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  • Trendy cancels Dungeon Defenders Vita

  • flipside1 14/06/2012

    Hardly surprising devs are abandoning it. Reply 0
  • Control your Xbox 360 with Xbox Live iOS app

  • flipside1 14/06/2012

    Calm down guys, it's a free app.
    Yep, an optional free app that you don't have to use, and that works on devices you probably already own if you do want to use it. No wonder the Sony Defence Force hate it!
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  • Eurogamer's Best of E3 2012

  • flipside1 13/06/2012

    Surely stopping watching the film to look up cast members is breaking the immersion, not strengthening it?! In the stuff they showed, while it looked technically nice, it really didn't offer much, but that was mostly down to poor examples. I can already look up cast members on IMDB on my phone etc.
    I don't care about that. I just find it amusing that the SDF mark down other people's opinions as if they're not allowed to have them. "Your opinion must be hidden from view so nobody can read your positive thoughts on something that wasn't made by Sony!!". It happens constantly on here.

    Eurogamer should just scrap the + and - buttons and this thread is a perfect example of why.
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  • flipside1 13/06/2012

    ALSO BEYOND? REALLY? Ellen Page staring blanky like a ragdoll for two minutes.
    Wait until you see some actual gameplay! It's like Dragons' Lair with screen tearing.
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  • flipside1 13/06/2012

    No i just want to watch an episode of game of thrones without no distractions.
    Then do that, you dopey twat.

    I notice the SDF have successfully hidden people's opinions on SmartGlass now. LOL. They're so insecure it's untrue.
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  • flipside1 13/06/2012

    the Beyond trailer was both brave and brilliantly judged - and it was absolutely the only video or demonstration during the whole of E3 week to posit that less could actually be more.
    It's a shame the "game" is another QTE-fest. They should have just made a film, cos it looks like it would be quite good as one, unlike Heavy Rain which was straight C movie dog shit.
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  • flipside1 13/06/2012

    LOL@anyone saying they liked SmartGlass getting marked down by the Defence Force.

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  • PS3 game Way of the Samurai 4 release date narrowed to September

  • flipside1 13/06/2012

    Yet another massive BOMBA in the making. At least they have a couple of good games out in 2013. Reply -5
  • Project P-100 Preview: Wii U's Secret Weapon

  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    With games like Assassins Creed 3 - will you definitely be able to play the game exclusively on the controller, without using the TV screen, or is that only for some low demand games like SMB WiiU??
    That's what I've been wondering. I assumed it was all games, but then I read somewhere that it's not (although I don't know if that's true).

    It makes a BIG difference, because being able to use the tablet as a handheld around the house would be great, especially as the screen is a decent size, but if it only works for some games and not others then that's a PITA.
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    Looks great. Reply +8
  • New PlayStation 3 super slim? "Never say never," says Sony

  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    @sfp_noodle - Stop crying like a little bitch. You had nothing to say, cos you have no rebuttal to the facts I've posted. You're just another SDF mong. This site is full of them.

    SDF tactics - try and hide any opinions or facts that disagree with their delusional view of the world, either via hitting the -1 button en masse or reporting people to the moderators. The PS3 is shit mate. Deal with it. Last in sales. 5 billion lost for Sony. Inferior versions of all games. Fewer exclusives. Forced installs. Wank online. The list goes on.
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    @Sfp_noodle - You're a fucking idiot. I can easily prove I have a PS3. I could post a photo of all the games I own in front of my PC monitor with this thread in the background.

    You illustrate just how deluded PS3 fanboys are - you think it's literally impossible to own one yet think it's anything other than "the bestest thing evar!!!".

    It's shit compared to the 360 - in tangible, inarguable ways such as the inferior install system, inferior patching system, inferior game performance etc. but also it is my opinion that the games catalogue isn't anywhere near as good as the SDF make it out to be - and let's face it, the SDF love to talk about how great PS3 exclusives are, but the UK game sales chart tells the true picture of what people are buying. Recent PS3 exclusives like Starhawk and Sorcery have been MASSIVE bombas, so all those mongs defending them in threads on here aren't even buying them either it seems!

    The SDF also love to think that they're some kind of game connoisseurs while 360 owners are "chavs on the chavbox playing shooters and nothing else", yet the only multiplatform game that sold better on the PS3 than the 360 for the last few weeks is FIFA Street 3. Clearly the connoisseur's choice! LOL!

