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  • Spider-Man 3

  • eviltobz 15/03/2007

    whilst i picked up my 360 at the earliest opportunity after release, this is the game that i've been waiting for since spidey 2. swinging around new york with my xbox on a large projector screen is one of my all time favouritest gaming experiences. getting to do it all again with shinier graphics has been keeping me moist in anticipation. and i agree with all the comments about keeping the spidey 2 webslinging style over the ultimate as the simplification just made it a bit pants :(

    now i can't wait to do the aforementioned leap from the top of the empire states to a last minute swing again :)
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  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Shocker

  • eviltobz 13/10/2006

    meh. i was hoping he'd be more like shocker from the ultimate universe. now that would be a damn good boss battle :) Reply 0
  • Boll doing BloodRayne sequel

  • eviltobz 06/10/2006

    @Sl1pstream & Freek & any other firefly flans.

    that is a quote totally out of context from whedonesque.com where his royal jossness was squashing a rumour that he'd implied that a sequel was in the pipeline. he quite categorically did not say no sequel ever, just that nothing's lined up. he's actually been quite vocal about still having stories to tell in the verse. there's already a second comic run in production and the hope of a film sequel isn't dead, just resting.

    /crosses fingers
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  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Villains

  • eviltobz 05/10/2006

    i'm a bit of a marvel fanboi, but more from the ultimate universe so i don't recognise most of those villains.

    but then there was the galactus bit :) squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)))
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  • X06: Marvel Universe Online

  • eviltobz 30/09/2006

    yeah, but its just business innit. protecting your copyright and all. if you aren't seen to protect it then you can lose those rights. and it was all out of court settlementiness.

    and lets face it, who are the first people you'd go to if you want to do a licenced superhero mmo?

    or, to put it a different way, i look forward to teaming with you again kal :)
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  • UK Xbox boss on 360 launch

  • eviltobz 02/12/2005



    i feel like i really need to buy a 360 now, it's almost like eddie himself is endorsing it.

    /picks up custom painted van halen copy guitar

    /tries to play the solo to jump

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  • Supreme Commander detailed

  • eviltobz 20/06/2005

    w00t. ta is easily the most playable rts i have ever encountered. the unit balancing tended to feel a little stale with both sides basically having the same units but different graphics. then the krogoth came and meant that it wasn't worth playing as the arm at all, no big problem there, krogoth are t3h r0xX0rs. but it was all about how perfect the interface felt, especially after the first couple of patches. utter perfection.

    this is definitel gonna be one to watch :)
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  • City of Heroes Diary #4

  • eviltobz 15/02/2005

    hmmm, looks like a couple of different super teams both posting on this same article. i smell a blood feud coming on ;)

    i've never been interested in online gaming. i decided to sign up for live a while back and have literally been online a sum total of once. enjoyed it, but have no desire to go back. ever since i started hearing about coh i've been interested in it. it just sounded like the right mix of stuff to get me wanting to play it, and play it i have. multiple hours everyday since getting it. plenty of time at work spent researching character builds, tictacs etc. and i'm the sort of person that despite owning all the current consoles and an okay gaming pc doesn't actually play much. weeks can easily pass without me gaming, never mind gaming for hours, and the same with a non-eger mate of mine who is fitting the gaming in around his family life with wife & child.

    my point that i'm kinda waffling around the edges of here, is this is a game that despite apparently not being the be all and end all in the mmorpg world has the right stuff to pull and hold (at least for the moment) people who aren't active gamers. gotta be a good sign for the game, genre and industry.
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  • City of Heroes Diary #1

  • eviltobz 29/01/2005

    heh. the 8 characters means that you can create 8 character on each server so you can mess around with different character types easily. i've no idea how many people can be online per server at once, but i'm guessing it's in the thousands. Reply 0
  • ATI comments hint at progress on Xbox 2

  • eviltobz 08/09/2004

    i doubt they'd be forcing such things on ati as such. most likely they had a rough idea of what they were after for their new consoles and asked ati to produce something to those specs, clock speed, #pipelines, amount of memory its designed to work with etc. most likely they will each be a variant on one of the existing radeon cores. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Is Five Years Old!

