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  • State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition announced for Xbox One

  • enfilade 29/08/2014

    Fab idea. Just like Last of Us: Remastered was perfect for all the people who moved from Xbox 360 to PS4, this'll do nicely for all of those who moved from PS3 to Xbox One and missed it first time around.

    Those four people will be bloody chuffed.
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  • Watch Dogs is Ubisoft's last mature game for Wii U

  • enfilade 19/08/2014

    @spamdangled To be honest, I think he means "mature" in the "Rated M for Mature" ESRB sense. He's not calling the Wii U a kiddie console.

    By "suited" to the Wii U, I mean games that have a proven track record of selling on Nintendo consoles. Those games are first-party Nintendo games, and more party-oriented or family-friendly games.

    The only way a 3rd party may be encouraged to develop for Wii U is if Nintendo give them a big wodge of money and a guarantee. But they can't/won't do that.

    As it is, all the business risk is on Ubisoft developing for a console that is underperforming massively compared to the market that is ALREADY THEIR STRENGTH (i.e. MS/Sony consoles and PC).
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  • enfilade 19/08/2014



    Of the games in Ubi's stable, which ones are suited most to Wii U? Only Just Dance stands out, maybe Rayman, and the sales will back that up (or else they wouldn't have made this call).

    What do Ubisoft owe Nintendo? Nothing. They tried an original title (ZombiU) and it absolutely tanked. They're not going to break the bank to make a spiritual Pikmin 4 which will sell like shit, when they can release two AC games on other consoles and rake in millions.

    It's not rocket science.
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  • enfilade 19/08/2014


    Indeed I would imagine anyone that was waiting for Watch_Dogs on Wii U will probably have already played it on one of those accompanying consoles by now.
    Or, more likely, learned that Watch_Dogs is utter tripe and lost interest altogether.
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  • Payday 2 heading to PS4 and Xbox One

  • enfilade 13/06/2014

    Every time I hear someone in marketing/PR call something 'the ULTIMATE ______ experience!' I feel my scrotum clench in displeasure. Reply +1
  • Video: Let's Replay Maximo

  • enfilade 26/05/2014

    Hang on a minute, Maximo Park weren't shit! A Certain Trigger is a great album :( Reply 0
  • Brink dev's F2P FPS Extraction renamed back to Dirty Bomb

  • enfilade 23/05/2014

    Hahaha, when I was critical of Brink in a comment on Sunset Overdrive (which reminds me of Brink in that it shows a lot of promise but I'm nervous about how it will actually play) I got absolutely slated. 'It's a great game!' 'It got 8/10 on this site,' they told me.

    Man, how I'd love to direct them to this thread.
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  • Split/Second director launches Kickstarter for Rage Ride

  • enfilade 19/05/2014

    "Here's my name, here's a name-check for 20-year-old game you liked, please give me £125K. We'll sort out the details later."

    These Kickstarters just keep on hitting it outta the park, huh.

    And I say all of this as someone who really, really fucking loved Pure and Split/Second. Pure's probably vying with MotorStorm: Apocalypse as my favourite arcade racer of last gen. I'm sure he'll do an amazing job, and he'll more than likely have my money when it's complete. But not before then.
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  • Eurogamer readership survey 2014

  • enfilade 19/05/2014

    Has someone fallen out with Amazon, or...? Reply +10
  • How Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive mixes gunplay with rail-grinds

  • enfilade 09/05/2014

    @GamesConnoisseur Um, yes, of course.

    It is disappointing when a game you would like is not on the platform that you own. That is my point.
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  • enfilade 08/05/2014

    @muro Surely the 'crying' over exclusivity is coming from people who would like to appreciate the game but can't, because it's not on their platform? Reply +8
  • enfilade 08/05/2014

    I'd love it if this game was great. I really, really hope it is (even if I can't play it since I don't/won't have an XBox One).


    Anyone else reminded of Brink's promise? And we all know how Brink turned out.
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  • Kinect Sports Rivals review

  • enfilade 08/04/2014


    If Simon had actually used a WiiU recently, he'd know there's been promotion on there, which makes sense given it's digital only.
    The first Wii U sports sold 100 million copies bundled with Wii units. It's fair to say that having 'a promotion' on a new sequel on the e-store for a vastly underperforming console is just a little 'half-hearted' by comparison.
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  • Sony survey hints at possible PlayStation 4 features

  • enfilade 02/04/2014

    An option to group and sort your friends please. I'd like to add a bunch of people from here and label them [Eurogamer] so I know where they're from. Same with a bunch of other communities.

