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  • Titanfall Season Pass announced, priced at £19.99

  • fletch7100 06/03/2014

    Do love the moaning on here. Acting like season passes are the new devil to hate. Expansion packs have been around for a long time, go back to X wing on PC in the 90s. Think I paid about £15 for the B wing expansion. Did I see any reviews, no brought it cause it was a fucking B Wing. Enjoyed the main game and knew I would enjoy the new content.

    This season pass do you have to buy it? No. So stop your whining. If you are still playing it when the DLC drops then you will probably want to invest in the pass.

    I'm still laughing that some people are thinking it's running off EA servers.

    Played the beta and loved it, good fun, quick paced MP shooter. Great contrast to everything else coming out that fills a niche for me.
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  • Why Turtle Rock left Valve

  • fletch7100 11/02/2014

    Gameplay footage, more info in EG forum
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  • Xbox One launch line-up revealed

  • fletch7100 20/08/2013

    I reckon Zoo Tycoon will be the game to buy at launch :). If it was free to play and pay for content. Then there will be a Daily Mail story about how that game bankrupted so many families over Christmas Reply 0
  • Yes! A Battle of the Bulge sequel this year!

  • fletch7100 13/08/2013

    I'm sure this guy has previous form for this sort of thing

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  • Xbox One captures game footage at 720p 30fps

  • fletch7100 06/08/2013

    "such as the ability to do full-body HD gamerpics"

    Reminds me I should watch The Nightmare before Christmas again
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  • Microsoft restores game ownership and expects us to smile

  • fletch7100 20/06/2013

    So, still a day one purchase then :) Reply 0
  • EA acquires Star Wars video game license

  • fletch7100 07/05/2013

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  • Pizza Hut launches Xbox 360 delivery app

  • fletch7100 23/04/2013

    so how many MS points for a large pizza? Reply +14
  • Dead Island Riptide review

  • fletch7100 22/04/2013


    looking at the other reviews its more buggy and has more framerate problems than DI
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  • fletch7100 22/04/2013

    still day one buy for me then Reply +4
  • Team Fortress 2 played on omnidirectional treadmill and Oculus Rift

  • fletch7100 19/04/2013

    Ok next assassin creed with a diving board and a crash mat Reply +10
  • fletch7100 19/04/2013

    could use the same tech with Skyrim. play games and get exercise for peope who dont want to leave the house Reply +18
  • Watch the Battlefield 4 trailer at 60FPS

  • fletch7100 01/04/2013

    DICE mentioned that this was pre Alpha footage, its going to intereting to see what the final build is like Reply +4
  • Fast & Furious star named as new Agent 47 in Hitman film reboot

  • fletch7100 06/02/2013

    Looking forward to how Paul" I always walk like I crapped my pants" Walker handles the film. Just want to see the film now. It's like you know something really bad is going to happen but you just can't take your eyes off the impending wreck about to happen. Just like a celebrity having a mental break down on CBB. Reply 0
  • GAME targets PC gamers, becomes first UK shop to make Steam Wallet Codes available to buy in-store

  • fletch7100 30/11/2012

    This from C&VG site

    In a move that could further rile packaged goods publishers, GAME is also offering an extra 33 per cent trade-in value on certain games against Steam Wallet codes.
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  • Influential credit rating agency downgrades Sony to “junk”

  • fletch7100 22/11/2012

    No need to panic. Unless Sony start appearing in Cash in the Attic Reply +11
  • Molyneux's Curiosity app launches, £50,000 DLC not yet available

  • fletch7100 06/11/2012

    I was 2998 player, first thing I saw when I zoomed in was this. " Peters games are shit" written into the cube, then someone crossed out the word shit and replaced it with"great" Reply +4
  • Dishonored review

  • fletch7100 08/10/2012


    Same with skyrim, speed run main story under 3 hours
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  • iPhone 5 revealed, runs "console quality games"

  • fletch7100 12/09/2012


    Real racing 3 trailer Pre alpha footage
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  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty pre-order bonuses/DLC announced

