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  • Resident Evil 5

  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009

    It's only a racially informed sequence if you're focussing on the races of the characters involved.

    Personally, I see people, not races. I expect you'll call me naive (or indeed a idealist...).

    More wilfully blinkered, I think :)

    It's not just that Capcom decided to use a white woman rather than a black woman (which would have made far, far more sense within the narrative) for that sequence, it's that the woman is so prominently, shockingly white. For a moment or two I thought I was watching a scene from some Victorian gothic novel.
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  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009

    Using the above as an example - should we be seeing a blonde, white lady being dragged off by a group of black men, or just a person being dragged off by some other people?

    No, you should be seeing a long-haired blonde, white, highly photogenic lady wearing a lacey black night dress who has no apparent reason to be hanging around a South African shanty town being dragged off, beaten and virally impregnated by a group of black men. There's no question that it's a racially informed (not to mention mildly misogynistic) sequence.
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  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009

    I have to agree with Crofto's defence of the control scheme (though not his point that co-op breaks the game) but otherwise what an excellent article. I finished my own preview last night, and shamefully made no mention of the game's casually stereotypical content, even those segments which ram it down your throat. To reiterate, the incident with the white blonde woman is given absolutely no narrative context or justification - it's there purely to create a sensation, to tap into a history of racist imagery with which many players, I suspect, will be sadly over-familiar.

    Where was the media frenzy surrounding Assassin's Creed (where the protagonist is ultimately a Middle-eastern Muslim executing white Christians)? The hypocrisy is astounding.

    Altair's bio might claim he's native to the Middle East (it doesn't say that he's a Muslim, as far as I recall), but the man looks and sounds as white as a Macdonalds milkshake. Nor are the people he executes solely white Christians.
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  • Killzone 2 review on Thursday

  • dirigiblebill 28/01/2009

    no body gives a fuck to what EUROGAMER says

    Evidently YOU do.
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  • Mana Khemia: Student Alliance

  • dirigiblebill 28/01/2009

    Now this I like. More plz. Reply 0
  • PSP-4000 in 2009, PSP2 later

  • dirigiblebill 18/12/2008

    Just buy the cheapest, you big girl. As the proud owner of a phat, I can tell you that there's not a whole lot between it and the 2000/3000. Screen is still brilliant (if slightly less so), battery life is still adequate, D-pad still sucks, etc. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 17/12/2008

    The PSP-sells-no-games argument: amusing better-informed people since 2007.


    You betcha sweet ass we are.

    /shields up
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  • dirigiblebill 16/12/2008

    The PSP-has-no-games argument: amusing better-informed people since 2007. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 16/12/2008

    Touch screen. Same buttons and D-pad, but more prominent and responsive - give the D-pad a circular base to make diagonal inputs easier. Remove the sticks entirely - I feel developers would be better served by not being invited to tailor PS2/360/PS3 shooters and action games to a cramped approximation of the Dualshock template. No more sort-of-OK-but-not-brilliant hand-me-downs from the home formats. 8GB hard drive (plus expansion slots). No UMD drive. Retail doesn't give a fuck about the PSP anyway, so take them out of the equation and make all the games downloadable.

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  • EG meets Konnie Huq

  • dirigiblebill 11/12/2008

    LeD: On his period since 1986

    I LOLed.

    However -

    "Moaning humourless gits: giving self-avowed easygoing types a reason to get on their high horses since 1981"
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  • dirigiblebill 11/12/2008

    Legend. Reply 0
  • Killzone 2

  • dirigiblebill 04/12/2008

    If so many of you people think Apologie's not worth the time of day, then why do you queue up to jerk him off so much?

    /retitles thread "Apologie appreciation thread"
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  • dirigiblebill 04/12/2008

    What it will catagorically will not be is the saviour of all the worlds kittens, and that's what it's being hyped as.

    Which is something Killzone 2 has in common with every other big budget release ever made.
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  • GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur

  • dirigiblebill 01/12/2008

    That review was so pretentious it made my eyes ache.

    Hate to say it, but I have to agree. Tom has an unrivalled critical and stylistic vocabulary, but I think he's somewhat overreached himself here. For example - "the almost-sensible price is derided by the superior value in PSN team-mate WipEout HD". Why "derided"? It adds nothing to the sentence other than the sense that the writer is trying too hard.