    1,000 friend limit is utterly useless without this feature.
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  • Video: inFamous: Second Son live stream

  • enfilade 21/03/2014

    @DiamondIce Sadly I think it's actually more luck-based than that. A mate of mine has Prime and has been receiving some pre-orders on the Saturday or even the Monday. But they've never missed a release date for me, and I always go super saver. Bloody delivery companies innit. Reply +1
  • Sniper Elite 3 release date announced

  • enfilade 06/03/2014

    Has anyone yet made a game where literally every enemy is Hitler? I feel like that's where we're headed at this rate... Reply 0
  • Threes! review

  • enfilade 05/03/2014

    I love Threes, such a perfect fit for mobile devices. A quick game before bed, on the tube, in the loo. I treat it like a Sudoku for nimble-minded and twichty-fingered.

    Art style & sound is a real treat too.
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  • How 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is justifying its full-fat price tag

  • enfilade 04/03/2014

    @Smill110 I'm looking forward to Tom Cleverley being given an OVR rating of 80+ Reply +7
  • enfilade 04/03/2014

    @16bitworld But what most keen gamers would consider to be the relatively 'casual' crowd (ie. buy two games a year, COD and FIFA) are very much 'hardcore' when it comes to the games they actually play. I play FIFA with mates, and tinker with it every now and again - but mainly I'm playing other games.

    There are people out there who pour 100s of hours into UT because they play nothing else. Horses for courses really.
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  • Why 2014 FIFA World Cup is skipping PS4 and Xbox One

  • enfilade 04/03/2014

    @rotmm Brilliant. Reply +3
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall review

  • enfilade 04/03/2014

    Dragonfall? Sounds a bit like... Reply +20
  • GameStop selling Xbox One Titanfall bundle for £370

  • enfilade 25/02/2014

    Blimey, it's getting quite a bit cheaper than the Forza/FIFA packs in November. That looks a very, very good deal for anyone who's been looking to get an XBox.

    If you're only getting one console, I would personally still advise on getting a PS4 (and doing so later in the year when some more games are out). But hey, it's your money.
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  • Video: Let's Replay Final Fantasy 7

  • enfilade 16/02/2014

    @JoyrexJ9 So watch those videos instead, and don't be a prick. Reply +35
  • We no longer have to be space marines

  • enfilade 15/02/2014

    It's amazing how the novelty of playing as different avatars can improve the players' relationships with a game. Tokyo Jungle was one of my favourite games of 2012, but in all honestly the gameplay wasn't anything particularly special. That game succeeded because of the stories it generated - an 8th generation family of porcupines taking down a polar bear in the caverns under the park was a particular highlight of mine! Reply +8
  • Flappy Bird clones flood App Store, now with in-app purchases

  • enfilade 10/02/2014

    @Useful_Idiot Was there much hatred of Flappy Bird though? Bemusement, perhaps... Reply +2
  • 3DS was the top-selling US games device last year

  • enfilade 17/01/2014

    @ziggy_played_guitar I think most people would have been surprised to see XBox One completely bomb (taking PS4 out of the equation for a moment). There was always an understanding that there's a bunch of console gamers who don't read any gaming websites at all - or rarely - who would still like the latest shiny black box. If you already have an XBox, you're already more likely to buy its follow-up than a competitor's console.

    The hysteria was laid on a little thick, but I think it's safe to say that the nerds - i.e. us - called the initial launch right.

    I was actually surprised that the PS4 beat the XBox in the US. That is a HUGE achievement based on previous installs, and Sony will probably be hoping for 1-2m minimum from Japan before the year's out.
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  • Sleeping Dogs free with Xbox Live Gold now

  • enfilade 02/01/2014


    11 months ago, in fact. At least Microsoft is making (some) ground :/
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  • Minecraft out on PS3 this week

  • enfilade 16/12/2013

    @jabberwocky I hope they port the PS4 version to PC, that way I can experience the definitive Minecraft: PS4 Edition on the platform God intended it for. Reply -10
  • enfilade 16/12/2013

    Why do they need to bother with all of these "[insert format here] Edition" suffixes? I'm aware that Minecraft on a PS3 is likely to be the PS3 edition. It's kind of implied by the fact that it is Minecraft on the PS3.

