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  • A few extraordinary pledges secure Areal Kickstarter success

  • dean0null 21/07/2014

    If they're so legit, why allow so many spam comments? Most Kickstarters of that size only have like two hundred posts by the time they're funded. Reply +13
  • Five talking points from the weekend's Destiny beta

  • dean0null 21/07/2014

    I've put in quite a few hours into the beta and it's mostly really fun. I really like the strike mission and public event's, but the AI is easily predictable when there are only a few races on screen. I guess that's why I like the strike mission so much. Each enemy type adds to the picture, but on their own they're kind of boring.

    I really suck at the multiplayer. I'm borrowing a friends PS3 for the beta but as much as I'd blame it on not being used to the controller, it's probably that I'm just not into multiplayer as much as I used to be. The mixture of using a standard weapon, special weapon, heavy weapon, and super move makes for some cheap kills though whether they're your own or a combatant. The strategy seems to be: use a special weapon as much as you can, ignore your main weapon, and use your super and grenades as soon as you can. Ignoring the main weapon just seems out of balance while the use of high powered weapons/grenades/super makes for blisteringly fast kills.

    Anyway, fun game. I just hope the game adds more diversity with the new enemies mixing together. If the other enemies AI doesn't add much, it won't be as good as I hope it'll be.
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  • You've got male

  • dean0null 19/07/2014


    1 and 3 are spot on.
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  • dean0null 19/07/2014


    It was a sad day when Jagex removed bearded ladies from RuneScape circa 2003.
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  • dean0null 19/07/2014

    So changing a character's race or gender is a good thing? It seems kind of dirty to me. We take a person who is evidently the "perfect male specimen" and give them a sex change? Or how does that work? It really doesn't seem fair to either audience. It doesn't really support the LGBT community since it doesn't make any sense and trivializes the past for no good reason.

    We take someone who the epitome of the 1940's suburbia America where racism is rampant and where Japanese Americans were put in internment camps, and gave them nothing when they released them in '45, to a black man?

    How is this fair to the character of the character? How is this fair to blacks and women? It sounds like these issues are being trivialized.
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  • Sony reveals special edition The Last of Us and Destiny-themed PS4 consoles

  • dean0null 18/07/2014

    I prefer the western Destiny PlayStation 4 as I'm not one for logo's. It's the one I'll be picking up most likely. Reply +6
  • The best games of 2014 are actually from 2013 - and that's okay

  • dean0null 12/07/2014

    Most of the time I'd rather be playing a new game than some remade game and the fact that they're remaking games that are as little as one year old is a reason to be concerned. Before this generation if something was redone, it was usually two generations old. Now they don't even have to be two years old. It's getting ridiculous, and in my mind a waste of perfectly good resources. Reply +12
  • Autobiographical adventure Coming Out Simulator 2014 sure is tense

  • dean0null 12/07/2014


    I agree that it's about honesty and respect. It was hard to tell my parents. When I did, I was hoping to be able to live a life more in line with my ideals. I didn't want to go to church, pray, listen to bible stories, etc. but I was forced to under the guise of "family time" which disregarded the individual for the group. We all hope that with honesty others understand and treat us with respect. Unfortunately the opposite sometimes happens.
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  • dean0null 12/07/2014


    Thanks, yeah it was tough because I spent a lot of time asking questions, watching people, reading scriptures, philosophers, etc. and only to have my parents disrespect my beliefs. It really made me feel like I wasn't loved because most of my attempted contributions were slighted or ignored. There was no room for differing opinions religious, political or otherwise and that's where I thrive. Instead of growing it felt like I was being cut back.

