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  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel confirmed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • etherfiend 09/04/2014

    By outsourcing the work it probably means outsourcing the writing which could see a lot of the humour lost that made the previous games so much fun to play multiple times.

    But having migrated to the current gen, I won't be making purchases on previous gen any more so that's a lost sale right there. Judging by some other comments above, I'm not the only one.
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • etherfiend 24/05/2013

    I think that's two different scenarios. This is only way it makes sense for a 2nd hand market to exist and MS to go to the effort of hooking up with retailers in the first place for a 2nd hand model...when the registering component could be used to eliminate 2nd hand games altogether.

    Scenario 1:
    You lend your game to a friend. As the game is still 'registered' with you they pay £35 to activate it and play it. You can then play the game when they hand it back.

    Scenario 2:
    You trade the game in. It gets removed from your account and the shop can resell at their choice of cost. You obviously cannot play that game any more. As the game is not registered to an account then the purchase price is the activation fee, there is no additional fixed cost.

    Of course, as usual, nothing at this stage is concrete and we won't actually know the truth (inc costs) until near/on launch and someone attempts a trade in (buts let's pretend that isn't the case and wheel out article after article of heresay)
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  • Microsoft: Xbox isn't a gaming console

  • etherfiend 17/01/2011

    MS have been trying for years to crack the 'home entertainment experience', firstly with PCs, then media centres and now the Xbox and fair props to them this is the closest they have got. However they should also be wary that the 'wider demographic' probably wont spend as much time with the units, as much money on the products and associated services and be very mindful of the audience/demographic that got it to where it is today. Don't desert the core gamer audience or you will sound a death knell for your next generation of kit.

    Appealing to something for everyone is great, but to say it 'isn't a gaming console' was a poorly written line. 'Isn't JUST a gaming console' would have been so much more appropriate.

    /2 cents.
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  • Microsoft to relaunch Steam rival

  • etherfiend 22/10/2010

    How many of those 30million Steam users are there out of choice though? I've got an account purely because DoW2 and Total War: Empire required Steam activation, if it wasn't shoe-horned on I'd have never bothered with it.

    I see why people love it, but for me, personally, it's just one more annoyance before I can get to play my game.

    I'm glad MS are giving it a stab, apart from Stardock I haven't come across any others that even come close to competing with Steam. I'd love to have the choice to choose who gets my 'digital activation' rather than one vendor forced upon me. Having said that this isn't something that will bring me back to PC gaming, the console is just too convenient.
    *Prepares for a negaton blast from Steam evangelists*
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  • Blitz predicts digital-only PS4/Xbox 720

  • etherfiend 21/10/2010

    They'll have to ship with massive hard drives then as I couldn't even get close to 25% of my games collection installed and I'll be damned if I want to incur the wrath of the ISP for breaking download limits and/or waiting for a couple of hours for 4gb to download before I can play it. I agree with Sony's Mr Hirai on this one. Reply +14
  • Sony: PS3 now the "de facto" purchase

  • etherfiend 19/08/2010

    Anyone buying a console at this stage in its lifecycle is probably:
    - coming of console age where the parent's Wii is not enough
    - buying a second console
    - finally getting around to buying one (for whatever reason)

    Apart from buying a second console I'm fairly sure the purchase would mostly now be governed by the 'what my mates have' factor. If Jonny Twizzle's mates all had 360s he'd probably buy a 360 if he had waited this long to get a console. Likewise if they had PS3s with the much smaller price gap now present it'd be a PS3 that little Jonny would buy instead.
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  • Dark Star One - first 15 minutes

  • etherfiend 24/06/2010

    Out says tomorrow and my order hasn't even been changed from Pre-order status...very unusual - some sort of supply issue? Reply 0
  • Gears of War 3

  • etherfiend 17/06/2010

    A couple of rounds of horde and then exacting revenge in beast mode. Can't wait. Reply +1
  • Red Dead Redemption

  • etherfiend 15/06/2010

    Indeed, San Andreas was the worst outing in the GTA franchise. GTA3 and Vice city were great and I enjoyed those, San Andreas and IV were just missing something. Reply 0
  • DarkStar One: Broken Alliance

  • etherfiend 03/06/2010

    Loved it on PC, used to be a big fan of all the Elite/Wing Commander/Freespace/X-BTF, even to a lesser extent the Newtonian I-War (although that control system was insane).

