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  • Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive

  • electrolite 14/03/2017

    No console is going Digital only for a long time and gamers playing on consoles should be grateful. Anybody who thinks platform holders having a monopoly on setting prices will mean they come down will be sorely disappointed. Reply +1
  • electrolite 14/03/2017

    1) Cartridges costing more was always to be expected. They could hardly use discs could they? 10 though. Hmmmmmm. Not convinced.

    2) If Nintendo's pricing for small cartridge runs is making it more difficult for small publishers to put niche games on cartridge that's idiotic and they should rethink.

    3) Bricks and mortar retailers may have almost died out in our tax haven but in other countries like the States, Germany, France it's still huge and entirely understandable why Nintendo, Sony etc. want to keep them on side.

    4) "Mario Kart 8's port, which adds little, is 50". Very harsh. Most PS4/XB1 were literally higher resolution versions of previous gen games at 55. Switch Mario Kart not only adds a red bump but all the Wii U versions DLC, more characters, and a big new battle mode. This just sounds a bit ill-informed and bitter.
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  • Fast RMX showcases Switch's technological leap over Wii U

  • electrolite 12/03/2017


    Thing is, I've seen lots of suggestions about what Nintendo should have done differently and if only they'd done this differently it would have sold more.

    However , in reality, these suggestions are just ' this is what *I* would have liked them to have done'. Sales may fall off a cliff but for now, it's been a successful launch and they're pretty much sold out (especially in the US).
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  • electrolite 11/03/2017


    "Switch articles seem to particularly attract two types of people; those who don't own the hardware and who have never even seen one in the flesh, who just want to moan, and those who actually do have one who absolutely love it."

    I've noticed that. I rarely buy consoles at launch so I don't know whether it's a modern gamer thing but it's pretty conspicuous.
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  • electrolite 11/03/2017


    "I don't play indies". So why post on this thread about an indie game? A strange thing to say, I thought. Then I checked your Comments history and yes, you're the oddball who proudly proclaimed on the Voez article that you don't play Mobile games because they're all "shit" (this after a long impassioned sales pitch directing people to, er, the mobile version of Voez).

    Then there's this...."agoWhy has Digital Foundry abandoned load times in Switch vs Wii U articles? Maybe because Wii U load times are faster than Switch on the same game....Omitting them makes it seem like there is an agenda here...." Again a weird thing to accuse DF of. Bit tin foil hat. Even more so when it's about an indie game (which means you'd never play it even if it was the best game in the world) on a console you don't own.

    But it gets stranger...."they have featured prominently in virtually every other cross generational and cross format comparison that Digital Foundry has done". This is demonstrably untrue. A quick search through this site proves that. Out of 8 face-offs I found 2 mentions of it. They were Doom (long loading times) and COD 4 (much longer loading times on one format). They aren't an issue in Fast RMX so don't get mentioned. I genuinely have no idea what would cause anybody to make up something like that.
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  • Breath of the Wild is a Zelda game for the Minecraft generation

  • electrolite 10/03/2017


    "Nintendo are still weirdly attached to making hardware noone wants"

    (Looks at Nintendo's console sales figures)

    (Is confused)
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  • Super Bomberman R review

  • electrolite 09/03/2017

    Ridiculous price for this no doubt. Surely that's down to Konamis though, rather than Nintendo? Reply 0
  • electrolite 09/03/2017

    Funny to see people complaining about having to buy extra Controllers to play multiplayer.

    As if every previous console gave you them for free.

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  • electrolite 09/03/2017


    I bought Snipper Clips, Fast RMX and Shovel Knight for only a few quid more than Bomberman ludicrous 50 price tag. I'd highly recommend Shovel Knight and Fast RMX, especially if you're new to them. Shovel Knight
    Is a cult platforming classic and Fast RMX is a terrifically fast, difficult future racer that looks good. Played a bit of the latter online last night and it's actually easier against other humans. Nintendo Life, Game Central and The Verge have reviewed Fast RMX.
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  • PlayStation 4 update that adds Pro boost mode out tomorrow

  • electrolite 09/03/2017

    Pretty tasty update, this. I look forward to a fascinating few hours trying out non-Pro patched games to see if I can tell a difference. Every one of them. Reply -1
  • Switch has redesigned portable gaming forever

  • electrolite 09/03/2017

    It's interesting to see the confirmation bias taking place with the Switch. Info burst - what you think would make it more attractive to you does not necessarily make it more attractive to other people.

    I've seen people want a lower price, better specs (which would mean a higher price), a longer lasting battery (again, add that to the price), it to be 'more like the Vita's (presumably less power, hideously expensive memory cards and a sales failure are attractive now), to just make a PS4 competitor (can't think of anything more tedious or less likely to sell myself but there you go), to have more AAA support or it will fail (even though everyone presumably has at least one box to play them on) etc.etc.

