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  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Iceman

  • eviltobz  24/07/2006

    heh, the slow mo thing was exactly what i was thinking. i have some big iceman love going on, but he needs to move a lot quicker than that :( Reply 0
  • Cartoon Network MMO coming

  • eviltobz  21/07/2006

    i wanna be bubbles.

    nothing to do with the game mind, i just wanna be her ;)
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  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance

  • eviltobz  21/07/2006

    /lovingly strokes a photo of stan lee

    meh at blerk. i'm still looking forward to seeing it. i'm a bit of a marvel fanboy mind :)

    admittedly it could be arse. admittedly, based on track record of marvel games there's a great chance it will be arse. but then spiderman the movie 2 and hulk ulti destruction were pretty damn fine.

    /crosses fingers
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  • DOAX2 video up on Live

  • eviltobz  06/07/2006

    why, empornium of course. some of their torrents are HD.


    /slinks out of thread
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  • Over G Fighters

  • eviltobz  05/06/2006

    " go back the the start, the second F-14's wing would go straight into the blast protector (or whatever) of the first plane."

    but go back to the start and notice that when it takes off the first plane is gone and the shield thingy is down.

    aircraft carriers don't have loads of space on them, so sometimes you might have to do things in a certain order.
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  • Spider-Man 3

  • eviltobz  05/06/2006

    i'm sooooo excited about this game. playing the last (movie) one on my xbox on a projector, just swinging around the city for hours was amazing, the swinging mechanic was just sooo good, much better than the more recent comicky one. all the same but with xbox360 graphics has me drooling in anticipation.

    but fuck me what a shite pointless trailer. i demand it get taken of the site for being an utter waste of bandwidth ;)
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  • City of Villains: Issue #7

  • eviltobz  01/06/2006

    yup, they are. and have been for ages too. Reply 0
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

  • eviltobz  05/05/2006

    this looks...
    /teen girl squad voice
    sooooo goooooooood!
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  • Partial Guitar Hero II tracklist

  • eviltobz  05/05/2006

    van halen for the win :)

    and Azazel, good call on stan bush. he soooooooo rocks :)
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  • Valve pledges support to 360

  • eviltobz  27/04/2006

    "Well, drawing conclusions from his posts, blackdog surfs the net either on a PSP or a cheap iMAC... he'd better be dead than caught using Microsoft products"

    nah, us mac owners love the 360 as it is essentially a multicore g5 powermac (as the original development kits were)
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  • X-Men: The Official Game - Sentinel

  • eviltobz  11/04/2006

    iceman ftw.

    but god that was the suckiest trailer i've ever seen.
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  • Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai

  • eviltobz  10/04/2006

    It all went wrong with DbZ after the Namek saga imo, they should have left it alone after Goku reached Super-Saijan level.

    but then we'd have missed out on the sheer unequalled brillance of when majin boo was freshly hatched, walked up to gohan and kai who were trembling in fear and in a cute baby voice shouted "booooooo" did a big back flip, landed on his arse, and giggled a bit. fucking genius :)

    ...One one person made it in the entire pre-history of Db, but yet by the end of the Cell saga there's like 5 of the buggers :(
    but, if you watch through to the end of dbgt you'll find out that they aren't actually quite actual proper super saijans yet.

    /wubs db, dbz, dbgt

    /wubs goku

    /really wubs videl when she still had bunches. mmmm ;)
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  • Sony rumbled again in Dual Shock court case

  • eviltobz  14/03/2006

    Wearas, despite Sony's limitless funds coming from their electronics almost-monopoly

    actually, the playstation brand is about the only thing making sony any money, the electronics side is rather loss-making in recent years apparently.
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  • Guitar Hero to encore

  • eviltobz  06/03/2006

    phew, my pre-order with amazon for £31.91 is still listed in my account :) Reply 0
  • ICO

  • eviltobz  17/02/2006

    this is ico. 10/10 is a balanced reader review. look at the user voting on this page. Reply 0
  • X-Men movie tie-in coming

  • eviltobz  08/02/2006

    if they get iceman's skating mechanics sorted out nicely this game could rock. something a bit like spideythemovie2thegame with it's free-roamy goodness. they probably won't, but if they did... Reply 0
  • X-Men: The Official Movie Game

  • eviltobz  08/02/2006

    whilst i can understand the negativity going on here...

