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  • Looks like Microsoft will launch a new Xbox One controller in June

  • drxym 28/05/2015

    I don't have an XB1 but it flabbergasts me that owners have to buy a separate charge cable. The PS4 controller is just a standard USB charger and it has a 3.5mm jack which works pretty well for mic and headphones. Reply 0
  • Nintendo colours outside the lines in the lovable but irksome Splatoon

  • drxym 27/05/2015

    Hmm, sounds like a wasted opportunity really. The limitations on the multiplayer seem especially baffling because there are kid friendly multiplayer games like Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare which don't suffer the same. Reply +1
  • What can we learn from The Witcher 3 "downgrade" fiasco?

  • drxym 26/05/2015

    Here's what I learned a very long time ago - don't preorder games and then you won't be disappointed if they fail to meet your expectations. The Witcher 3 sounds like it's a good game despite a minor downgrade in graphics but it didn't hurt to have that confirmed by reviews before making an informed decision. Reply +6
  • Christopher Lloyd stars in new Lego Dimensions trailer

  • drxym 20/05/2015

    Poor Christopher Lloyd. He went from being a talented character actor to being typecast as Doc Brown for the rest of his life. Reply +1
  • Actually, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, I think you'll find…

  • drxym 17/05/2015

    This series has always botched history. No surprise it continues to do so. Reply -1
  • Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts

  • drxym 10/05/2015

    @FoureyesZero whether Windows 10 is "free" or not is irrelevant. Many people don't want to upgrade. Even if they do it doesn't magically upgrade their existing hardware. Nor does it magically upgrade their games.

    Writing thread safe, multi threaded software is NON TRIVIAL. Even if DX12 makes it a possibility to call the GPU in a thread safe way it means absolutely nothing for all software which works through some existing arrangement. Virtually every game would have a single thread, let's call it the master which would dispatch jobs to perform (physics, animation, collection detection), after which it would compose the scene. This is why the GPU tends to be bound to a single CPU. Switching this meaningfully to a more multithreaded model will take time.

    Even while it does games will have to be backwards compatible with other versions of Windows and DX which means they will be extremely unlikely to utilise multithreading to its full extent. DX12 will take a couple of years to take hold - for the OS, the hardware, and the games to come. This is basic realism.
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  • drxym 10/05/2015

    @I_Am_CatButler sorry but it absolutely is. To use DX12 you need - a GPU capable of it, an operating system capable of it and games capable of using it.

    This is all non trivial stuff. Eventually it will happen, but the expectation this will occur in a short period of time is utterly ludicrous. And I say that as someone who owns a DX12 capable GPU and PC. Even if I went through the hassle of upgrading my OS on day 0, it doesn't mean games suddenly magically become Dx12 compatible.

    Some reality would go a long way here.
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  • drxym 10/05/2015

    @sizitzu it doesn't matter if people can upgrade for free. Many won't. Or even if they do their hardware is not dx12 compatible. And games must still be backwards compatible. And the changes to support dx12 are non trivial. We'll see exactly the same takeup rate as for dx11, dx10 etc. It won't happen overnight. Reply 0
  • drxym 09/05/2015

    Directx 12 will eventually improve PC performance but since its bound to Windows 10 it will take at least 2 years to see sufficient adoption and games that use it to see that improvement. Reply -2
  • Kerbal Space Program review

  • drxym 07/05/2015

    I think this game would be 10x better if they concentrated on usability. The user interface can be best described as abstruse and worst as primitive and bugged. The tutorials are very fragile too.

    A simple example of that was a rocket I was trying to build. It consisted of a booster, a pod and a parachute. I dragged the fire rocket and deploy parachute into separate stages. Did it do what I say? Of course not. Both would fire together no matter what. Very frustrating.
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  • "Almost certain failure": How Monolith saved Mordor

  • drxym 06/05/2015

    I've played through Shadow of Mordor and while it's a good game it still has that feel of Batman in Middle Earth. The same combat mechanics, the same collectible quests and so on.

    The nemesis stuff is quite interesting but it can also be maddeningly frustrating at times. One main challenge is to brand 5 war chiefs and I found the last to be virtually impossible since he was afraid of nothing, a combat master, immune to everything. I slogged my way back to the start point more times than I like to remember trying to beat him and only after some good luck.

    I think the best thing about the game is the randomness (aside from aforementioned super chief). Orcs would move around, random encounters would happen with caragors and so forth.

