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  • Transistor free via PlayStation Plus in February

  • elchongo 29/01/2015

    @geordiek i would not bother downloading them tbh. however I do feel is a strong line up. is just that after many years of gaming i can only play racers or games like limbo Reply -3
  • Reader's top 50 games of 2014

  • elchongo 03/01/2015

    where is Monument Valley ? Reply +1
  • PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles are already on eBay - for thousands of pounds

  • elchongo 12/12/2014

    Instead of promoting a camp-fest (that look like a PR stunt)
    it is really for the gamers?

    Make a draw with all the PSN ID actives the last year
    those are the gamers ;)
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  • The Crew open beta goes live next week

  • elchongo 20/11/2014

    In case you want to download a game with the graphics of PS2 upscaled
    be part of the a super retard bunch of people that would constantly appear on screen talking BS and enjoy driving floating on the road

    you should not miss that beta
    I could not believe how bad the game was, I have somehow hopes but I will thank a lot ubisoft for giving me a beta key. it saved me buying such a piece of shirt
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  • Ubisoft details The Crew's 20 Season Pass

  • elchongo 06/11/2014

    tried the beta today
    after 5 minutes i deleted
    even free is not worth it
    obnoxious "edge" people talking
    bland open-world
    piss poor graphics
    and definitely nothing that would justify the space in my HDD
    driveclub is a mess online
    but at least is a serious racer
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  • Forza Horizon 2 review

  • elchongo 25/09/2014

    @mr2ange I think after Burnout (the original) they start to move to more crashes than driving.. Reply 0
  • It's time for your latest update on The Last Guardian

  • elchongo 11/06/2014

    I think some of us get involved in a narrative, of "we spend already a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation on this game i want some kind of explanations" like some sort of suits in a CEO meeting.

    and the great thing is that the game for that people "At this point it wont live up to expectaions." XD XD
    sorry about that

    some other people a lot of them, prefer to deal with the lack of answers thinking in a way that helps to give the artisans time for hand-craft the engine until the title is ready.

    I agree with floppylobster Plankton1975 sid-6581 captainBlahBlah
    or even more graphic like TekMerc "They don't owe you people anything"

    there is a game artist with the freedom of decide when the product is ready, and we complain about this? is madness that we complain for games not released when they are not ready, or we complain about interative half baked games until three sequences on the line they got the game "working" launched year after year?

    I rather wait for a game, that I care, to see the festival of titles that come and go to offer novelty but not the kind of bond you get on a title like this..

    Me ? I rather wait when is well done
    Im here for the journey.
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  • Detecting Dead Space in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • elchongo 10/06/2014

    the only good CODs where the MW
    it was a time when all the shooters where from the WWII
    now is this tech-fest with made up stuff
    i dont want to be a space marine
    time to go to BF
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  • Google Nexus 5 review

  • elchongo 09/11/2013

    @ozzzy189 Im not sure is that much of a priority nowadeys i have 900 or who knows how many minutes i hardly spend 100 and my friends are in the same situation, however i do use the phone constantly Reply 0
  • Apple announces the iPad Air

  • elchongo 23/10/2013

    @pmin not sure about ipad but i remeber this http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/01/17/cool-use-your-android-tablet-to-paint-in-gimp-just-like-a-real-graphics-tablet/ Reply +1
  • Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded review

  • elchongo 19/07/2013

    We always complain about game characters being super macho bald marines and stuff
    for one i see a character that i fully empathize

    a valentine wanna be trying to score and his skills include being poor, short, badly dressed,a looser that told pretty lame jokes, just like many of us..

    but yes of course for Ellie (being a woman) is so easy to dismiss that little fella as unfunny, tick and short and etc etc etc

    well nothing new for us the invisible larrys of the world, that would have a game over instead of happy ending....
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  • Respawn's Titanfall leaked, set for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360

  • elchongo 06/06/2013

    big fan of the work of this guys.. however i wanted more of the same , and they go and make something different.. good luck but my interest in this stop here. Reply -3
  • PlayStation 3: The Final Hack?

