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  • Here's the first trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • elchongo 02/05/2016

    I can't wait to buy the full game legacy whatever to make a small video of my 15 seconds of peeling the celofan of the game, get the code and bin the game disc without even touch it and send it to the developers Reply +1
  • Amazon marks GTA5, FIFA 16, Minecraft and more as "exclusively for Prime members"

  • elchongo 22/04/2016

    as a online shopper only (for digital hardware and software), my amazon buying is very limited, now would be reduced to zero

    and nothing of value was lost
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  • PES's free Euro 2016 update is a bit of a disappointment

  • elchongo 20/04/2016

    I don't know you guys, but back in the day actua soccer was pretty much ignored for us, but Euro 96 was a blast to play in lunch time at the IT office and with mates at home and our favourite footy game until Fifa 98 arrived

    That being said that was in Buenos Aires 20 years ago :S
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  • The end of Nintendo's weird GamePad era

  • elchongo 13/04/2016

    I think it does not matter if is a failure or not, look the balance board, was a smashing success, and would be ok to have some great updates games in wii U , they only released wii fit U

    Motion control + how many games we got with them in the wii u ?

    nintendo can bring a lot of new things, but gets bored easily and ditch them instead of making them work better, we all know that v1.0 of anything sucks
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  • Bandai Namco is making a VR installation to tackle fear of heights

  • elchongo 01/04/2016

    i will be more scared of watching a video longer than a minute with that sort of edition, that walking the plank and get the kitty for real Reply -1
  • This year's Call of Duty is set in space - report

  • elchongo 29/03/2016

    I loved COD:MW4 and MW2 and detested everything else, I slowly start to convinced myself that was more the exception than the norm what I liked of COD

    man even a Black ops 1 would be interesting at this point :S
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  • Sony adds 22 games to PlayStation Now, including Uncharted trilogy

  • elchongo 09/03/2016

    my flatmate signed for the trial.

    a week is not a lot of time, bur for what i saw, the price is way to much, for 13 a month you can still buy almost 10 games a year [155p/year] (mind you we are talking of PS3 games) the catalogue is not vast by any strech and i found myself temped to try 2 or 3 titles max (the rest probably i got them or were not really interesting). And lets be honest how many games you can play a month ?

    the service was ok, you could see some small lag here and there, and to play the title almost instantly is a good thing.

    way overpriced, and very little to offer at this point 4.99 would be something worth the money.
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  • PlayStation Plus' March Instant Game Collection includes Galak-Z, Broforce

  • elchongo 25/02/2016

    @Ivattthestanier i dont need to listen the new single of a rock band, or some r&b to know i dont like it.

    i just can't stand that music, end of story. if is quality or shit, i could not care less.. A perk of being old is that you may don't know what you like, but you are 100% sure of what you don't like.

    i like arcade racers, i don't like racing simulators, and i detest to drive IRL i know what are my tastes, and i dont want people to even care about them or shove them up to the ...

    i replied to you cos I didnt like the way you dismiss people for their taste of game or call them second class gamers or some elitist shit, that all, you are not the only one, but representative of many and sorry if today i talked to you.

    i support indie games, and race the sun and futuridium were my fav games for the ps4 last year btw, i never dismissed indys.
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  • elchongo 24/02/2016

    @Ivattthestanier Im sick and tired of people that like shitty games and are entitled to call themselves gamers, cos "they get" shitty games and dismiss people that like CODs, PES, racing games and stuff..

    im in my late 40's who happen to refused to have a family and stuff so i can have time to play arcade racers, 3d games and cods, every other year, and i refuse to play any other 2d platform, because that was all i was able to play for bloody 20 years.

