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  • Postal movie confirmed

  • drks 25/10/2005

    i can't wait. it's gonna be awesome. Reply 0
  • Far Cry Instincts

  • drks 12/10/2005

    no love for riddick? :(

    played this briefly. found it a bit dull. need to give it more time
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  • Chairman of the Board

  • drks 06/09/2005

    ssx tricky is a stunningly good game

    3 wasn't so good.
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  • Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers

  • drks 02/06/2005

    really really liked the first one.... not sure about this one. it sounds a bit like they've diluted the gameplay and made it somewhat generic.

    and also like brothers in arms. which sucked
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  • Free global DS WiFi service

  • drks 17/05/2005

    i'm really tempted to get a DS for this.

    nitnedo should have spent more time on this than waffling about revolution - just a simple 'it's not ready yet' would have been more effective there
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  • Nintendo unveils Revolution

  • drks 17/05/2005

    yeah, they changed it.

    a moment ago it was 'nintendo concedes the next generation'
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  • drks 17/05/2005

    oh please, they've not even shown anything to be disappointed in.

    if by conceding you mean 'not shown a bunch of renders of things that are COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE, and a load of conversions and sequels, then i guess.
    the metroid footage looked like hastily knocked together render

    what did you expect them to show?
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  • Nintendo Revolution first images, details

  • drks 17/05/2005

    " I'm going against the grain here - but I think it looks a bit dull. More like a hub or router than a console. "

    exactly why it's good. i'm sick of consoles being overstated ugly gigantic monstrosities. like the ps2, ps3 x360


    the first console ever to achieve that
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  • drks 17/05/2005

    eh, the GC controller was by a mile the best of all the consoles this gen

    and, assuming you went with the black GC as all sensible people did, it's less 'colourful' than the xbox controller. so that makes no sense
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  • Xbox 360 launch night commentary

  • drks 13/05/2005

    wow, that gamespot video is funny

    "next generation COOOOOONSOLES!"

    and stuff from allard about 'the human experience is the reactor!"

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  • drks 13/05/2005

    well i got one frame of video every 2 seconds Reply 0
  • drks 13/05/2005

    the PD shots look really odd to me too. detailed, but incredibly ugly.

    why does it look like an old style resident evil game?
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  • drks 12/05/2005

    nah, the thing on the bottom is for attaching to a usb lead for charging/connecting to pc. Reply 0
  • Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

  • drks 26/04/2005

    i quite like it really. it's fun. most of the crticisms are fair though

    for some reason i enjoy it a lot more than burnout 3
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  • What's New?

  • drks 22/04/2005

    Me too. Already bought it, but not played it yet....... It's fun to play and has plenty of replay value. I, for one, am glad there is no complicated inventory to deal with."


    from what i've heard from folk who've played it, it sounds a bit so-so.
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  • Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

  • drks 18/04/2005

    I was a big fan of 'The longest journey' so I am still hopeful for this project. But I would have preferred it to be point and click. Not because I have no faith in the developer to make a great adventure game. but because I haven't seen an adventure developer make a good direct controlled actioney game yet. (o.k. broken sword 3 was alrightish.)"

    grim fandango...
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  • Xbox 2 to launch on MTV

  • drks 12/04/2005

    hm, why put it on a friday night when much of the target audience are doing anything but watching tv? Reply 0
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

  • drks 09/04/2005

    they aren't lightbulbs!

    and they're only visible so you can see where you are in the dark.

    this game is excellent btw. sure it's not TEH HARDCORE 1337 of the first 2 - i liked the first one but got frustrated with it, and the second was just crap - but it's much much better for it. it makes stealth games fun!
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  • Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30

  • drks 31/03/2005

    hm, for me it's an ok game, but nothing special.. a 9 puzzles me considering oddworld sw got a 7. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 4

  • drks 25/03/2005

    wtf someone thought it was slow paced?

    it's one of the best paced, most exciting games i have ever played
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  • HD Era: The Case For And Against

  • drks 16/03/2005

    i wish they put a little more effort into making decent games rather than all this corporate 'THE HD ERA' bull. Reply 0
  • DS smashes console sales record

  • drks 15/03/2005

    i noticed a ton of people who didn't look like gamer types interested in ds in game the other day. like omg girls and stuff.

    so nintendo clearly got something right for once.
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  • Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

  • drks 09/03/2005

    Ł15 would be a bargain for it. i paid a lot more and am delighted with it

    if you're unsure, another review which for me gives a more accurate impression of the game is here http://www.pro-g.co.uk/review/80/
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  • drks 07/03/2005

    i can agree with some of the complaints, (although the first person comments are baffling to me - if anything the third person view feels bolted on and sloppy, not the first person) but it's much better than 7/10.

    especially when the same reviewer gave halo2, which is far more repititive and much less fun and more guilty of some of the same problems 9/10. kinda odd.
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  • Medal of Honor 4 named, detailed

  • drks 25/01/2005

    nah, moh:u was released on ps1 Reply 0
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

  • drks 13/12/2004

    didn't think i'd enjoy this - liked mp1 but gave up after struggling with omega pirate for like a year.

    but got it despite my better judgement and...

    i'm enjoying it much more than the previous one. gameplay seems slighlty better balanced, havne't had any massive treks across the entire planet yet like there were too many of in mp1. i didn't even know there was a plot in the first one. which may have been my problem.
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  • Total Club Manager 2005

  • drks 03/12/2004

    played the previous one , wanted to like it - liked the 'gimmicky' things but hated the core stuff. horrible match engine which always led to having several players sent off or injured if you watched it, or always losing if you didn't, and wildly inaccurate data (in the spl anyway - i suppose they always get the EPL right)

    is that any better this time around?
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