    I've read a few of your posts and you write a lot, but say fuck all. Save your breathe next time. Your post is pure ego-driven fanboyism. You let your purchases dictate who you are like some soulless shell of a retard, therefore you feel the need to defend them with vigour, even though you don't even know why you're doing it. It's amusing. I have posted facts to back up my argument and I'll do it one more time: -

    360 advantages: -

    Upscales all games to 1080p
    Better install system
    Better patching system
    Consistent system-wide features (custom soundtracks etc.)
    Superior online system
    Superior multi-platform game performance
    Faster wireless
    Better placement of ports
    More exclusives
    More highly rated titles
    Demos of all downloadable XBLA and indie games
    Much better for media now

    PS3 advantages: -

    It has a Blu-Ray player
    It has a web browser (a shit one, but at least it has one)

    That web browser advantage is set to disappear shortly as well, leaving the PS3 as a glorified Blu-Ray player. No wonder it's last in sales!
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    because people didn't appreciate those features.
    Sure! Nobody wanted backwards compatibility. They'd much rather buy the games they already own on PSN! Nobody wants USB ports on the back so they don't have to have cables dangling out of the front.

    And removing those things didn't lower the cost for consumers anyway - just for Sony.
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    @flipside1 it say that xbox 360 got 81 console exclusives. ps3 number is not in wikipedia.
    There's a full list for all 3 consoles on there. Just count them up.

    The SDF have been lying about this for a long time, yet when you post the truth, you only get marked down. I don't know why that is. Facts are facts. The 360 has WAY more exclusive games than the PS3, so the first SDF tactic is to remove all games that don't come on a disc, but then when they find out that even that doesn't work, they talk about "quality" which is purely a matter of opinion and not fact. Ironically, if you point out that the 360 has the most highly rated titles overall on Metacritic, they will then write off that as "just opinion" even though Sony themselves use Metacritic in the product description of games on PSN. Basically, the SDF are complete twats living in a fantasy world. LOL.
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    i was speak for ppl who bought their xbox360 4-5 years before . i only know 3 xbox360 exclusives . 1 gears of war, 2 forza motorsport, halo series. if i miss some other plz correct me
    So you're comparing what you would potentially get with a PS3 "super slim" in the future to what you got with a 360 4-5 years ago? Why?

    The 360 has more exclusives than the PS3. If you just want to see disc-based games, look at the list on Wikipedia.
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    300 euro for xbox360 without wifi in build+ 20 euro for wifi antene+ 50*4 years =200( just to get online even if you pay your internet connection)+ 15 euro for baterie recharger and you got a value of =535 euros. xbox is not cheap if you realy think what you get with it .
    The 360 has had built in wireless for 2 years. Wireless N too, not the slower wireless that the PS3 has.

    Of course, you could get a PS3 instead, but it's worse as a games machine (fewer exclusives, worse performance, crap online etc.) and worse as a media box now too as the 360 does way more in that area and isn't gimped by Cinavia.
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    By the sounds of it the only thing you're interested in is Blockbuster games (judging by your choice of PS3 games) so yes maybe the 360 is the better console of choice for you but if you think the 360 has more exclusives then i'd suggest that goes as far to say how informed about games far and wide you actually aren't.
    There's a full list of disc-based exclusives on Wikipedia. The 360 has more than the PS3. Include "console exclusives" where the game is on 360 and PC, but not PS3 or Wii, and there's even more. Include downloadable games and the 360 has WAY more because there are more XBLA games than PSN games and there's also 2,500 indie games. Sorry if that upsets you, but sadly it's a fact.

    I'm not only interested in blockbuster games BTW. I just haven't seen anything that takes my fancy on the PS3 since Uncharted 3. I would like to have tried Journey, but there's no demo for it. One was supposed to have been added to PSN last week, but I can't see it on there. That's another area where the 360 is miles ahead too - demos.

    The PS3 has more exclusives too i hasten to add. I mean objectively speaking.
    Nope, sorry. The 360 has the most by far. If you just look at disc-based releases - cos obviously you'll want to exclude everything but "blockbuster releases" to try and give the PS3 an advantage when it suits you, LOL - the 360 still has the most. It's just a simple case of being objective and looking at the facts, rather than making things up and lying, or imagining things - the SDF are great at that.
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    360 dominate uk sales charts cause uk is usa bitch, and we all know it in rest of world when we saw toni bler in g'bush side annoucing the war at irak.
    Toni Bler? Irak? Yes, I really feel proud to be British now.

