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  • Face-Off: Doom

  • darrenb 21/05/2016

    Trinitron wrote:
    As I own both the PS4 and Xbox One I am torn here. On the one hand of course I would prefer the higher resolution and smoother experience on Playstation. On the other I would much prefer the feel of the Xbox controller for a first person shooter.


    Had the same dilemma, but the elite controller swayed me to the xbone version.. Since getting that the ds4 just feels hard to use.
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  • What can player profiling tell us about games?

  • darrenb 27/02/2016

    Couldn't agree more about tastes changing over time.I used to happily explore, search and read into every bit if a game.. The so called tourist in the article.Now I crave for more closed in worlds with instant hit after hit objectives, can't be doing with any searching for what to do next... I like things to have a clear challenge with a beginning and end now. None of this side quest nonsence.. Reply +4
  • EA launches Origin Access for PC

  • darrenb 12/01/2016

    Moving forward I can see ea titles ending up exclusive to access in smaller bite sized starter packs and then additional content and progression via paid dlc ending up with revenue at about the same place you'd be after buying a full boxed retail version.That way ea can encourage more sub's as games would be exclusive to sub and then they can remove their games from the grubby preowned market in one swoop.Lots of people would hate that but I'm sure many would like it too.. Reply -3
  • Inside Digital Foundry: Teach yourself pixel-counting

  • darrenb 02/01/2016

    Seems to me its just the peasants that only own one console that kick up all the fuss.. Own all 3 and you problaly wouldn't give a damn ;) Reply +1
  • Apple iPhone 6S review

  • darrenb 20/12/2015

    .I'd need 3 levels of hard press to guage my level of frustration when using ios. The presses get significantly harder the  more I have to use an ipad :) Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 at 10: Geometry Wars and the doors of perception

  • darrenb 23/11/2015

    The wii version was fantastic.. I'd agree that pointing to fire was more natural than the twin stick setup..Been playing the latest one on Xbox one the last few days, still addictive as ever. And only 4 quid :) super stardust followed on ps3, looked more flashy but never quiet felt right. Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Uncharted 4 multiplayer

  • darrenb 29/10/2015

    In this day and age wasiting for a final release before commenting on it is pointless with constant patches... Unfortunately games today might as well stay in beta :(I'd guess the final release won't be much different Reply +2
  • The Amiga 500 in pictures and videos

  • darrenb 23/07/2015

    i could watch some of those "copy" intros all day.. some were better than the games.

    I got an Amiga on 1989 when i left school ( with help from Mum and Dad).. still amazes me when people moan about the price and lack of value in gaming today.. £400 for an amiga then compared to a £400 console today.. with inflation gaming is soooooooo cheap now!!!
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  • Skylanders-style Lego Dimensions features Batman, Gandalf, Back to the Future

  • darrenb 09/04/2015

    My lad has the 1st 3 skylanders games on the 3 different formats, i just counted he has 57 figures.. not even gonna think what that has cost but he bought most from his own pocket money.

    Although the novelty has now worn off, he has totally had his moneys worth out of it in comparison to other "toys" that are available.. Do people actually realize a standard starwars type toy is about the same price. When he played it a lot he used to play battles with all his characters as he would with conventional soldiers and figures. his friends used to bring round boxes with their characters in so and they would spend ages playing it to see whos character was the strongest and play through the game many times.

    Personally, if you havent got an 8year old child and havent seen firsthand the joy this type of toy/game combo brings you really cannot make a fair judgement on it.Yes, it is expensive compared to other videogames but these are game plus collectibles and if its not these, us parents would end up having boxes full of even more useless plastic bits in our houses when the next fad comes along.