    As an individuals right to avoid it, perfectly valid. But what's attractive to you (or me, I understand that) isn't necessarily so to the next person.
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  • electrolite 09/03/2017


    Don't get me wrong, I'm only mentioning the Switch using non-proportionally storage and Memory Cards out of surprise more than anything. After years of Nintendo finding way to eke a few pennies out of everything (the headphone adapter for the GBA SP always grated) they've been fairly clever and done the sensible thing. Not by any means at every turn (why does the Pro Controller not have a headphone port?) but credit where it's due.
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  • electrolite 08/03/2017

    Re. The Vita

    "Sony's PlayStation Vita was sold on the idea of triple-A console gaming on the go....But the market rejected the idea"

    The market rejected severely cut-down versions of ttiple-A games along with absurdly-priced Memory cards and proprietary chargers (issues that, for all the complaints about pricing, Nintendo have managed to avoid). Publishers and developers had to put the time and effort in to create bespoke versions of PS3 games.

    Switch has one library. One set of Dev tools. One market. Other consoles may have come close (though Vita didn't even have a TV Out) but this is the first time the hybrid idea has actually been tried.
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  • electrolite 08/03/2017

    Having had it for a few days, I'm reminded of those articles before release saying 'it makes sense when you get your hands on one'. It's a fine bit of hardware, even with software in almost a beta test condition it's a premium-feeling machine.

    I'm a grown up, I have a stressful job that involves shiftwork, I have a kid and a pregnant wife. The seamless transition between TV and portable is already becoming invaluable and I think as long as software keeps coming it'll take up a lot of my gaming time. It basically elbows its way to the front of the queue.

    YMMV of course. People younger than me, those who have the spare time I had 20 years ago, and/or those who don't have to compete for their gaming TV may not see the attraction but I'm really impressed. As a concept, it makes total sense.
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  • Rime comes out in May, costs 10 more on Nintendo Switch.

  • electrolite 08/03/2017

    Why are these comments full of people blaming Nintendo rather than the company publishing the game? Reply +5
  • Snipperclips review

  • electrolite 08/03/2017

    This is a good fun game. 15.79 through cdkeys and well worth it. Me and the wife are having a right laugh with it.

    It's also good to see Nintendo picking up a (British!) Indie game like this.
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  • Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever in Europe

  • electrolite 08/03/2017


    "Sega. They failed as a hardware competitor and are still thriving in the gaming world."

    Sega thriving? You mean after ditching most of their beloved cult franchises, merging to stay afloat, laying off loads of staff, endless reorganisations, consistent struggle to make profits etc.etc.

    I imagine every so often in an office at Nintendo they discuss ditching their hardware business, then somebody says 'Yeah but Sega's and they all nod and go 'lets stay in the hardware business' 😉
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  • electrolite 07/03/2017

    Good start. Momentum is key now. It's lovely hardware and now it needs the software. Mario Kart will help and Switch has a better slate than Wii U did at this point but let's have a direct to map out the next few months. Give us dates for Arms and Splatoon 2 and whatever else is-hopefully-imminent. Come on Nintendo, don't be Nintendo. Reply 0
  • Dragon Quest Heroes 2: Switch vs PlayStation 4

  • electrolite 07/03/2017

    Nothing to add in terms of how it compares to other versions but I downloaded the demo on the Switch and it looks like a barrel of toss.

    First thing I deleted off my Switch.
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  • Nintendo gives Switch Joy-Con wireless connectivity advice, warns of nearby fish tanks

  • electrolite 06/03/2017

    "Fuck you Nemo, I knew this was your fault!"

    (Smashes fishtank)
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  • Nintendo Switch off to solid sales start in UK

  • electrolite 06/03/2017

    Solid is about right. Getting momentum up over the rest of the year is going to be key now. Software line-up looks promising - Mario Kart (I know it's on Wii U but not many people have one of them), ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario, Fire Emblem Warriors. Presumably there'll be a couple more announced at E3. They've good indie support which is handy on a portable.

    It's not going to get much Western AAA support but most people have a machine to play them. Switch's best chance is as a second console/Nintendo player. It's first- and second-party software that will decide how it does.
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  • Is Zelda on Switch worth the upgrade from Wii U?

  • electrolite 06/03/2017


    Absolute crap. You don't *need* that stuff at all.

    "Need MicroSD for storage, given the pitiful included storage."

    You don't need that straight away. You could buy Zelda digitally and still have space on the internal storage for a few other games. But as I said, 320 at Argos with a physical copy of the game.

    "Need Joypad for VC games, given the cramp inducing Joycons."

