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  • Bloodborne review

  • eminusx 28/03/2015

    Yeah, me too, never expected it to click so well so quickly. Had doubts about the significant change but man, game is fckin sublime.
    Atmosphere is incredible, I've heard a few people diss the use of chromatic aberration but I think it makes it more ethereal, it makes everything feel really trIppy and dream like..
    Incredible game.
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  • Dark Souls 2 review

  • eminusx 18/03/2014

    I wouldnt call that blinkered, to me it says that some people still believe that gameplay is the most important factor in a game. The graphics in Demons and Dark weren't spectacular, but the games are widely regarded as genuine bona fide classics. . .why? Gameplay.
    Amazing graphics are ten a penny and are often fairly forgettable, unique gaming experiences however mostly revolve around gameplay and are pretty rare, something you'll always revere, like the Souls series.
    Besides, DS2 aint so bad looking anyway.
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  • Bleszinski: "I'll never make another disc-based game"

  • eminusx 18/02/2014

    "I don't want Gears to be my defining legacy," he said.
    "At the end of the day, I'd like to think there's more to my creativity than that.

    Last year the free agent designer mentioned he'd like to create an arena-based first-person shooter on PC

    think again cliffy
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  • Capcom "truly surprised" by Onimusha composer's admission

  • eminusx 13/02/2014

    capcom rep "I had no idea, I called him on the phone to ask him and he said he was, personally, I believe him!" Reply +7
  • Is this Dark Souls?

  • eminusx 05/02/2014

    voice chat - opt out
    early warping from bonfires - just walk everywhere

    these are easily dealt with I think, makes it more like DS

    the only concern i have is the feel and verticality of the gameworld, the dark dank atmosphere and stacked design of DS were amazing, lets hope there's still plenty of that!

    DS - genius!
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  • Three scrumptious new Witcher 3 screenshots

  • eminusx 29/01/2014

    jesus H man, those two pics on horseback look like they could be Gainsborough paintings. Graphics arent everything but holy shit, THAT is some beautifully impressive pixel wizardry right there! Reply +8
  • Microsoft gives free game to those with faulty Xbox Ones

  • eminusx 26/11/2013

    we dont mind that your machine has some fundamental problems, so long as you give us something free. . .

    ignorance is bliss hey!

    what else could they do in this situation? Just think how bad the situation must be in M$ for them to actually give games away free. . . choking amongst the smoke and flames

    (current 360 owner, weighing up options. . .)
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  • Rolling Rocks: the digital translation of tabletop gaming

  • eminusx 25/11/2013

    would love to see someone do something genuinely worthy with the w40k license, its such a rich, interesting, ready made universe, sacrilege to see it so underused, THQ were doing such great things with DoW too!

    would like to see a w40k PS4 game that used vita touchpad and screen to get over the usual console / controller issues. Something like DOW 2, or perhaps develop DOW3 for PS+, would be a must buy!
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  • YouTuber KSI dumped by Microsoft after Xbox One launch appearance

  • eminusx 23/11/2013

    totally agree.
    surely it is classed as sexual harassment in this country?
    just because some maggot has a video camera pointed at him while he's sexually harassing someone, it cant possibly excuse his behaviour. Seriously he should be cautioned by the police like anyone else would be!
    Some of those girls should report him actually.
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  • eminusx 23/11/2013

    i'd love for this video to appear on national tv so that everyone can recognise and avoid that detestable fucking caveman, but sadly this would only give the media whore even more publicity!

    treating people that way and making fun out of rape is just never ever acceptable. The reason he has to resort to such low brow ideas to 'shock' is because he doesnt have two braincells to rub together. . .tragic individual
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  • Is Dark Souls 2 going soft?

  • eminusx 16/10/2013

    @B-Genius hey yeah, I actually found a video this morning where she spoke, every utterance from that creaky, old English horror bag was music to my ears!! Rejoice!
    It is only human...to commit a sin...mwa ha ha ha haaaaaa. Still gets me!
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  • eminusx 15/10/2013

    Anybody know whether the old hag merchant sported an English accent or not? a la dark souls?

