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  • Darkfall 2.0 may wipe current characters

  • forumfag 13/07/2011

    traffic is too slow to troll you worthless fucks. have fun reading shitty reviews, idiots. Reply -16
  • forumfag 13/07/2011

    get some popcorn? get a life you worthless piece of shit. Reply -19
  • forumfag 13/07/2011

    Poor Ed Zitron never did another review after that first awful Darkfall review.

    Eurogamer is complete trash and only stupid/ignorant people like this site. I only happen to come here because someone posted that the idiots at Eurogamer got it wrong again and I came to see the spectacle. Who, but an ignoramus, can take Eurogamer seriously? Internet rumor F2P Darkfall? What a joke.
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