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  • Not everyone's thrilled with Microsoft's Quantum Break PC announcement

  • drxym 12/02/2016

    Aside from the fact I've never heard of Quantum Break, I really don't understand any anger about a PC version of an XBox game. Developing games is hard and expensive and publishers are entitled to recoup their investment any way they see fit. These two systems share a kernel and a substantially similar API so why is it wrong for a developer to want to port their game? Reply 0
  • Reality check: what SteamVR gaming actually offers

  • drxym 07/02/2016

    @ammythomas16 i wonder why Eurogame seems incapable of filtering this crap out. Maybe they need to put a robot filter on their sign up page and some triggers on the posts. Reply 0
  • Yakuza Kiwami is the next best thing to a Shenmue remake

  • drxym 07/02/2016

    It looks better than the PS2 version (obviously) but I don't think it looks very impressive compared to other PS4 games.

    edit - some people appear to be offended by this obvious statement of fact. The game would barely pass muster against PS3 titles, let alone PS4.
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  • 22cans pulls controversial Godus Wars microtransaction after player outcry

  • drxym 05/02/2016

    This just seems so weird. If its early access, then treat it as early access. People have shown goodwill to your game, so show goodwill back. If premium content appears after the game goes gold, then so be it, but the early access should be value for money in itself and not an opportunity to screw people for extra DLC. Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Mac and Linux canned

  • drxym 04/02/2016

    Doesn't surprise me. Linux and Mac ports are usually recompiles of the Windows source against cedega. If the PC had problems then undoubtedly the Mac and Linux would have far more. The quality of graphics drivers would be a major issue. Reply +3
  • A developer from Derby wants to rekindle the WW2 shooter

  • drxym 03/02/2016

    I'd love a decent WWII shooter. Problem was that most of them weren't decent. That includes Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Brothers in Arms etc.

    They were all lame pastiches of WWII movies and the actual gameplay was repetitive, the AI stupid, and the level design basically a linear corridor with triggered events.

    There were some decent games. I think of Hidden & Dangerous 1 & 2 as one example of a game which tried. But not enough. And these days hardware should be capable of proper destructible physics, online battles featuring hundreds of players. Imagine an ARMA-like game set in WWII. Now that'd be something.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass includes Death Star map

  • drxym 26/01/2016

    Another 40 to turn the game into what it should have been in the first place. What a bargain. Reply +5
  • Fallout 4 14.5 inch power armour figurine costs 279

  • drxym 24/01/2016

    How do they keep their prices so low and still make a profit? Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

  • drxym 21/01/2016

    Myself and my kids played the first game a lot and thought it had a good system in place - everyone wins points for playing which can purchase sticker packs. Leveling up was reasonable too.

    So assuming EA don't ruin things by screwing this system up then I'll be interested in the sequel. BUT. I'll wait for it to be released and for my hopes / fears to be confirmed / allayed before doing that. I don't trust EA at all.
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  • Disney invests in new YouTube channel network starring PewDiePie

  • drxym 14/01/2016

    I've never once to my knowledge watched PewDiePie video and I have no intention to. But my kids do watch some really godawful and irritating YouTube channels like thediamondminecraft. Oh how I could reach through the screen and punch that guy. Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight's final story DLC due tomorrow

  • drxym 21/12/2015

    Despite all the complaints about performance I liked AK. It always played acceptably on my PC and there was heaps of content. But I'd never buy DLC unless it promised a very substantial campaign on the side and sure as hell wouldn't gamble on a season pass. Reply +2
  • Threes! is now a free browser game

  • drxym 19/12/2015

    @INSOMANiAC, 2048 is superficially like Threes but the way tiles are thrown around and combine is quite different and leads to a different playstyle. I have Threes and 2048 but I like both. Reply +1
  • drxym 19/12/2015

    They need to obfuscate their website game code more. Looks like it is minified and lightly obfuscated but there is heaps of stuff in there that I assume they didn't want exposed. The whole game appears to be written on a JS-like game engine called Haxe / Luxe for example. Reply +1
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has some unexpected inspirations

  • drxym 17/12/2015

    PvZ: Garden Warfare was one of those rare occasions where EA struck the right balance - free DLC and a reasonable system where people could gain new skins, but still providing the means for the impatient to accelerate the process with cash. I am quite certain that EA made money without shooting themselves in the foot.

    I hope the sequel keeps it up.
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  • Rare and the rise and fall of Kinect

  • drxym 16/12/2015

    @SvennoJ I think the parallels to Hololens should be worrying people. The price of Hololens devkits is positively absurd and if that's indicative of the final product, then there is very little chance that it'll take off as a gaming peripheral.

