fire fight between higher level players and enemies. It was chaos but in a good way. I think I might get this day one. Reply +2
  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! review

  • frazzl 22/07/2014

    Given my current games back log I will wait for the Xbox One version. Achievements and controller preference... Reply -4
  • Doom 4 is an oldschool reboot, just called Doom

  • frazzl 19/07/2014

    @kangarootoo Sure but Haydar wasn't particularly clear with his comment:

    Please don't listen to these newborn babies who are crying because the game is linear.

    Doom is linear.
    I was just raising the possibility he might have been talking about game progression.

    Edit: Just saw Agarwel_Idiriz's post where he calls Doom 3's level design linear. Well it might not be as mazy as Doom 1 and 2 but linear like COD or BF it is definitely not. So maybe people aren't particularly clear what linear level design entails. They should refer to the pic Eldritch posted.
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  • frazzl 18/07/2014

    @kangarootoo Linear in what way? Game progression, in which case it was, or level design, in which case it wasn't. Reply -1
  • frazzl 18/07/2014

    I am not so sure how happy I am with this. I would have preferred they built on the foundation they laid with Doom 3. Amp up the atmosphere, drop the monster closets and give the player more space to manoeuvre in levels and I would have been stoked. Reply -2
  • Microsoft's PR blunders caused Sony to re-write E3 PlayStation 4 script

  • frazzl 18/07/2014


    To you it was behaviour. To me it was words.

    "Get a second job" -> words
    "Next-gen (not hi def, mind) doesn't start until we say it does" -> words
    "Supercomputer" -> word
    Whether it was words or behaviour the end result was the same. A royal PR fuck up as large as the one MS made last year. Only a fanboy in denial would well deny this.

    ... like BR, BT, WiFi, BC, free online, HDMI. Which you said of, if I recall correctly: "nobody had it back then. why include it?" Well. They all (except BC which they pulled) became standards. What did 360 include exactly? Standard components and paid online. Even their achievements were copied from a PS2 game! :rolleyes:

    And then you also had cell. ;) which was so advanced it actually did run in the fastest computer (N1) on earth for a recordbreaking duration.
    We are talking about a videogame console right? BR, BT, WiFi and even HDMI are not requirements really. Definitely not then and not now either. There are plenty of PC gamers with a wired connection, a DVD drive using their non-HDMI monitor. And they'd be gaming at a higher standard than a PS3 owner by a fucking long shot. So what exactly was future proof? You mean more like Sony Trojan horse! And as for free online....LOL! Some much for being "future proof" that Sony have since abandoned it. :rolleyes:

    I suppose that is in line with their TVTVTTV (notice the double T), CoD and sports, sports, sports message then.
    Because the best selling games on the PS3 and PS4 are not first person shooters like COD and BF and sports titles like FIFA? Do you really think Sony are not just as keen at pandering to the largest portion of their fanbase? You really are a muppet!

    I stated what I stated to address the impression DF had that, had KZ or the Uncharteds been programmed to the 360's metal, they'd question if 360 would be capable enough. Find me a 360 exclusive which says something along these lines towards PS3.
    That was your impression not theirs. They stated that one could argue that PS3 exclusives like KZ or Uncharted were the best looking. They were clearly stating an opinion. Comparing 2 different titles with different art styles is subjective. I for one would take Halo 4 over any KZ title in terms of graphics. Easily! And Gears of War 3 looks just as good in my opinion as any Uncharted title. And don't get me started comparing games like Forza Horizon and Forza 4 with the screen tear, stuttering, PS2 model laden GT5 and GT6 thank you very much!

    oh boy. I really should never address tech talk to you, you can't even understand plain and simple English.
    You are describing your fanboy self perfectly! It's a shame you don't have the self-awareness to realize it :cool:
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  • frazzl 17/07/2014

    and indeed, that is exactly what I meant. Millions of gamers were quite against Sony because of some ill-chosen words, while being blind to the value on offer (actually cheaper in the long run for way much more tech). Thanks. you seem to catch on now.
    Ill chosen words? LOL! I think you mean shitty fucking behaviour :).

