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  • Mass Effect Andromeda is another failure for trans representation

  • fleagol 28/03/2017

    Man, people are really lining up to take a shit on this game. There´s so much hate, so very many different angles people are outraged and frustrated about I can´t keep up. Between the facial animations to the writing to the combat mechanics to the side quests to the inventory size to this minor character or that romance option or the bugs and the glitches or the galaxy map animations, menus, inventory or the save system and there is just so much more, I think you can google out almost any aspect of this game and find an article shitting on it.

    I´m starting to wonder if the game can possibly be this rage inducing, or were seeing some kind of larger trend at work, outrage culture´s next step? Or simply a franchise that is so revered, any sequel would not be able to achieve satisfaction. It seems everyone has their favourite aspect of the games and have dreamed about what a modern version of that would be, but their dreams were impossible to match for the developers. (Personally I´m a bit peeved they removed the power wheel).

    Never has a game needed more time to calm down, relax and get some perspective, a few patches under its belt. I have a feeling in a few years the game may fare better in retrospectives, not coloured by the whole hoopla from the facial animations and John Walker´s shocking early preview.

    I think maybe this game´s big failing has been to try and make everyone happy, not having the resources for such a gargantuan task and overreaching, in the end leading to all the various aspects being half-arsed. Like the subject of this article. A case of trying to please all of the people all of the time.
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  • Nioh review

  • fleagol 02/02/2017

    Nice review, looks like a good g... wait, single player games are in decline!? Withering? What the hell have I missed?
    A real Day Today "and on that bombshell" ending there, EG!
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  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • fleagol 16/01/2017

    I´m looking at this as an upgrade for my 3DS, a new portable system.

    It likely won´t be used much on the TV, because I have PS 4 and Xbox for that.

    Digital Foundry nailed it when they said this looks like a killer portable system but a really meh console. The graphics and games -Skyrim, Zelda, 3D Mario- on a portable is amazing stuff, but pretty underwhelming on a home console.
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  • Nintendo Switch battery life detailed, capacitive touchscreen confirmed

  • fleagol 13/01/2017

    I was worried about the OMG NO BATTERY LIFE headlines until I saw this video, you can just charge it with a portable battery or whatever snd keep playing. That´s fine for me, no stress on a plane or train. Reply +4
  • Now it's backwards compatible, here are Oblivion's best moments

  • fleagol 02/12/2016

    This is great news, I´m going back for many things, including the lovely music. Loved the feel of Cyrodiil more than Skyrim, grassy fields and forests, it´s all very enchanting. Reply +4
  • New Battlefield 1 gameplay revealed at E3

  • fleagol 12/06/2016

    Well that looked simply stunning. Absolutely fantastic they went for the WW1 setting, and then not only focus on the cliched western front (though I am looking very much forward to that), but also the conflict in Arabia and around the world. Reply +15
  • Dark Souls 3 review

  • fleagol 04/04/2016

    First, and likely last, time I've ever pre-ordered a game (for the free Dark Souls BC). Been a nervous wait for the reviews, thankfully it looks good! Reply 0
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition spotted

  • fleagol 11/05/2015

    For all the people here who are pissed off at remakes, irked, or have had their lives ruined by them in other ways: try not buying them, ignoring them and don't click on articles about them. Sorted.

    For everyone else, they're great ways to play games they missed last gen, or for hardcore fans to play their favourite games polished up for the new gen.

    These games are rarely re-mastered by the original dev studios, so they aren't exactly keeping new material from appearing. They are keeping smaller dev studios who do the re-mastering in business, accounting for many jobs. They are also giving good games more profits, so there's more incentive for larger budgets down the line.
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  • The best 3DS games

  • fleagol 03/05/2015

    You could make a solid argument that the 3DS has the best library of any console this gen, portable or not.
    While some of the other lists could be accused of having some filler, Just think of the quality titles that didn't make it here.. Majora's Mask, the Etrian odyssey games, Xenoblade, Codename STEAM, New SMB, Starfox, DKC Returns, Shin Megami Tensei 4, Steamworld Dig..

    Simply a great console, packed with good games.
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  • Is Bloodborne the best game ever, or just the second best?

  • fleagol 24/03/2015

    What an excellent write-up by somone obbviously well-versed in the Souls games. Virtually spoiler-free, but filled with exactly the information I need to make a purchase, and an overview of the new systems without ruining its depth. Perfect. I won't read anything more on this game until I'm in Yharnam. Reply +87
  • Here's a trailer for Adam Sandler's arcade game comedy Pixels

  • fleagol 18/03/2015

    Sonetimes I don't understand the movie business. How does this, frankly, mental idea get funding while, say, Dredd 2 doesn't? Makes no sense to me. Reply -2
  • Alien Isolation dev hiring for "another multiplatform AAA blockbuster"

  • fleagol 10/03/2015

    I would absolutely love another Alien: Isolation. I know a lot of people complained about its length, but I couldn't get enough of it, absolutely loved the stealth mechanic and the dynamic AI Alien.

