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  • PSN Store returns 24th May - report

  • el-bandito 19/05/2011

    bi·week·ly –adjective
    occurring every two weeks.
    occurring twice a week; semiweekly.
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  • GT5: A list of 1031 cars

  • el-bandito 12/11/2010

    '98 Mini Cooper.... Sold Reply +1
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

  • el-bandito 18/08/2010

    Not working for me... I think Test Drive Unlimited 1/2 is more akin to the orginal Need for Speed. Reply +1
  • Xbox 360 Elite price cut to £199

  • el-bandito 27/08/2009

    @Domovoi: Because some people might want to send the video to the TV via HDMI and the sound to their AMP via an optical cable.... like me Reply +3
  • Exclusive: Eurogamer plays Natal

  • el-bandito 21/08/2009

    Regarding the lag, there were some users complaining about the delay in turning the wheel and what showed on screen in the Forza forums after the E3 showing, the guy playing said it fine in real life, the delay only appeared when the video was encoded.... could be the same here me thinks Reply 0
  • Fight Night Round 4

  • el-bandito 26/06/2009

    @Kanga & farticus

    I hear what you're saying, you guys look like you know your stuff :)

    Just basing what I was saying on some sparring I've done with an ex pro... He was tellin me to try and hit him and pointed out that it was easy for him to read me cause there was no variation in the speed of my punching, basically everthing i did was at full speed which left no element of suprise and as a result nothing for him to think about. Like I said, I'm no expert, I'm just repeating some one who know what they're talkin about and passin it off as my own knowledge :)

    Prob didn't remember it right either...

    Anyhoo, didn't get chance to go and get it today, hopefully will tomorrow
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  • el-bandito 26/06/2009


    Sticks only give you one level of punching speed and power too. You gain momentum by using body movement. Punches are as much about hips and stance as they are arms.

    No entirely true...hips and stance I agree with their importance, particularly when it come to power, hoever the sticks allow you to vary the speed at which you throw the punches... the snap at the end of the movement if you will. Push the stick slower, you produce a slower jab than if you push it up quickly.

    Boxing (I'm no expert!) is about varying the speed of your attacks as well as the type... if you throw the same speed jab at an opponent all the time, he's gonna work you out pretty quickly and pick you off.

    That said, aren't the 360 buttons analogue anyway? I know the old xbox ones are.
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  • Neversoft hints at turntable control for GH

  • el-bandito 12/06/2009

    "can anybody think of a good song that actually has a turntable and a guitar in it? cause i can't "

    Can't stand it
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  • Red Steel 2 will only work with WMP

  • el-bandito 12/05/2009

    Thought it meant Windows Media Player :/ Reply 0
  • Gears of War 2

  • el-bandito 03/11/2008

    not a single mention of it being more badass :( Reply 0
  • Trials 2 now on Steam

  • el-bandito 29/05/2008

    I paid them $19.99 direct for that!! ARSE!! Reply 0
  • THQ unveils new off-roader for PS3, 360

  • el-bandito 18/03/2008

    I thought it was pronounced "Bar-Har" Reply 0
  • Track & Field

  • el-bandito 10/08/2007

    F@#%$""!"£"$"$£"$£@:@"£~@£" STUPID HAMMER!!!!!!


    /has another go
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  • Harrison pledges Epic support

  • el-bandito 23/07/2007

    "We have parachuted in some of our SWAT team of super engineers to help them"

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  • Ubi apologises for R6 Vegas DLC

  • el-bandito 02/07/2007


    I thought MS did have a big say in what the charges are. Epic mentioned they wanted the Gears maps to be free, but MS would only agree to them being free after a certain period. I'm sure they said something along the lines of "It's their Marketplace, they can charge what they want"

    Could be wrong though... it's early :)

    Edit: May be different as MS was the publisher for Gears I suppose...
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  • Jetpac Refuelled

  • el-bandito 29/03/2007

    'I imagine I probably used 'M' because I was about 6 or 7 '

    ah... bless ;)
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  • el-bandito 29/03/2007

    Tapes schmapes... cartridge and an interface 2 was where it was at :-)

    Oh... and it was 'N' not 'M'... although you moved to 'M' once 'N' was fooked... not forgetting when 'Q' and 'P' bit the dust as well. Happy days.
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  • Xbox 360 Wireless Steering Wheel with Force Feedback

  • el-bandito 19/02/2007

    I doesn't work to well on your lap IMO... does work better if you leave the base clamp on though, you can grip it between your legs then.