    Biggie for me is the voice acting, the erudite Englishness of Dark Souls added hugely to the atmosphere, really hope they're using a similar, if not the same cast!
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  • Diablo 3 console review

  • eminusx 30/08/2013

    anyone know if you can have cpu controlled characters fight alongside you?

    Likely there's gonna be times when you dont have anyone else around to co-op and a few cpu controlled allies would liven up the single player.
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  • Sony's E3 victory was a PR stunt, but PlayStation 4 is still the one to watch

  • eminusx 13/06/2013

    ok, we all know they're both trying to sell their latest product, and it is a marketing exercise for both parties, but I wouldnt trust Microsoft one bit, they strike me as a bunch of sneaky ba$tards who couldnt give a sh!t about games, just your money, like some pushy salesman who's barged into your house with his double glazing sample.
    They were selling their wares too but Sony on the other hand seemed to be genuinely excited and interested in their product and its potential. . .
    like abigsmurf said "Cheaper, more powerful, no required kinect, regionless, Japanese developers, no DRM by default..."
    bye bye MS, hello Sony for me.
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  • Sony unveils PlayStation 4 console design

  • eminusx 11/06/2013

    ok, it shares some similarities with the xbone, but not many. PS4 looks like a sleek games console, whereas the xbone looks like a free-view box Reply +3
  • Dark Souls art book reaches western shores in November

  • eminusx 06/06/2013

    @Travis56 Yeah I got the japanese version too and wanted to read the interview. Found a translation on Soulswiki if youre interested:


    great site too!
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  • London's V&A museum appoints resident game designer

  • eminusx 30/05/2013


    Yea D.O.B is a well respected man of intelligence, would be shit hot at beating down the naysayers also. Not sure if people would take a comedian so seriously tho. I'm an immense Brooker fan, but I think he's a bit spikey for a lot of the soft arses that dont know how to take him.

    so. . who would I have as an official ambassador. . .its difficult as they'd have to have a deep understanding of gaming culture and a wealth of experience. . and also have the rep to make people listen and take them seriously.
    my wish list:

    Stephen Fry
    Brian Cox (is he even a gamer?)
    Dara O Briain

    or a cultural stalwart like Waldemar Januszak
    Danny Boyle?

    man, its difficult!
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  • eminusx 30/05/2013

    This is a great move, its definitely good to get some new, talented blood on the scene and start flying the flag! All power to her!

    I'd also like to see a more senior figure involved to negate the 'yoof' image of gaming. Someone who has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the artistic and cultural impact and influence of gaming. Its important that those who snobbishly look at gaming dont just see people getting their face smashed in or skull blown to pieces, but can also see the inspiration behind them, masterpieces in film, art or music. Gaming enriches peoples life experiences and well as providing thrills and adrenaline, its about time we focussed on that a bit more, its not like we're short on source material!
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  • Rain preview: Japan Studio's other Ico heir

  • eminusx 30/05/2013

    really like the look of this. . .a classy, heart rending affair!

    'Clair de Lune' suits it perfectly too.
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  • Spec Analysis: Xbox One

  • eminusx 23/05/2013

    'you can play Forza 5, switch over to watch the Formula One and take a Skype call simultaneously'. . .

    umm, how, and why would you ever want to do that? Having your attention split between 3 different things at once, particularly entertainment, is something most people actively try to avoid.

    jack of all trades, master of none?
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  • Spooky survival horror roguelike Darkwood launches its Indiegogo campaign

  • eminusx 08/05/2013

    I hope they donít over-develop the game, I really like the 'bitty' text and old-school inventory mechanic, over-polishing it or making it too slick often detracts from the dark and decaying atmosphere Reply 0
  • eminusx 08/05/2013

    This looks fantastic, really takes advantage of the top down visual limitations, tense. ching Reply +2
  • Quantic Dream "very interested" in PS4 touchpad for "designing games that are adapted to a larger audience"

  • eminusx 22/04/2013

    looks pretty cool, just hope the new pad is heavier than the current one, after using an 360 pad for 5 or 6 years and picking up a PS3 recently the DS feels so flimsy! Reply 0
  • 10 minutes of Dark Souls 2 gameplay revealed

