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  • Crackdown

  • djchump 26/01/2007

    Xerxes - yes, because it's great fun and not available on any other platform... hence I'm thinking about buying a 360.
    What's so difficult to understand about that?
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  • djchump 26/01/2007

    To anyone who isn't aware of what the game is like - just try the demo. It's free, so what have you got to lose?
    If you haven't got an Xbox360, find a mate who does and get them to download it so you can have a go.
    It's probably the most fun game I've played since Guitar Hero 1 & 2 and Katamari :-)
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  • djchump 26/01/2007

    Love the demo, really want the full game, but I'd have to buy a 360 to play it. The demo has sold me on how fun the game is though, that I'm considering buying a 360 for it :-) Reply 0
  • McRae DIRT in June

  • djchump 24/01/2007

    heh - spot the TCE readers in here ;-) Reply 0
  • Super Columbine Massacre RPG - Part 2

  • djchump 23/01/2007

    Another interesting part to the article - thanks Simon. Reply 0
  • Harmonix confirms Hero's exit

  • djchump 23/01/2007

    /Gets that horrible sinking feeling that the best gaming franchise for years is about to be fucked up

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  • Super Columbine Massacre RPG - Part 1

  • djchump 22/01/2007

    Good article - thanks Simon.
    Interesting subject - hopefully as gaming matures as a medium we'll get more interesting "discussion piece" games.
    I'd be interested to read an EG article about the other educational type games going on - like that "Darfur is Dying" (which I've only jsut noticed that article is also by Simon Parkin :-))

    All in all... interesting!
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  • Guitar Hero 360 DLC hints

  • djchump 22/01/2007

    Anyone know for definite if these will be re-authored songs to include a second playable instrument? i.e. if they'll be playable in 2-player co-op mode like Guitar Hero 2, or whether it's a straight port of the songs so they'll be 1 player only?

    Although, it'd be worth it for practice mode as I *still* haven't done Bark At The Moon on Expert :-D
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  • Activision trademarks Villains

  • djchump 18/01/2007

    "Villain"? Interesting... I wonder what kind of direction they'll take to justify the "villain" tag? Reply 0
  • Neversoft doing Guitar Hero?

  • djchump 17/01/2007

    TBH - I doubt Harmonix are getting shafted here, they (or their publisher) have probably organised a deal to get Neversoft on-board so they have more manpower to churn out more Guitar Hero games which, as a massive fan of the GH series, I'm desperate for!
    So in my eyes this is a good thing. More people working on the GH brand = more GH games coming out = more GH fun for me :-)

    And given Neversoft's history and the importance/relevance of music and rock in particular to the skating scene, this sounds like a good fit.
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  • Crysis

  • djchump 09/01/2007

    m070rb1k3s! Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero II bonus songs

  • djchump 09/01/2007

    Games like this make me happy that I have a PS2, 2 guitar peripherals and Guitar Hero 1 and 2 :-) Reply 0
  • Eye On '07: PC

  • djchump 04/01/2007

    lol @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    I really haven't been able to remain optimistic about that one ;-)
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  • US soldiers get to play Halo 3

  • djchump 03/01/2007

    Multiple exclamation marks are the sign of a sick mind. Reply 0
  • Trauma Centre: Second Opinion

  • djchump 20/12/2006

    @Rambaldi - it's not a DS port. Reply 0
  • Gearbox Alien FPS confirmed

  • djchump 16/12/2006

    Ah good point - I'd forgotten they'd done the Borthers in Arms games.
    Well that gives me a bit more hope :-)
    The Aliens IP is one we're so familiar with and that has so much potential for a full-on next-gen FPS that this is a really exciting project - I *really* hope they do it justice :-D
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  • djchump 16/12/2006

    Meh... HL:Opposing Forces was good, but I thought the PC port of Halo was atrociously done - it ran like crap on machines that were way more powerful than Xbox 1 and the online part was terrible - there wasn't even a favourite servers list!

    Anyhows, an FPS unsing the Alien IP is always welcome with me - loved AvP1 and 2, especially over the office LAN at lunchtimes :-D - I just hope Gearbox do it justice.
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  • Final Fantasy III

  • djchump 14/12/2006

    Well, if you've ever enjoyed an old Final Fantasy game, I'd say you'd like this.
    It's a bit of an eye-opener after how much I enjoyed the streamlining and new battle system in FFXII, but for a portable fix of FF I'd say it's a good little game.

    I mean, if you've played the old FF SNES/GBA games etc., you pretty much know what you're getting here and I'd say you wouldn't be disappointed ;-)
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  • Assault Heroes goes Live

  • djchump 13/12/2006

    Benno:"no its just everytime this game is mentioned you bone over it, nowt wrong with it, was just letting you know that it seems you clearly have some financial/employment links with the company"
    Well I don't.
    Like me and Scurrminator said before, we do work in the games industry, but not for those devs or anything. We just saw it go up on Partnernet ages ago, had a go and loved it; and as we hate most of the shite and tat on Xbox Live Arcade it really stood out as a very accomplished little game - and great fun!

