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  • A paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has already been pulled

  • dimasok 24/04/2015

    I got to hand it to some people for their brilliant pricing strategy :)

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  • dimasok 24/04/2015

    Valve opened a can of worms here. I will start pirating these mods left and right if they start charging for them. As always, capitalism and human greed corrupt everything. Reply +5
  • Destiny data miners dig up two new social spaces

  • dimasok 15/04/2015

    We all know it will be the same hydras and spidertanks in all the strikes. The only new enemies we saw were in the raids and since there are no raids, there are no new enemies.

    Unless I get to fuck the queen in the Reef, not interested.
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  • Destiny's House of Wolves expansion has no new raid, Bungie confirms

  • dimasok 14/04/2015

    They might as well have named the expansion: The Graveyard because that's where Bungie will find itself without the raid. Reply +2
  • Destiny House of Wolves expansion release date

  • dimasok 13/04/2015

    The only thing hot about this trailer is the queen (who was always hot). Just make a dating simulator with her and i'll be happier than with the whole destiny enterprise lol Reply -2
  • dimasok 13/04/2015

    A day of fresh content and months of repeating the same shit endlessly. If that was an actual MMO on a PC, not only would it become B2P or F2P, but it would be closed down by now Reply +9
  • Strategy RPG mash-up Project X Zone 2 headed West

  • dimasok 13/04/2015

    Can't wait. The only RPG I enjoyed on the 3DS. And yes, I played Fire Emblem and the rest of them, but none of them compare with the simplicity and the awesome fighting engine of PXZON. Couldn't give a damn about genre purity. Give me more of the same and I'll be a happy lad. Reply -1
  • New Witcher 3 trailer has a bit of it all

  • dimasok 10/04/2015

    Really excited for this. It looks way better than Dragon Age: Inquisition

    I also think there was too much controversy over the DLC. they said that 16 pieces of DLC would be free that other companies would normally charge for (mostly cosmetic stuff) and never did they mention that the two recently announced pieces of DLC that offer a combined 30 hours of adventures would be free so this whole entitlement the public has is really disgusting - they need to make money to generate that content and produce their next games so paying extra $25 bucks for a pass and then getting the promised 16 pieces of DLC for free sounds fair to me.

    If you don't like it, go to EA who will charge you 20 bucks for a god damn piece of armor.
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  • Destiny patch will let you lock up your gear

  • dimasok 10/04/2015

    How long has it been now? Not a single god damn requested feature added yet other than useless cosmetic bullshit. Players really need to leave the game in droves so that its only populated by the employees who can play against each other and show off their helmets to.

    Any MMO would have closed shop by now with such disdainful public treatment.
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  • Resident Evil 5 Steam edition "ripped out" code needed for splitscreen mod

  • dimasok 08/04/2015

    There are crappy conversions and then there is Capcom. Nuff said. Reply 0
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to receive two major expansions

  • dimasok 07/04/2015

    So here's a question. If I have the preorder of the game on Steam which doesn't offer the option of purchasing the expansion pass (yet?), can I preorder the expansion on GOG? Reply 0
  • Is Bloodborne the next-gen Souls you've been waiting for?

  • dimasok 28/03/2015

    How could they release a game that barely sustains 30fps? Sure, its more technologically advanced than previous Souls games, but it doesn't look anywhere good enough to warrant such frame-rate drops. It should have stayed in the oven for another 6 months or so for optimization. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon review

  • dimasok 25/03/2015

    The DLC wasn't bad, I enjoyed it. DA:I itself is probably my favourite game of 2014 although I agree with all of its shortcomings.

    The main one for me is really inexcusable: not being able to romance Morrigan and Leliana (either as a male or a female) so I decided to romance absolutely no one else as a matter of principle (and because I didn't really feel like it).
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  • How to start the new Dragon Age: Inquisition story DLC Jaws of Hakkon

  • dimasok 24/03/2015

    @Spence1115 So whats why it doesn't work... i was wondering why after the update I was getting no new notifications. Can't EA ever release anything synced? Reply +2
  • dimasok 24/03/2015

    I can't find it on the map. Its not there. Reply -3
  • Performance Analysis: Bloodborne

  • dimasok 24/03/2015

    New-gen consoles are really crappy if this rather incremenral increase in visual fidelity (going from DS2) is curtailed by bumpy 30fps.