    A cheap to make PS3 made out of bargain basement parts might help Sony get back some of the 5 billion dollars they've lost since releasing the PS3, so perhaps it's a good thing in the end - not for consumers of course, but for Sony.
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    You're getting mixed up with the 360!
    Eh? The 360 has more exclusives than the PS3, more highly rated titles, more downloadable games (all with demos) and better performance in cross-platform games. Outside of a decent exclusive per year, the PS3 is a joke, which is why Sony went from dominating the market to last place.

    Last PS3 game bought - Uncharted 3 (November 2nd, 2011)
    Next PS3 game bought - God of War: Ascension (March 12th, 2013)

    Fuck all worth buying for 18 months. That's how good the PS3 is! LOL. It's why the 360 dominates the UK game sales chart.
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    I wonder what they'll remove from it this time. The ability to play games? The SDF would find a way to defend that if they did! They've already removed backwards compatibility, the card readers, USB ports, the touch sensitive buttons, SACD support, Linux support, component output. The only console where you get less as time goes on! Reply -13
  • Lollipop Chainsaw launch trailer revs up

  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    So basically the sites that actually enjoy games giving it good marks
    That's a strange thing to say. I've never found a site where I've agreed with all of their review scores. Destructoid gives this 9/10, but they gave Assassin's Creed 2 a 4½/10 for instance, which is crazy IMO, but it's still just one person's opinion which they are entitled to.

    Are you implying that the Edge reviewers don't enjoy games? They seem to give high scores to a lot of games, so I would say you're quite wrong there.
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  • flipside1 12/06/2012

    Famitsu: 9/9/9/9
    Destructoid: 9/10
    Geekrevolt: 9/10
    GamingUnwrapped: 9.5/10
    GamingAge.com: A-
    Frictionless Insight: 3/5
    GamesRadar: 6/10

    I predict 6 or 7 out of 10 from Eurogamer.
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  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Preview: You Don't Know Jack

  • flipside1 11/06/2012

    The game looks great. I'm glad it's not another sub-HD cut-scene fest with multiple forced installs and 45 minutes of actual gameplay like MGS4. Reply 0
  • UK Top 40: Ghost Recon wins third week on top

  • flipside1 11/06/2012

    Um the only Xbox 360 exclusive on that list are Star Wars Kinnect and Forza 4,BTW wahat list are you looking at?
    What are you talking about? I said "360 owners sure buy a lot of software" and I posted the top 40 broken down by platform instead of Eurogamer's list where it combines all platforms. 7 of the top 10 best selling games were 360 versions and 18 of the top 40 games were sold on the 360 - more than any other platform. The list I posted comes from Chart-Track's website if you want to go and have a look.

    you are an idiot. the 90% all of the games are for pc and ps3 too you fu--ing fanboy. Take your x360 and go suck your d-ck
    LOL. Another brainless SDF mong.

    Doesnt seem to be a single multiplat game that is selling more on PS3 than 360.
    There's 1 - FIFA Street 3. That'll be because "PS3 owners have better taste", LOL!

    @flipside1 And there just *are* more 360 owners, by proportion, in the UK.
    Christ, even the staff jump in to defend Sony on here!
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  • flipside1 11/06/2012

    360 owners sure buy a lot of software.

    01 - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (360)
    02 - Max Payne 3 (360)
    03 - FIFA 12 (360)
    04 - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (PS3)
    05 - Max Payne 3 (PS3)
    06 - FIFA 12 (PS3)
    07 - Battlefield 3 (360)
    08 - Sniper Elite V2 (360)
    09 - Game of Thrones (360)
    10 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (360)
    11 - Sniper Elite V2 (PS3)
    12 - Mario & Sonic London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii)
    13 - FIFA Street (PS3)
    14 - Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)
    15 - FIFA Street 3 (360)
    16 - Diablo III (PC)
    17 - DiRT Showdown (360)
    18 - Kinect Star Wars (360)
    19 - Battlefield 3 (PS3)
    20 - Mario Tennis Open (3DS)
    21 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3)
    22 - Game of Thrones (PS3)
    23 - Assassin's Creed: Revelations (360)
    24 - Dragon's Dogma (360)
    25 - Mass Effect 3 (360)
    26 - Forza Motorsport 4 (360)
    27 - Wii Fit Plus (Wii)
    28 - Prototype 2 (360)
    29 - Football Manager 2012 (PC)
    30 - Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)
    31 - Mario Kart Wii (Wii)
    32 - Mosh Monsters: Moshling Zoo (DS)
    33 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 (360)
    34 - Call of Duty: Black Ops (360)
    35 - DiRT Showdown (PS3)
    36 - Mario Kart 7 (3DS)
    37 - Resistance: Burning Skies (Vita)
    38 - Saints Row: The Third (360)
    39 - Just Dance 3 (Wii)
    40 - Assassin's Creed Revelations (PS3)

