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  • C&C: Red Alert 3 - Talent

  • dickrickulous 20/08/2008

    Jonathan Price?? WTF?? Reply 0
  • Konami "pulling out stops" for PES 2009

  • dickrickulous 14/08/2008

    I want it all to come together for Konami but it probably wont.

    Their press releases make bitter reading after spending a few months with each version, no matter how good it is.

    Revolutionary AI? Really?
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2007

  • dickrickulous 25/01/2008

    First comment on the number one game :)

    Next stop, box quotes!

    *makes calls to publishers*
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  • BioShock: A Defence

  • dickrickulous 06/12/2007

    I love Bioshock. Thought it was brilliant, particularly the narrative, design and combat. If someone doesn't like it because it's not their type of game, because the story didn't connect with them or it seemed like a fancy looking FPS then fair enough, it's not their cup of tea and that's fine. If they want a game to be pure escapism (which I usually look for) and fun then mario and guitar hero type games are nearby on the shelves for them to grab.

    But I think, and the article points this out brilliantly, for people to dismiss the merits of one game or any game, for the multitude of petty reasons listed then they are pretty ignorant. If game design choices as minor as vita chambers and plasmid types ruin a game for you then how the hell do you play anything else? Very few games ever have perfectly balanced or informed gameplay and by extension everything else must be similarly tainted for you by such minor flaws. Almost all of my favourite games have little problems or decisions in it that I wish were different. Do I like them a little less and wish they were better? Sure. Do I moan about them to people on forums with no explanation and brainless 6/10 nonsense? Do I fuck.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

  • dickrickulous 25/10/2007

    I see this as an 8 bang on. When the fundamental gameplay mechanics are as slick and enjoyable as they clearly are here (with some minor grievences depending on what 'style' of football you prefer to play) anything less than 8 would be very unfair.

    The presentation side of the game is woefully undeveloped though so it certainly shouldnt be up in the top two scores until it gets a major overhaul.

    If you think about Halo 3 then the gameplay in that is similarly enjoyable but it is complimented by a whole load of features that make it a richer experience. Pro Evo doesnt deserve a better score until it does something similar.

    I thought Halo was a 9 tops though....

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  • Schafer unveils Brütal Legend

  • dickrickulous 17/10/2007

    Tim Schafer is a genius.

    Anyone who doubts this should read Double Fine's website. I don't think anyone else could make an anecdote about someone refusing him change at a grocery store as hilarious as he does :)
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  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

  • dickrickulous 16/10/2007

    Metroid Prime was one of those games that I loved all the way through, a pure as driven snow classic.

    Hope this lives up to its predecessors
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