    It felt like a really fresh and innovative new take on stealth gaming. Whereas most stealth games are about learning rote enemy pathfinding and sneaking behind them, this was really dynamic.
    You had to be on your toes and fully aware of the environment at all times so you could react quickly to the Alien's movements- the first-person angle and peeking mechanic was fantastic. Also, the save system and instakill nature of the beast made it unbelievably tense and gave the risk-reward dynamic a real edge. And all this packaged in best-of-the-year-level graphics, art and sound-design. Brilliant, brilliant game.
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  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review

  • fleagol 10/02/2015

    @specialgamer Yes, absolutely, I played MH3U right after completing the forst DS and I felt right at home figuring out the combat system. It doesn't have the same focus on Level design, though. Reply +4
  • fleagol 10/02/2015

    Great! MH4 is the is the first post-great-review-schism Essential game. Guess I'll be indulging. Been looking forward to this after the stupendously addictive MH3U. I just hope the drop rates are a little friendlier. Reply +1
  • Alien: Isolation leads 2015 BAFTA Game Awards nominations

  • fleagol 10/02/2015

    Alien:Iso was my GOTY last year- I thought the AI-based stealth mechanics were ground breaking and felt really fresh. Keeping on your toes and reacting in realtime to the Alien's movements was incredibly intense.
    Alongside absolutely outstanding art and sound design, this led to some of the most thrilling and fun gaming I've had in years.

    Really well deserved for Creative Assembly, I hope they win!
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  • Nintendo reveals 25 minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles X footage

  • fleagol 06/02/2015


    Love it.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 3 details

  • fleagol 20/01/2015

    "◾Changed Tactical Camera so that it no longer re-centers when the player changes party members"

    "◾Fixed issue that could result in party members not following orders to revive a party member in Tactical Camera mode."

    Thank all that is holy and precious, this was driving me up the wall.
    Now all they have to do is make the tactical camera not go haywire when under a roof or tree or whatever.
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  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • fleagol 17/11/2014

    These unfinished games are an interesting development.
    Nowadays there's a massive focus on front-loading game sales through pe-orders, first week sales news pieces and investor reports. At the same time, the debacle surounding AC:U, Halo:MCC, Drive Club and other big name releases must be pushing consumers to delay buying the game until it's properly finished.

    I never pre-order games any more* and wouldn't dream of buying anything without researching pretty extensively on forums and sites like Eurogamer to make sure I'm not buying a buggy mess. This can't be good for firt-week sales and I can't understand why games companies would want to hurt their image and sales like this.

    * With the, rare, possible exception of Nintendo, Capcom and Valve games, because I trust them to deliver finished games.. I think..
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  • Video: See how Mario Kart 8's new Rainbow Road compares to the SNES original

  • fleagol 13/11/2014

    I can't believe you guys took absolutely none of those juicy shortcuts staring you in the face. For shame!

    This looks great though, brought back loads of memories.
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  • Video: Has Dragon Age Inquisition's combat found the right balance?

  • fleagol 07/11/2014

    "Next tuesday".. does that mean this tuesday coming or the one after that?
    Maybe I'm getting too hyped, I really shouldn't seeing as the last one was underwhelming..
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  • Directly to you: Nintendo wins E3 on its own terms

  • fleagol 13/06/2014

    Couldn't agree more regarding the treehouse sessions, the 45minute play through of Xenoblade X was excellent and really gave me a good feel for the game, far more so than the horrendous trailer.

    It's jumped to the top of my most anticipated list and seems to have an intriguing, original story, incredible scale, beautiful graphics and an engaging and strategic combat system.

    I would never have known this and probably dismissed the game based on the trailer.

    Great stuff.
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  • SteamWorld Dig is heading to PC and Mac in HD

  • fleagol 22/11/2013

    Great little game, thoroughly enjoyable. Good to hear Nintendo treat them well, too.

    As for the Community- I couldn't agree more, on both Wii U and 3DS the communities have been mature, helpful, positive and really creative (check out the drawing skils on the Miiverse!). It's been really refreshing for me after years and years of the pubescent vitriol spewed on especially Xbox communities.
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  • Eurogamer's Game of the Generation: Super Mario Galaxy

  • fleagol 01/11/2013

    Great choice for number one, and great choice for number two. SMG and Dark Souls are the two games that really blew my mind in a generation dominated by far too many hyperlinear, QTE-dominated, press-A-for-Awesome blockbusters. Blockbusters that sacrificed so much in the service of trying to tell a sub-par story, or be spectacular, or a million other things that don't affect what really matters: gameplay and world design.