    I've publically expressed my discontent with tired crappy old XBLA games like Frogger, Scramble etc. - so when I see stuff like Geometry Wars and Assault Heroes I like to tell other people that it's good. That way, the more people buy it, the more Microsoft will get the message that the public wants *good* new games instead of tired old shitty retro pap.

    Benno: "i have just got back from playing it and your right its fucking awesome"
    Exactly ;-)
    And playing it in 2 player co-op is even more fun :-D
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  • djchump 13/12/2006

    Benno: "scurrminator and djchump pipe it down a little please its getting a bit boring now"

    Lol - yeah, stupid me for actually enjoying a game and posting about it on a games website.


    Some people...
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  • djchump 13/12/2006

    it's awesome - buy it now! Reply 0
  • Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

  • djchump 13/12/2006

    I don't get it - I think this is better that Dawn Of Sorrow :-/ Reply 0
  • PlayStation 3 - Process power

  • djchump 12/12/2006

    ZOMG! It'll change the world of entertainment!

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  • djchump 12/12/2006

    ZOMG! Multiple TASKS!! Reply 0
  • This week's XBLA release

  • djchump 12/12/2006

    Partnernet is the development/testing side of Xbox Live.
    So, anyone who works in the games industry and has an Xbox360 dev kit or test kit can access it.
    XBox Live Arcade games usually go up on partnernet a while before release, so we get to check em out for free but you guys don't :-P

    Assault Heroes is awesome - buy it, or at the very least check out the demo. ;-)
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  • djchump 12/12/2006

    This game is awesome - check it out! :-D
    Great old-school shooter fun in 2 player co-op mode ;-)
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  • Final Fantasy III Euro date

  • djchump 06/12/2006

    Yes - this is the 3D one and it's awesome :-)
    It's Ł21 quid on import so if you can't wait, get a US copy! :-D
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  • ArchLord becomes free to play

  • djchump 05/12/2006

    Read the Eurogamer review of this game - it's funny (the review, that is) :-) Reply 0
  • Capcom sorts 360 text issue

  • djchump 29/11/2006

    "The 360 had a whole year of exclusives on the next gen front since it was the only next gen console about ;) "

    A game's not "exclusive" if it's available on another format - so any Xbox360 game that also appeared on PC or PS2/Xbox1 was NOT an exclusive.
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  • DS sales top 2m in UK

  • djchump 29/11/2006

    "Snap. I've had a DS for about 15 months now and still have hardly any games for it at all. When people talk about all these many great DS games I'm honestly wondering WTF they're talking about.

    Import games from the US - you get them quicker and cheaper than waiting for the UK releases.
    I finished Rocket Slime a while ago, just finished Phoenix Wright 2 and I'm currently playing through Contact and Final Fantasy 3 DS.
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  • Double Dragon on XBLA?

  • djchump 29/11/2006

    Streets of Rage - yes.
    Double Dragon - no.

    I wish they'd stop pumping shit games onto XBLA - it means the good ones get swamped by retro shit, so browsers are less likely to see the decent games hidden away under a pile of turds like Frogger and Contra :-(
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  • Metal Slug Wii details, shots

  • djchump 24/11/2006

    cheers for the video link Eraser - interesting stuff, they seem to have tried out lots of different control systems for the Wii version.
    I hope the different systems make it into the game so you can pick which one you like the most :-)
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  • McRae gets Neon makeover

  • djchump 17/11/2006

    @JediMasterMalik - nah, disc is right.
    They say "in conjunction with Sony" because they're using the base libraries and engine that Sony have given them, and they may be feeding back to Sony about the Sony API and code, but I doubt very much that they will license back the Neon engine to Sony for other developers to use, as it's a in-house, cross-platform engine.
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  • Guitar Hero 2

  • djchump 14/11/2006

    Shoulda been a 9 :-) Reply 0
  • PS3 back-compat issues

  • djchump 13/11/2006

    I dunno if they'll be able to do upscaling/anti-aliasing etc. on BC titles, as the PS3 actually has the PS2 CPU and GPU on it's motherboard - so they've made it backwards compatible by actually *having the hardware* present!
    AFAIK, Xbox360's BC runs as an emulator in software? So they can do fancy extra stuff but it's a lot less compatible than if they had the old hardware actually present.
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  • March PS3 launch 'still on track'

  • djchump 13/11/2006

    heh - "It's coming! Nearly there! Just hold on a little longer!"


    March 2007 - "It's coming! Nearly there! Just hold on a little longer! Please don't buy an Xbox360!"
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  • Gears of War has 'zero innovation', says EA exec

  • djchump 10/11/2006

    HAaa hahaa hahahaha ahaha!
    This'll keep me entertained on a dull Friday :-D
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  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All

  • djchump 08/11/2006

    @disc and UncleLou:
    "Speaking of bonus mission. Since I thought that was the best case in the first Phoenix Wright game will we be seeing one of those in the American/European release?