    About time something like this popped up on a console (I refuse to acknowledge Project Sylpheed as it was truly terrible)...I await with baited breath.
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  • Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer

  • etherfiend 01/06/2010

    Obviously connected to different sessions than I. Trying to clear out bandit hideouts only to get repeatedly hounded by a large posse or almost obsessive compulsive need by some to repeatedly kill players even when they tried to run or not fight back. When piping up in global chat about this I was swiftly reprimanded by the usual twaddle & smack talk I associate with FPS players, then told to go play on a private session if that was howI felt. Well I would have except in its infinite wisdom Rockstar decided to make most mp achievements public only, so not it isn't like I had a choice if I wanted to get some g's out of it too. Some sort of PvP flag/toggle should at least have been implemented for those such as myself who have little interest in pot-shotting passing players and just want to Free Roam for those challenges.

    Ultimately I found multiplayer a terrible bore and bereft of many things that I enjoyed about the single player. The impending arrival of co-op missions may make me pick up the game again but having dealt with the single player to 100% completion the game now offers very little appeal.
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  • EA sells off Mass Effect movie rights

  • etherfiend 25/05/2010

    I think you probably mean "The Dark Knight" ;) Reply +10
  • BT signs exclusive rights to OnLive

  • etherfiend 13/05/2010

    Until we see solid pricing around the costs of game rental and subscription to the service its hard to see if it will be worth it. Possibly for PC gamers that are always at the edge of latest graphics cards and CPUs (as over a 3yr period it could well cost them £1000-£2000 in hardware) but any early adopters for consoles will probably still be better off buying hardware & renting games from blockbuster or loveFilm.

    I'm keeping myself open to this cloud concept, but surely the more people that hop onto the cloud the more the service will deteriorate? That in turn will lead to more servers and to higher costs, and before you know it personal hardware will be the next big thing! This also relies on 'always on' meaning the same fate for those that use the always on drm without success...I can see a lot of unhappy gamers due to poor broadband infrastructure.
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  • Bleszinski dismisses Gears of War 3 leaks

  • etherfiend 06/05/2010


    The whole island being the new HQ for survivors of Jacinto is covered in one of the books released by the writer of the story for Gears 3. Well worth a read. Jacinto's Remnant (iirc) is the name of the book and kicks off immediately following the final cut-scene of GoW2. I wouldn't surprise me if one or two levels were based around that island setting, however the trailer is littered with ashen corpses so that is definitely not on the island because it wasn't razed by the hammer of dawn attacks (afaik - trying to remember as I red the book months ago).

    As usual I expect a little hearsay mixed with truth in that leak. It's stll got a long way to go in production yet, so far its too early to know anything but stuff that may end up getting cut from the final release.

    *edit - last sentence re-written for readability*
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  • The EGTV Show: The Videogames Election - Episode 1

  • etherfiend 05/05/2010

    Really great, can't wait for the next one. A bold new direction and a welcome one EG.

    btw...23:12 onwards, anyone else spot the guy walking up the steps that just stops dead in his tracks for a while?
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  • Alan Wake

  • etherfiend 05/05/2010

    Bring back 'Ignore poster'. That is all. Reply 0
  • Puzzle Quest 2 demo on Facebook

  • etherfiend 30/04/2010

    Hopefully a return to form. Galaxtrix and Puzzle Chronicles were both a disappointment and Gyromancer as competition to the crown just failed to impress on any level. I'm in desperate need of something other than PQ, Chime and Peggle to keep me amused when I don't fancy the 'boxed games'. Reply +1
  • MS discussing Xbox Live telly channel

  • etherfiend 21/04/2010

    It should be, as already suggested any times, as an add-on option for an additional fee. Most people now have freeview, Virgin or Sky and with bandwidth caps on broadband why would you want to risk running afoul of those limits streaming TV when you could watch it on TV or download for a fraction of the bandwidth as an encoded avi/mpeg later? In addition why pay more for a channel when you already pay for other premium TV services.

    Also like others here I no longer watch TV, at best I'll grab a cheap dvd box set for a fiver but 99/100 times I'll be playing games as opposed to watching tv. I can't honestly see any positive reasons for having this, especially as it would potentially upset their relationships with Sky/Netflix and probably wouldn't have much in the way of a USP.