    Good news, anyway. I'll probably hold out for the PS4 version myself (if I go for it at all, I'm sadly not very creative in the spatial/construction sense) but taking a great game to more formats is always welcome :)
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  • Blockbuster to close all remaining UK stores

  • enfilade 12/12/2013

    @Cazalinghua I genuinely witnessed two men arguing over an HDMI cable in a Comet when they were closing down last year (or whenever that was) - it can get pretty nuts! Thankfully I wasn't an employee of theirs, but I spent 2-3 years working in a TKMaxx whilst in sixth form and you certainly see some sights :)

    But yeah, the 'dregs' comment is a bit blazť, I can appreciate that. To be honest though, I genuinely meant that as a classless comment - rich people act that way too. I've worked in a few places (e.g. Selfridges, a boutique chocolate shop in the Cotswolds) where a discount of any kind is seen as an excuse to treat staff and other customers like shit so that they get the bargain they wanted. It's not always physical fighting, but the behaviour is often deeply unpleasant.

    Glad to say I no longer work in front-of-house retail, but I shall always extend my condolences to people who do, particularly in situations like these :)

    PS. Sorry if my response was pompous too!
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  • enfilade 12/12/2013

    @Cazalinghua Um, are you for real? Have you not seen what happens when technology stores go under or promise (even relatively minor) discounts on their ranges of products?

    They're not exactly doffing their cap and thanking the kind cashiers, are they? It's not the 1950s any more.

    Work in a discount retail outlet for a number of years and tell me what your opinion is of people scouting for bargains is. Maybe you have, and it was a wondrous, enlightening experience for you. If that's the case, fair play to you!
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  • enfilade 12/12/2013

    Cue a fun weekend for remaining Blockbusters staff, serving the dregs of humanity who will encircle their place of work like vultures, fighting to the death over ex-rental copies of Norbit for just 18p. Reply +32
  • Free-to-play Family Guy game announced for iOS, Android

  • enfilade 10/12/2013

    Hopefully there's a 'Share to Facebook' function so I can easily trim my Facebook friends lists by removing anyone vaguely affiliated with this product. Reply +3
  • flOw now available on PlayStation 4 and Vita

  • enfilade 04/12/2013

    I can confirm that, like Flower, this also applies if you bought it on PS3 way back in the day.

    Pretty cool if you ask me.

    Edit: Browser borked itself, sorry for the dupe below :(
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  • Gran Turismo 6 microtransaction pricing revealed

  • enfilade 04/12/2013

    Bloody Micro$oft at it again. Glad I cancelled my XBox One order whilst I had the chance. Reply +10
  • Vita TV to take a "different road to market" in the west

  • enfilade 03/12/2013

    @Mr-Writer I'd figured the 'point' of the Vita TV was to make the Vita library more appealing and accessible to people who didn't necessarily want the handheld. It's essentially a low-budget entry point to the Vita catalogue with Remote-Play functionality for second TVs. Sony's answer to the 2DS, if you like.

    As a PS3/PS4 & Vita owner I personally have no interest in this device, but think it's a really cool idea for the reasons listed above.

    I may be wrong, maybe some posters above expressing interest would want all 3, but I don't know if that's necessarily Sony's aim.
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  • enfilade 03/12/2013

    "One problem already encountered in Japan is that the selection of Vita games to play on Vita TV is limited. Many, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, don't work because of Vita TV's lack of touch controls."

    Then surely it makes sense to make it Dualshock 4 compatible, since that has a touch pad?
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  • Sony explains PS4 digital game pricing

  • enfilade 28/11/2013

    @spacedmonkeys No, retail in the UK is hugely under-priced when compared to other territories. He is talking about RETAIL.

    If Sony bring their digital prices down to the prices we pay in retail (e.g. £40 for most boxed games), then they will face retail to match that as their boxed SRP. Then watch retail games sell for consistently less than £30 before release.

    And then consumers will continue to complain, and you have a spiral until Sony's games are worth nothing. See: the PC games market, which is pretty buggered at the moment (from a publishing point of view).
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  • 150 Tesco stores will have PS4 stock tonight

  • enfilade 28/11/2013

    @mcmonkeyplc To be fair, they were largely correct about the XBox One. Reply +1
  • Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break includes TV show episodes on disc

  • enfilade 26/11/2013

    I really appreciate what games like those from Quantic and Telltale are trying to do in terms of building gameplay very directly into the narrative. I think it's a really interesting relationship that hasn't been explored enough yet, and there's a huge vein of potential to be tapped into if they can get it right.

    This whole 'play a bit, watch a bit' idea leaves me cold for the time being, however. I just can't really comprehend how it could work properly without simply feeling like a TV show and a game that would both be better served deciding to be one or the other.

    It might work - I'm sure there are greater minds than my own behind this - and I'd certainly love to be proved wrong. But for now this has 'failed experiment' written all over it.

