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  • Persona 4 Golden dated next month in Europe

  • fjharps 23/01/2013

    Loving it so far got it just before Xmas imported and it really is good Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed 3 review

  • fjharps 30/10/2012

    Vita verson got a 7.2 on ign and most reviews around the net states above average Reply 0
  • fjharps 30/10/2012

    @kingpin3000 Totally agree with you had that feeling too Reply 0
  • fjharps 30/10/2012

    I've been playing this since Friday and i'm nearly done now and i have to say i agree with the review it takes a while to actually get going, the mechanics are indeed showing its age and the Connor is definitely not Ezio. But I would still give this 9 to all its negative aspects its still a great game so many things to do and i quite enjoying the story even the Desmond sections are good (really hated the revelations ones). I also hope they patch up the bugs i have the PS3 version and my God people sink into the ground while others float and thats just a few while skinning hunted animals most of the time the camera gets stuck to the ground and starts shaking the screen crazy but nothing that a patch won't fix. Reply 0
  • The Amazing Spider-Man Review

  • fjharps 03/07/2012

    Picked it up for Ł28 (vat free) at amazon so for that price I think it's a good buy Reply +3
  • Retro Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 3

  • fjharps 18/12/2011


    There has always been fanboyism
    C64 v Spectrum
    Megadrive v SNES
    PS1 v Saturn
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  • Final Fantasy brand "greatly damaged"

  • fjharps 28/09/2011

    Could it be that Final Fantasy original creator Hironobu Sakaguchi left the company? I played Lost Odyssey which he created and it had everything the most recent FF lack. Nobuo Uematsu is also missed his music on the original FFs were great.

    I agree and like what someone above said I think FF directors should play Xenoblade Chronicles and learn.
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  • Final Fantasy 10 HD for Vita, PS3

  • fjharps 14/09/2011

    Great to see this HD update I doubt they'll the other 2 FF included the blu-ray disc could handle it but PS Vita?
    I will also love to see Suikoden series in HD my fav rpgs of the ps1 era.
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  • UK top 40: Portal 2 holds firm

  • fjharps 03/05/2011

    I wonder how much damage has the whole PSN being down done to the ps3 sales though. I think the network has been down since the game was released right? Reply +9
  • Sony "not even debating near-future PS4"

  • fjharps 17/02/2011

    This year is portable year 3DS and NGP both nintendo and sony want them in the spotlight for obvious reasons but next year.... Reply +1
  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • fjharps 12/02/2010

    Star Ocean for ps3. Missed it on the 360 last year cos I went for tales of vesperia but it's a game that I really want to play and now with added bonuses i think its the version to get + no disc swapping :).

    I also feel slight disappointment with Bioshock 2 although its a good game I just found it to be quite linear and repetitve. Also very similar to the original.
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  • Dante's Inferno

  • fjharps 03/02/2010

    Kind of looking forward for this game since i first saw first screenshots. Then played the demo last month and wasn't very impressed and have been eagerly waiting for the first review score to actually confirm what I expected. Well still quite immersed in mass effect 2 and with potentially great games like God of war 3, Final Fantasy 13, bioshock 2 and heavy rain all to be released within the next couple of weeks there's definitely no time at the moment for a game like this one. Shame though. Reply +1
  • UK chart: Mass Effect 2 takes lead

  • fjharps 01/02/2010

    It just shows how less and less actual gamers don't buy games for the wii anymore. Now let them release capcom fitness or something similar and it will probably top the charts cos at least for me unfortunately thats the way the wii has headed for. Okami, Madworld, No more Heroes and lots more of this type they will never make an impact all of them great games by the way. I've always liked nintendo for their exclusives but this generation proper gaming wise they haven't delivered. But then again who blames them they are making millions with that market. Reply -2
  • fjharps 01/02/2010

    I'm pretty sure you can change his face at the beginning of the second game if that is any consolation i kept the same look but it does give you the option after the ........... oops no spoilers lol.

    Well about the sales never had a doubt about mass effect 2 it really is great totally deserves the number 1 slot and surprised at MAG i tried the beta a few weeks ago and didn't think much of it. It's just funny how my ps3 only friend says that mass effect 2 is not very good and MAG is the best online game ever even better than MW2 oh well......(sigh). Uncharted 2 is still holding strong glad cos its a great game.
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  • Mass Effect 2

  • fjharps 26/01/2010

    Local game store already selling it and already got myself a copy. The problem is due to having a new xbox (last one was smashed by 1 yr old daughter) i am currently replaying the first one again as i lost all my saved game (the previous hdd didn't survive) now what do i am half way through the first one but really want to play the new one what a DILEMMA lol loving the experience of going through the first one again as my first playthrough i was a bit overwhelmed by it. Reply 0
  • UK charts: Just Dance staying alive

  • fjharps 25/01/2010

    Crazy list then ppl talk about the japanese one. Just hope that Mass Effect 2 has the impact it really deserves next week it's a great game been having a go through the first one just to get ready for this one and its just a great game really looking forward for it. Also good luck to MAG. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 23