    If a forced increase on the Gold membership is imposed then I will have to reconsider my options as I do very little 'online' gaming as it is. Maybe it'd be time to finally brush the dust off the PS3 controller and use it for more than a bluray/media player

    What could actually work is a seperate sub where you get to 'create a channel' and MS has a repository of shows (much like the zune movies) from its various TV providing partners that you can drag and drop into a playlist. Depending on what was on offer I would maybe consider that, but it'd need to be a monthly sub with no min-period for staying with the service.
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  • First XCOM screenshot revealed

  • etherfiend 15/04/2010

    FPS is a huge disappointment, I was rather hoping for something similar to XCOM: Total War - If they had to remove the turnbased (a big mistake anyway imo), then the Total War style would suit it fantastically. Reply 0
  • Nier

  • etherfiend 25/03/2010

    Hmm combat sounds very much like Star Ocean, not my cup of tea.

    Good of Square Enix to be looking at different formulas though, I'm sure a few people will very much look forward to this.
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  • Toy Soldiers

  • etherfiend 24/03/2010

    Enjoyable read, I've been playing this game on and off and this review really hits the mark. Reply +1
  • EA will test waters with paid-for demos

  • etherfiend 23/03/2010

    I'd say that they've already priced themselves out of the market. When you can rent the full game for 7 days for £3.50 (especially with most average games only having around 8-24 hours of gameplay) why would you pay £6 for a lesser version?

    Using the prequel analogy its a bit worrying if they then start using the 'demo' as a seperate entity to the main game or even as an intro section but then don't include it in the main release as that would potentially almost require a purchase of the demo.

    Personally, I only really see this being a viable testing mechanism for massive multiplayers where instead of requesting beta volunteers you're actually expected to pay for the beta test!

    From the little information given in the article so far I cannot see how this would realistically work apart from very specific scenarios such as beta-testing multiplayer game mechanics through 2 or 3 maps.
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  • Natal will require 4 metres of space

  • etherfiend 23/03/2010

    @Zomoniac - Glad I wasn't the only one to noitice that. They must mean 'up to 4m' as in all the demos so far they have been way closer than 4m. Reply +11
  • Final Fantasy XIII

  • etherfiend 23/03/2010

    I said I wouldn't compare it to the FF predecessors, which I didn't, a bit tough to not compare it to anything at all - but appreciate the comments ;) Reply 0
  • Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

  • etherfiend 16/03/2010

    I enjoyed C&C3 on the PC, not so much on the 360 and Red Alert 3 was a mess on the 360...forced to play co-op with AI or friend on campaign, no thanks!

    This doesn't look like the swansong I'd hoped for from the Tiberium saga. I have to agree with the earlier poster and say Red Alert 2 was the peak of C&C.

    Oh, and of course insert the obligatory DRM rant here. I see the publishers are being slow to react to the utter fail that is persistent online DRM...probably some idiot signed a fixed length minimum contract for it's usage...
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  • EEDAR: Are X360 Achievements too hard?

  • etherfiend 15/03/2010

    Achievements are tough to balance. You don't want everyone getting 1000 points as it just demeans the system and renders it pointless. There are people like myself who don't really do online multiplayer and thus lose out there and others that prefer to game casually rather than grind it out (oh hello Seriously 2.0 - 100,000 kills GoW2) like an MMO. 24 hours reloading the Brumack level or forever being in a multiplayer thanks.

    Initially I think a lot of games (especially JRPGs) didn't think through what they were actually asking...levelling all Blue Dragon characters and all the shadows to 99 - well into the 150 hour mark. The problem was exacerbated by the lack of things to do because standard fights were walkovers and 'legendary' monster bosses were too tough (king poo for example).

    As time has gone on, Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2 being the perfect example,things have improved. I've generally found achievments for random things (blowing up 8 chickens with a grenade in MW2, etc) remain but the time-sinking achievements are becoming less. With the constant stream of games I think it has dawned that people aren't going to spend hundreds of hours grinding a couple of achievements when they can get loads more (and more fun too) by playing something new, especially when Gamerscores aren't quite the e-peen they were maybe intended to be.

    The ME2 achievements are a vast improvement, I've gone through once and I think I've got at least 700 points out of it. I'll have almost all on 2 playthroughs but then the second playthrough is varied and I'll enjoy it unlike second playthroughs of Darksiders and Dead Space where nothing changes but the time taken to kill stuff - no enjoyment there.

    I think C&C3 had the worst of the lot where I did all the campaigns on gold yet it never unlocked the lower achievements, so you would have had to play through 3 times - one for each difficulty level...that was plain tedium and idiocy on the part of the achievement implementors. I never did bother going back, just like Dead Space, Conan, Viking, COD4, and so many others where I loved playing through but just once. Like many 'plot twist' films, I rarely want to watch them a second time for a long time, the fun is removed.