    Think I gonna get one of these to solve the problem:
    Adjustable Table

    The mrs wants to find a nicer lookin one though ;)
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  • Worms XBLA nearly finished

  • el-bandito 09/11/2006

    /wonders whether we can influence price...

    400 points - I will buy it, won't even try the demo

    800 points - I probably won't bother (I have Worms 2 and Armageddon on me pc)

    1000 points+ - forget it

    All those in favour say aye...
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  • The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 2

  • el-bandito 08/11/2006

    Stops downloading just before the blueray answer everytime...

    I guess the internet gods have decided I don't need to know that information...
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  • NFS Carbon demo on Live

  • el-bandito 04/10/2006

    OnlyMe: NFS: Porsche was done by TDU developers Eden I think

    As for the demo... poor... the framerate is possibly the worst I've seen on a console racing game... dreadful.
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  • Test Drive Unlimited

  • el-bandito 08/09/2006

    @Mugwum: Another fair point, very well put

    /is sat firmly on fence, can see both sides :-)
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  • el-bandito 08/09/2006

    @spadge - a very fair point, very well made. Reply 0
  • Live Arcade compilation

  • el-bandito 04/09/2006

    I don't get it... surely they should be cheaper on marketplace????

    And the points cards work out cheaper too... why is that?
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  • MS cuts 360 Core to £199

  • el-bandito 25/08/2006

    @mazzl: You know you can just plug a 120GB USB hard drive into the 360 and play your tunes off there?

    Works for me.
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  • Test Drive Unlimited

  • el-bandito 04/05/2006

    What I really want to know about, is whether or not this game is as good as the previous best point to point racer to date, in my opinion; the 3DO version of Road & Track's Need for Speed?

    Damn I still love that game, and I'm sensing a very similar, albeit slightly better looking, gameplay experience in Test Drive Unlimited.

    Exactly what I'm thinking/hoping!

    I've resisted the urge to buy a 3DO on ebay as I know it won't live up to my memories... tryin to get the diablo to 202mph before a car pulls in front and wipes you out on the first city section :-)

    I'm guessin the spectacluar rolls will be gone (stupid car licences) but if it feels anything like I remember nfs 3DO... I will be one very happy bunny!
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  • HL2 Aftermath renamed

  • el-bandito 13/02/2006

    >Far Cry was good for some bits but the endless repeats of the 5 same AI phrases just totally ruined my >fun.
    >"I'm gonna rip you a new one!!"

    Gotta say... that's where Halo really kicked ass... I loved the ramblings them little dudes came out with... I was still hearing new phrases 3rd time round (18th round the library!)

    Don't think I noticed it so much on Halo 2 though...

    Back to the point... smells a little of Kill Bill to me... let's cut it half and sell it twice...
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  • X360 dash patch vs. hackers?

  • el-bandito 31/01/2006

    "Anyone yet tried playing around with the Guide button in the PGR3 online lobby and seeing if it doesn't crash anymore?"

    Still crashed for me last night :-(
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  • Test Drive Unlimited

  • el-bandito 02/11/2005

    Sounds like the kinda game I've been waiting for since Need for Speed 1 on the 3D0
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  • X360 runs Halo 1/2 from day one

  • el-bandito 18/10/2005


    I don't think the high def is stripped from the game code... the option to set your xbox to HD has been disabled in the EU xbox dashboard.

    Has anyone with a chipped box run a pal copy of Halo in HD?

    Would be a nice if your xbox games run HD on the 360...
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  • el-bandito 17/10/2005

    Will you be able to play them High def now the 360 has this enabled? Reply 0
  • X360 to cost around $300

  • el-bandito 31/05/2005

    "No chance"

    I beg to differ... do they/you really think UK consumers are stupid enough to spend virtually twice as much on the same piece of equipment??