  • fjharps 30/11/2009

    what i still find unbelieveable is the lack of use the blu-ray disc has on the ps3 surely with all that space they could have made the ps3 game look much better but well not bad for Bioware's first go on the ps3 hardware roll on Mass Effect 2 on ps3 which i think is the worst kept secret ever lol. Reply -6
  • God of War Collection

  • fjharps 29/11/2009

    I'm quite lucky that my local game store imports games from the US as soon as they are released this year I've enjoyed Blazblue, Demon's Soul and now lucky for me God of War collection and all of them priced as normal european releases. I have been playing the GoW collection for the past week and I couldn't agree more with the review i'm having much more fun playing this second time round than i did the first time it's one of those games that really hasn't aged at all and i think they were impressive for ps2 standards in the first place especially GoW2. What I do agree is with the blu-ray, Vhs comparisons the reviewer did when it came to the cut scenes they do look bad compared to the crisp look of the game. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Bayonetta

  • fjharps 26/11/2009

    in most cases i think trophies/achievements has a lot to do with peoples preferences if people are into trophies they end up getting it for the ps3 and don't bother if its inferior same goes for the 360 and achievements. Reply -1
  • PS3 tops weekly Japanese hardware sales

  • fjharps 13/11/2009

    It just good to see that the impact of the price drop and ps3 slim wasn't short term and has really worked for sony and with final fantasy 13 its only going to get better. Reply +4
  • Eurogamer Expo: Top 10

  • fjharps 09/11/2009

    Can't wait for GoW3 the first 2 were great games and I'm expecting the remastered ones this week on import it'll be a Merry Kratos Xmas for me Reply +3
  • Early copies of MW2 break street date

  • fjharps 08/11/2009

    Airport massacre is too much and certainly not needed in this great game when I was playin at first i was amazed by the detail and graphics of it all until I noticed my son coming into the room and asking me what was I doing in the airport killing everyone and then why was i helping the 'baddies' turned it off immediately after. Reply +1
  • GOW Collection US date, Trophy list

  • fjharps 28/10/2009

    Good that they don't make to have to play the game a number of times like most of the other games to get a platinum. Reply +1
  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • fjharps 22/10/2009

    Got PES yesterday and after playing a couple of matches on single player online is still not up all i can say is that its a great game. I'm a long term PES fan and didn't like last years entry. Well my opinion of this version is as a whole its not better than FIFA but I pretty sure lots of PES fans can agree it just gives me something that FIFA does'nt I'm really enjoying it at the moment.

    PS this morning there was already a patch out on the ps3 1.01 no idea up to now whats changed.

    UPDATE: online is finally available and its officially the best PES of this generation after a few single player matches online i have not had any lag what so ever and the game has been very fluent on every game great news as this was terrible in past versions
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  • PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer

  • fjharps 22/10/2009

    Got this yesterday and after playing a couple of matches on single player online is still not up all i can say is that its a great game. I'm a long term PES fan and didn't like last years entry. Well my opinion of this version is as a whole its not better than FIFA but I pretty sure lots of PES fans can agree it just gives me something that FIFA does'nt I'm really enjoying it at the moment.

    PS this morning there was already a patch out on the ps3 1.01 no idea up to now whats changed.
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  • fjharps 15/10/2009


    In my opinion PES has not turned into shite over the years the main problem like i said before is that it has not evolved from its PS2 days and where it once was the best football game around now it looks and plays old compared to FIFA who has really evolved from those days. For me its a shame but I think that Konami needs to recode the whole thing like EA with FIFA 07
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  • fjharps 15/10/2009

    Metacritic score up to now is 79 so i think eurogamer's score is quite the average score this game is going to be getting Reply +3
  • fjharps 15/10/2009

    I think FIFA 08 was good but really slow to play I think that FIFA started to play better on the UEFA Euro 2008 game thats when i saw the difference and made me want to buy 09 and i'm a big Pro evo fan but i have to admit that PES has not advance since PES 5. Reply 0
  • Ballmer re-ignites 360 Blu-ray speculation

  • fjharps 22/10/2009

    Blu-ray will eventually become the only format to watch movies on it's just that MS can't admit that. If blu ray is taking it's time to take off for whatever reasons this maybe imagine DD most of the people only have standard connections which would make it really hard to download them. It certainly is the future but not yet connection speeds needs to improve. Reply -5
  • Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

  • fjharps 22/10/2009

    i think people should take reviews like a sort of guide how many people has enjoyed a poor rated game in the past (i have enjoyed a 3/10) and vice versa i know i havent enjoyed at all a 8,9,10/10 rated game sometimes so thats why in the end its up to your personal taste. Reply +4
  • Japan split between Nintendo and Sony

  • fjharps 19/10/2009

    I think that PS3 sales in Japan are still quite good leading the Wii even though by a short margin after the Wii price drop and the release of Wii Fit plus is not something to be taken lightly. Reply +6
  • SEGA confirms Alpha Protocol delay

  • fjharps 16/10/2009

    Massive over crowd of games in spring 2010 if developers are delayin their games to make them sell better I think its going to backfire. Reply +2
  • Wii Play is best-selling game this decade

  • fjharps 15/10/2009

    I agree with you there but to be honest I think Mario Galaxy was way better than Super Mario Sunshine never quite enjoyed that one. But still both these mario games are but a shadow of what Super Mario 64 was. Anyway I'm another one one of those millions who got Wii Play on launch just for the extra controller and I thought the game wasn't very good at all especially compared to wii sports.
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  • Sucker Punch doing InFamous sequel?