    Also any game that gives achievments for the hardest difficulty but requires you to unlock by completing on an easier setting makes my list of hatred (Eat Lead, Mass Effect & Dead Space I'm staring at you). At least Eat Lead had a code you could enter to unlock it right off the bat. I have no objection to hardest difficulty achievments, they are often worth striving for but not if you have to jump through hoops to get there.
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  • Heavy Rain "fuels a lot of hope"

  • etherfiend 10/03/2010

    A few people seem to be getting the corrupted savegames, any news on fixing those? When I know that's fixed I'll take the plunge, definitely sounds worth it. Reply +5
  • Jagged Alliance 3 announced for 2011

  • etherfiend 10/03/2010

    Venkman90 speaks the truth. Stick with turn-based, please. Reply +2
  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • etherfiend 08/03/2010

    This was a shameless copy and paste from my personal site that only friends tend to read. Having said that, you are right, I shall be more mindful of language in future articles. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 2

  • etherfiend 08/03/2010

    Yes, you're right I fluffed my own example! Sadly I can't edit it now either! Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XIII

  • etherfiend 05/03/2010

    For anyone thats played this what's the battle system like compared to other current generation RPGs? It seems real-time from the review but I hated the real-time action in Star Ocean/Infinite Undiscovery and much prefer the Lost Odyssey/Last Remnant type of battle. Is it different enough to warrant a look at or will I just end up being sorely disappointed?

    *edit* And I get it's a whole 'shift' in combat system, I'd rather just get a feel for an approximation towards the turn-based setup of groups or annoying button mashing.
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  • New Ubisoft DRM "cracked" on day one?

  • etherfiend 04/03/2010

    And that's why the only 3 games I've bought for the PC in the last 2years have been Empire Total War, Dawn of War 2 and the LOTRO expansion. E:TW and DOW2 really got under my skin with the Steam stuff so I stpped buying PC games and pretty much went console only. Then reading about the failings of that Spore EA DRM that only allowed 3 activations and then this reliance on being constantly online? Mental.

    The reason I use the xbox now as my main gaming platform is because I buy a game, I insert the disc and I start playing. That's pretty much it. Although the annoying DLC registration system for ME2 and DA:O (which you need to go to bethesda's website and thus potentially expose your xbox gamertag details there) has got me wondering if the same stupid measures will start to be introduced on consoles too.

    Everything that is a block between me inserting the disc and playing the game is a massive turnoff and if I have to start waiting to see what type of DRM/registration restrictions are in place before buying a game then I'll begin to look elsewhere for my entertainment. I don't like piracy, it does take revenue from the games companies, regardless of those that then go on to purchase or those that argue the product wasn't worth the asking price anyway so they would have never bought it in the first place. However, stupid DRM restrictions will eventually drive away all custom. There is no easy answer to the problem (apart from removing everyon's ability to be dis-honest), but by making the paying customers lives easier and laying off the 'big brother' registration and DRM systems the publishers may retain a larger number of paying customers than at present.

    Hell I'd have probably punted for a couple of PC bargains in my local Game but the horror of Steam and things like this new DRM activation puts me off completely.

    And to the Steam fanatics, yes I know digital downloads are the future, yes I know 90% of people think Steam is awesome. I don't happen to feel that way, I prefer a physical medium where I can place them somewhere safe and a virus/OS fail/hardware fail won't destroy it and then I breach my ISP limit re-downloading the games and patches. Yes the disk could get broken, but that'd be my own stupid fault and not that of something out of my control. Thanks.

    I'll never forget my first piece of gaming DRM. It was a Commodore64 game and when you loaded the game from tape it gave you a column and row reference. You then had to look up the code in the manual where the central page was a table of codes. They were black text on a dark red background to stop photocopying. I'd prefer that archaic system to the current ones tbh.

    Those were the days!
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  • Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

  • etherfiend 01/03/2010

    Spent most of Saturday playing this and thoroughly enjoyed it...well up until that final boss. Definitely not soloable. Sadly after the raft of really poor DLC (AC2,Dragon Age, etc) a number of my online buddies just aren't up for putting money into any more which is a shame because this is probably the best value for money DLC I've ever downloaded. So those final two achievements will have to wait until I can convince someone to cough up! Reply +1
  • Darwinia+

  • etherfiend 11/02/2010

    Every game at 1200 points thus far has been a total disappointment compared to the others I've thoroughly enjoyed at 800. Self-imposed restriction on coughing up 1200 points I'm afraid. No sale until deal of the week especially if they haven't actually added anything new to the mix. Reply -1
  • EA's "Project Ten Dollar" explained

  • etherfiend 11/02/2010

    Whilst I am fine with adding the codes, etc to prevent second hand sales what does really get on my wick is the fact you have to register with multiple sites, initiatives and god knows what else to use them.