  • fletch7100 11/09/2012

    I'm actually interested in the fire team element to the MP think its 8v8 but on your team the eight players are broken down into 4 squads of 2. So you get bonus points and perks from working together as a 2 man unit. Add in all the different class and countries which mean different bonus/skills/perks for that nations class, like to see what they make Reply +1
  • Forza Horizon pre-orders bonuses revealed

  • fletch7100 11/07/2012

    This one will be open world racer, set in Colorado, dynamic day to night transition ,race events—circuit racing, drifting contests, point-to-point races, as well as mixed-surface and dirt racing. Reply +7
  • Battlefield 3: How Fan-Run Servers Are Ruining DICE's Game

  • fletch7100 06/07/2012

    Saw a server thats called only for noobs and newbies, if a much higher player goes in is too high a skill level and a massively high k/d ratio for compared to everyone else will be kicked, if the admins are playing that is

    Fucking trying to post on a phone, fat fingers pressing the wrong button
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  • fletch7100 06/07/2012

    Saw a server thats called only for noobs and newbies, if a much higher player goes in is too high a skill level and a massively high k/d ratio for compared to everyone else, if the admins are playing that is

    Was on cq server, 35 mins into the match, side I was on was winning by 300-100 then I get admin killed and moved to losing team. WTF, worked hard for a win then fucked over at the last second
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  • fletch7100 06/07/2012

    Have found couple of dice normal servers on xbox. Still on my favourites list. Ea servers you can't add to favourites.

    Saw a server thats called only for noobs and newbies, will get kicked if much h
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  • Battlefield 3's upcoming "Matches" feature aims to organize multiplayer

  • fletch7100 06/07/2012

    Didn't bc2 have the vip online pass , £10 to get online for 2nd hand copies. Then the spec ops unlocks for money, then kit unlocks for money. Wasn't really any new maps apart from cold war,heavy metal. Rest were just different game modes, hardly call that a new map. Loved harvest day, but that's just a BC1 map so hardly new. Also why wasn't there a rush version of Panama Canal?

    So this is just the private match option we was after that didn't ship on release day. Just how early was this game forced to be released. Should have kept it to BC style march/April release date, let cod have Xmas sales, usually bit of a gaming drought for big FPS spring time.

    Damn I just want grappling hook, crossbow zipwire,flashbangs, gas grenades,gas masks, NVGs goggles that everyone had, not just a type of weapon scope, more night time matches,match recorder,more factions, Chinese,MEC,Spetnaz,SAS,Insurgents,Euro Force all of which was in Battlefield 2 released in 2006
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  • Microsoft secures rights to Xbox 8 domains

  • fletch7100 03/07/2012

    Xbox infinity

    If they make a Xbox case so it looks like Buzz Light year, then it's day one purchase for me
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  • X-Wing Retrospective

  • fletch7100 01/07/2012

    Loved this game, got the 2 expanision packs which carried the story on from Epsiode IV, the escape from yavin then setting up new base on Hoth. Loved the aspect of managing your shields,overload the forward shields as your try to destroy shield generators on a star destroyer. Even small details like do you select single laser at a time, two or all four at once. Couldn't spam the lasers as they had energy management, fire them to much and they lose power, let them build up power to increase their damage.

    Buying tie fighter, getting used to having shields on your x wing then the horror of finding out your TIE fighter doesn't have shields. Just cannon fodder for the rebels.

    Great game, loved to see it remade, just don't want difficulty changed, use one of the top game engines that best at handling all the light and particle effects, for consoles some sort of radial control to balance,laser,shield,engine management
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  • 20 minutes of Dead Space 3 gameplay

  • fletch7100 18/06/2012

    Yeah that bit at 13 mins, with pulping and awesome. Well he reminds me of Ben Stiller from Dodgeball Reply +7
  • Meet Persian Gulf Soldiers - the Iranian Call of Duty

  • fletch7100 14/06/2012


    Should get project reality( pc mod for battlefield2). Has Israel defence force vs Hamas. Also has Taliban/Taleban side depending on how you want to spell it. They was in it long before the MOH controversy happened, niche title so no one kicked up a fuss
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  • fletch7100 14/06/2012

    Anyway back on topic, good to see games from different developers. May not be the greatest game but everyone has to somewhere. Best of luck to them Reply +2
  • fletch7100 14/06/2012

    As for Syria, long term plan for middle east from certain western governments is regime change in Iran. Iran has strong links with Syria. Any action on Iran is easier with Syria out the way. To think that western governments aren't in Syria is naive.

