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  • Grief and Gyaradoses: my time with Pokémon Sun

  • felderpony 11/12/2016

    Thank you for this article. I admit to knowing all about this. it still comes back to hit you hard, normally when you least expect. Reply +11
  • 20 years on, the Tomb Raider story told by the people who were there

  • felderpony 27/10/2016

    I used to work at Core Design when Tomb raider was first created. It was certainly an interesting time to be in gaming back then! I think I still have my leather jacket from TR1 upstairs.

    *feels old n grey* ;)
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  • Rez Infinite review

  • felderpony 14/10/2016

    Our PSVR came this afternoon! first game on was Rez Infinite, after owning it on all the previous platforms its quite possibly my all time fave game.. and now here it is in VR, with the stunning Area X, which has to be played to be believed.

    Love this game so much and so good in VR.
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  • Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro for November 2016, priced Ł349

  • felderpony 07/09/2016

    So, it looks like from the chatter on the web, that the PS4 Pro doesn't have a UHD bluray. :( I already have devices that can stream in 4k, there is no incentive to upgrade my PS4 to Pro. would have day one purchased if it'd had that particular tech added to it.. Reply +8
  • Titan's soul: a day with Overwatch

  • felderpony 02/11/2015

    My problem is, I would love to play this.. but for the first time ever for a Bliz title, there is NO Apple Mac support. So unless this comes out on PS4, I'll not be able to play it. Which makes me unhappy. Reply 0
  • Retake Mass Effect 3 protest claims victory after BioWare vows to address controversial ending

  • felderpony 23/03/2012

    Really annoyed at this to be honest. And as I expect to be down voted anyhow ;)

    I'm glad Bioware listens to its customer base, but am I glad they listened to its fan base? I'm not sure. If they change the ending(s) surely thats changing their vision for this universe?

    Is this going to have all game developers second guessing what we as players are going to think? Is this the start of a great amount of complaints and online campaigns to change all the games being produced? who know.

    I just don't like the slippery slope this might become.
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  • BioWare responds to Mass Effect 3 ending furore

  • felderpony 15/03/2012

    @Discalceaterabbit Does it though? the ending I got through had an ending. you made a choice, it played out. Yes, I admit there's a lot you don't know about the rest of the crew, the universe apart from what they showed there. it left a lot open for more.. perhaps there is more to come in this new universe? ;) Reply +1
  • felderpony 14/03/2012

    Its odd to see the amount of vitriol going around just for this games endings. Yes, a lot of time and effort went into playing through three games, each time you get emotionally attached to the characters you spent so much time with.

    The thing is, some people are never going to be happy to be handed this type of ending. its not 'their' ending, the one they hoped for.. the one that everyones happy, that the reapers get it in the end..

    Alas no. Its their ending, their vision for the end of the game.

    And I hate to say, it was an emotional roller coaster from ME1 through to ME3, isn't that what you want from a game? They had a start, a middle and now an ending.

    Sure, there are loose ends, a lot of stories have loose ends, unanswered questions.. But, it has people talking. Well, mostly bitching and I think its more down to the EA/DLC side of things.

    So, just my two penneth worth. I'm going back to play it again ;)
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  • Okamiden

  • felderpony 20/03/2011

    I just spent the weekend trying to buy a copy of Okamiden in a physical store. Game turned to me and said 'Its online order only, because Okami sold so poorly'. Gamestation didn't have it (yes I know its Game in another name) and neither did any of the other stores.

    Now, talk about a way of clearly reducing sales! Now I have to track a copy down online.
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  • Guild Wars 2 has no healers or tanks

  • felderpony 10/07/2010

    I was thinking about death in MMO's the other day and I thought about not having a penalty for death.. Problem is, we are supposed to learn from our mistakes.. if you keep charging into a group and getting your rump handed to you, you change tactics to find out whats better.. if you die, you keep at it till you get it right. I know it can be a bind, but how do you get to be a better player if you don't learn from your boo-boo's? Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Toonstruck

  • felderpony 18/04/2010

    Have to say, I really love this game and its a shame that its so hard to get up and running.. but I think I will have to whip it out and give it a go again ;)

    'Ah, Wacme!'

    'Maybe Later...'
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  • Live Star Trek Online Q&A today!

  • felderpony 04/02/2010

    Well I have a question that needs to be asked! Where's the Mac client? One of the reasons I love Blizzard is that they develop both PC and Mac at the same time and don't use that awful transgaming Cider engine.