    Dragon Age DLC, there is something you register for. AC2 you have to register seperately for Ubipoints or whatever that tosh was (didnt actually bother signing up for that). ME2 again seperate registration for Cerberus even though I owned DA:O. Thats multiple sources that now have my gamertag, email address, etc on record. Just one more place for my details to get 'lost' or hacked.

    If this is the trend going forward then it either needs to all be linked into gamertag (PSN user for PS3 or whatever) as trying to use different passwords to register for each new EA/Ubi game I buy will result in chaos.
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  • Ubi boss describes new Assassin's episode

  • etherfiend 10/02/2010

    I can't say this is totally unexpected.

    AC3 would probably be at least 2 years development so lets say earliest, a xmas 2012 release. Ubisoft are doing the sound business thing here in my opinion.
    - Full retail game -> muchos money
    - Re-using multiple assets from the first Ezio game -> lower dev costs and faster time to market - same building gfx, same people models, etc - just tweaked a little
    - Familiar setting -> no need to write a whole new background story with a large plot, just effectively tack a couple of chapters onto the existing one.
    - Customer interest -> Keeps AC in the mind of the customers and of course keeps the PR machine greased.
    - 2012 release is potentially dangerous -> Noone knows if Natal or PS3 Wand will really extend the life of these consoles, they are casual player focussed and they aren't known for swallowing every piece of DLC, avatar rubbish and huge game collections. 2012 is when I imagine they will be either announcing the next generation of consoles. So AC2 part 2 released 2011 then kick start the AC3 machine. By the time they know what they are going to do they will know if they should start a 360/PS3 dev cycle and probably be one of the console swansongs or start looking at a new engine for a new console dev cycle.
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  • Number of Steam accounts hits 25m

  • etherfiend 01/02/2010

    The figures don't really mean anything, any game that decides to integrate Steam forces you do register and activate a Steam account. I am a Steam account holder and sadly it wasn't really through choice but only because I wanted to play DoW2 and TW:Empire.

    Boasting about however many accounts you have acquired isn't an achievement when there is no other option of playing/activating a game.
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  • Mass Effect 2 has "intense" DLC schedule

  • etherfiend 11/01/2010

    There is only so much money in my wallet and an 'intense' schedule of DLC will get sidelined in favour of some of the other great games slated for Q1. It's not that I don't agree with DLC, I think it's great when done properly ( /glares at AC2 blatant thievery but looks lovingly at Borderlands) but at 600-1200 points per shot it gets expensive quite fast (especially now as it seems every game 'has' to have DLC even if it means removing some of the original game to peddle off as new content... /another glare at AC2). Reply +4
  • Nier due out in spring in the US

  • etherfiend 08/01/2010

    Action RPG. Oh dear. Another Star Ocean or Tales of Vesperia I do not need. Spammy yawnfests the lot of them. Reply -3
  • Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

  • etherfiend 05/01/2010

    I'm really enjoying this and agree with the review for the most part. The most disappointing thing was the bank being for one character only. I was rather hoping I'd be able to store equipment (class mods, etc) for other chars to use when they level up or just a collection of awesome weapons I could dip in and out of with all the characters.

    The lack of a save is quite harsh too and other than weekends there is no way the group of people I game with would be able to even attempt a 20 round challenge.
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  • Two new titles from Mistwalker in 2010

  • etherfiend 04/01/2010

    I agree with andywilkie35. Put many more hours into LO and BD than any of the other Sqeenix or other JRPGs out on the X360. I hated the 'real time' button mashing of Star Ocean and Tales of Vesperia (I know a load of people loved that, sorry, just not my thing) and Infinite Undiscovery was just plain awful.

    Last Remnant despite the backwards levelling system (what the hell was with that Battle Rank system?) was enjoyable but ultimately having to play through and avoid fights to be able to level up enough to take on the Conqueror was immensely irritating and I felt went against everything an RPG should be. The only other one which I actually enjoyed playing was Enchanted Arms.

