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  • Metal Gear Solid 4

  • frantyk 09/05/2006

    I loved the way Kojima always touches on real world issues ie, terrorists ( i definately seen a Taliban do a forward roll in that movie), nukes, government censorship, its just makes the game seem more credible.

    Then again sometimes it seems like and education in world issues and kids dont get enough of that these days.

    //makes dooby, smokes dooby
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  • Revolution's real name

  • frantyk 27/04/2006

    might it be in the Geordy sence, (phoneticly. wyeye) Reply 0
  • Metal Combat

  • frantyk 21/04/2006

    The anim needs a bit of tweaking whatever it is.

    ..and is that a 14'' colour TV on his head?
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  • C&C3 announcement soon?

  • frantyk 20/04/2006

    More evidence, and I doubt its been "Paintshop Pro'd"
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  • ECTS 2003: NVIDIA's line-up

  • frantyk 27/08/2003

    stalker ...ahh.. th name brings a tear to my eye.. palpetations to the heart,,
    i really hope it lives up too.
    Hopefully ill be seeing it tomorrow,,(working during the Holidays is a bitch,,,)is stalker a playable version?
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  • Music 3000

  • frantyk 10/06/2003

    i know a guy who bought it from game.. and returned it 4 days later with out opening the polythene packaging. and he loved the previous m2000.

    must have been the depressing thought of havin to cope with the new ui.. more crap beats and limited (song)replay..(ps2 to cd anyone?)
    get this if you want a studio with out having to buy a pc
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  • Desert Combat advances

  • frantyk 18/05/2003

    yup it is a great mod.. i cant get enough...
    damnd helicopters though,,, i cant fly em for beans
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  • Primal

  • frantyk 19/04/2003

    HAhahah my mate thought GAME had made a mistake when he seen this game for Ł20 (they lied about a once in a lifetime promotion, neglecting too mention that the game is 5/10 material),,,, and he bought

    maybe i should tell him of the great impartial games review site that is (not gettin and cash from SCEE to pimp this game)

    and when i played it i though the script was a bit pants aswell..
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  • OpFlash 2 on the cards

  • frantyk 17/04/2003

    hoepfully they really think hard about the multiplayer side of things.. Reply 0
  • Syberia

  • frantyk 16/04/2003

    ive played the pointy click genre since simon the sorcerer, and the broken sword series..

    this game look so nice i decided to give it a go,, and was surprised cause i expected less of it.. although i did get through it in like 4 days( and no faqs needed!!), great game if given a chance.
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