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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a world at war with itself

  • dirigiblebill 03/12/2015

    @dogmanstaruk Oh come on, dude. This is a game that references Nietzsche, transhumanism and the prospect of artificial intelligence. To insist that it's just the usual popcorn fluff is to do it, and the developer, a disservice. My analysis is entirely appropriate to the subject matter. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 03/12/2015

    @CR There's a difference between mere cinematic excess and the kind of fragmented nihilism you get in Black Ops 3. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 at 10: The brilliance of the 360's dashboard

  • dirigiblebill 23/11/2015

    "You could even point to Xbox 360's Kinect (though it probably won't pick you up for a few seconds)."

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 review

  • dirigiblebill 10/11/2015

    @smelly Hey up, reviewer here. Just to note that there is in fact a separate article on the campaign (follow the link in the second paragraph). Reply 0
  • OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood review

  • dirigiblebill 03/03/2015

    I think it's a disgrace that Oli didn't review this. It was right there for the taking, guys. Reply +70
  • Moving targets: the scattergun politics of Far Cry 4

  • dirigiblebill 02/12/2014

    Hey everybody - author here. Thanks for the thoughts, here are a couple more from me. First off, this isn't an "attack" - it's criticism, and criticism mixed with praise at that. I'm sure Ubisoft Montreal can take it :)

    As I wrote, I think the game is masterful in many respects, and I certainly don't begrudge anybody's wanting to ignore the political side of it and tear around blowing things up, but the political side of it IS there, and to exclude it from analysis is to do the work a disservice. If the idea were to make a game that's "purely about fun", they wouldn't have included a mission set in a prison camp or invoked the idea of persecution according to belief.
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  • X-Wing Retrospective

  • dirigiblebill 01/07/2012

    @D_arkTrooper You beauty. Thanks for those links. Reply +1
  • Realm of the Mad God Review

  • dirigiblebill 02/04/2012

    EG/Stanton - you might also want to consider the hectic brilliance that is Transformice. http://www.transformice.com/ Reply 0
  • When Is a Game Not a Game?

  • dirigiblebill 11/03/2012

    Much as I enjoyed this, there's a certain element of having your cake and eating it. "The 'is it a game' argument stops us having more interesting ones," you say. But isn't your article essentially an exercise in re-definition, one that makes room for the less-accepted possibilities of Dear Esther, LSD and co? Doesn't that demonstrate that debates over what constitutes a game are, in fact, worth having? Reply +1
  • MotorStorm RC Review

  • dirigiblebill 27/02/2012

    The result looks and plays a lot like the classic Micro Machines
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  • Deep Insecurity

  • dirigiblebill 11/01/2011

    "No it isn't, because it's illogical and it does nothing to explain why ease of piracy - which would logically REDUCE legitimate sales per machine - in fact coincides with the opposite effect."

    Just to chip in here - a high software attach ratio could be positioned as a cause of increasing piracy because software attach ratios are, to a degree, registers of demand, and I think it's fair to assume that pirates, whether they want to earn a living from their "trade" or not, will follow demand.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • dirigiblebill 02/12/2010

    Great piece of writing - and masterfully tuned to Eurogamer sensibilities too (i.e. DANCE, YOU POP CULTURE ALLUSIONS, DANCE!)

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  • ScamVille

  • dirigiblebill 30/11/2009

    Good summary of the issues by Rob, good (and challenging) comments from industry insiders (or people who appear to be so). Thanks everybody. Reply 0
  • Monster Hunter Tri

  • dirigiblebill 28/10/2009

    So which will you be playing more, Keza - this or Demon Souls? I loved MHF2, glad to see they've finally got round to doing a proper online component. Reply +1
  • PSPgone

  • dirigiblebill 03/10/2009

    Good article, particularly this point: "...a solid concept that was tugged in every direction by competing needs and ideas within Sony."

    The lack of a touch screen is irksome. Together with the sliding form factor, this would have put clear light between PSPgo and the iPod Touch/iPhone - slide it open for "trad" D-pad and face button gaming, slide it closed for short-burn Mini experiences, music and internet browsing.

    PS. I wonder how much credibility there is to the idea that a costly, feature-crippled PSPgo is the price we pay for the PS3 Slim and PS3 price-drops?
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  • Nintendo games dominating in 2009

  • dirigiblebill 06/07/2009

    A more accurate headline would be "Nintendo games dominating UK in 2009". Reply +6
  • Prototype

  • dirigiblebill 12/06/2009

    I should know better than to comment, but you, Mr Fapula, are an irrational twat of the very, very highest order. Congratulations.