  • eviltobz 07/09/2004

    otto wrote:
    Blerk = top comments poster?? :o I thought I had that sewn up for sure! You crafty beggar Blerkie! And I could also have sworn I had more comments posts than forum posts. Not so, apparently.

    was that just based on posts as a registered user though? might be a different story if they aren't counting the posts made in the pre-signup days that only us old-school types can remember. back when the internet were all fields and i were a lad yada yada yada.
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  • WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW

  • eviltobz 30/08/2004

    fcuk yuo retriod

    /opnes a cna fo whopo ssa
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  • Haitians seek to ban Vice City outright

  • eviltobz 09/04/2004

    Great Game and not racist at all! Rather than criticize me you worthless uneducated scum bag go critisize the dumb bastard who wrote the article...

    hahahahahaha. ummm, didja read the article? didja? its a pretty neutral sumation of some facts about what other people are doing.

    i can't be arsed addressing many of your statements, but i've worked with and been friends with an iranian for a few years, who has no issue with the west, nor does his extended family. some of them live in the states, some canada, some england, plenty back in iran and all are happy productive people.

    the other one was this thing about all muslims having a jihad against non-muslims. again, i've had friends who are muslim and perfectly content with others believing or not in whatever they choose. you seem incapable of differentiating between muslim and fundamentalist whackjob.

    you criticise the fact that theres some anti-american sentiment on these boards, but are incapable of judging other countries fairly. coming on and spewing such rubbish is the kind of attitude that helps create those anti-us feelings.
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  • X2: The Threat

  • eviltobz 09/02/2004

    we're not gonna start calling you emporer lutz tho, so don't get any conceited ideas :b Reply 0
  • eviltobz 09/02/2004

    fair enough, but i think lutz' point was more that in 3 months the major flaws would probably have been patched out, rather than having to slog through 213 hours or so before the game opens itself up. Reply 0
  • eviltobz 09/02/2004

    stevas, are you ignoring unregistered posters? i made the 7 hours a day for 3 months gag when i couldn't be arsed to log in properly at home.

    /mopes away dejectedly
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  • Chris Taylor hints at Total Annihilation follow-up

  • eviltobz 09/02/2004

    meh? MEH?!?!?!

    peej, i'm shocked. the only flaw in the original was that both sides had the same units with different graphics, something that was worked on over time with downloadable units and the add-on packs. mmmm, krogoth. but the thing that made ta so much better than every other rts around was the interface which is still pretty much the benchmark for the genre today imho.
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  • What's New?

  • eviltobz 06/02/2004

    dunno piro, at least its got a chance. the pc and ps2 versions will be able to be faithful to the show, so they can do nothing but suck. Reply 0
  • Mafia

  • eviltobz 05/02/2004

    Marmite r0XX0rs! Reply 0
  • 'Would you like an Xbox with that?'

  • eviltobz 04/02/2004

    lol @ sam. brilliant. you should talk to m$, might be some money for you in advertising :) Reply 0
  • More on Nintendo DS

  • eviltobz 03/02/2004

    utter bollocks renzo. i predict the exact opposite. rampantly.

    so there.
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  • Sony to launch PSX update

  • eviltobz 26/01/2004

    it probably doesn't cost very much to stick a ps2 in with the hdd recorder anyway. i'd guess that the ps2 hardware is used in the encoding and decoding of the video to some extent anyway, so if the ps2 wasn't in there something else would have to be. if it cost an extra tenner or so to stick the worlds leading console in the box then why not. makes it much more marketable. Reply 0
  • Reader Reviews

  • eviltobz 26/01/2004

    game in watford were floggin it for Ł15 on the weekend as a special game of the week deal where you got it for that price when bought with something else. dunno how they were working out the week that it was available tho, so it might not be the same this week. might also have been the manager's perogative rather than an offer in all branches. Reply 0
  • eviltobz 26/01/2004

    if you stuck the time accelerator to the third speed as soon as the docking process started it just skipped it and wapped you straight in. instant way to save hassle and time. Reply 0
  • eviltobz 26/01/2004

    oh yeah, i do recall the autopilot being a bit flakey now. never caused me any major hassle once i got used to it tho. Reply 0
  • eviltobz 26/01/2004

    lutz, which version of elite 2 did you play? i had the pc version and can't remember ever finding bugs in it, elite 3 was notoriously buggy as gametek forced them to release it well before it was finished. it took me a while to get used to the handling of the ships in frontier, but once i did i loved that as much if not more than the original. bigger ships, bigger guns, even bigger ships and guns. quality. loading up 90 or so shield generators and a plasma accelerator weapon thingy and sitting in front of a station whilst decimating their police force was always a good laugh :) Reply 0
  • Reader Reviews