    Do I really need to rehearse again what I mean with "future proof tech"? You seem a bit slow to me. :rolleyes: again

    Apparently my "tech speak" (your words, not mine) already is over your head. I indeed better stop then.
    It's you who are struggling. Future proof tech is not behind the ball as soon as it's released. As the PS3 was and still is in comparison to the 360 which you think is not future proof.

    BTW: that's pretty: a footy game running at the same framerate on current gen. Any others?
    NBA2K14? The recently released UFC? Face it in terms of face-offs the PS3 struggled far more initially. There wasn't any sort of parity for years.

    At least first-party games showed things on PS3, 360 would actually have problems with. You can read it again on DF's archives.
    The 360 would struggle running a game designed specifically for PS3 hardware?! Wow! Let's all clap hands for captain obvious. The PS3 would also struggle for games designed with the 360 in mind. Even more so given that platform parity was most easily obtained by targeting the PS3 and not the 360. That's also in the DF archives little buddy :cool:
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  • frazzl 16/07/2014


    Where did I do so?

    I merely stated that Sony gave an extremely good machine for the price, with lots and lots of brand-new, future-proof tech.

    But was "the launch" glowing? There's two sides:
    1) see above. yes, we should all have been pretty happy.
    2) no, as 'persons like you' took misplaced one-liners as a reason not to buy one.
    You did it again. "Persons like" me? You mean millions of gamers who were angry and disappointed at Sony? Future-proof tech? One that ran at lower resolutions and lower frame-rates for years? Hell at least FIFA 14 is identical on the PS4 and X1. FIFA and all EA titles ran at half the framerate for years on the PS3. And please save me your tech speak. It's clear to everyone here that you know as much about computer architecture as an average Gamestop employee :).
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  • frazzl 15/07/2014

    @MeBrains I would say the experience as the moment is "largely equal". I own both a PS4 and X1 and don't see either machine blowing away the other as a console experience. And I am not defending the X1. I am simply highlighting the hypocrisy shown by people like you when you defend Sony. Note also that I am not defending MS. All I am doing is pointing out that if you want to point the finger, do so consistently. No one loves a hypocrite. It's not as if I haven't acknowledged MS fucked up last year. Or that the first few iterations of the 360 had major hardware issues. You on the other hand make the PS3 launch sound positively glowing. So who's the fanboy here? Definitely not me :cool: Reply 0
  • frazzl 12/07/2014


    This is what Kutargi said. I am not surprised you, with your selective brand motivated memory has forgotten:

    "The PlayStation [3] is not a game machine. We've never once called it a game machine," stated Kutaragi at the beginning of his latest interview. "The PS3 is the product we have been aiming for since the establishment of SCEI", said Kutaragi. "We haven't been creating our [past] PlayStations for the sake of games. Our belief, and the motivation behind running our company, has been to (explore ways of) applying the power of computers to entertainment and enjoyment.
    Read the interview here.

    There's nothing remotely funny about Microsoft jacking up the cost of the XBO with aspects that no gamer wanted, with an agenda to beat Apple.
    You mean like what Sony did with the PS3. Read the above Georgie ol' boy.

    Shall we drag up the GIF of the XBO advert with "1080p gaming" on it?

    The X1 has more 1080p games currently after 7 months than the PS3 has had in its entire lifetime. So once again who's being more dishonest?

    They dropped the price within a year. Isn't that a 180?
    Of course it's not, it's called hardware revision and reduced manufacturing costs.

    Part and parcel, as you well kno1w. Calling that a 180 is very desperate.
    Actually they dropped features. They definitely did not reduce manufacturing costs until later. Otherwise why drop their much vamped features? So yes a 180. It's very desperate on your part to try and spin it otherwise.

    Within a year. Once again another 180.
    Hang on, so a hardware iteration that resulted in a lower cost to the end user, is a 'bad thing' because its some weird 180 in your world?

    See the above. Only a fanboy would try and spin cutting features that were heavily advertised so soon after launch, and in fact before launch in certain areas, as a reduction in manufacturing costs. Try harder Georgie :).

