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  • Nintendo breaks US sales records

  • dk_rare 17/01/2009

    Sales aren't boring. Nintendo is king again, and remains king month after month and year after year.

    Nintendo breaking sales records may not be "news", because we all know Nintendo is the leader now, but for someone waking up from a 6 year coma it really would be big news ^_^

    So save a thought for all those Sony fanboys waking up from comas right now.
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  • Chrono Trigger

  • dk_rare 30/11/2008

    One of the most moving reviews I have ever read. Chrono Trigger is our masterpiece, many will agree when I say that Chrono Trigger far surpasses anything the movie industry has ever come up with and it is right up there with the best of them such as Michelangelo in terms of human achievement.

    Sure some people might not understand Chrono Trigger, but it seems fairly clear to me that for a work of art to be truly perfect that some people HAVE to not understand it.

    And to think, some people are young or foolish enough to say that Halo is the best game ever, or that Citizen Kane is somehow the best story ever told (I did enjoy Kane, but nothing will ever immerse you and no story will hold you like Chrono Trigger did the first time you play it.
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  • Banjo-Kazooie

  • dk_rare 25/11/2008

    Collecting IS fun and rewarding, I don't know why people would think otherwise. Sure some games have given collecting a bad name, but when it comes down to it there is nothing else that is a truly pure gaming experience.

    Also Eurogamer, you forget to mention a classic gaming past time that died at the end of the 90s. I am of course talking about "clocking" games, which is to say finishing them as quick as you can while collecting as much as you can. The leaderboards for this game justify your clocking and you can see how good you are compared to your friends or on a world wide ranking.

    And finally this is a piece of gaming history, you would be insane not to own it (though the price is a little insane too, considering that the people most likely to buy this will already have a copy of it in their closet).

    The only fault is that I am a big boy now. When I first played it the worlds seemed HUGE and collecting everything on even a single level was a monumental task. But now that I have grown up the big boy toilet doesn't seem as big anymore. Wait, I mean the levels seem tiny in real life compared to how I saw them all those years ago.

    And Eurogamer, why did you not mention the fantastic music? By far the best rendition of Teddy Bears Picnic ever created, and the seamless theme changes to the song as you walk around is something so simple and clever that you wonder why almost no other game has done it since.

    I'd say this game deserves a 8/10 for the fans, 7/10 for everyone else and a 4/10 for the hyperactive tossers who masturbate over Halo and think that the story line in Halo was too cerebral for them to understand.
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  • Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

  • dk_rare 27/10/2008

    I enjoyed it. Bought it at 20 percent off and I feel that I have gotten my moneys worth. Reply 0
  • Fable II

  • dk_rare 22/10/2008

    trebell, you don't care enough about them that you are willing to ignore all their posts, yet at the same time you do care enough about them to TALK about them. It's kind of like blocking but then visiting it every now and then and telling people how gross it is. Reply 0
  • BioShock

  • dk_rare 18/10/2008

    PS3 owners don't have a lot of shooters (let alone good shooters) to choose from, so I guess compared to the rest of the PS3 games this is easily a 10/10. Reply 0
  • dk_rare 17/10/2008

    Is it still worth a 10/10 on PS3 even when you can buy it for a 5th of the price on Xbox 360 these days? Is it still worth 10/10 on PS3 if you own it/can get it on other platforms?

    Or is this 10/10 only for readers who do not own a computer or Xbox 360 and only have a PS3 in their house?
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  • Knowingly Undersold

  • dk_rare 06/10/2008

    In my household people are always enthused to play Wii, especially when larger groups are involved. Maybe people who say they never play it anymore are just depressed and have forgotten how much fun it is, or don't have any friends to have fun with them? Reply 0
  • New DS will only have one touch screen

  • dk_rare 03/10/2008

    Kotaku, you lied to me again! Reply 0
  • New DS to hit Japan on November 1st

  • dk_rare 02/10/2008

    What's with not mentioning that it has two touch screens this time, EG, huh, well, what's going on?!?

    Nah, EG you're cool, old buddy, pal, matey.
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  • Family Trainer

  • dk_rare 02/10/2008

    The visuals do look nice, but that mat looks naff. Why not just make it compatible with the balance board, eh? If this game was good enough I would even buy a second balance board for it. But big plastic mats? I have enough of those thank you very much. Reply 0
  • Animal Crossing for Wii this Christmas

  • dk_rare 27/09/2008

    I think you guys are missing the point, which is that you can now have Animal Crossing running all the time in your living rooms or bedrooms running in real time. And that people can walk in and you can talk to them, while laying in bed or eating weetabix in your underwear. Or even nude if you like, you can finally talk online and be completely nude without needing to wear a headset. Reply 0
  • dk_rare 25/09/2008

    "City folk" sounds like something a redneck would say, and tbh I think Australians might be a bit turned off by that. Reply 0
  • Red Alert 3 to use "more lenient" DRM

  • dk_rare 11/09/2008

    I would have assumed that an online strategy game would already have the best inbuilt DRM, being that when you play online your online profile links to your copy of the game.