  • fjharps 14/10/2009

    People are right on this one I pretty much agree that the sequel was more of a 'when' more than and 'if' especially after that great ending . Really enjoyed this game and for me one of the better games this year. Like someone else said I hope that they don't make him lose his powers and have to go on the process of gaining them again make him learn new ones that would be great and not to spoil story here but if the last boss was anything to go by Cole has yet a lot to learn hehe.
    PLEASE NO MORE DYING ON WATER on the sequel.
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  • Brütal Legend

  • fjharps 13/10/2009

    MY GOD PEOPLE!!! This looks like a good game but to pick this up over Uncharted 2??????? People should have their heads checked I have been lucky in getting an early copy of Uncharted 2 and finished it last night and without yet playing the multiplayer all I can say it was gaming heaven defo the best game this year and one of the all time greats it had it all for me. I am not saying that Brutal Legend is bad i'll probably end up getting it eventually but Uncharted 2 is definitely in another league. Reply -46
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • fjharps 10/10/2009

    Just incredible been playing this since yesterday and all I can say its great love it. Plays much like the first one though its very similar but for me that is a good thing.
    Very lucky that where i live the shops dont' wait till release day to sell the game and i was shocked to find it on the shop for sale yesterday. Once again great game loving it so far...
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  • fjharps 29/09/2009

    the demo is out on the US store on the euro all i find is the beta as someone said before

    BTW its 1272 MB just like the euro beta
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  • UK Chart: Goal-pie for FIFA 10

  • fjharps 05/10/2009

    LOL funny how is the PSPGo suppose to make an impact on PSP game charts when its all downloads lol Reply +3
  • Japan: PS3 still outselling Wii despite dip

  • fjharps 02/10/2009

    Not bad for the PS3 and with the release of Bayonetta over there soon and GT5 + FFXIII PS3 has a great xmas line-up in Japan why are we not so lucky. Reply 0
  • New PS3 has sold over one million

  • fjharps 24/09/2009

    Don't get people with the original 60gb PS3 that wants to trade it in for the newerslim model but yet inferior one in the end. The original PS3s has 4 USB hubs has a multi memory card reader and to top it up it plays most of the ps1/2 games all this things for me are priceless as my ps3 apart from playing games is a media hub. Reply 0
  • Tech Analysis: Uncharted 2

  • fjharps 19/09/2009

    This game is going to be great and probably GOTY. Gamesradar has given it a 10 and IGN has rated it 9.5 so 2 top scores already and i think many more to come. Reply 0
  • PS3 Slim breaks records in Japan

  • fjharps 07/09/2009

    I think it's nintendo's turn now on the price cut just knock off the price a bit and release different colours or something and thats it Reply 0
  • fjharps 07/09/2009

    I think that puts PS3 ahead of the Wii in 2009 the sales had been rather equal up to 2 months ago Reply +11
  • PS3 sales rocket 1000% on Slim release

  • fjharps 07/09/2009

    First sales figures just in from kotaku:

    In The Land of the Rising Sun, Sony has a hit with the PS3 Slim. A really, really big one.
    in its first three days on sale, the newly redesigned console sold 150,252 units.
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  • fjharps 07/09/2009

    got the figures from vgchartz

    BTW i read i think it was here that the sales of batman arkham asylum was 55% in favour for the 360 well PS3 version sold better worldwide according to vgchartz
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  • fjharps 07/09/2009

    lol this reminds me why i hated maths at school here's waitin for the actual figures Reply -1
  • fjharps 07/09/2009

    @miiiguel my maths is fine don't worry i knew that total so i was being sarcastic at the 1000% sale increase Reply +1
  • fjharps 07/09/2009

    PS3 sales of week ending on 29th August:

    USA: 75,931 (more than the 360)
    EU: 31,987
    JAP: 1,566

    TOTAL: 109,484

    so 1000% increase in sales of that is quite a lot i guess
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  • The Beatles: Rock Band

  • fjharps 06/09/2009

    Is the DLC going to be available on PSN also and same time? as only xbox live is mentioned on the review Reply 0
  • BlazBlue coming to Europe next year

  • fjharps 17/08/2009

    Unlucky for the 360 owners but PS3 is region free been available at my local game shop but not really sure if to get it or not. Reply 0