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  • The unspoken rules of For Honor

  • dirigiblebill 24/02/2017

    @Radish My bad - I suggested that one to Wes, said "round" instead of "match".

    I've been pleasantly surprised, incidentally, by how many people in Duels are happy to go another match with you even if you're patently the weaker player.
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  • Quote is a brawler for the post-truth era

  • dirigiblebill 21/02/2017

    @captain-T-dawg Nah, it's all about hitting things! Though there's a slight puzzle element where you combine items to form sentences. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 21/02/2017

    @berelain Not sure if the CMS would allow that, but I'll see if I can't make more of a point of differentiating these pieces from previews in future. Reply +2
  • dirigiblebill 21/02/2017

    @berelain Thanks for the feedback. These 500-word-ish pieces aren't really previews, though (and aren't badged as such) - more quick-fix columns that focus on a particular aspect of a game. Reply +2
  • dirigiblebill 21/02/2017

    @internisus Glad you enjoyed the focus on themes/aesthetics. Always good to cover the basics, though! Reply +1
  • dirigiblebill 21/02/2017

    I think what the good captain means is "tell me about the controls", which I did skim over. You use WASD to move and mouse clicks to punch/throw. Reply +1
  • For Honor, online disconnects and the problem with peer-to-peer

  • dirigiblebill 21/02/2017

    Hey all. I wrote Eurogamer's review (of the PS4 version) - sorry that people are experiencing problems, but I honestly didn't run into that many last week, possibly because I spent more of my time duelling and brawling rather than in the bigger team modes (I wanted to dig into how the movesets stack up one-on-one, and it's obviously hard to do that in Dominion, when there are loads of players running all over the map). I could certainly have talked about the game using p2p, though, so guilty as charged on that count. Reply +1
  • Dead Space is the sequel Resident Evil 4 deserved

  • dirigiblebill 19/02/2017

    Dead Space's in-world holographic UI is staggering, even today - such a gorgeously worked-through way of reconciling the design with the fiction. It can be hard to get devs to speak about their influences, but I'd bet more than a few people at Ubisoft Montreal took inspiration from it. Reply +32
  • All work and no play

  • dirigiblebill 18/02/2017

    @woobstick @seasidebaz Whoops. I have fixed! Reply +6
  • For Honor review

  • dirigiblebill 17/02/2017

    @imagonnawin It's true that it takes a while to unlock stuff, but we're talking about inessential gear and new outfits. It's not like you need any of that to play the game - they're just cosmetic flourishes and ways of tweaking characters a bit once you know what you're doing. Reply +1
  • Why Halo's biggest problem may be Halo itself

  • dirigiblebill 15/02/2017

    @Rogueywon I think there's a lot you can do with the raw materials of Halo's expanded universe but sure, it's steeped in cliche, and the actual literature in question tends to be pretty dire.

    I wonder if there's something to be said for a game set in the same universe that doesn't wear the Halo moniker. Free up the designers and writers a bit, while creating intrigue around the game's precise connection to the others. I'd say they should let another third-party have a crack at a mainline entry - Retro, perhaps, with 343 handling the multiplayer? - but given the cash Microsoft has spent on 343, that seems rather unlikely.
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  • dirigiblebill 15/02/2017

    @FuzzyMetal If you do indeed own that bookazine I can only apologise for all the typos - it was my first proper stab at editing a bookazine and I was juggling commitments. Reply +1
  • Nine years later, one feature in GTA4 has never been bettered - here's its story

  • dirigiblebill 12/02/2017

    Can't let talk of GTA 4 physics go past without bringing up Poonikins. Hey, I don't make the rules.

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  • The Wild Eight is survivalism served extra-cold

  • dirigiblebill 08/02/2017

    @FrostedSloth As far as I'm aware, you can't torture people with an electric lasso in this one. Reply +1
  • dirigiblebill 08/02/2017

    @Boomerang I don't know, after 10 years as a videogames journalist I could do with a reminder. Reply +4
  • Broken dragons: In praise of Morrowind, a game about game design

  • dirigiblebill 07/02/2017

    @HappyGator Sorry. Fixed! Reply +2
  • dirigiblebill 07/02/2017

    @distantlurker Honestly, I'm not sure I'd say it's the best - I genuinely had more fun wandering around Skyrim - but I think it's the most ambitious and imaginative in many respects. Reply 0
  • Why the future of Deus Ex lies with its past

  • dirigiblebill 03/02/2017

    @BabyBabyBabyOh Sorry, I sat on my keyboard and forgot to edit it out. Reply +3
  • Stellaris: Utopia expansion lets you build Dyson spheres, ringworlds

  • dirigiblebill 03/02/2017

    @riceNpea This rabbit hole has no bottom!

