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  • Here's your latest look at Hello Games' ambitious No Man's Sky

  • deanimate 06/12/2014

    This game has a lot of convincing to do. They're going to have to be rather careful if they want to leave a lot of what the game actually is for the player to discover. Right now it has an awesome logo and that's it. Procedurally generated....uh huh...anything else? I will not be shocked if this game does end up failing. Reply -3
  • Destiny launch day live report

  • deanimate 09/09/2014

    Just looks so boring. Thankfully we have Evolve not far away Reply 0
  • Hackers under fire for Mario Kart 8 Wii U modding

  • deanimate 07/07/2014

    Unfortunately it's only a matter of time until more people get hold of these hacks and we end up with mario kart wii which was fucked towards the end of it's life. Hopefully they are a good bunch of guys but plenty of twats exist who will take much joy in ruining the experience for others.

    Time will tell!
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  • Does Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U feel new enough?

  • deanimate 01/07/2014

    Always comes across as complete spam when you compare it to street fighter Reply 0
  • Catlateral Damage claws its way towards its Kickstarter goal

  • deanimate 24/06/2014

    I love cats but this looks ridiculously boring and unimaginative Reply +1
  • No Man's Sky will launch on console first on PS4

  • deanimate 11/06/2014

    This was a gameplay trailer? Really? If that's the gameplay then this is going to be one boring game. I was so let down by this after initially seeing it. Reply 0
  • Games of 2012: DayZ

  • deanimate 27/12/2012

    Played this so much when I first discovered it but have not played for months now. Watching this makes me want to jump in and see how the game has developed.
    Best mod ever?
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  • Dating site for gamers launches Shag a Gamer in UK

  • deanimate 07/08/2012

    To echo everyone else; it's a scam site. Sign up to if you want a genuine and free dating website.
    Or just get a cat. Hugs and purrs everyday :D
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  • DayZ: The Best Zombie Game Ever Made?

  • deanimate 25/05/2012

    Brilliant mod. Bought combined ops from for $15 and it really is awesome. It's so different from the usual zombie games and having very limited equipment and worrying about other players killing you makes it very tense. In a good way. Reply +3
  • Spector asks gamers to "take a chill pill" on musical Epic Mickey 2

  • deanimate 03/04/2012

    musicals......hahahahahah! this game has already failed. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Interviews the Eve Council Chairman

  • deanimate 12/09/2011

    I like cats :) Reply -1
  • Retrospective: Escape From Monkey Island

  • deanimate 07/08/2011

    It looks horrific. When I look at Curse and then this I wonder what on earth were they thinking. 2D with all that character to some bargain basement 3D attempt. Such a shame. Reply +1
  • Retrospective: Grand Theft Auto

  • deanimate 24/08/2010

    Evidently you are wrong. Reply 0
  • deanimate 23/08/2010

    Ahh such a fantastic game :)
    I remember sellotaping multiple pieces of A4 paper together and actually drawing my own map of the first city. I think I got most of it on there although the scale in some places was horrific.

    A friend stayed over recently and downloaded GTA2 and was happily playing away. I thought about doing the same and setting up a multiplayer game but held off for a while because I thought a 1V1 would be a bit rubbish as would be too few players. How wrong could I be! We were having a right old merry time blowing the crap into each other and trying to learn the damn maps to be able to get at least one decent weapon in a timely manner upon respawning. The best bit though was ripping into each other...mercilessly. Your emotions while playing this game are diametrically opposed to say the least. When you're getting frag after frag and taunting your opponent with anything that pops into your head (nice socks. YOU TWAT!) it's blinding fun. But when the those tables turn and the excuses start coming out followed by another death and more taunts from your soon to be disabled "friend".....GRRRRRRRRRR

    Brilliant stuff :D
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  • Linkin Park's MOH "Catalyst" debut

  • deanimate 02/08/2010

    damn right ignore the "song".what were they thinking. Reply 0
  • Singularity

  • deanimate 25/06/2010

    Can anyone comment on the difficulty settings and whether they're realistic and/or can be changed. Some games you simply have to play on Hard to get any challenge out of it. Oh, and I would obviously be playing it on the PC.

