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  • The truth about GodMode, the "World's First Brain Booster for Gamers"

  • drxym 15/12/2017

    If you think you need to take brain supplements then the answer is no you don't. You're just too stupid to realise it, brain supplements or not. Reply +2
  • The big interview: the Gambling Commission on loot boxes

  • drxym 14/12/2017

    Seems like a bit of a cop out. Yes they may be enforcing gambling laws set by parliament but I'm certain they should have something to give back in terms of opinion, recommendations, enforceability of future laws. They could start by not being so ignorant of the problem and start educating themselves on what it means.

    IMO, an easy way to nail a lid on this coffin would be to instantly rate games with monetary gambling elements as an 18. And put a mandatory opt-out cap on the monthly monetary amount anyone can spend in-game.

    And the wording should prevent companies weaseling around the issue with virtual currencies, points, splitting the game into two halves or whatever. It should culmulative across games / apps that are associated by identity where the purchase can be directly or indirectly used to obtain randomized rewards.
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  • Hello Neighbor review

  • drxym 11/12/2017

    My kids watch YouTube game channels that prominently featured this game and this convinced me of two things:

    1) The game wasn't very good
    2) And yet it still received suspiciously high levels of coverage. One might be inclined to think there was a monetary benefit from doing this.

    Anyhoo, I'm not surprised to see the final product isn't anything special.
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  • Your Amiga games are likely dying

  • drxym 10/12/2017

    I wish there was a simple, cheap way to read Amiga disks. I have some in my cupboard that I'd like to preserve. Some are stuff I wrote myself. Reply +7
  • EA Sports UFC 3 beta sparks claims of pay-to-win

  • drxym 02/12/2017

    If a game absolutely *must* implement loot packs then they should be purely cosmetic and the game should offer a way for people to earn the same packs from playing the game.

    Games like Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (also EA) got it about right - you unlock characters from "sticker packs" but you can do it just by playing. The sticker packs were just for cosmetic things, e.g. glittery sunglasses and skinned versions of character classes.
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  • Nintendo's next amiibo is a breakfast cereal box

  • drxym 29/11/2017

    A pair of underpants could be an amiibo. Providing it contains a RFID.

    I'm surprised nobody has produced a way to clone the RFID from toys in shops so you can stick a phone or some device against a sensor and it works the same.
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  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp review

  • drxym 28/11/2017

    When is a game not a game? When it inserts timelocks, virtual currencies and other impediments that you can only unlock with real world money. Impediments that aren't there to pace the game, or increase the challenge, but to wring cash out of you. At that point it's no longer a game. Reply +1
  • Horizon: The Frozen Wilds is an unmissable tech showcase

  • drxym 26/11/2017

    Horizon is a very pretty game to look at. I think the biggest issue is that like many sandbox / open world games, the wheels begin to fall off mid way through when the quests become samey (fetch / rescue / kill quests), the crafting / upgrade system becomes a stat grind and so on.

    Not many sandbox games escape this. GTA V did. So did The Witcher. Perhaps its because these games kept mixing stuff up and had weird random things that you came across that had no reason to be there outside of themselves. That's the secret to keeping these games fresh I think.
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  • Growing up with and growing out of The Sims

  • drxym 25/11/2017

    I bought the Sims 4 for my kid. Recently they've been telling me about this mysterious thing called "whoopee" that is in the game.

    I'm way ahead of them on this. One of my sims slept with half the town, had illegitimate children all over the place, broke at least 3 marriages, had several children taken away, turned various women into aficionados of other women and set several people on fire (by accident).

    It's too bad that they actually toned things down a bit in Sims 4. I want the whole town to burn. If people deserve to die then they should die.

    Did I mention I bought this for my kid?
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  • LA Noire's Switch port tested: could the system handle GTA5?

  • drxym 24/11/2017

    Yes of course the Switch could handle GTA5. Probably on par with GTA5 running on a PS3 or 360 - lower resolution, traffic / pedestrian counts, reduced draw distance, and other effects toned down or turned off.