    Even cheaper VR headsets will struggle to takeoff. They're still prohibitively expensive to buy especially on a PC where there are hardware requirements, and the sorts of games that will play on them are quite limited. I expect VR will find a niche or two but it'll fizzle out as quickly as other expensive peripherals in the mainstream.
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  • drxym 16/12/2015

    I think it became obvious Kinect (or Natal as it was then known) was a lemon when we had the likes of Peter Molyneux promising games with AI, voice synthesis, facial recognition, natural language processing etc. when the best live demo Microsoft could actually produce had people flailing their arms to splat paint at a wall.

    And that was before Microsoft gimped the tech - down from 4 players to 2, removing its own DSP/CPU to pushing the work onto the console CPU.

    The end result were games which could barely reliably map a few gestures onto a some canned actions. It became a glorified eye toy in the end and suffered the same fate - relegated to shovelware like Dance / Fitness games.

    Even packing a more sophisticated version into the box with the XB1 didn't help - it just made the XB1 more expensive than the PS4 and sales suffered accordingly.
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  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons launches today

  • drxym 15/12/2015

    I have Elite Dangerous and frankly I don't know what to make of it. I played Elite on the ZX Spectrum, Elite II on the Amiga, Frontier II on the PC, bugged as it was. So I know what to expect.

    Dangerous looks lovely but despite the size of the universe it all feels so generic and in terms of series progression feels like a step back. I'm flying from one spacestation to another where the only difference is the label in the docking bay. There are no planetary landings. It doesn't feel like there is character to each system or much to do beyond some generic roles. The UI can be quite primitive and unhelpful too e.g. why can't my sophisticated spaceship remember the market prices from the last system it was in so I can compare prices? Or plan a trade route for me for that matter?

    I don't know what Horizons offers by way of expansion beyond planetary exploration but given what's lacking in the core game I don't think I'll be in a rush to be stung for 40 more until it's discounted. Let these other features turn up first. It'll probably get the Steam sale treatment and might be worth it by then.
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  • The Sims' social simulation is even more affecting now than it was 15 years ago

  • drxym 06/12/2015

    I'm still waiting for the Human Centipede expansion pack. Reply +3
  • EA defends Star Wars Battlefront sales after GameStop claims launch "underperformed"

  • drxym 03/12/2015

    I might have bought the game if I thought I was buying a complete game instead of half of one. I hope sales suffer and it motivates ea to stop screwing people over. Withholding content for a "season pass" is not acceptable. Reply +10
  • Sony unlocks more CPU power for PS4 game developers

  • drxym 30/11/2015

    Not really a big surprise. The same thing happened the last gen - consoles reserved a conservative amount of resources and then loosened up as time went on. On the PSP they even enabled higher clock rates so games ran faster. Reply 0
  • Reporting on the Xbox 360: stories from behind the scenes

  • drxym 28/11/2015

    That Milo and Kate demo was such obvious BS that it was amazing that it wasn't greeted with more skepticism. Reply +1
  • Free-to-play version of PES 2016 announced

  • drxym 28/11/2015

    I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. These football games are so iterative from one year to the next and lose their resale value so fast that they might as well be sold as a subscription or as DLC. Reply -1
  • A guide to the best Black Friday gaming deals

  • drxym 25/11/2015

    Amazon is pretty crap this year, preferentially allowing "prime" users to order stuff 30 minutes before anyone else. If you want to stick it to them, then use their 30 day trial links to benefit from the early bidding, movies, delivery etc. and then cancel before you are renewed. Presently that's 24th December. I expect by the time the next black friday event happens they'll let you have another trial so rinse and repeat. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PS4's PlayStation 2 emulation

  • drxym 19/11/2015

    I expect the PS2 emulation will mostly be used to pad out the cloud gaming service. I don't hold out any hope that they'll actually allow people to play games they already own. Reply +5
  • So, how much do Steam Machines cost in the UK?

  • drxym 12/11/2015

    The current proposition is terrible. A steam machine is just a PC limited to a handful of games and none of the apps that the same PC is capable of if it running on Windows.

    It's not a huge effort to boot a Windows PC straight into Steam and big picture mode if that's what someone wants. But it's probably better they don't because with Windows 10 they could open the tile view and have other apps on there - VLC, Netflix etc. So their machine is useful for things than games.

