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  • Blizzard: WAR, AOC players coming home

  • dunk 07/11/2008

    I've played wow since inception, and finally beat Kil'jaeden last night, just in time for the new expansion! It's more the social aspect rather than game mechanics for me though. I played AoC to about lvl 68 had 2 accounts too), but it just wasnt 'finished' and became too much of a chore, and I also played WAR beta right up till release, but its too pvp orientated for me... Reply 0
  • Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

  • dunk 27/06/2008

    From my own personal opinion, I agree with the original score of 8, because I enjoy it a lot. I played (still play) wow for over 3 years, and was looking forward to this for a while. A lot of the problems that have been mentioned here are valid. But, to be honest, at this moment in time, the only thing worth worrying about is the hardware issue. This game is such a huge resource hog. A lot of the "Our of memory" issues seem to stem from 32bit versions of Vista. 64bit seems fine. You do need a very, very good PC to really enjoy the visuals I believe.

    I'm currently lvl 58, and havent had a problem with quests running out. If I find a broken quest, then I just go and do another one. And later on (past 35 really), the game does encourage you to group up, as Instances have some really good loot in them (Sanctum being the first proper one at around lvl 40ish). I'm playing a Tempest Of Set, and we have just had out first big nerfs this week, to our aoe leveling style, but its fine, its early days still. It's only a month old really. As time moves on, more spells and feats will be added I'm sure. Yes, it seems slow to gain new stuff, but I was so immersed, I didn't really notice that at lvl 40, I was still wearing a few lvl 20 items. Maybe thats a bad thing to some, that you think gear doesnt make that much of an issue, but as soon as I swapped in some lvl 40 items, my defence rating really made a diference (as a caster). The 'Skills' section really needs to be explained better too, as I didnt find out till about lvl 50, that pouring all my skill points into Mana Regen and Mana Attracter makes absolutely no difference if youre not using Rest.

    So, from my own personal point of view, I agree with the 8, but then it's my kind of game. If I was taking into account the wider world, then it would probably get a 5 or 6 due to need of imba pc to fully appreciate it.
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