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  • Quantum Theory

  • fb77 28/09/2010

    If I had made this myself, I would've been too embarrassed to show anyone. Reply +2
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow dated

  • fb77 20/08/2010

    If this isn't earth shatteringly good, I will cry. Prove me wrong that Castlevania is only amazing when it's 2D! Reply 0
  • Game of Life

  • fb77 08/08/2010

    Interesting article - thank you. As a long-time (RPG) gamer, I can certainly relate to the hardcore levelling ethos. I just hadn't considered that this might crossover into my real life. Not until I discovered RunKeeper! I'm not convinced that this might be as compelling to everyone, but it's working for me. Reply 0