  • elchongo 25/10/2012

    now, that means I will be playing emulators quite soon on my ps3?
    Or i will wait for the ouya..
    my wii sucks for other than NES/genesis
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  • Forza Horizon review

  • elchongo 12/10/2012

    My most loved games are Burnout (the first one !!!) waving trafic cars and GT for the handling and psychs.
    Maybe this is the closes thing to have the two of them combined...

    err, how much are those xboxs nowadays?
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  • Golden Generation: How FIFA Won the HD Era

  • elchongo 23/08/2012

    lets call it how we stopped caring about football games in the HD era

    with all respect to the FIFA players
    last time I was blow away with fifa was in 1996
    that been say probably i played more games on fifa from 94 to 2003 that you would ever play in your PS360
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  • Battlefield and Call of Duty: the great frames per second debate

  • elchongo 21/08/2012

    I think all this "controversy" remind me the odd question
    do you love more you mom or you dad..lol

    and affect more the users of consoles than pc players

    Im sure the BF players would love to have wehicles long maps and so on in 60FPS
    now the COD players would prefer the long maps and wehicles and destruction enviroments? instead of the quick gameplay of close combat?.

    I know what Im prefer and that does not make invalid the other games

    I love GT5 (or forza if i would have a x360) and i love the open road gameplay of criterions NFS. I think my perfect game would be a NFS gameplay with the physic and detail of a GT5 however since we run in such technicals limitations we have "compromised games" and we finish playing both games...
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 Review

  • elchongo 27/03/2012

    I hate activision and his money grabing BS like anyone else
    but no matter what I try I always like to play COD, MW to be honest
    is the FPS that feel more "right" when im playing.
    so is just a personal taste ..

    I wish someone can do a better game and all the ar$es of activision get what they deserve.
    now until that happens i will play MW ( i don't even bother on the sub par COD Black ops , etc etc)

    last time we complain about 3 new maps + 2 remakes
    now for the same money we only get 4 maps
    and eurlamer stamp a 9/10 ???
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  • Mobile tech to overtake PS3, 360 soon

  • elchongo 08/07/2011

    I love this guy and he is making some point when he is saying that since they started RAGE
    where not iphone and now they can rival something like in between PS1 /PS2
    (well sony did somehting called PSP remember?) or something

    i would also point this guy that I been using "smartphones" since 2007 and even i love them
    but the battery life is pathetic since then, and i don't see that changing overnight

    still would love to get to my poor friend's house and conect my phone and play games
    but lets get real
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  • Wii U console "not drastically different"

  • elchongo 10/06/2011

    I invite you guys to look a the video again and you would realize that there is not a lot to be entusiastic

    1 the thingy of stop watching on the big screen and watch in the small screen can be ok
    is not for me, like thousand of people around I do have my tv for gaming full stop.
    also why in hell would you like to play in a small SD screen you new HD games ????
    but let say I would make sense for some
    and now, how far can you go with your U pad , not much at least in the videos show the guy next to the console.

    2 draw in the resistive screen (lets not comment on this and the lack of multitouch)
    nintendo the guy would be an artist and do an amazing link drawings but 99% of as would make a dick and end of our creative time. Lets be honest on the 5 or 6 years on DS how many games make real use of the stylus ? why thing's are going to change now ?

    3play mini games in the U Pad, sorry mate I think you are a bit late to this and people would prefer to do that in a real pad (the one that apple does and some extent on a android one )

    4 using the controller to zoom or some BS that only look good in a commercial but is really cumbersome in real life. That would be heavy enought to play around or use it to play fake golf?? really guys ? and here is the best using the screen to play FPS ( a la wired game gun check in you tube if you don't know what I'm talking about)
    I would say on a positive note you can do your wii fit thinghy with your U Pad but since most of the gamnes need to use the arms I still puzzled how you are going to handle that ...
    im sure to splash that money on a new console to play the ninja stars mini game would look like a lot of value !!!

    5 here my favorite option, use you controler for videocalls, and i think is a neat idea
    until you realize that we are talking about NINNTENDOOO
    and you would bet would be more like wii speak than skype

    6 interact between U Pad and Tv sound kind of cool, and i would not say anithing until i see it , but not the first thing that i look in my next gen console

    and guys why a second screen is better when gaming?
    if Ican't make sense of the minimap when i play COD, i would have the time to look down ?

    at the end of the day, i would ask, why nintendo choose to fight in apple territory ?
    when the console finally arrives, too late as we learn
    seems like apple would already made real all the promises of the almigthy Nintendo

    disclamer I hate apple products and i never have any of them
    and i did bought my share of Nintendo consoles and I probably would pick this one at some point
    nut im not surprised for being let down again for Nintendo
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  • Digital Foundry vs. E3: Sony

  • elchongo 09/06/2011

    vita seems interesting, i may wait for other more "compelling titles"
    and please this time
    give me a decent browser
    & do not mess with the video player
    to get videos to work on the psp was such a pain
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  • Nintendo shares fall after Wii U reveal

