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  • Blizzard announces Timewalking feature for World of Warcraft

  • dingo75 16/04/2015

    @Kremlik No worries.

    We talk 2005 or 2006 here so long time ago :)
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  • dingo75 16/04/2015

    Original FIVE man Scholo.
    10 man was easy mode as well as 10 man Strath, LBRS and 15 man UBRS...

    Blizzard had an awesome idea making those quests only able to be completed in 5 man.
    Showed who knows how to play and who doesn't + the item in Scholo to see the ghosts was useful for repairs / consumables.

    Oh and also those little quirks like "let make the Warlock shoulder tier item drop from the boss everyone wants to skip (Jania)" or "let's make the pally horse event in Rattlegore's lair so they have to clear out the lair and be quick with the event or there will be respawns."
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  • dingo75 16/04/2015

    Wow if they make the Burning Crusade ones like back in the day I smell a lot of tears!
    Some of them were brutal in non-guild runs (Heroic versions).

    If they wanted to get the full mile they should also add the classic ones like original Scholo or a sweet Baron timed run to rescue the Argent Crusader.

    People on our server didn't believe Baron 5 man could be done until we did it and posted a screenshot in the forums.
    The trick was to not fully rest up after each trash pull but to continue pulling until the healer was really out of mana and then let him regen to 50% only or so. We learned that during Molten Core when our raid leaders forced us to do it by chain pulling.
    Good old times :)
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  • Just Cause 3's new brand of chaos, and its (asynchronous) multiplayer

  • dingo75 13/02/2015

    Hm sounds like a mod for Just Cause 2 up to the "liberate island from dictator part).
    Can just replay that if I feel the itch.

    Will get it cheap from a Steam sale I guess.
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  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • dingo75 12/02/2015

    @Mr-Zoo Great idea!
    I would be in as well. Make it so that we can send money via Paypal.
    Might put this to Reddit. That community is quite generous at times!

    I would have sold that "video" to the highest bidder if I'd won given that I don't like Peter at all.
    Probably some rich guy would have been curious enough to shell out some money.

    Maybe I also would have shamed good old Pete a bit while giving interviews pointing out that I don't expect anything from him.

    Then again I'm not 18 anymore and learned to be cautious around snake oil men like Pete.
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  • Legless Princess Peach Amiibo on eBay for $3500

  • dingo75 04/12/2014

    Guess that Arabian Nintendo collector from last week holding the world record will have a field day!
    However he needs two of each if I recall correctly...
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  • World of Warcraft, nine years later: Can I get a res?

  • dingo75 28/11/2014

    I raided until the end of WoTLK and then my small guild stopped existing due to real life (new jobs, kids etc.).
    We were pretty good for a while with a server first and Horde first (ZG Hexxer, AQ20 clear) and BWL cleared in 2 1/2 weeks after Razorgore finally fell but it took its toll on our real lives. Only in WoTLK we had found a good balance and it was the best time in my WoW life with us "noobs" coming up to the Lich King.
    Since then I come back for the expansions of course in the form of the Collector's Editions (old habits die slow), play to max level on my Undead rogue and Orc warlock (the only female Orc warlock for some time in vanilla) and then unsub after 2-3 months.
    In Pandaland I did all Heroics and then mainly played "Pokemon" (pet battles).

    Currently my Draenor CE is still sealed on my desk along with a 60 day Gamecard.

    It's really nice that I have come to terms with WoW like Robert these days.
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  • Learning to raid: in praise of WOW's finest dungeon

  • dingo75 24/11/2014

    Couldn't a rogue with maxed out lockpicking open the door for everyone just like in Scholomance and the first dungeon location in BWL (the Fire Orc bastion thing)?
    I don't recall needing an attunement for anything but Onyxia, BWL and Black Temple raiding-wise. Well ok water vials from Hydraxian Waterlords for MC if you want to count that.
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  • The Xbook One is a $1500 Xbox One laptop

  • dingo75 15/09/2014

    @barongimpy Yup you would take naked selfies with your iPhone and upload it to iCloud! ;) Reply 0
  • The Sims 4 pirated copies include censoring "glitch"

  • dingo75 05/09/2014

    Yup that kind of pirate trickery worked fine for the first Assassin's Creed and especially well for Iron Lore's "Titan Quest"...

    Oh no wait! Iron Lore went out of business as people thought their game was a buggy piece of shit and retailers dropped the first AC's price almost instantly.