    Bigger issue is you'll probably need an SD card and a honking big download to make it work. I doubt the title will retail cheap or include a discount for the SD card storage tax either.
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  • Black Friday 2017: Xbox One S for £170, PS4 Slim for £200 available now

  • drxym 23/11/2017

    It says something that a Nintendo Switch "deal" costs as much as one on a PS4 Pro. Reply +8
  • Black Friday deals for Thursday 23rd November

  • drxym 23/11/2017

    $599 for VR kit is the *sale* price??? Reply +1
  • Black Friday 2017: Steam Link discounted to $4.99 in the US at GameStop

  • drxym 23/11/2017

    Steam want a mere €17 shipping and handling to post out a controller and steam link. No thanks Reply 0
  • EA has switched off Star Wars Battlefront 2's microtransactions

  • drxym 19/11/2017

    Doesn't matter if EA (temporarily) turned off not-so-microtransactions, the intent was there and I see no reason to suppose the intent is no longer there.

    Premium games should not include intentional grind that you can circumvent for money. Period.

    Premium games should not include gambling for premium items that you pay for with money. Period.

    Any game that does either is not a game any more. It's a skinner box. It might look like a game but it's a facade over a gambling system . We can already see what that particular cesspool looks like on the mobile platform. Even pay games are doing it.
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  • How does Call of Duty: WW2 look on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro?

  • drxym 13/11/2017

    Call of Duty's single player problems have never been graphics. They been the dumb AI, the linear levels, the smoke & mirrors, scripting and spawn points. e.g. can you kick a door in yet? Can you climb over an obstacle or is it designed to hem you into a path? Can you flank an enemy? Can they flank you? Is the level open and dynamic? Is there a finite number of enemies or do they spawn until you advance? etc. Reply +2
  • Surgeon Simulator studio has cancelled Splatoon-esque multiplayer skater Decksplash

  • drxym 11/11/2017

    "Play this game or we destroy it!!!" Okay fine, I'll pass. Didn't help that the title was a juvenile play on the slang word dicksplash.

    Surgeon Simulator demonstrates they can make good games but they should just do it without the dramatics.
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  • Humvee suing Activision over Call of Duty

  • drxym 09/11/2017

    The humvee is part of the US army's military aresenal and serve a prominent role transporting infantry, patrols etc. If the game uses them it would be in keeping with their real life role. To me that would appear to be fair use.

    However, if Activision are using them in "future war" titles then I expect they have less of a footing for fair use. And if they're appearing in spin off merchandising like toys (Call of Duty is a line of toys???) then even less so.
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  • Will there come a day when EA doesn't release a new FIFA every year?

  • drxym 09/11/2017

    I'm not condoning what I'm about to say but I wonder why they even bother selling a new FIFA each year. The game is so incremental that they may as well make it an online subscription service. Reply +1
  • Should you buy an Xbox One X?

  • drxym 08/11/2017

    I wouldn't see any reason to buy an X unless you already have an XBox 1 and a 4k TV to take advantage of it. Same circumstances as a PS4 pro really. Reply -5
  • Surgeon Simulator studio's Decksplash needs 100k people to play this week or it's canned

  • drxym 04/11/2017

    Hmm, weird threat. I'm less inclined to play it now. Reply +2
  • Xbox One X comes hand in hand with massive downloads

  • drxym 03/11/2017

    The differences in side by side comparisons of PC games on high vs ultra are so slight that I wonder why anybody bothers downloading some humongous mega pack.

    I guess the XB1 is slightly different because for the X it will be low/medium vs ultra but even so.

    Aside from the bloated download, I wonder what these enormous textures do for load times, level streaming.
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  • American Truck Simulator's big New Mexico update is out next week

  • drxym 03/11/2017

    These truck sim games are nice but they don't feel as realistic as the "simulator" bit would suggest. There are few pedestrians, animals etc., traffic density is too light and the behaviour of other traffic is very primitive. Reply 0
  • LA Noire's Switch download version doesn't fit on a Switch

  • drxym 02/11/2017

    @mega-gazz You say they're "older formats" but chances are that the Switch version is just a port of an existing codebase. If you're expecting much more you're going to be disappointed. I wouldn't be surprised if GTA V, RDR turn up in a similar way in due course. Money for old rope.

    The £3 was just illustrating the point that I can purchase the actual physical title for less than it costs me to download and store the title on the Switch using an SD card.

    And yeah you can play it in a portable way. Great if you want to I guess. But the same argument could be made for Android / Apple devices, where Rockstar titles are conspicuously cheaper than they are on the Switch. Why is that I wonder.
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  • drxym 02/11/2017

    @mega-gazz SD cards are certainly cheaper than proprietary storage. But it still costs money to store a game and the bigger the game the more it costs to store.

    e.g. let's say an 64GB card costs £10. LA Noire takes up close to half of that so your game is another £5 on top of the digital download cost of the game. Does Nintendo discount the price of downloads by that amount, or for the amount they save producing a retail cost?