    So going from a 1080/720p gap to a 1080/900p gap is what you would call an "ever widening resolution gap between the two"? Math isn't your strong point. How about titles like the recently released UFC where not only is the resolution identical, but the X1 version has a more stable frame-rate?
    Ever widening between PS4 and XBO, to the favour of the former.

    Haha, proper clutching at straws now, dragging out the odd game that barely manages to achieve parity, whilst almost everything else runs at a higher resolution AND more performant on the PS4.
    I never said the X1 was more powerful. However the gap in performance has decreased since launch. That's a fact.

    Sure. Just like the PS3. I don't have a problem with the X1 not being as powerful as the PS4. Lots of people here, you included have a big issue being reminded that the PS3 is not as capable as the 360 despite being more expensive!
    But the PS3 also doubled as a useful blu ray player.

    Bring that argument to now-gen, what 'useful' feature does the XBO have over the PS4? Whats it's 'PS3 blu ray' bullet point?
    It has better games. For a games machine isn't that the most important feature? Perhaps not to you but you're a fanboy :).

    "It's only a matter of time before Sony takes the same approach", is meaningless is context to this discussion, which is that Sony did not intend to do a Microsoft with the PS4. You have nothing to base that viewpoint on, other than "They probably would do..eventually".

    You asked if there were whispers of Sony doing the same thing? You asked me to prove it. Well that does. There were whispers on NeoGaf, on Eurogamer's sister site GameBiz and on plenty of forums. Loud enough whispers for Sony to respond to. So yes really :).
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  • frazzl 12/07/2014

    @MeBrains Actually I answered you with:

    The number of floating point operations a processor can do is obviously not the only requirement for good gaming performance. Once again it was an ill advised move on Sony's part and one I am sure was done to so the PS3 could be a trojan horse for Sony tech (as it was with the BD drive).
    And all you replied back was "Cell". So once again I think it's you who is being evasive or doesn't know what he's talking about.

    And you bend that one liner to suit your needs to make a point. Hirai-san never said what you wrote. He said: "Next gen doesn't start until we say it does."

    Rightly so, given all the, admitted by you, next-gen technology in their machine: Cell, BR, BT, WiFi, HDMI.

    For 360 users, next-gen didn't start until their machine had RROD'd for the n-th time and received a refurbished one which finally, after years, included... HDMI.
    "Next genertion" tech but an inferior gaming experience. Yeah, next generation gaming definitely started with the PS3 :rolleyes: It's your prerogative to be a fanboy idiot so go ahead proving me right :cool:
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  • frazzl 12/07/2014

    @frunk Sure there are people who take things personally but in my opinion that's irrational. If I would honestly treat companies the way they treat consumers personally I would not own any consoles or games ;). Reply 0
  • frazzl 11/07/2014

    I asked you what BR had to do with 720p and you retort with movies?! Without answering me: when was the last time you switched discs?
    For a 720p game without a lot of cutscenes? Absolutely nothing. Tell me did you need to change discs with GTAV? RDR? Forza Horizon? All of these titles are 720p titles with absolutely no need for multiple discs. The last time I changed discs was with The Witcher 2. Why? Cutscene heavy game. It's not my fault your comprehension level is subpar. And I'd rather swap discs than sit through a mandatory install which is what PS3 owners did a lot of. When was the last time you did that on your PS3? In fact how often did you do that? Far more often than I had to change discs!

    But you're right: MS had the better approach. Sell an inferior version to early adopters and hope they buy anew by including necessary tech later in the platforms lifetime.
    Selling an updated version for less 3 or 4 years after launch is definitely better than selling an inferior revision only a year after launch for around the same price :rolleyes:

    Did you understand what I said?
    I doubt you understand anything about the Cell hardware. :)

    It didn't sell because of customer stupidity, oblivious to the amount of tech thrown in, focusing instead on ill-chosen words. We got a great console this time, but without all the extra's Sony could have added - like they did the previous two gens they were in.