    I think Valve would be far better off dropping Steam Machine and focussing on the cloud side and their Steam Link device. People would buy a cheap device that lets them play games on the cloud or another machine. They won't pay full whack for a PC. Not going to happen.
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  • Gear VR's consumer version will ship this November for $99

  • drxym 11/11/2015

    I experienced buyers remorse in about 30 minutes of playing with a Google Cardboard headset. The effect is neat but novelty wears off REALLY fast. But on the plus side at least I didn't spend $99 for it. Reply 0
  • Official PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset out December for 78/€90

  • drxym 03/11/2015

    78 quid for some earbuds. How do they keep their prices so low and still make a profit? Reply 0
  • Lego Dimensions addresses a major criticism with new Hire A Hero feature

  • drxym 03/11/2015

    Given the exorbitant costs of the characters this comes as a welcome surprise. I expect it doesn't unlock extra levels. It could also be expensive enough in studs or limited by uses that you couldn't rely on it all the time. Reply +2
  • Big Fallout 4 gameplay leak a week before launch

  • drxym 02/11/2015

    @dfernand the only game which is a "must buy" is one which has reviews and the consensus to back up the hype. Otherwise its just hype. Pre-ordering allows companies to hype mediocre and/or buggy titles because if you don't care then why should they? They've got your money so they lose the incentive to do any better.

    And as you say Bethesda are known to ship buggy cames so why not wait a week after release to see if its any different this time around?
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate time-lapse: world in motion

  • drxym 31/10/2015

    It's neat to see the hands on Big Ben move. I think that London looks way too clean though. It would have been filthy and the nights certainly wouldn't have so much lights as shown in the game - there would have been gas lights but not fairy lights and some of the other things shown in the time lapse. Reply +16
  • Oliver Twins release Dizzy game thought lost for 22 years

  • drxym 25/10/2015

    I dimly recall when Codemasters launched that it churned out loads of budget ZX Spectrum games. I wonder if Dizzy was one of those. Personally I don't remember ever playing it which is odd since I played a lot of other titles. Reply 0
  • Hideo Kojima left Konami earlier this month - report

  • drxym 21/10/2015

    I got laid off once but since I was a EU employee working remotely for a US company I managed to sit around for 30 days on the employee payroll doing absolutely nothing thanks to redundancy law.

    Perhaps Kojima was on some fixed length contract or laid off through redundancy subject to Japanese law and it was easier to show him the door but still technically employ him until his term expired.
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  • Lego super sleuths are working out the next Lego Dimensions characters

  • drxym 16/10/2015

    Whatever appears be assured that the daylight robbery will remain in place. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus October line-up revealed

  • drxym 30/09/2015

    Another poor month. PSN+ used to offer recognizable full titles, but mostly it's just indie and obscure stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if the quality jumps around Christmas to snag all those new owners and then slumps right back down again. Reply +2
  • Lego Dimensions has a three year plan for more levels and characters

  • drxym 25/09/2015

    99 for a starter set. If that doesn't spell "prepare to be shafted" then I don't know what does. These NFC games (Skylanders, Infinity as well) are cynically designed so you could end up paying 2-3x as much on figurines / boosters etc. because so much is sealed off to incentivize buying additional characters. Reply +6
  • PES 2016 vs FIFA 16: a friendly comparison

  • drxym 18/09/2015

    Who cares about either of them any more when we have Rocket League? A football game that is actually fun. Reply -6
  • Our first hands-on with Total War: Warhammer

  • drxym 16/09/2015

    I've yet to see a Total War game which doesn't have obvious and game breaking bugs. Reply 0
  • Michael J. Fox reprises his role as Marty McFly in Lego Dimensions

  • drxym 16/09/2015

    @freethinker101, stop being so ridiculous. Big name actors cost money and they've phoned in some terrible game performances. Recording hundreds of lines for a game requires a lot of time and voice actors are cheaper, more experience doing it and have the time for retakes. Look at Peter Dinklage as a recent example of a major actor botching their dialogue.

    As for Michael J Fox, it's not about attitude but reality. Go watch any interview with him on YouTube from the last few years. His condition is advanced and it affects his speech.

    So enough of the faux outrage. It's an obvious point of concern.
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  • drxym 15/09/2015

    While it's nice to have original actors, I don't think it necessarily better than just getting sound a-likes. A lot of TV/movie actors aren't very good at delivering lines for a game and it can come across as stilted, particularly if they're only booked for a limited time due to costs. Games have a lot of lines for all the incidental stuff, missions, quests etc. and they have to be delivered properly. Even The Lego Movie game demonstrated this, using voice actors for most of the game and only using the movie cast in cutscenes lifted straight from the movie. To be honest you could barely tell the difference.