    But the world itself is static and small - two sandboxes with nothing much by way of scenery. If you think back to the movies with enormous keeps, stairs thousands of meters into the skies, Mount Doom etc. - none of that here. Nor will you see iron foundries, gates, streams, boats, carts, camps, or other things that might bring the sense that Sauron is building an army. It's basically a scattering of bases with ruins and fast travel towers.
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  • Gears of War remaster set for Xbox One - report

  • drxym 28/04/2015


    " Yep, just like all those Mario games. "

    Not really. When the likes of God of War, Gears of War, Last of Us, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear et al are "remastered" they already have 90% of the code and assets they need to port it. There is effort to the port but nowhere near as much as writing an entire new game.
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  • drxym 25/04/2015

    Money for old rope. Reply +12
  • The 33 Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass

  • drxym 28/04/2015

    Buy a season pass and get screwed twice. First from a game which has had content withheld and a second time for overpriced mission packs. Reply +1
  • Kerbal Space Program is finally getting a v1.0 launch

  • drxym 21/04/2015

    KSP really needs a usability makeover - forgiving controls, interactive help, guidance and hints. I want to like it but I'm constantly frustrated by the obtuseness of the UI as well as bugs and glitches in the tutorial. I hope 1.0 brings some of that. Reply +4
  • The Digital Foundry 2015 budget gaming PC guide

  • drxym 11/04/2015

    The answer of course is no. No you can't build a PC at the same price as a console with a similar performance. That should be obvious for a bunch of reasons. Reply -1
  • Total War Battles: Kingdom enters open beta

  • drxym 10/04/2015

    Oh god that video makes the game look horrible. It's especially visible in the builder section that timesinks, virtual currency/resources, challenges and other micropay nonsense is all present to ensure you must pay to actually progress. The battles look boring enough too and doubtless there will be timesinks plastered all over that too (e.g. to heal, raise units etc.) Reply 0
  • It's over: PlayStation Home has closed

  • drxym 01/04/2015

    Let this be a lesson to other console makers.

    When your users are clamouring for lobbies, matchmaking, trophies, house parties, voice chat, video sharing etc. don't give them any of that. Instead give them some stylish handbags, shoes and IKEA furniture all for a low, low price. Oh and make sure the service is excruciatingly slow - slow to load, slow to switch zones and to download content. And ensure most of the zones are as exciting as a trip to a waxworks museum.

    And then watch the service die on its arse.
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  • Sony cuts PlayStation TV UK price to 45

  • drxym 27/03/2015

    Sadly Vita TV is a dead product. Sony is about to can the YouTube app and there is no Netflix app outside of the US. It has a DLNA app but it's abysmal.

    So you're left with a device which can play (some) Vita games at sub HD and remote play. Hardly compelling.
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  • Elite: Dangerous' first Triple Elite player just won 10,000

  • drxym 24/03/2015

    Wow, 10,000 for grinding a game for 15 hours a day for 3 months. Some people have their priorities all wrong. Reply -3
  • With the announcement of the NX, Nintendo admits defeat with the Wii U

  • drxym 19/03/2015

    The problems with the Wii U were obvious the day it launched - overpriced, underpowered, little storage, hated and ultimately abandoned by 3rd party devs, and launched to an indifferent public waiting for proper next gen machines. To cap it off it suffered a 12GB day-1 patch.

    Anyway it's more appropriate to compare it to last gen consoles since it was cynically designed to be at parity with them rather than innovating in any substantial way. That was probably what killed it with consumers - a handful of 1st party games aren't enough to justify buying yet another console.

    I really think the best thing Nintendo could do is forget selling consoles and go cross platform. Assuming they maintain the quality of their titles they should still sell well but without the risk / burden of a hardware platform.
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  • Jeff Minter "beyond disgusted" with Atari over TxK block

  • drxym 18/03/2015

    I'm sure it would not be difficult to go through Atari properties and note the similarities to other IP. Given that the Tempest is an ancient video game, one which I doubt is covered by any intellectual rights that protect someone producing a similar game, I think Minter should tell them to get stuffed. Reply 0
  • Sony and the future of VR

  • drxym 07/03/2015

    @Paulanator "Do people really think that Sony would have invested a no doubt substantial amount of money and time on the development of Morpheus, if VR was a dead end on PS4? "

    You could ask that of Microsoft and Kinect. Or Sony of Move.

    It really depends on Sony having a game which makes use of the tech in a genuinely compelling way or as an afterthought. It also depends how much they sell their headset for and also if it only works with a PS4. IMO Sony should be throwing it out with an SDK for the PC too.
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  • drxym 07/03/2015

    VR will be great for cockpit style games - space ships, jets, cars etc. where you're seated, you operate controls and your field of view is constrained by the simulation. Since your real self and your virtual self are almost the same the motion sickness and disorientation will be minimized.