  • eminusx 11/04/2013

    It takes effort to create a deep, rich, interlinking lore. . .it takes even more effort, skill and ingenuity to intricately weave that lore into the environment, the items, the architecture, and the n.p.c's, ripe for discovery.
    The problem isnt that the lore doesnt exist, its just that some people dont have the time or inclination to dig it out. Im not saying that DkS has any deep underlying message, I dont think it does, but you couldnt say Animal Farm was a crap book about some dumb farm animals because it wasnt, you get out what you put in.
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  • PlayStation 4 Press Conference Live Report

  • eminusx 20/02/2013

    5 mins to go, all hands to the pumps! Reply 0
  • Witcher 3 dev says Skyrim's story and quests were "generic"

  • eminusx 19/02/2013

    . . .and yet I can remember all the npc's and bosses names in Dark Souls, plus the lore and backstory is crystal clear in my head. . . .even though it was well hidden and you had to unravell the story yourself instead of having it handed to you on a plate. . .

    hmmmm, maybe that makes it more memorable?

    theyre quite different types of game I know, but they both have stories to tell, characters to fill in the details and lore to unravel.
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  • Wii U sold around 55K during January in the US

  • eminusx 15/02/2013

    Ive always loved Nintendo, but theyve really annoyed me with the WiiU, i mean, how long have they been in this business, they should know better.

    If you launched a new car with no engine, would you expect anyone to buy it, not really. Knowing that MS & Sony have upcoming, genuine next-gen consoles and many people are money conscious following the recession they shouldve had at least two or three BIG BIG hitters on launch, with a heavy line-up planned out for the next year, to the point that people simply cant do without a WiiU, because once theyve bought one, the deal is done. . +1 Nintendo.

    I wouldnt expect a surge of sales anytime soon as much as it pains me to say.

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  • Treasure Adventure Game getting remade as Treasure Adventure World

  • eminusx 26/01/2013


    Totally agree, a name means nothing when it comes to gameplay. . .but it IS a truly fuckin awful name to be fair.

    It had far more charm in its original bitty format too, the 'flash' style just look that seems to be the go-to for 'updates' just doesnt seem to suit video games, they always feel like reading a horrible modern kids book, not playing a video game, its possibly due to my age, but somethings just have more charm and beauty when left just as they were originally imagined!
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  • Dead Space 3 includes micro-transactions for buying better weapons

  • eminusx 22/01/2013

    "But dev insists you don't have to pay to access all in-game content". . . but if you want to have the most powerful weapons in the game then you cant just earn them through your achievements, you have to pay more MONEY!!

    utter disgrace, i know its a business, but this sorta shit flies in the face of what gaming is all about, earning the best content in the game through your own achievements.

    money is cheap!
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  • A Dark Souls 2 inkling: first flakes of artwork flutter out

  • eminusx 22/12/2012

    @b0bb1ns I wouldnt worry about the central 'hero', the Souls series has always had one, and FROM are keeping the core elements intact so you can bet your arse that includes character choice and customisation.
    Besides, if there was one, single central character how would multiplayer work? it wouldnt. . .so fear not good sir knight!
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  • eminusx 22/12/2012

    @Darksouls13 The recent famitsu interview should put your mind at rest a little, it sounds like theyre really sticking to the core of DS, ok, there will be a few additions or changes, but the essence, style, difficulty and core mechanics of DS will still be there.

    A reason to be cheerful i'd say!
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  • eminusx 22/12/2012

    FROMsoft's artists are fuckin supreme, its one thing being able to draw beautifully, but they have a talent for beautifully dark gothic concepts too.

    Man I wish I could draw like that.
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  • Dark Souls 2 artwork

  • eminusx 21/12/2012

    anybody who's seen Dark Souls Design Works will know that FROM have got some of the most talented designers in the field, hope DS2 lives up to its promise, looking tidy so far! Reply +4
  • Dark Souls 2: there's a "core" that needs protecting says Miyazaki

  • eminusx 19/12/2012

    @jimdove76 spot on, exactly what ive been harping on about since the trailer release.

