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  • BF1943 gets fourth unlockable map

  • dgamlin 04/06/2009

    If we have trouble reaching 43 million, they could introduce a WW1 "Battle of the Somme" mode, to get that kill count up. Reply 0
  • Fight Night Round 4

  • dgamlin 27/05/2009

    I've now tried playing both FN3 and the demo of FN4 with sticks only and still find that I cannot throw the type of punch I need at the split second I need it. With the buttons it was easy: press the correct button(s) and you get the desired punch. The buttons took minutes to master and were simple and natural to use. With the sticks, if you don't get the movement just right, you throw the wrong type of punch. It's turned a boxing game into a wrestling (with controls) game ;) The reason people are so passionate about this matter is because we loved FN3 and were hoping for an improved FN4, but for us button punchers, we have been denied this. The new FN4 button controls, from memory, are only push, illegal move, signature punch and showboating - nothing that couldn't be put on the right stick or dpad. Couldn't they have kept the old button controls and given the option of these 2 control systems? Other forums complain that button mashers have advantages over stick players when playing online: all that needs is an option to play against "like" controls, if this truely is the case. Come on EA, read the complaints and add the option before release or in a post-release game update. It could increase sales...massively. Reply 0
  • dgamlin 09/05/2009

    "You don't get the flowing jab-jab-hook combos with sticks, there is simply too much travel to make them viable "

    Totally agree. Having played FN3 regularly since its launch, our gaming group hates the sticks - we really cannot control the punch outcome. We tried a "stick" session recently, having read the "sticks only" review of FN4 and found our play had changed from "total control with buttons" to "random stick mashing" hoping for some kind of combo. No buttons is a real turn off and may prevent us from buying the game. Also the advantage of the button only approach is that you cannot accidentally throw those goddam awful 1 hit wonder "super punches". It's a real shame, because FN3 was one of the games that WASN'T a button masher - you were always in complete control of punches using buttons. Now it's gonna be a "stick masher".
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  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

  • dgamlin 10/05/2009

    I'm all for realism so long as it's balanced with gameplay. Modern warfare games have a tendancy to pitch fights at long range with "fire & forget" lock-on systems where you never really get a good close-up look at the enemy (one of the reasons why I prefer WW2). It is frustrating to get repeatedly sniped at long range and having no idea where to counter-attack. Realistic, but no fun. So radars and kill-cams try to compensate for this (Bad Company has a good spotting system). Also, in real warfare air/armour supremacy can be key. Experts in these weapon systems shouldn't dominate the game (as they may do in real life and other games). So helicopter controls should be pretty tricky and their availability limited (again in real life there are many foot soldiers and few helos). Kicking bad players off the system is a bad idea - turn to realism for a solution - with freindly fire switched on, anyone who shoots their own team would get shot by their team mates. He adjusts his gameplay or doesn't get to play.As to bunny hopping/dancing head-shot avoidance strategies - movement kills - lie prone and you live! ALL games should have user defined controls and fast (60 fps?) frame rates! Reply 0
  • ArmA 2 - News report

  • dgamlin 10/05/2009

    Pigs, cows, dogs. A game for animal lovers everywhere. Beats eating MREs (army ration packs : Meals Ready to Eat). Reply 0
  • Konami/marines making Iraq War game

  • dgamlin 07/04/2009

    "Just Fallouja think you are?" = very funny! Reply 0
  • Games cause "early death" says Govt. ad

  • dgamlin 10/03/2009

    @DAN:SOLO said

    "yeah but i can think of worse ways to go !!!!!

    /goes back to playing left 4 dead. "

    .... And even worse: coming back again as a zombie and getting killed (again) by some shotgun toting player of Left 4 Dead....
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  • dgamlin 09/03/2009

    Even the thought of playing "Portal" (in-game-joke) whilst eating "cake" is giving me palpitations.

    AlBulls comments:-
    "OK first to point out that the girl is blatantly eating a fairy cake with white icing and a cherry, not a cherry bakewell. Jeez people get a bit more accurate with your cakes would you? "

    "Hell actually that looks big for a fairy cake... we might even be talking about a frosted muffin here!"

    I salute Albull's cake expertise. Considered playing Portal? There's some cake in it upon completion!
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  • IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey - Trailer

  • dgamlin 02/02/2009

    Prefer the 1st person view in flight sims. Is there a view without the cockpit (i.e. just cross-hairs)? Reply 0