    Like Libya, western governments helping the rebels, even when we knew there was terrorist groups working with the rebels. The so called same ones media tell us are our enemies, same is happening in Syria

    Hell we even asked the US government to do a regime change in Iran in the 50s, we have done it once we can do it again. No wonder Iran doesn't trust us, would you
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  • fletch7100 14/06/2012


    Biggest area of jewish people outside Isarel in the middle east is in Iran about 25,000. Isarel offered them a place to live in Isarel and those Jewish people said no we are happy here. If Iran is so bad they would have left.

    The troubles wouldn't stop overnight if US stopped funding Isarel. But how can US talk about Road to peace plans when they are backing one of the countries and have their own interests in who has power in the region.

    As for Iran doing ethnic cleansing, what about when Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons sold to him by western governments killed 3,000 Kurds, injured another 5,000. Which lead to younger generations being born with disabilities. Didn't see western governments going after him, mainly because Iran-Iraq war was going on and we was backing Iraq. America the old cads were going one stage further and backing Iran and Iraq as they didn't want one power dominating the Middle East unless it was their friend
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  • fletch7100 14/06/2012


    Both sides are as bad as each other, Israel have done some fucked up shit in their time, criticise them and they do the old holocaust speech. Yes that was terrible, but you insult their memories by hiding behind that excuse for some of your modern day actions

    If America stopped funding Isarel and breaking international rules by financing them, things will be much quieter

    Would this be classed as irony, Germany have announced that they sold and built 4 nuclear attack submarines to Isarel, which will be fitted with nuclear tipped Missiles, part of the cost for this has been offset by the money Germany owes Israel for the Holocaust/ WW2 war payments
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  • The Future of DayZ

  • fletch7100 09/06/2012

    So the only type of game coming out like this for consoles is zombie u on wii u. Which could go multi platform Ubisoft has mentioned Perma death, hunting for supplies etc. will never be as open as dayZ. Mention of MP mode which will probably be a horde mode. If they dont do a co op version then they are seriously missing out on a good trick

    Good games have always come from mod ideas. The Mod for BF1942 called desert combat, DICE then got those modders to help them make BF2

    Still waiting for a new battlefront game, the get first strike, a star wars battlefield mod for BF2142
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  • Peter Molyneux's new game Curiosity has a £50,000 DLC

  • fletch7100 07/06/2012

    Just check on hot vouchers uk, get the chisel for 69p Reply +15
  • Behind Closed Doors with Beyond: Two Souls

  • fletch7100 05/06/2012

    Day one rental for me Reply +3
  • Microsoft's E3 2012 Conference

  • fletch7100 04/06/2012

    Usher singing, sorry turning the volume down as I watch man v food Reply 0
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition unveiled

  • fletch7100 01/06/2012

    Even Hudson reference in the Ghost Recon game, one of them says " yeah it's a dry heat" Reply 0
  • Battlefield 3: Close Quarters trailer explodes

  • fletch7100 28/05/2012


    Problem Dice made was saying BF3 is a true sequel to BF2 when BF3 has less content, less ideas than its predecessor which was released in 2006. BF1942 you could control a battleship and sail it round Iwo Jima, providing artillery support,whilst defending yourself against enemy planes tried to bomb you. Now they give us Operation corridor instead.
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  • fletch7100 28/05/2012

    Well you won't be seeing that destruction as your view will be obscured by the suppression effect :) Reply +7
  • Deadlight story trailer shows new gameplay

  • fletch7100 25/05/2012

    The makers already mentioned they have other stories in that world that they like to make. Hoppe this makes enough money so they can invest in making a sequel and expanding the game Reply +3
  • Dragon's Dogma Review

