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  • Shadow of War developer discusses the game's controversial loot boxes

  • dawguk 25/09/2017

    I'm inclined to agree with many other people's opinion here: what a load of horse poop. Reckon Warner Bros. wanted a more aggressive monetisation strategy.

    Loot boxes feel like such a lazy mechanism, that I could well believe it's come straight from a marketing department.
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  • American Truck Simulator closes in-game California highway after real life landslide

  • dawguk 20/07/2017


    I've had the college,
    I've had the earning the money,
    and the material trip ...
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  • World of Warcraft was a defining game of its generation

  • dawguk 30/10/2013

    More dots! Kill the whelplings! TURN THE DRAGON! Reply +1
  • "There have been a lot of men crying, including me"

  • dawguk 13/09/2013

    Codemasters have been awesome about this and opened up some jobs vacancies for those members of Blitz that didn't keep their job. Truly great! Reply +2
  • WRC 3 review

  • dawguk 16/10/2012

    Sorry EG, but this review is pretty terrible. It tells us nothing about the game, other than it's a rallying game that isn't as good as the reviewer had hoped.

    Sure (or should I say 'for sure'?) perhaps rally games are more of a niche market these days, but if anything that should mean that as they are so few and far between, they deserve a little more page space?

    I look to a review to decide if I should buy a game or not, and this review goes no distance in doing that. It needs more grit. Puns.

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  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria week one sales less than Cataclysm's day one

  • dawguk 04/10/2012

    Yeah, so ... not once does the article say it was a failure, yet people are like "OMG EG, CALLING THIS A FAIL IS FAIL. EG FAIL.". Nobody called it a failure.

    Seriously, some people need to calm down. Not all news needs to be epic and shocking and awe-inspiring. This is interesting information; nowt more, nowt less.
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  • "There is something we haven't told everybody about when you play the cube..."

  • dawguk 02/10/2012

    @SuperSoupy The game isn't in the doing, it's in the anticipation of not knowing what you are doing, or why you do it.

    I think this is a social experiment that is being delivered by the same method as games.

    What defines a game anyway? Guns? Bombs? Cars? Plotlines? I suspect it's different for everyone.
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  • dawguk 02/10/2012

    I hold Molyneux in high regard, for the reasons listed on Wikipedia:


    If all you can muster up is "Fuck off Molyneux", then you really need to consider what you are contributing to Eurogamer, because your comments add nothing of substance or meaning.

    Without Molyneux, we probably wouldn't have half of the industry that we have today, and that's scary because it's already on the edge. His games gave birth to gamers all those years ago, and those gamers today are the people making the games that we all play.

    He deserves more than some faceless internet troll telling him to fuck off.
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  • Guild Wars 2 review

  • dawguk 24/09/2012

    @Al80 I was totally going to dig my old hunter out for the Panda love this coming week, but GW2 has impressed me to the point where I feel like I don't need to; I have no interest in doing so.

    I picked up WoW on release day, and played it throughout until a few months ago. What GW2 offers for me, is something different enough and engaging enough to offer a real difference to MMO gaming.

    I love the fact that everyone can heal (and heal well) anyone can tank (to a degree) and everyone is capable of killing things.

    Also, it's easy to underestimate how awesome it is to play this as it's intended - actively rolling and dodging incoming attacks. It's makes you realise how stale and un-engaging World of Warcraft has really become over the years.

    Oh, and it looks f-awesome too :)
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  • F1 2012 review

  • dawguk 18/09/2012

    @funkateer The problem is, this isn't a full new game. It's the same engine, with a load of new shiny thing thrown into it.

    This could have probably been DLC for the last game, had Codemasters chosen to go down that route, but new customers spunking £40 on a new box makes them a lot more money than existing customers spending maybe £15 or £20 on a "season pack".

    Sadly with Codies releases in recent years, it's all about the dollar dollar bill - they haven't made a truly great racing game for many years (perhaps it was the TOCA series, any takers?).

    If they want to keep the Sim racers on-board (which they did for many years) then they need to do something similar to what SimBin are doing with their latest excursion (RaceRoom Racing Experience). Move away from corporate world of F1, where ultimately the license owners dictate what they can and cannot do in their game, and get back to the real racing of GT cars, touring cars, hell even throw some truck racing in - it will be miles more exciting than the same-old same-old F1 game churned out every year.

    Sad days.
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  • How Gearbox broke the bank for Borderlands 2

  • dawguk 14/09/2012

    @Boomzzilla ... me? Nintendo Gameboy Micro, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo Gameboy Color, Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP, Sega GameGear, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Gameboy, NEC PC Engine (?), Atari Lynx, and ... Neo Geo Pocket Color (?) Reply +1
  • Black Mesa release date: The Half-Life remake is finished, sort of

  • dawguk 03/09/2012

    @eightbit If you can't find a horse, I'm off to France soon and I plan on eating horse meat. I can provide some ... matter ... if required :O Reply +1
  • Is the PlayStation Vita worth £230?

  • dawguk 21/01/2012

    "The price is great for what you get, but the fact is that the Vita is priced the same as the PS3. As a practical matter, someone without a PS3 would probably be happier if they bought a console first, and someone with a PS3 might look hard at the Xbox 360 at a similar price before a Vita.
    Sorry, I very much disagree with this. The Vita and the PS3 aren't even competing consoles. I own an Xbox360, but have not got myself a PS3 because it either doesnt offer much more than the Xbox, or what it does offer most of the time isn't as good.

    However, with the Vita, I am getting a handheld console that I can use anywhere. Even if the titles are nearly identical to those on the 360, I would still considering purchasing them, because I can take my Vita on holiday with me. And that's the difference folks.

    Pitching the Vita against the PS3 is mindless.
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  • dawguk 21/01/2012

    @White_Westie More convenient, but neither of them is as good as two dedicated devices. As considering that the Vita is angled towards people that are serious about their gaming, this is where the difference is made.

    I play games on my Xperia Play, but they are pretty much throw-away games - I turn them on, I play them, I turn them off. The Vita can and will be a much more serious bit of gaming kit.
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  • GDC: More from Molyneux

  • dawguk 21/02/2008

    I like this one. I know he did some great stuff but he just comes across really stupid and ignorant a lot of the times.

    What are you talking about? I challenge anybody that says the Wii controller is a new revolution in game controllers. Microsoft were making the sidewinder tilt controller years and years before Nintendo called it a nunchuck (and marketed it better, just for the reference). It was the same BASIC premise. You're an idiot for questioning the Molyneux God. The guy doesn't get where he is, by being ignorant.
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