    Edit: Yes they probably are ;-)
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  • el-bandito 31/05/2005

    In case you haven't noticed... that's $300 NOT £300.... I'd guess at £199 if it's $300 over the water... Reply 0
  • Half-Life 2

  • el-bandito 26/05/2005

    "stuttering issue"

    I had terrible stuttering on my PC as well, even just when shooting someone, nevermind moving anywhere (XP2500, 768MB RAM), I found a disk defrag, playing offline and disabling my av scanner got rid of 90% of it
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  • MotoGP 3 info, screens

  • el-bandito 24/05/2005

    Is there traffic in the extreme mode? Reply 0
  • MS coy on 'leaked' X360 logo

  • el-bandito 29/04/2005

    I like it... reminds me of the Music's first batch of singles... I framed one of them bad boys... looks good above me fire ;-)

    The Music - Cover
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  • Multiple Xbox 360s planned, one with WebTV?

  • el-bandito 20/04/2005

    all this talk of possibilities... which one has the better 'menthality'


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  • el-bandito 20/04/2005

    "memory cards are a separate issue"


    Right... I'm gonna make a determined effort to stop now...
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  • el-bandito 20/04/2005

    Must resist... must resist... no I can't....

    but you did buy the memory card(s) that are a requirement if you want to save a game?

    Lutz: ;-)
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  • el-bandito 20/04/2005

    Lutz: I thought x was questioning what I said... if not, I'll return back to my hole... which I'm probably speaking out of anyway ;-) Reply 0
  • el-bandito 20/04/2005

    Dud-Box, maybe (prehaps some licencing fee would add a small amount to cost)... but then the PS2 and Xbox are the same price... a memory card and the dvd play back kit are the same price-ish... you HAVE to fork out to save a game, an xbox owner has the choice of adding dvd play-back functionality.

    Out of interest... did you buy a remote control for you PS2?

    Hmmm... I'm sounding like a tw@t... going to stop now... apologies...
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  • el-bandito 20/04/2005

    I suppose you get your memory cards for free x? Reply 0
  • el-bandito 20/04/2005

    " Well some of us like being 'orrible, speculative cunts while we're 'waiting to see'."

    LMAO... Fair play... can't argue with that... speculate away yer c.... hehehe... nice ;-)
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  • el-bandito 20/04/2005

    Dud-Box: " 2 Xboxes. Microsoft and their upgrade ways.

    The PS2 can play DVDs.
    The Xbox can play DVDs, although in order to do so, the user has to go out and buy an add on? "

    Xbox can have 4 players
    PS2 can have 4 players, although in order to do so, the user has to go out and buy an add-on

    Xbox can hold saved games
    PS2 can hold saved games, although in order to do this, the user has to go out and buy an add-on

    Xbox can store downloaded content
    PS2 can store downloaded content, although in order to do this, you need to buy an add-on that isn't available in the UK

    Xbox can play on-line (Free with xbox connect/similar)
    PS2 can play on-line, although you need to buy an add-on, or an new PS2
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  • el-bandito 20/04/2005

    Jiveguy: "I cant think of a single xbox game that relied on the hard drive to improve how games looked"

    I seem to remember DICE saying that there's no way that they could do Rallisport Challenge 1/2 without the HDD...

    As for all this crippling talk... do you honestly not think that MS have thoroughly investigated/tested this?? let's just wait and see eh...
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  • NFS: Most Wanted confirmed

  • el-bandito 12/04/2005

    Road & Track: Need for Speed on the 3DO was the first and best... even though it only had 3 tracks and no multiplayer...

    "If you're squealing through the corners you're losing time..."

    I loved that guy ;-)
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  • PS3 to emerge ahead of Xbox 2

  • el-bandito 08/04/2005

    My heart bleads for you krudster... ;-) Reply 0
  • Burnout back for Revenge

  • el-bandito 06/04/2005

    By far the biggest problem with B3's crash mode was this...


    and it doesn't show up at the end! This makes the crash mode completely null and void when my mates come round... what's the point... B2 crash gets played everytime.

    What I'd like is a mix of the 2... drop the multipliers and all that bollox... the multiplier should be the number of vehicles involved again... but keep the aftertouch and definately the crash breaker!!! blowing stuff up is cool ;-)
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  • Halo 2 expansion pack revealed

  • el-bandito 29/03/2005

    I assume you use the update disk on more than one xbox... 5 of me mates have Halo 2... that's £3 each for all the maps... I can live with that ;-) Reply 0
  • Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

  • el-bandito 16/02/2005

    A Monkey?... in a ball?...

    hehehe... still makes me laugh...
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