    Glad this looks to have turned out to be a decent game :) As everyone else is saying there was barely any mention of it at all and I was worried the time manipulation thing would be a rubbish gimmick and nothing more.

    Also it is so good to not see another bloody COD clone. Those games have their place yes, but right now they're taking the fuck over. Moar quake style stuff please =^_^=
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  • Donkey Kong Country Returns

  • deanimate 17/06/2010

    I knew that when I opened that link from wayn3 up in another tab that stickbush symphony would start playing. Goddamn that track is absolutely awesome! So awesome I have it set as my ring tone.

    Had so many awesome hours playing through those 3 DKC games with my friend. It really seemed to get the mix of difficulty pretty much spot on. Some levels were a joy to just glide through and not have to worry about too much whereas others would have you cursing to a decibel level that said friends parents would fail to hear.

    I would love it if they had online multiplayer, co-op, but there's no way that's happening.

    Out this year?
    *Hugs cat*
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  • Alpha Protocol

  • deanimate 28/05/2010

    Mrrows? Surely you would not vote down a cat? Picture him, asleep on the bed, whiskers twitching sporadically, hair ruffling in the breeze, ears alert for mice or unaware goose.
    Prrrrrr =^_^=
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  • Super Street Fighter IV

  • deanimate 26/04/2010

    SFIV and KOF games really should not be compared. It's like comparing apples to cheese. KOF is so unbelievably bad it's an insult to SF to mention its name alongside capcom's masterpiece. Reply 0
  • deanimate 26/04/2010

    PC version please capcom! :D I pre-ordered SFIV months and months before it came out on PC and will happily do the same again. We're not all sailing the high seas :(
    Not that all the pirates would have bought anyway but let's not get into that.

    PC version ftw!
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  • Red Dead Redemption

  • deanimate 29/01/2010

    "after 6 months what you have is old"

    So clueless...

    Exactly. Someone needs to ease off the ignorance pie.
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  • deanimate 29/01/2010

    PC release pu-lease. Reply 0
  • Podcast #2

  • deanimate 22/01/2010

    I thought this podcast was pretty good. Some banter, but not so much inane rubbish you wanted to gouge a horse out of your hedge. Some intelligent chat going on as well meant it was a nicely balanced cast. Same time next week? :D Reply 0
  • Coming Attractions: Action-Adventure & Platformers

  • deanimate 15/01/2010

    Super Mario Galaxy 2....Ahhhhh, mario goodness :D Even more of the same would pretty much do the trick but introducing lots of new features means it can almost not fail. Imagine if Yoshi can shoot eggs a la Yoshi's Island?!?!?!

    That's a hefty slice of win pie right there.

    (Last Guardian also looks IMMENSE but doubtful it's coming this year)
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  • New Super SFIV fighters detailed

  • deanimate 17/11/2009

    PC version please capcom :D Reply 0
  • C&C4: Tiberian Twilight out in March

  • deanimate 12/11/2009

    goddamn they keep pumping out C&C and RedAlert. New games are great but I would prefer it if there was a longer gap between iterations so the game can really mature and allow different tactics to develop etc. Can you imagine if Street Fighter was released every year? Ouf that would suck. The awesome japanese talent would be severely diluted across the yearly editions.

    Back to C&C a minute, it's no bad thing that RA3 came out soon after C&C3 because that was pretty terrible but maybe something a bit like blizzard with starcraft? only not quite so "10 years or so".

    But ultimatey what's the point in saying anything? It's all about the money.
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  • Natal will cost under 50, says report

  • deanimate 11/11/2009

    In other, although related news, the games for Natal will be shockingly bad.
    If I'm wrong I will be genuinely surprised.
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  • Rabbids Go Home

  • deanimate 09/11/2009

    I blame NMA. They LOVE that damn word over there!
    Don't get me wrong I like it too, but they seem to like it more than the average cow, goat and goose.
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  • deanimate 09/11/2009

    I cannot stand those plethora of mini games that exist on the wii and the rabbids games have been no different. Though possibly that may change with this game. It does look like it could be fun. And it *is* an actual game which is a big plus for this series.
    I won't be paying 30 though. 10-15 seems more like it.
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