    Yet another title that would run beautifully at 60fps on a PC. So much for "horsepower". Laughable.
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  • Destiny will add audio options and colourblind support in next update

  • dimasok 20/03/2015

    What the hell is up with these cosmetic updates? I am happy for color-blind people of course, but where is the trade? Where are the countless requested features that even the community itself posted videos about showing Bungie how its done right?

    I've never seen a lazier company in my life.
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  • Cities: Skylines review

  • dimasok 19/03/2015

    The game is awesome. Way better than Sim City.

    One thing I am surprised no city simulation addressed yet is weather. Where is the rain, hail, snow? Why is there no service to fix burning poles? Why are there no snow-plowers going around clearing the snow and salting the roads? Why is the traffic never at risk of collision, accident or pile-ups due to the slippery road conditions? Why can't we see citizens clearing up the snow from the cars? Why are there no non-functional traffic lights and police guiding the traffic instead?

    Why no bankruptcies, banks, foreclosures, bank heists, hostage situations, terrorist acts, news crew, etc? I can go on and on.

    I know it may sound like much, but that would make the game so much more fun for me if all of these real-life aspects would be simulated as well.
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  • Shards, side-quests and DLC: a mini-Inquisition with the boss of Dragon Age

  • dimasok 13/03/2015

    So why the hell would you let old-gen systems hobble you? Its basically what he said - "old-gen systems suck so we made a choice to make the game far more grindy and fetch-questy and less intense with no destruction or war-time mechanics because the old-gen systems suck"

    Solution? Do the same thing Mordor did: release a version of the game for old-gen systems that is inferior due to its limitations (it would be inferior anyways, so cutting more features wouldn't really hurt but it would definitely be a highlight for the new-gen crowd).

    So, basically, laziness.
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  • Looks like Destiny is finally getting more vault space

  • dimasok 13/03/2015

    Let me say this: among all MMOs in existence (whether B2P, F2P or Sub), i've never seen a company unfurl updates.and address criticism as slow as Bungie. Glad i stopped playing 4 months ago as i see NOTHING has changed. Reply +7
  • Star Citizen's client expected to be around 100GB

  • dimasok 12/03/2015

    They seem to have bit more than they can chew. Kudos for the effort of course, but most of the news about the game concerns yet another mind-blowing new feature that will surely take them months (if not years) to implement and not so much with finishing the features they announced already previously. Reply +14
  • Report: Phil Harrison is leaving Microsoft

  • dimasok 05/03/2015

    So where he is going now? Nintendo? Reply +55
  • Final Fantasy 7 announced for PlayStation 4

  • dimasok 07/12/2014

    Reply +5
  • dimasok 07/12/2014

    A giant middle finger to fans. Fuck you Square Enix Reply +7
  • Uncharted 4 gameplay revealed in 15-minute video

  • dimasok 07/12/2014

    It looks like a regular Uncharted 3. Even the graphics don't really look better IMHO Reply -16
  • Here's your latest look at Hello Games' ambitious No Man's Sky

  • dimasok 06/12/2014

    With the ever expanding definition of "gameplay", soon enough an nVidia/AMD techdemo of a camera swivelling around a highly detailed model will be considered "decent gameplay" and fall under the "video-game" definition.

    Honestly, disregarding the aforementioned pop-in, the game seems to be quite a snore-fest with nothing to do. Its hype is entirely generated by the procedurals. Will be a PS Plus freebie soon enough.

    The only redeeming factor for me is that it has more planets than Destiny lol
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  • dimasok 06/12/2014

    The pop-in is atrocious. WTF?! Reply +11
  • Halo 5: Guardians beta will weigh in at 10.27GB - report

  • dimasok 05/12/2014

    I wonder how are they planning to run the beta when their main game is not even working yet? Same servers?

    I don't understand why people are down-voting messages that trash 343 - they did TRASH their reputation with MCC and there is no denying that. Who can blame people for expecting them to continue on that downward spiral with Halo 5 as well?

