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  • Digital Foundry: Let's play PC games at 8K resolution

  • eleven63 29/04/2017

    8k?! I've only just got a 4k TV.... #ffsI've started a savings​ account for 12k or whatever the fuck comes next. Reply +1
  • "I don't want you to get a second-rate experience…"

  • eleven63 12/10/2015

    roundhed wrote:Ghosts was shit, Advanced warfare was shit, played the beta for Blops 3 and I was bored in minutes. Dug out Cod 4 recently and it was sublime. Gun balancing is perfect, maps are great etc. Activision are missing a trick here in my opinion. If they remade Cod 4/Modern warfare 2 and 3 in one package it would sell bucketloads. I still play Cod 2 occasionally and even that's still enjoyable in comparison. I realise I'm living in the past somewhat but none of these latest iterations are a patch on those games. Rant over.Perfect rant, completely agree 100% - Cod 2, perfect balance, and great fun - remember that in gaming? Shouldn't be about grinding - #ffs Reply -1
  • You can skip straight to the end of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's campaign

  • eleven63 12/10/2015

    superfurry wrote:I like this idea. Reminds me of Daire O'Briain's stand up section on videogames and how they're the only media that gates your ability to enjoy the product you've paid for by being skilled enough to prove you understand it.https://youtu.be/O4AmIKhfr40A classic, and true - just wouldn't work for MGS5 though.... Reply 0
  • EA announces free game giveaway for all PlayStation owners

  • eleven63 06/12/2014

    Tempted with Mirrors Edge, but showing as 15.99 on PlayStation Store!? What gives? Reply -5
  • Editor's blog: I'm leaving Eurogamer later this year

  • eleven63 09/09/2014

    Good luck Tom - I've been a member of the Eurogamer community for over 10 years now, still the best gaming site and that's been down to you! Reply +4
  • Blurred lines: Are YouTubers breaking the law?

  • eleven63 16/07/2014

    Same old, same old - I've worked in publishing for years, commercial side - can you get a potential ad client to pay for advertising when they have just provided an all expenses paid trip for an editor to their 'new factory', or to view their latest XYZ?... nope...

    Don't need too, 2/3/4 pages of 'free' advertising appears as 'editorial' - seen as far more valuable than the actual cost of the advertisement (even though the initial cost is higher).

    Disclosure is key, something Eurogamer does well I believe (hope so!).
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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • eleven63 19/06/2014

    Bold and brave article Tom - its why I always play 'live' on mute, some of the things you hear, sexist and more likely homophobic comments, make gaming a very uncomfortable experience at times - Its a male dominated industry, played by male dominated gamers - things will change for the best, just will take time as you said.

    Interestingly my 3 children, but especially my sons (9,13) are very concious of racism, sexism, etc my daughter (27) of course is perfect - I'm self taught when it comes to tolerance (not that my parents were in anyway 'ism' about anything, issues like that were just not on the radar in their day) and I like to think that my children have picked up on that and will no doubt be more tolerant then me.

    I'm no angel either ;)
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  • Detecting Dead Space in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • eleven63 11/06/2014

    'Set 50 years in the future'... Right so the next one will be set 100 years in future? Or are they going to strip out all the futuristic stuff and set the game in the 'now'? Can't see how this franchise is going to progress (not that it really has over the past 4/5 games). Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight release date slips to 2015

  • eleven63 03/06/2014

    It's why I wait at least a year to start 'next gen' - hopefully it will rock, and my excuse to purchase :) Reply 0
  • Letter from America: The greatest worst game ever?

  • eleven63 08/02/2014

    yarkiebrown wrote:So, yesterday I had never heard of flappy birds, today it's all I've read. And apparently it's going to be gone tomorrow.Pretty much sums up mobile gaming in a nut shellThis Reply 0
  • Apple to refund $32.5m to those whose kids bought in-app purchases

  • eleven63 16/01/2014

    @aros Idiot? hmmm, as you know so much about me and my 3 children, maybe you can tell me what they are currently playing and on what consoles/platforms?

    And at least I'm not a cunt...
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  • eleven63 16/01/2014

    I'm confused - my youngest, 8, over Christmas, wanted to upgrade/purchase some character in Battle Wars (I think) anyways - 1) he gets out some of his Christmas money and offers to pay for it - 2) eldest son, 13, checks with mum if that is okay (accounts linked to their mums G account - 3) first thing they do when they get home is offer the money (about £6.00).it's really NOT THAT FUCKING HARD! Reply +1
  • Inside Monopoly's secret war against the Third Reich

  • eleven63 12/01/2014

    Brilliant article, educational! I might have bored people on here before, but my uncle Albert spent 3 months on the run with the partisans in Italy, escaping from a prison camp, and made his way to the Vatican - he got in disguised as a women... Never talked about it... As did my dad after being torpedoed in the north Sea and being picked up after seeing 7 of his comrades slip into the sea - total respect! Reply +5
  • "It looks as if he's having electronic urination against that pillar"