    If the logo game is as fun as the standard lego games they are onto a definite winner.
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  • How Duke Nukem 3D managed to be ahead of its time while trapped in the past

  • darrenb 12/01/2015

    I personally would like more of this than the up its own arse  "grown up"  dross that is around now... games are there for fun in the mode they are intended.. just rename this to "carry on killing aliens" and it's as light hearted as that.. Reply +5
  • Ultra-rare recalled NES game being sold for $40k on eBay

  • darrenb 09/01/2015

    IronSoldier wrote:[link=profiles/darrenb">@darrenb Well, I'm sure it won't need a day one patch for it to play as intended :)That's right, because Nintendo games never need to be patched on day one. Oh wait, what's this I see... Reply +2
  • darrenb 09/01/2015

    IronSoldier wrote:@whatfruit The game has the official Nintendo Seal of Approval on the box so it must be good, right? ;-)Well, I'm sure it won't need a day one patch for it to play as intended :) Reply +6
  • Sunset Overdrive review

  • darrenb 27/10/2014

    Now I've really got an aarrrgghh feeling, damn preload. Downloaded and sat on the machine waiting for unlock on Friday..Its like being teased!!!! Reply +2
  • EGX 2015 headed to Birmingham NEC next September

  • darrenb 01/10/2014

    Hmmm, its a bit far to go.... I work in the building the other side of the train tracks so getting there might be a bit of a chore �� Reply +3
  • Face-Off: Destiny

  • darrenb 13/09/2014

    barongimpy wrote:@ozzzy189 No point reviewing the game when they're still adding stuff every day. The first week was basically to ensure servers were stable etc ....a six? Not a chance. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea (if you didn't like Phantasy Star Online you probably won't like this) but I've not had as much enjoyment out of a game in yonks - and I know many others who feel the same.I've tried not to read too much about this game band avoided the beta.. So far I'm loving it. Maybe the beta has killed most of the game for some.But the phantasy star online comment is spot on.. I think this is the first game I've played for a while that has given me the same feeling :-)I only bought the xbone version so my lad could play it on 360 too but to me the differences for moist games are ones that I don't notice if I actually play the game and not go pixel counting. Reply -1
  • Block rockin' beeps: What's behind gaming's greatest soundtracks

  • darrenb 30/04/2014

    BellyFullOfHell wrote:OUTRUN. Most iconic game soundtrack ever written to these 36 year old ears. And, for the amount of time spent listening to them as a kid, those Ocean loader tunes on C64. Brilliant, every one of them.All time winner for me too.. Even the remixed versions in outrun 2 are still fantastic :-) Reply +3
  • Flappy Bird clones flood App Store, now with in-app purchases

  • darrenb 10/02/2014

    TheTrueSpin wrote:Am I being really stupid, but surely someone has the Flappy Bird .apk file?Yep, easy to get if you just back the app up using a file manager... I did it to see if I could pass the app onto a kindle fire. Reply 0
  • The legend of Nave, the Argentinian arcade cabinet

  • darrenb 28/05/2013

    SuperBas wrote:Looks fun, but why make it a cabinet? Just release it online. More people will play it that way.As others have said, that really isn't the point. And having that mindset is part of the reason why the arcade has died. Playing that type of game on a cabinet is a totally different experience to being sat with a joypad in your hand. I'd love the twitch gaming machines to make a comeback here but its never going to happen :'( Reply +1
  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams set for XBLA next week

  • darrenb 14/03/2013

    It was a great game on the Amiga :-) :-) Reply +1
  • Disney Infinity's starter pack will cost $75

  • darrenb 17/01/2013

    BlastoiseBro wrote:@DrStrangelove It would be easier but I think part of the appeal for kids is having the figurines.Exactly, my lad has both skylanders games. He has played the first one constantly for a year now and the new one a hell of a lot since Xmas. He has both games and 42 toys so it doesn't need much adding up to see what costs are involved. But, if you add up all his play time per character and work it all out as cost per hour it works out as better value than any other game he has..Take the toys away and the involvement is gone for a kid.., Reply +4
  • 3D Space Harrier heading for 3DS

  • darrenb 21/11/2012

    Wasn't that G-lock that spun around ?? Reply +2
  • Mighty Switch Force HD makes the switch to Wii U

  • darrenb 03/07/2012


    Its only about £7 on 3ds, not exactly a bank breaker.. if the wiiU version is a tenner id still say combined it is better value than a lot of of stuff about that you only get once.
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  • darrenb 03/07/2012


    Have you never bought a HD remake of a game?? Same principle, just a shorter timeframe between releases.

    As for 3ds games being ported, so what, if a game is a good game it dooesnt matter what format ut was on previously.
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  • Portal in 2D: Gateways by The Adventures of Shuggy dev out now on PC

  • darrenb 28/06/2012


    That looks good. Might have to have a little look for that :-)

    Gateways would make a great eShop download on 3ds..
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  • darrenb 28/06/2012

    just had a quick go at the demo, I'm really enjoying what I have seen so far.