    I was a bit annoyed to see that all these nice elements that they had implemented, like 3d examining of evidence and fingerprinting etc. was only in the last case."

    Like I said, this was a budget release - it's just a straight port of the 4 cases in the GBA version. PW1 was a full price game and they added the 5th DS-only case.

    They are working on a DS-only game. This will probably have all the cases using the DS specific stuff like the 3D objects, luminol, finerprinting etc. - also the graphics I've seen of it are *much* cleaner ad better animated than the ported GBA sprites ;-)

    Seriously, have a dig around for any screenshots of "Gyakuten Saiban 4" that you can find - that's the game you need to keep your eyes peeled for :-D
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  • djchump 08/11/2006

    @Genji: there's a few detective type games coming - probably off the success of Phoenix Wright.

    Hotel Dusk: Room 215 might be close to a "gumshoe" game, though I've only seen promo screenshots so far ;-)
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  • djchump 08/11/2006

    Phoenix Wright 2 is just as awesome as PW1.
    If you liked PW1, you'll like PW2.
    If you loved PW1, you'll love PW2.

    End of IMHO :-)

    Oh, and remember that in Japan this was a budget "best price" release - which justifies that they didn't add a 5th DS-only case as they did in PW1.

    And also remember that they're working on a DS-only Phoenix Wright lawyer type game (though apparently it will star a different rookie lawyer and not PW) ;-)
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl

  • djchump 07/11/2006

    Heh - I really thought this was gonna go the way of Dragon Empires (canned) or Duke Nukem Forever (will never get released).
    Fair play to them for sticking with it, but I honestly can't see it doing very well when it comes out - it'll get lost in the mire of FPS games that comes out on PC and languish on the shelves of GAME.
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  • MS and Sony clash over TV deal

  • djchump 07/11/2006

    /puts Ł20 down on Moore Reply 0
  • No wireless Guitar Hero controller for Xbox 360?

  • djchump 03/11/2006

    heehee - oooh you bugger! :-P Reply 0
  • djchump 03/11/2006

    @kangarootoo - oh and BTW, I'd prefer it in future if, like, you quote me, you'd be so kind as to quote me in full and include any smilies so, like, people will know that I was, like, joking and that
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  • djchump 03/11/2006

    "Lol, are you suggesting that philosophy graduates should be feared for their linguistic prowess? Yeah, I guess you are right because the chemists and physisists I know can barely string a sentence together (sarcasm, obviously).

    At least I know how to spell "physicist" :-P
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  • djchump 03/11/2006

    @Les, okay, I'll try to clarify/formalise what I'm saying here, because it's past 5pm on a Friday and I'm bored ;-)

    MMUK's premises:

    Premise 1) You should want your guitar peripheral to be as close to resembling a real guitar as possible
    Premise 2) A real guitar has a wire

    Conclusion: You should want your guitar peripheral to have a wire.

    [Infered from: "Still have NO idea why people want wireless guitars... REAL guitars have wires dangling out of them!" ]

    I deny premise 1, as I don't believe people are really that bothered about how closely their peripheral to resembles the "real deal" - a 3/4 size plastic guitar with 5 coloured buttons, no strings and a "strum bar" is abstracted enough from a real guitar that a wire is neither here nor there, and becomes a matter of personal preference.

    Also, even if you think premise 1 still holds true, there is interpretation/leeway in the looseness of the terms "want" and "close to resembling", as these are subjective and will differ between different people.
    The essential difference being... I can accept other people's opinions as to how "realistic" they want their guitar peripheral, whereas everyone who shouts "real guitars have wires" are not being open-minded to other peoples' personal preferences. :-)

    /goes back to clock-watching
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  • djchump 03/11/2006

    Ad - you didn't say "why do you want something?", it's patently clear why people would want a wireless guitar peripheral.

    You said: "Still have NO idea why people want wireless guitars... REAL guitars have wires dangling out of them!"
    Which implies that people shouldn't want wireless guitars as REAL guitars have wires.

    You can try to argue semantics with me if you like, but I have a philosophy degree :-P
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  • djchump 03/11/2006

    "I don't think anyone said "you shouldn't want a wireless guitar" did they?"

    Yup - you did here:
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  • djchump 03/11/2006

    Ad - because it's supposed to be a guitar, to be used in a guitar game. But it's not an exact replica of a guitar. So it doesn't need to have everything that a guitar has - i.e. wires sticking out of it, strings etc.

    Saying "You shouldn't want a wireless guitar because real guitars have wires" is an invalid argument, as it's not a real guitar.
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  • djchump 03/11/2006

    Also - why the fuck is anyone comparing a plastic guitar with 5 buttons to a real guitar?
    Who gives a shit if a real guitar has wires - a real guitar has strings as well but I don't want those on my controller, in the same way I don't want a great wire sticking out of it tripping me up and dragging my PS2 around the floor when I rock out!
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