    Was Defiance any good? Both the gameplay and show looked very unlike 'my sort of thing' so I never paid it much attention. My impression is that it was fairly unimpressive. Fair to say?
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  • Video: Xbox One's Game DVR is great for video snapshots

  • enfilade 26/11/2013

    @HotCoffee I for one am looking forward to the explosion in hilarious .gifs of game glitches that would otherwise never be captured. I've had a few moments that I wish I could have captured for posterity, particularly in games like Sleeping Dogs, Just Cause 2 and the like. Reply +2
  • YouTuber KSI dumped by Microsoft after Xbox One launch appearance

  • enfilade 22/11/2013

    @B0rked_Gamer How exactly will he hurt his own career if no-one reports on what he is doing? I do not understand your logic.

    He dug the hole by behaving that way, and now people are reporting on it. That is how it works, same with James Arthur and others of their ilk.

    The fact that there are enough idiots who think it's all about "having a sense of humour, bro" to help him build a career is evidence enough that by NOT reporting on his behaviour, we allow him to continue to profit from being deeply unpleasant to people.
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  • enfilade 22/11/2013

    1) What this guy does to make a living is reprehensible. The fact that he has so many followers is deeply worrying.

    2) That video was made a year ago. I am deeply concerned that it took a year to blow this up into the big deal it should've been. He should never have been able to make it to the XBox launch in the first place.

    3) Not only was he at the XBox launch, but this vile twerp was on CBBC earlier in the week, according to his twitter:



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  • Contrast review

  • enfilade 22/11/2013

    I've actually seen more people here whining about "Nintendoites" or "Nintendogs" or whatever, than people actually boasting about the Wii U. Give it a rest.

    This game appeals to me because I like the conceit, even though it doesn't look that polished and evidently has some issues. IMO a great game for PS Plus, because I wouldn't pick it up for £10 but I'll definitely give it a good go seeing as I've a subscription to 2015 already!
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  • One in three PS4 games sold is made by EA

  • enfilade 20/11/2013

    @colicabd In the industry as a whole Gen1 is typically considered the PlayStation era. It was the first that included 3D graphics and at least had two of the 3 present-day players in the console market in the picture.

    The pre-PlayStation era of gaming was very different to the post-PlayStation era. I think it's sensible to use that as a cut-off.
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  • Final Fantasy 10, 10-2 HD arrive for Europe next March

  • enfilade 18/11/2013

    I rarely give up on the idea of buying a game, but this is just one delay too many for me. Absolutely no way am I going to be playing FFX (let alone X-2) when I can be playing one of the next massive batch of games coming out this season and next Feb/March.

    By the way, anyone saying they've not bought a game for their Vita yet, or whatever: if you're buying this for nostalgia and a desire to play an JRPG, do yourself a favour and get Persona 4: Golden instead. For starters it's a more compelling game - but most importantly, IT'S OUT NOW.
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  • Here's a fresh look at Vita exclusive OlliOlli

  • enfilade 15/11/2013

    Played this at the Expo, really fantastic game and looks fantastic on that bitchin' screen. Sodding hard as nails though - even the dev was struggling to get a properly big combo when showing me how to play ;) Reply +1
  • Downloadable Xbox One games have 1000 Gamerscore

  • enfilade 14/11/2013

    @EMarkM I think you're right. I gave up 'competing' with others a long time ago. I have a full-time job and live with my partner, which basically renders me incapable of my other friends who work but live alone/with parents, let alone students and other types. And of course people getting their first consoles have no hope of catching up with peers who may have had them for up to 7/8 years by now.

    I don't know if that means achievements will be less relevant this gen though. I do still collect for my own satisfaction, for example. I dare say that won't change for as long as I play games. I like them for me, rather than the e-peen.
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  • enfilade 14/11/2013

    If you value achievements this move doesn't really improve things. A lot of online titles can be completed in 6-8 hours or so, and as a result Gamerscore will be devalued (I'm aware of Hannah Montana, Avatar etc., but you have to suffer the penance of having those games on your list if you collect those achievements. There'd be no shame in a 1000/1000 for a game like Geometry Wars.)

    Seems more to me that they're trying to squeeze more out of the 'Achievement Hunter' sub-culture by encouraging them to spend more on digital games. So from a business perspective it's very sensible.

    Ho hum.
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  • GTA Online Beach Bum update arrives free next week

  • enfilade 13/11/2013

    Yep, I also really hope they put zombies into GTAV.

    Zombies are great. There are not enough games that already have zombies in them.

    I just love zombies. All games should have a zombie expansion, to satiate my love of zombies.

    More zombies.


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