    /takes notes

    In all seriousness, the fact that we're having a discussion about fictional megastructures in a comments thread for some videogame DLC is why I love Eurogamer.
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  • dirigiblebill 02/02/2017

    @michaelrand You are quite correct, sorry. Updated! Reply +1
  • Hitman: The Complete First Season review

  • dirigiblebill 01/02/2017

    @KlingonDouchebag Hey ho - I wasn't really trying to say that Hitman is the superior stealth game, just that Dishonored/Arkane might learn from how IO has succeeded by going episodic. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 01/02/2017

    @Camilitus I did intend to bring the English voice-acting up, but it slipped my mind. There's a practical consideration, of course, but yeah, it's a little weird/George Lucas-ish when you're in Bangkok and everybody sounds like Jerry off Rick and Morty. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 31/01/2017

    @nitindahyabhai Ah, my bad. Updated! Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review

  • dirigiblebill 23/01/2017

    @captain-T-dawg Hey up. The 40 mins line isn't about how long I played the game in VR, it's roughly how long I could play it without feeling noticeably ill. Definitely interested to read a piece based on an initial playthrough in VR, though. As you say, knowing where the scary bits are dulls their impact. Reply +11
  • Yakuza 0 review

  • dirigiblebill 21/01/2017

    @shehzaanshazabdulla It's true that you didn't actually write "the critic should always defer to the maker". But when you style the writer "dense" and immature for disregarding the developer's "expectation", castigate him for "flagrantly ignoring" it and enjoin him to "improve his craft", etc, it's reasonable to infer that interpreting the game as its creators would wish is what's fundamentally at stake. Or rather, "what its creators would wish" as defined by you, a fellow third-party with, I am sure, no underlying socio-political biases whatsoever ;)

    PS. This was written in response to your original reply, which you've now added to. Sorry, got stuff to attend to now, but briefly, sure - presenting an argument in context is important. I think Chris has managed that here, though - he does touch on the split between the main narrative and side activities, albeit in passing, and the preemptive rebutting of the argument that the game's sexual politics are true to the period is useful - it was my immediate objection on reading that paragraph.
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  • dirigiblebill 21/01/2017

    @shehzaanshazabdulla "Does the author realise that the game compartmentalises the ridiculous and the serious? Yes, you'll see silly antics like the wrestling and glowing characters in battle, but you'll never see those aspects cross the divide into the story."

    So in other words - part of the game sits behind a giant "not serious guyz" sign and we should simply take it at its word? I've yet to play Yakuza 0 but I think this is rather naive, if not disingenuous. The job of a critic isn't to withhold comment where the creator implicitly or explicitly encourages them to - it's to analyse the work in itself. Authorial intent may of course have a bearing on that analysis, but if it dictates your reaction then you're writing promotional copy, not criticism.
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  • Overwatch has become my favourite tawdry soap opera

  • dirigiblebill 26/12/2016


    Gah. That's going to haunt me till New Year.

    I should probably note, btw, that this was written before the recent announcements about Tracer's sexuality - as revolting as elements of the backlash have been, the continued tension between fan interpretations of characters and their official backstories is interesting. I wonder whether we're heading for a Mass Effect 3 ending-style bust-up.
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  • Dead Rising 4 outsold The Last Guardian

  • dirigiblebill 12/12/2016

    @frazzl @frazzl "All of them play largely identically to me" is an observation so broad it defies a response. I genuinely wouldn't know where to start. Can you really see no difference between, say, BO3 and Modern Warfare 3?

    It's true that I made a similarly off-the-cuff remark with regard to DR4 and comparable games, but in my case, I'm adding to/summarising a 2000 word review, linked in the piece above. You suggest that I'm a hypocrite for preferring one series instalment over another on the grounds of over-familiarity, but that claim only holds up if you disregard what I actually wrote in the reviews you cite.