    For the likes of Back to the Future I think it's worse for obvious reasons - Michael J Fox is suffering from a degenerative disease and I don't know how they can possibly get him to voice all his lines as teenage Marty McFly unless it's just a token sound clip or two. BTTF has already been a game for Telltale and they used a voice actor there too and you'd barely know it.
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  • PlayStation 4 CUH-1200 'C-Chassis' review

  • drxym 14/09/2015

    Does it have a USB port on the back so that cables / dongles aren't poking out the front? I don't understand why no Playstation has bothered to correct this obvious flaw. Reply +1
  • Fallout 4's big Season Pass promise

  • drxym 09/09/2015

    Season passes are for chumps. It normally amounts to little more than a few skins and some minor quest or side missions. Reply 0
  • Angry Birds developer Rovio to lay off 260 staff

  • drxym 26/08/2015

    Once upon a time Rovio used to make games. But then they made a lot of money and started selling merchandise. Then they saw other game makers selling freemium "games" where the intent was not for people to have fun but to get them habituated into buying unlocks.

    Then we got the likes of Angry Birds Go and then Angry Birds 2 putting the thumbscrews on to buy boosters to unlock levels which were virtually impossible to complete otherwise. And Rovio's reputation was flushed down the toilet.

    I would not be sorry if Rovio, Zynga, King, Gameloft, EA and all the freemium "game" makers were wiped off the face of the earth. Maybe mobile gamers will get more decent games even if they cost a little money up front to buy
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  • Hearthstone 99/1 to be a part of the Winter Olympics 2030

  • drxym 25/08/2015

    The trick with any stupid prediction is to make it sufficiently far in the future that you're unlikely to be called out on it. E.g. video games to be in the 2030 Olympics. Maybe Dominic Diamond will host them too. Reply +1
  • Nintendo patents console without a disc drive

  • drxym 23/08/2015

    @MattEvansC3 I still don't see what's novel. "diskless" consoles have appeared before now, e.g. Ouya, not that it would be novel even if they hadn't because it's technically obvious. Stuff like remote gameplay / streaming is also well covered by prior art. Reply -1
  • drxym 22/08/2015

    So what's novel about this to justify a patent? Reply +2
  • Everquest 2 to experiment with permanent "prison server"

  • drxym 20/08/2015

    This takes me back. When I used to run a mud we had a "sad room" designed for one particular trouble maker who used to disrupt the game, get banned, disrupt, the game, get banned etc. So we'd tag his chars as "the sad twat" and that instantly put him in the sad room. No exits, no ability to talk, shout, or whisper. Just a description all for him explaining what a sad, pathetic loser he was. Reply +2
  • We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine

  • drxym 07/08/2015

    VR will be the new kinect. Sounds great on paper but sucks in practice. Reply -2
  • Angry Birds 2 review

  • drxym 04/08/2015

    The review doesn't surprise me. Rovio and other producers have forgotten they're supposed to be making games and just churn out attractive skinner boxes. It doesn't matter that it superficially resembles a game - Candy Crush does too - but if levels are deliberately and cynically designed to be hard to beat without boosters then it isn't.

    Its not the first franchise to be ruined in such a way either. Plants vs Zombies generated enormous good will as a casual but fun game with lots of content, all of which was destroyed when PvZ 2 came out as a micropayment nightmare.
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  • The Amiga is 30 years old today

  • drxym 23/07/2015

    @dwalker109 I remember the ST / Amiga flamewars with some fondness. Since I owned both it was kind of amusing to witness the zealotry from both sides. Especially after the market for both collapsed and they were still fighting it out like fish in a shrinking pond. Reply +2
  • drxym 23/07/2015

    I started off with a ZX Spectrum, had an Amiga A500 for a while, then an ST, then a couple more Amigas, all A500s. I had an enormous 20MB hdd sidecar which I'd use for games and for programming. Lattice / SAS C was awesome for development and Fred Fish disks supplied enough Unix like command tools that it was a very advanced system for the time.

    When I was leaving university I saved up enough cash to buy an A4000. I rang up the dealer only to be told that Commodore had jacked the price up by 100. So I bought a PC instead and with hindsight it was the best thing I ever did. Much though I liked the Amiga, the reality was Commodore squandered their technical lead and ran the brand into the ground. It was kind of sad to see the brand passed around from one failed relaunch to another which were obviously doomed to fail.

    I still have floppy disks with stuff on I'd like to recover. I wish there was a cheap USB floppy drive and some software to read it off.
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