    Some people like that fine!!, go and play them and im sure there is people that would keep calling themself hardcore and do hardcore 2d games, in the years to come but i rather pull out my retines before i play one of those again.

    now go and play you "hardcore" stuff all you want, and keep that tag, but gamers, gamers are all no matter what shit we play.
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  • PS Plus Vote to Play includes Broforce, Assault Android Cactus, Action Henk

  • elchongo 22/02/2016

    to be really democratic they should include a 4th option called meh, would won by a landslide every time, that for sure. Reply 0
  • A developer from Derby wants to rekindle the WW2 shooter

  • elchongo 02/02/2016

    I love people going back to basics on FPS, I just don't like the setting on WWII. I rather support someone go to the settings of MW COD4.
    Still very interesting seen developers doing games that are not in the market instead the copycat we see over and over
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  • The creators of Burnout announce Dangerous Golf

  • elchongo 26/01/2016

    @Cwiiis Actually as Fan of Burnout I feel the original is the best one and was a straight copy, from thrill drive after Burnout 2 the game started to focus more in slamming stuff than driving... but they start to make lots of money

    I feel the more things they added the shittier became the game

    I wish someone does a Burnout HD or remake
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a world at war with itself

  • elchongo 06/11/2015

    as a guy that would put hundred of hours on multiplayer I wish this series have a reboot and go back to the MW4 no gimmicks that do the killing for you,just basic stuff, even getting down choppers was a skill back then.
    This futuristic stuff is getting stale like WWII was
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  • PlayStation Now launches in UK, priced 12.99 a month

  • elchongo 09/10/2015

    this service at this price, is a joke, but hey is sony remember, they think they can make money selling overpriced shit and they wonder after a total failure what went wrong.

    (before the hate i got a ps2/ps3/ps4 under my tv, and also the others ones...)
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  • Criterion founders tease Burnout spiritual successor

  • elchongo 02/10/2015

    @BellyFullOfHell our problem for people that love the driving is, when they started the trend with slamming cars they started to make shitloads of money.
    I would love a game like driveclub with the point to point tracks only and traffic, no even other racers, just that
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  • elchongo 02/10/2015

    @jabberwocky I find that 2 had better graphics, and some nice tracks, but was a downgrade in quality. the tracks become wider, (easier) and the traffic more an obstacle that something that need to be navigated, and be more a patient driver to choose the right moment to overtake them. the crash mode is not somenthingh i liked. I was all about NOT crashing to me.

    Also i still playing today and i like the shitty compact car, not so keen on cars that can speed the traffic like they are parked.
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  • elchongo 02/10/2015

    @jabberwocky well I can say that road went WAY down after the first one mate. to me that is the one and is way more difficult than the ones following. Reply 0
  • Nearly two years after release, Gran Turismo 6 is getting its course creator

  • elchongo 02/10/2015

    @Ramza I would disagree, there is a career mode, (that I haven't tried. On the point of all tracks & cars unlocked and such, well that was the way before. I think this is a more phylosophycal thingh. But i would love that all the games were like that. Imagine if you bought a car but the car don't let you use the boot until you do 1000km or you can't use the radio after you started the car 30 times and so on. If i pay full price for a game i want to have the full experience. not go trought a stupid grinding to get it all.. but hey maybe is just me. Reply 0
  • elchongo 30/09/2015

    @captain-pixel Project cars, if you have the TIME to fiddle with the controllers IN a CAR per CAR basis. is a good game for a GT fan. Me personally I like point to point courses, so my recomendation is driveclub, more arcade but a FUN racer. Reply +11
  • elchongo 30/09/2015

    enought of this foolishnes, since the servers in a not so distant time are going to be shut down, make the bloody LAN possible (FYI last GT with lan was GT4 ps2) Reply +1
  • Facebook "terminated" from PlayStation 3, Vita and TV

  • elchongo 17/09/2015

    as a ps3/ps4 user, Im a bit puzzled, ps3 somehow "post" your trophys and sheet, but ps4 not, and that is discontinued.. great job sony ;) Reply -3
  • Need for Speed will be locked at 30fps on consoles

  • elchongo 15/09/2015

    no split-screen, fine, add a LAN/system link option since in 3 years time your servers are off muppet Reply +4
  • Video: These Cuphead bosses will ruin your life

  • elchongo 12/09/2015

    what a great looking game cuphead, would make me want to buy an xbox, but after watching the boss battles i know i would never bother playing it
    there is always youtube =P
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  • The least realistic things video games think cars can do

  • elchongo 23/08/2015

    @shotbyascot the controls on project cars are beyond a joke... I been playing driving games since "night driver" and without a doubt i would put project cars as my worst gaming mistake Reply +2
  • The people behind Project Cars are making a Red Bull Air Race game

  • elchongo 05/08/2015

    I hope the fix the broken controls of project cars first.. Reply +9
  • August PlayStation Plus games revealed

