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  • Kristen Schaal plays PES 2012 on Xperia Play

  • fatchris 17/01/2012

    Hot! Reply +2
  • The Eurogamer TV Show: Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Rock 'n' Roll

  • fatchris 13/07/2011

    Nice. Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer TV Show: Eurogamer Expo 2008

  • fatchris 13/07/2011

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  • PSN: The Security Scandal

  • fatchris 27/04/2011

    @Roarster: I agree with what you've said, except that you'd hope Sony would have said if the passwords were hashed/encrypted. If I told you I have your password, you'd assume I meant your actual password and not in encrypted form, right? As you've said, there's a big difference and as such, you'd expect Sony to be clear about which it is. Reply +3
  • fatchris 27/04/2011

    @Otis_Inf: I'm just concentrating on exactly what Sony has said. I feel people are right to assume that passwords (and not hashed or encrypted passwords) have been obtained if that's what Sony has said. Sony hasn't made it clear though.

    If the passwords were encrypted, like you say, along with the decryption software, then they might as well have been plain text. Right? :)
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  • fatchris 27/04/2011

    Re: plain text passwords...

    Whilst we can't know for sure until Sony come out and tell us, their blog post last night clearly says that they "believe that an unauthorized person has obtained" PSN passwords (amongst other things). This could be a mistake by the person who wrote the statement, but the reason most people are assuming passwords have been stored as plain text is because, quite simply, that's exactly what Sony have told us.

    If the passwords are hashed then why would Sony tell us that the passwords (and not the password hashes) have been 'obtained'? I would assume they'd jump at the chance to reassure us that it's encrypted.
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  • Livetext beta test: Q&A with Tom!

  • fatchris 28/09/2010

    tldr Reply 0
  • fatchris 28/09/2010

    city cat Reply 0
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  • The EGTV Show: Modern Warfare 2 UK launch

  • fatchris 12/11/2009

    Korpers: Does the red button not appear for you? It should be in the top right corner around the 5 minute mark. It shows for me. Reply +2
  • EG Expo 2009 Sessions: Ask Eurogamer!

  • fatchris 02/11/2009

    ianegg: fixed! Reply 0
  • Play EG's Name That Game compo

  • fatchris 01/12/2008

    The competition is now over (and the winners will be chosen today) but the game will live on! There will be new questions very soon and possibly some other changes to look out for :) Reply 0
  • fatchris 10/11/2008

    Kill_Crazy - we fixed that last week, so you can continue if you want :) Reply 0
  • fatchris 05/11/2008

    There should be enough questions in there that no-one reaches the end. If they do, they've probably played it too much :) More questions and game-modes will be added to keep it fresh.

    We know that some questions are very easy (such as the C&C one above) and some are near impossible. They are generated randomly and it's part of the game's fun that the difficulty is so varied. A lot of questions sometimes appear difficult but they can be worked out using science. Sometimes we like to make it even more tricky by offering similar choices ;)

    Hope you enjoy it anyway...
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  • Scene It? Box Office Smash

  • fatchris 24/11/2008

    The rounds where you take control before answering can be very annoying. For instance, there's a round similar to Catchphrase where you have to form an actor's name or a film name from some pictures... however you can just buzz in straight away (before you've even looked at the clues) to take control, causing the choices to be shown and you can easily work it out before the time runs out, not giving the other players a chance! If this catches on, the round just becomes a race to press the buzzer as quickly as possible when the question starts.

    It's good fun though - but we've only played a few rounds, so haven't run out of questions yet.
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  • Eurogamer Expo - The set up

  • fatchris 06/11/2008

    Next year we'll attach the camera to the wall or ceiling, so we can leave it there during the whole set-up without it being in the way :) Reply 0
  • Rock Band

  • fatchris 13/12/2007

    monkie_king: They don't exactly replicate the upper frets. On the lower you don't need to strum, so it changes quite a lot. It's cool!

    I also thought about having individual headphones because even on the guitar, it's difficult to hear when someone is singing next to you.
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  • fatchris 13/12/2007

    I've been playing Rock Band at the office this week and as a fan of Guitar Hero II and III, I was so excited that I'd been annoying Tom about bringing it in.
    The review sums up how I found it, but I have a few things to add:

    - A couple of us have noticed a few moments of slow-down during the game, which is noticeable when you're relying on the rhythm.

    - The lower fret buttons take some getting used to, but are really satisfying. However, the time it takes to switch from the higher fret can cost you greatly when the solo is fast, as even the smallest amount of time misses loads of notes.

    - There are a bunch of songs that most people won't know (or at least won't know well). This is fine for Guitar and Drums, but it's not for singing - you simply can't sing along to a song you don't know.

    - In Guitar Hero, I hold down the strum bar when a note is meant to be held - this doesn't work in Rock Band and often causes the note to cut out. It took me a while to work out what was going wrong.

    - The guitar is too easy and I can breeze through the early songs on Expert, first time.

    Amazing fun though :D
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  • LocoRoco to return to PSP

  • fatchris 01/08/2007

    I was at his talk at the Develop Conference last week and he showed a preview of the new LocoRoco game. It looks much the same but there were loads of different LocoRoco characters on screen at once which looked quite mental - lots more happening on screen. Hopefully they'll release it as a trailer soon - it got a round of applause at the conference!
    I can't wait! :D
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  • Halo 3 trailer - Making of

  • fatchris 07/06/2006

    "eh... cuts off at the end :("

    Thanks, it's now fixed. Not quite sure how that happened.
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  • Interview: John Carmack

  • fatchris 25/05/2006

    gotta love his enthusiasm Reply 0
  • E3 2006 Sony Conference Highlights

  • fatchris 09/05/2006

    Sorry for the audio-sync problem for the first few seconds.

    Hope you enjoy EGTV's first show!
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  • Champion Sheep Rally

  • fatchris 05/05/2006

    This will look amazing on a PS3! Can't wait. Reply 0
  • Revolution's real name

  • fatchris 27/04/2006

    I think I'll have a Wii in my lounge. Reply 0
  • Sensible Soccer 2006

  • fatchris 18/04/2006

    #you're a goal-scoring super-star hero!

    Looks awesome, I can't wait :D
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