  • eviltobz 26/01/2004

    don't worry stevas, it takes 7 hours a day for about 3 months to get to the new thread. everyone knows that. Reply 0
  • eviltobz 20/01/2004

    empty virtual existance? Reply 0
  • eviltobz 20/01/2004

    good call blerk. for something to be called the new elite it needs to encompass all that elite offered. some of the eve fanbois have been saying that it isn't elite and shouldn't be classed as such, but there's been enough people claiming that it is to give plenty of major misconceptions about the whole thing. Reply 0
  • eviltobz 19/01/2004

    this one made my blood boil... "What i say there is my personal opinion and not for repost on OTHER BOARDS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION." I'm sorry. The internet is public medium. If the quote was from a private, password protected board then maybe i'd agree, but once you've said something on a public board, it's akin to shouting it from the highest mountain: you ain't ever gonna take it back, and throwing your toys out of the pram ain't gonna make it any easier for you.

    made even better by the fact that their board has extract from this thread all over it. nice double standards.

    okay, people have been talking smack all over this thread, but otto, you just took the piss with this line "ROFL! You will never find anyone less likely to play CS than me, that I can promise you." frankly, i'm offended. i reckon you're way out of line with this as you're much more likely to play it than i would. next geekmeet, you and i are gonna have words over this. grrrr.
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  • eviltobz 19/01/2004

    otto - it might happen if rauper's plans to get us 1337 c0d3r types to work on the site ever get off the ground. Reply 0
  • eviltobz 19/01/2004

    i wanna throw my defence in for mustardkid's review of eve, addressing a couple of general point made here:

    "Yep everyone is entitled to their opinion, but try and judge a game on it's merrits, and not on misconceived perceptions you had before entering the game."

    i'd say its fine to judge it that way as long as you make it obvious that is where you're coming from. his review is a great one to read for anyone who's thought that they might be able to pick up eve and be staight into an elite style piloting space trader/combat/thingamy. it will make like-minded people think twice before making such an outlay

    "The single biggest problem with this game is its non friendly nature to lazy reviewers. Claiming to have some authority to judge a persistent game with a few days of play is utterly irresponsible."

    okay, firstly this is the reader review page, so id not really refer to him as a reviewer so much as a gamer. he bought eve to play on his own time. if he plays it for a short time and doesn't get grabbed by it, fine. were it a professional review to dismiss it so quickly would be unprofessional, but as a paying gamer i'd have to say that your perspective changes, if a game doesn't grab me quickly its going to get forgotten about. it doesn't matter how much other people like it, i can't be bothered to pour my time into something that aint gripping me.

    by all means defend your opinions of the game, tell people whats good about it, and point out factual inaccuracies of the review (like combat strategy) but don't dismiss his opinion because he couldn't be bothered to stick with it. plenty of other people would doubtlessly feel the same, and from what i've seen of it on my housemate's pc i'm probably one of them.
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  • Coders aim to bring Linux to the GameCube

  • eviltobz 22/01/2004

    the main, and slightly dodgy, use that i see for this is to allow cube owners to stream divxs etc onto their tvs and only need a silent little cube instead of a full pc with tv out which is likely to be a lot noisier. the server box can be shut away somewhere so you dont have to hear it going. Reply 0
  • How much for a PSP, Sony?

  • eviltobz 12/01/2004

    i'm not planning to pick one up at the moment, not without some decent info on actual, real, not-made-up specs and a list of worthy games, but like gravity0 i can see myself getting one straight away if they're any good, and i'm sure there will be plenty of others like us. Reply 0
  • Acclaim claims a new Legend of Wrestling

  • eviltobz 20/11/2003

    thats the one binky, he was running a wrestling school just round the corner from me in st albans recently, but from what i hear the lessons are a little inconsistent, and tend to vary in quality proprtionatly to his drug consumption. Reply 0
  • What's New?