    All i all i think this is a great list, one which focuses on what is really important- I think you've nailed the timeless, classic games of this gen.
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  • Super Mario 3D World gameplay footage reveals new power-ups

  • fleagol 23/10/2013

    I was very sceptical when I saw the first trailer, but these latest clips have shown an entirely different side to it. Looks like a great, fun, game with lots of surprises.

    Might be really good for when I get tired of all the dour, superserious, blood-soaked blockbusters this christmas.
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  • How to avoid Pokémon X and Y's game-breaking save bug

  • fleagol 18/10/2013

    I'm... not sure I've actually saved this game yet. With 3DS games I inevitably just close the system, and then open for the next time and continue from exactly where I left off. Works great. Reply +1
  • Would you like co-op in the next Assassin's Creed?

  • fleagol 29/11/2012

    I found Uncharteds string of set-pieces pretty tiresome by the third game, they mastered it in the second, and didn't really evolve at all for number three. It became even less interactive if anything. Go here, now go here, now go here.

    There is very little sense of danger when you can't fall off anything, have a prescribed path to follow, enemies all spawn in exactly the same place, every time. It's treading a very fine line between interactive entertainment and a movie. A lot of its gameplay isn't far off a long line of QTE sequences.

    That said, they do speactacular graphics very well. It's just a pity that when you look upon those vast Mayan ruins, you know that you can't explore, you'll get a set course through some points and that's it. Like it or lump it.

    I would definitely be dissappointed if AC took any leaves out of Uncharted's book.
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  • Alleged Prince of Persia reboot screenshot doffs cap at Assassin's Creed

  • fleagol 06/08/2012

    I always imagined a modern-day take on PoP would be a suspected extremist who has to escape from a CIA waterboarding/guantanamo-type thing to free his country. Really edgy themes and totally ambiguous as to who the good guys and bad guys are.

    The modern-day Persia is rather different to the Persia of Sands of Time, I think it would be a logical end exciting move to make.
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  • Act 1 restriction on new Diablo 3 players lifted

  • fleagol 29/06/2012

    Wow, Item Grind 3 is a mess of rules and restrictions. The Future according to ActiBlizzard sure looks like fun. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 3: The Extended Cut: A Happy Ending?

  • fleagol 27/06/2012

    They fixed some of the gaping plot-holes, it all hangs together much better, and they haven't left the entire universe a destroyed mess where everyone is likely to die. I think its much, much better.

    And I have to say, I love the new "screw you and your decisions" ending, kudos!
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  • Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC files hidden in Extended Cut

  • fleagol 27/06/2012

    Just how goddam difficult can it be to keep the front page spoiler-free? It's not rocket science. You guys can be a right bucket of dicks sometimes. I suggest you edit. Reply +14
  • fleagol 27/06/2012

    Wow, that is a massive, massive spoiler to out in a sub-head. On the front page. Dick move, EG. Reply +14
  • Skyrim expansion Dawnguard out now on Xbox 360

  • fleagol 25/06/2012

    Read some really negative previews here in Norway, hope they're wrong. Came across as a pretty poor mod, apparently. Poor writing, clichéd vampire stuff etc.
    I don't exactly play the Elder Scrolls games for their stunning use of language, or radical innovation, to be honest. The world, exploration and making your own story is its strengths. Seems a bit unfair to latch on to its weakest areas.
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  • DirectX 11 3DMark trailer gives hints of next-gen

  • fleagol 21/06/2012

    I remember the generational jumps from NES to SNES, SNES to Playstation, N64 to XBOX. Every new machine showed a genuine leap in not only graphical abilities, but new gameplay possibilities. Mode 7! 3D! Analogue controllers! Inbuilt hard-drives!

    Even the last generational jump, though underwhelming, had a nice new touch with excellent online implementation, especially from Microsoft.

    This generational leap looks to be the most underwhelming of all time. A few more sparks? Nicer smoke?

    I'd hope for a revolution in AI, at least. That's one area that is severly lagging. Maybe Nintendo's dual screen thing will pan out better than I'm expecting.
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  • 10 minutes of Resident Evil 6 gameplay

  • fleagol 21/06/2012

    Someone should probably tell Capcom that cutscenes have never been this series' strong point. Probably not the greatest marketing idea ever to have a Resi video with 50% cutscenes.