    Makes sense doesnt it. Just make a help / hint system that is toggleable, off for original flavour Dark Souls, on for added hints, guidance and extended item descriptions / npc chatter.

    surely cant be that hard to grasp or implement!
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  • Far Cry 3's writer argues critics largely missed the point of the game

  • eminusx 18/12/2012

    this seems to be a recurring theme, that games are apparently lacklustre at communicating plot or storylines. Personally I dont think ive ever been completely riveted by a storyline in a game, its not that im not interested, i am, massively, enough to spend 600+ hours on Dark Souls, but youre too distracted by whats going on around you to really let everything sink in immediately. With a film its very different, all it asks of you is to watch, so maybe its unfair to keep comparing game writing to film writing. Its not at all detrimental to games as a medium, theyre just very different and shouldnt be judged or written in the same way perhaps? Reply +2
  • Dark Souls 2 director aims to make sequel more "straightforward" and "understandable"

  • eminusx 11/12/2012

    Right, easy answer to this:

    DS & DeS veterans want - vague, buried lore and fair but firm difficulty. Some new stuff thrown in. .

    Newcomers want - more explanation of story, ease of entry into world but the same DS style.

    Answer -
    Create a help/hint system that can be toggled on/off in menu. This extends descriptions of items, extends what youre told by NPC's, provides in-game hints and in-game tutorial. Vets get the full fat game, newcomers get the help as and when they need it and can ditch the help when theyre settled in.

    Everybodys happy, everybody wins, Bamco make millions, we all get the game we want. Not that fuckin difficult is it!
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  • Dark Souls 2 officially announced

  • eminusx 09/12/2012

    @ctankep youre not an extra from The Last of the Summer Wine are you by any chance?

    Totally agree with your point by the way, FROM cpould lose more sales than theyre aiming to gain if they destroy the core of what makes DS so unique. DS has built up a sizeable fanbase, but its based squarely on its key elements, 99% of the comments made about Dark Souls praise its unforgiving and enigmatic approach to gameplay and storytelling, if you kill off or dilute those elements then it simply wont be DS anymore. . I for one probably wouldnt buy it of they really sanitised it.
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  • eminusx 09/12/2012

    @frazzl well youre not on your own, there are plenty of people I know who didnt really gel with it for the same reason. They just didnt want to root around and dig for the story, which is understandable in some ways as not everybody has so much time to invest, but in my experience it was well worth the effort, probably the richest most enigmatic lore i'd unearthed for a good few years.
    DS2 might be a bit more accessible by the sounds of it, not sure how that will sit with me though to be honest, so long as its 'accessible' and not 'dumbed down' i'll be happy.
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  • eminusx 08/12/2012

    @Oss_Rider be interesting to see what the situation is like when DS2 is released, always heard the online was way better on PS3, but maybe 360 will have caught up by then, never had too many problems finding summons on xbox.

    Either way, I just bought me a PS3 for Demons Souls!
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  • eminusx 08/12/2012

    @frazzl I wasnt attacking you, youre entitled to your opinion, and i agree with you about the difficulty, it wasnt as difficult as people made out, but I totally disagree with you saying its Cheap, the only logical explanation I can think of for someone thinking it was 'cheap' would be because they hadnt really figured out the combat system, hence my comment, there was no offence intended. The combat system has been universally praised in DS, its a tight as it gets. Yeah the camera is occasionally stray, but its certainly no game breaker!
    Also, the story is threadbare?. . .its not threadbare, that would suggest there is hardly any story at all, which is totally untrue, the story might appear threadbare if you dont go digging because its so well hidden, but there is a shitload of amazing story if you do. DS isnt perfect, nobody ever said that, but its important to acknowledge what it does well and why it has so many fans! In fairness i probably mistook your comment on 'narrative' to mean story, but you simply cant say it has no story because that would be utter bollocks.

    Like I said, its not a dick swinging competition, im not an amazing gamer myself so I dont come on here to score points, just discuss games.
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  • eminusx 08/12/2012

    so you come on to a comments page and expect what exactly?

