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  • NVIDIA bombards PC game pirates

  • expiredone 07/05/2008

    Simple solution, lock one game to one console, or with a PC game lock it to one copy of Windows. That way it can't play on any other console / PC. If your console breaks or you upgrade windows then you can transfer ownership of the game, but you need authorisation to do so.

    It would kill the second hand and rental game markets, but the game developer doesn't see any of that money anyway. If that's the price we have to pay then so be it. I hate pirates, anyone with pirated anything should be taken anyway and shot. OK maybe that's a little extreme. But I hate bloodsucking pirates.
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  • Games a "colossal waste of time"

  • expiredone 02/04/2008

    fed up with the paper thinking that it's only teenagers, kids or some sad lonely person who's gonna everyone because he played a computer games. I'am 34 happliy married and been playing computer games since the first spectrum came out and i've yet gonna on a kill spree Reply 0