    It's too bad your friend inferred you were indoctrinated. Most aren't and it should be obvious to tell simply by the way they live and interact. If your friend didn't even know whether you believed in god, how could they possibly know whether you're indoctrinated or not? Besides, Jesus was a great philosopher regardless of belief.
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  • dean0null 12/07/2014

    I remember coming out as an Athiest when I was 16. It was horrible for many years, as my parents could barely fathom that someone without a belief in god could have a sense of morality. Both sides of my extended family are all Mormon, as are my six brothers :/ Reply +28
  • Valve announces Newcomers' Broadcast for Dota 2 The International tournament

  • dean0null 07/07/2014

    @Soviet666 I'm not playing Dota 2 and I'll probably watch that stream. The International is fun to watch, but I don't enjoy playing the game. Reply +6
  • Fans remake Grand Theft Auto 5's trailer in real life

  • dean0null 01/07/2014

    They have Rockstar's permission on the Red Dead movie? Reply +1
  • How Nintendo is reinventing the shooter with Splatoon

  • dean0null 20/06/2014

    I bought a Wii U during E3 partially due to this. It helped convince me that the Wii U is worth it even though I'll just be buying exclusives. Open world Zelda helped as well. Reply +52
  • Bloodborne is From Software's darkest game yet

  • dean0null 11/06/2014

    "I always believe that there is beauty in darkness."

    An interesting point of view. I can't completely disagree. Consider me intrigued.
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  • Among the Sleep awakens next week on PC, Mac and Linux

  • dean0null 22/05/2014

    I was expecting it to be more in line with the preview two years ago. While it still looks good, it felt more authentic. I can see the appeal for a baby nightmare simulator but I expected it to be a bit more subtle while still offering something creepy. Reply 0
  • Behold! The upcoming $499 1080p NES remake

  • dean0null 06/05/2014

    Are these limited editions/release or are they available from that date to some unforeseen date? Reply 0
  • See the first image of the next Call of Duty

  • dean0null 01/05/2014

    What the fuck is that on his shoulder, ammo? Reply +2
  • Watch Dogs PC recommended specs are pretty tasty

  • dean0null 14/04/2014

    It's weird how the game with the Titan still looks worse than the 2012 reveal. The more I see of it - the less convinced of the depth of the network in game. I hope it will be great and add to the open world genre, but we'll see. Reply +2
  • SOE's zombie apocalypse MMO H1Z1 has been detailed

  • dean0null 10/04/2014

    "Every zombie has it's own AI."

    I guess they'll be shufflin'.
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  • $499 Virtuix Omni VR treadmill shipping September

  • dean0null 08/04/2014

    How immersive can walking be?

    Oh man, look at that sexy harness and those snazzy shoes.
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  • Planetsł offers voxels, survival and exploration on a giant cube

  • dean0null 31/03/2014

    I'm going to help fund this. I really like the idea however geographically unsound it is. Six Minecraft Earths pulled together built without Java, much higher resolution and more crafting options - how can this be a bad thing? Reply +5
  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls review

  • dean0null 31/03/2014

    It looks like I'll be picking up a PS4 when the Ultimate Evil Edition finally arrives. In the meantime, glad to see it all fixed up for the PC crowd.

    I'd get it for my PC, but I really want to play couch co-op.
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  • Respawn locks Titanfall cheaters into "the Wimbledon of aimbot contests"

  • dean0null 27/03/2014

    Watching a bunch of cheaters out cheat other cheaters sounds kind of interesting. Reply +37
  • Oculus opens pre-orders for new, improved dev kit

  • dean0null 20/03/2014

    It seems pretty easy for me to skip this and wait for the consumer version. I view it like TV's. I'm not going to be buying a new one every 6-12 months. Reply 0
  • Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4

  • dean0null 14/03/2014

    I'd own a PS4 right now if there was something worth owning. There's nothing that's come out that's interested me that I can't get on PC. I'm probably going to get one around the time Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition comes out. I'm also looking forward to Destiny. Reply +1
  • Matt Stone: South Park The Stick of Truth censorship "not that big a deal"

  • dean0null 07/03/2014

    @MadDave123 People can get away with more in writing than in video and more in video than interactive media. I don't see why they didn't go further than they would have in an episode for the censored images.

    Instead they tried to mock that they were censored. Well, I don't find that very funny. I find the fact that it was censored more pathetic and unfunny in this day and age.
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  • dean0null 07/03/2014

    Honestly the cut material isn't very funny anyway. Compared to the rest of the game it's not even a chuckle.

    I saw the caption screens that they used though, and I have to say that it seems to be rubbing it in people's faces. They aren't funny at all and are just a very literal explanation of what you would see if you had the uncut version. It makes you feel like you're missing something when you really aren't.