  • eviltobz 14/11/2003

    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (Cube)
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (PS2)

    double dbz, w00t. budokai 2 was my fave game at ects this year. probably helps to be a big dbz fan mind, but its umm... fluffing... cool. especially when you get thrown through a load of buildings, smashing them to pieces as you fly. or when the background fades out and you and your opponent go into punching/kicking and blocking overdrive like those cool 'repeat these 3 frames of animation for 10 seconds' that always occur in the big fights on the cartoon. or when you finish someone off with a well places kamehameha. love it :)

    unclelou - pick holes in it would indicate crappyness, pick apart, is more just investigate it in detail.

    edit - htmltard
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  • WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

  • eviltobz 14/11/2003

    no offence taken jaa

    /bodyslams jaa onto a table wrapped in barbed wire

    hows that for fake?

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  • eviltobz 13/11/2003

    i am a regular and i've bought all the other smackdown games, and for those who don't already know i do have some experience of wrestling for the FWA. i played a bit of this at ects and thought it to add little over the previous installments, but after reading this review maybe i should have another look. Reply 0
  • Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death

  • eviltobz 13/11/2003

    Ever seen a Transputer mainframe? Weird.

    had one at uni, but i never got to play :(
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  • Pop Idol demo released

  • eviltobz 10/11/2003

    your average new pc may well exceed those specs, but the point of the casual user is that they're unlikely to upgrade so often. even being the kinda hard-core kit buying person that i am with my consoles/projector/dts surround system, i haven't been arsed to upgrade my pc for years, so both my processor and gfx card are not within those limits. Reply 0
  • Reader Reviews

  • eviltobz 03/11/2003

    +6 if the pink is shown ;) Reply 0
  • eviltobz 03/11/2003

    EG ECTS Stand 4/10???!!?!?!? they. GAVE. us. BEER!!!!!! 10/10. Reply 0
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

  • eviltobz 01/11/2003

    /homer voice on
    mmmm, donkeys
    /homer voice off

    however, being english i dont have a mom. sorry.

    edit - and yes, ginger geeks. mmmm. nowt wrong with ginger chicks, its just ginger blokes that are the freaks of nature. and there aint nowt wrong with geeks either. and if she wanted to fuck my ugly arse, i'm sure i'd enjoy that too :) you know she'd be dirty.
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  • eviltobz 29/10/2003

    blokes tend to watch the show just for ugly-bint Sarah Michelle Geller, the big fans are predominantly female.

    personally, i love the show for the writing. and the birds other than smg. dont get me wrong, i would, but she'd be last after the likes of faith, willow, cordy, harmony and many many others *cough*dawn*cough*
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  • What's New?

  • eviltobz 31/10/2003

    i got to play a bit of celebrity deathmatch recently and it was quite fun, although it has no depth whatsoever that i could see in my brief time with it. maybe one to look out for at Ł5-10 in the bargain bins for a bit of pissed up post pub pugilism. and you get to play as mr t. foo. Reply 0
  • What's New?

  • eviltobz 24/10/2003


    nah, the old one was just costing too much, and my finances aren't in the right position for my 911 upgrade, so i went for a cheaper option. a nice jap import toyota celica, 40k miles, red, japanese lcd tv built in, might be able to plug my cube into that :)

    better than my porsche in just about every respect except for the badge.
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  • eviltobz 24/10/2003

    malloc wrote:
    Viewtiful Joe here I come :)

    Zero bank balance here I come :(

    much the same here. although its much much less than zero bank balance here i come after forking out a huge wad for a new car yesterday. ouch.
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  • Nintendo sparks acquisition rumours

  • eviltobz 21/10/2003

    ooooh, ninty making dragonball games. i'm gonna need some curtains for that thought. Reply 0
  • Nokia claims strong launch for N-Gage

  • eviltobz 21/10/2003

    n: kudos to Nokia. there's not a single fucking noteworthy game for this damn trendy phone thing. it was next to impossible, but they did it.

    i'd have to disagree. the port of thps is fantastic. its a huge franchise and a pretty damn perfect conversion and it kicks the arse off anything i've seen on the gba (like for like, not comparing it to wario ware or advance wars or anything here). unfortunately its the only thing that impressed me on it so far. tomb raider felt pretty uncontrolable, and the other stuff was pants.
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