    There is no excuse for launching a game with broken MP that STILL hasn't been fully fixed. No excuse whatsoever.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

  • dimasok 10/11/2014

    If COD:AW is 7/10 then destiny should be 4/10 and Titanfall should be 5/10 Reply 0
  • Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below takes aim at story criticism

  • dimasok 29/10/2014

    If you look at the service we built behind Destiny, there's nothing from our point of view that would stop you guys from playing together. Technically, actually there are reasons why an Xbox and a PlayStation can't play together
    Wait, what? Is he on crack?
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  • Bungie nerfs Destiny's magical loot farming Treasure Cave

  • dimasok 25/09/2014

    Oh wow, from the update page, they say that shotguns are working at too long a range. Those things are ineffective beyond 10 feet already! They plan to make their range even shorter. They already are barely outside of the melee dash range. You know what? Just reskin all shotguns as melee weapons. Make them all power hammers or swords or something. Reply +11
  • The evolution of Destiny

  • dimasok 21/09/2014

    I think Angry Joe is spot-on in his review:
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  • dimasok 20/09/2014

    Can we stop pretending that Destiny cost $500 million to make? Probably $490 million of it went on marketing alone. Reply +10
  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a cautious step forward for Capcom's troubled franchise

  • dimasok 19/09/2014

    Why make half-assed attempts like Revelations 2 and reimagine in HD the original RE when you can start FRESH with RE7 and focus strictly on tension and fear as every single god damn person wants them to do?

    Alas, we can probably expect RE7 to be even more bloated than RE6 - more "Expendables" style action with uninteresting gameplay and uneven mechanics.

    We surely should vote with our wallets and not buy the dreck Capcom produces until they change their ways.
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  • Was there really a Watch Dogs graphics downgrade?

  • dimasok 08/06/2014

    Watch Dogs looks worse than GTA V regardless of which system we're appraising. The city is like a linear corridor shooter (no freedom whatsoever compared to GTA V), the missions are boring, the story is nonsense, you can't fly or engage in any truly interesting and immersive activities and the world is just tiny which reminds me of the city sizes in the last SimCity.

    Its not a bad game per se, but a graphical powerhouse it is not. I booted up GTA V yesterday again and its leaps and bounds beyond it in every category.

    As was mentioned before, the city feels dead. No activity whatsoever and you don't even feel like there is a world outside of you. Everyone exists to be profiled and have their money stolen - that's it.
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  • Coming home? The return to SimCity

  • dimasok 23/05/2014

    While the offline mode is a great feature to have, unless they make me NOT run into limits after 5 minutes of playing, I am not touching this again. Their excuses for not doing it are pathetic. Reply +8
  • Confirmed: Watch Dogs PS4 900p, Xbox One 792p, both 30fps

  • dimasok 14/05/2014

    I really hate it when companies start diminishing the importance of all these next-gen bells and whistles (of which 1080p should LONG be a default by now) when they can't meet them.

    Ubisoft, you screwed up. No need to sugarcoat it. You suck.
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  • The new Microsoft CEO earns how much?

  • dimasok 06/02/2014

    All I can say is that capitalism sucks and will destroy humanity. Reply -1
  • Digital Foundry vs. Super Mario 3D World

  • dimasok 07/12/2013

    Nintendo games are just amazing really. Despite owning a Playstation 4 and Xbone, not only is Mario more enjoyable than any of the launch titles on the next-gen consoles, but its the smoothest looking and prettiest one (from purely artistic perspective of course and smart utilization of hardware, not from a technological ala Killzone Shadow Falls perspective).

    There is just something about playing Mario and getting smooth 60fps that next-gen games on PS4 and Xbone are currently missing.

    By that definition, Wii U is actually more next-gen than both PS4 & Xbone.

    Also, in terms of 2014 titles did anyone notice what we are getting from next-gen consoles? Wii U has Mario Kart 8, DK: Tropical Freeze, X, Fire Emblem vs Shin Megami Tensei, Bayonetta 2, maybe Zelda U (just maybe...), Super Smash Brothers 4, Yoshi's Yarn, etc which WON'T come out on any other platform.