    All you create with this are a lot of people asking for support binding resources and word of mouth that your game is an unstable piece of garbage!
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  • These are your Dragon Age: Inquisition party members

  • dingo75 03/07/2014

    Dragon Age: Origins party member Leliana, the human rogue/bard, returns as a part of your Inquisition but as an advisor in charge of your agents and spies.
    Hey! Where have you left your female lover (my character the Grey Warden)?
    The plan was to settle down in a far away land after the end of Origins...
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  • Metro Redux release date announced

  • dingo75 24/06/2014

    [Note: This doesn't work with the bundle, so you'll have to purchase the games separately.]
    It did for me yesterday (19,99 EUR for the pack).
    Was considering pre-ordering but decided against it for now as I have all the DLC for Metro Last Light already.
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  • DICE ponders: what did people really like about Battlefield: Bad Company?

  • dingo75 24/06/2014

    PC player here as well who thinks BF:BC2 is the best Battlefield.
    Granted I'm mainly a single player focused person and in that regard BC2 beat most other shooters that also focus on multiplayer hands down.

    It was lighthearted with a bunch of crazy characters with a lot of fun banter. I made a ton of screenshots with subtitles and still have them ("The Dallas Cowboys go to war every Sunday!"). Also one of the most memorable scenes is when you are being shelled by your own comrades (friendly fire with mortars) and the only thing you can do is trying to get down that hill ASAP dodging incoming rounds. Made me sweat in real life on front of the screen.

    COD series is simply boring in single player since at least MW3. All they do is command you around like a little lap dog. ("Charlie open that door!" "I take point!" "Charlie turn that handle! Now!").
    It's again the same thing with Advanced something COD based on that E3 trailer ("CLOSE THE HATCH!").
    BF3s single player was boring as well apart from blowing the Eiffel Tower to pieces including the jet pilot wanting you to re-affirm the order. That was the only cool moment in that campaign!
    I didn't get Ghosts or BF4 as I'm not interested in those campaigns anymore.

    I think it's important for those developers to know that there are people out there that still focus on single player and will not buy multiplayer-only games.
    That's why I have no interest in Titanfall, The Division or The Crew although I'm a big Ubisoft game nut buying every Far Cry and AC.
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  • uPlay issues affect Watch Dogs on PS4 and Xbox One, too

  • dingo75 29/05/2014

    Remind me to get a huge bowl of popcorn once "The Division" and "The Crew" will be released.
    Both multiplayer-only games will be fun on Uplay.
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  • Watch Dogs PC unplayable for many due to Uplay errors

  • dingo75 28/05/2014

    Will be fun once "The Division" and "The Crew" will hit those Uplay servers at the same time... Reply 0
  • 100% boost to finding Legendaries in Diablo 3 this week

  • dingo75 15/05/2014

    Fix drops of the Gemstone for Staff of Herding Blizzard! Reply +1
  • Sony's E3 conference is a late one

  • dingo75 12/05/2014

    Monday is a national holiday and I will take Tuesday off!
    E3 conferences are my "Christmas" for gaming :)
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  • How are Sega's video games selling?

  • dingo75 09/05/2014

    Sales of the game are down on its predecessor because, Sports Interactive has said, it was cracked and made available illegally a lot earlier than Football Manager 2013.
    Maybe just maybe the fact that Germans can't buy Football Manager here might play a tiny tiny role.
    (EA had the market blocked with their own Football Manager but announced that this year's version will be the last).

    2 years ago I had to ask a friendly US citizen to gift me Football Manager on Steam and I had to use the US App Store for iPad.
    Too much trouble to do this every year...
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  • Dead Island dev delays Dying Light until February 2015

  • dingo75 08/05/2014

    If they keep up this tempo in delaying shit it will be hard to fill a "Top Ten Games of 2014" at the end of the year. Reply +3
  • Microsoft names E3 2014 press conference date and time

  • dingo75 06/05/2014

    I love this time of year! It's the anticipation more than actual event, like Christmas back when we were kids!!
    I took off last year to be able to fully enjoy all the conference in live stream and I loved it!
    Will do the same this year though Monday is off here so I only need to take off Tuesday! :)
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  • Uncensored Wolfenstein: The New Order on PC is geo-locked

  • dingo75 06/05/2014

    @Eldritch It means you either need to use a VPN once to register the game or let yourself get the game gifted from someone outside of DE, AT, JP, CH, IL.

    Concerning Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2:


    PurchaseRestrictedCountries DE

    It only restricts buying from German NOT running (having to use VPN at every start)

    Now granted you could start VPN, start Wolfenstein, tab out and stop VPN and then play every time but frankly I'm not in the mood to use methods like this just because Zenimax thinks they can make me do it.
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  • dingo75 06/05/2014


    prohibitrunincountries DE


    Come again :p
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  • dingo75 06/05/2014

    Even if you log into your Steam account from Switzerland, Germany or Austria, the game is yours, including all symbols.
    According to the SteamDB you will need to use a VPN (to spoof your German / Austrian / Swiss IP) at every start of the game.