    Compare to MS this time. They not only used words - they had translated them into deeds already. DRM was a fact, no second-hand was, Always online was etc etc etc.
    Sorry buddy but the only stupidity was Sony's. I didn't buy the PS3 at launch because it was a shit proposition at launch. I bought it when the price dropped due to poor sales just before they took out hardware backwards compatibility. It's not my fault you were stupid :).

    Unlike Sony, MS recognized they fucked up and fixed a lot of their errors prior to launch. Trust a fanboy though to spin that as a negative :).
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  • frazzl 11/07/2014

    @frunk I don't see it as a betrayal because that would imply that there was something personal in their decision. MS are a business. Like Sony and Nintendo. Nothing personal there in my opinion. Reply 0
  • frazzl 11/07/2014

    Firstly, show me where Sony intended to fuse the PS3 with your cable box, into one seamless whole. Show me where they built the PS3 or PS4, from the metal up, to integrate directly with your TV box.

    You can't.
    So this is the only way for a console to be TVTVTV? Really? Are you denying that Sony was placing a lot of emphasis on non-gaming functionality with the PS3? LOL!

    Both consoles were effectively restricted to sub-HD resolutions, apart from a small handful of low-asset games.
    But MS did not claim that HD gaming started when they said so. Sony did and even at launch did a 180 on it :).

    How is that a 180?
    They dropped the price within a year. Isn't that a 180?

    Hang on though, now you're talking about hardware revisions and iterations. How long post release did this happen?
    Within a year. Once again another 180.

    Yeah, really awesome amount of 1080p games, now-gen. More and more are going to hit 900p on the XBO as the sweet spot for fidelity vs performance, with PS4 ever widening the resolution gap between the two.
    So going from a 1080/720p gap to a 1080/900p gap is what you would call an "ever widening resolution gap between the two"? Math isn't your strong point. How about titles like the recently released UFC where not only is the resolution identical, but the X1 version has a more stable frame-rate?

    The XBO is crippled by non-gaming design decisions. It will never catch the PS4 on power, unless Microsoft put a hardware revision out.
    Sure. Just like the PS3. I don't have a problem with the X1 not being as powerful as the PS4. Lots of people here, you included have a big issue being reminded that the PS3 is not as capable as the 360 despite being more expensive!

    Where? When?
    This is what House said:

    "It made us feel a little bit clearer about our message," House said, "when a lot of the negativity was emerging around DRM issues and used games. I remember reading an article literally the weekend before E3 that was basically saying that this is the direction Microsoft was taking and that it was only a matter of time before Sony adopts the same approach.
    Did you not read the article? Disappointing George ol' boy, disappointing.
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  • frazzl 11/07/2014

    @xbox720 Not at all. I have a Wii U, a PS4, and a X1. Why would I be? Reply 0
  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    What has BR to do with 720p?
    High definition sound and video take up a lot of space. Which is why HD movies are found on Blu-Ray and not DVD. The same principle applies to games. Look at the titles that required a BD or multiple DVDs. They contained a lot of cutscenes and/or dialogue and were thus usually JRPGs. Most titles quite happily fit on a DVD.

    WiFi (and bluetooth and HDMI for that matter) was indeed found in very few homes, but Sony included it. How many ended up using it eventually? Sony offered it right from the start, future-proofing the machine.
    The 360 eventually got those features too without an increase in price. The slim in fact was slightly cheaper. Why ship out something that isn't necessary and simply increases cost when it can be included later when the tech matures?

    Cell. Didn't I state we could argue about its fitness for games? Since I know you are not completely dumb, I do suppose you agree that it was very very very good at number crunching? And that, although PS3's GPU processor was far inferior to 360's, multiplats eventually turned out to be quite alike, didn't they?
    The number of floating point operations a processor can do is obviously not the only requirement for good gaming performance. Once again it was an ill advised move on Sony's part and one I am sure was done to so the PS3 could be a trojan horse for Sony tech (as it was with the BD drive).

    Dumb customers turned their backs, as they were not able to see through the marketing blunders in the form of single phrases to appreciate the effort Sony put in.