    Very tempted by the full game now :-)
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  • Nintendo: Wii U could become "preferred" Call of Duty platform

  • darrenb 20/06/2012

    I hope COD comes to Wiiu and totally fails, not because I want the Wii u to fail but because if it does well every other "mr too" publisher will port their identikit games over to the Wiiu and it will become another PS/Xbox.

    I want a Wiiu because so far it seems to be offering something different, as soon as the mainstreem crap comes over I wont want to know..

    As for the 2nd screen, i like the idea in games, will add more tension at times when deciding if you have time to look or not.

    As for the Wiiu im more looking forward to Pikmin, P100, Anything mario more than any HD shooter. I would imagine most other people wanting a Wiiu have similar thoughts.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Wii U

  • darrenb 17/06/2012


    So u are saying the PS4/PS3 and X360 offer more than just HD gaming over the Xbox and original PS1... for me HD is really the only thing that has changed with each new machine.

    The wii U will sell and I'd imagine a lot of gamers WITHOUT CHILDREN will still get one as the sub £300 release price will hardly break the bank for most people with a disposable income.

    It still drives me mad when I hear this Casual/Core bollocks, games are games, some people like, some people will hate.. I like the Wii because it is not a PS3/X360 wannabe PC in a budget box. Im no fanboy as I have a PS3 sat under the TV and my 360 was sold on a long time ago.

    I think if you want to blame anyone for starting the "casual" market it was Sony with their playstation a long time ago, some of u are probably all too blinkered now to remember that.
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  • Amazon cancels Wii U pre-orders

  • darrenb 15/06/2012

    Who knows, maybe it is some ploy by Ninteno to test the water and see how much interest there really is at different price points. Stranger things have been known to happen in the past with a manufacturer pushing goods with a retailer.

    Yes, people may be annoyed with Amazon but at the end of the day I doubt they care as if demand is high enough they will clear their stock whatever the price is.
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  • PlayStation minis developer laments lack of Trophies, demos

  • darrenb 13/06/2012

    I dont care if there are trophies available if you want them go and get them.. what bugs me is the little "ping" that sounds when you get one, it is far to similar to the new message alert on my mobile :-)

    Sony, can we please have a global option to turn the thing OFF then some of us can carry on gaming without feeling as if we are getting railroaded into getting those pointless things.
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  • Pikmin 3 revealed by Nintendo

  • darrenb 05/06/2012


    As long as its implemented well i cant see that being a problem.

    I never really had a problem with peoples criticism of the wii "waggle" controls. Id imagine they will be quite refined on the wii-u.

    Not everything has to be played with buttons and and onscreen cursorif the motion controls determine the direction & distance of you "throwing" the pikmin then it will feel quite natural.
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  • darrenb 05/06/2012

    i smiled more watching that clip than I have watching any of the e3 footage..

    Actually, that made me smile more that ant game for the last 2 years!!!
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  • Game of the Week: SSX

  • darrenb 04/03/2012

    This had been the only game I have wanted for months. I got a game voucher at Xmas and had until now because there was nothing else I fancied. The Battlefield 3 snorefest was the last thing I bought before that..

    I am enjoying SSX for all the reasons most on her have had a dislike to it, the lack of realism. As much as 1080 and other snowboarding games are technically more realistic I got bored ofthem VERY quickly. SSX is an arcade pick up and play game through and through. You can have fun playing it whatever level you are at. My little lad loves it. just to get to the bottom whereas I play to get the higest score possible.

    SSX is to snowboarding to what something like MarioKart is to a realistic driving game.
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  • 3DS Circle Pad Pro Review

  • darrenb 29/01/2012

    I cant see the point of Nintendo ever releasing a 3DS with the second stick. The type of games that have always helped sell Nintendo handhelds have always relied on simple controls. I dont think I have ever bought a game on the DS/3DS where i feel that the controls have suffered.

    To add a second stick would be a little luxury that few games would benefit from, would make the machine more bulky and would make it another "me too" console for developers to just throw straight ports at.