    Beyond that I don't think it'll ever be more than a niche.
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  • Video: Games that remember when you die

  • drxym 06/03/2015

    Nethack was one if not the first to do this. If you died there was a chance that your dead character and the level they died on would be saved off to a "bones" file. When you played again you might encounter your own ghost and all the loot they dropped. Ghosts were usually easy enough to kill but the loot was invariably cursed so you had to be pretty careful - lots of scrolls of identify. Oh and if your previous incarnation had a pet you might end up having to fight or tame that too. Reply 0
  • WOW: player reaches level 90 as neither Horde nor Alliance

  • drxym 04/03/2015

    @gremly stop conflating mockery with complaining. Reply -1
  • drxym 04/03/2015

    Well done I guess. Paying money and playing for hundreds of hours picking herbs has really paid off. Reply -5
  • Ubisoft developing first game that helps treat lazy eye

  • drxym 04/03/2015

    Does it have a boss battle? Reply +1
  • The Elder Scrolls: Total War brought to life by modder

  • drxym 04/03/2015

    An authentic ES mod would have armies with about 8 NPCs in them at any given time. Reply +4
  • Does resolution really matter?

  • drxym 01/03/2015

    Resolution by itself doesn't make a game good - a bad game will suck no matter how many pixels it has. And a good game might still look great at a lower res.

    But if one system can deliver the same game at a higher res, or with less tearing or at a higher frame rate, or with better shadowing, or better AA, or higher level of detail, or whatever else the GPU budget allows then yes it matters.

    It's hardly surprising that when comparing the PS4 to the XB1 that's exactly what a lot of people do. Let's not forget it went the other way the last gen with the PS3 losing out the the 360 in a similar way.

    So yes of course it matters, and all else being equal its silly to claim it doesn't. The PS4 and XB1 are so equal in most other respects that it's clearly a differentiator.
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  • The Order: 1886 review

  • drxym 19/02/2015

    I don't get some of the defensiveness in the comments. The game is a graphical showcase. There is no slight against the PS4 that the game itself looks gorgeous but is lacking in the game department. If anything it bodes well for the future.

    But the game was widely previewed and even from the earliest footage alarm bells should have been going off. It's a very short, very linear corridor 3rd person shooter. What disappoints me most is that companies still equate next gen with "better graphics" when it should also mean wide open levels, smart AI, branching stories, and basically less scripting and linearity.
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  • drxym 19/02/2015

    Sadly the review score was predictable from the preview footage. Reply -1
  • PlayStation 4 online multiplayer unlocked for all this weekend

  • drxym 10/02/2015

    Once upon a time multiplayer was always free. Reply +1
  • Towerfall is adding an Anita Sarkeesian skin

  • drxym 10/02/2015

    Those earrings would snag on everything. Reply +1
  • A live-action Zelda series is in development for Netflix - report

  • drxym 07/02/2015

    @geoffreydavey Turbo was a cartoon series too for Netflix (full title Turbo FAST). Better Call Saul is cofinanced / syndicated by Netflix.

    Point being that theyre producing junk as well as the high profile stuff.
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  • drxym 07/02/2015

    Netflix commissions seem to fall into two camps - big budget flagship titles like House of Cards, Better Call Saul and low budget, low quality dreck like Veggie Tales, Puss in Boots, Turbo. The kid stuff suffers the most from being bad. So I wouldn't get any hopes up about this until it becomes clear what group it belongs to. Reply +5
  • Super Stardust Ultra release date set for next week

  • drxym 07/02/2015

    SSHD was an awesome game, and Delta so I'm looking forward to this. Reply +1
  • Sony ending PlayStation Vita Maps, near features

  • drxym 02/02/2015

    I find this incredibly annoying. I didn't use the maps but the YouTube app was quite good and the reality is the Vita is a device that needs MORE multimedia support not less. I don't even get why Sony or Google would discontinue support - don't all those ads pay for the service these days?

    And where is the Netflix app? Apparently the US has one but it's MIA in Europe. BBC iPlayer? Nope. And so on. All that it has is a half assed network media player which screws up basic stuff like screen ratio and can't play common codecs or contains.

    Not good. Not good at all.

    Frankly it's unbelievable how Sony managed to screw up the Vita - awesome hardware, some pretty good games yet its dying on its arse.
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  • 'Sorry about Christmas' PSN discount rolls out Friday

  • drxym 23/01/2015

    It's too bad that PSN games are so rip-off expensive.

    A game like FIFA 15 is 69.99 which is 63.01 with 10% discount. The same game on Amazon is 53 which includes Amazon's cut and the P&P. I could even sell FIFA 15 and maybe recoup 20 another on it.