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  • Guitar Hero coming to Europe

  • eviltobz  11/01/2006


    /sweep-picks out of the thread
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  • Top 50 Reaction: City of Heroes/Villains

  • eviltobz  09/01/2006

    DDevil wrote:
    He never said why Hulk:UD was so special to him... Boo hiss!

    yeah he did. incredible hulk. ultimate desctruction. quick, simple and concise ;)

    /tobz SMASH
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  • City of Villains

  • eviltobz  08/11/2005

    yup, enhancement diversification has caused a lot of aggro, and has really mucked up some powersets, but a lot of people who have actually played with it and used their free respecs to modify their toon appropriately have ended up liking it. hopefully we'll see them modifying some of the base numbers on the worst effected powersets to bring them out of gimpage, but there has been a huge amount of people crying DOOOOOOOM without trying it (and maybe scaling back the difficulty levels a little) Reply 0
  • eviltobz  08/11/2005

    and it's not called Rage in CoV it's Fury. it used to be called Rage until someone realised that name is used as a buff in super strength, so every gets it confused all the time.

    not that i wanna seem picky or anything ;)
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  • PSP - now with DRM

  • eviltobz  14/10/2005

    "in what sense is DRM a "feature"? doesn't that imply something useful not a cumbersome irritation that makes portable material unportable? playstation portable indeed..."

    because content providers will make their stuff available if they trust the drm. if you're happy just encoding your own stuff to watch or pirating things then it's irrelevant, but the idea is that it can create a market for downloadable video similar to what apple have done with the new itunes/video ipod/abc&disney deal.
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  • Fable: The Lost Chapters

  • eviltobz  26/09/2005

    i find people's differing opinions on combat skills in fable quite interesting. personally i found a mixture of hitting people with a big fuck off sword with magic to make me harder and do ranged attacks was perfect. my mate loved playing with the bow whereas i couldn't really get on with it. i think that the different skill types actually provide a good mix of combat techniques allowing the player to customize it to how they want to play quite nicely, and that neither melee, archery or magic were lacking, just different. Reply 0
  • New PSP accessories launched

  • eviltobz  17/08/2005

    only if you buy a value pack type thingy

    /strokes cheap import jap version

    £109, that'll do nicely :)
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  • Virtua Tennis World Tour

  • eviltobz  04/08/2005

    and a little more damn you krudster.

    i've only gone and ordered myself a psp (jap non-value pack. mmmm, cheeeeap) and a bit of thps and mercury to keep me waiting for this.

    git! ;)
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  • eviltobz  04/08/2005

    damn youse.

    this preview has only just gone and got me wanting a psp now. there i was, happily not caring about it, and now i'm all keen and eager and looking for places that'll do decent bundles.
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  • WWE SmackDown! for PSP

  • eviltobz  21/07/2005

    since failing to be convinced by luminees this is the first psp game to turn my head. might be a bit of a giggle and it's the sort of game that should work well in handheld doses.

    /powerbombs the thread
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  • Games cover-disk on Maxim?

  • eviltobz  19/07/2005

    pah. i was hoping that they'd be compiling xboxen & ps2 game demos instead. give us an option other than the godawful official mags for checking out demos rather than things that we can download anyways. Reply 0
  • Pac-Pix

  • eviltobz  01/07/2005

    you can always import it pretty cheap from here and get postage and packaging free :) Reply 0
  • Sony takes on PSP hackers

  • eviltobz  28/06/2005

    Tweakmonkey wrote:
    So what if you're a normal consumer and you can't flash the firmware? Buy a new PSP? I've never heard the likes of it on a console. I think Sony are confused as to what kind of device the PSP is...

    read the article again dude. the game will update the firmware automagically if it needs to. the consumer wont notice shit.
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  • Hardcore porn for PSP

  • eviltobz  03/06/2005

    but there is of course the fact that the psp, primarily a gaming device, is the only umd player available to the pubic, i mean public, whereas standalone dvd players were starting to become common around the release of the ps2 making that relationship more incidental. Reply 0
  • eviltobz  02/06/2005

    Captain Fetid wrote:
    Plus there's no pr0n on the PS2.

    no pron availble on DVD? where the fuck have you been living?
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  • Ultimate Spider-Man news

  • eviltobz  27/05/2005


    i only wish it were a next gen release title with the shinier prettiness
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  • Kameo: Elements of Power

  • eviltobz  27/05/2005

    just to continue my little bit of dragging things off topic...

    "/giggles at the suggestion that transformers was in any way original

    Ok, ok. I suppose some Japanese robot thing like Gundam was around first, get me on a technicality, or whatever.

    not my point. hasbro bought up the rights to a load of different japanese toy lines based on big stompy robots from various anime whatsits. they then proceeded to get cartoons made with all these pre-existing toys whilst flogging them off. there wasn't an original (robotic) character in the transformers universe until the 2nd or 3rd series.

    theres a bit more info at http://www.revolutionsf.com/article.html?id=2213

    /end transformers fanboi/collector mode

    so, kameo then...

    edit - dodgy site code post borkage
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  • eviltobz  26/05/2005

    /giggles at the suggestion that transformers was in any way original

    anyway, kameo then. back when the first videos of this running on the cube were popping up i was pant-wettingly excited by it. the whole changing forms thing was looking really nice and it was floating around the top of my ones-to-watch list. since the move to ms, the talk all sounds the same, but the vids i have seen so far all look a lot more generic 3rd person action adventure. i hope they prove me wrong, it still sounds cool, but i need to see the magic that the cube was showing way back when.