    I like the fact that there aren't too many "toned down" ps3/xbox ports on the 3DS.. as soon as a second analogue stick is available I am sure that would change.

    And thse saying you wont touch a 3DS until a possible new revision but accept there are already some good games on it.. JUST BUY ONE, t is only £130!!!
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  • Bit.Trip Complete/Saga trailer

  • darrenb 22/01/2012

    That trailer made me smile more than anything I have seen for a LONG time.. Reply 0
  • 3D Kid Icarus headlines eShop update

  • darrenb 03/01/2012

    @deez done now, that wasnt there before.

    I think i found the problem, i dont think i clocked on the confirm email link on the message i was sent when i created the account.
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  • darrenb 03/01/2012

    @deez Where abouts is that button?? Reply 0
  • darrenb 03/01/2012

    I registered 4 of the 6 games on boxing day and have no message as stated on the promotion page.

    Oh well, maybe I wont get my freebie..
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  • PSN Welcome Back content now available

  • darrenb 04/06/2011

    Got Wipeout HD downloaded and Having a blast on it now...

    I have now been reminded why i bought that big grey slab of plastic all those years ago.. Almost tempted to have some chemical brothers and Orbital on the hifi now as I play... If only I could get my old Negcon working on the PS3 :-(

    How i missed buying this ages ago is beyond me!! Even better when it is free.
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  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • darrenb 19/05/2011

    It would be interesting to read a review of this from somone that has never played or really knows much about Zelda to see how it stacks up against todays games without the rose tinted glasses. I have a feeling it would do very well.

    A short comparison review could follow the following day in a different article.

    For me this is still one of the best games ever, My son is only 5 so prob a bit young for him to get anything out of playing it at the moment. Kirby is what he loves at the moment.
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  • Legacy of Joy

  • darrenb 02/10/2010

    I doubt that the Xbox would have ever existed if Sony hadnt changed the gaming market. I dont think that the people at Microsoft would have seen the gaming market as a viable profit maker.

    I had a PS1 a couple of months after release, I also has a Saturn and a N64. I would agree that the PS was the Wii of the time as it made people that never played games become interested. That is where the similarities end. I think it was the lure of "realistic" games that did it as it then gave those slightly less imaginative something to relate to.. If you had never played games before there was little on the N64 to tempt a non-gamer and the Saturn, although a fantastic machine, had mainly arcade conversions, 2D fighters, and shoot-em ups.

    Looking back though, I loved my PS1 but take away the shiny graphics the PS3 has not moved on much at all.Over the years I have bought every new console since the megadrive. The PS1, N64 and Saturn generation was the biggest jump technically that we ever saw. But, try playing PS1 games now, I find them unconvincing and a bit of a mess on the screen.. but stick a Snes/megadrive on and (most of) the games are as playable now as they ever were.
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  • Banging the DRM

  • darrenb 14/04/2010

    Was a very interesting read, best one for a while although there were a lot of gaps.

    Someone earlier pointed out the ommision of the backup device era for the snes/megadrive. To be honest, after the initial outlay that was by far the most convenient and easiest method of piracy ever.. Your local video rental store + a Super MagicDrive allowed endless fun.

    For anyone interested this site is a good place to look for the history of backup devices.

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  • The Kids Are Alright

  • darrenb 31/03/2010


    I think u may be suprised what a 3year can grasp.

    Some of the puzzles are difficult but if it just means matching characters and pulling switches a 3 year old can breeze through most levels.. they will lose a lot of lives but they will get to the end and be very happy when they get there.

    You just dont leave them to play on their own and do it with them after they have had a few attempts themself.
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  • darrenb 31/03/2010

    Lego Starwars is somthing my boy will play for ages and never get bored of it... he loves the face he recognises the characters and that they can do real things that his toys can do.

    One thing that developers need to do if they are making games for children... make it difficult to delete a game save!!! If i have to play through gamed any more so that he can play his favourite bit after he accidently deleted the save i will scream :-)
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  • Dreamcast: A Forensic Retrospective

  • darrenb 01/02/2009

    I dont think anyone can really say that piracy had a hand in killing the Dreamcast. If that was the case the original Playstation would have been dead in the water as that was probably the first console to bring piracy to the mass market.