    He could have been on the piss, of course :D God knows I've written some awful shite under the influence.
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  • Work yet to start on FFXIII for Xbox 360

  • dirigiblebill 28/11/2008

    I'm in two minds about Final Fantasy XII. I found the first twenty hours of it irksome (and said so in an EG reader review), but I suspect I didn't approach it with the right mindset. Great games aren't always easy to appreciate.

    It's a long, long way from being a stinker, certainly. The aesthetics, dialogue and some aspects of the battle system are brilliant.
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  • R-Type Tactics

  • dirigiblebill 25/11/2008

    Nice to see EG reviewing something low-key - and on the PSP to boot. Easily one of my favourite handheld games at present, if far from perfect. Reply 0
  • Relic "definitely looking" at Homeworld 3

  • dirigiblebill 24/11/2008

    Lol, "blacked out" is it? "Old math or new math"? Those teasing sluts.

    Tell you what chaps - I'm going to turn my back for five seconds. When I turn round again I expect to see a copy of Homeworld 3. If it transpires that this is not the case I will have no choice but to SCREAM AND SCREAM AND SCREAM
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  • Left 4 Dead

  • dirigiblebill 19/11/2008

    The first three paragraphs told me more about this game than IGN and Gamedaily's reviews combined. For Christ's sake Kieron (and all EG contributors), don't change career. Reply 0
  • Monster Hunter 3

  • dirigiblebill 01/11/2008

    How does the camera handle, Keza? Is it completely manual, semi-automatic, etc..? Reply 0
  • The Last Remenant

  • dirigiblebill 26/10/2008


    Saxomophone? Obomoboe?
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  • Dead Space

  • dirigiblebill 13/10/2008

    Nice work Dan. How does it compare to The Suffering, if you don't mind my asking? An imperfect game if ever there was one, that, but somehow I couldn't put it down... Reply 0
  • LittleBigPlanet

  • dirigiblebill 13/10/2008

    I reckon Nick's a regular pretending to be a dickhole. Those crazy cats, eh? Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 13/10/2008

    Why do people keep quoting Mr Floppage? Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 13/10/2008

    "Eurogamer: Did you review the full and finished game or what's going on here??"

    No, they say so in the review (last sentence of penultimate paragraph of page 2). If you want the scoop, something's gotta give... ;)

    To be fair I think Oli was referring to the compulsory story levels, rather than optional speed challenges and such. You unlock the latter by finding keys in the compulsory levels.
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  • Irem remaking Spelunker for PS3

  • dirigiblebill 13/10/2008

    Glad to see a Disaster Report sequel in any way, shape or form.

    Irem are good lads. They did that PSP R-Type Tactics game, you know.
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  • LocoRoco 2

  • dirigiblebill 10/10/2008

    Does anyone think that apart from Loco Roco, Lumines and Patapon (and maybe Crush) there are any good games for the psp? Shoddy ports and old ps2 games dont count. Original IP only. Are there any? At all?

    Jesus Christ, didn't the PSP-has-no-games spiel go out of fashion back in 2006?
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  • Valkyria Chronicles

  • dirigiblebill 05/10/2008

    /is cheered by all the love directed at Ring of Red

    I think it would work extremely well on the PSP...
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  • dirigiblebill 05/10/2008

    The premise and certain mechanics put me vaguely in mind of Ring of Red. Anybody remember Ring of Red? Now there's an IP which deserves a second shot. Reply 0
  • Lock's Quest

  • dirigiblebill 01/10/2008

    Nice to see EG giving lower profile stuff like this coverage every once in a while. Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer TV Show: EG stars in Sacred 2

  • dirigiblebill 26/09/2008

    Get ready for legions of bashfully ironic, Queens English-speaking Orcs. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 trumps PS3 in Japan again

  • dirigiblebill 26/09/2008

    Way of the Samurai Portable! FUCK YEAH. Reply 0
  • Tenchu 4 - Gameplay trailer

  • dirigiblebill 09/09/2008

    Two words. (1) "A.I." (2) "camera"

    Wait, that's technically three words. Plus I forgot "controls."
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  • Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

  • dirigiblebill 06/09/2008

    I like it like a 6, personally. It's pretty terrible for all the reasons Kristan describes - except, perhaps, the invisible boundaries issue, which is negligible - but if you just want to run around inflicting satisfying but unsophisticated destruction it just about holds true.