    (fanboi disclaimer. yup, i am a cube fanboi, but the type who owns all the consoles and is likely to own all the next gen consoles too, so the platform switches themselves do not change my perspective of the game as they make no difference to my ability to procure and play a copy)

    /giggles a bit more about the transformers thing.
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  • SW Battlefront 2 trailer

  • eviltobz  24/05/2005

    /dons a clone trooper uniform, jetpacks over markypants and shoots him in the back Reply 0
  • 360 compatibility explained

  • eviltobz  19/05/2005

    "properly written" directx code should run on both chipsets, the problem is, given a fixed platform you can get huge efficiency gains when you write things specific to that chip and so devs will do so to allow them to show off their whizzy new gfx engine that puts all other games to shame.

    that in itself might not be a problem with suitable emulation, but ms don't own the ip rights to the nvidia chip so would likely face certain licencing issues if they emulated it. and even then emulation is generally flakey.

    and anyone knows that claims of being able to run the same game independantly of your amd/intel & ati/nvidia chip can be a little on the spurious side ;)
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  • UK iTunes could see FF music

  • eviltobz  11/05/2005

    you can burn cds of tracks downloaded from the itunes store you know. yup, it was compressed before, so it won't be as good quality as a master cd, but many of us won't notice a difference anyway, and even then it's only slight. Reply 0
  • Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

  • eviltobz  11/05/2005

    hulk meets spiderman-the-movie-2-the-game (damn mouthful that). sounds potentialful to me :)


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  • Touch! Kirby's Magic Paintbrush

  • eviltobz  13/04/2005

    It's a fucking handheld. Get a grip.
    excellent punnage :)
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  • Far Cry Instincts release date

  • eviltobz  13/04/2005

    i think thats the pr way of saying that they're downgrading the graphics uncle :)

    of course, there is always the sofa/big screen argument.
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  • Polarium

  • eviltobz  07/04/2005

    cept that'd be polararium

    so it's either and arium of pols, or some iums that are polar

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  • Fable, Gotham, Halo on Xbox 360

  • eviltobz  04/04/2005

    /quotes lutz verbatim Reply 0
  • GDC: Nintendo announces DS online, first Revolution details

  • eviltobz  11/03/2005

    that's pretty much right. the ps2's i/o chip is pretty much a ps1. i think a little stuff is done in software, but it's mostly a dedicated hardware thing. Reply 0
  • Fable due on PC this autumn

  • eviltobz  11/03/2005

    ooooh. my fave game of last year but bigger and better. i might have to keep an eye on this. Reply 0
  • Xbox 2 set to feature removable hard drive - reports

  • eviltobz  25/02/2005

    CyberClaw wrote:
    original myrmican post:
    "Backwards compatibility means that when considering a new game console, the current Xbox owner will look quite favourably at a PS3 - given that he'll have to keep his Xbox to play his existing games anyway, if he buys a PS3 he'll be able to pick up all of those PS2 games he quite liked the look of back when he was opposed to the PS2. And they'll be cheaper, too!

    On the other hand, the PS2 owner will look at Xbox2 and realise that the only games it will play are a small selection of release titles, and judging on the evidence so far, all 'big' games get released on Xbox and PS anyway. "

    You are quite simply saying "there are no XBox exclusive titles a PS2 owner would want to play, but obviously, a XBox owner can't wait to get his hands on the next FF 41, or Tekken 27".

    the way i read that and all his other posts it looks like his argument is based on the assumption the ps3 will be backwards compatible whereas the xbox2 won't, which is the way things are currently looking. getting an xbox2 would mean you could only play xbox2 games, whereas getting a ps3 would also allow ps2 (and maybe ps1) stuff too. if this ends up not being a correct technical assumption then the post merely evaporates into the electronic ether.
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  • City of Heroes Diary #4

  • eviltobz  21/02/2005

    but more importantly the EG men kicked arse on the positron task force yesterday.

    and to those people who keeeeeeep waffling on about these diaries being a publisher sponsored feature, well done, you can read. but please note that it's a sponsored feature of a game that got a great review from the same author a little while back, so whilst it may not be quite the most impartial article you'll ever read you can be sure that for the most part it is genuine.
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  • eviltobz  14/02/2005

    Running out of awakens by the time we'd killed the first group of beasties on the first mission was a major stumbling block yesterday. Reply 0
  • Valve updates HL2 Deathmatch with new weapons, map

  • eviltobz  18/02/2005

    ignore the naysayers mugs, i'll be your dog...

    for those who don't appreciate the excellence of the crow/kiaora gag i'd like to point you in this direction.
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