    That's not to say that censorship is okay - it's just that what has been censored doesn't add much to the game.
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  • Dean Hall to leave Bohemia and step down as leader of DayZ

  • dean0null 24/02/2014

    It sounds like while he originally hoped to find a way to fix the bandit problem, he couldn't find a solution. So now he's giving up on the project as he now looks at it as flawed from the beginning. It will have a place in gaming for a long time yet, but I don't see it getting much more popular. Reply +1
  • Twitch is the gaming revolution that can't be owned

  • dean0null 22/02/2014

    @Lunatic4ever Sometimes people enjoy watching people play more than playing themselves. It has it's own satisfaction.

    Just curious: How many sports fans do you think play sports?
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  • Team17 picks up prison break game The Escapists

  • dean0null 20/02/2014

    I kind of wish that it was more pixel heavy. Still, the style is better than a lot of stuff that gets released. Reply 0
  • Star Citizen and Kingdom Come devs share tech secrets in "unofficial partnership"

  • dean0null 20/02/2014

    Is that a historically accurate amount of cleavage? If you watch the beginning of the video, it looks like there'll be quite a bit of fan service. Reply +1
  • How The Order reinvents QTEs and the cinematic game

  • dean0null 18/02/2014

    It sounds like the head of development is fine with the game being called generic and derivative.

    Nobody else read the article?
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  • Bleszinski: "I'll never make another disc-based game"

  • dean0null 18/02/2014

    @myms1ps3 Hey, every piece of work is entitled to interpretation :) Reply 0
  • dean0null 18/02/2014

    @MegaWatts64 Cliff is a fucking tragedy. On the one hand, he creates one of the most successful franchises of last generation and on the other it just isn't good enough for him. So he ditches it because it contained ALL THE THINGS HE HATED. Now, he wants to snuggle up with the normal gamer. This guy. It's like he wanted to be with the cool executives, but does a 360 and wants to be loved by everyone else. Yet still being the same self-serving asshole as before, everyone is confused and with good reason. Now that is art. Someone draw this man! Reply +2
  • dean0null 18/02/2014

    Bleszinski acting like the narcissistic prophet he is.

    All hail our digital overlord.
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  • Hands-on with the Steam in-home streaming beta

  • dean0null 15/02/2014

    Just installed Xubuntu on my crappy laptop for streaming. I'll test it out tomorrow. I should have done this ages ago but I didn't know how large I wanted my partition to be. Now with streaming, it doesn't really matter. Hope it works out as I love the couch. Reply 0
  • Fall Out Boy to release Flappy Bird clone

  • dean0null 12/02/2014

    I don't hear Original Gangster references much these days. It seems like it's used to name cannabis strains more than anything else. Reply +2
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 review

  • dean0null 11/02/2014

    @Crosshash Haha, I'm actually American but this site is great - so it's my favorite (favourite) gaming news site.

    I remember seeing some of my friends grind through VII. Though the game looked great, I didn't own a console I could play it on. That and I've never been into turn based games. I was watching this in case I wanted to give them another spin.
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  • dean0null 11/02/2014 exhaustingly impenetrable plot that its creators will no doubt be pleased to be done with.
    I guess this isn't the Final Fantasy I should start with then.
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  • Beautiful 2D RPG Child of Light dated for April

  • dean0null 07/02/2014

    It looks like there's a lot of potential, but it's not a game I'd think about getting until the reviews are in. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil and Onimusha composer exposed as a fraud

  • dean0null 06/02/2014

    It makes me wonder how much of an influence he had on the music conception phase. It's entirely possible that the composer wouldn't have been able to create it without help. I'm not sure, but I'd like to know more before giving him no credit at all. It's entirely possible though. And as others are saying, a lot of artistic work has been outsourced throughout the ages, though, I'd argue that the main artist usually cleaned it up some.

