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fillip (aka filliped) has most recently played BAYONETTA, EarthDefenseForce 2017, Far Cry® 3, and Minecraft on Xbox Live.

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    the cathode ray tube is the retina of the minds eye

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    Michael Knight is my evil twin I like cheese

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    Instagram: TechRyze ------------------------------ Old Skool - Aug 20…

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    Fishing trip anyone? 61 Members

  • Dads' Club

    Hi, the way EG handles groups is bullshit, so applications to
    join get looked at like once a year, tops. 235 Members

  • Daytona USA racers club

    In anticipation and support of a multiplayer home version of
    Daytona USA that stays true to the arcade original... 48 Members

  • Forza 4

    A Group for the current iteration of the Forza series, to
    discuss, organise, gloat successes and commiserate failures, or
    laugh. 63 Members

  • JRPG Otaku

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  • London Gamers

    A place for folks in/around/near/under London to comunity-ise 38 Members

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  • The Studio Ghibli Collection

    A place to discuss the joys and wonders that is Studio Ghibli 116 Members