    360 = 18
    PS3 = 11
    Wii = 4
    3DS = 3
    PC = 2
    DS = 1
    Vita = 1
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Wii U at E3

  • flipside1 10/06/2012

    Wow, people are really arguing that 30 FPS is better than 60? This site is full of utter fucking mongs! LOL! Reply +5
  • Microsoft explains Inside Xbox closure

  • flipside1 10/06/2012

    'Fewer exclusives!!?' Ha ha ha ha... Ouch, my sides... please stop... oh, oh, oh... Tell it again please!
    The 360 has more disc-based exclusives than the PS3. If you include disc-based games that also came out on the PC (i.e. "console" exclusives) then it has more still. Include downloadable games and it has fucking LOADS more. Sorry SDF retard, but it's just a fact.
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  • flipside1 09/06/2012

    Isn't it amazing how the SDF are willing to do complete u-turns? When the PS3 came out, they were waffling on about how it did "everything" (even though it didn't really) and Sony even marketed it later on as "it only does everything" and yet that was somehow fine. LOL.

    MS already has the best console for games and media. It's the PS3 that is the "master of none" as everything about it is worse, from forced installs to massive patches, to worse online, to inferior cross-platform game performance, fewer highly rated titles, fewer exclusives, fewer media features and apps and so on.
    Some of you are so disconnected from reality it's untrue.

    What's also funny is this: -

    Eurogamer thread where MS announce new apps = "It's a games console!! This sucks!"
    Eurogamer thread where MS removes non-gaming stuff = "This sucks! MS suck!!!!"

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  • Sony on PS4: "We've never been first. We've never been cheapest. It's about being the best"

  • flipside1 08/06/2012

    vizzini is the ultimate Sony turd polisher. This is the guy that said it was good that Vita sales were poor, cos he feels like he's in some kind of exclusive club. What was that lost post even about? Loads of hot air as usual, and not a single rebuttal to anything I actually said, cos deep down even you know that I'm right. LOL. Reply 0
  • flipside1 07/06/2012

    Only 60p a week it may be, but assuming you owned a 360 since roughly launch...that 60p equates to approx £187.
    So? If you use Sky instead of Freeview, you'll have paid loads more too, but Freeview is wank compared to Sky and PSN is wank compared to Live.

    Its your choice but out of that list of wonderful apps you list how many are you interested in? And why is it ok in your opinion that ms charge you anything to access apps that are free to access elsewhere?
    Where else are they free to access? Not on the PS3! It's been left way behind as a media box now and the SDF know it. Back in the day they'd be touting how the PS3 has iPlayer and what have you, but noticed how they never mention any of that stuff any more? All of a sudden it's all about the games! Not surprising though, cos the SDF is a collection of cunts.

    Put simply you dont buy a console for apps, the last decent thing to be added to ps3...

    Yep and the 360 has the most exclusives, the most highly rated titles, and the best performance in cross-platform games. But don't forget, I own both. If you only own a PS3 then most games are worse than they are on the 360, possibly with a massive forced install, possibly with giant patches, and you get to play them on an online system that can't even match what the first Xbox had, never mind the 360.

    The SDF know they have no rebuttal. The 360 has a better patching system, a better install system, better designed system software (custom soundtracks for all games, no need to sync achievements manually etc.), a better online system, better versions of almost all games, more exclusives, more highly rated titles, more downloadable games, more demos, more media features, faster wireless, more USB ports that are better placed - The only thing the PS3 does better is playing Blu-Ray films, but I thought it was "all about the games", LOL.

    SDF = clowns, desperately clutching at straws to defend a company that went from top of division 1 to fighting to avoid relegation, losing billions of dollars in the process and that's why you twerps are so over-defensive. The glory days are gone though and they're never coming back! It's downhill for Sony from here, cos they make the same mistakes time and time again.
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  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    I have switched form a 20mb connection to 100mb and now I can download 1.8gb in less than 3 minutes: before it was impossible to do that in less than 15-20 minutes.
    The problem with PSN is, it's just so variable. I downloaded a 260MB update for a game earlier and it took over 20 minutes. I then downloaded an 800MB game that was done in about 2 minutes (i.e. the speed I should be getting), then I decided to have a look in HOME as I hadn't used it for over a year and there was a 46MB update that took 7 minutes to download.