    Which leads me to the conclusion that EA wants to stop people from trading in their games, forcing them to buy new ones.

    To summarize this is not about protection from piracy, this is about protection from after market sales.
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  • Rhythm Tengoku Gold

  • dk_rare 27/08/2008

    I bought the GBA game after reading the review for it on eurogamer and it was one of the best games I have ever owned in my life. The fact that it is in Japanese makes it even more quirky, makes the whole game more fun to play really when you have to discover things by exploration.

    Will definitely be ordering the DS version when my next pay cheque comes in
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  • Epic "defrauded" industry, alleges Dyack

  • dk_rare 19/08/2008

    Smelly thinks that other people are not entitled to express an opinion freely. That just happens to be smelly's opinion, which he feels he should be able to express freely. Reply 0
  • dk_rare 19/08/2008

    In any case, here's to hoping that Too Human isn't really a C- game. Also hasn't it been in development for longer than 4 years? It has spanned 3 console lifetimes after all. Reply 0
  • MS on why FFXIII is coming to 360

  • dk_rare 10/08/2008

    MS is wrong, most people are actually playing Wiis, not 360s. Or would MS rather we all forget that cold hard fact? Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo TV cheap for two weeks

  • dk_rare 31/07/2008

    By "USD 0.99 (GBP 0.50)" Rob did of course mean to say "USD 0.99 (GBP 1.50)". Now that Rock Band has proven that we are all idiots who don't being being financially raped the true value of a British Gaming Pound we can be charged whatever we like. And we will pay it, for some reason. Reply 0
  • Saints Row 2 "very differentiated"

  • dk_rare 19/06/2008

    I think that they want to make SR2 more like San Andreas, rather than the GTA IV. Which is good, I wasn't a fan of GTA IV. I enjoyed flying the planes, finding out that I could ride quad bikes, all that shit. GTA IV robbed me of what I liked best about the progressing GTA series. Reply 0
  • DS is no competition for PSP, says Sony

  • dk_rare 17/06/2008

    "DS is no competition for PSP, says Sony "

    "Sales record disagrees, says the sales record"
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  • PS3 outsells Xbox 360 in the US

  • dk_rare 13/06/2008

    lol, Wii more than triples PS3 in America in the month before MGS4 launch, Wii more than doubles total PS3 sales in America all up. Not bad considering the PS3 was released before the Wii over there. Nintendo back as market leader, who woulda thunked it. Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • dk_rare 11/06/2008

    No more or less ace than the other games were though, which means if you are a little tired of the other ones then probably less ace. And that includes MGS2, I liked that one. Eye candy such as Raiden should always be welcome in modern gaming ^_^ Reply 0
  • dk_rare 11/06/2008

    Most epic thread ever, I actually thought it said 244 posts at first, because it couldn't possibly say 2044, right!?!

    Anyway, apparently this game is just a giant Sony advertisement with 90 minute cutscenes and 5 separate installations which take on average 3 minutes each to complete and over 5 minutes for the first one. FIVE separate installations!?! If Blu Ray on PS3 has to do five lengthy installations, doesn't that sort of make it even more cumbersome and more annoying than having to "insert disc" 4 times!?! It takes me about 5 seconds to change a disc, but it takes the PS3 5 minutes to install each "chapter"!?!

    After all this hoopla I would honestly not be surprised if MGS4 featured giant battling crabs with weak points you hit for massive damage :S
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  • Work on Red Alert PS3 officially halted

  • dk_rare 06/06/2008

    I predict that the game wont sell well based on the screenshots, that EA will blame it on piracy and that EA should instead just cancel it now to save us all a whole lot of trouble. Reply 0
  • "Worlds of possibilities" for Wii board

  • dk_rare 31/05/2008


    A better example of jumping would have been the ski jumping game in Wii Fit.
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  • dk_rare 31/05/2008

    Wii will be king of sports games, it seems. From selecting football players on pitch with the Wiimote to snowboarding/skateboarding/surfing/skiing with a "virtual board" and leaning with the 'mote, boxing with technical skills and swings, tennis/table tennis, baseball, throwing and passing an American "football", it seems the possibilities are limitless.

    There is so much more to do with the Wiimote in other games too, like literally "throwing" a grenade with physics unique to each throwing action, flying aircraft, soul calibur style weapon fights, RTS selection of units... the list is limitless.

    Could even have virtual segway game!
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  • Rock Band

  • dk_rare 29/05/2008

    Don't forget download content people. You pay 150 squid for the "complete" Rock Band experience, but before you are done with it you will have to pay another 40 pounds just to update your song list, I mean you already invested 150 notes into it, so you HAVE to go the whole hog and buy all the updates for it, amirite? Reply 0
  • dk_rare 29/05/2008

    Do you get any blood leaking from your anus after you pay for it, when EA finally pull out? Reply 0
  • Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One

  • dk_rare 27/05/2008

    Looks like it is easy to rip on games, but hard to actually make a good game yourself. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

  • dk_rare 22/05/2008

    So Wii download content is better than Haze, the PS3's "game of the year" ?!? Reply 0
  • Jake Gyllenhaal to play Prince of Persia

  • dk_rare 21/05/2008

    I hope he's shirtless through most of the movie, that would make me very happy. Reply 0
  • Battlefield Heroes

  • dk_rare 20/05/2008

    If they weren't charging for this I would probably be accusing it of ripping off TF2 by now.