  • fletch7100 21/05/2012

    From Ign. Prepare for walk of text

    These technical problems are enough to sour the experience for anyone, but if you persist with Dragon’s Dogma, it gets more rewarding the more time you put into it. Where the game really succeeds is in providing a sense of adventure. As you press further and further out from the capital city, Gran Soren, you really do begin to feel like you’re on the frontier, exploring lands that human feet have rarely trodden. When night falls, you immediately start looking around for shelter – not because you’re told to, but because night is dangerous in Dragon’s Dogma’s world, and if you don’t hole up somewhere safe you’ll almost certainly die.
    This palpable sense of danger makes quests feel exciting, even when their goals are uninspiring. Health doesn’t fully regenerate after a fight, so the longer you’re outdoors for, the harder things get. Hiding out in the wilderness in an abandoned fort, waiting for the sun to rise with only your Pawns for company, is an exhilarating feeling, as is bringing down a griffin or golem through a combination of tenacity and luck. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief every single time you return safely to an inn to rest, even 30 hours into the game.
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  • First batch of Dust 514 closed beta keys to be sent to Eve Online players tomorrow

  • fletch7100 17/05/2012

    From games magazine " we really want to start out small,get things going and see how people respond to it" " you could use the vita as a droid in the game,that files around and you could fly around corners and peek, then you could use it as your controller for the game, which could be kind of cool. Because now you have extra window letting you see round corners. Another that's compelling is, if you've seen the orbital bombardment,the player has this cortex, the device on their arm,so I thought it would be kind of cool, because of all the applications that we are thinking about are kind of smaller fun free applications, so it would be kind of cool of the vortex was your vita and we just provide a way to strap it to your arm as a touchscreen, so you could provide the lainch co ordinates just by touching it, which is pretty cool"

    With ex DICE members working on this plus the largest battles being 24v24 large conquest with each side having a Commander :) something that used to be in BF games but got removed for plainly stupid reasons. Player count may raise over time as as CCP improves their game and server structure

    It's the long term persistence in this game that draws me in, hopefully the PS3 community embraces this game and CCP can fulfil on their promises.

    CCP have said this game will start off small, get everything working properly then start adding in more features
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  • fletch7100 17/05/2012

    Hopefully my key turns up:) reason for me to dust off the PS3

    More info here about the game

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  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Preview: Dumb, Loud and Proud

  • fletch7100 11/05/2012

    5o cal sniper round designed to go through engine blocks was its primarily role

    IRA used them in the troubles in NI used to shot across the border from Rep of Ireland into Northern Ireland

    Not the most powerful sniper rounds these days. There is a smaller calibre round that is more aerodynamic which means faster speed and more range. Which also means less weight to carry and more rounds to carry.
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  • Starhawk launch trailer lands

  • fletch7100 08/05/2012

    http://www.shopto.net/PS3/VIDEO GAMES/DLCSHPS3-Starhawk Pre Order DLC.html

    39.99 at shopto with that free pre order DLC

    Tescos £41 no mention of DLC
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  • fletch7100 08/05/2012

    http://www.shopto.net/PS3/VIDEO GAMES/DLCSHPS3-Starhawk Pre Order DLC.html

    39.99 at shopto with that free pre order DLC

    Tescos £41 no mention of DLC
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  • fletch7100 08/05/2012

    Ign gives it a 9. Basically says that the SP is just training for the MP. The MP looks good fun

    Looks good. Am Xbox User as my main choice, got PS3 for MGS4 and Demon Souls only, this plus Dust514 should mean it will be getting some more loving from me
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  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 investigative trailer

  • fletch7100 03/05/2012

    Should read up on what CIA, KGB and others got upto in the 70s and 80s. Behind regieme changes all over the place. Best example was Laos in the 70s, American government was backing the Laos government, what US government didn't know was that the CIA was backing the rebels who were trying to overthrow the Laos government :)

    Or America backing both sides in the Iran/Iraq war
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  • fletch7100 03/05/2012

    Had to laugh at that drone hacking part. What with the law getting passed in America that the military,government, police, private corporations and joe public will be allowed to fly drones in airspace that civilian airplanes use. Favourite quote was by a police Sherrif saying , that they were looking into the legal rule book about putting a weapon system on the predator drones they will be getting Reply 0