    If you want to play a game with a friend you pretty much have to prepare in advance, lol, otherwise you could end up missing your chance due to one of you waiting for a giant patch to download.
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  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    You can't even argue that the PS3 is "best for media" any more as firstly, Sony have added Cinavia to it which gimps it, and secondly, the 360 now has the following apps: -

    Sky Player
    Demand 5

    With these coming out over the next few months: -

    Absolute Radio
    The AOL On Network
    Gamespot TV
    NBA League Time
    NHL GameCenter Live

    And yeah, you can access a couple of the things I mentioned on the PS3's awful web browser, such as Facebook and Twitter, but the apps on 360 are much nicer to use on a console and the 360 will be getting a better web browser than the PS3's shortly anyway.

    But oh noes, I have to pay 60p a week for all of the above, and a much more fully featured online system to play games with my friends! How will my bank balance cope!!??? Good job most games and DLC are cheaper on Live really, which more than offsets that 60p, but let's not mention that as the SDF are upset enough in this thread as it is! lol.

    What's the last decent thing added to the PS3? I own one, and not even I can think of anything, while MS are adding new stuff regularly.
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  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    Lacking loads of features - Cross Game Chat - Anything else? No didnt think so.
    3 private voice chat channels
    Party mode
    Voice messaging
    Demos of all XBLA games
    Over 2,500 indie games, all with free demos
    Windows Live Messenger support
    No need to sync achievements manually
    Cross-game invites/Join session/Mute/Live status updates in all games
    Way more media apps than PSN now (and loads more on the way)
    Multi-user logins supported globally
    Multiple headset support globally
    A web store where you can purchase content, queue up demos remotely etc.
    A far better delta patching system for games

    I could go on, but the SDF are always clueless on this cos they only know PSN and think it's "just like Live, but without cross-game chat!", as you have just shown, lol.

    As for PSN being down, you can only play online if you log in before it goes down and I can't always do that due to the times the maintenance starts.

    As for PSN being slow as shit, I already have 100 Mbps broadband and my PS3 is connected via an ethernet cable. It's just shit slow. There's a massive thread on NeoGAF where people say the exact same thing, so it's not just me. Perhaps you've just never used Live to know what "fast" means.

    And as for nothing meaningful added to it in ages, I was talking about features. Sony have given up on updating it, it seems, while Xbox Live continues to get new features and updates (the 35 new media apps announced at E3 for instance).

    Sorry, but you really need to own both consoles before you make inept comments, as you just sound like another clueless idiot trying to defend the PS3 from a position of complete ignorance.
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  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    PSN is the way it should be.
    Lacking loads of features, down for maintenance every week, slow as shit, and nothing meaningful added to it in ages? No thanks. I don't mind paying pennies a week for a vastly superior service. If PSN on PS4 is up to par with Live then it would be a different matter, but it's still miles behind right now.
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  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    Developers are lazy: that is all.
    Holy shit. The SDF are still rolling that one out?

    If only the 360 didn't have a better install system, better patching system, better system software, better online system, better performance in nearly all cross-platform games, cheaper downloadable games and DLC, more exclusives and more highly rated titles, the PS3 would definitely be the best.
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  • SimCity footage gets constructive

  • flipside1 08/06/2012

    It looks amazing. As for the DRM, it bothers me more in principle than in reality, cos my Internet connection virtually never goes down. It's the fact that they're punishing legit purchasers while the pirates will no doubt be able to download a cracked version that doesn't require you to be online that's more of a slap in the face than anything. Reply +3
  • ShopTo estimates Wii U price at £280

  • flipside1 08/06/2012

    That's all it's worth, probably less. You can get an xbox360 or ps3 for £150 - which unless I'm mistaken contain comparative innards
    The Wii-U is a fair step up on both in terms of specs, but Nintendo showed nothing at E3 that would hint at that.