    What do we have for Xbone and PS4? Destiny, Titanfall, Infamous: Second Son, MGS V, Driveclub, The Order 886, Witcher 3 and that's spread among TWO platforms, Witcher 3 being also a PC game as well as Titanfall being a PC, X360 release as well.

    New Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy titles are surely going to come out sometime in 2015 so I didnt mention them here.

    Sure, some people might be far more excited about these titles than the Nintendo ones, but you can't say that Nintendo won't be able to compete in 2014. I expect it to do well and provide a next-gen experience of its own that won't be playable on any other next-gen consoles.
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  • Gran Turismo 6 microtransaction pricing revealed

  • dimasok 04/12/2013

    They should really start renaming games now to reflect the greedy practices. So GT6 becomes GranTurismoVille and Forza 5 becomes ForzaVille.

    What's next? FifaVille?
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  • dimasok 04/12/2013

    There really is no way to justify micro/macro-transactions on full-priced games no matter if the game is Forza 5 or GT6. I pay full price and I expect for there to be NO micro-transactions other than perhaps a cosmetic attachment I can buy logging in to the PS Store (and NOT through in-game reminder!!!).

    If the option is left for people who would rather pay through the game than grind, then let them pay a separate fee to access the cheats or just open dev-console for free to let them input cheats and get what they want (you can do it with cheats and/or trainers anyways on PC) but do not use micro-transactions!

    It's all the fault of casual people that play Facebook and mobile crapware that we're in this situation to begin with!

    If this is the trend of gaming, then I will only play indie titles from now on and not spend a penny on these greedy capitalistic assholes. At least developers there have respect for their players and let them experience the full game for the price they paid!
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  • dimasok 04/12/2013

    Its ironic how the same week Rubin pointed out that Nintendo are irrelevant... well, since Nintendo are the ONLY company that has not flooded their games with this MACRO-transactions crap, they are quickly becoming the MOST RELEVANT company in the industry.

    If this is the next-gen trend for PS4 & Xbone, then fuck them both. I will keep my Wii U and get rid of the other two.
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  • Watch this Sony engineer take apart a PlayStation 4

  • dimasok 07/11/2013

    PS4 porn. Xbone packing gif had me in stitches lol

    Either way, I am getting both. No point in fighting over which one is better if you can simply buy both and enjoy the best of both worlds ;)
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  • Looks like SimCity is finally getting an offline mode

  • dimasok 04/10/2013

    So basically the engine is a piece of shit and can't cope with larger city sizes and hence fuck you customers. FUCK YOU EA. Reply +39
  • Xbox One will let you upload clips to YouTube and Facebook next year

  • dimasok 25/09/2013

    Is it true that PS4 only streams to twitch? If anything I would want to stream to YT and not for freaking 5 minutes! These social features are a waste of time if its 5 minutes and not YT! Reply -4
  • Blizzard's road to redemption: Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls

  • dimasok 06/09/2013

    Diablo 3 should offer offline-only experience for those who wish for it, just like Sim City. I shouldn't need an internet connection for any of them. PERIOD. Reply +5
  • Rayman Legends review

  • dimasok 26/08/2013

    Is it worth getting the Wii U version or stick with the other ones? Reply +11
  • My daughter's going to learn vital life skills from Spelunky

  • dimasok 17/08/2013

    No offence, but I never understood why people bother having kids. The world is horrible, life is futile and death is final. Why bring someone from the 'slumber' of non-existence into the turmoil of life and then force this redundant experience of life on them? Even if it was 100 percent positive (and we all know its usually the other way around), it would still be redundant...

    Ahem. With that being said, Spelunky is a great game!
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  • Project X Zone review

  • dimasok 15/07/2013

    I think its a fair review although I would still give it an 8 or even a 9 since it does what it set out to do really well: cater to the fans of all of the series and provide a beautiful fighting engine. Sure, I am biased when I say that, but I've had immense enjoyment playing the game. Reply 0
  • Square Enix acknowledges cancelled Legacy of Kain game Dead Sun

  • dimasok 19/06/2013

    Square Enix suck, as always. Sales, sales sales. Zero creativity. Reply +12