    For perspective, LA Noire is selling right now in CEX for £3 on the PS3 or 360.
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  • drxym 02/11/2017

    So can you download the game in its entirety to the SD card or does it straddle the internal storage AND the SD card? The latter would be a horrible situation. The former would be tolerable, albeit not exactly ideal. Reply 0
  • Here's LA Noire in 4K

  • drxym 26/10/2017

    I don't see that extra resolution will help unless they also update the entire game engine, world, traffic, animation etc. My recollection of the game is that the face capture was quite interesting but it was also uncanny because the body and head capture didn't look great stuck together. Reply +2
  • The Assassin's Creed series, ranked

  • drxym 25/10/2017

    The best AC will be the one that drops the brain dead scifi / Abstergo backplot and just lets people play as an assassin instead of a simulation of one. Reply 0
  • Interview with the video game whale

  • drxym 25/10/2017

    What a damned fool. He thinks he's playing games but actually they're playing him.

    These "games" know there are compulsive people out there who can be trained to purchase add-ons or boosters to overcome barriers that stand between them and their fix.

    It's bad enough it happens on mobile platforms on free to play games, but it is infecting consoles and PCs too, even on premium games. And we have people like this to thank for it..
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  • NeoGAF back online, as owner denies sexual misconduct

  • drxym 24/10/2017

    What I find interesting is how polarised everything becomes when nobody except the people involved are in possession of the facts. Reply +7
  • NeoGAF offline after owner accused of sexual misconduct

  • drxym 23/10/2017

    I haven't posted to Neogaf for nearly six months and chose this weekend to post a comment about loot boxes. Oh well.

    Thing about these forum sites, is that it would be very easy to set up another one, word spreads and everyone jumps ship.
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  • Tech Analysis: Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7

  • drxym 21/10/2017

    I thought people bought games to play them rather than obsess over which game most faithfully renders a tail light. Reply +7
  • Steam Halloween, Black Friday and Winter sale dates leaked

  • drxym 21/10/2017

    @MattEvansC3 "hold their value" being a euphemism for price gouging but you're right. The sale is a sham which generally just sells a title at a price it can be obtained elsewhere anyway. At least as far as premium games are concerned. Reply +2
  • drxym 20/10/2017

    The price of new games halves after 6 months and then continues to drop over the next few years until it becomes bundle filler.

    These "sales" are literally doing nothing more than synchronizing the price drops with the natural progression that has always happened.
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  • The sad, slow death of Lego Dimensions

  • drxym 18/10/2017

    Against my better judgment I bought this for my kids, and it is literally just a paywalled version of any other LEGO game. The sort you can buy for a fiver in a Steam sale, except now you buy a bit of a game and then have to buy figurines to unlock other parts. They bought a couple of figures and got bored with.

    Aside from the cost / paywall issue, some of the licensed property was extremely iffy, e.g. the Simpsons pack didn't even have the theme tune for some copyright reason. I really don't see how the margins could be so low that they couldn't drop the price and still make money.
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  • Shadow of War highlights the strengths and weaknesses of PS4 Pro

  • drxym 15/10/2017

    I'm glad to see a PS4 game that offers a choice of quality over resolution. The two are not synonymous. Level of detail, draw distance, shadows, effects etc. are IMO far more important than the sheer number of pixels. Reply 0
  • Shadow of War players are using tricks and cheats to combat loot boxes

  • drxym 13/10/2017

    When a game use grind simply to encourage you to pay real money to overcome it, it is no longer a game. I feel sorry for the devs who had this BS foisted on them and have to defend it, but it doesn't change the facts.

    While I sort of liked the first game (notwithstanding the cut and paste scenery and lack of epicness), I don't see myself rushing to buy the sequel until it becomes a self contained and balanced game. I'm sure it'll be on sale eventually for a fiver, by which time maybe they'll have patched out the BS or maybe not.
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  • FIFA 18 on Switch: custom-built or enhanced Xbox 360 port?

  • drxym 07/10/2017

    The PC + XB1 + PS4 are all sufficiently analogous that they can share most of the same assets and code.

