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  • How to fix Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • docrob 17/11/2017

    As a hopeless SW fanboy I should be all over this game. And I would be, were it not for the inexcusable use of the loot box mechanic. This has no place - NO PLACE - in a full-price game. Not now, not ever - unless what you get in a loot box is purely cosmetic, as it is in Overwatch.

    Either they get rid of this nonsense permanently, or Im 100% out. I wont hold my breath.
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  • Blimey it's a new Overwatch map, hero and animated short

  • docrob 04/11/2017

    Disappointed she isnt Scottish (largely because I dream of a map inspired by Edinburghs Old Town). Reply 0
  • Overwatch's new escort map Junkertown is now live on all platforms

  • docrob 20/09/2017

    A bit nervous about this. Mercy and D.Va are the only two heroes I play in Comp, and they have made big changes to both. Will have to re-learn them. Reply 0
  • Thimbleweed Park review

  • docrob 28/04/2017

    Solved the spiral staircase problem by accident - did the solution before I discovered the problem! Reminded me a lot of how Guybrush avoids drowning in one of the Monkey Island games. Reply 0
  • The story of Crash magazine

  • docrob 12/03/2017

    Crash was amazing - a huge part of my childhood. I remember how devastated I was when they cut the magazine to a third of its length and dumbed down the content - I think it this was a year or two before it closed down. It was like the end of an era.

    I'm also pleased to finally hear an explanation for why they felt the need to invent an employee who didn't exist when the magazine had only just launched!
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  • Virginia review

  • docrob 22/09/2016

    Arguments over whether this sort of thing qualifies as a game remind me of arguments over whether snooker qualifies as a sport. In both cases it depends on what definition you use, and at the end of the day it doesn't really matter.

    I'd probably classify games as 'interactive electronic entertainment'. This game may be a walking simulator, but there is clearly interaction involved, which makes it a game for me. If it's an enjoyable experience then I have no problem with linearity. I really enjoyed Her Story last year, and that stripped player interaction back to the level of searching for YouTube clips.

    For 8 I'm perfectly happy to give something like this a try.
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  • Watch: Games nearly ruined by one terrible level

  • docrob 06/09/2016

    @redcrayon KOTOR was ruined for me by this. The final boss fight depends on you being able to use a certain skill I hadn't developed on my main character (Drain Life). Without it it was all but impossible. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 9 is "coming soon" to PC, iOS and Android

  • docrob 09/01/2016

    I loved FF9 as much (or more) than FF7, though my true love was always FF6 (which I played through on a friend's SNES back in the day).

    I really didn't get on with FF8 though. FF was always cartoonish to me and trying to make it 'real' didn't work for me at all. Also the Draw mechanic was irritating as hell. Later games in the series were spoiled for me because they didn't allow free exploration (one of the reasons I particularly liked Lost Odyssey, which was an FF game in all but name).
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  • Don't Google it: What number EverQuest expansion do you think we're now on?

  • docrob 18/11/2015

    I left EQ for EQII (briefly) and then WoW. Which was one of my bigger mistakes. EQ genuinely felt like high adventure - wandering into a new zone was actually scary. Also, the sense of community was so much better than in any other game I've ever played. When you're depending on your guildies to have your back in dangerous situations where a wipe is disastrous, you make real friends. Reply +3
  • Invisible, Inc review

  • docrob 13/05/2015

    This sounds right up my street and I will probably be picking it up. I'm puzzled that it hasn't got an 'essential' badge, though. The review certainly reads like one. Reply +5
  • The Android version of Final Fantasy 6 is out now and costs 11

  • docrob 18/01/2014

    I'm totally feeling the hate from everyone here, but I actually think it looks ok. I'll buy it when it gets an iOS release, and yes, I'll pay the 11. Because I fell totally in love with it when I played it on my housemate's SNES in the mid 90s. Reply +2
  • Saturday Soapbox: Hollow Worlds - Looking for "Look At"

  • docrob 10/11/2012

    Callahan's Crosstime Saloon! I've never played it and I absolutely love the books. I think I've also discovered I can download it for free! :D Reply 0
  • Face-Off: ZX Spectrum vs. Commodore 64

  • docrob 29/04/2012

    Nope, not having this. The C64 may have had a hardware advantage, but this was more than offset by the innovation of the people coding for the Speccy (pride of place going to Ultimate, of course). I don't ever recall feeling envious of C64 owners once. It was fun to play with one at a friend's house because it was different, but I never wanted to own one. (I did later, as an ST owner, wish I'd gone for an Amiga).

    Oh, and Crash blew Your Sinclair clean out of the water. I know - I has a subscription to both.
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  • Spectrum Made Me

  • docrob 24/04/2012


    "Does anyone remember the song 'Everyone's A Wally?'."


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  • docrob 24/04/2012

    Not true! The 128k version came with a dedicated sound chip, which meant that the games could have a real soundtrack. I loved the 128k versions of games. Reply +2
  • docrob 23/04/2012

    Some of my happiest childhood memories (despite flippant comments on Facebook this am!)

    And fame at last! A name check on EG. Lovely article, Oli. I'm so pleased you mentioned Inca Curse! Do you remember describing the Sand Dungeon to me at school? My earliest gaming memory is sitting with you at your ZX81, trying to figure out how to get past it. Eventually I (I think it was me but perhaps I'm mistaken!) suggested 'D' for down (ie under the sand) - largely as a joke - and it worked! Happy days.

    Next time I see my 7-year-old son crouched behind one of his friends watching him play a DS game, I'll remember that that's me, looking over your shoulder, nearly 3 decades ago.
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  • GOG giving Fallout away for free for next 48 hours

  • docrob 05/04/2012

    I actually have both 1 and 2, but they are hard to get to work in later versions of Windows. Just reserved this for free - thanks for the tip! Reply +1
  • Consenting Adults Play We Dare

  • docrob 06/04/2011

    "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow."Genius :D Reply +2
  • Retrospective: Fahrenheit

  • docrob 30/05/2010

    I thoroughly enjoyed Fahrenheit, though I had exactly the same feelings regarding the QTE button presses making you miss what was actually going on... which missed the point slightly. And the stealth sections were truly awful. And yes, the plot was clearly concieved by someone on mind-altering drugs.

    It was broken for me right at the end, though. The final battle was (IIRC) in 2 stages, and on my PC the second stage was more or less impossible. This meant that although I finished it, I never got the 'good' ending. Some time later, I found out that this was a problem with the PC version and there was a workaround of some kind, but by then I couldn't be arsed going back.
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  • Mirror's Edge

  • docrob 10/11/2008

    I was actually expecting the 8 - probably because of the 'runner up' tagline!

    I think the reviewer wanted to make it clear why he was marking the game down, but didn't put in enough of why he loved it all the same. Although I agree it is well written.

    Slightly in two minds now. I wanted to buy this, but it might well be worth waiting for it to come down in price - which I suspect may not take that long. Assassin's Creed was available for 25 not long after its release. I don't mind if it's a bit short - I have a pretty tight schedule most of the time and don't complete anything like as many games as I would like. And although I never played the demo, I really like the idea behind the game (I'm probably one of the +1 crowd in that regard). It's also very nice to see something genuinely original.

    I'll leave it for a little while. Either that or I'll ask someone to buy it for me for Christmas. :)
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