  • eleven63 30/11/2013

    The closest I get to sympathizing with Jon Snow - my dad, 1973, using the radiogram (fucking awesome bit of kit, built to last, stacked a dozen singles, played 33/45/78 and had a built in wireless receiver unit type thing...) The launch of Capital Radio in London - I was like a pig in shit, my dad just didn't get it... Why? What's wrong with crackly MW/LW?Despite a billion dollar game (and the rest) in GTA:V launching within 24 hours, it's still seen as something, well, slightly odd to "want" to partake in this activity - film, music, theater, art in general, etc are seen as acceptable - didn't the PS2 sell nearly 200 million units?Old media just needs to go away and die, this whole argument (I don't get it) is just getting dull...Edit:- posted too soon Reply +6
  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: the 720p fallout

  • eleven63 31/10/2013

    Not that I understand most of the tech jargon - but, from what my little brain can understand, Sony [seem to] have learned from the PS3/Xbox360 battle.

    PS3 was/is more 'powerful' than the 360, but was a bitch to programme for, so the 360 became the popular choice as it just, kind of, worked.

    So the PS4 message seems to be all about the gaming aspect (get that...), and is more powerful than Xbone, and, crucially, accessible for programmers.

    By Powerful I mean, from a simple gamers point of view, being able to throw more stuff on the screen I'm playing on without frame rate drops, tearing etc.

    But what do I know? I'll end up getting both eventually.

    (BTW I have a 360 and PS3)
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  • Watch us play Battlefield 4 from 3pm BST

  • eleven63 30/10/2013

    Just watched the live stream, PS3 - graphics look pretty dodgy, by the sounds of it next gen (not surprisingly) sounds/looks loads better!

    Maybe they haven't bothered to stretch the systems (as did GTA-V, Last of us, etc) to concentrate on next gen?

    Fuck it, I'm treating myself to an early birthday/xmas present, PS4... probably...
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  • Google Nexus 7 2013 review

  • eleven63 07/09/2013

    Ornstein wrote:[link=profiles/eleven63">@eleven63 The sluggishness has been fixed with the latest update of Android that all Nexus tablets should have received by now (see Reply +3
  • eleven63 07/09/2013

    gandhimasterfly wrote:@rotmm last year's model ended up a completely laggy and sluggish piece of shit. The internals are apparently much higher quality in this one so fingers crossed it won't deteriorate in the same way.This! as much as I like my nexus 7 and use it daily, but compared to my S4 it now feels like I'm wading through thick mud when using it. It's just incredible how sluggish the N7 has become over time, that and the screen flicker and 10 hour plus charging time has made it a frustrating experience - will hold out on upgrading until the new N7 proves itself overtime. Reply +5
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Uncharted 3, and LittleBigPlanet Karting are coming to PS Plus' year-long Instant Game Collection

  • eleven63 07/06/2013

    ROCK-NYC wrote:PlayStation Plus makes paying for Xbox gold look like highway robbery.This, just joined PS+ and it pisses all over Gold - and luckily just downloaded Infamous 2 :) Reply +30
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines review

  • eleven63 12/02/2013

    Brownie-uk7 wrote:for those of you/us that still cling on to the faintest hope that this game might be ok then keep that spark alive and read the Guardian review:http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/gamesblog/2013/feb/12/alien-colonial-marines-game-reviewAlthough he does drop in a massive disclaimer at the beginning basically saying, this is my opinion and I don't give a fuck about any response I'm going to get. Which is probably a fairly healthy approach for a reviewerReads like a different game! Reply 0
  • Comet owner OpCapita reportedly buys GAME

  • eleven63 31/03/2012

    Apparently we now own Game... see @Peston on Twitter - good news for 3000+ jobs :) Reply -20
  • Apple's "Let's talk iPhone" event today

  • eleven63 04/10/2011

    I'm in the market for a new MP3 player/iPod Touch - be interesting to see what is announced :) Reply +2
  • Guess what percentage finished ACII

  • eleven63 20/10/2010

    Be interesting to know how far people get into a game before giving up - this year has been a success for me, yet to not finish a game - have only played 6, mind, as online has taken over (BFBC2) - but did finish ACII Reply +1
  • Retrospective: SSX 3

  • eleven63 23/05/2010

    Brilliant article - absolutely loved Tricky, played it to death, cant see why (as most on here seem to agree) EA cant do a Tricky for now, give it some polish, ditch on-line, charge £10.00, job done! Other than FO3 and JC2 cant think of any games, as a single player, that have kept me coming back, as it were (and the 2 I have mentioned have, of course, huge single player content). Reply +2
  • Apocalypse Now game in development?

  • eleven63 13/04/2010

    On rails game would be shit (jungle, helicopters, er more jungle - always a problem for Vietnam based games, cant believe the blighter's didn't think about future video gamers needs for diversity of background when deciding to start the war...), but open world game play based on the film, that might be interesting?!