    I think most Germans / Austrians / Swiss will get a pirated copy instead (pretty easy as there is no multiplayer).
    Zenimax will whine about lack of sales and close the studio in 6 months.

    Gamers saved money and played the uncensored version for free = win.

    Zenimax being dumb as f... did lose money and lost a studio = loss
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  • Xbox One and FIFA 14 bundle spotted for 329

  • dingo75 24/04/2014

    Situation end of March for German retail (Saturn):

    Not ONE PS4 in that shop.
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  • Activision indefinitely postpones Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • dingo75 17/04/2014

    EG: It's also scheduled for PC (foreground box on the left in your pic)... Reply +1
  • "Manufacturing issue" holds boxed PC Dark Souls 2 back in UK

  • dingo75 15/04/2014

    There are people (like me) how love physical Collector's Editions if the content is decent.
    Amazon informed me that the "Black Armour Edition" is delayed as well to first week of May.
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  • Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff headed to iOS, Android

  • dingo75 04/04/2014

    Rebuild Quahog - with microtransactions
    No I won't.
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  • Far Cry: The Wild Expedition is a compilation

  • dingo75 07/01/2014

    @mjselvig Far Cry is different to 2 and I suppose 3 as well (I didn't play 3 but I played Blood Dragon).
    It's only similarity is the "open playground" (sandbox in 2 and 3).
    However the first game is very linear without any side-missions or collectibles if I recall correctly.
    You simply follow the story and all you can choose is how to approach certain objectives / enemies (are you going in guns blazing, stealth or try to avoid as many enemies as possible?). It's like Crysis in that regard.
    2 and 3 follow the "Assassin's Creed" model with a shit-ton of side stuff and collectibles.

    Should you still play it?
    I would say "No" if you played Crysis already. I played through it 1-2 years ago as I had "unfinished business" on that island (way back when my hard drive died while I was working it).
    The story is nothing to write home about and the game doesn't look that spectacular anymore (it's still ok if you can bear older graphics like myself).
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  • Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas review

  • dingo75 06/01/2014

    @HotCoffee I tried a lot of genres on my iPad and iPod Touch and I agree that some genres simply don't work / are clunky for me on the iOS devices namely shooters and 3rd action games / brawlers.

    Mainly I ended up with 3 genres that work and are fun for me:

    - Hidden Object games from Big Fish Games. Touch is simply perfect for finding those items in the scenes. Big Fish has the best visually looking games in that genre by far compared to others like G5 and Alawar. Only on my iPad as iPod Touch is too small screen-wise. Try one of the "Mystery Case Files" games of the "Ravenhearst" series.

    - Time Management games like "Built-a-Lot series". Again Big Fish Games takes the cake here. Again only on iPad as iPod Touch lacks the screen-size needed for me.

    - Puzzle games like "Hundreds" or "Gem Spinner". Perfectly suited for my iPod Touch for commute / short breaks.

    Maybe you can find some fun in those genres if you haven't tried them yet.
    Most Big Fish games have free lite versions to try.
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  • In the eye: in-engine footage of Sniper Elite 3

  • dingo75 19/12/2013

    @Cjail V2 appealed the "censoring" and won. No reason why 3 won't be able to do the same. Reply +4
  • dingo75 19/12/2013

    Looks like a re-skinned Sniper Elite V2.
    Fine by me as long as the story is decent.

    I liked V2 but got a bit tired of the kill-cam.
    I despised Nazi Zombie Army though so please balance it for single player again unlike in Zombie which was balanced for co-op!
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  • Namco Bandai insists Ridge Racer Slipstream in-app purchases aren't evil

  • dingo75 19/12/2013

    @Dylbot Totally agree! I expect to have everything up to Pagani Zonda etc. unlocked after 20 hours of Need for Speed and at least in Hot Pursuit (2010) which is the last one I played this was the case.
    I buy a racing game to have easy access to cars I most likely will never drive in real life!

    Then I want to race with them and crash them without any remorse (I would die if I'd wreck a Ferrari in real life!) and putting tuning parts on them + choosing colours so crazy that you would never catch me using those in the real world.
    It's a fun little fantasy for me nothing more.
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  • dingo75 19/12/2013

    In-App Purchases other than to unlock the full game = no buy.
    The line has been drawn. Let's see who has the longer breath!
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  • DayZ sneaks up on Steam Early Access

  • dingo75 17/12/2013

    Not interested until they bring something meaningful to do for single player.
    The original mod was amazing to learn the ropes but once you knew how to survive for a while there was nothing to do if you kept out of PVP / group play.