    There was a massive group of people that only bought a PS1 because it could be chipped and copied games were very easy to aquire. I am sure most PS1's bought from mail order distributers such as Skill and the like were pre-chipped versions.

    At the end of the day the Dreamcast wasn't cool enough for the mass market because it didnt have a Sony logo in the corner.. Sega knew this would be a problem, why do you think the machine was white and didnt even have a promenant Sega logo to be seen..
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  • darrenb 01/02/2009

    True, a lot have Dreamcast games have aged badly but for their time, compared to the alternatives they were so much more entertaining... just a shame joe public would rather watch epic cut scenes in games rather than actually play some pretty amazing arcade style titles.

    The Dreamcast was probably the last machine where games were what they were supposed to be, just GAMES, not some emulation of the cinema or arty filled bollocks..
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  • darrenb 01/02/2009

    Personally for me the DC was never a flop, I own more DC titles and actually completed more titles that i have for any other machine.

    I agree with what someone said above, i had a PS1 which i enjoyed and was totally blown away when i got mt Dreamcase, Powerstone was just amazing as a uk launch title.. and as i remeber there was something like 20 titles available from launch too which was unheard of for the time. I then got a PS2 at launch and was totally underwhelmed and could not understand any off the hype surrounding the machine. For me the DC was leagues ahead in terms of gameplay shiny visuals..

    Segas problem was that because the Sony PR engine had made out that the PS2 was going to be a gift from the gods, most people didnt even look at the DC.. for the people that never experienced a DC the PS2 was like a gift from the gods.

    Additionally, at the time of the PS2 launch there were reports and unconfirmed rumours of underhand tactics by Sony marketing. Unwritten instructions were allegedly given to stores such as EB and Game advising them to relocate DC displays away from PS2 demo pods and generally ended up at the back of the store. this was all in return for a steady stock supply from distributers who took the "we dont have to sell to you" attitude..
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  • Uphill Struggle

  • darrenb 18/01/2009

    You have to press a button to pause a film??.. I would have thought that the PS3 would have been powerful enough to know that somebody had rang your doorbell, pause itself and then resume the film when you returned.

    Actually, i thought the cell would have been capapble of giving you a 30 second round up showing relevant clips of the paused film to remind you where you had got to.
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  • darrenb 17/01/2009

    I have never understood the PS3 is too expensive argument.. Machines have always been this price point!! Have you all got shory memories and not remember how much it cost to buy a Saturn and a PS1 10 years ago?? I bought aboth a Saturn and a PS1 in the same year and that cost me £700.. that was a lot of cash back then, never once did i care that my PS1 was £100 cheaper than my beloved Saturn ;-)

    If a PS3 is what you want then it shouldnt matter how much a X360 is, just bloody buy one!!!
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  • Shops "defrauding the industry" - Braben

  • darrenb 30/10/2008

    ok, lets all pay £25 for new titles.. but I hope you will be happy paying significantly more for your console in the first place!!

    It is well known that Sony and Microsoft and ever other manufacturers (except Nintendo) have sold their consoles at a loss knowing that game sales will allow them to hit the break even point before the profit comes in. Pre-owned titles prevent manufacturers recoup their initial development costs. If you buy a PS3 and then NEVER buy a new game sony have effectivly lost money one you, even though you think you have just given then £300!

    The nintendo games model could probably allow them to sell their games more cheaply but then again a lot of wii titles are already cheaper than PS3/X360 equivalents. PC games are cheaper for this very reason, none of the game sales go back to the hardware manufactures. That is why a decent spec PC will cost you more than any current gen console.
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  • darrenb 30/10/2008


    "The solution, unless people from both sides start talking, will be the introduction of CDKeys on Console games. That killed the second hand PC market in no time and I don't doubt the industry will hesitate to do it again if it gets to that point. "

    A good plan would be to have a scratch off panel inside the box off all "new" titles (similar to nintendo points cards) which was actually stuck to the inside of the package. when running the game for the first time the game asks you to insert CD-key. If this key has already been registered then a version of the game will run with no online play options, DLC content will not run.. Similar in principle to rental copies of films with no DVD extras. If you are given a new copy of the game and the panel has been scratched off then dont accept it from the shop!!

    So basically if u want a full version of the title.. Pay full price!!!
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