    Do you want a medal? How about a punch in the face?
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  • Tecmo unveils Undead Knights for PSP

  • dirigiblebill 08/06/2009

    "unveils"? We've known about this for a while.

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  • inFamous

  • dirigiblebill 22/05/2009

    What I love about his last post (other than the fact that he seems to think bolding something is a good substitute for, you know, proving it) is that Zedux actually stopped to explain what "STFU" stands for. Now that's considerate forum behaviour, kids. Reply +1
  • dirigiblebill 21/05/2009

    This review is terrible because it has reminded me that the internet is full of delusional, barely literate walking scrotal sacks.

    To anybody bitching about the score - please kindly take a big step back, unzip your flies and fuck your own face.
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  • dirigiblebill 21/05/2009

    "I POSIT that I cannot CONFIRM or DENY EG score until I ACTUALLY played the game and FORMED my own JUDGEMENT."

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  • Demon's Souls

  • dirigiblebill 24/04/2009


    As I'll never own a PS3 I'll just have to wait for the 360 port.
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  • dirigiblebill 23/04/2009

    MisterCraig - I suspect she was being figurative :p Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 23/04/2009

    Jesus H Christ. I had no idea this game existed and now I want it so much I'm considering selling a kidney.

    Superb, well-structured and detailed review, Keza - you should show us some love at Kikizo one of these days ;)
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  • Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

  • dirigiblebill 23/04/2009

    An interesting but by the sounds of it not entirely advisable reversal of the series' long-running soul-collection mechanic. Reply 0
  • Little King's Story

  • dirigiblebill 23/04/2009

    Which one did you watch first? Reply 0
  • BioShock 2

  • dirigiblebill 21/04/2009

    What's your occupation? Literary? Academic?

    From what I can remember of it, that article wouldn't have looked out of place on Gamasutra.
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  • dirigiblebill 20/04/2009


    I recall reading your "rant" a year or two back. Good stuff - would like to see more. Do you write regularly for any sites?
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  • BioShock 2: the cutting room floor

  • dirigiblebill 20/04/2009

    Hell, at least you tied yourself in knots over the tricksy matter of objectivism. I once ground myself into a wall trying to ask some chap what he thought of DLC. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

  • dirigiblebill 16/02/2009

    Christ, a Scorsese fanboy. That's a new one.

    /takes notes
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  • Flower

  • dirigiblebill 16/02/2009

    "Learn how to play fuckign videogames dumbasses"

    "Fuck IGN" is a genre now?
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  • dirigiblebill 14/02/2009

    The power of brand association, eh? It's the foible of a weak mind.

    I would have hoped a man who uses words and phrases like "brand association" or "foible" would be capable of more than the partisan bilge you like to void over these hallowed pages. Are you sure you're not just taking the piss? :)
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  • dirigiblebill 11/02/2009

    Ah, farticus, how are the mighty fallen. I remember not so long ago you were picking on big, khaki meathead shooters like Resistance 2, games with a bit of fight to 'em, not brightly coloured budget-priced lunch-break-fillers like this one. Your standards are slipping, you abysmal little testicle sack. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 5

  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009


    You wouldn't be naively and destructively writing off an accusation of racist content, would you?

    No I'm intelligently and rationally dismissing an accusation of racist content.

    Presumably you're referring to the following?:

    The game designers are free to set their game in Africa. They are free to make their zombies black. It makes for an atmospheric setting. If they want to have a white woman dragged off by blacks - zombies or not - then they should go right ahead. To make an issue out of it is to perpetuate these issues of race. It's part of this particular story, and it creates mood.

    I think you're right to argue that there is nothing racist per se about a violent action game set in Africa, featuring African zombies, and that to cry havoc over this risks precisely the counter-productiveness you describe, but again, the incident with the white blonde woman is a clear instance of racist stereotyping in the name of entertainment. This is no plot device - the developer deliberately and arbitrarily confronts you with the sight of an ostentatiously white woman being assaulted by a black person because it wants to play on the connotations of such an image for dramatic effect.
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  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009

    To write off any accusation of racist content which admits the faintest shadow of a doubt as knee-jerk political correctness would be destructively naive.

    I agree with that. The Rodney King beating - fair enough: racist assault. Resi 5's setting and set pieces: move along.

    You wouldn't be naively and destructively writing off an accusation of racist content, would you?
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  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009

    My point is that the scramble to decry racism promotes racism as a corollary. This form of political correctness is self-defeating.