    Anyhoo, I feel that we're going in circles here, so I might duck out at this stage. Thanks for the comments.
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  • dirigiblebill 12/12/2016

    @frazzl Well, until you do "open that can of worms" and dig into the specifics of the reviews/games in question, it's hard to know what to make of your feedback. I liked Blops 3 and found DR4 to be middling for a number of quite different reasons - all I'm getting from you is that various games should/shouldn't have been recommended, and I should be less "snarky", whatever that means in practice. Which is fine - I don't expect you to make time for a point-by-point rebuttal! Happy to draw a line under the conversation here if you have other things to do. But if you're genuinely after a discussion this isn't the best way to start one. Reply +6
  • dirigiblebill 12/12/2016

    @frazzl I found Blops 3 to be gripping if flawed - a decent advance over AW for the MP, plus one of COD's more self-aware and hectic campaigns. It got a lot wrong but to my mind it's a much more interesting, complex piece of work than DR4. Or, for that matter, this year's Infinite Warfare, which I didn't recommend either. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 12/12/2016

    Feel moved to add (this is Edwin btw) that I don't actively hate Dead Rising 4 - I just can't think of a pressing reason for it to exist. It's a softer, simpler and more accessible version of a once-intriguing formula which is enjoyable enough in bursts but lacks for a noteworthy feature. There are a bajillion open world games with item-crafting and either zombies or zombie-type foes in which you trot around at whim, hoovering up the #content - I don't begrudge anybody getting a kick out of this, the bajillionth and one example, but I certainly wouldn't give anybody a nudge in its direction. Reply +9
  • Capcom Vancouver defends Dead Rising 4's "super-polarising" changes

  • dirigiblebill 24/11/2016

    @Frosty840 Honestly, I haven't seen enough to pass a judgement, but yeah, I think the unrelenting passage of time added something vital - it made the world feel like more of a world, rather than just a big old bowl of content, and gave you an incentive to plan. Tom's write-up is worth revisiting.

    As for how the campaign progresses - it's broken into chapters but you can always rove around doing open worldy secondary stuff if preferred.
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  • dirigiblebill 24/11/2016

    @Frosty840 I'm aware that the timer mechanic was dialled down in DR3, but it's still there in various ways - here, it's gone entirely. And I'm aware that combo vehicles are a returning feature. Fair play about the crafting tables, though - clean forgot that they'd already done away with them. Reply +1
  • Dishonored 2 review

  • dirigiblebill 16/11/2016

    @Return-of-Jafar "Using the chain domino effect as a metaphor for destruction of rank and equality in death stops being about the game and it's creators' intent and all about the reviewers philosophical musings."

    I'm not sure it's going to repay me to join this discussion, but - the point about Domino draws on a chat about characterisation through ability design with Harvey Smith, Arkane's creative director. (It's published in an old issue of OXM, I think.)

    I'm sorry if you'd have preferred a more functional analysis, but there *is* an awful lot in the review about things like how upgrades work, level layouts/obstacles, etc. Believe me, if I were writing a "philosophical deepdive" there would have been a lot more mind-numbing theory in the piece, and a lot less "you can use X to do Y" ;)
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  • Mafia 3 review

  • dirigiblebill 12/10/2016

    @LittleBigDave Well, I guess we'll have to disagree as to the extent of white privilege and whether talking about it is counterproductive. Personally, I don't see discussions of this sort as an exercise in "constant guilt and acknowledgement" - it's about making life better for all concerned, by highlighting the flaws in a partisan system that, ultimately, hurts everybody regardless of origin. Reply -1
  • dirigiblebill 12/10/2016

    @LittleBigDave Don't you think you're jumping to conclusions a little? Acknowledging that I and other white men have enjoyed and continue to enjoy immense privilege does not mean I think that all white men are "playing through life on easy mode" - that we don't suffer hardship, or that we aren't subject to prejudice. I've had plenty of brushes with depression myself. And referencing my own possible racial bias in regard to a game so devoted to the subject of race relations isn't "self-flagellation", it's just the responsible thing to do. In any case, the intro is partly just designed to show that even a technical flaw can resonate with a narrative theme in the right circumstances. Reply +4
  • dirigiblebill 12/10/2016

    @Tjam84 Honestly, I think the review tells you everything you really need to know about how the game plays, but sorry to hear you (and assorted upvoters) were after something more granular - I'll be sure to keep that in mind next time. Reply +7
  • Gears of War 4 review

  • dirigiblebill 12/10/2016

    @pleshy Hey, thanks for the thoughts. I'm external, so don't really have any say on EG's approach to release impressions/review verdicts, but will bear all this in mind for the future. I think reviewing games based on what you think people buy them for is risky - it's speculation based on anecdotal evidence - but sure, it's best to cover all aspects of the work in one piece where possible. Reply +2
  • dirigiblebill 11/10/2016

    @jabberwoky You're welcome! Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 11/10/2016

    @pleshy Hey up - again, the early impressions piece is basically Part 1 of the review. It covers the campaign based on a full playthrough on retail code. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 11/10/2016

    @chucklepie The campaign impressions piece was based on review code, not an unfinished version - "once we've had experience of the full game" equals "once we've covered every aspect of the game".