    So take the 10% discount, roll it up tightly and stick it up your posterior Sony. The PSN prices are and continue to be daylight robbery. Same goes on other digital stores where MSRP / RRP is enforced.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Saints Row 4: Re-Elected on PS4

  • drxym 20/01/2015

    As it happens I played Saints row IV for the first time on a PC last night and I thought the performance was pretty bad there too. The screen was tearing all over, the fps was around 25 maybe - this on a rig that plays AC 4 quite well. Its not like the game is the graphically complex either compared to GTA V or AC so I expect what problems it has are engine related and the PS4 got a "faithful" port for what its worth. Reply 0
  • Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires delayed

  • drxym 08/01/2015

    I remember playing DW in the arcades 20 years ago. A great game. I really don't like the genre it (and gundam) have morphed into though - ludicrous and lengthy exposition combined with mindless button mashing through waves of enemies. Reply 0
  • Microsoft gives more CPU power to Xbox One developers

  • drxym 03/01/2015

    Consoles always do this. They reserve an amount of resources at launch and then release it to games as firmware becomes more efficient. Reply +1
  • Don't call it DRM: what's Denuvo Anti-Tamper?

  • drxym 20/12/2014

    @Raphael_ The most annoying thing about UPlay is I bought AC4 the other night on steam and what does it do when I run it? Launch UPlay. Then I might have to endure another signon or patch before it runs. It's just an annoyance.

    I don't have a problem with UPlay or Origin per se but I find it objectionable to have all this verticality built into games in the first place.
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  • drxym 20/12/2014

    @Liuwil Of course piracy impacts on sales. It might be enough to push a game from profit into loss and even if that isn't the case it is still lost revenue.

    Not every pirated copy is a lost sale. Probably far from it. But there will be many might have bought the game if not now then later during a sale. But instead they grab the pirated copy.

    That's why DRM exists - it's meant to gives sales as much time as possible before a pirated copy appears. Problem of course it doesn't always work and some DRMs are quite obnoxious in how they do work.

    So if there is a way to anti-tamper proof the DRM so it acts as a timesink that stretches the sales window further then that's a good thing for publishers. Some publishers also gimp their games when the game is cracked acting as a further timesink and disincentive to use cracked copies.

    But conversely, if the anti-tamper improves the window, then the DRM has no reason for being so obnoxious. Especially if it's bought through some store like Origin / Steam.
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  • drxym 20/12/2014

    Anti tamper would be a good reason to make DRM less obnoxious. If a DRM takes longer to extract it doesn't have to be so imposing in the first place. Reply 0
  • Last-gen revisited: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • drxym 17/12/2014

    Look at how the PS2 ended. First the 1st party titles start drying up, then the premium 3rd party titles and then it was nothing but shovelware. In the case of the original XBox, Microsoft even killed XBL to hasten the demise.

    I expect all the main teams working on Shadow of Mordor have moved on and what we are seeing is the result of some porting team working on a reduced budget and timescale in order to shove something out. And nobody seems to care if that something is of high quality or not. I wouldn't be surprised if the PS3 suffers in particular because of its architecture when it receives downports.
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  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • drxym 12/12/2014

    @DonDada "Every Sony exclusive is hyped up by the fanboys"

    Hype is generated by studios regardless of who they are or controlled by.

    A simple rule of thumb is this - don't believe previews, or exclusive reviews. PERIOD.

    If a game is THAT GOOD, it will continue to be so after the release day when the hype has died and critical consensus confirms it. And if it isn't and you had the sense to hold back on the game... well it's more money to spend on the next game, or on a nice steak or anything else.
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  • drxym 12/12/2014

    @FallingStickman It's only up for debate amongst a contingent of people who conflate criticism of a game with criticism of a platform.

    Linear shooters suck. Unlike some I have no reason to launch into a bizarre crybaby defence force for some game just because of the consoles it happens to run on. The same consoles I happen to own.
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  • drxym 12/12/2014

    @FallingStickman Oh dear oh dear FEAR!!!

    Here is what I said about FEAR 7 years ago in context.


    And I haven't said anything of sandbox games - I recognise sandbox games have other things pulling at them and their own faults.

    And I assume you haven't googled "linear shooter" or you might concede the point.

    A first person / third person shooter has no excuse for linearity or the baggage that comes with it such as crap AI (which FEAR had too). None whatsoever. Not these days or even the last gen. If it is linear it's because the engine is deficient and it's usually deficient in an obvious way such as AI. And from that flows all the other problems such as doors that don't open, scripting etc.

    This really isn't up for debate. It's a fact. I suspect most of the defence of The Order has less to do with its problems but its exclusivity. I'd point out in that regard that I own a PS3, Vita and PS4. Unlike some I'm able to separate criticism of a game from the console it happens to run on.
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  • drxym 12/12/2014

    @dogmanstaruk they're upset because they have conflated criticism of a game with criticism of a platform. Utterly irrational of course but hardly unexpected.

    Anyway I find it refreshing for a review outlet to be critical of a game rather than the usual breathless previews. Too bad its not the rule rather than the exception.
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