    You need a joypad for VC games that don't even exist? Come on.

    "Need additional Joycons for multiplayer, given thats the entire point of Switch if you believe their own PR."

    What does their PR have to do with it? You don't need extra Controllers for players 3 and 4. If you do, add that same cost for 3 extra Controllers to the cost of another console or PC. You wouldn't though would you? Nobody would.

    "Need the dock to charge said additional Joycons"

    No you don't. They last for hours.

    Just face it, you've thrown in a hysterically overexaggerated figure to try and justify a point and to get to that figure you needed to add in a load of completely optional extras you don't need. 320 has you playing Zelda within 5 minutes of getting home.
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  • electrolite 06/03/2017


    500? It's 320 in Smyths or Argos with Zelda. You're welcome to buy mine for 500 if you want though.
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  • electrolite 05/03/2017


    Three points there -
    1) The frame rate drops are really minor. I've played about 4 hours now and I saw a couple during the first hour and since then, nothing.

    2) It's the first game on the system

    3) The Wii U had enough oomph to run Nintendos own software well. Switch does too as a result, comfortably.
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  • electrolite 04/03/2017


    I was wondering that. It's a shame people (and Nintendos marketing department) are so focussed on it as a home console. When in reality, its a hugely powerful, slick and versatile handheld with more than enough oomph to run Nintendos own software well. It's closer to home console performance than a handheld has ever been.
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  • Zelda on Switch runs more smoothly in portable mode

  • electrolite 04/03/2017


    Whatever floats your boat kid
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  • electrolite 04/03/2017

    "The Switch is primarily a handheld that just happens to connect to a TV. I don't understand why Nintendo doesn't advertise it as such"

    2 reasons-so they can keep the 3DS going for another year or so, and they avoid the headlines about 'Nintendo leaves the home console market shock horror!" It wouldn't be a big deal in Japan where it's a tiny market compared to what it used to be. In the West though, people are very wedded to their idea of a straightforward box with a traditional Controller (that competes with other such boxes to be the most powerful one that isn't a good PC) and would be confused and excited by them finally admitting they aren't interested in that market.
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  • electrolite 04/03/2017


    I just downvoted you for crying about being downvoted.
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  • Nintendo Switch eShop games and prices revealed

  • electrolite 04/03/2017


    It's Konamis price
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  • electrolite 02/03/2017

    Bought Zelda physical. Will get Fast RMX, Shovel Knight and possibly Shock Troopers.

    As for Bomberman, good to see Konami still have a sense of humour. Hilarious, hilarious stuff.
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  • Finally, we have answers to Nintendo Switch's digital game sharing questions

  • electrolite 03/03/2017

    They'll sort this further down the line. Not something that is needed Day 1. I'd expect that in the case of a faulty system Nintendo can copy it across themselves. Reply 0
  • 1-2-Switch review

  • electrolite 02/03/2017

    A collection of tech demos they didn't want to waste for some reason, forced out as a full-price release because they didn't have anything else to go on the shelves next to Zelda. Thankfully there's much better stuff on the eshop. Reply +5
  • Super Bomberman R shows a side of the Switch that's a little unloved at launch

  • electrolite 02/03/2017

    This actually look alright, the single-player sounds fun but it needs to come down in price dramatically. 20 tops. Reply +1
  • PlayStation Plus March games announced

  • electrolite 01/03/2017

    Delighted to see Tearaway on there. Haven't ayed the PS4 version but it was good on Vita. Reply +2
  • Nintendo Switch review

  • electrolite 01/03/2017


    'Why do you disagree then?'

    All the things you listed are subjective. Personally I think it looks perfectly portable, have had no problems with the Vita battery life, am fine with the price as a second (third actually) console, think the value proposition of what's in the box is fine, will buy most games physically so don't really care about the storage (plus it doesn't use any stupid proprietary Cards) and while the price of the Pro Controller is high (5 more RRP than the PS4/XB1 pads were at launch) it isn't essential. Others will disagree but that's ok because they're all subjective.
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  • electrolite 01/03/2017

    Good review to read, cheers.

    Looking forward to Friday now. First launch day console since the Wii (the last one to do something different). A really powerful handheld that leaves the Vita standing and will have Nintendo games (all of them when the 3DS is put out to pasture) is an easy sell to me. I'm 40, I've got two other consoles that play third-party games, I have a family competing for the TV and I work shifts so this will fit perfectly into my life. Obviously it won't be the same for everyone but I'm right in whatever niche Nintendo are aiming at.
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  • The Nintendo 64 turns 20 in Europe

  • electrolite 01/03/2017

    Wow. Makes me feel old.

    Not sure the bitchy comparison works though. I paid 60 for Mario 64 which, adjusted for inflation, is more than twice what I've paid for Zelda.