    I think the problem they're going to have is convincing hardcore gamers to not just wait and see what the PS4 and Nextbox are like, which will no doubt be more powerful than the Wii-U.
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  • E3 Reaction: Nintendo Blows Its E3 Conference Opportunity

  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    Where was this "originality"? Jumping on heads in HD and ports of games I've already played on the 360 can't have been it, so maybe I missed something. The tablet controller is an original concept in terms of having one incorporated into a console controller, but even with that there wasn't anything that made me think it was worthwhile. Reply -1
  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    The conference was about as bad as it could be - almost like MS or Sony wrote the script for it - but based on the leaked specs that several devs on NeoGAF have said are real, the machine seems like it's actually a fair bit more powerful than the 360 and PS3. Either way, I wouldn't write any console/game off based on E3 cos it's largely a mainstream platform now. I hope it's great so I can buy one, but if it's just like the Wii all over again then I'm not being suckered in this time! Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 6 Preview: Fear of the Unknown

  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    The E3 demo looked pretty awful, but hopefully the game turns out decent. I really liked the last one, even if it wasn't up to par with 4. Reply +1
  • EA: Origin won't copy Steam 75% off sales

  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    Steam has created a culture where many PC gamers just hang around waiting for sales, then they snap up a bunch of games for pennies that tides them over until the next one. In the long term, I don't see how it's helping the industry at all. But then surely the companies whose games are on Steam have a say in the matter, so they must be happy with the frequency of the sales and the pricing. Reply -26
  • FIFA 12 bundle, Virtua Fighter 5 on EU PlayStation Store

  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    A free demo of thatgamecompany's Journey also hits the PlayStation Store today.
    Sony really need to get demos on there at the same time the game comes out. I've bought bugger all on PSN compared to Live because of the lack of demos (and generally higher prices on average).
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  • E3 2012: The Vapourware List

  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    This is why Ryse wasn't there: -

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  • Microsoft reviews its E3 performance

  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    MS conference: -

    10 exclusives
    6 multi-platform games
    4 exclusive DLC announcements
    2 games with Kinect voice integration features
    35 new apps
    New dashboard features
    Internet Explorer
    Xbox Music

    Sony conference: -

    4 exclusives
    4 multi-plats
    1 exclusive DLC announcement
    A talking book taking up most of the show

    But according to the SDF, Sony wins and the totally exclusive DLC for AC3 is great, but MS suck cos they announced nothing apart from timed exclusive DLC, which is somehow worse than totally exclusive DLC! Hahaha!
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  • The Last of Us a 2013 game

  • flipside1 06/06/2012

    Time to put the dust cover back on the PS3 until 2013 then. Reply 0
  • E3 Reaction: Microsoft vs. Sony: The Console War Is Over, For Now

  • flipside1 05/06/2012

    I really don't like M$ much, and I've already been thinking about jumping over to Sony next generation since they have such a great focus on indie games and the like.
    Yeah, MS really need something to combat Sony's "great focus" on indie games. An indie games section of XBLA with over 2,500 games, all with free demos - perhaps that would do it. LOL.
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  • Sony's E3 2012 Conference

  • flipside1 05/06/2012

    MS had 10 exclusives, a bunch of multi-plats, loads of new apps, new features. Sony had a couple of exclusives, a couple of multi-plats, no new features and a J.K. Rowling book. Had that young kid not been in the demo for The Last Of Us, they could have said "here's Uncharted 4!" and nobody would have noticed. Totally uninspiring. Even the demo of that Beyond game showed zero gameplay and judging by Heavy Rain, the full game will have that amount of gameplay in it too. Reply -1
  • YouTube app hits PS Vita late June

  • flipside1 01/06/2012

    Hilarious. 360 gets a YouTube app that can do HD - the SDF slate it. Vita gets a YouTube app - the SDF want one for PS3. Reply -9
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - Dawnguard trailer

  • flipside1 31/05/2012

    Well they won't be skint but it's still wasting money IMO I doubt many think "Damn I'll have to wait for the DLC I must buy an xbox to change that".
    Yet look at all the whining from the SDF in this thread! There are plenty of normal people (i.e. not SDF twats) that would look at things like the COD DLC coming to the 360 first and think "this is best played on the 360", which obviously drives sales.

    Sony secured fully exclusive extra content for games like Red Dead Redemption, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood which is even worse as non-PS3 owners never got to play it, never mind waiting 30 days, yet where is all the piss and vinegar towards Sony? Oh yeah, I just remembered. I'm in a Eurogamer comments section, where Sony can do no wrong and MS/Nintendo can do no right.
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  • Doctors use Kinect in keyhole surgery

  • flipside1 31/05/2012

    I thought this was about that dude who stuck a PlayStation Move controller up his ass.
    Triggerhappytel? Vizini?
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