    A fair point. But the fact remains that racism exists in every society, and not always - indeed, rarely - in easily identifiable and counterable ways. To write off any accusation of racist content which admits the faintest shadow of a doubt as knee-jerk political correctness would be destructively naive.
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  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009

    Sadly not, Feanor - we're not allowed to lift screens or footage from the preview build. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009

    re. 'it's that the woman is so prominently, shockingly white'

    And what...pray tell.....is the definition of 'whiteness' that you are basing that comment on? Are blonde people more white than brunettes? I have brown hair - how 'white' am I?

    I mean the depiction conforms to a very widely promulgated popular stereotype of Anglo-Saxon whiteness - bleached blonde, porcelain-skinned, high cheekbones (possibly even blue-eyed as well, if I remember right). I guess you'll have to watch it to be persuaded of this, but believe me - it's an entirely non-naturalistic, provocative portrayal.
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  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009

    It's only a racially informed sequence if you're focussing on the races of the characters involved.

    Personally, I see people, not races. I expect you'll call me naive (or indeed a idealist...).

    More wilfully blinkered, I think :)

    It's not just that Capcom decided to use a white woman rather than a black woman (which would have made far, far more sense within the narrative) for that sequence, it's that the woman is so prominently, shockingly white. For a moment or two I thought I was watching a scene from some Victorian gothic novel.
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  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009

    Using the above as an example - should we be seeing a blonde, white lady being dragged off by a group of black men, or just a person being dragged off by some other people?

    No, you should be seeing a long-haired blonde, white, highly photogenic lady wearing a lacey black night dress who has no apparent reason to be hanging around a South African shanty town being dragged off, beaten and virally impregnated by a group of black men. There's no question that it's a racially informed (not to mention mildly misogynistic) sequence.
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  • dirigiblebill 05/02/2009

    I have to agree with Crofto's defence of the control scheme (though not his point that co-op breaks the game) but otherwise what an excellent article. I finished my own preview last night, and shamefully made no mention of the game's casually stereotypical content, even those segments which ram it down your throat. To reiterate, the incident with the white blonde woman is given absolutely no narrative context or justification - it's there purely to create a sensation, to tap into a history of racist imagery with which many players, I suspect, will be sadly over-familiar.

    Where was the media frenzy surrounding Assassin's Creed (where the protagonist is ultimately a Middle-eastern Muslim executing white Christians)? The hypocrisy is astounding.

    Altair's bio might claim he's native to the Middle East (it doesn't say that he's a Muslim, as far as I recall), but the man looks and sounds as white as a Macdonalds milkshake. Nor are the people he executes solely white Christians.
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  • Killzone 2 review on Thursday

  • dirigiblebill 28/01/2009

    no body gives a fuck to what EUROGAMER says

    Evidently YOU do.
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  • Mana Khemia: Student Alliance

  • dirigiblebill 28/01/2009

    Now this I like. More plz. Reply 0
  • PSP-4000 in 2009, PSP2 later

  • dirigiblebill 18/12/2008

    Just buy the cheapest, you big girl. As the proud owner of a phat, I can tell you that there's not a whole lot between it and the 2000/3000. Screen is still brilliant (if slightly less so), battery life is still adequate, D-pad still sucks, etc. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 17/12/2008

    The PSP-sells-no-games argument: amusing better-informed people since 2007.


    You betcha sweet ass we are.

    /shields up
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  • dirigiblebill 16/12/2008

    The PSP-has-no-games argument: amusing better-informed people since 2007. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 16/12/2008

    Touch screen. Same buttons and D-pad, but more prominent and responsive - give the D-pad a circular base to make diagonal inputs easier. Remove the sticks entirely - I feel developers would be better served by not being invited to tailor PS2/360/PS3 shooters and action games to a cramped approximation of the Dualshock template. No more sort-of-OK-but-not-brilliant hand-me-downs from the home formats. 8GB hard drive (plus expansion slots). No UMD drive. Retail doesn't give a fuck about the PSP anyway, so take them out of the equation and make all the games downloadable.

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  • EG meets Konnie Huq

  • dirigiblebill 11/12/2008

    LeD: On his period since 1986

    I LOLed.

    However -

    "Moaning humourless gits: giving self-avowed easygoing types a reason to get on their high horses since 1981"
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  • dirigiblebill 11/12/2008

    Legend. Reply 0
  • Killzone 2

  • dirigiblebill 04/12/2008

    If so many of you people think Apologie's not worth the time of day, then why do you queue up to jerk him off so much?

    /retitles thread "Apologie appreciation thread"
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