    But this has all the signs of a SNAFU
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  • The Godfather II

  • eleven63 16/01/2009

    2 is better than 1 - F.A.C.T Reply 0
  • London Calling

  • eleven63 26/10/2008

    But the main thrust of the story is right though – As a consumer I can go to any number of shows; motor, yachting, electronic, house and home, food, etc. In fact the high street caters well if you want to try before you buy – but gaming is still hidden away, accept for over crowed gaming pods only found in the larger dvd/music shops.

    When was the last time you went to a gaming show? – I’ve been playing video games regularly for the past 8/9 years and never once been to a show – those I know about I come across through sites like EG.

    I don’t need to visit What Car dot com to know about the next Motor Show…
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  • LEGO Batman

  • eleven63 02/10/2008

    Dan, I'm with you on this - my son, 8, is on his 5th(!) play through of Indy lego, Star Wars got the same treatment, even my 3 year old will watch his brother play these games.

    As you can imagine my eldest is slightly excited about Batman Lego and has started counting down the days until release date (8 days to go dad, where his first words to me this morning!).
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • eleven63 30/05/2008

    Beer anyone... Reply 0
  • New Battlefield turns to casual masses

  • eleven63 21/01/2008

    I was speaking to EA Oct/Nov last year about them supplying an on-line game for a website I was working with at the time - they had "something up their sleeve", but we could not agree an NDA - guess this is what they where talking about - shame I never got to see a demo.

    It was discribed to me at the time as "South Park, with guns..."
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  • Job ad hints at COD5 setting

  • eleven63 10/12/2007

    Hopefully COD5, if set in WII, will follow the Battle of the Buldge - and how about following both sides - Playing the Germans for the first half, then the US during the second - one can hope... Reply 0
  • PlayStation 3 to launch worldwide in November

  • eleven63 15/03/2006

    @Virvel - so what games do an Average Joe play? Reply 0
  • 25 to Life under fire again

  • eleven63 23/06/2005

    coming from a country that has enough guns in circulation for every citizen, this is just a little rich - save a hundred thousand lives a year, ban guns. Reply 0
  • Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves

  • eleven63 07/06/2005

    As with Drum - me and the boy about 20% in - in fact when he was meant to be getting dressed for school this morning he was slyly playing the game!

    Sly 3 already on the Christmas list.
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  • Jaws Unleashed details, pics

  • eleven63 24/05/2005

    ...how should I know...swim casual... Reply 0
  • Doom III

  • eleven63 12/04/2005

    hitting the back button allows quick save, the start button to save game, load, options, exit, etc just hit B to take you back into game, or A (first choice) to resume - can't recall the restart level option Reply 0
  • Area 51

  • eleven63 04/04/2005

    Played the demo and though it seemed so-so.....I'll wait and see what the full review has to say, but not top of my wish list right now. Reply 0
  • Tomb Raider 7 to be unveiled this autumn

  • eleven63 27/01/2005

    I'm with Djini - more exploring, more thinking, less fighting/shooting (this let down Prince of Persia down as well) people forget just how innovative TR was! Reply 0
  • DRIV3R

  • eleven63 27/01/2005

    please, please, please, make Drivel 4 a decent game (2 was an epic!) - Driveninsane3 was just the biggest pile of pooh. Reply 0
  • Electronic Arts outlines next-generation software plans

  • eleven63 25/01/2005


    Article yesterday makes for interesting reading - but I have a 2 fold problem 1) - justifying an outlay of £2500 for a next gen consol and HD TV to view, (and appreciate the new graphics?) and 2) – which PC should I buy?
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  • Halo 2 passes original with 6.4m sales

  • eleven63 24/01/2005

    All I know is that in my local games shop (Camden, London), the Xbox shelves are stuffed with 2nd hand H2, including Platinum editions in shiny boxes (and mine) – haven't seen one GTA:SA yet – thought that H2 was going rock, kick ass and generally piss over all games forever!!! – or maybe it was just dull, dull, dull, dull, wonderfully duuuulll, dull, dull dull dull, dull, dull ,dull dull wonderfully duuuulll Reply 0
  • Silent Hill gets the movie treatment

  • eleven63 19/01/2005

    Rammer6000, where are you from? Reply 0
  • The Getaway: Black Monday

  • eleven63 19/01/2005

    Big Ben - Pain in the arse level - you need to keep working across the floors, up stairs, then across floor, then up stairs - on 2 occasions i just ran for it to jump up on to the overhead lighting - dull game play when its a matter of play, spotted by guard - try again; avoid guard, oh caught by camera. Right, avoid guard, wait for camera to make sweep....If I wanted this style of game play I would by Simple-Simon again Reply 0
  • UK Charts: Straight eight for NFSU2

  • eleven63 19/01/2005

    This is a funny thread. Nice one.

    Anyway - as for a real game, try Wings of War, challenging at the right times, replay value, and under a tenner - this games easy beats crocks of hyped shit like GR 2 and somewhere-over-the-Rainbow 1,208-there-might-be-a-game.

    AND as for EA, i'm suing them because of Golden Eye Rogue Agent….
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