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  • Radeon HD 7990 review

  • droobus 07/10/2013

    'Sliver', not 'slither'. Think Sharon Stone movie not a snake's motions. Ok, ok sorry but this sort of thing winds me up. Reply -1
  • Dark Souls 2 PS3 beta begins on 12th October

  • droobus 05/09/2013

    For me, Dark Souls closest analogue is R Type. First level is as tough as nails, you die multiple times but you carry on learning enemy ship attack patterns until you are a master. Then you hit the next level and it consists of one giant ship that kills you instantly with its unfamiliarity. But there's no thought of quitting, you start again with the knowledge of what killed you and why. Treat DS like this and you're on a winner. :-) Reply 0