  • elchongo 08/06/2011

    Im not surprise, the conference was confusing at best
    go back in time when they show wii play and compare this U pad,
    and you would see the difference

    it seems to me that is very difficult to stay on top
    look at playstation how they lost momentum and now is ninty turn
    after wii fit, they did not do anything sucessfull
    wii music ? , vital sensor ? stupid 3ds ?
    and now again with this new console
    playing the same old games

    and i do have a Gameboy / GBA advanced, GC DS Wii etc
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  • Live Nintendo E3 press conference

  • elchongo 07/06/2011

    thanks EA to make some sense after this idiots confusing me for an hour Reply 0
  • elchongo 07/06/2011

    youtube stream is too crap to understand if there is a new console or the same gamecube Reply 0
  • elchongo 07/06/2011

    your meh plays along mario Reply 0
  • elchongo 07/06/2011

    yeah we all see that mini shit at the right of the tv but the games in the screen still show games that a gamecube can do Reply 0
  • elchongo 07/06/2011

    now what is the difference to play in a 3dsor in this U pad ?i mean is the same old shit or i missing something? Reply 0
  • elchongo 07/06/2011

    im confusedso is a new control ? with the same gamecube ductaped then ? Reply 0
  • elchongo 07/06/2011

    WHY U ? Reply 0
  • Apple taunts E3 rivals in keynote

  • elchongo 06/06/2011

    quite impressive numbers you would say
    after you look at the "100,000 games available in the App store."
    and you realise you only would play 3 if ever..

    /thanks, but no thanks
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  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • elchongo 06/06/2011

    gimme skype on kinectic and i would think of buy one xbox Reply 0
  • elchongo 06/06/2011

    after this football shit you can't denied that the disney kids were kind of alright Reply 0
  • elchongo 06/06/2011

    they went for a easy one.. all asian look the same sorry for the racist joke to much /b/ i guess Reply 0
  • elchongo 06/06/2011

    seems like the kid is adopted.. Reply 0
  • Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops detailed

  • elchongo 27/05/2011

    I guess that if they really want to make the game more "open" would be really simple
    o don't mix ultra 1337 h4arc0r3 players with new people.
    but that seems "too difficult " to do to this guys
    look at the k/d rate and keep the ones with less than 0 in separate lobbys
    can be really that hard ?
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  • Anonymous hackers declare war on Sony

  • elchongo 04/04/2011

    the hate from the comments of some euro gamers towards 4chan/annonymous
    is something that amazed me
    Im sure you got more things in common with those guys than SONY lawyers
    i love sony products and i love 4chan as well I may not agree with an attack to sony in the same way they attack amazon /paypal etc
    but sony is making no favours to themselves trying to get the IP of every single person that check a video on internet
    or look to a HAXOR website

    just my 2 cents
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  • Console games "dying" - Angry Birds dev

  • elchongo 14/03/2011

    this guy make a very successfull game, that is a rip off of other game
    (as my friend told me an avid hardcore flash gamer) sad isn'tit?
    and say the consoles games are doomed
    also most of mobile games are remixed version of old console games like 12 year olders
    and speak about Inovation?
    i would think that is the equivalent of a guy creating a very successful 1 row strip comic
    and told the world about the end of the novels
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  • Battlefield 3

  • elchongo 02/03/2011

    IW is like the Rolling Stones without Jagger and Richards? You mean now IW has been effectively stripped of it's assets?

    you know the IW leaders that have a catfight with the actvision honcho and they left with half of the staff
    they are working for EA and found a new company respawn
    also seems like they would use the same engine of COD 4.0 ,
    it was great back them, but look this nice videos of B3 add the destructive environment and there is not contest
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  • elchongo 02/03/2011

    COD4 & MW2 is ruined by hacked servers, and treyarch don't have a clue.
    IW is liek the rolling stones without the singer & the other guy
    I really want to get exited with this news and play another FPS
    but after playing bad company & killzone & etc I realized that 30FPS is a no go zone for me

    /goes back to M.A.G and not so exited tbh

    also MOH was a joke
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  • Gears of War 3 Beta

  • elchongo 24/02/2011

    why so serious? Reply +1
  • Duke Nukem Forever: "This s*** looks gnarlier than Gears of War"

  • elchongo 23/02/2011

    probably is me that I'm so jaded of those games
    but. all look pretty much the same
    gear of wars = vanquish = bulletstorm
    and now duke nukem

    man I miss the good old brown shooters
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