    These same dumb customers are directly responsible for us not getting quite the amount of brand-new tech this time around! Why would Sony do that again?
    I would say smart customers saw through all the bullshit Kutaragi was spinning and gave Sony what they deserved. Which is why the PS4 is a better console than the PS3 and is enjoying such commercial success.

    Stick by whichever statement you want, but history should have proven you wrong buddy.
    Actually read Eurogamer's interview with House. Pay particular attention to:

    These were elements Sony wanted to improve on after "bitter and painful experiences on PlayStation 3".
    Seems to me that Sony agree that the PS3 launch was an absolute fucking disaster too!
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  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    @sp1der1976 Exactly. And if you point this out you're automatically a MS fanboy. There is no bad guy or good guy. Sony, Nintendo and MS are a business first and foremost. None of them are here "for the gamers". They are here to make money. Reply +3
  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    @EricJohn004 Sorry buddy but the only fanboy in this conversation is you. I have seen your previous posts and the amount of fawning you do over Sony is laughable. And the PS3 launch was worse. The 360 was never as dominant as the PS2 was. Sony had a lot more rep coming in with the PS3 and they squandered it all. Says a lot really. Reply -1
  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    @Console_Viral_Shills Console gaming is as crucial as PC gaming. This elitist bullshit doesn't help anyone. As long as games sell, regardless of platform, we all win. Reply +2
  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    I do.. and it is not because of any blind brand loyalty.

    Everyone knows we are heading to a digital-only future and downloads will eventually replace brick and mortar shops... probably during THIS generation.

    Once that happens the whole DRM thing is "kinda there" and Sony and MS have what they want. Sony seem happy to allow this transition to happen at the rate customers are willing to accept it. MS wanted to force the issue. Fires erupted - MS got burnt.
    I don't think you're a fanboy. I do disagree however. The people with the biggest thing to gain with the whole digital only no second-hand resale are the publishers. More so than either MS or Sony. Do you think they put pressure on only MS? I personally doubt it. And if the reception MS had received was positive I am sure Sony would have released a very similar statement.

    But these are all good signs. All building trust. all pushing us to a digital future faster.

    MS's recent summer Sale and Games with Gold are now treading the same path, trust will eventually follow. But none of these really existed to the degree they do now before the XB1 policies.

    BUT most of all MS have to start opening up their store to 3rd parties and allow a measure of competition.
    I agree but I think both MS and Sony would be hesistant about allowing 3rd parties to set sales policy in their console stores. I guess we'll see.

    MS misjudged the market again, but they have done that at least 4 times in the XB1 launch; DRM, Kinect, TV, targeting non-core gamers, price, etc.
    Also agreed but they are not the first to do this. Remember in my previous post I said that this kind of arrogance driven mistake making has happened before and will happen again. Sony, Nintendo, MS, Sega, Atari have all fallen victim.
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  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    @CynicalMe3 I agree. Management changes and memories are short. Fortunately though the memories of gamers are equally short! XD Reply 0
  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    Why wasn't the PS4 built, at a hardware level, for TVTVTV? No HDMI passthrough means their vision for the PS4 was nothing like the XBO. Or do you expect people to believe that they changed the hardware before release?
    But there were whispers. Which is why House had to re-write his speech to emphasize the difference in their policy.

    Microsoft have been edging closer and closer and closer to the Xbox being more than 'just' a games console. Anyone who has used the 360 since launch can clearly see how the UI has been fundamentally changed to allow adverts and pressure points to be built into the 'experience', for non-gaming activities. Now look at the PS3. Did you suddenly start to see masses of adverts for movies or shit when you switched it on? No, you didn't. You could go to the relevant section but it wasn't force-fed as soon as the console had power.
    TVTVTV was key to the PS3. Sony openly stated that they wanted the PS3 to be the center of a consumer's media hub. Do you really think they've completely given up on that? Especially given the trouble they're experiencing with their other consumer electronic products!