    N64 launched with 3 games day one, Switch has 13 (5 at retail, 8 on the eshop).

    N64 cost 250 which is about 420 now.

    That said, both launched with an Edge 10/10. And at least we don't have to worry about shitty PAL conversions.
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  • Starbound developer's Advance Wars-like Wargroove headed to Nintendo Switch

  • electrolite 28/02/2017

    The list from that image in text format: -

    Rogue Trooper Redux
    The Fall Part 2: Unbound
    sU and the Quest for meaning
    Zombie Vikings
    Mr. Shifty
    TowerFall Ascension
    Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
    Enter the Gungeon
    Cave Story
    NBA Playgrounds
    1001 Spikes
    Unbox: Newbie's Adventure
    Graceful Explosion Machine
    Pocket Rumble
    SteamWorld Dig 2
    Little Inferno
    Ultimate Chicken Horse
    Runner 3
    Neuro Voider
    Kingdom Two Crowns
    Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
    The Binding of Issac Afterbirth +
    Duck Game
    World of Goo
    The Escapists 2
    Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment
    Blaster Master Zero
    Toe Jam & Earl: Back in the Groove
    Space Dave!
    Tumbleseed: A Rolly Roguelike
    Fast RMX
    Has Been Heroes
    Human Resource Machine
    Flipping Death
    Snake Pass
    Stardew Valley
    Hollow Knight
    Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
    WonderBoy and the Dragon's Trap
    Shakedown Hawaii
    The Jack Box Party Pack 3
    Hover: Revolt of Gamers
    Away: Journey of the Unexpected
    Portal Knights
    State of Mind
    The Next Penelope
    Mutant Mudds
    Battle Chef Brigade
    LIttle Dew 2

    (courtesy of GAF)
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  • Nintendo Switch has its first portable-only game you can't play on TV

  • electrolite 28/02/2017


    All mobile games are shit? Every single one, out of millions of games?

    Log off.
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  • electrolite 28/02/2017


    Are you actually encouraging people to support the version with Microtransactions? Fuck that, I'll pay one price for the complete version any day of the week. Thanks for the tip there's a demo on Android though. I can try it, and if it's as good as the reviews suggest, buy it on Switch where the complete version is cheaper.
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  • electrolite 27/02/2017

    Good news. Atypically sensible of Nintendo. Reply +5
  • New performance mode boosts Switch mobile clocks by 25 per cent

  • electrolite 26/02/2017


    Who's 'we?' I didn't fear anything like that. Speak for yourself.


    Who's 'the rest?' Again, you speak for yourself and yourself alone
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  • electrolite 26/02/2017


    You're on to something here. If a machine comes out (or a game for that matter) that I'm not interested in I don't really bother to comment about it either. It seems to be that those who aren't buying the Switch are very proud of that and determinedly vocal about the reasons why. Likewise those misguided enough to think they know at this stage how it will do. I don't know if this level of vitriol is aimed at other consoles launches but it seems odd.
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  • electrolite 26/02/2017


    You're right, but try again and you might add something constructive
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  • Watch: Breath of the Wild is the bravest Zelda ever

  • electrolite 25/02/2017


    Yeah but the first thing to ask about? Sure, frame rates below a certain point are an issue and inconsistencies are frustrating but this isn't Turok 2 we're looking at here. It's a very modern obsession.
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  • electrolite 24/02/2017


    I might be wrong but the bravery is in Nintendo taking one of the most long-running and heralded series in the history of videogaming and doing something different with it.

    They could have just iterated on the existing formula (like Assassins Creed does year after year) knowing fans would eat it up. The traditional option may also well be the safe bet at a vital moment (for them) like a new hardware launch. They've not done that though.
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  • electrolite 24/02/2017


    Yeah, ignore the game mate, let's have some more tedious wankery about framerates. That's what's important in gaming.

    FFS. I hate modern gaming sometimes.
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  • A complete history of Nintendo console launches

  • electrolite 24/02/2017

    Overall, a really good read even if the conclusion is that previous launches don't tell us very much :D Reply +1
  • electrolite 24/02/2017


    "has the full weight of Nintendo's software teams behind it.".

    This is the key selling-point of the Switch to me. The last machine that could claim this was the NES.

    Between 3DS and Wii U they've been putting out well over 20 games a year. Even if that number shrinks slightly to allow for HD development and keeping standards high it's a very healthy amount of good games even before any third-party additions.
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  • electrolite 24/02/2017


    I've no doubt that's true of some people but the attach rate for the Wii is 8.84 (N.B. Wii Sports included) so there were plenty of Wii buyers with a healthy appetite for software to make up for those who just bought a Wii Sports player.
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