    Definitely looking forward to more from Mistwalker.
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  • New Borderlands DLC detailed

  • etherfiend 11/12/2009

    After the disappointing dead space 2 details yesterday this has put in a good mood again. Fantastic. Definitely my favourite game of the year, fitting that I should end the year playing its latest DLC :) Reply 0
  • Loads of Dead Space 2 details emerge

  • etherfiend 10/12/2009

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

    Multiplayer is very disappointing. A co-op would break the atmosphere and PvP makes me want to take a plasma cutter to my own limbs. No thanks.

    As for the new monsters, I think the devs have been playing a little too much Left 4 Dead:
    "They'll dash at and pounce on Clarke, stabbing mercilessly at him with long claws."
    The witch from Left 4 Dead then...

    "Another humanoid enemy literally spills his guts, which will infectiously slop towards Clarke."
    The bloater from left 4 Dead then....

    "Or there's a tentacled man who's gullet hangs from his mouth like an enormous tongue. He'll attempt to lasso Clarke and bring him close. "
    The smoker from Left 4 Dead then...

    "But our favourite new addition are Stalkers: speedy pack hunters that will try to trick Clarke and out-flank him or lure him into a trap."
    The velociraptors from Jurassic park then...oh no wait, this one is actually quite cool.

    I loved the first game so much, enough to get all the gamer points (I'm fairly lazy on the G's usually as I play to enjoy the game rather than epeen). Looks like the addition of multiplayer will deny me a dead space 2 spot on my completed games achievement list. Sadly gone from a day 1 purchase to a wait and see for me.
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  • Trophies reveal new Borderlands DLC

  • etherfiend 09/12/2009

    Great news, hopefully it'll be co-op/single and not duelling.

    I was so impressed with the game and Dr Ned dlc I voted this number 1 for 2009. It was by far the best game I've played this year (and I'm not much of an FPS fan). Just waiting for a couple of mates to pick it up for some four-way rocking co-op action.

    It kind of is a scalable enemy difficulty but having completed every single mission in the first playthrough and then various killing sprees around it and the dlc I found myself slightly over-powered at the beginning of the second playthrough (lvl 40) however due to the low xp gains from lvl35 mobs it'll soon balance itself out.
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  • Changes planned for 1 vs. 100 Season 2

  • etherfiend 30/10/2009

    I agree with Markusdragon

    There were too few questions in each round or the breaks between rounds/questions were too long.
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  • Blu-ray District 9 GOWIII demo US-only

  • etherfiend 29/10/2009


    Well the link is actually pretty simple. ;)

    God of War is about Greek gods. Poseidon was an old Greek God around the time God of War is set. Poseidon ruled the waves and was the ruination of many sailors. Prawns lived in the sea so Poseidon was technically God of prawns. Prawns in the future live in space. Space prawns came to earth and were the ruination of a few security mercs. District 9 is about space prawns. And that is why they are combo'd together, the link is seamless! Either that or there is something about apartheid and two separate peoples struggling to live together with their own sets of rules that often oppose the others, but its probably the prawn thing.

    Look out of God of Prawns coming soon from SOE.
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  • Leicester Square to host MW2 launch

  • etherfiend 21/10/2009

    Quoted from DomJoly's Twitter this morning:

    "@domjoly: How excited am I- guess who is launching Modern Warfare, the follow up to Call of Duty 4? Go on....guess......"
    about 8 hours ago from web
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  • PS3 Blu-ray issue not firmware-related

  • etherfiend 01/10/2009

    Right well seeing as I haven't watched any Blurays and had to turn on my PS3 for a while I'll remember to ensure I cancel the update request then. Reply +2
  • Sony TGS announcements roundup

  • etherfiend 25/09/2009

    Natversion1 +1

    Summed it up perfectly.
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  • Aion trumpets 400,000 pre-orders

  • etherfiend 18/09/2009

    I played beta and it wasn't quite compelling enough to herald a return to MMOs for me. Good luck to it though, definitely the most stable and complete beta I've ever played so far for an MMO.

    @andromeda Everyone's tastes are different. Plus WoW's WOTLK has been out a while and may well be getting stale for users and going to another fantasy MMO may be just what they need. The trouble is everything else seems underpopulated for a lot of people so used to servers full of people milling about (unless you've previously played MMOs ofc - making a launch the perfect time for a swap as its guaranteed to be chocka-block with players ). You have to remember WoW is the first MMO for many people and Aion could be a nice home away from home for those looking for a change of scene but nothing too dissimilar.

    Anyway, good luck to Aion.
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