    Show me one, just one other example of a games console release that matches the XBO and the amount of 180's. You can't. Microsoft have been rightly chastised and are now eating humble pie. You should be thankful to people like me for that, because it's people like me, those 30'somethings with cash on the hip who turned their back on the XBO and forced all these changes to come about. So when the XBT is released, maybe, just maybe it will be a proper games console, rather than a TVTVTV box that can do games too. Just. If you're lucky. At 720p. Without vysnc.
    The PS3. Look at all the 180's:
    1) HD gaming starts when we say so: But the PS3 had and still has plenty of sub-720p games. More than the 360.
    2) Gamers don't want controller vibration: LOL!
    3) Hardware backwards compatibility is legacy!: LOL!
    4) Gamers will want to get 2 jobs to afford the PS3!: LOL!
    5) The PS3 is a super computer and we'll let you use it as a Linux box!: LOL!

    Need I really go on? And BTW there are significantly more games running at 1080p and 900p than their are at 720p. Yeah gamers should be lucky that we have people like you :rolleyes:
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  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    Yet, "wanting to make the most money they can using any tactics" last gen resulted in releasing a console which had an amazingly potent processor (although arguably unfit for games), BR, BT, WiFi, HDMI, BC, card readers and free online. For the price, back then, of a standalone BR player.

    If they'd wanted to make the most money using any tactics, I suppose they would have went off the shelve (like they did now), charge for online (like they did now) and include less (like they did now).

    Compare the Sony PS3 "any tactics" above to MS releasing a tech product using off the shelve, standard HW (without BT, WiFi, HDMI, HDD and Live subscription - no less!) which was totally unfit for purpose (i.e. RROD'ing) for the best part of their two initial years.
    That was hubris. They were pushing for things gamers didn't want. BR was not a necessity then especially given how many sub-720p games we saw. Wi-Fi in 2006 was found in very few homes. BC and all the card readers were removed without a commensurate price drop. Sony lied about controller force-feedback. And for such a "potent" processor the PS3 still lags behind the 360 when it comes to multi-platform titles.

    So yes I stick by my earlier statement. Sony were not out for the gamer with the PS3. And their arrogance bit them in their ass big time!
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  • frazzl 09/07/2014

    @lew15ewad As a long time gamer and an often early adopter of technology I would rank Sony just as low. Reply -3
  • frazzl 09/07/2014

    @lew15ewad Sure. Sony helped MS out last generation and MS helped Sony out this generation. Things tend to be cyclical in the game industry. It's not the first time hubris has hurt a videogame company (R.I.P. Sega) and sadly it won't be the last. Reply -2
  • frazzl 09/07/2014

    Given Sony's history (just look at their behaviour during the PS2 and PS3 generation) I don't really believe House's statement. All these suits are the same. They want to make the most money they can using any tactics they can get away with. When the public made it clear MS wouldn't be getting away with their policies Sony made sure theirs were different. Reply -16
  • Pinball FX2 Xbox One release date set

  • frazzl 17/07/2014

    @shotbyascot, @stoomonster and @fuzzyduck Thanks for the information. Will try the demo with the trial tables and get the full game if it clicks with me. Not really a pinball person myself but it's not to have some gaming variety. Reply 0
  • frazzl 17/07/2014

    As someone who doesn't have the game is it any good? Worth buying? Reply 0
  • PS4 system architect Mark Cerny working on a new indie game

  • frazzl 17/07/2014

    @PirateRoberts Vizzini ragging on Sony?! What has the world come to? :P Reply 0
  • frazzl 17/07/2014

    @StooMonster Played it and hated it. Not the worse game ever, sure, but a lousy one definitely in my opinion. It's basically a 1080p Sonic Unleash with more juddering and less Sonic. And sadly I have played Sonic Unleash too :(. Reply 0
  • frazzl 17/07/2014

    After Knack I'd be very, very cautious about buying a Mark Cerny game. He seems to know his computer architecture far better than game design. Reply 0
  • Starcraft, Guild Wars and State of Decay designer reveals MOBA Gigantic

  • frazzl 16/07/2014

    Is that a Pixies reference in the tag line? Reply +2
  • The best games of 2014 are actually from 2013 - and that's okay