    The Switch is analogous to a PS3 or 360 so it can't. So EA just digs up some older version of the engine, dresses it up a bit and calls it a day.

    They pulled this stunt with on the Vita. The Vita got exactly one version of FIFA and then subsequent editions were "legacy" editions where the differences were totally superficial - changes to team rosters and little else.
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  • Does The Witcher 3 on PS4 Pro deliver a top-tier 4K experience?

  • drxym 06/10/2017

    Seems to confirm that the game would have benefited from a higher frame rate, draw distance and other effects while leaving it at 1080p. The obsession with resolution is absurd quite frankly. Reply +36
  • Here's what The Witcher 3 looks like at 4K on PS4 Pro

  • drxym 05/10/2017

    I would have thought people would be more interested in a higher frame rate, draw distance, textures, shading, antialiasing, weather effects etc.

    Instead people seem obsessed about bumping the resolution up for pixels they can't even *see* at normal viewing distances.

    All those other things are far more important IMO.
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins is the series you remember, back yet again

  • drxym 04/10/2017

    My main question. Does it genuinely do something new, refreshing and different or is it just more of the same in a new skin?

    All the AC games have about 1 hour of wonderment at the difference from their predecessors and then that sinking feeling when the parkour is janky & broken, the AI predictable and stupid and the missions become cut and paste repetition.
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  • PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0 released

  • drxym 03/10/2017

    I could put up with popups while playing a movie if my PS4 would actually play my movies. The DLNA support is token at best. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Super NES Classic mini review

  • drxym 02/10/2017

    @Diji1 The Pi can easily handle NES, SNES, MegaDrive. The Pi 2's limit is the N64, with some jankiness. The Pi 3 can emulate N64, Amiga and ST.

    A dist like RetroPie has emulators for Atari 800 / 2600, NES, SNES, Gameboy, MAME, Spectrum, C64, PC, Amiga, ST, PS1, NeoGeo.

    Stick the thing in a nice case, add a controller, add some ROMs and you're good to go. NES / SNES controllers can even be wired in via GPIO though it's easier to just buy a USB controller, or use one from an XBox, or PS3/4.
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  • Ataribox: Ouya 2.0, evolved Steam Machine or something more?

  • drxym 01/10/2017

    The only Ataribox I see standing a chance is one that runs a straight-up Google TV or is a Steambox. That way it will benefit from a good selection of games and apps which to attract users.

    If it is proprietary in any way such as expecting people to buy games from its own "curated" (i.e. threadbare) store, then forget it.
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  • Now there's a C64 mini

  • drxym 29/09/2017

    Hmm, the website says you have to plug a keyboard into it to use it as a computer. So that keyboard is non-functional. Maybe the full size one they promise in the future will have a functional keyboard. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus October games lineup includes Metal Gear Solid 5

  • drxym 28/09/2017

    Better than recent months, that's for sure. Reply +1
  • Jelly Deals: Amazon introduces six new Alexa-enabled devices

  • drxym 28/09/2017

    A glorified wireless speaker that does a subset of what your phone / tablet / computer already does. Great. Reply +2
  • Shenmue 3's latest development update shows off a grandma's face

  • drxym 28/09/2017

    Gah it's as bad as the faces in Lawnmower Man Reply +3
  • SNES mini teardown confirms recycled NES mini tech

  • drxym 27/09/2017

    @Der_tolle_Emil Keep reading until you get the point or you don't. The point again for your benefit is the SNES is so old tech that the hardware required to emulate it is peanuts therefore no surprise it's just the NES emulation board with new firmware. I was making the comparison to the Pi Zero simply to illustrate that. Comprende? Reply +2
  • drxym 27/09/2017

    @mecha-blargh The right experience? If you want the right experience buy an actual SNES where you can swap your cartridges, mess with component cables and whatnot. Otherwise there are a multitude of 3rd party SNES style controllers that will hook up to any emulator in any form factor. If you're desperate for a SNES case for a Pi (although again I wasn't advocating that in my original point), those exist too. Reply 0
  • drxym 27/09/2017

    @Bootchka The point I am making is not that people should use a Pi (although they should) but the hardware required to emulate an old console is minimal. The board they used for the NES is probably some off the shelf SoC costing barely $1-2, some flash and IOs. It's more than adequate to do a SNES too and probably any other 16-bit console.

    Nintendo must be laughing their heads off because the markup on these things must be obscene.
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