  • elchongo 29/07/2015

    @riceNpea hahaha, it may sound, basic as you put it.. but i do play other than shooter and racing games.
    But must be really good, lets say 2d sidescrollers im done with them since the 90's but when comes a game like limbo i would go for it. now of all the 2d sidescrollers i received for the last 10 months in my ps+ i didn't play any (even Fez bored me... )

    do you play other consoles than ps4 ?
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  • elchongo 29/07/2015

    @riceNpea Hey man, Im glad you are enjoying it, in my case I love pizza and I love pinnaple and I would never mix them, that was my approach to it, and after playing it. I reckon changed my mind, the game is not terrible, but I found is not great either, so far my wii U was way more use so far, the only games i cared for ps4 were driveclub which i love it and p. cars which i detest i hope SW battlefront changes that and i can give some love to my ps4, gosh even my old ps3 have been more used... Reply +3
  • elchongo 29/07/2015

    @riceNpea I will be honest, i gave it a try, and was not as terrible as i thought and i had a few online games but gets old very quickly. perhaps playing with 3 mates or + change the things tho! Reply 0
  • elchongo 29/07/2015

    when I bought my PS4 I thought that not online multiplayer, would be impossible.. now that my subscription is going to end, and after the lacklustre offer of PS+ games. I feel that not having multi player is not that bad... Battlefront would be the real test to stay another year in the PS+ service tbh Reply -5
  • There's a new London studio making an amazing looking racing game

  • elchongo 01/07/2015

    @lambchop this is a game CHANGER !!! ZOMG!!1! Reply +2
  • Minecraft to receive HoloLens support

  • elchongo 15/06/2015

    I detest micro-sos since the time of DRdos vs Msdos.
    we all know the track record of micro-sos of over-promising and under-delivering
    however this look quite impressive...
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  • Need for Speed reboot requires online connection

  • elchongo 29/05/2015

    Reply +12
  • Transistor free via PlayStation Plus in February

  • elchongo 29/01/2015

    @geordiek i would not bother downloading them tbh. however I do feel is a strong line up. is just that after many years of gaming i can only play racers or games like limbo Reply -3
  • Reader's top 50 games of 2014

  • elchongo 03/01/2015

    where is Monument Valley ? Reply +1
  • PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles are already on eBay - for thousands of pounds

  • elchongo 12/12/2014

    Instead of promoting a camp-fest (that look like a PR stunt)
    it is really for the gamers?

    Make a draw with all the PSN ID actives the last year
    those are the gamers ;)
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  • The Crew open beta goes live next week

  • elchongo 20/11/2014

    In case you want to download a game with the graphics of PS2 upscaled
    be part of the a super retard bunch of people that would constantly appear on screen talking BS and enjoy driving floating on the road

    you should not miss that beta
    I could not believe how bad the game was, I have somehow hopes but I will thank a lot ubisoft for giving me a beta key. it saved me buying such a piece of shirt
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  • Ubisoft details The Crew's 20 Season Pass

  • elchongo 06/11/2014

    tried the beta today
    after 5 minutes i deleted
    even free is not worth it
    obnoxious "edge" people talking
    bland open-world
    piss poor graphics
    and definitely nothing that would justify the space in my HDD
    driveclub is a mess online
    but at least is a serious racer
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  • Forza Horizon 2 review

  • elchongo 25/09/2014

    @mr2ange I think after Burnout (the original) they start to move to more crashes than driving.. Reply 0
  • It's time for your latest update on The Last Guardian

  • elchongo 11/06/2014

    I think some of us get involved in a narrative, of "we spend already a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation on this game i want some kind of explanations" like some sort of suits in a CEO meeting.

    and the great thing is that the game for that people "At this point it wont live up to expectaions." XD XD
    sorry about that

    some other people a lot of them, prefer to deal with the lack of answers thinking in a way that helps to give the artisans time for hand-craft the engine until the title is ready.

    I agree with floppylobster Plankton1975 sid-6581 captainBlahBlah
    or even more graphic like TekMerc "They don't owe you people anything"

    there is a game artist with the freedom of decide when the product is ready, and we complain about this? is madness that we complain for games not released when they are not ready, or we complain about interative half baked games until three sequences on the line they got the game "working" launched year after year?