    Think about sculptures for example: A lot of the work is done with computer programs cutting away large portions before an artist goes in and adds the right detail.
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  • Microsoft cryptic amid Halo 2 Anniversary rumours

  • dean0null 04/02/2014

    Halo 2 had the best multiplayer of any Halo game by far IMO. Most of the maps were smaller and more intimate than the type we get nowadays. I'm not saying that 64 player Battlefield isn't good, but Halo 2 felt like the last great multiplayer game that wasn't built around large player count. Four player free-for-all with rockets and shot guns in a symmetrical map is where it's at. Reply +5
  • Update on first Hearthstone Adventure and expansion

  • dean0null 30/01/2014

    I've opened two sets of 15 packs so far. Once I found out the Druid was more my playing style, I got the first. When I finally understood each class (mostly), I got the second.

    It's a really fun game, and with the packs I have now, I really only have to craft a few cards before I'll have a really solid deck. Also the fact that you can get enough gold to buy a deck every couple days just by doing the quests is pretty cool.
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  • LOL: 27 million people play it every day!

  • dean0null 28/01/2014

    I'm going to go ahead and assume it's the most played game in existence. Reply +12
  • Ultra rare NES cartridge going for over $30K on eBay

  • dean0null 28/01/2014

    The seller said that since the price had become so high maybe they couldn't trust paypal.

    Here's the quote:
    "Also, as high as this is going, my guess is the buyer and I will have to do an escrowed check or involve banks wiring money. Not sure Paypal is a secure enough method of transfer."

    Paypal, as well as banks, credit cards, etc. do not become less safe as the cash amounts go up. I found it more than a little strange but figured that the sale already went through. This guy's probably a scammer looking for 99,000.
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  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beta review

  • dean0null 24/01/2014

    It is really fun - so far I've bought 15 packs and I'm still mostly getting my ass handed to me. I wish I would have got into this during the closed beta since I had access then, but I only played a few AI back then before getting into it about a week ago. Anyway, fun game but I really need to focus on creating better decks. I haven't messed with the dust I have yet. I don't want to waste it on shitty cards.

    The most disappointing part of the game I'd say is that the randomization of the deck can lead to disappointing hands where you feel like you can't do anything (and sometimes you really can't.) It's a factor that needs to be considered as well as the ratio of low level cards, high level cards and effects versus minions.

    I've had decks that annihilate the competition only to go on to a horrible losing streak. It's a lot to take in.

    I'll keep playing, but probably consistently in spurts because the daily quests will eventually help me get better cards.
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  • The Steam Controller ditches its touchscreen

  • dean0null 23/01/2014

    @Ryze I know there are triggers, but not 4. I found out that there are the buttons under the wings six days ago. That puts it at the same amount of buttons as a 360/PS controller, but I argue we need more. The problem is with how the controller could cope with so many, but this problem is as important as the mouse input problem that has been solved.

    The trackpads might be able to support a bunch around the rings and if so, that may fix it. Using buttons as shift keys could help create more bindings as well. I just don't think that it can replace a keyboard especially if it's only using the physical buttons as one-offs and the trackpads in a unified mouse configuration without using the outer portions for buttons.

    One of the nice things about PC exclusives and ports for that matter is that there's pretty much never been a shortage of keys. It took a long time to get console controllers to have this many inputs.

    My hope is that the controller can be used as an intuitive replacement of the keyboard and mouse. Maybe that's the problem I'm having with it. Maybe it can't replace a keyboard. Or maybe, just maybe - I need to look more at how unique configurations can work with nearly any game.

    I think it depends on a at least these two - how it feels, like you've said, and how configurable the product is. And with that, there is hope that it is the exact product it needs to be.
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  • dean0null 17/01/2014

    @Ryze I just read the article again. Where are these four 'triggers' you mention? Also, what was I supposed to get out of the article that isn't in the article? Have you read the article? Reply 0
  • Buy Warlords of Draenor and boost to level 90 now

  • dean0null 17/01/2014

    Jesus-titty-fucking-Christ. Is this what we really need? Reply +9
  • Valve has no VR headset, it's backing Oculus Rift

  • dean0null 17/01/2014

    That Valve is supporting the Rift is a good thing, and that the consumer version will (hopefully) have those specs is excellent. I'd imagine that after the first model it'll be another two years before a significantly updated Rift is released which would make early adoption totally worth it.

    I really hope that the Steam controller succeeds in it's goals. If so, the marriage between these could be pretty special especially if streaming is added to the equation.
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