    So, is there to be a Mac version and if so, will it be native?
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  • Nintendo DSi

  • felderpony 06/03/2009

    Blimey, Lots of folk up in arms over the DSi.

    Folk like myself that are still running an original (brought back from the US) silver DS must be tempted by the new DSi over the older DSlite surely? Still runs your DS titles and will run new DS titles, then there is the specific new DSi titles that will come as well. Okay so there's region locking, which isn't much of a deal breaker for myself since I don't get import titles these days. Not everyone is into that ;)

    I'm seriously tempted to replace my old DS now with a black DSi when it comes out (it helps it has WPA wifi support! I might finally get to play some DS online!) Sure, there is a price increase, I'm glad its not stupid thanks to the Global CreditCrunch(tm)

    just my thoughts.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2008

  • felderpony 22/12/2008

    Hee! Got quoted twice!

    Now everyone go and buy Rez HD ;) go on.. you know you want to. ;)
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  • Virtual Console: The Most Wanted

  • felderpony 05/11/2008

    How can they have missed the best Neo Geo title ever?


    I would so love this on the Wii.
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  • Neo Geo confirmed for VC

  • felderpony 01/10/2007

    Well, I once owned a Second Hand NeoGeo waaaay back in my youth..

    was very well made, had a lovely joystick and some great shootemups!

    Roll on Viewpoint, Magical Drop, Samurai Showdown and ASO2!
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  • GamesIndustry.biz: You Are The Colony

  • felderpony 09/03/2007

    it is an interesting concept, this Home stuff..

    few things though..

    I see an increase in wireless keyboards for the PS3 for this to work..

    Who's going to want to have a keyboard in the living room? might be fine attached to a laptop or a PC on a desk.. but livingroom? doesn't work for me really. too large and too bulky.

    and if you want to go online, isn't it about the games you can play against others and locating them quickly to do so?
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  • GDC: Phil Harrison's keynote address

  • felderpony 07/03/2007

    So, its Second Life then? ;)

    Still, in my humble opinion its still not enough reason to spend Ł425. Still gonna wait and see!
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  • GripShift

  • felderpony 01/02/2007

    Hmm, what is it with people (yes i'm looking at you jmctavish! ;) ) ?

    this is a games site! it reviews games that are coming soon, out now and previews!
    Stop complaining that its not 'Euro' or not out yet.

    Some folk find it interesting to find out whats coming out!
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  • Biker Mice from Mars

  • felderpony 31/01/2007

    'one for all and all for one, Muskehounds are always ready...'

    there.. beat that one ;)
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  • Eastside Hockey shut down

  • felderpony 31/01/2007

    Having read through all this and having once worked in the Games development industry in the dark and distant past.. Piracy is and always will be a problem to any development/publisher house no matter what size

    I hate to see all these excuses coming out about piracy. its just wrong. PERIOD!

    if there was less piracy, there'd be a lot less developers doing this. Heck I'd rather have a developer cull a game due to the fact it was poor quality, rather than piracy.

    We should be supporting good games by buying them, not ripping them off.

    just my two penneth. ;)
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  • Eye On '07: PlayStation 3

  • felderpony 03/01/2007


    its got potential, but so many of these titles already announced on the 360, there's still no incentive..

    though Motorstorm does look very nice!

    Maybe when they drop the price of the PS3.
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  • Nintendo offers to replace Wii straps

  • felderpony 15/12/2006

    Hmmm. well you could see this coming. but! since having the Wii for a week, its not once slipped from my grubby paws, even with bowling ;) Reply 0
  • Virtual Console UK dates

  • felderpony 12/12/2006

    Alien Crush! fantastic odd pinball game from the Ol' PC Engine. might just have to tag this along with Super Star Soldier.

    though I am tempted by Super Probotector!
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  • No Wii without pre-order

  • felderpony 07/12/2006

    Ah, Game called us yesterday to say that ours is already there waiting for release tomorrow!

    Roll on tomorrow morn and Zelda time!
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  • Wii channel rollout staggered

  • felderpony 17/11/2006

    Can't imagine why'd you want to cancel a pre-order based on a news and weather channel not being available at launch Tonka ;)

    thought we're supposed to be playing games on the Wii? ;) I know thats what I'll be doing on mine when it arrives.
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