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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 10-1

  • fatbb 30/12/2008

    LBP is my personal nr 1 as well for the sole reason the missus and me had hours of fun with LBP multiplayer. Still, not a game without faults - I just wish the controls were a bit more precise. Reply 0
  • Half-Life 2: Episode Two

  • fatbb 10/10/2007

    If you're only interested in EP2, you can now buy it separately from Steam as well. It's 30 USD+whatever your local tax rate is. Reply 0
  • Win an Xbox 360 and Juiced 2!

  • fatbb 02/10/2007

    Hey, nobody ever wins anything. EG's competitions are just for having a laff! Reply 0
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • fatbb 27/03/2007


    It's a reference to Kermit the Frog's song.
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  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

  • fatbb 24/03/2006

    Yes, you can play in third person view. I've been using third person view mostly for my first 3 hours in the game. The dungeon/sewer felt too claustrophobic in first person view.
    Targeting fireballs in third person view is a bit difficult though so I've been switching between first/third person during fights. fantastic game though. I sense an all night gaming session in the works.
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  • X360 shortages will end soon

  • fatbb 15/02/2006

    Kavvy, I agree 'useless' is too strong a word. I used the absence of the harddisk only as an example to illustrate the core vs premium diff though. however, I still think the 360's functionality is severely crippled without HD. Without it, I wouldn't be able to play my old xbox games at a better framerate and in 720p - Well, those that are supported anyway :( These days, with only a few decent games available for the 360 imho, these functionalities are even more important to me than later on in the 360's product life. Like a lot of people, I store all my music and video on a PC. Now I can access these from the living room. I'm not saying the 360 HD is the second coming: it's way to small to store a decent music collection on it, and the fatx filesystem is too closed for comfort as far as I'm concerned. But I still think that you will eventually need a harddisk to use the 360 to its full potential.
    If all you do is play games on it - 360 games only, mind you - and not use live/marketplace regularly you can get by without a harddisk. You'll need one too I think: are you going to continue buying 30 quid/40 EUR memorycards to store all your live stuff?

    And that's only the harddisk. There is a 33% price diff between core and premium, but to me there is 100% useability difference (really!) between the two (HDisk, component cable, wireless controller). From a buyer's perspective, the core package doesn't make sense. Judging by the fact that there are at least some core packs remaining unsold, but premium packs remain rare the market seems to agree with my point as well.

    May I ask why you went for the core pack? You seem to be hunting for a fair number of accessories. Personally, I flat out refused to by a core pack.
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  • fatbb 14/02/2006

    Availability is getting slightly better lately. In Belgium or the Netherlands you can get a core package if you want to. Extrazone (Belgian specialized game music chain) has/had some stock last week. Several people told me FNAC Belgium received a 50-add core shipment last week.
    On the web, Alternate.nl and niceprices.nl claim to be able to ship cores in 48h. Abysscomputershop.nl even claims to have premiums in stock - though the greedy b's only sell them as part of a package deal.

    Then again, who in his/her right mind would buy a core pack anyway. The 360 really is useless without harddisk. And even though 360 accessories including component and VGA cables have become fairly available as well since beginning of february, a separate 360 harddisk remains a very rare occurrence in the Benelux.

    I managed to buy a premium pack (new ones -w/o remote) at a Carrefour hypermarket tonight myself. The bugger was trying to hide under a number of game boy micro's. Price was the 'official' 399 EUR. According to the sales-PFY, it was actually only the second box they got since launch. I can't imagine Carrefour received a single unit though - so if you're interested in a premium and live in Belgium, it might make sense to try a Carrefour and try to pick up a 360 from this shipment. Don't try the Zwijnaarde/Gent one though, the one they got is now mine :)
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  • Psychonauts

  • fatbb 14/02/2006

    Loved it as well. I ordered my copy (PC) from the doublefine webshop on jan 1st, at the height of the 'why is this GOTY' flamewar.

    If you're interested and can't find it, import it.

    /orders 'Lili'-t-shirt
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  • Eurogamer TV beta launches

  • fatbb 14/12/2005

    Thanks for the tip Contra! I thought this was because of non-FF compatible sites. I didn't realize Adblock was the culprit. Reply 0