    Still, got to love Resi dialogue.
    They would have been eating dinner here, if...
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  • Xbox Live Summer of Arcade release dates and prices

  • fleagol 20/06/2012

    I threw away half my life when Tony Hawk first came out. Wore out the disc. And my social life. I probably shouldn't get it.

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  • Civilization 5: Gods & Kings Review

  • fleagol 18/06/2012

    I'm still playing Civ 4. That only really started to sing after it's second big expansion, Beyond the Sword. I'll go over to Civ 5 when it gets properly fixed. Reply +2
  • Eurogamer plays Pikmin 3 on Wii U

  • fleagol 15/06/2012

    Clicks on little ol' Pikmin video, a garden-based game with cute little tearaways..

    PEGI EIGHTEEN -Voice of God
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  • ZombiU Preview: Wii U's Surprise Package?

  • fleagol 12/06/2012

    "..a crime lord in lawless East London who is capturing survivors and forcing them to participate in a sick, twisted circus show for his minion's entertainment."

    Same as usual, then. You'd think a Zombie apocalypse would change things up a bit.
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  • Watch Dogs Preview: Placing Power in Your Palm

  • fleagol 08/06/2012

    Looks fantastic, game of show along with ZombiU for me. Well done, Ubi!

    Hope my PC's still up to it when this rolls around..
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  • Dragon Quest Monsters 3DS storms Japanese chart

  • fleagol 06/06/2012

    I love Japanese game titles. Terry no Wonderland, indeed. Reply +6
  • Lego City Undercover announced for Wii U

  • fleagol 06/06/2012

    "Why was that even there?!" First time I've laughed this E3.

    Makes a nice change from the endless shooty-shooty explosion QTE-fests I've seen so far. I want to play games, not button prompts.

    Even though it's not really my cup of tea, this seems to have imagination, innovation, spark and wit. Well done, TT.
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  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • fleagol 05/06/2012

    Nintendo lead out with a cutesy strategy game and a 2D side-scroller. Completely different planet from MS & Sony. Not a single explosion! Reply 0
  • fleagol 05/06/2012

    Liking that black WiiU gamepad. Reply 0
  • Big Daddy and Nathan Drake in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

  • fleagol 04/06/2012

    Well, in that video, the game looks exactly- and I mean exactly- like Smash Bros. Not that that's a particularly bad thing, I suppose. Reply -1
  • Why Elder Scrolls Online has public dungeons

  • fleagol 31/05/2012

    @FortysixterUK This is made by an entirely different department within Zenimax, the Elder Scrolls/Fallout team aren't going to stop what they're doing (especially after Skyrim's stonking sales).

    My bet is they're cooking up Fallout 4, while some are working on Skyrim DLC. All resolutely single-player.
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  • Sony patents method to interrupt your gaming with an ad

  • fleagol 25/05/2012

    Great news. Brilliant. Just what the people want. Reply +1
  • Would an Apple TV kill the console business?

  • fleagol 19/05/2012

    I don't think EGs got anyone convinced, you guys have been endlessly pushing an Apple-Will-Kill-All-Other-devices doomsday narrative that is overwrought, sensationalist and, frankly, not working out for you. Maybe time to tone it down? Reply +79
  • Error 3006: players discover game breaking bug in Diablo 3

  • fleagol 15/05/2012

    Don't equip the Templar with a shield?!
    What kind of a mess is this game in?

    Sounds like most of the problems are stemming from this always-on Nazi-internet-connection business. What fun!
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  • Miyamoto: Vita isn't currently a strong product

  • fleagol 04/05/2012

    Little rant about handhelds:
    My 360, PS3, Wii, Gamecube, N64 controllers all fit ergonomically and comfortably comfortably in my hand.
    My 3DS and Vita do not, they involve all kinds of awkward contouring of my hands and fingers to control properly. And while they get some things right, they always seem to mess up some other part so the whole is never ideal.

    For example, the Vita is shaped nicely, but the joysticks are way too small and placed so my hand has to be in an awkward position to use them. The 3DS joystick is really nice, on the other hand, but there's only one, and the machine is rectangularly uncomfortable. Especially when using the shoulder buttons, too.. Sigh. I'm no designer, but it seems logical that you'd start out with a comfortable contoller, and then build the machine around that.

    And glossy screens? For something that's supposed to be used outdoors? Come on!!
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  • Vita being outsold by PSP and Wii in Europe

  • fleagol 27/04/2012

    Because the 3DS did fantastically well to start with, you know, before they slashed the price and released some quality games which ruined everything.
    Oh, wait, hang on. etc.
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