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  • PlayStation Vita Review

  • dog2_99 04/01/2012

    I agree good review; I have one and am really enjoying it. Uncharted is good fun (if a little easy) and Marvel vs. Capcom is a great time killer. The device is solid and appears to hold a charge fairly well-ish...

    looking forward to the FEB wider release and getting some more games; Amazon appears to be pricing fairly aggressively as well.
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  • Vita out in Europe and US early next year

  • dog2_99 04/08/2011

    oh dear this is a shame, though not unexpected.

    i guess i will have to pay over the odds on ebay for an import come christmas; anyone know any good import website still running?
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  • Wipeout 2048 on Vita gameplay

  • dog2_99 29/06/2011

    Have to admit it does not look that impressive; perhaps we have been spoiled; but does not look that much better than the PSP version. Still hot for Vita though! Reply +2
  • Star Fox 64 3D gameplay flies in

  • dog2_99 15/06/2011

    very much looking forward to this one; much more than the Zelda re-hash Reply -3
  • iOS 5 brings gameplay to TVs

  • dog2_99 08/06/2011

    If Apple were to explore this route perhaps it would look to sell any games via its Mac App Store where it currently sells Full priced games. I think there is a danger that the Iphone/Ipad stores have somewhat been associated with Free or low cost; a premium section for fully spec games may be an option however? Reply 0
  • dog2_99 08/06/2011

    Hmmm very interesting...if implimented well the OnLive function could really shake the console world up Reply +1
  • Nintendo Wii U Tech Demo

  • dog2_99 07/06/2011

    I agree it is a step in the right direction; my concern is whilst their maybe 3-4yrs left in the XBox360 and PS3 life span it will probably not be that long until the next console is released/demo'd.

    Next years E3 (by which time the WiiU may still be unreleased) we will probably see some tech demos from the next gen consoles and 'should' Nintendo fall short we may see them failing to reach their somewhat wide aim i.e 'everyone'; hardcore gamers may wait for or plan third party title purchases for the potentially more powerful consoles.

    The worse case for Nintendo is that third party developer make min effort to use any current graphic advantage over the Xbox360/PS3, coding for the lowest and widest placed level then miss out again as the new gen raise the bar above what the Wii U can provide.
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  • dog2_99 07/06/2011

    hmmmmm remember this represents tech which is at least a year away from release its not AMAZING....still time will tell Reply +2
  • Wii U Mario Bros. Mii tech demo screens

  • dog2_99 07/06/2011

    its a shame they have not updated the graphics of the Mii...might have been nice to have hi-Res Miis; the Xbox360 avatars still look better. Reply +4
  • Amazon accused of 3DS delivery failure

  • dog2_99 25/03/2011

    i ordered mine last sunday and was delivered by Amazon this morning...minus the games i ordered mind hmmmmmm Reply 0
  • 13 3DS VIP store openings planned

  • dog2_99 21/03/2011

    I am not surprised they are trying hard to get people out yet I fear most headlines will be grabbed by the Ipad2 and the inevitable HUGE queues outside Apple retail stores. Reply +1
  • Sony: NGP battery life "good, solid"

  • dog2_99 27/01/2011


    thanks for clearing it up...i just hope we can use it outside in even modest sunlight...the Nexus one was a NO-GO on that front since then i have not been a fan; i am sure the tech has come on since then
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  • dog2_99 27/01/2011

    Do we know what type of OLED this is? if its the standard OLED good luck using outside; i had a Nexus One and it was a nightmare; hopefully its a Super AOLED screen; i think this is Samsung tech?! Reply +1
  • Sony: NGP price will be "affordable"

  • dog2_99 27/01/2011

    I fear the lowest we can hope for in the UK is £299, reality it may hit £399.

    I wonder if it will mirror Apple's iPhone can buy it sim free but will be expensive (£500+) or you can sign up to 24month contract and get it for £199.

    Not sure I would be comfortable with another contract on my hands but at least the product cycle is likely to be longer than 24months so no worries about trying to get out of the agreement when the next one comes out.

    On a side not I do think releasing details almost 12months before the release (even more for Europe most probably) is a little foolhardy; I understand the need to steal the 3DS thunder but honestly there are 8months between launches momentum maybe lost and certainly come Dec/ early' 12 these impressive specs will not be as impressive. At time of eventual EUR release the iPad 3 and iPhone 6 will both be making rumblings and the 3DS may well be below £200 officially and have a healthy game selection (past its somewhat dull launch window titles). A summer release would have made much more of an impact and given the system time to build for the ‘holidays’.