    As for this approach being "lazy" - mate, you must be off your rocker. One article is easier to write than two! I'd have happily spent all of 6th October playing the game rather than rushing to get a piece written for the embargo.
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  • dirigiblebill 11/10/2016

    Hey all (specifically @jabberwoky and @chucklepie). Sorry for the confusion about single player - it's discussed at length in my first impressions piece, which is based on a full playthrough on Hardcore. Click the link that reads "exquisitely imagined and paced". Reply +13
  • 'We came in a little tentative' - the Coalition talks life after Gears of War 4

  • dirigiblebill 09/10/2016

    @Pasco There's subtlety, and then there's declining to really discuss, or build upon, the political dimensions of your work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for massive signs everywhere reading "global warming is happening guyz", but I think it would have been fascinating if they'd taken that side of the universe further, rather than settling back into a more familiar us-vs-munsters storyline.

    As regards the MGS/LG references - that's just a couple of parallels off the top of my head, not a direct comparison.
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  • Our Mafia 3 review will be late - here's why

  • dirigiblebill 07/10/2016

    @sizu_sizu Glad to hear it. I was promised a copy yesterday, too, before they decided not to send out review code at all. Again, I'd have made alternative plans had there been more notice. Reply 0
  • dirigiblebill 07/10/2016

    @sizu_sizu And it not being available before release. I bought a copy for review today. I'm occasionally able to source my own code before release in these situations, but in this instance they told me about the delay at the last minute. Reply 0
  • Gears of War 4 is smarter than it is sensational

  • dirigiblebill 06/10/2016

    @Dismiss I'm interested to find out how people get on with the first two acts, yeah - the DBs are fun visually but not especially exotic in practice. Having played some of the early game for preview, I wasn't sure how much of that was just down to me revisiting the same material. Reply +1
  • dirigiblebill 06/10/2016

    @AgentDaleCooper I'll do my best not to repeat myself, don't worry. As with last year's Blops 3 review, the "full review" will probably be more of a part two. Reply +10
  • Pirates of the airwaves: How Sega won the hearts and minds of a generation

  • dirigiblebill 25/09/2016

    Hah, I remember when Pirate TV appeared as a strip in Sonic the Comic. I'd never seen the ads for some strange reason and was all like "WTF". Not that we had "WTF" in those days. Anyway, great feature. Reply +1
  • BioShock's fascinating but inescapable failure

  • dirigiblebill 17/09/2016

    Thanks for the comments all. I won't reply to them all individually or at great length, but a point I think several of you are perhaps missing is that I'm not merely branding the game a failure for being linear.

    "Bioshock's failure" isn't just that it fails to allow meaningful choice within a closed system - as some have noted, you could argue the same of many or most games - but that it consciously and explicitly performs that failure. It fails deliberately, in other words, in order to make a statement about itself and its peers. In that regard it's actually a bit of a triumph, albeit a deflating one, and I hope the paragraphs on the execution of the twist demonstrate this. The problem is that neither its successors nor other games in the genre have come up with convincing responses to the internal contradictions it poses.

    I feel the headline (which is more or less the same one I pitched) could have made this clearer, so sorry about that. It sounds like I'm just bashing the game, when what I really wanted to do was analyse how it bashes itself, so to speak :)

    PS. Oh, and as ever with more theoretically-minded analyses of this sort, it is perfectly fine to enjoy the game without dwelling on these things. I trust you all to know your own minds on the subject.
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  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided review

  • dirigiblebill 23/08/2016


    "We're so distracted by old demons and petty superficial differences that we're simply not addressing planetary issues that will end future generations."

    I don't think it has to be an either/or thing. We have the ability to do both - address the impending destruction of our habitat, and tackle the prejudices that lead to inequality and oppression. Indeed, you can argue that the two problems are inextricably intertwined - that the same economic and social structures which ensure some groups prosper at the expense of others are also responsible for our present ecological plight. But that's perhaps a topic for another thread.
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