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  • Split/Second: Velocity Multiplayer

  • flakmagnet_ 11/05/2010

    2 player split screen? Sweet. Pre-ordered!

    Haven't played the demo, want to experience the game in full after getting to play it @ Eurogamer Expo last year. Excited for this game big time!
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  • Eurogamer.net Podcast #16

  • flakmagnet_ 29/04/2010

    Did...Ellie just go a whole week without mentioning Farmville? Maybe I missed it whilst she walked away from the mic... Reply 0
  • Molyneux: Natal upgrades "countless"

  • flakmagnet_ 06/03/2010

    One thing I don't get is why some people seem to think that a standard controller is incompatable with Natal. For most people, you could easily hold the pad one-handed and control at least half of the buttons this way, and use the rest through gestures, or held two handed most of the time, with you just having to remove your hand occasionally to throw a grenade, shift up/down a gear, switch weapons for example, and during that brief period, the controller would only be in one hand.

    Sadly, PM's over-active hype-mind has leftme burned in the past, so I'll believe it when I experience it, but still, Natal (and Arc/Gem whatever) could be good, even great. I hope devs don't stop making controller only games either, but I hope to see some interesting stuff come out of both projects.
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  • Eurogamer Expo 2010 announced!

  • flakmagnet_ 03/03/2010

    @Earlyflash - Mine may have been some of the aforementioned chatterbollocks. Just to be clear, I did not compare the cost of E3/attending EG Expo this year, I said that if I was going to shell outto go to an expo, then I'd shell out the (considerable) extra to go to E3, it being the bigger show with more exclusives, and also in California, where I could spend an extra couple of days, much preferable to London. Reply +1
  • flakmagnet_ 03/03/2010

    Oh, and one more thing regarding this whole "poor cousin" status. Leeds did not seem like the "poor cousin" of London last time. There were a few more technical hitches and a few extra freebies that the London-expo-ers got, but it was hardly enough to sour the taste, just a small shame. Everyone I spoke to on the forums and in person really enjoyed the Leeds event last year. Just because a Leeds event may take place in a smaller venue, it by no means degrades it. Reply +9
  • flakmagnet_ 03/03/2010

    The main problem with the whole London thing for me is that everything minus the tube around London is expensive, getting there, the hotels, any transport other than the tube, the food, the drinks etc. Getting to and staying in any other city (even Birmingham) would have been a hell of a lot cheaper.

    Plus, yes, as a Northerner who sees all our tax money go flooding into the capital whilst major cities like York and Leeds seem in the dark ages by comparison, yes, London-centric events irritate me. I won't be paying the extra to attend, though I wish EE2010 well, and hope that the planners reverse this daft decision next year. I'd rather go to the "poor cousin" of a show on my doorstep than pay ~Ł300 to attend one that isn't. If I wanted to shell out to go to an expo, I'd go all out and attend PAX or E3.
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  • Split/Second renamed and dated

  • flakmagnet_ 25/02/2010

    Agreed with GreatUncleBaal. At Eurogamer my thought train was this:

    Hmmm, no hud, all on the back of the car that's interesting. Cars don't handle perfect but then it's a Burnout knock off so that's to be expect- WAIT, HE JUST DROPPED A BUILDING ON ME!!! WHERE THE HECK DID THAT PLANE COME FROM??? Became an insta-buy for me at that moment.

    Watching fellow gamers actually try to physically "duck" under the plane had me laughing too. Most fun game to watch the players by far!
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  • You'll be "pissed off" by Fable III reveal

  • flakmagnet_ 08/02/2010

    I bet they bought the liscencing to have Navi in the game. THAT would piss people off. Reply 0
  • Special Edition

  • flakmagnet_ 07/02/2010

    I wish more games took the Assassins Creed/Halo 3/Bioshock route.I've got my Altair and Ezio standing proudly alongside a Big Daddy and the Master Chief's head. Love all 3.

    Resident Evil's tiny little Chris Redfield ended up in the bin in disgust, he looked horrendous.

    It's not nearly as much of a risk if you put some work into the quality!

    Wish Halo:ODST had a legendary edition with an ODST helmet... maybe Reach will get a legendary edition. Please?
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  • MotoGP 09/10

  • flakmagnet_ 29/01/2010

    "Relegated" to WSBK? I'd personally rather watch a WSBK round than a MGP round if given the choice. MotoGP 09/10 however is looking good, I do hope they manage to strike the right balance between Sim and Arcade this time. Fun to play but not too over the top. Reply 0
  • Halo: Reach

  • flakmagnet_ 27/01/2010

    Personally not loving the new Covenant designs, but I'm sure I'll get used to them. New backgrounds look amazing though. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Expo: Top 10

  • flakmagnet_ 09/11/2009

    GoW 3 was my anti-game of the show, wasn't impressed. Agree wholeheartedly with the other 9 though, just swap out GoW3 with 3D Batman in first place and I'm on board. Come on! 3D Batman!!! Reply -5