    Still roll on the EUR release as I want one ;)
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  • iPhone Gears of War possible "in 2 years"

  • dog2_99 03/11/2010

    maybe all possible but Apple putting an HDMI port on the iPhone so we can connect easily to a TV is the most unlikely part of the prediction. Though maybe the new Airplay function will be the answer!? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Expo 2010

  • dog2_99 01/10/2010

    Well done Eurogamer i was at the first and second (cant make this one) and really pleased its grown as it has! Reply +1
  • MJ, Just Dance 2 tracklists outed

  • dog2_99 18/08/2010

    thats true; will be cheaper? Guessing it the cost of keeping the MJ estate going :(

    still could be fun!
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  • EA iPhone games in big sale

  • dog2_99 23/06/2010

    are these just the iphone version not ipad loving? Reply -1
  • Quiet week for PlayStation Store

  • dog2_99 16/10/2009

    entire back cat would be great but i am reasonable man...just a steady supply of games; giving a reason to buy the thing! Reply 0
  • dog2_99 16/10/2009

    I am really disappointed with Sony and the PSP store. I bought the PSPgo and really like the hardware (perhaps one of the only ones who does but it suits my needs) i do not overly mind paying slightly more for the games (MAD i know) but honestly the range is poor and the rate at which these are being added is worrying.

    Come Sony lets start filling up the PS Store with content!
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  • Three free games for PSPgo upgraders

  • dog2_99 24/09/2009

    poor deal! Reply +2
  • Apple: DS and PSP "don't stack up"

  • dog2_99 10/09/2009

    but the games is only one portion of the reason to buy a touch.

    It also handles MP3 and Videos much better than the PSP and DSL currently do; plus it can surf the internet much better as well.
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  • Apple working on new gaming platform?

  • dog2_99 05/08/2009

    Been suggested the name is iPROD or at least thats the development name Reply 0
  • GDC: Why OnLive Can't Possibly Work

  • dog2_99 26/03/2009

    @StooMonster I agree that very few upgrades are perfectly executed but I think to the average Joe in the street this model (of upgrades mainly being performed behind the scenes by Online or whomever) is vastly more appealing than doing it themselves. Reply 0
  • dog2_99 26/03/2009

    @StooMonster - yeah i have both Vista and XP on bootcamp (cant get totally away hehe)...its more Apple really is no gaming machine :( well at least my Imac and old-ish Macbookpro aren't.

    I think your upgrade point is correct it will not remove such requirements but it might make the experience more user friendly. When I upgraded from Sky+ to Sky HD aside from coughing up too much money I didn’t have to sorry about conflicts; firmware updates or increasing my power management? I understand that this removes perhaps the thrill of the Windows Gamer but for a guy brought up on consoles the thought is prohibitive.
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  • dog2_99 26/03/2009

    @dog2_99 "I have a miss trust of PCs (bad history…hence the Mac)"

    PC = personal computer. Mac is a personal computer (PC) too. Maybe you mean you have a mistrust of the Windows operating system?

    Correct sorry! :(

    Would like to add great article!
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  • dog2_99 26/03/2009

    I think this could potentially be exactly what I am looking for should it work as advertised. I have all three consoles and Mac. There are a number of PC games that interest me but I don’t have the time; money or know-how to have a PC capable to playing them; plus I have a miss trust of PCs (bad history…hence the Mac)

    I love the idea of merely plugging the mini console to my 50” Plasma and enjoying the occasional bout of Crysis or a good RTS or even taking around my parents place when they insist I visit them. My internet connection ranges from 11-14mb so would like to think this should at least tick that box.

    Whilst the presence of large publishers is no sure sign of success, surely these companies would have insisted on a real-time demo before they gave the ok? Granted the potential new revenue streams might have blinded their judgment

    I find myself sitting on the fence hoping that it works and does not take an age to reach the UK and sure that both Sony and Microsoft are watching carefully; both companies make loss on their hardware (at least during the initial launch years) perhaps a future version (maybe not the next generation) will be of this nature maybe PS4.5 will be merely a piece of software loaded into a SONY Blu-ray player or even OECD Bravia TV.
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  • SEGA bringing Virtual On to XBLA

  • dog2_99 25/02/2009

    NiGHTS including Xmas NiGHTS.. I know it's Saturn, but c'mon, why not. Improved HD graphics, same music and gameplay, I'd be happy.

    you know there was Wii remake right? might be unlikely to come to XBOX
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  • dog2_99 25/02/2009

    Power Stone would be amazing! I am still hoping for a HD version of the Marvel VS Capcom 2 pls Capcom!!! or any of the 'vs' series!! Reply 0
  • Sony promises better LBP moderation

  • dog2_99 03/12/2008

    it is a shame this game has been somewhat of a flop...i bought it but Gears of War is getting the attention (probably saying more about me)...but not really a system seller Reply 0
  • Rare "may do" new Killer Instinct

  • dog2_99 28/11/2008

    well i would buy it!