    Everybody on here has a difference of opinion, thats the fuckin point, its a discussion board not a dick swinging competition! Didnt call the guy a troll either, he's entitled to his opinion so long as its based on fact.
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  • eminusx 08/12/2012

    @frazzl also, Cheap?
    i take it you got killed many times and never learned how to fight properly then.
    If you keep crashing your car into the kerb because youve yet to learn to steer. . is that cheap aswell?
    Surely the fundamental mechanic to a 'fighting' RPG is learning to fight properly.
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  • eminusx 08/12/2012

    @frazzl definitely and decidedly lacking in narrative? umm, the point of Dark Souls was that you had to do everything yourself, including discover the plot. The game was designed so that you had to read between the lines, delve into the lore, investigate items and areas and listen to what you were being told by NPC's. . .and when you did, you'd find the deepest, richest most intricately woven backstory in many a year, and isnt that what adventure gaming is really about? If that aint what you like, fair play, but the complaints that it lacks story are utterly unfounded. Reply +21
  • eminusx 08/12/2012

    HOLY SHIT!! Woke up majorly early, switched on the laptop. . . and see this!!!! This has just made my fucking year!
    A true masterpiece of design, just hope they stay true to DS's difficulty and layers of lore and dont dumb it down for the lazy fuckers who want the glory without putting in the effort!
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  • Wii U has 1.24GHz CPU, 550MHz graphics core - report

  • eminusx 30/11/2012

    there is a lot of point scoring and elitism on this forum

    probably 70 - 80% of the people who bought a Wii will have no idea what those processor figures mean, which is a hell of a lot of people, they will see the WiiU's visual improvement over the Wii, and the trusty colourful non-threatening games like Mario etc and think about getting one. Nothing wrong with that, not everybody has to be a hardcore fuckin terminator of a gamer, Nintendo sell big numbers to the casual market!

    . . .another reason the whimsical 'non hardcore' favour Nintendo over xbox or PS3 games is because they feel they'll be crap at them, Nintendo has an inherently 'fisher price" accessibility that lures gamers in.

    It might not sell as many as the Wii, but it will likely have moved a shit load by next christmas. . . .. how many of those casual gamers even know that a new generation is on its way?
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  • Oliver twins defend Dizzy Returns £350k Kickstarter

  • eminusx 28/11/2012

    Personally I hope they get the funding because it will be really interesting to see what they believe is a credible 'update' for this generation, good or bad it could throw some light on a few things at least.

    I loved Dizzy first time around, but im not confident they could create something that would appeal now, creating something 'Retro' or updating a 'retro' game isnt straightforward. The right way to do it is like Fez, its a slice of genius, but the critical hook of Fez is the game mechanic, the stunning visuals just help drive it, Dizzy would need to introduce gameplay of equal measure to draw interest. . .but what have we seen so far, "3D characters with full 3d animation' ummmm, not really enough to warrant £350k funding is it!
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  • Wii U midnight launch plans detailed, two free games for first 100 customers

  • eminusx 23/11/2012

    £5 off anything over £100 is an insult. . . Reply 0
  • Far Cry 3 review

  • eminusx 21/11/2012

    had my eye on this beauty for ages (something about the jungle / desert Island setting is intoxicating) so this is absolutely cracking news.

    Cannot wait to get properly stuck into Rook island over the next month, bring it!!
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  • Adverts and the new Xbox 360 dashboard

  • eminusx 20/11/2012

    it makes no difference to me at all. I switch on my box and just go straight to playing my game. . .and even when trekking through to iplayer etc i hardly ever notice the adverts. Guess thats what 34 years of uk tv advertising does to you, the ability to zone out. Reply -1
  • Dark Souls' director reveals the pendant's true purpose

  • eminusx 05/11/2012

    aaaaaah right, so, he said pick the pendant, so that you would (unintentionally) play the game completely unaided, raw and ripe for the slaughter, just as Miyazaki intended!

    the genius of the man to wrap a double bluff in an enigma, and then serve it with sham sauce and some hoax tail soup!
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