    Great game but not for me unfortunately!
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  • Icycle: On Thin Ice review

  • dingo75 13/12/2013

    @mr_bez It's a matter of principle.
    I won't ever willingly download / play a game with IAP other than full unlocks like Big Fish HOGs etc.

    IAP will destroy one of my dearest hobbies if left unchecked and I won't take part in it.
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  • NSA, GCHQ can listen to Xbox Live chat communications

  • dingo75 09/12/2013

    @TarugoH They could spy on Paragon's World Firsts so I guess they should be in the top 10... Reply -1
  • dingo75 09/12/2013

    @karlo87 I imagine our raid warnings on Baron Geddon might have been raising some flags:
    "Mage X is the BOMB! Run away from him! Heal him!"

    (We had one guy who always failed at running from the group like you should so we ended up making everyone run away from him when he got the bomb debuff...).
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  • dingo75 09/12/2013

    Haha poor bastard who had to monitor our guild chat / raid chat in WoW.
    You earned your money the hard way pal!
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  • Heroes of Dragon Age out on iOS, Android

  • dingo75 05/12/2013

    Stop even downloading this shit if you are against F2P.
    Otherwise EA will be able to claim "20 million downloads in the first 4 weeks".

    Just ignore it and play something else.

    Hint: The App Store will freeze soon for the Christmas holidays (Apple will not handle new submissions and publishers / developers will not be able to change prices during that period as Apple wants its employees to be able to take time off and spent it with their families.).
    This means shortly before that a shit ton of games will be reduced massively so they enter the Top Sale charts and stay there during the whole freeze period.
    The idea is once people unwrapped their new iOS devices on Christmas they will start buying apps and usually go with Top Ten Lists first...

    So wait and you will be able to get a ton of games cheap really soon!
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  • DICE has halted "future projects" while it fixes Battlefield 4

  • dingo75 05/12/2013

    Operation "Get the triple" (Worst company in America) on route for you EA! Reply +4
  • Some Euro PSN features switched off for PS4 launch

  • dingo75 04/12/2013

    EG: Seems the FIFA points shady dealings are back:

    10 pages so far.
    Might be US only.
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  • PlayStation 4 UK launch sales hit 250k

  • dingo75 02/12/2013

    @TheMohican Those countries were Playstation oriented before (apart from Germany where PC still rules) and will go with PS4. UK was the only Xbox bastion in Europe and it seems it has finally fallen. Good job Sony!

    Microsoft's only stronghold is the US (and maybe Canada not sure) now which will bite them in the ass one day because there is no room to grow. Something which their shareholders will not like to hear as all that matter is GROWTH.
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  • Would you like to buy everything to do with Kingdoms of Amalur?

  • dingo75 27/11/2013

    I played and completed Kingdoms of Amalur + the 2 DLCs.
    Took me over 100 hours and it was mostly fun.
    Closest to a potential "World of Warcraft single player" I have ever seen. Even the art style is comparable.
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  • EA admits defeat to Football Manager

  • dingo75 25/11/2013

    Good so maybe Germans can buy "Football Manager" now on Steam without having to resort to dodgy methods like VPN and getting it "gifted". Reply +5
  • John Carmack has officially left id Software

  • dingo75 22/11/2013

    id is done now.
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  • PS4 Assassin's Creed 4 1080p patch analysed in-depth

  • dingo75 22/11/2013

    @Brave27heart Seriously see a doctor or get a new PC. Do as he said: Open 2 tabs of your browser and switch between them. Even I see the difference (everything incl. the HUD is sharper on the 1080p version) and I have shit eyesight. Reply +2
  • Jimmy Fallon shows off the Xbox One

  • dingo75 22/11/2013

    @frazzl Could be Germany.
    German courts bitchslapped Microsoft's idea of OEM version only be sold with the original hardware they came with.

    Germans can and do buy cheaper OEM versions of Windows now without having to buy hardware with it and we are allowed to sell it to someone else later as well.
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  • Blizzard sets a steady course for WOW with Warlords of Draenor

  • dingo75 11/11/2013

    WoW died once Paragon did kill Lich King in WoTLK world-first.
    Since then Blizzard is desperately trying to find new baddies but they are a mere shadow compared with Arthas.
    I won't come back but wish you all the best Blizzard!
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  • Live: BlizzCon 2013 Opening Ceremony

  • dingo75 08/11/2013

    http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2013/november/bconOpening46.jpg Reply 0
  • dingo75 08/11/2013

    Oli you did: Level cap 100 in the trailer. Reply 0