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  • Prince of Persia HD Trilogy

  • drummernrg 19/11/2010

    I loved the Sands of Time Trilogy and I thought that Warrior Within took a while to adjust to with its dark tone, but it grew on me and became my favorite of the series. This is because the story is great, the music is good, and the combat is amazing. I wish AC could reproduce it, but I've not played much of AC2 yet.

    I think the reviewer did himself an injustice by not experimenting with all of the weapons and combat tree options on PoP:WW.
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  • drummernrg 19/11/2010

    Ok, so for all of those people with a 3D TV and Prince of Persia: could you please tell us if the 3D immersion is worth while? Seeing as how the games did not plan for 3D perspective, scene/camera shifts might be jarring and cause fatigue?

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  • Shadow of the Colossus High-Def Intro

  • drummernrg 02/06/2010

    How beautiful is this? I still am haunted by SotC. Reply 0