  • frazzl 13/07/2014

    @CynicalMe3 Same here. Like you I am an early adopter; patience is not a virtue of mine. 2015 does look fantastic though. Witcher 3, Quantum Break, Crackdown 3 (?) and Xenoblade Chronicles. Can't wait. Reply 0
  • frazzl 12/07/2014

    @shotbyascot They're doing it because they don't have enough new titles to justify owning a PS4 or X1 just yet. That's the issue. Both companies were so keen to release at the end of last year that the release line up has been pretty bare, especially on the PS4's end in my opinion. Both consoles could have done with a delay I reckon. Reply 0
  • frazzl 12/07/2014

    Actually the best games will be new experiences. Why would I want to replay last year's titles? Reply +2
  • Tech Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • frazzl 12/07/2014

    They are a great dev and I am very much looking forward to the game. 900p doesn't bother me. I'd rather they get a completely locked 30fps (and it sounds like they're close to that) than a bump in resolution. Reply +3
  • Video: The flattest performances by Hollywood actors in games

  • frazzl 11/07/2014

    Fuck I didn't realize that was Matthew Perry. Absolutely dreadful! Reply 0
  • Peculiar Skullgirls message confuses, catches those who pirate the game

  • frazzl 11/07/2014

    @Playstationman On this we agree :) Reply 0
  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    Oh the ironing
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  • Shadow Warrior out on PS4, Xbox One this autumn

  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    It seemed to pick up favourable reviews. Eurogamer didn't review it, sadly, because we were busy fanning fanboy flamewars!
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  • Divinity: Original Sin review

  • frazzl 10/07/2014

    I contributed to Kickstarter for this with my brother. Have the game but not the hardware to play it XD. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Sniper Elite 3

  • frazzl 09/07/2014

    @Darren I don't really find much difference gameplay-wise to be honest. I guess it's quite subjective. Reply 0
  • frazzl 09/07/2014

    To be honest given how much time I have spent crawling around the game levels both console versions should be capped at 30 fps. The extra leeway would enable the PS4 version to more closely match its PC counterpart and 30fps is basically where the X1 version comfortably sits at with V-Sync enabled. It's not a twitch shooter in any way shape or form. Reply -3
  • The real story behind The Sun's "Gaming as addictive as heroin" headline

  • frazzl 09/07/2014

    @spamdangled Actually you can die from opiate or benzo withdrawal. It's not as common sure, but still a possibility. Basically if the drug is a CNS (central nervous system) depressant like heroin or alcohol, addicts have a physical dependence.. If it is a stimulant like cocaine for example than dependence is psychological in nature. Reply 0
  • Kinect 2 for PC costs 159

  • frazzl 08/07/2014

    @Eldritch So if something isn't "literally life changing" it isn't worth developing/buying? I guess you'd be very popular with the "videogames are a waste of time" lobby! Reply -1
  • How Gran Turismo plans to save motorsport from itself

  • frazzl 08/07/2014

    I'd take Forza over Gran Turismo any day of the week. The last GT I enjoyed was GT3. Reply 0
  • Alien Isolation Oculus Rift prototype is just that

  • frazzl 08/07/2014

    Alien Isolation is the perfect kind of game for VR! Reply +1
  • Cliff Bleszinski says he's "coming out of retirement"

  • frazzl 08/07/2014

    And I'm all too aware of what plunder means. After all, I originate from India, a country which the British Raj plundered. :) Before they got here, it was one of the richest lands in the world, spiritually and materially. By the time they were kicked out, it was one of the poorest, at least materially.
    I agree completely. What the British did in India was shocking!

    Remember, I started console gaming with the PS3-360 era. I didn't have any consoles prior to that (nor did I use to read any gaming websites - I started reading online about gaming about half a year after I purchased my 360), and so I came into this with a sort of clean slate.
    That might explain our difference in perspective. Sites like Gamespot and 1up were virulenty pro-Sony. And still are (well Gamespot at least. 1up has given up the ghost.)
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