    Spot on about the tie-straightening. After the first couple of cutscenes I wanted to throttle Solano with it (which I suppose could be the point).
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  • Final Fantasy Dissidia - Japanese trailer

  • dirigiblebill 04/09/2008

    Wooo Zidane. Wooo Squall. Reply 0
  • EVE Online: The Politics

  • dirigiblebill 04/09/2008

    Another +1 for "love the articles but simply don't have the time to play this"

    Hell, you could probably spin out a plot the length of the entire Xenosaga series on the basis of a single EVE conflict. Fascinating, but time-consuming.
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  • Exclusive: 13 minutes in Dead Space

  • dirigiblebill 01/09/2008

    Anyone else think the camera struggled when those beasties got up close and personal? And yes, I agree with earlier posters that the horror here is a little too bombastic.

    These issues aside, it's a tour de force. Reminds me rather heavily of Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason, if anyone's been keeping tabs on that. Well done EA.
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  • Fear and Levelling in Las Vegas

  • dirigiblebill 27/08/2008

    Great intro :D Reply 0
  • No FFXIII 360 for Japan: it's official

  • dirigiblebill 27/08/2008

    "I doubt anyone in Japan who owns a 360 doesn't have a PS3 too anyway"

    This may well be it. Major JRPG exclusives have given the 360 a boost in the past, but in the multiplatform stakes the PS3 would probably stamp it flat. SE presumably figure it's not worth the additional outlay to get a 360 version ready on time...
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  • Silent Hill: Homecoming - Trailer

  • dirigiblebill 25/08/2008

    Silent Hill needs its "Resident Evil 4" moment, basically. Reply 0
  • Bungie's Damian Isla

  • dirigiblebill 25/08/2008

    Very enjoyable interview. His point about AI being very much a part of a picture which includes physics, animation, level layout, etc is an interesting one. Reply 0
  • Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer

  • dirigiblebill 23/08/2008

    I'm a little worried about this obsession of Quantic Dreams with games being more like movies. Games aren't movies. They aren't interactive movies and nor should they be forced into being that.

    Quantic doesn't claim to want to replicate the feeling of watching a film, but that of making a film. "You don't watch the story, you play it, and even generate it. You are not only the actor, but the writer and the director of the experience." Heavy Rain isn't the first game to attempt this kind of fusion - Boom Blox, for instance, lets you implement spectacular action sequences like those of Indiana Jones - but it's one of the few to attempt it knowingly, and in terms of sheer intricacy - taking into account every possible narrative permutation - I'm not sure it has an equal.

    The proof will be in the pudding, of course, but done right, this could be a breakthrough of Citizen Kane-esque proportions.
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  • To Love-ru: Waku Waku - Butt scratch and cream

  • dirigiblebill 19/08/2008

    I ask you. Reply 0
  • Braid

  • dirigiblebill 06/08/2008

    A great review of what looks to be a breathtaking game. Ta very much sir :) Reply 0
  • Square Enix clarifies PSP game reveals

  • dirigiblebill 05/08/2008

    Whoopee, more PSP RPGs! Hopefully Agito won't turn out to be an NGage port. Reply 0
  • No Gravity: The Plague of Mind - Debut trailer

  • dirigiblebill 30/07/2008

    This has Colony Wars written all over it. Praise da Lord. Reply 0
  • Tomb Raider Underworld - Dev diary

  • dirigiblebill 24/07/2008

    Anyone else think that tentacle which comes through the floor in the final cut scene looks like a massive stiffie? Jeez, Lara's so hot even the environment has a hard-on... Reply 0
  • PlayStation Home

  • dirigiblebill 21/07/2008

    This is pretty vitriolic even for the average high profile comments thread. Somebody better nuke from orbit... Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 18/07/2008

    JSPOOLE to-do list:

    (1) Face the nearest brick wall.
    (2) Back up around, oh, fifty metres.
    (3) Put head down.
    (4) Sprint.
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  • Resistance 2

  • dirigiblebill 16/07/2008

    For example, "We had a lot of people talking about how the beginning wasn't what they wanted to see. The game didn't really get going until, say, Manchester. We've taken that to heart, so you're really going to see something different at the beginning of Resistance 2." Oh? "I'm not going to give it away though." Oh. It's not an even bigger cathedral, is it? "It will not be a cathedral. Or a mosque. No."

    Ellie sounds unbelievably bored in this one. That and jetlagged.
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  • Yggdra Union

  • dirigiblebill 04/07/2008

    Jesus, that looks so OTT it should be on the Graham Norton Show. Reply 0