    I rather wait for a game, that I care, to see the festival of titles that come and go to offer novelty but not the kind of bond you get on a title like this..

    Me ? I rather wait when is well done
    Im here for the journey.
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  • Detecting Dead Space in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • elchongo 10/06/2014

    the only good CODs where the MW
    it was a time when all the shooters where from the WWII
    now is this tech-fest with made up stuff
    i dont want to be a space marine
    time to go to BF
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  • Google Nexus 5 review

  • elchongo 09/11/2013

    @ozzzy189 Im not sure is that much of a priority nowadeys i have 900 or who knows how many minutes i hardly spend 100 and my friends are in the same situation, however i do use the phone constantly Reply 0
  • Apple announces the iPad Air

  • elchongo 23/10/2013

    @pmin not sure about ipad but i remeber this http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/01/17/cool-use-your-android-tablet-to-paint-in-gimp-just-like-a-real-graphics-tablet/ Reply +1
  • Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded review

  • elchongo 19/07/2013

    We always complain about game characters being super macho bald marines and stuff
    for one i see a character that i fully empathize

    a valentine wanna be trying to score and his skills include being poor, short, badly dressed,a looser that told pretty lame jokes, just like many of us..

    but yes of course for Ellie (being a woman) is so easy to dismiss that little fella as unfunny, tick and short and etc etc etc

    well nothing new for us the invisible larrys of the world, that would have a game over instead of happy ending....
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  • Respawn's Titanfall leaked, set for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360

  • elchongo 06/06/2013

    big fan of the work of this guys.. however i wanted more of the same , and they go and make something different.. good luck but my interest in this stop here. Reply -3
  • PlayStation 3: The Final Hack?

  • elchongo 25/10/2012

    now, that means I will be playing emulators quite soon on my ps3?
    Or i will wait for the ouya..
    my wii sucks for other than NES/genesis
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  • Forza Horizon review

  • elchongo 12/10/2012

    My most loved games are Burnout (the first one !!!) waving trafic cars and GT for the handling and psychs.
    Maybe this is the closes thing to have the two of them combined...

    err, how much are those xboxs nowadays?
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  • Golden Generation: How FIFA Won the HD Era

  • elchongo 23/08/2012

    lets call it how we stopped caring about football games in the HD era

    with all respect to the FIFA players
    last time I was blow away with fifa was in 1996
    that been say probably i played more games on fifa from 94 to 2003 that you would ever play in your PS360
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  • Battlefield and Call of Duty: the great frames per second debate

  • elchongo 21/08/2012

    I think all this "controversy" remind me the odd question
    do you love more you mom or you dad..lol

    and affect more the users of consoles than pc players

    Im sure the BF players would love to have wehicles long maps and so on in 60FPS
    now the COD players would prefer the long maps and wehicles and destruction enviroments? instead of the quick gameplay of close combat?.

    I know what Im prefer and that does not make invalid the other games

    I love GT5 (or forza if i would have a x360) and i love the open road gameplay of criterions NFS. I think my perfect game would be a NFS gameplay with the physic and detail of a GT5 however since we run in such technicals limitations we have "compromised games" and we finish playing both games...
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 Review

  • elchongo 27/03/2012

    I hate activision and his money grabing BS like anyone else
    but no matter what I try I always like to play COD, MW to be honest
    is the FPS that feel more "right" when im playing.
    so is just a personal taste ..

    I wish someone can do a better game and all the ar$es of activision get what they deserve.
    now until that happens i will play MW ( i don't even bother on the sub par COD Black ops , etc etc)

    last time we complain about 3 new maps + 2 remakes
    now for the same money we only get 4 maps
    and eurlamer stamp a 9/10 ???
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  • Mobile tech to overtake PS3, 360 soon

  • elchongo 08/07/2011

    I love this guy and he is making some point when he is saying that since they started RAGE
    where not iphone and now they can rival something like in between PS1 /PS2
    (well sony did somehting called PSP remember?) or something

    i would also point this guy that I been using "smartphones" since 2007 and even i love them
    but the battery life is pathetic since then, and i don't see that changing overnight

    still would love to get to my poor friend's house and conect my phone and play games
    but lets get real
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