    But why not test the waters with a release on xbox live first...kinda like Street Fighter HD?
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  • Western Resi 5 demos unlikely for 2008

  • dog2_99 27/11/2008

    i think all the voices will still be in English just the SUBs will be in Japanese.

    Still worth a go! :)
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  • Rare wanted avatars for Xbox 360 launch

  • dog2_99 26/11/2008

    I actually like the Xbox 360 Avatars....i feel they have more character than the Miis...

    some of my friends Avatars on Xbox are uncanny in that they are fairly realistic representation of the creator…in a cartoon way!

    anyone know how to change the background my avatar stands infront off on the friends slide?
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  • PS3 firmware up to 2.52

  • dog2_99 05/11/2008

    Perhaps I am doing it incorrectly but it seems to take an age to update the firmware on my PS3 (JAP one) when using the internet option. It’s really frustrating and puts me off even turning the thing on! :( LBP will no doubt motivate me! Reply 0
  • Rare working on Killer Instinct 3?

  • dog2_99 16/10/2008

    its a shame they cant just tart up the SNES graphics and release it as a download like Wipeout HD or Street Fighter HD Reply 0
  • dog2_99 16/10/2008


    well I was really a fan of the SNES version, where I thought that the graphics were amazing (hard to believe now i know) and the ability to play for hours trying to get the combo! Plus I was always impressed that it was like having an arcade machine in my own room!...hmmmm innocent times! :)
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  • dog2_99 16/10/2008

    i always was gutted i never got the N64 version! is it on the Wii download yet? Reply 0
  • dog2_99 16/10/2008

    Great news in my book...i was a massive fan!

    Anyone remember the CD they gave away with the SNES game

    "such a feelin' such a feelin' such feelin' killer feelin'"
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  • Pure

  • dog2_99 26/09/2008

    was really impressed with the 360 demo and its a good prices online..£28.99 very nice...but still have a feeling this one will be in the pre-owned/ 2 for £40 deals soon and then it will be defo pick up for me! Reply 0
  • Wii Fit exercises chart dominance

  • dog2_99 29/04/2008

    It will be interesting to see where GTA IV is after a month after the first surge it will no doubt fall. Whilst the game will be amazingly successful ; i think that Wii Fit will not be that far behind and more likely to grow in sales over the same time period.

    I managed to bag a Wii Fit on Friday and had so much interest from people at work and family who have NO clue what GTV IV is; this impact with the causal game will be key to its continueed success.
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  • dog2_99 29/04/2008

    Well done Nintendo! Reply 0
  • Time Crisis 4

  • dog2_99 14/04/2008

    Got this last year from the States and have to agree its pretty poor! Reply 0
  • No PS Store updates until April relaunch

  • dog2_99 31/03/2008

    lets hope it means two weeks of not having to update the firmware! Reply 0
  • Bungie Studios LiveText

  • dog2_99 07/12/2007

    i am really enjoying this new Eurogamer feature of getting developers in...who is next!?!?

    and yay my questions was answered!
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  • Frontlines: Fuel of War

  • dog2_99 07/12/2007

    slightly annoying the release date...another push back for the PS3 over the other formats! Reply 0
  • Sony mulls over Store for PSP

  • dog2_99 05/12/2007

    yay for MAC support! Reply 0
  • Capcom ponders Resi 5 demo

  • dog2_99 16/11/2007

    i know its wrong but i enjoyed the movie! Reply 0
  • Lair delayed

  • dog2_99 08/11/2007

    Game delayed....big deal Reply 0
  • Resi Wii reaches 1 million mark

  • dog2_99 31/10/2007

    Perhaps it sold so well as people were desperate to do something other than tennis and bowling on their Wii! Reply 0
  • Bizarre explains Activision deal

  • dog2_99 28/09/2007

    by the sounds of reviews PGR4 will be a good place to leave the on a high! Reply 0