    But they ARE charging for TF2, which brings me to a moral dilemma in deciding which one is worth the asking price more.
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  • List of E3 exhibitors aired

  • dk_rare 20/05/2008

    We STILL haven't found a replacement for E3 yet? I thought Leipzig was going to replace E3. We want the booth babes back, we want the showy presentations, the big announcements all saved up.

    E3 has changed man. It used to be cool.
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  • Haze writer responds to review score

  • dk_rare 20/05/2008

    The difference is that Haze ain't gonna be no Goldeneye. Reply 0
  • Red Alert 3 - First trailer

  • dk_rare 20/05/2008

    There has been a mistake, Eurogamer accidentally uploaded old footage of Red Alert 2. Oh wait, you mean that IS Red Alert 3? Hoi vey! Reply 0
  • New game designed to train coppers

  • dk_rare 19/05/2008

    We tried realistic shooters, it was called the old Rainbow Six games, but people didn't like them so they changed it to one of those go hide in the corner for a few seconds while your plasma shield (oops, I mean health bar) refills.

    And people like explosions, it is instant gratification, something that the target audience of shooter games can't seem to get enough of.
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  • Nintendo apologises to Wii Fit players

  • dk_rare 19/05/2008

    Most kids should probably be told more often that they are fat. Obesity is running rampant in children and there is a world food shortage (lol). Reply 0
  • Samba de Amigo

  • dk_rare 16/05/2008

    Looks like another Wii game will be added to the drinking night ^_^

    Well, every night is drinking night, except for the once a week AFDs.
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  • MS explains "theGAYERgamer" name ban

  • dk_rare 16/05/2008

    Just waiting for the Sony announcement saying that Grant and his username are welcome to join PSN with a complimentary console =P 300 dollars to rub some messed up PR in MS's face is a small price to pay. Reply 0
  • Penny Arcade game on XBLA next week

  • dk_rare 14/05/2008

    And wasn't OXM the one that gave Driv3r a 10/10? Reply 0
  • dk_rare 14/05/2008

    Knowing PA the game will probably "inform" you every second panel that they have new shirts and mousepads available in the shop to buy. Reply 0
  • MS claims 40 percent GTA IV attach rate

  • dk_rare 13/05/2008

    I guess the Xbox brand is now the official home of GTA. And Microsoft are the kings of the console once again. It's like some kind of bizzaro world, I'm half expecting Islam to adopt christian values and the American government to start embracing and celebrating gays. Reply 0
  • Okami

  • dk_rare 08/05/2008

    Heh, Xbox 360 and PS3 finally get a must have 10/10 game, and then Wii comes along with another one ^_^ Must be a good year for gaming. Reply +1
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Special

  • dk_rare 08/05/2008

    I don't know about anyone else, but just looking at the pictures of the better anti aliasing on things like the cars body kit and Nikos teeth makes me think the 360 version is quite a lot better than the the PS3 version. They might look almost identical, but when you compare the two the lack of anti aliasing looks offensive on the PS3 version. Reply 0
  • Sony unveils fresh EyeToy games

  • dk_rare 07/05/2008

    You'd think that Sony would be wanting to invest a lot more into EyeToy than these crappy games, to take on the Wii.

    And boys LOVE pompoms, at least all the boys I hang out with...
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  • Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack

  • dk_rare 05/05/2008

    I have already paid for my copy of Halo 3, why would I pay again just to play it?

    There are better things I can do with my 6 pound 80s, like buy new underwears or putting a deposit down for the next game I will never truly own without multiple 6 pound 80 updates.
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  • Grand Theft Auto IV

  • dk_rare 30/04/2008


    The game blurs everything to try and make it run properly, it's got a really jagged and grainy feel to it. When you get up close to something, like the wheels on the cars it looks great! But the blurriness and jaggies just don't let you see that detail unless you force the camera up to it. It needs to be on a more powerful console, so it can run in true HD resolutions and doesn't need to blur itself to all hell.
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  • dk_rare 30/04/2008


    You can cross the bridge right now if you want. You will have a 6 star wanted level, but you can still roam the other island for a little while before you are killed.
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  • dk_rare 29/04/2008

    Bin playing the game for 9 hours now and I have to say that... I am sort of underwhelmed :( It's pretty much just more GTA, which is a good thing, but I expected to be blown away by the graphics, to be moved by story and acting that would rival Spielberg, state of the art physics and new and innovative ideas.

    But it's just more GTA. It is the GTA formula all over again, just this time on a newer console.

    Flame me if you like, this is just how I feel. I bought into the hyperbole and was let down because of it.
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